Justine walked into the front door of her home. Being at worked sucked this morning. Everyone seemed to have his or her heads screwed on backwards. After giving orders to everyone, Justine was very good at giving orders, she decided that she would leave them to sink or swim and take the rest of the day off.

The first sounds she heard, were the moans coming from her son, Justin's room. Justine grew even angrier. She had told her 20-year-old college son about bringing girls home and using her house for a cheap motel.


Pt 1 Justine learns about her son.

Justin was a sophomore in the local junior college. He had been left back one year in high school and so was 20 while attending classes. He was also one of the stars on the basketball team. Tall and lanky, he still had a nice slim body as far as k**s went.

Justine and her son were the only occupants of the large home. Justine had long since run her weak husband off. She ruled the house like she ruled her business. With an iron hand and no excuses. She would make it plain to both of them that her home was no fuck palace. As she walked down the hall, she could hear them even better.

"Justin! Please baby, not so hard. You've got the biggest dick on the whole squad and you always try to hurt me with it."

This stopped Justine in her tracks. She stood right outside the open door to her son's room. Looking in, she could see their reflections in the mirror. Her son had Donna, the lead cheerleader on his bed. The girl was on her hands and knees, and Justin was slowly pumping his dick in and out of her cunt. Justine could even hear the squishy sounds as he fucked her.

"Shut up cunt", Justin said as he rammed his hard dick deep into her cunt causing her to cry out in pain. "You're the team slut! We fuck you when, where and how we want to. You knew that when you begged to become our cunt mascot. Besides, you weren't complaining about how hard I was fuckin your ass when you had Dan's mom eating your pussy!"

Those words made Justine's eyebrows arch. Was her son fucking his teammates mother? She looked in the mirror and could see Justin's dick as he worked it in and out of the young white girl's cunt.

Damn! She couldn't believe how big he was. Justin must have had a dick that was at least 7 inches long. And it was as fat around as a half-dollar. She could see Donna's thick crème covering the shaft as he fucked her.

Donna groaned, then laughed. "That was so fuckin hot! You were fucking me in the ass, while Dan fucked his mom's ass. And had the two of us eating each other's pussies while you did it! My asshole was sore for two days afterwards. But Dan's mom sure had a hot dripping pussy. And she seemed to love getting double-fucked by the two of you. Oh Justin! I'm gonna cum baby! Shoot your cum deep in my ass! Oh you big dick fucker! You black dick bastard!"

Donna's words seemed to have caused an explosion in Justine's cunt. She could feel her cum drenching her own panty. But she also saw an opportunity here. She had always enjoyed having an advantage over others. That was what made her business so successful.

She pushed the door open just as the two k**s were about to cum. "What the fuck is going on here! Justin you bastard! I told you about bringing your sluts home to fuck them in my house. Why aren't you in school?"

Justin jerked his dick out of Donna's cunt. But she had caught him just as he was shooting his load. Justine watched as her son's dickhead swelled to almost half again its size, and gobs of white thick ropy cum shoot up over the white girl's back.

"Mom!" Justin shouted as his cum splashed in Donna's hair and on her back. Donna also screamed as she turned and saw Justine standing n the doorway with her hands on her hips. Justine had always intimidated Donna. And Justine knew it! She glared at the young girl.

Donna took one look at the angry black woman standing there and began to cry. She knew that she was in BIG trouble. When her mom and dad found out, she would be grounded for life. Not to mention the ass beating her mother would probably give her. Image was everything to that woman!

Justine walked right up to the bed. "Get your fuckin clothes on and get your black ass to school! I'll deal with you later!"

Justin opened his mouth to say something. "Mom, I..."

That was as far as he got. The backhand of Justine rocked the young man on his feet as she slapped him. Justin almost tripped as he grabbed his pants and shirt and rushed from the room. In seconds, the front door could be heard slamming and a car pulling away from the driveway.

Justine turned around and saw Donna slinking off the bed. She could see white crème sliding down the young girl's thighs. Justine had to admit, she was one very pretty young girl. And she had a knockout body.

Justine's pussy throbbed as she saw those white swollen pussy lips. Justin had fucked her so hard; they were now red and puffy. The girl had strong thighs and big tits. And Justine saw an opportunity to use her even more than Justin or his teammates did.

"Don't you move you nasty little slut! You stay just as you are!"

Justine walked around to the side of the bed and looked down at the trembling young girl. Donna was still on her hands and knees and Justine could se that the girls' nipples were also red and swollen. She smiled to herself at the prize that had just been dumped in her lap.

"So you're the team slut! All the guys on the squad take turns fucking you in your pussy and ass! I bet your mom and dad will be overjoyed to hear that bit of news!"

Donna almost collapsed. She began to sob. Justine watched as teardrops fell from her face. But Justine was just getting started.

"And you even ate Carol's pussy while Dan ass-fucked her! I'm sure that a lot of people are gonna go wild when they hear about that!"

This time Donna did collapse. She let wracking sobs shake her body as she cried into the sheet. She would become the laughing stock of the school. Her mom and dad would know everything. And poor Dan and his mom! They would have to move, to hide from the shame and embarrassment.

Donna looked up at the woman. If she had been afraid of her before, she was terrified of her now! She would do anything to get out of this predicament.

"Please, Mrs. Cratchin! Please don't tell my folks. My mom and dad would kill me if they found out about this. And you can't tell on Dan and his mom! They would be so ashamed, they would have to leave town. I'll never do it again, I promise! I'll never come to your house again! I'll never let Justin fuck me! I'll do anything! Just don't tell my folks! Please! I beg you!"

Justine looked down at the crying girl. "Just a few minutes ago, you were begging for something else. I think you like to beg. Do you like to beg Donna? Oh! This is rich! Your mom tries to rub it in everyone's face how great her sweet daughter is!

"Donna's head of the Cheerleading Squad! Donna's at the tops of her classes! Donna is gonna go far!" While she mimicked the words Donna knew her mom used so often, Justine had grabbed Donna's chin and held it up so that the young girl had to look at her.

"Well, we will see just how high and mighty she gets when I can say to her, "Donna's the team whore! Donna lets two and three boys fuck her at the same time! Donna takes it up the ass and begs for more! Donna likes to eat pussy! Donna's a hot little cum slut!"

Justine was almost shouting as she finished. And Donna was sobbing almost constantly as she tried to focus on the older black woman's face. She was dead! She might as well walk out on the highway and let a car end it all for her.

Oh yes! Donna was ripe for the plucking! And who knows, maybe she would provide a way for Justine to take her momma down a few pegs. The possibilities were endless if she played it right!

"You want my silence?" Donna nodded her head, not sure what was abut to happen. "Ok! But you will tell me everything! If I think you're lying or holding back from me, I'll make sure that everyone knows. I'll ruin you, your sanctimonious momma and your dad! And Dan and his mom will become the talk of the neighborhood! Do I make myself crystal fuckin clear?"

Donna would have made a deal with Satan himself! She nodded her head so hard it hurt! If all she had to do was tell this black bitch all about how her son and the other guys on the squad fucked her, she was home free. She felt bad about telling Justine about Carol. Dan's mom had gone thru a lot, losing her husband to another woman. And she didn't join their play voluntarily. Justin and Dan had practically ****d her and f***ed her to join them.

"Stand up and come into the den! Don't get dressed! You look more like the whore you are walking around naked."

Donna slipped off the bed and stood up. A gob of crème dropped from her pussy and hit the rug at her feet. Both women looked down at it. Justine reached pass the girl and grabbed her soiled panty that was lying on the pillow.

Justine rubbed the crème from the rug, then from Donna's thighs. The girl started to relax, thinking that this might not turn out to bad for her. But then Justine was telling her to spread her legs. Donna gasped, as Justine shoved and pushed the panty up into her cunt. She didn't stop until the girl felt the whole thing inside her.

"Can't have you dripping cum all over my floors! Did Justine cum in your ass too?"

Donna was too afraid to lie! Looking down at the floor, she nodded her head that he had. She looked up as Justine walked over to one of Justin's dresser drawers. Pulling out a handkerchief, she told the young girl to turn around and spread her cheeks.

Donna was stammering and stuttering, trying to tell the older woman that that wasn't necessary. But one look from Justine stopped her cold. With a sigh of resignation, she turned and bent over. Tears of shame fell from her eyes as she grabbed her smooth white ass cheeks and pulled them apart.

"From the way your asshole is gapped open, I'd say that Justin gave you a pretty good ass fuck! You truly are nothing but a nasty little slut!"

Donna cried out as Justine pushed and shoved the dry handkerchief up her already sore asshole. Donna also gasped cause there was something erotic and nasty about what she was being f***ed to endure at the hands of this powerful woman. Justine didn't fool around! She did what she wanted and made everyone do what she said. Donna could feel the panty shoved up her cunt grow even wetter.

It was uncomfortable, but Donna followed behind Justine as the woman walked to her den. Then making the girl stand before the big sofa, Justine sat down. She placed her briefcase next to her. "Make me a drink! Just ice and liquor from that big decanter over there."

Justine watched the girl as she turned and walked over to the bar. She had purposely left a bit of the handkerchief sticking out of the girl's ass. Seeing this made Justine's pussy throb. Oh yes! She had plans for this young tramp! She watched the young girl's ripe tits bounce as she walked back and handed her the drink. Justine took a slow sip, as she looked the girl up and down. Setting her drink down, she looked up at her.

"Ok! These are the rules. You will answer each and every question that I ask you! If you lie, and I will know if you are lying to me, the deal is off and I tell everyone about you. If you are not brutally honest with me, you and your whole f****y will be ruined in this town. And trust me! Everyone in this small town loves to hear gossip! Are we clear on that?"

Donna looked down at the woman's shoes. She tried to speak but her mouth was dry. She licked her lips and worked moisture in her mouth. "yes!" Her voice was a whisper so soft Justine barely heard it.

"No slut! You will speak up loudly! You were loud enough as my son fucked you! Do you understand me? And look at me when you talk to me! I want to see it in your eyes that you are telling me the truth!"

This time Donna looked at the woman. "Yes Mrs. Cratchin."

Justine smiled as she took another sip from her drink. But her pussy was throbbing looking at he naked white girl before her. Damn! Her nipples were hard and pointy. And Justine could only guess how wet that panty had gotten!

"I already know you're the team whore! How many of the guys are fuckin you?"

Donna wanted to hide in shame. But she knew better. She looked at Justine and the look on the woman's face scared her. "All of them! All of them fuck me!"

"And how many dicks have you fucked at one time?"

These questions were making Donna feel nasty and dirty. But they were also making her cunt tremble. She had never had to admit her slutty behavior before. And saying it out loud was making her hot.

"If you mean how many guys have done me at the same time, it's three! If you mean how many have fucked me in one night, it's all of them!"

Justine looked at the girl and her eyes grew wide. "Damn girl! You took 13 dicks in one night? You're a bigger, nastier slut than I thought! When and where did this happen?"

Donna looked right into Justine's eyes. She would give this black bitch some of her own medicine. "It happened here! You were off to some convention. Justine had the guys over for the night. All of them took turns fucking me. They even fucked me two and three at a time."

But Donna's heart fell when the older black woman didn't bat and eye in surprise. It was almost as if she already knew or didn't care that her son had used her home for an orgy of fuck fun.

"Ok! So how did you end up fuckin Dan's mom?"

Donna dreaded this question. She knew that sooner or later, Mrs. Cratchin would ask about Carol and she genuinely didn't want to get the woman in trouble. She liked Carol in more than just a friendly way.

"I can see the wheels turning in your head! Don't even try it! If you truly want my silence, you will tell me everything. I will not give you another chance. Do I make myself crystal fuckin clear?"

Donna looked at her and nodded. "We were over at Dan's house. Mrs. Barrow was supposed to be visiting her s****r. She walked in while they were fucking me. Dan was fucking my ass, while Justin was fucking my mouth. She screamed and started shouting that we were a****ls. That she would tell my folks. Dan was scared, but Justin pulled his dick out my mouth and walked up to her.

Justine could feel her pussy tremble. She had always thought that Carol was a tiny little thing. And she used to wonder what it would be like to enjoy the woman. She tried to hide her own excitement as she told Donna to continue. But the young girl saw the older woman's hand tremble as she picked up her glass and took a big gulp from it.

"Justin walked up to her and grabbed her by her arms. He told her that she wasn't gonna tell anyone. He said that he knew that she had not been dating since her husband ran off with that young slut. He said that he bet she worked her pussy every night thinking abut the two of them fucking each other while she played with her pussy alone. He told her that he would fix that."

Justine tried to keep her voice calm. "What happened next? What was Dan doing while this happened?"

Donna almost smiled. This old bitch was getting hot! Maybe she could use this to her advantage.

"Justin turned to Dan who was so stunned he hadn't even pulled out of my ass. But I could feel his dick begin to soften. He told Dan to keep fucking me! Everyone on the squad seems to be intimidated by Justin. Dan especially! But Dan's dick was getting softer and pulling out of me.

Justin got behind Carol and told her that she was going to watch her son fuck me. She struggled! Telling him to let her loose. She called for Dan to help her but he didn't move. Justin ripped her dress and shoved his hand down in her panty. He shouted for Dan to start fucking me. He said that he would hurt Carol if he didn't.

Carol was still struggling but not as much. We could both see Justin's fingers moving around in her panty. Then she sobbed and sort of leaned against Justin. Justine laughed and said that her pussy was growing real wet. This must have affected Dan cause I felt his dick grow hard again. He started to fuck my ass again.

We heard Justin say that she couldn't tell if she joined in the fun. Even though Dan was fuckin me, we were both watching Justin and Carol. She was slowly moving her hips against him.

Justin kept talking to her. Telling her to look at how big Dan's dick was as he fucked me. Telling her that he would soon make her feel his big long dick in her hungry pussy. His words seemed to excite her.

Justin ripped off her bra and she whimpered. Then his other hand began to pinch and pull her nipples. Carol began to moan and whimper even louder. We could see that her panty was growing even wetter.

Suddenly she began to moan. "Oh fuck! It's been so long! Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!" Justin stopped and pulled her around to face him. This time when he kissed her, she moaned as she pressed her body against his. He pushed her to her knees, and pushed his dick in her mouth.

This was driving Dan crazy! He was fucking my ass harder than he ever fucked me before. Justin kept looking over at us smiling. He started talking to us.

"That's it Dan! Fuck the shit out of our little slut! Let your momma see what a good fuck you are. She might even want to try you out herself. Look at how hungry she is to suck my dick! This bitch ain't had nothing this good in her life.

Dan winced at Justin calling his mom a bitch! But he never stopped ramming his dick up my ass. And I was getting really hot watching Justin fuck her mouth. Suddenly Justin pulled his dick from between Carol's lips. He pulled her up and kissed her hard.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you! Say it out loud so they can hear you!" Justin sounded like a man gone wild! I know he scared Carol. He damn sure scared me! She began to cry!

She begged him not to make her say it! She said that he could take her in the room and she would fuck him but not in front of her son. Justin just laughed. Dan had stopped and was watching the two of them.

Justin looked at us and in a hard voice told Dan he had better keep fucking my ass. Then he ripped off Carol's panty and lifted her up. He pulled her up and grabbed his dick. Carol groaned as he set her down on it and both Dan and I watched as it slid deep in her pussy.

Carol cried out then began to fuck Justin. She was bouncing on his dick and crying out. She started shouting. "Fuck me Justin! Oh fuck, your cock is so fucking huge! You're hurting my pussy you black bastard! Don't stop! Fuck me hard!"

Justin walked over to the bed with her still bouncing on his dick. He laid her down right next to Dan and me. He pushed her legs high and began to really fuck into her. And she loved it! She kept telling him not to stop, to fuck her harder. And Dan was trying to ruin my asshole as he watched.

Justin pulled out and pushed her higher on the bed. He grabbed me by my hair and pushed my head between her thighs. I knew that he wanted me to eat her cunt while Dan fucked my ass. I've been with girls before so I just did it. Dan fucked me so hard I was seeing stars. Then suddenly both Carol and I began to cum. Damn, but that woman screams when she cumms. And her Cumming made me cum so hard I was seeing stars.

Justin got a washcloth from somewhere and told Dan to pull out of my ass and clean his dick. I was sore and moaned as Dan pulled out. But he didn't cum yet and was still hard. Dan cleaned off his dick. Then Justin told him to fuck his mom.

Dan protested, but Justin grabbed him by the neck and told him that if he didn't, Justin would take her in the ass and he wouldn't be gentle about it. That was when Carol opened her mouth. She looked from Justin to her son.

"Do it Dan! Mommy wants you to make love to her. It's ok! Come here baby and make mommy feel like a woman."Dan was almost in tears and he climbed up on his mom. He turned to Justin and told him that he hated him. Then his mom guided his hard dick in her pussy. Dan didn't fuck his mom; they made love to each other. It was so cool I got jealous. All the guys ever do is fuck me! But he was slow and gentle.

Justin started fucking me rough! He kept telling me to watch. He said that he would love it, if he got a chance to fuck my mom like that! Dan and Carol were saying how much they loved each other. They both said that they wanted each other. And all the time Justin fucked me. Then Carol started to scream that she was Cumming! Dan shouted that he was shooting his load. They held each other and came together. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Then I felt Justin shooting his load in my cunt.

Justin made us 69 and clean the cum from each other's pussies. Then he told Dan that his mom would belong to just the two of them. That nobody on the squad would ever find out about them. He told me that he would ruin me if I ever breathed a word of it to anyone. Of course I promised! Justin scares me sometimes!"

Justine wanted to attack her own pussy. Donna's story had her so hot she wanted to scream. But she needed more. "How many times have the four of you fucked?"

Donna told her about three other times since then. But Justine could see that the girl was holding something back. "You've done very well Donna! I won't be telling your parents after all! But answer me this last question?"

Donna looked at the woman. From the way that Justine was opening and closing her shapely black thighs, Donna knew that the older woman was hot, throbbing and excited. She expected her to tell Donna to satisfy her right then and there. But Justine surprised her.

"How many times have just you and Carol been together?" The look on Donna's face told it all. Justine smiled. This little slut had no idea how manipulative she could and would be! "Don't lie to me! I can see it in your face. The two of you have become sweet lesbian partners haven't you? How many times have the two of you fucked each other?"

Donna wanted to die. She had swore that she would never betray her grown female lover. But she was over a barrel and she knew it. "About a dozen. Carol called me over the house one day and told me that she wanted us to get together when the boys weren't involved."

"And just what do the two of you do to each other?"

Donna looked at Justine. She hated the woman and swore she would find a way to get back at her for this. She took a deep breath and looked directly into Justine's eyes.

"We kiss! We finger and eat each other's pussies. Carol brought all kinds of toys that we use on each other. Dildos! Double dildos! Vibrators! Anal plugs! Clamps! She even bought a strapon cock and we fuck each other with it sometimes!"

Justine couldn't take anymore. She stood up and stripped off her clothes. She sat down and opened her thighs wide. "Come here and satisfy me little slut! From now on, it won't be just the team you will belong to! You're my little slut now! And you will satisfy me whenever, however and wherever I want! Do I make myself crystal fuckin clear?"

Donna nodded her head as she slipped to her knees before the older black woman. Justine moaned and whipped her hips as Donna brought her to orgasm over and over. Then spent, she collapsed back against the sofa. She looked down at Donna! The girl's face was covered with Justine's pussy crème. Justine pulled her to her and kissed and licked it all off. Then reaching down, she pushed the girl to the floor.

Donna moaned as Justine pulled the now sopping wet panty from her pussy. But Justine didn't give her even a chance to take a deep breath before she had her own mouth buried in the girl's cunt.

Donna cried and humped her pussy up off the floor as the older black woman attacked her. She had never felt anyone eat her pussy with such vigor before. Justine was no stranger to eating pussy and she showed it. Donna's orgasm when it hit, made the girl nearly pass out!

Donna looked up at the woman. Justine's chest was heaving and her tits were like pointed peaks. She looked down at the girl and smiled. Sliding her fingers deep in Donna's cunt she worked them slowly. Then she pulled them out and sucked them clean.

"Get up! Get showered! Get dressed! Then get the fuck out! And you had better not say anything about this to anyone. Not to Justin! Not to Dan! And especially not to Carol! Do I make myself crystal fuckin clear?"

Donna nodded her head, as she pulled herself up and staggered to the bathroom. She had never felt more used before. Not even after that orgy with the whole team. She shivered at what Justine would do to her in the coming times. But she also feared what the woman would do to Carol. She had to warn her, no matter the consequences! She left, closing the door behind her. She took one last look at Justine. The woman was asl**p on her sofa. Her legs open wantonly and crème still oozing from her cunt. Donna closed the door softly.
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