I met Tatem at a party I didn't want to go to. It was a good friend
of mine's birthday. So there was know way of getting out of it. I
also knew his wife would try and fix me up with some one there, she's
always is trying to do that. Since Paul and I are best friends and we
do things together she wants there to be another female there so she
doesn't feel like a fifth wheel which I can understand I feel like
that some times too.

There I was at this party and I'm talking to this girl .She was the
type you'd love to screw, but you hope would leave right after (great
body, no substance) Then all of a sudden I get this urge to look at
the front door it was like I was being pulled in that direction. Just
as Pam, Paul's wife, opens the door, I started moving towards the
door as if some thing is pushing me. I reach the door as this woman
walks in. I walk up to her and said my name is Mike and she tells me
her name is Tatem, Pam is in complete shock. She tells us later that
she never seen either one of us act that way before. I took Tatems
hand and lead her away from Pam with out saying a word or looking at
Pam. Tatem and I went and got us each a drink, then found a seat on
the sofa together and started talking. We talked about everything
from our jobs to our c***dhood to our likes and dislikes. We found
we had the same likes in movies and games, sports and books. What
seamed at the time a haft hour when by I felt a tap on my shoulder
looking over it was Pam she said to me that she was wondering if I
was going to stay the night since sometimes I do that I said no I
had to work in the morning so I need to go home in a couple of hours.
Then she shocked me by saying it was 2AM and I'd better think about
going. I couldn't believe it even after checking my watch we had been
talking for 4 hours. I looked a Tatem and she looked shocked to and
said didn't I just get here we both laugh the looked around only saw
Pam and Paul. Paul was passed out on a chair to the side of us .I
looked at Pam and said were did every one go. She said the last ones
left an hour ago then started laughing. Pam looked at me and said I
guess I finally found one. I looked at her not knowing what she was
talking about.

Then she said "Why don't you drive Tatem home as she came in a cab
on my way home if I make it that far. "As we walk to my car Pam
called "get the girl something to eat since you talked her ear off
all night "

Tatem and I both laughed at that. Then she said she could use some
food if I wanted to stop .We went to one of those all night diners
every city has .We talked till Six in the morning. I took her home
to her parent's house where she was staying since she just moved back
from the west coast. When I took her up to her door where we kissed
for the first time. It was like heaven, stars burst in my eyes after
we released we both said wow. Then I new we were meant for each other.
We made a date for later that night and I when home to change for

I'm not a romantic type, I can usually forget about girls that I'm
seeing when I at work. But this one was different from the rest. I
replayed every thing she said over in my head thank god I didn't
have much to do except get the system that Paul and I were installing
for the last month up and running which whet just perfectly. Noon I
went home to get some sl**p before our date. I picked her up at 7 and
we when to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Then I asked her what did
she want to do next and she said,

"lets go to your place and watch a movie". Which was just fine with

We arrived at my place around 10pm I showed her where the movies
where and the went in to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine and a
couple of glasses. When I returned I found her looking though my porn

I turned three shades of red and said the regular ones where in the
top of the cabinet

She said these where just fine; with if it was ok with me
(this was my kind of women) we sat on the couch to watch.

We started kissing about a third of the way into the movie. The
movie was forgotten totally. We undressed each other kissing each
part as it was uncovered I spent a long time on those luscious tits
of hers there so firm like ripe fruit the nipples hard erasers that
yearned to be sucked and I did just that I kept sucking and biting on
them. Later she said she almost came from it.

She started doing the same to mine and it fell fantastic. When I
pulled off her delicate satin panties I found a hairless pussy that
was so wet it could put out a forest fire. I dove right in for a
taste she had the sweetest nectar, I couldn't get enough. For a
small girl only 5'4" she had a large clit that I sucked and licked
and bit till she came all over my face. Her cum tasted tangy and
sweet at the same time I could drink it all day. After the third
time she came she made me stop saying she needed a break so I move
up to lay next to her on the couch where she licked her cum off my
face saying she loved the tasted of her own cum.

We then moved into the bed room to get more comfortable she started
playing with my nipples again which she seemed to enjoy and I really
like a lot but most girls don't like to do it. She would flick them
with her tongue, then suck them into her mout and bite them till I
moaned Then she worked her way down to my cock, which has been so
hard for so long I thought I would cum with the first touch of her
tongue. She rolled her tongue around the head licking up the precum
smacking her lips saying how good it tasted. She then gave me the
best blow job I ever had. She worked her mouth up and down the sides
licking my balls sucking them into her mouth one at a time then moved
back to the tip and sucked up more of my pre-cum. Working the head
with her lips and tongue she started an up and down motion working
a little more of my cock into her mouth on each down stroke till she
got comfortable with my size. Then she sucked it right down to the
root I could feel her throat massaging the head it was all I could
take. I yelled I was about to cum in case she didn't want a mouth
full but she never missed a beat she swallowed almost every drop
and sucked hard for more.

She then crawled back up I took her face in my hands and kissed her
hard, slipping my tongue in her mouth and tasting my own cum for the
first time. When I released her she looked me in the eye, smiled an

" some one else who likes the taste of his own cum?"

I told her it was my first but from her mouth it tasted wonderful.
She smiled and laid her head on my chest and started talking again
this time it was about sex.

She told me about how she loved sex. Loved having sex, watching sex,
reading about sex. She told me about some of the men she had sex with
and some of the women, one of which was Pam in college. I also found
out Pam got her started on girls. How she loved the taste of cum,
male and female. She told me about threesomes she done. And some of
the kinky stuff she done. Compared to her I was a virgin. I told her
about the sex I had. About some of the girls I was with but also
about how I never felt fulfilled with any of them .I told her I liked
sex I liked it a lot but no matter what I did or with whom there was
always something missing, some bond, some feeling, something, I didn't
know what.

What I said next came out so naturally. I'm not even sure I meant
to say it I said, "Until I meant you". I felted so stupid saying
this to this goddess of Desirer what happen next surprised me to
this day.

She popped up off my chest like she was hit with a cattle prod
looked me square in the eye and froze. I thought to my self, you
fucked up now boy your going to scare her away. Then she said to me
" you felted it too "

She then told me that the moment she first saw me it was like kismet
she said, She felt the pull to me the same as I felt. She said that
once we started talking she had to tell me every thing as if I needed
to know exactly who she was and what she had done. I felt the same
way I told her things I haven't told even Paul my best friend.

We stared to hug and kiss as if the world would end any second then
she straddled my waist looked me in the eye and said

"I like to be on top."

Which is just fine with me. She took my hard cock in her hand guided
it to her hot wet pussy and slowly sank down on it. Her pussy felt
like warm jam. When she reached bottom she sighed almost like a purr
then her whole body trembled. She stayed like that for only a few
seconds then she started moving up and down on my cock my rod sliding
in and out her wet heat. Surrounding me her pussy muscles gripping
my cock like a wet vise trying to squeeze my cum from me. I reached
up and placed my hands on her firm tits squeezed them I pinched
her nipples she let out a small cry and came soaking my ball with
her cum. I reached down between us and felt were we joined and felt
for her cit and started rubbing it she turned her face towered the
ceiling and cried

" God yes yes its so fucking good yes fuck me. "

I started pumping my meat into her from below meeting her thurst
for thrust

Then she looked me in the eye and said "Mike cum with me now squirt
your cum inside me. "

I did just that. Sparks flashed in front of my eyes as a loud
grown sounded in the room. I was never quit sure if it was her or
me or both as my balls jettisoned my cum into the depths of her
pussy. Her body spasmed and shook as she came with me. Her pussy
clamping tightly around my cock trying to milk every last drop of
cum from me. Then she collapsed on top of me like rag doll trying
to get her breathing under control.

She said "Now I feel complete." and I knew what she meant it was the
first time I ever felt satisfied

Once we regained our composer she raised up looked me in the eye
and said

"I want to taste us."

She pulled her pussy off my cock did a 180 and started licking
off my cock and ball getting all of our combined cum with her
tongue. When I looked up I saw her lovely pussy just above my
face with our cum coming out of it. It looked like an oyster with
a perl coming out. I just had to taste it reaching up with my
tongue I scooped up a little of that cream to take a taste.
What I found was creamy slightly salty and her special tang it
was manner from heaven. I pulled her pussy down on my mouth and
started licking for all I was worth reaching my tongue in as deep
as it would go trying to get every last drop. All the while my
chin was rubbing her clit. Her pussy spasmed sending more of that
wonderful cream into my waiting mouth soaking my face. She came
again pushing more of that creamy fluid from her pussy to my mouth.
After she was done cleaning my cock and balls she turned again
and started lick my face clean and depositing it in my mouth
telling me not to swallow it. Once done cleaning me we tongued
kissed moving that cum from mouth to mouth till we both had equal
amounts then separating we swallowed the nectar of our lovemaking.

After resting for while we went to take a shower. In the shower
Tatem took the wash cloth and started wash my face then my chest
tweaking my nipples then using her tongue and mouth I, mean while,
was playing with hers as well

I then said"You seem to like playing with nipples"

And she said "Yea I do but only if there sensitive like yours."

Then proceed to wash my stomach and then my cock and balls area, my
legs and feet. Then she turned me around washed the back of my legs
and butt cheeks. Then stood up and washed my back and neck. Then
she went back to my butt cheeks with the soap and washed them again
this time going between them to wash my asshole she started rubbing
it with her thumb. Not penetrating it, just massaging it. God that
felt good no one ever did that to me before.

She asked if I like what she was doing I said yes it feels really
nice she asked if any one did this before. I said no but I wished
someone had. She then put pressure to the ring as if trying to push
her thumb in put holding back just then saying "Can I." I was pretty
sure wanted to stick her finger in me so I said yes. She pushed a
little more and her finger went in sending a jolt though out my
body which came out my mouth as a moan. Which got me hard as a
rock she then grabbed my cock in her other hand feeling how
hard I was.

Saying, "you like this, I see well have to explore this more

Releasing me she said it was her turn to get washed. I washed her
lovely face and neck her perfect breasts. Pulling and pinching her
nipples till they stood up hard and tight. Then down to her flat
belly. Then down to her hairless pussy washing it out with my
fingers and playing with her clit. Before moving on to her gorgeous
legs down and to her toes. Turning her around I washed up her legs
to her firm ass, and then to her back still from my knees then back
to her ass I needed to devote more time to this part. I started
washing it with my hands working the soap into the cheeks letting
the soap run between her cheeks followed by my fingers to get her
asshole as clean as possible. Holding her ass cheeks apart with
one hand I probed her hole with a finger from my other hand just
rubbing the hole till she cried out saying finger fuck me please.

Pushing my finger in as she shivered and moaned. Pumping my finger
in and out I thought to myself it looks good enough to eat so I
removed my finger let the soap wash off and press my face to her
ass crack and stuck my tongue to her hole and f***ed it in to her.

Tatem moaned and then said, "Yes lick my hole lick it good "

As she pushed her ass in to my face I reached around and played
with her pussy and clit till she came soaking my hand with her

Then she grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back. Looking up
at her she looked as if she was possessed and she said "fuck me
fuck me hard now please fuck me "

Being gentleman I was only to happy to oblige her request placing
my cock at the head of her pussy I started to push in when she said

"Not there in my ass please". Noting my hesitation she said
" don't worry you won't hurt me"

She grabbed my cock and placed it at her ass hole and pushed
back. My cock sank into her she said "now fuck me like you mean it "

I pushed my dick about halve way in pulled back till the head
was barely in then shoved it home she shirked

"yes fuck me more "

I then started to pounded my meat to her and she loved every minute
of it, fucking back to me on each stroke till she tensed up and
came with a groin clamping her ass hole like a vise on my cock
pulling my cum from me into her ass. She reached up with her hand
to touch my face panting she said.

"Don't pull out to your soft"

Which was not a long wait, my balls where drained she got it
all . After I pulled out,soft as she asked, she leaned back
and whispered saying

" Would you like some fudge pie for desert."

How could I refuse. Back down on my knees I spread her cheeks
and licked up my cum from her asshole. Sticking My Tongue into
her hole to get as much as possible, After getting all I could
I stood up and we tongue kissed again feeding her some of my cum.

Rinsing off one last time we stepped out of the shower and dried
off then went back to bed for some much needed sl**p. As we got
back in bed. She asked,

"Can I stay the night? " I said you can stay as long as you like.
She said

" In that case she'd just stay forever"which was just fine with me

Sunday morning came later than normal for me. I awoke feeling
refreshed and happy till I realized I was alone I got out of bed
to use the bathroom wondering what happen to Tatem. Then I smelled
coffee I pull on a pair of running shorts and went to the kitchen.

Looking in before entering I saw Tatem standing by the stove
cooking something that smelled like bacon with nothing on put my
"kiss the cook" apron I use some times while barbecuing and some
times when I don't want to get my cloths messed up while cooking.
While I was staring at her cute ass I was thinking to myself. If
this is a dream don't wake me.

She turned around and said " I thought I felt you standing there
I hope you don't mind I made some thing to eat I was starving"

I said "Me mind having a beautiful women in my kitchen cooking
breakfast wearing nothing but a apron. No I don't mind"

She said, "Well sit down and eat but take those pants off first "

" Yes ma'me " I said as I stripped off my shorts.

As I sat down I realized this was the first meal I would ever
eat naked. I had a feeling it wouldn't be the last.

"I hope you don't mind I like to be naked as much as possible "
she said,

I told her "I normally don't walk around naked much but if your
here I could get use to it "

She said " You said I could stay for as long as I like and I said
I think I'll stay forever and it was alright with you have you
changed your mind "

I said no but I didn't want to hold you to it if you didn't
mean it".

She said, " When it comes to sex and love I always mean what I
said ".

"So when are you moving in?" I said.

And she said "As soon as I can get my stuff here it's still in
boxes and suit cases "

Then I said " We could get them today". Then she looked me in
the eye and said

" Are you serous about this you don't want to wait awhile and
see how this works out ".

I said "no I don't know how I know this but I know its was
meant to be this way us together that is"

she nodded her head and said "Yes your right its the way it
should be "

After we ate and I did the dishes since she cooked, and went
to get dress. Her in the cloths she had on yesterday me in a
pair jeans and a tee shirt. Just as we were about to leave the
phone rang I saw on the caller ID it was Paul or Pam so I
answered it.

Pam was on the other end. She asked " Mike do you know where
Tatem is "

I said "Why do you ask " I didn't want to give her the
satisfaction knowing I finally found someone I liked and she set
it up.

She said, " I talked her mother and she told me Tatem went out
with someone she meet at our party last night and didn't come
home. And you're the only one she had a chance to talk to. So
quit the bullshit and put her on " Pam can be pretty f***eful
when she wants to be.

I handed the phone to Tatem. All I could hear was her half of
the conversation things like yes and no's and then today was
said and "no I don't think its to soon " then she said " Ok
7 then bye " and hung up

I asked her " What that was all about "

Tatem said " Pam wanted to know what we did last night if we
had sex I told her we did then she k**dingly asked if I was
going to in move with you I told I was which I think surprised
her for a second then she asked if you had a nice cock I said
yes and she said I always knew he would "

I looked at Tatem in shock and said " I never knew she looked
at other guys . She always seam so proper " this got a giggle out
of Tatem saying

"Pam proper not hardly, she can be quiet the slut when she wants
to be "

I said "Not since she married Paul "

She said " well I have been gone along time but well see about
that maybe they have a few secrets you don't know about "

Well I new Paul along time and he didn't sl**p around and I was
sure she didn't. Well I know nothing ever been said to me. Then
I asked "What about 7 then "

She said, "Oh yea were having dinner with them tonight she
insisted "

I knew it was going to happen soon or later I just hoped it
would be later. Did I tell you Pam could be pushy sometimes?

Getting in to my van I use to move equipment from job site to
site we dove to her parents house I asked her "What are your
parents going to say about you moving in with me so soon "

"they won't be too surprised I told them all about you and told
them I thought you were the one. And I think they will be relived
not to have me living there any more. Their nudist but my Dad
doesn't like to go around nude with me there he says its not right
to be naked in front of your own daughter, doesn't bother me but
I don't push it."

I thought to each his own. When we got to her parents house we
went inside. I was expecting to be given the third degree but
what I got was a warm welcome from two (for their age) good
looking people. And it didn't seem to bother them that Tatem
was going to live with me who they barely new.

As her father and I went to load my van from the garage Tatem
and her mother started bring out her suitcases. Most of her
stuff was in boxes except for three footlockers which were
locked .She didn't have much to move no furniture thank god
I don't know where we would put it

Once back at my house Tatem and I unload the van I asked about
the footlockers she said

"Oh just but them in the bedroom I'll get to them later. The
rest of the boxes can go -down the basement till I can get to them "

My bed room furniture was bought as a set. So I had a dresser
and a chest of draws the dresser I never used. I gave that to her
and over halve the walk in closet she had a lot of cloths. I kept
looking at footlockers

She finally said, " Do you want to see what's in them.

"Why do you ask" I said

"Because you keep staring at them" she said taking her keys
she open the first one saying "I think you'll like this one
the most "

It was full of cassette tapes some with professional labels
some with hand written ones I assumed they where all porn
movies from reading a few titles she had a big collection
bigger than mine that's for sure. Then she open another locker
now this one was a shock it was full of dildoes, vibrators and
some other thing I wasn't sure what they where for.

Then opening the last one she said "These are for when I really
feel kinky "

In side where leather corsets and leather body suits a few
whips and paddles, ball gages, hoods and, other s&m peripheral.
" Your into some kinky stuff I hope I don't disappoint you "

She took my face in her hands and looking into my eyes saying
" have you ever played with toys before "

I said "No not at all I never licked an ass hole before
yesterday either."

" Well you did that pretty well and I'll bet you never fucked
an ass before yesterday either." she said. " well since you
liked that and that finger up your ass maybe you would like to
try some of these things too "

I said "we'll see what happens but take it slow at first "

" All you have to do is say so, Mike and I'll stop ok"

"Ok " I said.

She moved her mouth to mine and kissed me sticking her tongue
in as far as it would go I think she was trying to put it down my
throat I fought back with my own but she won the battle pulling
back She said

" Mike we still have on our cloths "

Which she stared to pull off of me and I her jeans, that she put on
back at her folks house before bringing her suitcases to the van,
They were so tight they were like a second skin her crop top
sweater was also tight and it showed off her stomach and navel
ring to perfection.

After we were naked again she dropped to her knees and took
my cock in her hand and placing the head to her lips kissing
the tip then licking up and down the shaft a few times stopping
to lick my hairy balls. Moving back up to the head of my cock again
she placed it in her mouth and slowly sucked it in to her mouth
till it reached the back of her mouth then plunged it down her
throat, God this girl knows how to suck a dick.

Working her throat muscles on the head sent chills up and
down my spine. Moving back up the shaft to catch her breath
I could feel her tongue moving around the shaft then bobbing
her head up and down the shaft. She started massaging my asshole
with a finger and I started to rock my hip in a fucking motion.
Just as I was about to cum she clamped her lips around the head
and pushed her finger up my ass. I came like gang buster pumping
two loads in her mouth. Then pulling my dick out of her mouth she
pumped several more onto her tits. Standing up she reached for
my head pulling it down to her mouth for a kiss and a tasted of
my own cum I pushed my tongue in and got out most of the cum and
swallowed it.

Bending over even more I started licking off the cum on her
tits getting all I could in my mouth I kissed her again feeding
my cum to her. She pushed some back and swallowed the rest. She
pulled back, she looked up at me saying,

" I think you really like the taste of cum now don't you " All
I could do is blush and smile

She then looked over at the clock on the night stand. Realizing
the time she said

"Dam its time to get dressed for dinner, and I need a shower "

I'll join you" I said.

She said "No if you get in there with me we'll be late for sure "

"Don't you trust me " I said smiling.

"I don't trust my self I didn't cum yet and I'm horny" she said

So into the shower she went. Waiting for her to get out I
started looking though her toy boxes I skip over the tapes
thinking they were normal porn tape I moved to the one with
the toys.

There was quite an assortment of vibrators and dildos in all
different sizes and colors some were almost clear and some were
flesh color and there were black ones and red ones. There were
these belt things with straps on the sides and it looked like
hole in the front. There were some funny shaped dildos they
didn't look like a penis they started off small and got larger
till they narrowed at the bottom.

Startling me she asked, "Do you see any thing you would like
to try."

Standing I said " I don't know what some of them are but the
rest look like things a girl would use on herself or another
girl, not on a guy "

Looking at me with a twinkle in her eye she said "Don't worry
lover you will see that most can be used on you as well as me "

It was my turn for the shower. Getting in I started thinking
to my self did I know what I was getting in to. No I didn't. Did
I want to continue? That took a lot longer to answer, but yes I
think so.I like Tatem a lot and I think it maybe the beginnings
of love. I didn't want her to leave me that was for sure. And
what we did so far was exciting. So the answer was yes I did
want to continue.

Stepping out of the shower and drying off I shaved. Then walked
in to the bedroom sitting on the bed was Tatem dressed in a pair of
jeans and t-shirt she was deep in thought. I asked her what was
she thinking about.

She said, "I was just thinking about love. I was wondering if
I was in love with you. I'm not sure what love is I have never been
in love. I know I feel something I never felt for any one else "

" I know what you mean I was thinking the same thing in the
shower" I said.

"And what did you come up with " she asked.

"I know I don't 't want you to leave me that's all I could
say for now but you are the only one that's ever made me think
about it before "

She said " that's a start. Now get dressed so we can leave."

Reaching into my underwear draw I pulled out a pair of white
cotton briefs. Tatem said, "Do you have any other kind of
underwear ".

"NO that's all I own "

"Well I take care of that, " She said.

I let that ride thinking well see what she comes up with.
After getting dressed we left for Pam and Paul's house.

We arrived a Paul and Pam's house around five to seven. Pam
met us at the door kissing Tatem firmly on the lips. A couple
of days ago I would have thought it strange but not after what
these two did to each other in collage it wasn't strange any more.

Then Pam looked at me and said, "You owe me stud "

Now her calling me stud that was strange she never called me
anything but Mike. A couple of times she called me asshole for
keeping Paul out too late or for teasing her about some thing or

So I said "What do I owe you for "

She said "For getting you two together "

"Well after you missed with all those others you had to get
it right sooner or later. " I said "

"Well for you information I set you up with those air heads
waiting for Tatem to come back home." was Her response.

At which point Tatem but in "If you two don't stop this bickering
I'll go back to California, "

Which caused both Pam and I to burst out laughing .Pam said
"Tatem don't get your panties in a knot we always k** like this "

"Yea except when she's pissed at me. Which happens from time to
time." I said.

"Like when you keep my husband out late drinking and watching
fuck flicks "

Tatem cut in with "Since when don't you like fuck flicks Pam"

"Oh I like them put when he's drinking he can get it up and he
falls a sl**p while I'm blowing him. Next time you can get him
hard for me" She said looking at me

"Well I guess there won't be a next time " I said in return
Which got us all laughing Tatem and Pam didn't laugh as hard as
I did.

Paul called to us from out side "If you three are done having a
good time with out me the steaks are done "

The three of us when outside to the pool area to sit and eat

Pam said to Paul "We just made an agreement that the next time
You and Mike get d***k and watch porn flicks he has to blow you
to get you hard for me "

Paul said "Oh sounds like a winner to me Mike "

"Well Paul there's no more drinking allowed at my house sorry bud "

"no problem Mike, Pam get me a beer "

Pam said "Sorry hon. it only counts if you're at his house "

"Dam I never get lucky " Paul said.

Tatem put her hand on my lap and said to me "do you guys
always talk like this "

" how do you mean " I asked

"Well about you and Paul watching porn movies and you blowing him "

"No this is the first time that was ever said. Normally Pam
is pretty tense around us I never seen her so relaxed"

Pam then asked Tatem to help her with desert and they both
left for the kitchen Paul then said to me "I hope you didn't
get offended by that little banter before but Pam was in a
good mood and I didn't want to spoil it"

"I know what you mean she did seem pretty relaxed tonight "

"yea" Paul said "Her and Tatem are old friends and you and I
are old friends and I think Pam was jelouse of our friendship
now that you and Tatem are together things should work ok from
now on "

I asked him "what makes you think Me and Tatem will work out "

" Well she's all ready living with you which is a first for you
and you never took any one on a second date as far as I know so
she has to be one of a kind "

"that she is " I said.

We talked for another 5 min then I said "I wonder what's keeping
them "

" Paul said "Knowing Pam she's got her tongue down Tatem's throat
out in the kitchen " now that statement floored me

"Mike does it bother you to know that there making out" he asked

" No not really its just that you seem to take it so calmly. "

"Hey bud she married me, Pam says girls are nice, but she needs
my hard cock to complete her and I understand what she means "

"You mean you fuck around on her too "

"Look bud we don't fuck around on each other I let her know when
I get some and she let me know when she gets some. We don't cheat,
we share, ourselves with others "

This put a new light on our friendship I thought I knew Paul like
the back of my hand now I wasn't so sure I asked him "How come
you never told me about this before now "

"Pam didn't want to you to know she didn't think you could
handle it besides we don't tell everyone. Pam's work depends
on us being model citizens"

Well that I could understand, about her job that is. Being a
lawyer in a big firm does require certain ethics and two days ago
I don't know how I would have reacted. My views where definitely

Just then the girls came back out with desert. Tatem sat next
to me and put her hand in my lap feeling my cock at the same time.

After desert was over Pam said "Mike did you enjoy your desert
as much as yesterdays "

Which got me thinking. What did I have for desert at the
restaurant? Then I remembered we didn't have desert there. I
looked at Tatem who was blushing a beet red, I looked at Pam
with what must have been a confused look then she said "You
know the fudge pie "

In that split second I knew Pam was looking for the shock
effect response from me of ether babbling or of denial but
what she got was

"Your right it wasn't as good as that maybe next time you'll
serve something more tasty "

She got shock alright she sat there mouth agape and her eyes
twice her normal size

Paul burst out laughing saying "he got you babe you have to
admit defeat on that one "

Tatem was totally quiet her hand had stopped stroking my cock
And I knew she thought I was upset with her which I wasn't .I
leaned back in my seat and looked at Pam waiting for her next
move she cleared her throat and said

"I concede victory this time but the battles not over "

I wanted to leave I had some thinking to do. Standing I said
"well that was fun I don't win to many from Pam and on that
I think its time to go "

Tatem stood as well I wish I could tell her I wasn't upset with
her but my mind was going in other directions that had to be
sorted out before we got home. We said our good byes at the
door. Tatem and I got in the car and drove off.

In the car as we drove home I kept trying to understand why
my best friend and his wife tried to hide the fact that they
had an open marriage from me. I always thought I had an open
mind. I couldn't understand it. Tatem was trying to talk to
me but I wasn't listening to her, which she interpreted to
mean I was upset with her. When we got back to my house, which
was only about ten miles from Paul's house, we went in side
Tatem when straight to the bathroom I stayed in the living
room and sat on the couch. Ten minutes later Tatem came out
in nude and sat across from me.

I asked "Can you put on a robe or something "

She asked "Are you that made at me should I pack my things
and leave."

"Hell no " I said "I need to talk to you about some things
and I can't do it with you looking so lovely "

She smiled and got up left the room coming back moments later
in a silk green robe that that made her even more tempting.

She said. "There is this better "

"No " I said "put you would most likely look sexy in a flour sack"

Which got a smile out of her "well what do you want to talk
about " she asked

"I was wondering why my best friend someone who I've been
friends with since we where in the first grade can't confided
in me that he and his wife were swingers or at lest they had a
open marriage did you know that"

She looked at me and said "Yes I knew, and I know why they
didn't tell you. It was because you seemed so straight that
you might stop being there friend if you knew about it. Pam
likes you allot did you know that."

"No 'I said, "She never seemed to care for me."

"Well she does a lot she really wants to fuck you but she
doesn't want to loose you as a friend "

"Well she never showed it "

"Oh yes she has if she didn't like you she'd ignored you as
if you didn't existed, she can be very hard on someone she
doesn't like."

"Why would they think I was so closed minded "

She said "Pam told me of a time when you and Paul were watching
some porn movies and he took out his cock and started beating
off. Do you remember?"

"Yea " I said " I got him a towel and said tell me when your
done and left the room "

"Well why didn't you stay in the room with him and watch the movie."

" Thought it better to let him have some privacy " I told her

"Well that says you didn't want anything to do with it and
you didn't want to be around him while he did it."

"You mean he wanted me to be in the same room with while
beat his own meat " I asked

"No he wanted you to do it for him "

I was shocked by her answer " You mean to tell me they think
I'm gay"

"No sweetheart they know you like girls. But sometimes friends
help each other get off baby it's just being friendly"

I was completely confused at this point and it must have shown
on my face, because Tatem then said

"Mike have you ever touched someone else's cock."

" No I never even saw one except when he pulled his out that
one time and in movies of cause"

"You poor dear sweet man this is all new to you isn't it "
she asked.

"Oh yea " I said "Then why are they telling me now about
their lifestyle."

"Well after I told Pam about what we did together they thought
you would be more open to sexual relation with them "

"You mean Pam wants me and Paul wants you "

"Well Paul wants me but so does Pam and I want her are you
ok with that "

" yea " I said "I don't mind it"

She had that twinkle in her eye again "do you think you want Paul "

"What do you mean do I want Paul " I asked I was pretty sure
what was come but I had to ask.

"Would you like to have sex with Paul "

"I'm sure I love Paul, I would do any thing for him. That
I'm sure of but to have sex with him that's a different story"

Now Tatem looked upset "Why is it different you love him you
would do any thing for him why not make him feel good, let
him know that you love him "

"Well that's something I'm going to have to think about"

"Here's something else you need to think about. I love sex, I
can't be monogamous it's not in my nature I'm sorry but that
just the way it is "

"Well I knew that was coming you are too wild, too much like a
wild horse one can get a ride put you could never be fence in."

"Well I have never heard anyone describe me like that but your
right if you don't let me have some freedom I'll bolt."

Then she walked over to me sat on my lap put her arms around my
shoulders and said "sweetheart you can ride me anytime " and
then neighed like a horse. We both laughed our heads off

After we both stopped laughing she asked, "sweetheart tomorrow's
a holiday do you have to work."

"No" I said "I have to go in on Tuesday to check out the
network Paul and I installed and if it's working ok then we
have three weeks till our next job."

"Great we can play tonight."

"How so " I asked.

"You'll see sweet cheeks now lets get you out of these cloths
and into bed "

"Sounds like a plan to me."

We got up off the couch went to bedroom stripping as we went.
She didn't have much to strip off. Tatem Went over to her toy
boxes and got a few things out as I laid down

"What are you getting I asked

"Do you trust me Love'"

"Yes" I said and I meant it.

"Good then put your hands above your head"

Which I did. Using some fur lined hand cuff she secured my hands
to the head board then taking a blindfold covered my eyes
Then asked " Are you ok with this "

"Yes Its scary put exciting"

"I can tell your excited " She said as she grabbed my cock."
Your cock is so hard "

After she let go of me I felt a shifting of the bed then I felt
her pussy touch my mouth. I reached up with my tongue and scooped
up some of her sweet nectar she tasted so good that sweet juice

"Come on suck my clit I want to cum and you owe me one "

I felt for her clit with my tongue finding it I griped it
with my lips and flicked it with my tongue.

"Suck it, suck it like a dick"

It was big but not that big clasping it with my teeth I
sucked hard

"Ahh yes suck it make me cum. YEEEEE yes yes suck it hard
I'm almost there"

Working harder on her bud biting it slightly she came drenching
my face

"don't stop I feel another cum coming keep going oh yes suck it "

She screamed rocking her hips as if trying to fuck my face I
never let up my attack on her clit sucking it steadily flicking
it with my tongue and nipping it with my teeth

" ahyeeee here it comes again I'm cummmmming "

And cum she did. Her cum pouring out of her drenching my face
neck and chest I continued to suck till she pulled her pussy
from my mouth saying

"enough I can't take much more"

She moved down my body she started licking up her cum from
my face and neck When she was sure she got it all she moved
to my chest and stared playing with my nipples first licking
them then sucking them making them stand up then moving over
to the other one and doing the same, god it felt good, then
biting down on it I felt a jolt straight to my cock how I
didn't cum I don't know she said

"Do you like that sweet cheeks "

"God yes do it some more '"

And I Felt her bite down on the other one

" Yeehe" I cried.

She sat up and I could feel her ass cheeks by my cock I tried
to get some friction between her cheeks and my cock but she
would have none of that

"Oh no dear boy when you cum it will be in my pussy so you
can suck it all out, but first were going to have some more fun "

"how's that" I asked

"Well I want to play with that asshole of yours won't that
be fun lover boy."

"Ah are you sure about that."

"Well I want to play with it and I think you'll love it
if you don't like it we'll stop ok sweetheart."

" What are you going to do?" I asked

Not sure about this whole thing but what choice did I have
it wasn't like I could stop her and I don't think I would
if I could. I felt her get off the bed and I heard her
rummaging around in her toy boxes

Then she said "These should do for now."

"These as in plural." I asked.

` "Fear not I'll only use one at a time lover boy."

Then I felt her move back on the bed then I felt her hand
on my cock

"Don't handle that to much "I said "I may shoot off "

Then I felt some thing wrap around the base of my shaft and
pull tight

"That should take care of that sugar." she said

"What's that?" I asked

"It's a cock ring its meant to make you last longer. We don't
want you shooting too soon do we."

"No we don't." I said

"Do you like eating cum baby." I didn't answer " Do you lover"

"Yes " I finally answered.

"That's the first time you actually said it. I wonder what
Paul's will tasted like?"

"Is there a different in taste Tate?"

"Oh yes there is I think it depends on what they eat or
drink some are sweet like yours others are bitter and salty
but I like them all " She said "Well back to playing I
think you cooled down enough I'm going to release you I want
you to roll over on you belly ok."

As she released the cuffs I knew it was my chance to stop this
but I rolled over and put my hands back up to be restrained again.

"Well you like being restrained don't you."

"Yes" Was all I could say.

I could tell my face was red by the heat of my cheeks.
"That's ok lover I love having you this way."

"Why" I asked her?

"Because I'm very dominant and I need a submissive but only in
the bedroom anywhere else we are equals. Now lift up so I can
get these pillows under you."

I did as she asked then settled back down I felt her hand
starting to caress my ass then I felt something cool being
rubbed on the cheeks

"Ahh" I said

"You know you really have a cute butt"

Then I felt her spreading the cheeks apart then I felt
something warm and wet on my ass hole it must have been her tongue.

"Ohh that's nice."I said then I felt it attack my hole, my
reaction was to clamp it shut

"oh baby relax let my tongue in honey"

Forcing my self to relax To could feel it penetrate, god
it felt good

"mmmm that feels good Tate "

I felt her tongue saw back and forth jamming in my hole I
started to wonder what a cock would feel like I said to no
one in particular

"dam I hope that cock ring works "

As i started to push my ass back to get more of that tongue.
God what a wonderful feeling. Then I felt her pull away

" No don't stop please." I said.

"Don't worry there lover I'm not finished yet now comes
something bigger"

Then I felt something cool and greasy at my opening." What's
that?" I asked,

"It's the smallest dildo I have Love and I slicked it up with
some stuff called Wet. Now just relax while I get this lovely
thing in your ass "

I felt it start to penetrate and I willed my self to relax
as it wedged my asshole open then the pain started it kept
stretching me wider till I felt kind of a pop

"there the head is in sweet cheeks " Tatem said

"how big it that thing? " I asked her

"its only about a halve inch wide why?"

"It feels a lot wider than that "

"Don't worry you'll get use to it."

"That's what I'm afraid of. I may never get it closed again "

She started to giggle " Don't worry I got some thing to plug
it with."

"That's the other thing I'm worried about." she giggled again
"ok I'm going to start moving it now so relax and get in to it "

"Ok just go slow "

Well the pain had stop while we talked then I felt it starting
to move in a little bit then out then in and out each inward
thrust it would go in a little more than back till it was almost
out then back in it went. It really started to feel good but
it was going in a long way.

"I hope you don't damage any thing back there?" I said

" Not to worry I've done this before and haven't hurt any one
yet. Ok I'm going to pick up the pace now."

I started to feel it moving in and out a lot faster
"mmmm that's nice. It feels real good"

"Should I go A little bigger sweetie " She asked

"Bigger ah well ok if you think I'm ready"

"Oh sweetie the way you pumping back to meet this one
you are definitely ready."

I felt her move on the bed then I felt some thing on
my lips then she said "Here lick this for a little bit"

I stuck out my tongue and took a lick it was smooth and
rounded and then I felt her start to push it in to my mouth
I guess I trusted her I just open my mouth and let it come
in. Now with my lips wrapped around it I could tell it was
probably the next dildo to go up my ass it had a nice smooth
texture to it and it went in to my mouth smoothly then she
started working it in and out I took it deeper on each stroke
till it hit the back of my throat which caused me to gag till
I pulled back

"There there sweetie not so much the first time your not ready
to deep throat it yet."

Yet what does she mean yet I don't think I'll ever be ready
to deep throat one. Maybe suck one in my mouth never in the
throat. What the hell was I thinking two hours ago I wasn't
even thinking about sucking a dildo now here I was laying on
my stomach dildo up ass hand cuffed to my bed and loving it.
Where did my life change lanes? Then I remembered it was the
night I meet wonderful Tatem.

" Are you ok Mike you seemed lost in thought?"

" I was I was thinking how ridiculous I must look. And I'm
glad no one can see me "

"Oh Mike you don't look ridiculous to me you look amazingly hot."

"How can you say that? Here I am hand cuffed to my bed blindfolded,
a dildo up my ass and sucking on the next one to be but up my ass"

" Dear sweet Mike to me you hot and sexy it's taking all my will
power not to flip you over and fuck you blinded "

"really" I said

"Of cause dear what woman would do this to a man if she didn't
enjoy it"

She had a point there I wasn't forcing her to do this to me if
any thing I was being f***ed, but that's not was true either
I could get her to stop just by asking.

"Are you ready for the next one Love."

"Yes " I said knowing that this one was bigger but it fit easily
into my mouth so it should fit in my ass.

"Ok I'm pulling the small one out " she said.

As she slowly pulled it out I had this sense of emptiness as
if some thing was missing.

"Ok Love in goes the next one relax now."

I felt the tip of it touch the rim of my asshole starting to
spread it I felt my hole getting wider and wider and wider then
the pain was starting to come back not as bad as before more
like a ache then the head was in and only pleaser was there

"mmm that's good " I said

"I know what you mean Love I love something hard and fat in my ass "

Then I could feel her start to pump in and out. It felt so good
her fucking me with that dildo I started to push back on her
in stroke fucking myself on that dildo I new right then
that someday I would have a real cock up my ass this was
to good to pass up I heard Tatem say

"That's it baby fuck that cock ram it up your ass make me
proud of you "

We fucked my ass like this for a few minutes then she said
"Love this is too much I got to have your cock in me put
there's one more thing I want to try up your ass."

"What's that Hon? " I asked

"It's called a butt plug that we can leave in there "

"What ever you think is best."

I felt that marvelous tool start moving out of my ass when
it was gone I felt that empty feeling again Then the butt
plug started in and it felt like a ball going in at first
it got bigger then smaller then a lot bigger then small
then a lot bigger then I felt the rim of my hole close shut
almost like my asshole swallowed it up

"Are you sure we can get that out again, Hon " then I heard
her giggle

"Not to worry there's a base that stay on the outside Love "

I felt her moving off the bed Then one hand was released then
the other. My arms felt like dead weight I could barely move them

"Turn over Love so I could get that cock in my pussy"

I raised up so she could get the pillows out and then flip
over glad to off my knees I raised my arm to the head board
but she said

"No not this time I want you to play with my tits while we
fuck, but leave the blind fold on "

I felt the bed move again then I felt her legs on both sides
of me. Then I felt the mouth of her pussy surround the tip of
my cock then she plunged her pussy to the base of my cock in
one move. I felt her body shake, tremble and the unmistakable
feel of her juice soaking my balls then her body falling on
my chest limp

"god it's so good to cum "she said "does that prove I was
excited about the way you looked sweet cheeks I came just
by having your cock in me "

"I guess you were excited to have me like that but I would
like to cum now please."

"Your turns next sweetheart"

She then started to move her pussy up and down on my cock
working her pussy like a milking machine. Thank god for
the cock ring she put on because I would have never lasted
this long with out it. I reached up and took a hold of her
tit massaging them and squeezing her nipples I was pumping
my cock into her like engine piston She started screaming
and panting that she was almost there I new I was but just
couldn't get off then I felt her hand reach between her legs
and she tore off he cock ring and I came and came blasting
my cum into her. And she came to flooding my balls with her
cum I could feel her cum running down passed my balls down
to the crack of my ass to where the butt plug was. I still
kept cumming in her. I cum so much and so hard my balls
started to hurt I must have pumped a quart or better into
her. Then she pulled the blind fold from my eyes the light
hurt my eyes the first thing I saw was her smiling face
looking down at me

"God that was good was it good for you too " she asked.

I told her "it was the best cum I ever had "

" are you hungry Love "

"famished" I said.

"Good because you pumped one hell of a load in me I didn't
think you where ever going to stop cumming "

" me either my balls still hurt from cumming so hard."

" Poor baby" she said "I'll have kiss them and make them better "

" that would be nice" I told her

She put her hand down between her legs then clamped her
pussy lips closed around my cock. So as not to lose any
more of our combined cum and then slowly pulled off my
halve erect cock and walked up to my face on her knees.
Placing her pussy over my mouth I put my hands on her
hips she said "dinner time " I open my mouth wide as she
pulled her hand away from her pussy. As she sat on my mouth.
Our cum poured out of her into my mouth I had to swallow or
drown. I kept swallowing and it kept coming that silky smooth
cream that we are all made of. My nose was rubbing her clit
and I could hear her panting so I reached up to grabbed her
tits and pinched her nipples hard causing her to clamp down
on her pussy muscles and push more of that delicious cream
in to my mouth. Finally she pulled her luscious pussy from
my mouth lying down next to me and started cleaning my face
with her tongue. When she was done we kissed cuddled together
and fell asl**p.

I awoke the next morning around noon. Thank god it was a holiday
I couldn't even think about going to work even if it was for only
a couple hours. My legs ached my arms hurt and my asshole felt sore
and swollen then I remembered I still had the butt plug in. I
got up to go to the bathroom figuring it would be best to take
it out in there. Sitting on the toilet I reached between my legs
and felt for the plug Pulling it hurt coming out only for a second
then it popped right out I placed it in the sink to be washed
later then relived my self and got in the shower. Getting out
I dried off washed the butt plug then washed my hand again and
went to fine Tatem. Looking in the kitchen I found she made
coffee and left a note it read

" dear darling lover. I needed a few things from the store
and you need new underwear. I hope you don't mind I took
your mustang. Love TE."

I made my self some coffee went in the living room to watch
some TV. Found nothing good on. So I went looking for a tape
to watch I know mine all by heart so I looked at Tatem's
I found one I don't think I ever saw before popped in the
VCR. It started with a guy banging this chic he had a really
nice cock big too and he's giving it to her real good.In
walks this other guy and he wants to join in they say ok
and he whips out his big prick and puts it in to her mouth
you could see she's having a problem with it being so big
and all The guy fucking her says come baby you can do better
than that she says

"Here you do it "

And puts it up to his mouth and he starts to suck it. He
does pretty good job of it. I'm sure he's deep throating
it. This goes on for a while and then the guy getting
sucked off goes behind the guy fucking the chic and
starts to put it in his ass The camera got a good shot
of this it showed the dick going right in the other guys
ass. The rest of the movie is about the three-way fuck.
The end was when the guy fucking the other guy's ass pulls
out and cums all over the guy fucking the chic and he pulls
out cums on the chic. I must have been beating my meat
because I cum all over myself. Then behind me I hear

"Hey Mike "

I jump and turn there's Tatem standing with a big smile on
her face.

Then she said "You must have really like that movie I said
hi three time the first two you didn't even hear "

"I was just amazed he was getting that big dick up the other
guys ass."

"You where so amazed you came all over yourself " she pointed out

"Well Ahh yea I guess so " I said embarrassingly.

She notice my embarrassment saying

" Oh don't be embarrased that was a hot movie I play with
myself when I watch it to"

Looking down at my chest and stomach I said "I need to go
wash this off"

"Oh let me do that." she said and came over to me and licked
me clean.

Looking at me she swallowed it all saying. "You got it all
last night this load was mine."

She wrapped her arms around me an and kissed me while she
was feeling up my ass and said

"I see you took out your butt plug "

I told her I had too it itched. I also told her I washed
and put it back in her trunk

"Oh I talked to Pam earlier just to tell her you wasn't
mad about me tell her about you know. And she asked if
we wanted to come over for a swim later and dinner. I
told her I'd let her know."

"Was this before or after you told her about fucking me
with a dildo?" I said with a smile to let her know I knew
she told and I didn't care.

"It was after I told her. Your not mad are you?"

"No I like going in knowing what she knows."

"Well she heard all about last night."

"Well I guess there be no surprises today "

" no surprises " she said. "So I can tell her we'll come "

"Yea Its been along time since I've gone swimming I hope
I can find my suit?"

"Ah sweetheart no suits allowed."

"Oh ah Ok" I said. How did I know that was coming?

"I guess that's why I never been invited to swim there."

"Don't take it personally Love."

" I don't " I really didn't, I understood knowing how
things were before.

Tatem picked up the bags she came home with then went off
to the bedroom saying "I got to get out of these cloths
come on with me"

I followed her as she strip off her cloths then she tossed
a bag to me saying "here try these on and see if they fit"

In the bag I found eight pairs of silk or satin boxers and
eight pair of what I thought where satin panties handing them
back to her I said

"these must be yours"

"No there yours try them on"

"Honey these are panties"

"NO silly there men's briefs see the man on the tag"

Looking again at them I could see the guy on the tag but
I still had my doubts. Looking at them trying decide on
which one to try on she said

"You ma want to take a shower first in case I missed anything
down there."

Knowing she was right about that in case they didn't fit I
started for the bathroom then she said

"Sweetheart can I ask you one favor"

"What's that Tat."

"Well do you like my hairless pussy?"

" Yes I like it a lot I like the smooth feel the way the
hair doesn't get in the way when I lick you down there.
Oh I get it you want me to shave too?"

"You don't mine do you the hair gets in the way of me get
all that delicious cum and it get in my mouth and throat"

" No I could do that I never liked it any way. It always itched "

She jumped up off the bed threw her arms around me and said

"Thank you thank you But instead of shaving I have this
stuff that works a lot better. You just rub it on wait
about ten minutes and rinse it off "

"Ok give it to me " I said

"Here I'll put it on you" She reached in to a bag and pulled
out a bottle. Turned towered the bathroom and said

"This way sir"

In the bathroom she turned to me poured some of the stuff
in her hand and started massaging it in my crotch getting
all the hairy areas between my legs then she had me turn a
rounded and rubbed it on my butt and between the cheeks.
When she was done with me she then applied it to her own
pubic area and then down her legs and then handing me the
bottle said

"Do my butt and the crack but be careful around my asshole"

I did as she asked Then standing I washed my hands so I
didn't get it anywhere I didn't want it

"It may burn a little then it will start to itch' when
you can't stand it any more it's time to wash it off'"
she informed me

Well the burning had started but not to bad about five
minutes later the itching started. About 15 minutes in
to it was about all I could stand I said that's it for
me she said she had it too and we jumped in the shower.
After washing the stuff off she turned off the shower and
got down on her knees to

"inspected my handy work" as she put it

She took my cock into her mouth ran it in and out of her
mouth a couple of times then licking my balls a while and
feeling between my legs. She then turned me around to check
my ass ran her hand over the cheeks then spread the cheeks
apart and ran her tongue up and down the crack. Then she
rimed my asshole a few times. She certified me prime grade
A meat ready for Human consumption and hairless as the day I

Then I checked her over running My tongue up one leg then
the other over her pussy mound then over each cheek and
between her cheeks to her asshole where I spent some time
just to make sure. Then we dried each other off then went
back to the bedroom. She then got out a pair of the men's
briefs and pulled them up my legs then fit them around my

"Well what do you think?" she asked as she rubbed my cock
with her hand

"They still look like panties to me" I said.

She gave me a slap on the arm in play and said "They
look yummy on you but if you want panties I'll get them
for you?"

"Ah not thanks this is as close as I want to get to them
except if there on you that is."

"There you go thinking with you dick again."

"It does my best thinking at times." Looking over at the
clock she said,

"Lets get going while their still sum sun." Slipping on
shorts and tees we left

Arriving at Paul and Pam's I started to feel a little
apprehensive I pretty sure we where going to have sex in
there I wasn't sure if I wanted to have it with Paul, Tatem
noticing my apprehension said

"Mike you don't have to do any thing you don't want to ok "
I just nodded my head I took a deep breath and walked to the

The door was answered by Pam wearing a silk rob that went
halve way down her thigh. This was the first time I saw her
as a sexual partner and she looked dam good too she had long
slender legs nicely tanned. Good size breasts. She Kissed Tatem
on the mouth and this time I could see her tongue going in to
Tatem's mouth. Then she came over to me putting her hands around
my head she pulled me close put her lips on mine. Thinking it
was a friendly gesture I went to pull back put she held my
head firm my lips to hers as she pushed her tongue into my
mouth. Which surprised me at first then I figured what the
hell and kissed her back putting every thing I had into it.
Our tongues battled for supremacy pulling away to catch our
breaths Pam said

"damm I wanted to that for a long time."

"What stopped you "I said.

"You and your prudish ways."

I let that remark go I didn't want to start an argument on
weather I was a prude or not. Then Pam said

"You guys can change in the spare bedroom there are robes
on the bed I'll see you out by the pool."

I looked to Tatem and said "Change how are we suppose to
change we didn't bring any suits "

Which got me a slap on the arm from Pam and a push toward the
bed room from Tat. Both girls giggling. In the bedroom we
stripped down put on the robes and went out side. Paul was
by the bar I walked over to him He asked

"what can I get you bud"

"A beer will do fine."

Getting the beer Paul asked "Are you ok with this, bud "

"Yea " I said "It just takes some getting use to"

" What's that Mike"

"Well sitting here by your bar drinking beer wearing
nothing but our birthday suits and this robe"

"Well the robes are for your benefit normally we don't
were anything"

Then I asked " aren't you worried that some one will see?"

"Mike see that fence its board on board and its 10 feet tall
I own five acres that the house sits on and all the other house
around here are only one story high. Who's going to see any thing
and if they do so what"

"You got a point there"

"Now just relax and enjoy yourself the girls seem to be," Mike
said as he pointed to the girl making out on one of the lounge

"They aren't wasting any time." I said

"You got that right, Pam's been looking forward to this
since Tatem said she was moving back"

We watched them for a while I could see Pam hand was on
Tatem's breast and Tatem's hand was between Pam's legs
Tatem must have been doing a good job on Pam because in
the next instant Pam pulled her mouth away from Tatems
and moaned loud to which Paul said

"That's one for Pam"

Paul's robe was open now and my cock was sticking out
from between my robe from watching the girls in action so
I let my robe fall open too, figuring there was nothing to
hide now,

Pam then call "Paul sweetheart can you get us some wine"

Paul got two wine glasses out filled them and we carried
them over to the girls handing the glass to Tatem I planted
a kiss on her lips Then Pam said

"To old friends and future lovers." then She said "Why don't
we take off these robes and enjoy what's left of the sun"

We all agreed and took off our robes. Pam said,

"Mike darling you're as white as a ghost you better put
on some sun screen "

Then I notice the three of them were all over tanned.
Pam jump up and grabbed a bottle of lotion and started
applying it to my chest and said

"Here Paul do his back." Paul looked at me and said

"Ok with you Mike."

"Well someone has to do it I can't reach it by myself "

As I said this Pam while applying the lotion to my chest
leaned in and kissed me on the lips nothing serious more
like a friendly gesture, pulling back her lips said thank
you. Then she started to work the lotion more in to my chest
to which Tatem said,

"Be careful he has real sensitive nipples.

"Oh yea"

Pam said as she started pinching first on then the other
after doing this she worked down to my stomach then my legs
mean while Paul was still working on my back I new he was
waiting to see how I reacted so I said

"Paul my back is done you better put some on my butt I
don't need a burnt ass. I have to sit on it "

I looked over to Tatem and she was smiling at me then when
she new I was looking at her she blew me a kiss. Pam was
done with my legs then started on my balls and said

"MMMM hairless to yummy."

"That was my Idea." Tatem said

"And a good one at that" Pam said back as she put my cock
in her mouth and started sucking on the head still working
the lotion over my balls.

Then I felt what I was sure was a tongue in my ass crack I
tensed up to which Paul said

"Sorry Mike I got carried away"

" No Buddy it just surprised me that's all but it did feel
real good"

"So I can continue?"

"Please do in fact I'll beg you if you want me too."

"That's not necessary bud"

Paul then went back to licking my crack as I looked down
at Pam she Had a mouthful of my cock but I think she was
smiling she then started working her mouth harder on my
cock taking it in deeper with every down stroke. I looked
over at Tatem and she had one hand on her right breast
pinching her nipple and one hand between her spread legs
finger-fucking herself staring at the three of us. Pam was
sucking like a pro going all the way to the base of my cock.
I could feel her throat muscles working on the shaft. She
kept pumping her head back and forth as I looked down at her
she would look up at me with those beautiful eyes of her's.

I could feel Paul's tongue moving up and down my crack getting
closer to my hole so I spread my legs open some to let him know
he could go deeper. I looked down at Pam and said

"If you two keep this up you going to get a mouth full of cum."

Which made her suck all the more harder. I new I couldn't last
much longer then Paul's tongue touch my asshole and I almost lost
it. I looked at Tatem and said

"They make a hell of a tag team"

Then Paul pushed his tongue up my asshole and I lost it. I
started pumping squirt after squirt into Pam's hungry mouth.
She pulled back till just the head was in and pumped the rest
of my load with her fist. Paul's tongue was still dancing in my
hole. As I groaned out my orgasm Tatem screamed that She was
cumming to. After I stopped cumming Pam pulled my spent cock from
her mouth. Paul pulled is tongue from my asshole and they moved
to each other and kissed I new they where sharing my load.

Then they stood up and Pam moved to Tatem and I saw them kiss
I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned to see Paul standing next
to me. He pulled my head to him and put his lips to mine and
that's the first time I kissed another man. I felt his tongue
touch my lips so I open my mouth and felt his tongue enter my
mouth then I felt him push some of my cum in my mouth. At the
same time I put my hand on his chest and slide it down to his
groin and grabbed the first cock I ever touched besides my own.

It was hard, real hard and it felt big in my hand. I pumped
it back and forth while we kissed moving cum between our mouths
finally I pull away from his kiss and said.

"I would like to do some thing with that but I have to sit down
my legs are killing me" He leaded me over to the lounge chair
that Tatem and Pam where sitting in and sat me down. Tatem
leaned over and kissed me on the mouth I open my mouth to receive
her tongue and she feed me some cum as well. Then Pam did the
same. I looked at Pam after we kissed and said,

"That must have been one hell of a load?"

"Tell me about it I swallowed halve of it to keep from losing it."

Paul brought him and me a beer and the girl's wine. I swallowed
halve my beer in one gulp. He sat down next to me.

I put my hand on his thigh. I wanted to feel his cock again
as I put my hand on his cock I heard him hiss though his teeth
I knew he could go off any second. I got down on my knees keeping
my hand on his cock I could see his precum had covered his cock,
as I pumped it more was coming out. I licked some up with my
tongue for a tasted. There wasn't much of a taste a little
salty that was about it. I licked around the head and up and
down the sides I took his balls in my other hand and rolled
them around. I placed my lips around the head and sucked on
it. I heard Paul suck in his breath and groaned. I felt his
cock pulsate and throb I knew he was close so I pushed my lips
down his shaft working my tongue on the under side as I sucked
more of his meat in to my mouth going down as far as I dare I
pulled back sucking as hard as I could till I just had the head
left in my mouth .I heard him say

"god that's good "

I pushed my lips dawn again taking more in this time and then
sucked my way back to the top. I started a rhythm of sucking
on the up stroke and releasing the suction on the down stroke
taking more on each stroke till it hit the back of my throat.
I could feel his cock really start to throb now and get bigger
as I went I could hear him saying things like

"Oh suck it bud suck my cock " then I heard "I'm almost there bud
I'm about to cum if you want to pull off"

I was having non of that I wanted to see this to the end so I
plunged down on his cock again I heard Him groin and I felt
his cock vibrate. I wanted to get in my throat before he came
so I relaxed my throat and pushed farther down on it till it
popped in my throat tears welled up in my eyes but I wanted to
get him all in my mouth. So I pushed a little more and I felt
his pubic skin on my lips and he gave a loud groin and came
pumping a squirt straight to my stomach. I pulled back till just
the head was in my mouth and used my hand to finished him off.
He pumped load after load in to my mouth. I had to swallow some
of it to make room for more. Finally Paul stopped cumming and
his dick started to soften I pulled my lips off his dick trying
to keep as much in my mouth as possible. I sat back on my knees
and swallowed what was in my mouth. Pam said

"Aren't you going to share that with the rest of us?"

"No" I said "its the first load of cum my best friend ever gave
me and I'm keeping it. And it was good too."

Which gave everyone a laugh. Then Pam said "Ok you can keep that
one but any others you have to share." then she said, "is
everyone hungry?"

Rubbing my belly I said, "Not me I'm full" which got another laugh.

Pam got up to get dinner going and Tatem came over to me wrapped
her arms round my neck and whispered in my ear

"That was so hot knowing it was you first time and you took it
all in with out gagging I'm so proud of you."

I got up off my knees they where hurting from the concrete
patio I looked at Paul he ginned at me and said,

"That wasn't your first time was it"

" yea it was. Did I do ok?"

"Hey buddy if that was your first time you're a natural because
you drained me dry you got it all "

I never felt so good about any thing in my whole life. Trying
to brush it off I said.

" The least you can do is yet me some thing to drink."

" One beer coming up " he said.

We went over to the bar got me another beer and one for himself
sat down on the stool next to me then reached over and started
rubbing my cock and said

"I've wanted it to be this way for along time. I hope you ok
with this?"

I leaned over and kissed him on the lips pushing my tongue into
his mouth we kissed each other till we heard behind us

"Boy just get him started and he doesn't know when to quite."
Pam said with a smirk on her face.

To which I said "Just making up for lost time."

" Well get your lips off my husband and let's eat."

We sat down to just salad and bread sticks, which was
just fine with me I wasn't hungry any way. After we ate Pam said

"Mike since you drained my husband dry its up to you to help
me make desert"

"Sure I'll help " I said.

She grabbed my hand got me up, walked me over to the bar bent
over one of the stools and said "time to get started"

I looked at her and said "What are we having?"

"Fudge pie silly"

Turning back to the table I saw Tatem had move over to sit on
Paul's lap they both grinned at me telling me to go ahead so
I got down on my knees but my face to her lovely ass. She did
have a fine ass. Stuck my tongue and started licking her crack.
Her ass tasted almost like honey. I pushed my face in more and
my tongue stated to lick her cute puckered hole.

"He's greasing the pan.'" I heard her say to no one.

Her hole open up to me as my tongue sliding in with ease.
Pushing my tongue in and out I put my hand to her cunt and
slide two fingers in to her. She must have like that because
she started to push her ass back into my face. After I got
three fingers pumping in and out of her pussy and got her ass
nice and wet she said,

"That pans greased up enough let's get cooking."

I pulled my hand out of her cunt and my tongue out of her ass.
I stood up rubbed her cream on my cock positioned it at her rose
bud asshole and started to ease it in. She was having none of that.
She pushed back on my cock and took the whole thing in one swoop

"dam " I said

"shut up and started pumping" she said

"Yes Ma'ma " I said and started pumping it to her as she was
pumping it back to me I reached around her hips and started
didling her clit which got her motor running even more. She
started grunting and moaning telling me to do it harder and
faster, She screamed she was cumming and her ass muscles clamped
down on my cock pulling my cum from me. She kept working her ass
muscles getting all from me she could till I started to go soft.
She said,

"Pull out real slow so we don't lose to much "

After I pulled out she said, "Since you made it you can dish it
out. Don't be a hog this time. Give every one some."

I got back down on my knees spread her cheeks apart. I could see
my cum starting to come out. So I scooped up what was there with
my tongue Then she f***ed out some more I got that into my mouth
I pulled away from her and looked to my left and saw Tatem kneeing
there. I pushed my mouth to her as she open hers and I pushed all I
could in to her mouth. She took what I gave her and stood up as I
went back for more. Mre cum had leaked out of Pam's ass so I scooped
up that in to my mouth and pushed my tongue into her hole for more.
When I got all I could get with my tongue I pulled back to find Paul
there to receive the next load. I pushed it in to his mouth. I
asked Pam

"Did you get any" She said

"I got some from Tatem and Paul is giving some the rest is all

I looked back at her asshole and didn't see any so I put my
mouth to her asshole and sucked out what I could I swallowed
it then licked her asshole clean.

"Dam he cleans the pans too." Pam said which got a laugh from
everyone including me

After all the real dishes were put a way I need to wash up so
I jumped in to the pool and Tatem followed right behind me we
swam to the far end of the pool. She wrapped her legs around my
waist and her arms around my shoulders and asked me

"Are you having fun"

"Oh yea put are you, I've been on everything that's been
happening, but you haven't been doing much "

"Oh don't worry about me Paul was fucking me while you where
making desert. He didn't cum but he got me off real good. And
Pam finger-fucked me while you where blowing Paul off"

"Well if Paul fucked you why didn't he cum"

"He said you kind of drained him and he wanted to save what he
had for later "

I pushed one of my fingers against Tatems bung hole and she melted
in to me and started rocking, when we heard from Pam

"No fare if he cums in you it will all wash out by the time you
get out of the pool."

Which made us both laugh because I wasn't even hard yet so I
said to Tatem "she just a cum slut isn't she?"

"Aren't we all my cum sucking lover?"

"Yea I guess we are at that."

I looked over at the other end of the pool and saw Pam and Paul
sitting with there legs daggling in the water and I said to Tatem

"don't those two look yummy"

"Yea I'll race you back"

Tatem beat me back and said

"I win"

Pam said "what do you win?"

"I get to direct what happens next."

"Ok I'm game what do we do"

You could almost see the gears turning in her head and I knew
I was going to play a key roll in her plan.

"First Pam you lay down on that lounge chair" Pam got up and
did as she was told.

"Mike you go over there and started eating her pussy."

Which I was only too happy to do. I went over to Pam and had
her slide down so her ass was hanging over the edge I put her
legs on my shoulders and started to lick out her cunt running
my tongue all over her lips and flicking her clit. Then I felt
someone's head under my ass and they started to lick up my ass
crack I looked up between Pam's breasts and saw Tatem easing her
pussy down on Pam's mouth. So I knew Paul was licking my ass. I
clamped my lips to Pam's clit and Paul started to push his tongue
up my ass I relaxes enough to let him penetrate my hole. I sucked
on Pam clit and worked a finger into her cunt and stroked it back
and forth then I put two fingers in as I continued working on her
clit I could feel her legs start to vibrate. I looked up again at
Tatem who had a look of shear bliss on her face as Pam worked on
her pussy. Paul's tongue was working my hole for al he was worth I
took my two fingers out of Pam's cunt and stuck my tongue in as far
as it would go and then stuck my two fingers up her ass and she
came on my tongue as she squeezed my head with her legs. After
Pam released my head I heard Tatem.

"Mike" I looked at her and she said "but your cock in her pussy"

I stood up pushing her legs back to her chest and pushed my cock
all the way up her cunt. Then Tatem said,

"Stop there don't move"

I froze in place I could feel Pam's pussy squeezing my cock and
I thought if she did that long enough I could get off. But Tatem
wasn't done yet she said

"Paul put your cock in Mike"

"You mean his ass" he asked and I said

"Yea in my ass where else can it go "

"Well if your sure about it"

I wasn't all that sure put I knew I wanted to try it.

"Just take it slow at first. Your bigger that any thing Tatem's
tried on me."

I could feel his finger at my hole and they felt slick he
said "I'm using some sunscreen to lube you"

"Good just make it fast the way you wife's pussy is working
my cock I may not last long"

Then Pam stopped working my cock and I felt Paul's cock at my
hole and he started to push it in slowly Dam I was right he
was bigger then any thing Tatem had used. I willed my self to
relax which is hard to do when someone is trying to shove a
baseball bat up your ass. I finally felt the head was in Paul said

"Are you ok buddy?"

"Yea just give me a second to get use to it"

"If it's to painful I could pull out"

"Don't you dare. Its not all that painful its your so big and
I need to stretch out a little that's all" the after a second
I said "Ok push it in a little more Ahh, yea that's it now
more mmmmm and more ahhhh more ahh"

I looked at Tatem and said I think were ready she said

"Well start fucking and the first one to cum, not counting
what's all ready happen has to clean every one else out."

Well as tempting as it sounded to be first I wanted to last
as long as possible, but all ready knowing what Pam could do
with her pussy and the added bonus of Paul's cock working my
ass I'm not sure I stood much of a chance of lasting very long
at all. So I started pumping my cock in and out of Pam's cunt
then I notice that every time I pushed back Paul's cock would
slide in and he would go when I pushed in to Pam so I guess I
was the pivot man. I started pumping as hard as I could. I would
squeeze with my ass hole every time Paul's cock would pullout
and release the pressure when he came into me something like
what Pam was doing to me. I could hear Paul saying

"Dam Mike your ass is so hot come on buddy fuck your ass on
my dick"

Hearing Paul saying these things let me know I was doing a first
class job. Pam's Pussy was really grabbing my cock so I knew she
wasn't far off and I could feel Paul's cock starting to throb.
So I started to pump my cock into Pam even fast causing Paul's
cock to pump in to me faster. I heard Paul say

"Fucking dam his ass is sucking my cum out"

Then I felt his cock grow inside me and jump releasing his cum
into me. His cumming triggered my as well every time he would
squirt a load into me I would squirt one into Pam. Which trigged
Pam's orgasm then Tatem followed right behind, Paul collapsed onto
me and I braced myself to keep from crushing Pam and Tatem fell
forward on to my shoulder whispering in my ear

" I love you baby" and I said

"I love you too"

Paul the said "I love you too"

We all Heard Pam from between Tatem's legs" I love you all too
but can you all get off of me"

Tatem removed her pussy from her face and Paul started to pull
his cock from my ass as I squeezed down on it with my hole to
keep as much cum inside me after all if he was going to clean
me up I was going to give him all I could..

As I pulled my cock from Pam's pussy I stepped back to right
into Paul's face. I could see Pam was holding her legs up to
keep my cum from spilling out so I leaned over to give Paul
better access to my asshole. So I thought why not help him out
and clean out Pam's cunt I leaned my head down to reach her
pussy, but Pam stopped me by saying.

"Where you the first one to cum"

"No I thought I'd give him a hand"

"I know Paul well and he doesn't need a hand. He's quit capable
of doing this by him self and a deals a deal. And believe me my
cum sucking husband doesn't want a hand "

Well that says it all. Paul started licking my asshole getting
all the cum he could as Tatem moved to get it from him and pass
it to me. After he cleaned out my ass as best he could he went

over to Pam and gave her some then he knelt down between me and
Pam and but my cock in his mouth to clean it off Then started
to clean out his wife when he had a mouth full he looked up at
me and I bent down placed my lips to him as he passed me all he
had I gave some to Tatem and then some to Pam and she said

"The rest is all yours Paul"

And Paul started sucking all he could from her. Then she stood
up with her legs on both sides of him and he between them as she
drained it in to his mouth.

"Now tell me he needs help Mike"

"No he did pretty well by himself " then Pam said

"We went to a party once where four guys fucked me and Paul
cleaned it all up. Didn't you honey?"

"Yep" he said "and then went looking for more"

I then went over to the bar and grabbed a beer for Paul two
glasses of wine for the girls and a soda for me since I had to
drive home yet. I sat on one of the lounge chairs with the back
upright Tatem sat between my legs with her back to me and Paul
and Pam did the same on the other one The sun had gone down
already but the night was warm. Then Paul said

"Well buddy how do you like our lifestyle"

"Well I only have one wish "

"what's that"

"I wish I had met Tatem sooner just think of all the fun we missed"

"Don't worry we still can have lots of fun"

Then Pam said to Tatem "We're going to have to watch these two
Tate if we don't we'll never get any dick from them."

"If they get to out of hand I have plenty of things to use
in my toy boxes to keep the in line." Tatem said with an
evil grin.

The End or is it the Beginning.
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1 year ago
turned me on big time
never really enjoyed mm before
this was exciting as hell
thanks for posting
2 years ago
That was a great read. Also, a massive fantasy of mine.
x x x
2 years ago
Have to say that it is extremely well written.