I have lusted after Selena since the first day I met her. She was, and still is, the most voluptuous woman I know. She is in her early forties and has the pretty face and full body of a perpetual fuck goddess. Her luxurious black hair, with a few strands of Grey, is thick and hangs to her shoulders. She stands about 5'5'' with large perfect tits, small waist, well rounded hips, protruding ass, and smooth full thighs. She reeked of sex and never failed to give me a hard-on when ever I was near her. I finally got to fuck Selena last summer. It was everything I expected plus some. She not only fucked me but also fucked three of my friends, at the same time. Selena is my mother-in law.

I am an African-American. I married a women of Hispanic origins -- her father was white and her mother, Selena, was from Mexico. My pretty wife Marie and I met while we were in college. We fell in love and married just after graduation. She was the most exciting woman I had ever met until I met her mother. Marie was somewhat ashamed of her mother and stepfather. She often told me that her stepfather was a notorious d***k and her mother was a first class slut. I would soon find out just how slutty my mother-in-law was.

At our wedding, Selena wore a tight fitted stylish blue silk dress that showed her perfect ass and big tits to perfection. She had a five inch cleavage and her ass wiggled enticingly under her dress when she walked. It was the beginning of my lust for her. My father-in-law did not approve of his step daughter's choice of a husband and did not attend the wedding. Selena was alone and had all the men vying for a sniff of her pussy. I danced with her on a slow dance and her full perfect tits pressed into my chest giving my an enormous hard-on. She giggled, grind her soft hips onto my hard dick and said, "Oh my, Marie is going to love that big thing," I nearly came in my pants.

One rainy Friday night about three months after Marie and I were married, a soaking wet Selena showed up at our apartment and announced that she was finally leaving her d***ken husband and wanted to know if she could spend a couple of days with us until she was able to find an apartment of her own. She said that she left in a hurry and did not have any extra clothes with her. Selena was wearing a white minidress which the rain had made nearly transparent. It was clear that she did not have on a bra. The nipples of her big tits were hard and protruded through the material of her dress like large obscene pink thimbles. I could see the little white panties hugging her luscious hips and the dark shadowed triangle of pussy hair nested between her full thighs. At that moment I wanted to fuck my mother-in-law more than I wanted anything else this life had to offer.

Marie, looking at her mother with disgusts, reluctantly agreed to allow Selena to stay with us for a few days and sl**p in the spare bedroom. Marie's clothes were to small for the voluptuous Selena so I gave her one of my oversized football jerseys to wear. No one had to tell me that she was naked under the jersey. The three of us set around watching TV and talking about Selena's situation. I watched her every move. When she crossed and uncrossed her beautiful legs her full tits jiggled and once or twice I got to glimpse her pussy hair. I knew that she knew that I was looking and she knew that I knew that she was teasing me. She also knew that I had a hard on which I tried to hide from Marie.

Marie and Selena finally want back to our bedroom for "girl talk." About two hours later Selena came back to the living room and sit on the sofa beside me. "Our girl is sound asl**p," she said to me.

I smiled at her as she crossed those magnificent legs. The jersey slid down her thighs almost to her hips. She noticed that I was watching and she looked at the bulge in the front of my jeans.

"You trying to see my pussy," she said.

"Uh... I..." was all I could say I was so shocked.

"I know you have the hots for me," she said. "Here let me show you mama's pussy," she raised her right leg to the back of the sofa and leaned back on the arm rest. She lifted her hips and pulled the jersey up around her waist.

And there it was. The prettiest piece of female fuck meat I'd ever seen. The coal black cunt hair was thick and curly. It nearly covered the lips of her pussy and extended between her beautiful ass cheeks. She put her hand on it a spread the lips apart, exposing a clit the size of a pencil eraser. "I'm going to let you fuck this pussy, but not tonight. Not while Marie is home. Maybe tomorrow after she goes to work," she said. "Tonight you can finger fuck me if you like."

I stared at her in total amazement as she reached for my hand and guided it to her mound.

"Take your dick out, I want to see it."

I quickly did what she asked, after I glanced at the closed bedroom door where my wife slept.

She took my hard dick in her hand and started slowly to jack me off. I found her moist fuck hole and easily slipped two fingers between the hairy lips. She gasped and began slowly to rotate her hips.

"I've never been with a black man before. You have a big dick," she whispered. "I'm going to enjoy fucking you."

We hand fucked each other for about five minutes, getting faster with each groan. Selena's hips were humping up and down as I drilled my fingers into her wet pussy. I could see the juice dripping from her fuck chute onto my plunging fingers and down to the crack of her perfect ass. She squeezed my dick harder and pumped faster.

She suddenly let go of my fuck stick, put both her hands on my slippery fucking fingers, held them tight against her grinding pussy, through herself back on the sofa and screamed, "I'm gonna cum.Oh my God.Cumming, oh shit, fuck me... Fuck meeeeee." I felt her pussy grab my fingers and I watched her clit swell as an orgasm took total control of her body.

After a minute or two her body relaxed and I pulled my dripping wet fingers from her pussy. My dick was hard as steel and ready to pop. I put my hand on it and started to jerk.

"Let me get it off for you," she said weakly. She pushed my hand away, bent toward my lap and put the head of my dick into her warm mouth. When she had about half of it in she started to bob her head, sliding my rock hard tool in and out of mouth.

It did not take long. "Oh my God," I whispered, as I shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into her hungry mouth. She swallowed must of it. She finally released my dick from her sucking mouth when I started to get soft. "God that was good," I said to her.

"You still want to fuck me?"


"OK. As soon as my baby leaves for work I'll come to you but only on one condition. That you never, ever tell Marie about this. Promise me."

"I promise," I said to her.

The next morning Selena was true to her word. About ten minutes after Marie left for work Selena was standing in my bedroom door. She pulled the jersey over her head and tossed it on the floor. She was completely naked. She turned around a few times to let me admire her body. Her breast were huge, stood high on her chest and drooped slightly. The nipples were rock hard. Her belly was flat and her hips were womanly wide. Her ass was smooth, round, and had a deep crevice between the cheeks. The legs were long, tapered, and full. The thick mass of black pussy hair completed the picture of perfection. She was absolutely gorgeous. My dick got so hard it hurt, despite the fact that I had tried to fuck the life out of Marie before she want to work.

She came over to the bed and lay down beside me. She reached for my naked steel-like dick. I started to kiss those splendid tits. "I want you to fuck me now. You can play with my body later. I'm so fucking horny," she rolled me over on top of her, and spread her legs wide. She reached between us, grabbed my tool and guided into her hot, wet pussy. I pushed in until I was buried to the halt. The feeling was incredible. Neither of us moved for a few seconds. Her pussy muscles sucked at my hard dick and she moaned.

I finally raised up on my hands and she locked her heels behind my thighs. I looked down at her pretty face and kissed her full on the mouth. She started a slow grinding of her hips as I begin moving in and out of her delicious hairy pussy.

We moved faster, keeping solid rhythm with each other. "O God," she moaned. "Fuck me baby.fuck momma's pussyfuck momma's pussy good," her cunt was sloppy wet and tight. I fucked her faster. She pulled me to her chest and humped up to meet my every thrust. The bed made load springing noise beneath us. "O God babyyou gonna make momma cum fuck me sugarthat's it that's the way to fuck momma's pussy gonna cum cum with momma baby... shoot it in me oh my Goddddd" She came screaming while violently humping on my stiff fuck stick. I came with her. My balls shot more cum into her hungry pussy than I thought was humanly possible. It was the best fuck of my young life.

When our bodies returned to normal she held me on top of her with my semi-hard dick still in her. "That was a good fuck," she finally said. "You have friends coming over this afternoon, don't you?"

"Yeah, to watch the NBA playoffs," I answered.

"Well lets get cleaned up and get ready for them," she said, rolling me off her fantastic body. She kissed me on the mouth and stood up. She walked toward the discarded jersey and bent to pick it up. I could see my cum dripping out of her hairy pussy and running down her thighs. She turned and smiled at me. "I want some more of you," she said, her perfect ass wiggled and her large tits bounced as she walked from the room.

Later that afternoon three of my homeboys showed up to watch the basketball playoffs. Chuck, Tyrone, and Gary were b*****rs I had known all my life and we all partied together sometimes. Selena, still in the jersey, was the perfect hostess. She served and poured beer and snacks. She would bend over at every opportunity and made sure her hard nipples were visible through the jersey. Everyone knew she was naked under the jersey and by half-time of the game we all had serious hard-ons.

Selena finally excused herself and side she was going to take a nap. Gary followed her down the hall stating that he was going to the bathroom. After about fifteen Gary didn't return I got suspicious. Suddenly the telltale sound of the spare bedroom bed squeaking and thumping against the wall got the rest of our attention. I want down the hall to investigate. The door was half closed so I pushed it open and peeked in.

Gary was spread out on the bed with his pants around his ankles. A naked Selena was on top of him and riding his big dick for all she was worth. Gary has the biggest dick I have ever seen. It is about ten inches long and three inches thick. It was greasy with Selena's pussy cream. I watched in amazement as he fucked it up into her to the halt. Selena met him stroke for stroke. "Fuck me with that big dick fuck me hard oh Godit feels so fucking good," she moaned, as her ass moved aggressively up and down on Gary's gigantic fuck tool.

She finally glanced over her shoulder at me. Not missing a stroke she said, "Come and join us baby. Hurry and take those pants off, I want you to fuck me in the assI want to be double fucked, hurry baby."

I forgot about Chuck, Tyrone, and the basketball game. I quickly got out of my clothes and got on the bed behind Selena's beautiful ass. She leaned forward, smashing her big tits on Gary's chest and reached behind her with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks apart. "Can you see momma's asshole baby? It's open for you. Fuck your dick into it fuck you dick into momma's butthole NOW!' I placed my stiff dick at her ass opening and pushed it in. Selena screamed. "All the way baby fuck it all the way in," I fucked to the hilt, my balls touched Gary's hard dick which was buried deep in a sweet wet pussy. Her asshole was tight and slippery from my pre-cum. The feeling was beyond belief. "Now fuck me, both of you," she moaned. Gary and I started rhythmically fucking her two holes. Selena want wild. She humped up and down and rotated her hips from side to side, speeding up with each moan. See begin yelling in Spanish. Every once in a while I caught the words fuck me. Gary came first. he flooded Selena's hot pussy with a bucket of scalding cum. Shortly afterwards Selena and I came at the same time. I unloaded my juice into her bucking ass and felt her whole body shutter in orgasmic relief.

I did not notice that Chuck and Tyrone and observed our fuck feast and were standing naked waiting for a turn at Selena. When we uncoupled Chuck and Tyrone took over and again my mother-in-law was double fucked. I watched her cum three more times before Chuck and Tyrone emptied their balls into Selena's hot wet pussy and tight sucking asshole.

For the next five hours my mother-in-law fucked and sucked me and my friends. I fucked her pussy from the rear while she gave Tyrone a blow job. Chuck fucked her tits while Gary fucked her ass and on and on. I estimate that between the four of us we came in one of Selena's hole a total of thirty times that afternoon. Selena came no less then twenty times. There was so much cum in and around her pussy that it was difficult to see the dark hair of her pussy mound. It was an afternoon I shall never forget.

After that gangbang I fucked Selena about once a week for about three months. She finally want back home to her d***ken husband and does not pay me much attention these days. She made me swear never to tell Marie of our escapades. I will honor her wishes.
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