My mom was 41 at the time and was and is a
really beautiful woman with the best set of 42
DD's she still has long blonde hair and a few
extra pounds from having 5 k**s. But she can
still turn heads. Mom is a real flirt with every
man she makes eye contact and that makes Dad
furious and Mom knows that.

It was a month earlier and I stayed home from
school because of the flu. Mom spoiled me and
told me to stay in bed. Just yell and she would
bring me anything up to my room. I really needed
some water and yelled for Mom several times and
got no answer. So I ventured down stairs
thinking she was in the laundry room. From the
end of the house where her room was I heard a
deep moan. Running down the hall to see if Mom
was ok I noticed her bedroom door open a crack.
I tipped toed to the door to peek in to see if
Mom was sl**ping and that was snoring I was
hearing but when I looked in my mouth dropped.

My mother was laying on the bed with her legs
behind her head being fucked madly by Dave
Williams my next door neighbor. He worked nights
at a local factory and must be sneaking over for
some extra fun. I wondered how long this has
been going on. I didn't wonder long because I
loved what I was seeing and I could tell by the
roaring hard on that I had. My friends and I
talked about stuff like this during recess but I
never though I would ever see sex being done.

Mr. Williams finished pumping my Mom and then
laid on his back I thought they were done when
mom started to suck on Mr. Williams nipples and
she reached down and started to gently jerk his
cock. She looked up at him with her seductive
eyes and planted Daves huge 9" cock between her
tits. She fucked her tits with his cock. Mom had
the most beautiful cleavage and her 42's still
were firm as ever.

While mom tits were being fucked she would suck
the head of his cock in every time it came near
her mouth. Dave moaned in joy.

The tit fucking stopped and mom moved down to
Daves cock. She put her mouth on one of his
balls and sucked it in, Dave screamed. While her
mouth was filled with the first one she sucked
in the second of Daves huge hairy balls her
mouth were filled with his balls. My sneaking
down stairs for a glass of water gave me the
best sex education lesson most k**s or guys
would see in their lifetime. Mom continued to
suck Daves balls until he could not stand it
anymore. I saw her spit them out and playfully
bite one of them. Dave screamed in pain.

Mom said "I'll make you feel better right now"
Mom took Daves huge cock in her hand and
started to give the huge head a bath with her
tongue. Dave moaned with pleasure and said
"That's much better Judy" Mom let Daves cock go
and it stood there huge and hard all by it self.
Mom moaned with pleasure and said to Dave "Sit
up and watch this"
I was still standing in the doorway with my rock
hard little cock and I felt my pajamas get wet.
Something I've never felt before. I let out a
little moan and thought that nobody heard me but
I saw my Mom look up in the mirror over her
dresser and I know she saw me because the show
she put on next would make a grown man explode.

With Daves cock still standing up in the air she
got up on her knees and placed her head over his
cock and sucked on the head madly. She said
"Ummm precum" she the spread his pee hole and
tongued the precum lifting her head and making
strings she giggled and then sucked the precum
out of the hole and left some on her tongue and
showed Dave proudly. Again Mom placed her head
over his cock and said "You ready doll here

Mom opened her mouth wide and took in the head
of Daves cock and the 1st inch and closed her
lips and sucked back Dave moaned and she looked
up at him with a grin. She opened wide and took
the head the 1st, 2nd 3rd 4th inch of Daves cock
and sucked. She was breathing through her nose
knowing she was only half way. She sat there for
a few seconds and sucked Dave was banging the
bed with pleasure. Mom looked like she was going
in for the kill, she got up on her knees more
and straightend her throat so she could take
more of Daves cock. Dave said to Mom "You can
stop because you will never take anymore" Mom
grunted and snorted like a bull and now to deep
throat Daves huge 9" monster was a challenge.
She opened her mouth wider let out a breath and
sucked the 5th, 6th and suddenly gagged a
little and plunged her mouth down so she could
swallow the whole cock. Her mouth was so deep
you could not see an inch of the cock all 9

Moms nostrils were sucking in Daves pubic hairs
above he cock. She grunted with the cock deep in
her mouth as to say TADA!! And slapped Dave on
his ass. Then he screamed I swear the whole
neighborhood heard him. That set Dave off
screaming to Mom "Take your head off I'm going
to cummmm!!" as he said that Mom heald her mouth
there and sucked. Her cheeks had caved in she
was sucking so hard. She started moaning and
suddenly she started to gag and go into spasms.
Suddenly I saw this white stuff flow out of the
side of her mouth. Dave was still screaming and
the white stuff stopped. Mom took her mouth off
of Daves soft flaming red cock. With her finger
she scooped the cum that dripped out her mouth
and was on Daves balls and without a word she
sucked it into her mouth.

Mom was not saying anything and then I found out
why. Her mouth was chock full of cum. She smiled
seductively and while Dave was laying on his
back with his eyes closed thinking he was going
to get 40 winks or thinking that Mom was coming
over to kiss him. Mom positioned her mouth full
of cum about 6 inches over Daves mouth and the
most wonderful thing happened. Mom opened Daves
mouth with her hands and startled him he had no
idea what was going to happen and before he
could say anything opened her mouth over Daves
and let his cum drool into his mouth. He gagged
a little she then shut his mouth and rubbed his
throat so he had to swallow his own on cum.

She gave him a peck on the cheek and still
didn't say anything. She suddenly ran to her
closet and did something that I couldn't see.
She ran back to the bed and was all talk and
said "Its almost full" I saw her glance over at
the door and now I know she saw me. She said to
him "Surprised? How did you like that you tasted
your own cum? Dave looked mad but Mom gave him
big kiss and giggled and told him he better go

Chapter 2

But she did something in the closet that caught
my curiousity I had to find out.

I ran back up stairs because I knew Mom would be
upstairs to check on me. I put the covers over
my head and Mom popped her head in and I heard
her say under her breathe "Little Devil" she
knew I had seen to most incredible performance
known to man. I heard the back door shut and I
knew Mr. Williams was sneaking home before his
wife came home.

How long was this going on?

Dad was on a business trip and was away for the
rest of the week. Dinner time was just fighting
between all of us k**s. Mom just sat there drawn
and smiling like she had just won a marathon. I
thought to myself she just had a marathon fuck
session with the guy next door.

Mom announced at dinner that she had to run out
to the mall to get something. We all wanted to
go and gave her the third degree and she said
she was going alone. We all gave her a hard time
and I thought that this would be a good time to
see what was in the closet.

Mom left an hour later and left us to pick up
our school stuff and do the dishes. Everybody
else was in the f****y room fighting and doing
homework and I snuck into Moms bedroom and
quickly headed to the closet and turned on the
closet light. I saw on the shelf this mayonaise
jar. It was chock full of white stuff similar to
what I saw coming out of Moms mouth and I knew
it wasn't mayonaise. So this is why she ran to
the closet Mom had a jar full of cum.

Not knowing, my older b*****r Mike who was 18
had followed me into the bedroom and saw what I
saw. I looked back to see him leaving the room.
I quickly shut off the light and shut the door
and took my time getting back to the f****y room
with everybody else and saw my older b*****r
whispering and giggling to my other b*****r
Bobby who was 16.

I still wondered what Mom was doing with the

Mom came home from the mall around 11:00 the
mall was closed for an hour now. I was in bed
and my 2 s****rs one was a year younger than me
her name was Katie and my other s****r Maggie
who is 19 were in bed but heard them talking and
giggling I thought it was the usual girl stuff.
My older b*****rs were still up and I heard them
greet Mom at the door and they whispered. I then
dozed off to sl**p.

Around 12:30 I had to get up to go to the
bathroom and heard that same moan coming out of
Moms room again. I thought to myself Mr.
Williams couldn't be here and my dad is still
out of town. What could be going on?

I snuck down the hallway like I did earlier and
the door was open a crack again like they wanted
to me to see them so I stood quietly to see my
beautiful Mom naked in front of the mirror.
Suddenly I heard familiar voices coming from mom
and dads bathroom in their bedroom. It was my
older b*****rs Mike and Bobby they came out of
Moms shower still soaking wet. She whispered "I
love clean wet cocks" she gently tugged on both
of there cocks.

Mike was hung like a horse, a good thick 10 inch
cock and Bobby was no slouch with a 7" cock. I
wondered if I would get that big because I never
measured mine.

I heard my Mom say" You fucked mommy earlier so
you know what I like to see now?" My b*****rs
look puzzled. She asked them both if they'd ever
sucked cock before and they said "No" "Good" she
said You've seen me and Maggie do it to you so
you should know how it is done. Maggie? I said
"She is fucking my b*****rs?" What's going on
here as whispered to myself. I heard giggling in
the room so I was quiet.

Mom laid Mike down on the bed and his 10 cock
was standing straight up. So Mom moisten his
cock up and swallowed Mikes cock whole in one
swallow. If she did that so easy on a 10 inch
cock then she was teasing Mr. Williams earlier.
She deep throated Mike it seemed like an hour
but it was just a few seconds and then took her
mouth off so he wouldn't cum yet.

She said "Bobby you try it we'll work on it
together" Mike must have been going crazy with 2
tongues on his cock. Mom showed Bobby how to
suck his balls. Bobby bit one of them and Mike
yelled at Bobby. Mom scolded them and said "If
you wake anybody up we will never do this

She then positioned Bobbys mouth over the head
of Mikes cock and told him to "Open wide and
slide your mouth over his cock and only take a
little bit" Bobby did that and slid his mouth up
and a down Mikes cock only an inch or two. Mom
guided Bobbys head with her hand sort of paceing
Bobbys movements. Suddenly, Mike mentioned that
he was going to cum. Quickly, Mom pulled Bobbys
head off of his cock and pinched the bottom of
his cock so he wouldn't cum. k**dingly, she told
Bobby he wasn't ready for cum yet.

With Mikes cock still pinched and him screaming
she lowered her head on Mikes cock and deep
throated him completely. Mike screamed "I'mmmm
cummmmming" and like earlier I saw the white
stuff coming from the corner of Moms mouth. She
lifted her mouth off and showed the boys a mouth
full of cum. She then swallowed some of the cum
and peeked over at the door at me and wiped some
off of the corner of her mouth and as she looked
at the door she sucked the cum off of her finger
and said "MMMMMM"

She then ran to the closet and I heard the cover
to the jar being removed. She must have spit
Mikes cum into the jar. The boys both looked in

Mom said "That's one son in my collection" how
bout' you Bobby? She asked.

Mike whined "I don't want to suck Bobbys cock
tonight Mom" Bobby said "But Mom I did him" Mom
said to the both of the "Mike will have to do it
the next time" they both smiled.

The boys asked if they were done and Mom said "
I want Bobby in my collection tonight before its
too late" The boys asked "What do you mean too
late?" Mom said "Never mind you'll see in a
couple of days" My b*****rs looked at each
other puzzled.

Mom told Bobby to lay down on the bed and Mom
started to suck Bobbys soft cock. She the soft
cock deep in her mouth and you could see it
growing her mouth. It grew but she kept it deep.
They both moaned.

Mike move down to eat Moms wet pussy and at the
same time he looked over at the door to peek at
me. I turned away but he knew I was watching, he
giggled with his tongue deep in Mom. My pajamas
were soaking wet.

Mom continued to suck Bobbys cock like she never
sucked one before. She laid on her back with her
head hanging over the side and Bobby was madly
fucking her mouth and Mike was still eating her
pussy. Bobby had grabbed her huge tits like
handles and was pumping away and she grabbed
Mike by the head and was driving her face into
her pussy.

She then when into spasms she must have been
cumming. The Bobby yelled he was "Cumming" and
filled Moms mouth like a cup. She was over
flowing with cum but didn't spill a drop as she
swallowed some and ran to the jar in the closet
but had saved some in her mouth to show Bobby
and swallowed it. Everybody laid on the bed
sweaty and drained Mom exclaimed "MMM both of my
boys in my collection and they all ran into Moms
shower to clean off. They all must of showered
together because there was more action in the
bathroom. I didn't dare go in there.

As I was moving away from the door and head back
to bed before anybody saw me my older s****r
Maggie was leaning over my shoulder. I did not
know how long she was there but noticed the
bulge and wet spot on the front of my pajama

She whispered to me and said "It's not nice to
spy" and with one swoop of her finger she swiped
it against the wet spot on my pants and sucked
her finger into her mouth and said "MMMM virgin
cum" my mouth dropped.

My b*****rs and Mom suddenly came out of the
bedroom and I hid around the corner. I heard Mom
tell the boys that she would get them out of
school early on Tuesday and for them to come
right home and there would be the biggest

I ran to bed while they were in the kitchen and
I heard them giggle as I tip toed by.

I went to bed still wired from what I had seen
in the bedroom and what Maggie did.

Chapter 3 Adding to Moms Collection

I was laying there feeling my own cock get hard
I had reached under the mattress and pulled out
one of Dads old Playboys. Most of the guys I
hang out with have mentioned about beating off
and cumming until now I had never done this so I
was so horny I would try. I had the centerfold
held up with one hand and I was jerking with the
other hand. Boy this felt good I started to

My arm with the centerfold got tired so I put it
down and played with my balls with that hand and
jerked with the other. I had closed my eyes and
realized that someone was watching me I opened
my eyes and Maggie was standing at the edge of
the bed.

She said with a sexy voice "Would you like some
help with that." I tried to cover up but she
laughed and said" You've seen more tonight than
most guys see in their lifetimes"

She ripped the covers off and said "Boy you have
a nice cock maybe someday it will get as big as
Mikes and Bobbys and if your lucky Dads
beautiful cock. MAGGIE!! he said
in amazement "You've done it with Mike, Bobby
!!" she said chuckling "Do you think we just go
to bed at night?"

So let me see what you are trying to hide. She
sat on the bed and slowly stroked my cock.
She told me to lay back and enjoy this. I
couldn't believe my s****r was doing this to me.

I removed my pajama tops and bottoms and was
laying there naked in front of my s****r which
made me rock hard. Maggie gently stroked my cock
up and down until she saw the clear precum on
the tip. She stood up and removed her night gown
to really set me off.
Maggie had the most beautiful body for a s****r.
She looked like the one I was jerking off to
earlier in Playboy. Her tits were almost the
size of Moms and her pussy was nice and small. I
could tell it had not been used much.

She stood there to show me her body I just
moaned and jerked on my rock hard on.

Maggie was still standing and leaned over and
darted her tongue on my precum. She played with
it just like Mom did with my b*****rs and Mr.
Williams. She whispered to me "I learned this
from the best" "Mom" I said she then put her
finger over my mouth to silence me. She reached
down and sucked on my nipples, which sent me
over the edge.

She ran her tongue down my chest and my belly
and teased me but sucking my cock head really
hard and at the same time looked seductively up
at me with her baby blue eyes and with a swift
motion she spit my cock out. I said "Hey" she
giggled and went down to suck on my balls. She
did it just like Mom did earlier it felt
wonderful. Then she moved back to my cock and
bobbed up and down on it with the experience of

She sucked on it up and down only using her
mouth one hand was rubbing my nipple and the
other had my balls cupped. I was in heaven.

She stopped for a few seconds with my cock head
in her mouth and took in a deep breathe through
her nose and opened her mouth wide and started
to deep throat me. She got about 1 inch from the
bottom and snorted and gagged and moved her
mouth off of my cock and laughed. I said "What
so funny" and she said "Mom taught me how to do
that to tease guys" she then said "Now watch
this!!" with my cock still standing straight up
and with no hands my s****r deep throated me to
the hilt and was so deep that her bottom lip
could have sucked in my balls. I moaned with
amazement. She held her mouth there deep
throating me and move her tongue around my cock.
I yelled "I'm cummmmming" she did the
impossible and f***ed her mouth deeper on my
cock and I came for the first time.

My cum dripped out of the side of her mouth and
very carefully moved her mouth off of my cock
not spilling a drop of my virgin cum. She stood
up and looked at me and showed me my cum in her
mouth like it was a trophy. I was amazed. Maggie
then moaned and tilted her mouth back and
swallowed my cum.

Chapter 4 I Love My s****r

I did not notice that my door was open a crack
the whole time and before Maggie could swallow
Mom had bombed into the room and gave Maggie and
big kiss so she could taste my cum in her mouth.
I said "Mom you saw the whole thing?" she said
"Yes I did and Maggie learned from the best"

Mom went back out into the hallway and grabbed
her collection jar. Mike and Bobby came into the
room and stood around the bed with Maggie. Mom
said "Now Billy I will add you to my collection.
For the next hour Mom drained my cock just like
Maggie did earlier but deep throated me
continously. She told the others to watch this.
She told me I had about a 6 to 7 inch cock and
she would be able to do this to me only.

Mom stood up over my cock and lower her mouth
all the way down my 7" and had me deep throated
she was not breathing hard so this was no big
task. With me deep throated she opened her mouth
wider. I didn't think she could go wider but
with mouth wider she played with my ball and
tucked one into her already stuffed mouth.
Maggie gasped and my b*****rs stroked their own
cocks and Mom did the impossible she tucked the
other ball in her mouth. She now had me deep
throated with both of my balls in her mouth and
was sucking madly.

She started spasming I could tell this made her
cum and I was getting ready to cum and I started
screaming. Mom spit my balls out and kept me
deep throated and I was cumming for the second
time in a hour and I couldn't believe how much
was left in me it still ran out of Moms mouth
she pulled off of my cock not spilling a drop.
Maggie stole a drop of off Moms mouth and licked
her finger.

Mom lifted her head up and open her mouth to
show off her trophy and proceded to swallow half
of my load and Maggie already had the lid off of
Moms collection and Mom drooled the rest of my
load in her mouth into the over full jar.

Mom sighed "Now I have everybody." Mean while
the boys were still jerking off and the both of
the sprayed all of their jizz on to my chest and
they said "Welcome to the club Billy". Not
wasting a drop Maggie licked and slurpped all of
the cum off of Billys chest and swallowed it and
said "MMMMMMM I love my b*****rs"

Chapter 5 Preparation

Mom proclaimed "All of you will get out of
school early on Tuesday for a big surprise just
get home as soon as possible." Mom said "Dad
called and said he would be out of town until
Wednesday so we can pull off this with him
knowing and Katie does not know what we do
either and she can't find out. She will know our
secret when she reaches 14 Mom said.

We couldn't wait for the weekend to go by and
Tuesday to get here. My b*****rs and I went to
the school office to get dismissed and Maggie
came by school to pick us up so we could see
what the surprise was.

We were driving down the street to our house we
saw a mail truck, oil furnace truck and Grandmas
car out in front of the house. We all thought
"Oh no Moms surprise is ruined."

We all went running into the house and was
greeted by Grandma in a very sexy silk robe. She
was my moms mother and a 62 still a very
beautiful woman with great firm size 40 tits. I
always loved to steal a glimpse when she bent
over. Grandma has been a widow for about 5 years
but says she still works out everyday. We
thought it was at the gym but later on we would
be surprised.

She told us Mom was down in the f****y room
talking to some gentlemen.

Mom came up stairs to greet us and Grandma
hurried down stairs for some reason. Mom
explained to us that this was all part of the
surprise and the people down stairs were guests
in our house and we should do whatever they

Chapter 6 Grandma Work Out

Mom rushed down stairs and we followed right
behind and when we got down there we were more
then surprised.

Our f****y room was huge it could easily fit 20
people with pool table and a bar in the corner.
I had my first taste of whiskey behind that bar.
The was a huge sectional sofa in the corner that
would fit 10 people easy.

Over on the sofa there was a sight to behold. A
bunch of guys the furnace guy, the mail man, Mr.
Williams from next door and Rick Davis a 30
something batchelor from across the street that
we all guessed was gay. They saw us come down
stairs and some look embarrassed and a couple
got hard and started jerking of faster.

Mr. Williams I had seen naked before but the
other guys looked pretty good to. The mailman
was in his late 40's and built like a runner not
an ounce of fat and sporting about a 6" cock,
the furnace guy was in his 30's with just the
opposite build of the mailman with a bit of a
belly and a 6 or 7" cock. Rick was sitting there
eyeing all of the cock in the room and he was
playing with his long thin rod about 10" long.

Mom told us to take off our clothes and get
comfortable. We did and just watched Grandma.

All 4 guys were sitting on the sofa naked as can
be. Grandma was still Grandma and scolded the
men and told them to stop jerking and save it
for later. They dropped there cocks, Grandma
stood up and looked at the 4 cocks in front of
her she then bent of and started sucking each
one going right down the line. She bent over and
bobbed her head up and down on each one and deep
throated them. She took Rick Davis in like it
was nothing and started moaning.

Mom said to us "Now you know how I learned how
to do that" "That's where I was going everyday
after Grandpa died"

Mom and Maggie sat at the bar and watched
Grandma do her magic. Maggie said to Mom "I
guess she hasn't been lonely" Mom yelled out to
everyone "Nobody is too cum yet we are saving
that for last!!" So Grandma did not want to get
the guys too excited so she stopped giving head.
The guys grumbled and moved off of the sofa.

Mr. Williams and the furnace guy walked over to
Mom and the mailman and Rick Davis walked over
to Maggie. The furnace guy started to make love
to Moms tits and Mr. Williams kneeled down on
the floor and dove in to Moms wet pussy. I heard
Mom make this loud moan.

Meanwhile, the other 2 men had Maggie on her
back on the bar, her head was hanging over and
the mailman was fucking her mouth. We could hear
her moan and gag as the mailman drove his long
cock down her throat. You could see Maggies neck
bulge out very time the mailmans huge cock head
went all the way down. It was incredible. At the
over end Rick Davis had buried his face deep
into her pussy.

The sounds from the bar were tremendous and all
three of us were hard as anything.

Grandma then said "While they are busy why don't
you boys come sit over here" So the 3 of us sat
on the sofa with our cocks at attention. Grandma
said "Boys those cocks are beautiful your
Grandpa would be proud." The 3 of us just looked
at each other.

Grandma the proceeded to make love to our cocks
just like she did to the men before. She deep
throated Mikes cock and held it there forever.
Then moved to Bobbys and fucked her face with
it. Both Mike and Bobby were ready to cum so
stopped sucking them.

Then she moved to my cock and jerked it for a
moment and looked up at me with those sexy eyes
just like Moms. She stuck her tongue under my
ball and licked between my asshole and my sack
and I moaned with pleasure. Mike and Bobby
looked at each other with a jealous look.

Grandma moved her hot tongue to my asshole with
sent me off of the sofa. She said" You like that
huh Billy" I just moaned. She sucked my balls
and got them good and wet. Then she positioned
her head over my cock and swallowed it whole,
she stuck a finger in my ass and sucked up both
of my balls with my cock. I couldn't help but
cum. She held her mouth there and squirted my
load deep down her throat. She took her mouth
off and showed me a little bit of the cum and
swallowed it all. I said" Grandma you were

Mom yelled" I told him to save his cum" Grandma
shot back "Judy relax he's young he's got plenty
more." By b*****rs said together "He does?"

The men had finished with Mom and Maggie and we
screaming because they could not hold it any

Grandma ran over and cleaned off the coffee
table in the middle of the room. We all watched
Grandma run around the room. She had gym bag and
opened it up and pulled out a strap on dildo.
This had to be 12 inches long and had a little
one on the other side so it could be inserted in
to a pussy. Grandma strapped the dildo on to
Maggie and said "We can't leave you out of this
darling" Maggie moaned as the dildo was strapped
on and the inside one was gently inserted into
her pussy. Maggie ran around and k**dingly said
"Now I know how the boys feel" and proceeded to
gyrate her hips swing the long dong around in
the air.

Grandma also pulled out a black silk bag out of
the gym bag and it had a familiar shape. Then
Grandma put a little pillow on the coffee table
and laid down on the table and propping her head
with the pillow. She told Maggie to fuck her
with the dildo as hard as she wanted to. Maggie

She then unvailed what was in the little bag. It
was a funnel. She told the all of the men and
her grandsons to stand around and jerk in to the
funnel. Mr. Williams looked puzzled and said
"Where is the funnel going?" With a sexy smile,
Grandma laid back on the pillow and put the
funnel in her mouth. Everybody applauded.

Grandma laid there as Maggie inserted her fake
cock in to Grandma and started pumping.

All of the men made a circle around the funnel
jerking madly. The sound of pumping meat was
incredible. Mom made sure everything was all
right and Grandma was comfortable. The first to
shoot was the furnace guy he screamed and
pointed his dick straight at the funnel to make
sure all of it went down. I could see Grandmas
throat move and she moaned. Next the mailman and
Mike both came together shoot a huge load down
Grandma was gulping. Mom and Mr. Williams moved
over to the sofa. I'm sure she could milk more
cum out of him. Maggie was still pumping but
Maggie was going to cum before Grandma.

It was Bobby, Rick Davis left. We were jerking
like mad men and Mom moved off of Mr. Williams
and said "Try to cum in the funnel together that
will really make a nice ending". We all slowed
down to the same pace and all of a sudden the 3
of us
screamed. We pointed out cocks into the funnel
and must of sent a quart of cum into the funnel
Grandma gulped and slupped madly and at the same
Maggie and Grandma screamed they were
cummmmmming also.

Grandma just laid there and show us some of the
cum left in her mouth. I thought we were done
but I looked over at the bar and Rick Davis was
over sucking the furnace guys cock.

I looked out of the front window and saw a limo
pull up and said to Mom "Who is that" She said
"Oh Shit !! its your father and said "I will
meet him at the back door. We all got quiet down
stairs the furnace guy and mailman got nervous
and left.

Mom gave dad a glass of scotch while he called
into the office. Dad was feeling better after
the scotch and Mom explained what was going on
and it must have been the scotch taking effect
because he agreed to come down stairs after his
phone call.

Chapter 7

Mom came back down stairs. Grandma was not done
with us, she walked over to Mom and they whisper
for a couple of minutes. They were up to

Grandma asked Rick Davis and Mr. Williams to
come over and lay on the floor, she positioned
them so they were sort of laying end to end.
Their balls were touching each other which made
them both moan. Both of the cocks were hard and
standing straight up. Each cock was the same
length which caused Grandma to moan with

Mom asked "What are you going to do?" With
everybody watching she held the 2 cocks together
like they were one huge cock and proceeded to
suck on both cock heads at once. Her mouth was
open wider then anything I've ever seen. We all
watched and Williams and Davis moaned with

Grandma next did the impossible, she started to
go up and down on the cocks sucking and
snorting. She was sucking both cocks at once
like it was one big cock. We were all in awe.
She stopped sucking and we thought she was done
but she started to move the cocks deeper in her
mouth deeper. She had sucked 5 inches into her
mouth and snorted like a bull and then she
opened her mouth wider. I knew she was in pain
now but she was persistent. She swallowed 1 more
inch and 2 more and a final inch of 2 cocks at

Grandma had 9 inches of 2 cocks deep throated at
once. We all sat there with our mouths open.
Grandma finally took her mouth off and we gave
her a standing ovation, even Williams and Davis.
Grandma took a bow.

Chapter 8 Dad Joins In.

Dad heard all of the excitement down here and
started down stair. Mom headed him off at the
top of the stairs. After a few minutes went by
she yelled down to Grandma "Ready"
Grandma answered "Sure" Then Grandma took her
place back on the coffee table and told
everybody to hide. We all did.

Dad came down stairs with Mom holding his hand.
Dad had a blindfold on and could not see who was
in the room.

Grandma laid back and put the funnel back in her
mouth and Mom positioned Dad in front of the
funnel. Everybody came out of hiding and Mom
told everybody to do whatever they wanted.

Grandma laid there, probably resting too. Maggie
came over and sucked on one of Dads nipples, Mom
proceeded to make love to his cock. Rick Davis
was whispering to Mike and pointing to Dad. All
of a sudden Mike was on his knees licking Dads
asshole. Dad was moaning. Rick Davis came up
behind Mike and inserted his cock into Mikes ass
and was fucking him. Mike let out a moan of half
pain and half pleasure.

Mom looked back at Davis and told him to be
careful. Mike moaned and licked. Bobby went over
and sucked on Dads other nipple and now Mom had
his cock rock hard and was deep throating him
over and over. Mom pulled Maggie down and told
her to suck her fathers cock. Maggie did with no
questions asked Mom stood back proud of her

Mr. Williams caught Mom from behind and started
to fuck Mom doggie style. Mom was more concerned
about what was going on across the room instead.

Mr. Williams heard a car door next door and
scrambled for his clothes and bolted for the
door. Rick Davis also said that he had to go but
before he left he was ready to cum after fucking
my b*****r. He pulled out of Mikes ass and ran
over to the funnel in Grandmas mouth and
deposited a small load the made Grandma moan.

Dad asked "Who was that?" and Mom said "Never
Mind." Dad mentioned that he was ready to cum.
So Mike, Bobby and Maggie moved around the
funnel and watched .

Mom reached down and jerked Dads cock until he
started to cum. She then told Maggie to quickly
pull the blindfold off. As Dad was shooting his
huge load he looked down to see it all going
down the throat of his mother-in-law. The site
of that made him shoot 2 more loads and Grandma
moaned and reached over and squeezed Dads ball
as to milk all of the cum out of him.

Mom quickly pulled Dad on to the sofa and had
Dad lay down. We did not know what was going to
happen next. Dad laid down and Mom had him close
his eyes. Mom then held his mouth open and
Grandma stood over his mouth and drool his open
cum into his mouth. Dad gagged a little as Mom
closed his mouth and rubbed his throat so it
would all go down.

Dad stood up and said he was dumbfounded.
Puzzled he had asked how long has this been
going on? Dad was full of questions, Mom just
told "It's a long story, I'll tell you later"
He walked over to Grandma and said "Mom you were
incredible" Maggie walked by and said "Nice cock
Dad!! "YOU!!" He said. Dad said "This is like a
dream come true, most guys don't even see
anything like this let alone do it. He then gave
everybody a hug.

Chapter 9 Moms Collection

Mom yelled "My turn!!" she then ran upstairs and
came down a few minutes later with her jar of
cum and a black bag like Grandmas. We knew what
was in the bag but what was Mom going to do?

Grandma helped Mom on to the coffee table and
positioned Moms head on the pillow. Grandma
pulled out a crystal funnel out of the silk bag
and she had mentioned that this has been passed
down though the f****y and it was time for Mom
to have so it can be passed on the Maggie and

Grandma gently placed the crystal funnel into
Moms mouth. Mom looked nervous and closed her
eyes for a minute.

One by one Grandma and Maggie sucked each one of
us off until we shot our loads into the funnel.
The glass made the cum slide right into Moms
mouth. Mom gulped furiously and moaned with

We all clapped thinking it was over. Grandma
said " This is the best part" and proceeded to
pick up Moms jar and removed the cover. Grandma
dipped a finger in and plopped a mixture of the
cum into her mouth.

We all stood around in amazement to see what was
going to happen next. Mom got comfortable and
Grandma poured some of the cum mixture into a
wine glass and put it on the bar for later for
her own enjoyment.

Grandma positioned the jar with remaining cum
mixture and started to slowly pour the cum
mixture into the crystal funnel and into Moms
eager mouth. Mom was chugging on the mixture and
we all sat there amazed. Mom was swallowing all
of her cum collection.

It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
Mom got up showed us a mouthful of the cum
mixture and tilted her mouth back and swallowed
the rest. We gave her a standing ovation and she
also took a bow.

Grandma went over to the bar to chugg down her
wine glass full Moms cum mixture and picked the
glass up and it was empty. She was mad and
looked around the room and suddenly from behind
the bar Katie popped up with a cum mustache on
her upper lip and said "My Turn!!" and we all
yelled "Katie !!"

The End
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