The twins could see the distant vehicle coming up the mountain road towards the house. They looked at each other, grinning.

"What do you think he'll be like?" said Anne.

Her s****r snorted. "Much like last time, but four years older. How the hell would I know?"

"He was good-looking then. He's nineteen, now." Anne glanced across at Beth. "I wonder if he's got a steady girlfriend."

"What difference would that make?" said Beth, sipping at her can of soda.

"He might be a good fuck," said Anne, her air innocent, giggling as her s****r snorted soda down her nose, coughing and spluttering.

"You'd fuck him?" said Beth, curious, once she'd regained control of herself.

"Wouldn't you?" Anne raised one eyebrow in query.

Beth shrugged. "Maybe."

"Come on, you're like a mother bear with cubs since Charlie went off to college. Pricklier than a porcupine, too."

Beth made a face. "I miss his lovely prick. Like you miss Dave's, too, I'd say."

Anne sighed. "No contest, s*s."

"So what are we going to do? Double-team him?" Beth said, her tone light. Her s****r stared at her for a long moment.

"Are you serious, s*s? Because if you are, I think that might just be the best fucking idea you've had in ages!" said Anne.

"You'd fuck him with me there?" said Beth, a strange note in her voice.

"Yes, because I want to see it happen when you fuck him." Anne gave Beth a wry look. "I know what it feels like. I'd like to know what it looks like."

"You've seen porn flicks, surely. Charlie had some, so I'd expect Dave did?"

"Yes, but it's not the same. It needs the sounds, and the warmth, and the smell."

"Yeah! Sweat and pussy juice and grunts and groans and lovely jizz!"

"How? Mom and Dad might hear if we fuck him in the house," said Anne. "I know how noisy you are with Charlie."

"You were listening?"

Anne laughed. "Heck, s*s, you were just next door, and those walls aren't that thick!"

"I suppose not. If it was summer, we could take him down to the pond," said Beth. "Persuade him to go skinny-dipping." She laughed. "It wouldn't be difficult. If I remember right he was always trying to catch us naked last time he was here."

"He was only fifteen, then. All acne and raging hormones." Anne laughed. "Just like us!"

Beth sighed. "But it isn't summer, is it? It's December and it's too fucking cold to go skinny-dipping." She looked across at Anne. "So? Any ideas?"

Anne shrugged. "Dunno, s*s. You?"

Beth shook her head. "Not one. Unless we can borrow a van with a good heater, and a big sl**ping-bag that would take three."

"A couple of duvets would be better - a bag might be too restrictive. Not likely to happen, because no-one we know has a van big enough, do they? Beth? What are you looking at?"

"Aunt Mary and Jeff's car, except it isn't a car, it's a pickup, and if I'm not mistaken, it has one of those crew cabs with a bench seat behind the driver." The twins looked at each other, and anyone seeing them would know instantly that a similar thought had occurred in each curly red head. "Might be room for three."

"If we can persuade him to take us out for a run?"

"I would expect Aunt Mary will be catching up on the gossip with Mom and Dad. I know they take turns to phone each other every week, but it's been four years since they were actually here."

"It feels longer. Come on, we'd better tell Mom."


As they turned the final bend in the mountain road leading to their destination, Jeff Allan glanced across at his mother, Mary. "Almost there, Mom."

Mary smiled across at her son. "So I see. I've been looking forward so much to this visit. It seems much longer than four years since I saw your Aunt Susan in person."

"You're a busy lady."

"True, but I'm so pleased that for the first time in four years I don't actually have to work through Christmas."

Jeff laughed. "I'm kinda pleased myself, Mom. I love it up here."

"Me too. At least it hasn't snowed too much, and there's none forecast while we're here."

"Just as well, or we'd never have made it."

"Oh, I don't know. This mobile pussy palace of yours does at least have four-wheel drive."


"Jeff, I know you and Claire are lovers. I imagine the back seat gets a good workout those Saturday nights when you're late home."

Jeff glanced across at his mother, but she was smiling. "You don't mind?"

Mary reached across and touched his arm. "Jeff, honey, hormones run riot at your age. I was the same. I know I probably shouldn't admit this, but I was no scared virgin when I met your Dad. One thing I will ask you. No, two."


"You and Claire do take precautions, don't you?"

"Yes, Mom, we do. Claire's on the pill, but we use condoms as well, sometimes. That's one question, Mom. What's the other?"

"You don't take her anywhere the two of you could be disturbed? Maybe by some sicko?"

"Mom, absolutely, definitely, not. It's usually in Claire's bed, when her Mom and Dad are out dancing. Claire said her Mom was asking the same questions. I don't think she objects, as long as we're careful, and discreet."

"Sensible woman, Jenny Toms." Mary chuckled. "As horny as me when we were younger."

"They're having Christmas at Claire's Grandma's place."

"She didn't mind you bringing me up here?"

"No, Mom, because we're both due home on the 28th, so we both have the same f****y bit to handle."

"Handle, Jeff Allan?"

Jeff laughed. "Sorry, Mom. Poor choice of word."

"And you're the one who wants to be a writer," said Mary, laughing.

"Poor choices get edited out, Mom. You know that."

"True, but there's no time to edit in speech." Mary sobered. "As we all discover sometimes."

"Hey, look, Mom. They're all outside waiting for us!"

The next few minutes were a blur of greetings, hugs, kisses, unpacking luggage, showing guests to bedrooms and general 'families re-united' mayhem. When they'd had time to sort themselves out, the two f****y groups met up in the big living-room of the Miller home. Three couches formed a big 'U' around the fire. Jeff and Mary sat facing Jack and Sue, the twins together on the third couch. Sue had made fresh coffee and they all had a cup to hand.

"So," said Jack, "what was the journey like? Much traffic?"

"Not once we left the freeway, Uncle Jack. Pretty quiet after that."

"Are you two tired? No? Because, if not, we thought we'd go to the carol service in town, at the church. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and the deadly duo have asked me if it's okay for them to show Jeff around. That's if he wants to be shown around. Shown off to their friends, more like."

"Daddy!" protested Beth.

Jeff looked across at the twins. He'd had a hard job not to let his jaw drop when he saw them. Four years had turned a couple of tomboys into elegant young women. Both had softly curling dark-red hair which framed oval faces, each with a straight nose and full lips. Kissable lips, Jeff thought. And they each had a to-die-for body, he figured, although their loose sweaters and jeans didn't exactly reveal.

"I'm more than happy to be shown around by Beth and Anne," said Jeff. "Do we have any sort of timetable?"

"Only for dinner. Seven sharp. Apart from that, the day's yours, the three of you. You can come home for lunch, but you'll have to get it yourself, or Beth and Anne can take you somewhere."

"Can we use your pickup, Jeff?" said Anne. "Neat set of wheels!"

"Sure, if Mom doesn't need it to take her anywhere."

Mary shook her head. "No, son, you take it. Anywhere I go while we're here, I'll be with your Aunt Sue and your Uncle Jack."

"Great," said Anne. "Straight after breakfast, Jeff? Is that okay?"

"Fine by me."

"That's tomorrow," said Jack. "Tonight, the carol service starts at seven, finishes at nine. It's four now, and we'll need to be away by about six-fifteen. Sue has made a load of sandwiches, and we've got potato chips and all sorts of nuts and pretzels, so I suggest we take ourselves through and just have ourselves a face-stuffing and chat, catch up with each other for a while."

"Sounds like a plan, Jack," said Mary.

Jeff had a twin at either hand as they ate, and he was kept busy answering questions about college, what he'd been doing for the last four years, where he wanted to be, the usual f****y catch-up. They all separated to freshen up before leaving for the carol service and Beth and Anne had a chance for a private chat.

"What d'you think?" said Anne. "Fuckworthy?"

"Are you k**ding? My panties are wet just thinking about it. Cousin Jeff has turned into a serious piece of man."

"You are so right! I wish his jeans were a bit tighter. I was trying to get a glimpse of what he's packing in there, but I couldn't." Anne laughed. "At least, not without getting up and holding him still, so I could look."

"And I could just see Mom's face if you did that."

"Come on, time to go. Shall we see if we can ride with Jeff? We might be able to sow some seeds."

"Good thinking, s*s. Let's do that."

When the twins rejoined the others, they found they didn't need any subterfuge, as it had already been agreed by the adults that Jeff would drive the twins to the service, and the others would go in Jack's jeep. "If we get separated in traffic, or anything, we'll see you at the church," said Jack, "at ten to seven. If we're not there, go inside. It's cold. It doesn't really matter if we're not sitting together, does it?"

"I guess not," said Beth. "Okay, Jeff, let's go see these wheels of yours."

Outside, Jeff opened the door so that the twins could scramble in. Beth next to Jeff in the front seats, Anne on the bench in the back. Jeff waited a moment until Beth and Anne had their seatbelts sorted before he started the engine.

"This is cool, Jeff."

"I like it."

"I'll bet," said Beth. "Jeff, mind if I ask you a question? It's kinda personal."

Jeff glanced across at his cousin as he manoeuvred the pickup out of the yard, following Jack's Jeep. "I don't mind. Ask away."

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Yep, her name's Claire."

"Is she a good fuck?" said Beth, quietly. The question hung in the silence, broken only by the noise of the pickup.

"I beg your pardon?" said Jeff, carefully.

"You heard," said Beth, her voice soft. "I asked if she was a good fuck."

There was another silence before Jeff spoke. "Yes, she is. Very good."

"Are you missing her?"

"Of course."

"Would a substitute fuck-buddy be of any interest?" said Beth, her air innocent.

There was no answer for a moment as Jeff negotiated a turn, then he glanced across at Beth. "You?" he said.

Beth nodded. "Me."

"And me," said Anne, grinning at the startled Jeff.

"Whoa," said Jeff. "Are you both telling me you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes," said Beth. "Because our boyfriends are away at college."

"And they're not coming home for Christmas," added Anne.

"And we miss them ... "

" ... because we get horny ... "

" ... not to mention frustrated ... "

" ... so we thought that maybe ... "

" ... just maybe ... "

" ... you could help us out, and have fun yourself." Anne looked across. "What do you think?"

Jeff laughed. "I think you're both mad," he said, grinning. His grin faded. "And I'd love to."

"Great!" said Beth, stretching across to kiss his cheek. She and Anne gave the high five.

"Question," said Jeff.


"Both together, or separate encounters?"

"Got a preference?" Beth was grinning.


"Done!" said Anne. "But we have a problem."

"We can't do it in the house, perhaps?" said Jeff.

"Precisely," said Anne.

"So we need the pussy palace."

"The what?" said Beth.

"Pussy palace. That's what Mom calls the pickup."

"You're k**ding!"

"No. She knows Claire and I are lovers, she guessed that sometimes the bench in the back is used by us for purposes other than just sitting on it."

"And is it?"

"Sometimes, yes, but her folks are out often enough that we can use her bed." Jeff glanced across at the eager twins. "I keep two big duvets in the locker under the seat."

"Cunning," said Anne. "I like it!"

"So, tomorrow," said Jeff, "when you're 'showing me around'?"


"You're actually showing me you?"

"All of me," said Beth.

"And all of me," said Anne.

"Will I survive?" said Jeff, not sounding in the least worried about his fate.

"You might," said Anne.

"And then, you might not," added Beth.

"Where?" said Jeff.

"Where do we take the pickup, you mean?" Beth raised her eyebrows in query. Jeff nodded. "There's a fire road, a mile or two past the ranch. About a mile in, there's a natural clearing. We'll go there."

"Sounds good. Hang on, your Dad's turning, don't want to lose him."

"We're nearly there anyway. Look, you can see the church through the trees."

The carol service was fun, the congregation joining in with enthusiasm and in a lot of cases, good voices. Halfway through, the pastor made a brief speech of welcome, gave a brief sermon about Christmas, and then they sang on. After the service, people were milling about in the square, chatting, making plans, renewing friendships. Jeff, Beth and Anne lost sight of the others for a few minutes, until Sue wriggled through the crowd towards them.

"Whew. I didn't know we had so many people in town! Look, you three go on ahead. Your Dad has to sort something out with Archie Zelnak. It won't take long, but there's no point in waiting when you have your own transport. There are some chestnuts in the larder, so why don't you start them roasting. Your Dad says have a beer each, but no more 'cos he's got them counted. Okay?"

"Okay, Mom," said Beth. "See you back home."

In the pickup, once they were on the road back to the ranch, Beth sighed.

"What's up, s*s?" said Anne, this time sitting next to Jeff.

"I wish we knew how long they'll be. We daren't start any fun, 'cos with our luck they'll come home and catch us in the act."

"Never mind," said Jeff. "It all builds up the anticipation." He chuckled.

"What?" said Anne.

"I was thinking about it in the church. I had to f***e myself to concentrate on that fat lady's hat otherwise I think I'd have embarrassed myself."

Beth giggled, and Anne flashed her a grin. "Um, woody trouble?" she asked innocently.

Jeff nodded, a wry grin on his face. "Exactly."

"Poor boy. Never mind, tomorrow you'll have somewhere nice and warm and wet for your woody."

"I can hardly wait," said Jeff. "And now, please change the subject before I get so uncomfortable I can't drive!"

Back at the ranch they shed their outer clothes. Beth and Anne started the chestnuts roasting, and then got three beers out. They'd hardly started on them before the three adults returned. Jeff and the twins exchanged wry looks. As well they hadn't tried anything. The rest of the evening passed pleasantly until at around eleven Jeff stood.

"If I'm driving Beth and Anne around tomorrow, I think I'd better get some sl**p, so I'll wish you all good night."

Jack nodded. "Good thinking. Okay, Jeff, see you in the morning. Breakfast at eight suit you?"

"Fine, Uncle Jack."

"What about you two?"

"Eight's great, Dad. I think I'll hit the sack, too," said Beth.

"Me too." Anne stood and stretched. "See you in the morning."

Jeff's guest room had a bathroom which he shared with his mother, but Mary was still chatting to her s****r and b*****r-in-law, and he was soon ready for bed. As at home, he decided to sl**p naked, and was just about to switch off the bedside lamp when there was a soft tap at the door.


"It's us, Jeff. Can we come in?"

"Sure." The door opened, and Beth and Anne came in, each in a knee-length robe.

"We just came to say goodnight," said Anne.

"And we thought you might like to get a look at what you'll be getting," added Beth, with a giggle. "Ready, s*s?"

"Ready. On three. One, two, three!" On cue, each of the girls threw her robe open. Jeff's jaw dropped as he admired the display. The twins were naked under their robes, and the image etched on his mind's eye was four beautiful breasts, two slender bodies, and two neatly trimmed deltas of dark-red hair, before they closed the robes and retied them.

"You like?" said Beth.

"I like," said Jeff feeling his boner growing even though the lovely vision which inspired it was now modestly covered. He grinned at the twins. "Very nice. May I reciprocate?"

"Recip -? Oh! Yes, please!" said Anne, her eyes fixed on Jeff.

"Voila!" he said, throwing the covers back, letting his prick spring to full erection.

"Oh, my," said Beth softly. "He's so pretty."

"Amen, s*s," said Anne, a look of disappointment crossing her face as Jeff covered himself. "Jeff?"


"What's your recovery like?"

"It's good, given the right circumstances," he said, smiling at her.

Anne grinned. "We'll provide the right circumstances."

"I'm sure you will."

Anne came across to the bed, bent and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Goodnight, Jeff."

"Goodnight, Anne." He turned to Beth, but the unnecessary question died unspoken on his lips as she, too, bent to kiss him.

"Goodnight, lover," she murmured. A moment, and the twins were gone. Jeff lay back, idly stroking himself. Should he? Shouldn't he? He should, he decided, his strokes becoming more determined. After all, if he jacked off now, he'd last longer when he fucked whichever twin offered herself first tomorrow.

Christmas Eve dawned as a bright December day. A clear day was forecast, but temperatures were due to hover around zero. Breakfast was animated. Jack was planning to take Sue and Mary into town, partly to see friends, partly to visit a gallery where a one-day exhibition was being held, and partly, although unspoken, to be handy to the shops for any last-minute present buying. The three adults planned to eat lunch in town. Shortly after nine, the three teenagers piled into the pickup and took their leave. They didn't speak much except for directions, until Beth directed Jeff to the last turn into the clearing she had in mind. Surrounded by birch trees, in summer it would be a lovely place. Now, in winter, it presented a bleaker vision, but still one that was pleasing to the eye.

Jeff set the parking brake, but kept the engine running. "There's plenty of diesel, and we're going to need the heater. I've got two thick duvets here. I made sure I had them, in case the weather had turned nasty on us. If necessary, Mom and I could have holed up."

"Ooh, sl**ping with your Mom! Whatever would people say?" Beth giggled. "They would think the worst, of course, wouldn't they?"

Jeff laughed. "And here I am, having been lured to this place by my cousins! What would people make of that?"

"Not a lot, probably," said Anne. "Marriage between first cousins is legal here, so I doubt if sex would raise too many eyebrows."

There was a moment's silence. "How are we going to do this?" said Jeff. "There isn't room for three of us to lie on the back seat, and we're going to have to be a little flexible to do anything."

"What do you and Claire do?"

"We've only done it here a few times, her bed is too tempting, but usually Claire rides me, or she sits in the middle with her ass on the edge of the seat and I fuck her kneeling between the front seats." Jeff grinned. "After I did that the first time, I got a thick cushion for my knees."

"Why don't we all get on the back seat and just make out for a while?" said Beth. "We'll let it land where it falls, huh?"

"Sounds like a plan, s*s," said Anne. "Jeff?"

"I'm your man. Jackets off? It's warm enough now."

"It certainly is. Yep. Jackets off."

Under their jackets, the twins were each wearing a zipped wool top. By unspoken consent, what was under the wool top was for Jeff to discover. In moments, the three were on the back seat, Jeff in the middle. He glanced left and right, seeing matching grins and sparkling eyes. Anne was on Jeff's right and Jeff took her hand. "Sorry, Anne, but I kiss best left-handed, so Beth will get the benefit first."Anne pouted. "As long as we can swap, I'll let you off. Come here." She pulled Jeff towards her and kissed him hard. "Now go make my s****r squeak!"

Jeff grinned. "Squeak, eh? See what I can do." He turned back to a smiling Beth who raised her arms and moved smoothly into his kiss. Long, hot, the kiss built in intensity until the lovers-to-be broke apart, breathing heavily. Beth caught her s****r's eye and winked, then took Jeff's hand and put it to the zipper on her top. Holding her eyes, he slid it down, fumbling a little to open the bottom so that he could push the material aside. Beth was wearing a wisp of a bra, seemingly made of cobwebs and lace, her erect nipples showing clearly through the flimsy material.

"Nice," breathed Jeff. "Very nice. And front-fastening, too. How thoughtful of you, Beth, dear."

"That's the Miller girls, Jeff. Always thinking of others. Wanna undo me?"

Jeff shook his head. "Not yet, sweetheart. First I want to get your jeans off."

"You need to unzip my boots first, I think." Beth stopped, a shocked expression on her face. "We're idiots!"

"Quite probably, s*s. Any particular reason?"

"What time is it?"

"Almost ten?"

"Do you think Mom and Dad and Aunt Sue will have gone into town yet?"

"You're right, Beth. We're idiots."

"Someone mind telling me what I just missed?" said Jeff.

"There are two large beds back home, and two sets of absent parents. So why are we out here?"

Jeff nodded. "Because we planned to come out here and none of us had the wit to notice our chance. Until Beth woke up, anyway. Zip up, Beth, hon. Let's away!"

The trip back to the ranch was made in excited silence and it seemed like no time at all before they were letting themselves into the house.

"Whose room?" said Beth.

"Mine," said Anne. "It's at the back, and it gets the sun, and no-one can see in unless they're on a ladder."

"Sounds good," said Jeff. "Lead on!"

In Anne's room the three stopped and looked at one another. There was an awkward silence for a moment, until Beth started removing her boots. "I suggest we just get naked, and the quicker the better! Then Jeff can take up where he left off."

"Good thinking, s*s," said Anne, starting on her own boots. Not wanting to be left out, Jeff bent to his own. He was conscious of the twins s**ttering clothes everywhere, and he hurried to remove his own clothes finally pulling his t-shirt over his head to be confronted by two naked girls, each of them sporting a wide smile, their arms around each other's shoulder. Both sets of nipples erect, Jeff noted. His prick had thickened a little, but was only half-erect. Beth's eyes moved down and she grinned. She turned to her s****r.

"D'ya fancy something to eat, s*s?"

"Like a salami, maybe?" said Anne, fighting a giggle. Jeff grinned.

"Care to lie on the bed, handsome," said Beth, "and let two frustrated ladies lick your lollipop?"

"Sounds like a plan, ladies. Be my guest." Jeff scrambled onto Anne's bed and lay on his back, hands folded behind his head. His prick was almost hard now and he flexed it, making both girls giggle. They knelt on the bed, one at each side of him, two curly red heads went down as one, and Jeff shuddered as he felt two hot, pointed tongues lap the length of him.

Anne looked up and blew him a kiss. "Enjoying it?"

He grinned at her. "You have no idea."

"Good." Anne's head went back down, and this time, as the two heads came up, Beth pulled back slightly and Jeff felt Anne's lips close over the end of his now rock-hard prick, then move down, enveloping him. Beth grinned up at him, pushing her curls back from her face, while Anne moved up and down on him a couple of times, before giving way for her s****r to do the same. Jeff could feel his juices rising, and put a hand on each head.

"Are you going to eat me, or can I fuck one of you?"

Beth lifted her head and pouted. "Do we have to choose?"

Jeff laughed. "There are two of you, and only one of me, and I need to recover between bouts," he said, "So yes, you have to choose." The twins looked at each other, then each held a clenched fist out. A moment later, Anne clapped her hands in glee.

"Rock blunts scissors! Me first." She turned to Jeff. "Fuck me, cuz?"

"My pleasure, cousin Anne. Any particular way?"

"I'm partial to doggy-style."

"Okay, my pretty little bitch-kitty. Adopt the position." As Jeff sat up, Anne went to all fours, leaning on her elbows, hands clasped lightly, knees spread, pushing her pretty ass out. Jeff moved around behind her, and let his fingers run the length of her cleft. His eyes hadn't deceived him, Anne was soaking. He licked his fingers, savouring the salt-sweet tang of her and shuffled forwards until Beth moved across and stopped him.

"Let me?" she said, her cool fingers closing around him. Jeff groaned, moving a little further forward as Beth guided him into her s****r. Anne was hot, wet, ready, the cling of her pussy a scald on him as he pressed forward, until lack of lubrication stopped him. He pulled back, spreading Anne's liberal juices and pressed forward again, sinking into her, hearing her gasp even as he groaned in pleasure.

"Jeez, Jeff," said Anne, "you feel fucking huge!"

"Wait until you see him fuck me," said Beth. "He looks fucking huge, too!"

Jeff grinned at Beth and began to move, pressing into Anne, pulling back, pushing in again, using the full length of his hardness to give them both pleasure, pressing in, pulling back, relishing the feeling of a tight pussy around his hardness. Beside them, Beth rolled to her back and slid underneath their joining and as he moved Jeff felt Beth's tongue lapping at his prick as it entered her s****r. There was no sound now except heavy breathing, the occasional soft gasp or moan from one of the three, and the soft slurp of prick in pussy juice. Jeff was pleased he'd jacked off the night before, as he could feel himself getting closer to climax, the chest-tightening excitement building in him.

Beth's tongue was doing more than lapping at Jeff. It must have been stimulating Anne too, as Jeff could hear her breathing quickening until she was almost panting and without warning, her pussy clamped down on his prick and a strangled scream escaped between her clenched teeth, her pussy pulsing, milking him, and with a couple of hard strokes, driving into her, Jeff came too, in three or four eye-blurring spurts, slowing, pulsing, easing, stopping, until with a deep breath. Jeff eased himself out of Anne and settled back on his heels, breathing heavily. Beth slithered out from under Anne, her face bright with Anne's juices. She grinned at Jeff.

"That was awesome, seeing you fuck Anne from so close." She turned to her s****r, suddenly anxious. "Anne, s*s, I never asked, I mean, I never ate you before. Was it okay?"

Anne smiled, soft, sweet, her breathing still heavy. "Beth, love, it was fucking marvellous! You, Jeff, everything. I don't think I have ever been so thoroughly fucked before!"

"It looked pretty good, s*s, I have to say." Beth looked across at Jeff. "Care to lie back again, cuz? I think you have a prick in need of a wash."

Jeff grinned, letting himself settle back next to Anne, who bent across and gave him a deep, heartfelt kiss, so that they were both breathing heavily again when they separated. "Thanks, stud," she said. "That was the best fuck I can ever remember having."

"I aim to please," said Jeff.

"Lucky Claire," said Anne, smiling at him.

"Lucky me," said Jeff. "Claire, and now you two. Ahhh!" The last was as he felt Beth's mouth close over his half-hard prick, her tongue washing over him, licking off her s****r's juices. Her tongue busied itself, licking around under the crown of his glans, flattening itself as her head moved down and Jeff felt himself enveloped. Beside him, Anne moved closer, taking his hand and putting it to her breast. He glanced across and smiled, squeezing her softness, letting his fingers play with her nipple, feeling it rise between his fingers. He glanced down, seeing Beth's eyes follow them. She winked, never ceasing her ministering, and Jeff could feel his prick slowly begin to stiffen again, slowly regaining the almost-aching hardness he loved to feel, the hardness he loved to slip between his lover's lips, whether mouse or pussy.

Beth's mouth slipped from him and she licked her lips. "You taste good, cuz, and so do you, s*s. And I think I have a little friend to play with, now."

"Big friend, don't you mean?" said Anne.

Beth nodded. "Biggest friend I've known, bigger than Charlie or Pete Toomey."

"Pete Toomey?" said Anne. She grinned, like a shark. "Do tell?"

"Oops, didn't mean to mention Pete. Last month, after the game. Remember I went off by myself?"

"Yeah. And?" Anne's eyebrows arched in query.

Beth shrugged, her breasts jiggling prettily. "Well, you know, we kinda started foolin' and I wondered what he was like." She laughed. "Not as good as Charlie, that's for sure." She winked at Jeff. "As for Jeff, I'm about to find out."

"How do you want it?" said Jeff.

Beth grinned, moving to kneel astride Jeff's legs. "I thought I might do a bit of invisible pole dancing."

"Invisible pole dancing? New to me." Jeff was fighting to keep a straight face.

"The reason it's invisible is because it's in my pussy," said Beth, deadpan. "Just like this." And she lowered herself neatly onto Jeff's hardness, gasping in unison with him as she felt him spread her lips and drive deep inside her. She paused, lifting herself, sinking back again until her ass was resting on Jeff's thighs. She looked across at Anne, grinning.

"I see what you meant, s*s, when you said he felt huge."

"Feel good?" said Anne.

"Fucking great, as if you didn't know!" Beth leaned forward and kissed Jeff's nose. "Time to ride, cousin Jeff!" She began to move, lifting herself almost off him, then sinking back, taking him into her again, lifting, lowering, thrilling to the feel of him filling her, emptying her, her breathing quickening as she moved. Despite having so recently come himself, the moment was getting to Jeff, too, and he could feel the slow build-up of tension that goes before climax, the tightening of the chest, the breathing quickening, that incredible feeling building in him as an increasingly vocal Beth rode him steadily towards her own climax, her fingers busy at her pussy, stroking her clit, sliding around Jeff's prick as it moved in and out of her.

Beside Jeff, Anne's fingers were busy at her own pussy and Jeff added his own hands to the task of stimulating the twins, one hand joining Anne's at her pussy, his fingers lightly, gently, stimulating her clit as her own fingers drove into her, his other hand helping Beth in her climb towards climax. Beth came first, her pussy pulsing around Jeff as she continued her wild ride, rising and falling on his pole, milking him, drawing him ever closer to climax until with a cry of triumph he came again, driving up into Beth as she rode him, sweat standing proud on her forehead, her teeth in a rictus of pleasure as she rode the rollercoaster of her frantic climax.

Slowly, slowly, Jeff and Beth came down from their high just as Anne tipped over her own precipice, this time with a soft, long exhalation of satisfaction, her nipples erect, her eyes unfocussed as she came back to reality. Beth collapsed forwards across Jeff and he held her, feeling himself shrinking slowly inside her. Eventually, Beth sat up, an expression of great satisfaction on her face.

"That, people, was as fucking great as my s****r suggested it might be. Thank you, sir."

"My pleasure," said Jeff. "What next?"

Beth shrugged. Anne sat up, leaning across to them both.

"Why don't we have a shower? Together, of course, and then take Jeff on the tour we planned, although we might have to shorten it. Tonight, we draw lots, but if there's half a chance, I want to sl**p with Jeff. He can always gag me to keep me quiet."

Beth grinned. "Sometimes, s*s, you have great ideas! Loser sl**ps with Jeff tomorrow night? Okay with you, stud-cousin?"

"Of course," said Jeff. "How could you ever doubt me?
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.......and a good time was had by all !!!!!!
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beutiful story, love it
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great stories and pics !!!!!! keep up the great work