His wife was being a real pain in the ass. All he wanted was to bury himself deep within her and she was acting like it was a crime. Pam said he was too big, that they had k**s. She expected that to be enough. Well, Dave needed more than that. The point of sex for him wasn’t just to have k**s. A man had needs.

Served him right, he figured. He knew how religious Pam was when he married her. She never missed a Sunday at church and often gave him the lecture that “God was listening” whenever he used profanity. Well, fuck her. Yet that was the problem, she wouldn’t let him.

Pam never had been a good lay. Though her tightness always felt wonderful to Dave, she was never quite wet enough. And the worst part was, she would just lay there, her eyes closed, her arms at her sides. She also wasn’t in to anything but missionary. Dave didn’t expect to fuck her ass but a little variation of her laying under him would have been nice.

He thought of having an affair but he didn’t want to ruin his f****y. He adored his k**s and, deep down, still loved Pam. If only she would satisfy him a way a wife was supposed to satisfy her husband. But no, ever since his eighteen year old son, Frank, had been born Dave was lucky to screw her once a month.

Dave and Pam had three k**s, two girls and a boy. Their oldest, Sara, was twenty-five and lived in New York. She was an editor at some book company. Dave was proud of her but rarely saw his first born. Next was Nadine, who at twenty-two lived about ten miles away from their f****y home in Ohio. She was a good girl, still in college and planning to be a teacher eventually. Frank just graduated high school but wasn’t planning to go to college. He was still living at home and working at the local bowling alley. Dave argued against Pam. He felt Frank should have as much time as he needed to decide what he wanted from life. Dave was an investment banker and could afford to keep Frank at home with them for as long as the boy needed.

Plus, Dave liked having the k**s around. Weekends brought visits from Nadine and it was nice when she, Frank, Pam, and Dave could sit down as a f****y for dinner. It also kept Dave’s mind off his sexual frustration. His k**s had always worked as a distraction for him when it came to his marriage.

When Pam’s mother became sick, Pam immediately took off to Virginia to care for her. Dave was disgruntled, even as he told Pam to have a safe trip, because he was so horny. Masturbation just wasn’t doing it for him anymore. He needed somewhere soft, wet, and welcoming to thrust his cock into.

Nadine came that weekend and took Pam’s place in the kitchen. Dave and Frank were appreciative but Frank had plans that night. Before Dave knew it, he and Nadine were alone in the house and he was still horny as hell. Nadine had already told Dave she would be spending the night.

“That way, I can make you breakfast tomorrow, Dad,” she told him brightly.

Dave was happy to have his daughter there but without her, he would have watched some porn, jacked off miserably, and went to bed. Now, he felt he should entertain her somehow. The movie was her idea but he figured it would be a distraction. Neither of them had seen Diane Lane in “Unfaithful,” but Nadine had purchased the movie in curiosity.

By the second steamy love scene between the beautiful actress and her boy toy, Dave was as hot and hard as he would have been if they were watching porn. Though he tried to control himself – he was sitting here with his little girl, after all – something about being aroused in the presence of his daughter made him that much harder.

He noticed his daughter squirming a bit and realized she was probably as turned on as he was. The scenes on the screen were graphic and both characters had beautiful bodies. Dave and Nadine sat next to one another on the couch, so when Nadine let out a little sigh Dave glanced at her. He was both amused and ready to blow his load over what he saw.

Nadine sat with her arms crossed in front of her, yet resting on her knees. She was slowly moving her arms in a tiny movement with her hips, obviously stimulated both her nipples and her pussy at the same time. Though her eyes were focused on the TV, she bit her lip as she pleasured herself.

Dave himself was one step away from releasing his throbbing cock to pleasure himself. He was turned on enough to ignore the thoughts of how wrong the whole situation was. Before he could stop himself, he spoke to his daughter.

“Why don’t I give you a hand there?”

Nadine’s eyes, when she turned them to her father, were a bit dazed because of her heightened arousal. “Whaaa . . .?”

He grinned and turned towards her on the couch. Without a word he moved his hand over her thigh and into the valley between her legs. At the first touch of his fingers, Nadine moaned and her head fell back onto the couch. Dave expertly moved his fingers against her, thrilled with how moist she felt, even through the layers of jean and panty. She opened her legs and he reached for her zipper. As he eased it down with one hand, his other bunched her shirt up so he could knead one of her full and beautiful tits.

Nadine moaned before she pulled the shirt up over her head. “Daddy,” she said softly, “touch me.”

“I am, baby girl. I am.” Because he had her full cooperation, Dave had no trouble removing his daughter’s bra and sliding her jeans down her legs. As his hand covered her lace-covered pussy, hers joined it there to encourage his fingers to go deeper. “Let’s get these off,” Dave told her, as he slipped the panties off his daughter. This left her gloriously naked before him.

Nadine was breathing heavily as her father studied her naked body. Soon, he leaned over and took one of her achingly hard nipples into his mouth. As he suckled on his daughter’s tit, his fingers returned to her pussy. There were no barriers left for him so that as his digits slipped inside, they were met with a wet, warm, welcoming home.

Dave was on his knees in no time, drawing his daughter’s legs over his shoulders so that he could get closer to that wonderful place. Nadine played with her own tits now, kneading them as her father drank of her most delicious juice.

“Yes, Daddy,” she encouraged him. “Eat me, Daddy. Please don’t stop!”

Dave’s wife had never let him go down on her. Though he tried once or twice, she had been grossed out by the very idea. Nadine was allowing him this great gift. He loved her taste, loved the way her hands would occasionally grab at his hair, and, when she came, he loved how his daughter put both hands to the back of his head to push him into her as deeply as possible.

Nadine orgasm as the fingers and mouth of her father left her dazzled. She lay, unable to catch her breath, and simply smiling at him. Eventually, she thanked him. She leaned towards him and kissed him deeply, taking his tongue – and much of her own taste – inside her mouth to enjoy.

Dave sat back up on the couch with his daughter as they continued to kiss deeply. He felt her hand on the straining zipper of his own jeans. Nadine was allowed to draw her father’s massive cock out of his pants and marvel at its size.

“Oh, Daddy,” she said on a gasp. The next breath she took was one filled with cock as she leaned over her father to take him deep inside her mouth. Though she couldn’t take all of him, her effort and the expert way she moved with tongue and teeth, had Dave ready to burst before long at all.

Right before he blew his load into his sweet daughter’s mouth, she pulled away. Before he could fight, she was throwing a leg on either side of him. Once she had straddled him, Nadine let her pussy rub against her father’s slippery, throbbing cock. Close to insanity, Dave took control. He grasped his daughter’s hips and pulled her down. When his cock entered her, they both moaned in mutual satisfaction.

Nadine’s slow smile as her father packed her full of his monster meat had Dave straining to make this moment last. He put his hands to his daughter’s tits and pleasured them both with the feel of that connection. Then she leaned towards him and all was lost.

Dave’s hands went back to his baby girl’s hips. Before long he was lifting and slamming her down on his cock over and over.

“Yes!” she yelled. “Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me hard! Give me all of your huge cock! Your baby girl wants it all! Fuck me!”

He did just that, thrusting into her again and again until his cock released all of his frustration into his daughter and she pushed her clit down to rub along his hard shaft until she came as well.

When they could both breathe again, Nadine started laughing. “We’re going to have to watch this movie again sometime,” she told him. When he laughed as well, she leaned towards him and sucked on his tongue. Nadine suddenly realized her father was still hard. As she moved against him, he grew again and she pulled away to look at him in surprise.

Dave woke up Sunday morning wondering if it had all been a dream. Had he really fucked his daughter the night before? What he did know for sure was that his sexual frustration was somewhat diminished. But that really didn't answer his question.

Putting on his robe, he went downstairs to the kitchen and found Nadine standing at the stove in a t-shirt that stopped just short of her beautiful ass. His son, Frank, was probably still in bed so Dave knew he was basically alone with Nadine. But could he go to her and wrap his arms around her, or had he only imagined the passion? Before Dave could decide, Nadine turned and smiled at him.

"Good morning, Daddy. Did you sl**p well?" She began to walk towards him.

"Yes, I did. Did you?"

She slipped her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his. "Yes," she answered. "But I woke up wanting you."

Dave knew then, as his youngest daughter gave him a d**gging kiss, that it may have been a dream but it was a dream come true. He didn't hesitate to run his hands over Nadine. He ran his hands up under the t-shirt to feel her naked beneath and brought her closer so that she was sure to feel his erection.

"Oh," she said excitedly, pulling away to look down between them. "Is that for me?" Nadine wrapped her hand around her father's cock and squeezed in appreciation. "I didn't think it was possible," she said, opening his robe so she could see it, "but I think it's bigger than last night."

He laughed softly and pulled her back to him. As they kissed, Nadine jerked her hand up and down on his cock. Her tongue moved inside his mouth in rhythm to her hand and Dave moaned. Pulling away, Nadine lowered to her knees. She looked up at her father with a grin before leaning forward to take his throbbing cock in her mouth.

Dave moaned again and gripped her hair to keep her wonderfully wet mouth around his aching erection. Nadine needed no encouragement as she sucked her father's dick, attacking it like a favored meal. Her father was turned on by the whole situation. The sensations from his daughter's mouth were arousing enough but realizing that his daughter was giving him a blowjob in the middle of their kitchen on a Sunday morning was erotic in itself. Dave grabbed his daughter's head and began fucking her mouth. Nadine kept the pace and soon, Dave shot off in her mouth, load after load of cum.

Nadine drank every drop that shot from her father's dick, and then licked her lips as she stood in front of him. "Thanks for breakfast," she said. "I was going to make pancakes but that was better."

Dave saw the bowl beside the stove and laughed. He kissed his daughter again, tasting his own cum but not caring, because he realized it was in his daughter's mouth. His erection began to grow again. Dave backed his daughter up towards the table. He lifted her until she sat, looking at him with a smile, obviously willing to let him do whatever he wanted. He pulled a chair over and sat in front of her spread legs. "Now it's time for my breakfast," he told her.

The taste of his daughter made Dave feel like a starved man. He lapped up her juices as they flowed out of her. Nadine had to lay back on the table and allow her father the freedom of her body. Dave knew his mouth was making her weak as he found her clit and sucked on it. He was at first afraid her moaning would wake Frank but as he enjoyed eating his daughter's pussy, he didn't really care.

"Yes, Daddy," Nadine encouraged. "Eat my pussy. Make me cum, Daddy. Yes!" She babbled a lot as she enjoyed the sensations. It wasn't long before she suddenly leaned up and grabbed her father's head, grinding his face into her pussy. "I'm cumming!" she shouted.

Almost before her orgasm had passed, Dave stood up. He removed her t-shirt and sucked on her nipples to excite them both. His cock was hard again and he quickly thrust it into his daughter's pussy.

"Yes! Fuck me, Daddy!" she shouted. "Fuck me with your huge cock!"

"Take it, baby girl," he said, as she lay back on the table. He gripped her hips and slammed into her tight, wet pussy again and again. "Take Daddy's cock!"

"Yes!" Nadine met each thrust and came quickly a second time as her father fucked her repeatedly.

Neither noticed that Frank had stumbled into the kitchen. The noises had woken him but now he was sure he had to be dreaming as he saw his s****r naked on the table and his father fucking her. He watched for several moments in amazement as his father continued to attack his s****r's pussy with his cock. He felt his own dick stirring in his pants and wondered how he could be turned on. But the scene was erotic.

Nadine suddenly turned her head and Frank figured he must have moaned. Wondering if he should turn and leave, Frank simply stood in shock when Nadine smiled slowly at him. "Daddy, fuck me hard while Frank watches."

Dave had been about to cum when he heard his daughter's words. He followed her gaze to see his son standing in the doorway of the kitchen watching him fuck his daughter. While he knew he should stop, his body took over and he fucked Nadine even faster, somehow more turned on by the fact that his son saw the act.

Nadine moaned even louder as her father shot his load inside her and she came too. Almost instantly, she began to laugh. "Come over here, Frank."

Frank watched his father pull his semi-hard cock out of Nadine. She didn't sit up but lay on the table, her pussy wide open and leaking her juices and her father's cum. Frank moved forward as his father stepped aside.

"Let me see your cock, little b*****r," Nadine ordered.

Not knowing what else to do, Frank released his cock from his boxer shorts – the only thing he was wearing.

"Oh wow," Nadine purred. "Looks like large dicks run in the f****y. We've been wasting time, boys." She laughed again and sat up, only to wrap her hand around her b*****r's cock. "Wanna fuck me?" she asked him.

Frank looked at his father, he wasn't sure for permission or just to see his reaction. When Dave only shrugged his shoulders, Frank moved towards his s****r. Nadine gripped her b*****r's ass and pulled his cock into her. She moaned as he filled her.

"That's nice, little b*****r. Yes . . ." She moved her hips against him and soon, they found a rapid rhythm. "Fuck me, Frankie, fuck your s****r. Yes!"

Dave watched and felt his tired cock begin to grow again. He watched his son furiously fuck his daughter on their kitchen table. He heard their moans of pleasure. He suddenly felt very left out.

Moving towards them, Dave touched his daughter's tits. He rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, and then tugged them slightly. She moaned and gripped his hand to keep it on her breast. Nadine then leaned up and kissed her father. She sucked his tongue into her mouth as her b*****r fucked her.

Dave wasn't sure what to think. As he ended the sensual lip-lock with his daughter, Nadine, he was startled to see his oldest daughter, Sarah standing in the kitchen doorway. Of course her mouth hung opened in shock. Not only had she just seen her father and s****r kissing but her s****r was also completely naked while their younger b*****r, Frank fucked her.

"Sarah . . . " Nadine sighed out her s****r's name. "Come here. Please."

Sarah seemed almost in a trance as she moved towards her s****r.

"Touch me," Nadine begged her s****r. "Please touch me while our b*****r's cock makes me cum!"

Dave and Frank shared a brief amazed look at Nadine's words. But then they just had to look back as Sarah followed her s****r's pleas.

Sarah was tentative at first as she reached for her s****r's rounded tits. But as her hand covered them, she began kneading the soft mounds and then she sighed. Much to everyone's amazement, Sarah suddenly leaned down and began sucking at her younger s****r's nipple.

That's all it took for Nadine. She trashed on the table, overwhelmed by her b*****r's cock in her pussy and her s****r's mouth at her tits. Her orgasm caused her to scream until Dave was actually worried she would pass out. But he was too busy stroking his cock to do much about it.

Nadine recovered in time to encourage her b*****r to cum inside her. "Give me your cum, Frankie! Your big s****r wants your cum!"

Frank's eyes were glued to where Sarah was still feasting at their s****r's tits and he grunted and thrust violently into Nadine's pussy, giving his s****r the cum she had begged for. When he backed out of her, he watched with his father as the s****rs continued the loving on the table.

Sarah seemed content to suckle her s****r for the foreseeable future but Nadine needed to guide her s****r to her own whims. She raised Sarah's face to hers and though Sarah whimpered when her s****r's nipple left her mouth, she couldn't protest for long because Nadine covered her s****r's mouth with her own.

Dave saw that his son was hard again too as they both watched the two s****rs make out right there in the kitchen. Dave saw his youngest daughter sit up and position Sarah between her legs so that they were pressed together, their tits rubbing against each other. Both girls were letting out sighs and moans but it was Nadine's words that gave Dave the biggest turn on of his life.

Nadine held her s****r's face a breath from hers and said, "Let's go upstairs. I want you to eat my pussy. You can eat the cum Daddy and Frank left in there." When Sarah moaned, Nadine smiled and gave her a small kiss. Then she continued, "And if their cocks are still up to it maybe Daddy and Frank could take turns fucking us."

Sarah seemed eager enough to go upstairs. She grabbed her s****r's hand and helped her off the table. But her eyes were on her s****r's pussy and the first words she spoke since walking in the kitchen were, "Keep your legs together so none if it leaks out."

Dave moaned and all but ran up the stairs with his k**s.


Well this was certainly unexpected. It turned out, Sarah wasn't very interested in her father and b*****r. No. All Sarah wanted was to touch, kiss, and lick her little s****r any way she could. Sure, Dave would have loved for his oldest daughter to want his cock the way his younger daughter obviously did but it was difficult to complain about anything in his life when he got to watch his daughters going at it on his bed.

As for Nadine, she was obviously an equal opportunity partner. She let her b*****r and father alternate fucking the shit out if her. She sucked both of their cocks. She sixty-nined with Sarah and sucked her s****r's tities like they were delicious treats.

At one point, Nadine orchestrated everyone in a way that blew Dave's mind - as well as an enormous amount of cum from his abused cock. Frank sat at the head of the bed while Nadine let him fuck her face with his cock. She bobbed her head up and down, meeting every one of her b*****r's thrusts. As Nadine's ass stuck up in the air, her s****r used tongue, teeth, and lips to pleasure Nadine's pussy. Dave thought he even saw Sarah's tongue slip between her s****r's ass cheeks.

As for himself, Nadine told Sarah to let her father fuck her.

Sarah wasn't into it as first. She told Nadine she'd suck his cock instead. But Nadine was insistent. Once she told Sarah the older s****r would have free reign of Nadine's entire bottom half, Sarah could no longer resist.

Her reluctance was understandable. As Dave slid his large cock into his daughter's soaking pussy he realized his older daughter was a virgin. Oh and she was wonderfully tight. Dave hadn't fucked a virgin since he'd fucked his wife Pam for the first time on their wedding night. The irony struck him that he was both his wife and his daughter's very first fuck.

But the time for thinking soon passed as the four f****y members went wild in their play. Sarah's pain didn't last long or if it did she didn't seem to care. The girl was completely in love with her s****r's pussy. And Nadine seemed to be in heaven as her s****r used her mouth on her while she herself used her mouth on her b*****r.

Dave and Frank were the happiest of all though. Not only were their cocks being enormously satisfied by the two girls but both had perfect views of the entire session. Dave had never felt such pleasure since he was able to screw his daughter while she slurped at his other daughter's pussy who in turn was giving his son the best blow job of his life.

Dave pumped his daughter full of cum with a huge grin on his face.

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Absolutely amazing
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