I SAW THIS AND HAD TO SHARE......Steam is rising up off the water; it was so cold last night we had to move some plants indoors in case of frost. But still the k**s frolicked in the pool, their laughter and shouts easily heard inside the house. We had splurged and opted for a heating system, and though the power bills were quite obscene, the ability to jump in for a swim on the day before Christmas made it all worthwhile. The propane heaters and firepits s**ttered around the deck really made it quite comfortable outside, even in shorts.

It's not often my wife Alicia and I have parties; mostly we keep to ourselves. The pool was really for the k**s, to help keep them active and outside, rather than stuck inside playing video games.

Occasionally, though, we'll invite the neighbors for a cookout and a swim; we had started the tradition of a Christmas Eve bbq years ago. A few neighbor families were here, their k**s the same ages as our own, and, this year, as a special treat, my wife's younger s****r Sandy and her husband Rick were joining us. It had been a long time since we'd seen each other, Sandy and Rick lived in England and never made it out our way.

My mother-in-law had suffered a heart attack earlier in the year, and had decided to leave all the stress of holiday entertaining behind by joining us for our Christmas celebration. Since she was here, Sandy made the trip out west too.

Our twins, 10, had never met Sandy and quickly become enchanted with her easy manner and joking ways. Our oldest daughter Sabrina, who had just turned 19, had been 8 when she'd last seen Sandy, back when my wife was pregnant with the twins and visiting her parents back east. She too, was clinging to Sandy, both of them chatting together practically nonstop since her arrival. I noticed that they had swapped some clothes, and Sandy had taken Sabrina out shopping for clothes earlier in the week, bringing back a car full of bags and a smile on both of their faces.

It was probably a good thing that they were getting on so well; Sabrina had recently drawn into herself, and didn't seem to be communicating much with her mother or me. I smiled to myself, looking at Sandy and Sabrina I was amazed at just how much they were alike. Thinking back, I started to remember that the last time I saw Sandy she had been just about the same age as Sabrina, in her last year of high school. They both had the same athletic look, lean and mean, looking like they could kick some serious ass. Long, dark hair framing pretty blue eyes completed the picture, though Sandy was now wearing hers short. In fact, if I squinted my eyes, I'd have a hard time telling them apart even now. Time certainly had been kind to Sandy.

My wife had been ambivalent about having Sandy and Rick over; she didn't talk much about her s****r, but I seem to remember years ago some minor sniping about "that skinny bitch." I chalked it up to sibling rivalry, and since they didn't even live on the same continent as us, never really thought about the fact that we never saw them.

She and Sandy hadn't really talked much since they had arrived, but Sandy certainly had been trying. As I mentioned, she had really won over the k**s, and today she was very friendly and charming, helping my wife prepare veggies to go with the dip, and moving around, asking the others if they needed more drinks. I had watched her playing with the k**s, and chatting with the rest of the neighbors too. Her husband was engrossed in conversation with a neighbor who shared his profession. As for me, well, I was engrossed in watching his wife sashay around in a short skirt and tank top.

My wife took a break after fixing snacks, she was trying to relax after a long week, and as she had all day, had a big rum fruit drink in her hand. I was busy getting food ready for the grill. Whenever Sandy came into the kitchen to prepare another round of drinks, she'd stop and chat with me, flashing me that brilliant smile. I noticed her peeking out the window I was standing in front of; she could see the clear view of the pool and patio area, as well as the path back up to the house. The next time she went back out, I would swear that her ass was swinging with a bit more sway; she looked back, caught me staring again and winked.

I took a break and joined the fun. At the pool, I noticed my wife napping, the k**s were playing quietly and the neighbors all enjoying themselves. As I nibbled on some chips, Sandy approached me, sitting on the edge of the table right next to me. It put her legs and her hips at eye level to me, so it was a struggle to maintain eye contact. I saw a sly grin grow and she started to spread her legs, the hem of her skirt climbed higher and my eyes widened.

"John, John," I heard her whisper, and looked up. "Do you like what you see?"

I nodded, fearful that someone might overhear us. I needn't have worried, the quiet splashing in the pool and the other conversation around us masked her words.

She opened the gap more, giving me a quick glimpse of white underneath, then quickly closed them again. Her hand was resting on her leg, her thumb drawing lazy circles on her skin. Sandy was chatting on, telling me about her new job but I don't think I comprehended a word she said. Her fingers continued to move on her thigh, slowly pushing up the hem of her skirt.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when she stood up, grinned at me again, and unzipped the side of her skirt and let it fall to her feet. What the fuck?!! Was I dreaming? I quickly looked around to see if anyone else was watching, and when I turned back Sandy had lifted her tank top and dropped it to the ground as well.

Oh my god she looked good. And I was relieved to notice that what I thought had been white panties was really the bottom half of a white bikini, with slender strings at the sides, and a matching top.

She was watching my face as I checked her out from head to toe, and laughing, she waved and sauntered over to the pool, once again swaying that marvelous ass.

Just then Sabrina came out of the house, as I turned to look, I nearly choked on my chips, she was wearing an identical suit as Sandy, and looked just as good in it.

Fuck, I really didn't need to see my daughter like that.

Nope, I needed a drink, or really a cold shower, something to knock down what was tenting my pants. I grabbed a bowl of chips, stood up and went back to the kitchen. Leaning against the counter and looking out the window, I could clearly see Sandy playing in the pool with the k**s. She looked spectacular. The wet suit really clung to her body, I was glad I was not poolside because I'd probably be drooling. Sabrina was swimming close to her, and I was trying my best not to look her way. As it was, I was hard, very erect. I reached down and softly rubbed my cock through my shorts, wishing it were Sandy's hand instead. I lost track of time as I peeped, and I realized I was grinding my crotch against the edge of the counter.

Just then Sandy climbed out of the pool, water trailing down her body, looking like Amphitrite, emerging from the sea offering herself to Poseidon. She really did look like a goddess. She turned away from me and bent over to reach into her beachbag, oh fuck, there was that ass again, the wet bikini straining to cover it. She stood up, and slipped over her head a white and gold crocheted cover-up. But it didn't cover up much, allowing more than just hints of her beautiful bikini to show through.

Just then I noticed my wife stirring on her lounger, looking towards the pool and the k**s. I was glad Sandy was out of the water with her suit covered, I didn't want to hear any complaints about what she was wearing.

Alicia got up and came back into the house, giving me a quick kiss on the lips, and mentioned that it was probably time for Santa to make an appearance. In addition to the bbq, the other tradition we had started was to have Santa come out by the pool, dressed in traditional garb, except that instead of pants, he would wear red and black swimming trunks. We did it when the twins had been babies, and had taken many great photos. We continued it even as they got older, they seemed to enjoy it, and usually there was a young neighbor c***d or two around as well.

I went and got changed, then went out by the pool, merrily shouting "ho, ho, ho!" Alicia glanced up and smiled, then went back to the house to mix up more drinks.

My daughter was taking the pictures this year, and only 3 c***dren were still of an age to believe in Santa, so they each took turns climbing on my lap and whispering their wishes in my ears while their parents looked on and laughed.

When they were done, I started to get up, figuring that my job was complete. Sandy, however, had other ideas. "Wait a minute, Santa," she said, in a little girl voice, "I need to tell you what I want for Christmas." She sauntered over and climbed on my lap, wiggling her ass to get more comfortable.

Fuck. I could feel the soft lusciousness of her cheeks rubbing against my cock which was quickly growing under my swim trunks. "Mmmm, Santa, feels like you're just as happy to see me as I am you," she whispered in my ear, and let her tongue lightly trace around the edge. "I think I just found what I need for Christmas." She wiggled again, my cock nestled right in the crack of her ass.

"Remember the last Christmas wish you granted me Santa?" Sandy was breathing heavily into my ear, her voice so low no one other than me could here, and I was starting to sweat under the fake Santa beard. "Mmmm, I sure remember it. You know what, my s****r is still the same d***ken bitch she was all those years ago...but maybe this time you could put more than just your finger in my ass! I swear I'll be good!" She ground her ass one more time, kissed my cheek and hopped up off me.


Suddenly memories of the last time I had seen Sandy came flooding back to me. It was so long ago, back when my wife and I had been in college. Her mother had insisted that Sandy come visit, she was about to take off to Europe for a semester abroad to finish high school and wouldn't be seeing any f****y for a while.

My wife, though at that time just my girlfriend, had complained, not wanting to have to babysit the "skinny slut." Alicia was more of a full-figured girl, with lots of curves and big breasts that got lots of attention. Sandy was much more athletic and lean, very pretty in her own way, and that always seemed to grate my wife's nerves.

Even back then, my wife was a drinker. She was afraid that having little s****r around would put a damper on our partying. She needn't have worried.

The last night of her visit, a group of us were having a big party on campus. Since it was almost Christmas break, we decided it would be funny to have Santa appear. I was nominated to play the part, and several of my buddies wore antlers and carried me into the room. It was a great deal of fun, lots of d***ken coeds hopping onto my lap for pictures, kissing my cheeks and hugging me.

Alicia got into the role as well, dressing up as a sexy Mrs. Claus, wearing a tight red v-neck sweater that showed off her cleavage. She climbed up onto my lap at one point too. I could smell the punch on her breath, and her words had already started slurring. "Mmmmmm, Santa, baby, I wanna come ride your sleigh tonight, but what are we going to do about Sandy...little miss priss is gonna ruin our fun tonight."

I just kissed her and laughed, giving a quick "ho, ho, ho."

Alicia got up, saying she had to go pee. A few more coeds climbed up on my lap for pictures, and then I was surprised when Sandy took a turn. She put her arms around me and snuggled close while the camera flashed. "Oh Santa, I've been such a good girl, putting up with my s****r and her snide remarks, don't you think I deserve a treat?"

I reached into my sack and pulled out a candy cane, giving it to her.

Smirking, she just shook her head, "that's not the treat I was talking about. I want you, Santa. Well, maybe I haven't been totally good. I've been watching you and Alicia, for a long time now, and I see the fun you guys have." She started wiggling, her ass rubbing against my cock. She continued to whisper in my ear "I want to suck your candy cane, John, tonight. The d***ken bitch is just about ready to pass out. Let's take her home and then I'll take you and all you can give me. I've seen how she never lets you cum in her mouth, well I'm hungry baby, and I've been waiting soo long."

I jumped up, Sandy fell to the floor, laughing, just as Alicia walked back into the room. She sidled up to me, her arms around me and slurred in my ear "let's go home, babe."

I thought the cool night air would help sober her up, but Alicia kept stumbling, walking in between Sandy and me, with her one arm around each of us. I hadn't seen her this d***k in a long time. We got up to her room, where she started incoherently babbling phrases and words. She tumbled right into her bed, and promptly started to snore. Sandy looked at me, rolling her eyes and laughing. We slipped off her shoes, and I undid her jeans and started to slide them off her legs while Sandy watched as a tiny pair of pink panties came into view, with a purple bow on each side.

"Oh, poor baby, guess that's one present you won't be opening tonight." Sandy giggled, "but I've got an even better one right here."

I turned my head to look at her, and saw her skirt sliding to the floor. White lace panties peeked out at me from under the bottom of her tank top. My heart pounded and I caught myself gasping loudly.

Looking from Sandy, the girl I've seen grow up from a spirited tomboy into this sexy young creature almost naked in front of me, then over to her s****r, my girlfriend, passed out on the bed, snoring loudly, I was unsure of what to do next, but I knew for sure it was going to be good.

Sandy lay back on the other bed, her head resting on an arm, her legs splayed out in front of her. "Whatcha gonna do, big man?" Mocking me. Daring me. Smirking, her voice was husky with desire, "why don't you come taste some of this, kiss me like you kiss my s****r, I've watched you lick her, come lick me.....nobody's ever had their tongue here before." She had her fingers tapping softly on her lace-covered mound.

I quickly took two steps over to the bed on which she had sprawled. Hugging her tightly, I inhaled the fragrance in her hair, my hands running up and down her back. Our heads moved closer, her tongue quickly wetting her lips right before they met nice to kiss her, softly, at first, but not for long. Her need, her desire, it was very evident in the way her arms reached around my neck, pulling me tight. My mind had no chance but to give in to the pleasure Sandy offered, the doubts disappeared, less of my mind was worried about her s****r only an arm's length away.

Our tongues sparred, teeth knocking together. Her body pressed against mine, I felt heat pouring from her skin. There was a softness unlike Alicia, Sandy's body was much more firm, a strength to her touch, the way she held on to me, like a ride for which she waited so very long, a ride she wasn't about to give up.

Her lips were so fucking soft, melting against mine, and her tongue was insistent in its pursuit of the inside of my mouth. Christ. I thought I was back in high school, messing around in the basement of my parents' house. Then it dawned on me again, she IS still in high school. And she's my girlfriend's s****r. A surge passes through me, not guilt, though, nor shame. Its need, a craving to possess this gift offered to me. She wanted me, she was going to get me.

I broke off our kiss, pulling back, looking at her body, so different than that of her s****r, the subtle curves and gentle slopes so feminine, yet with firm muscles under skin soft and smooth, seemingly calling out for my touch. I answered that call, of course, my fingers relishing the silkiness of her skin as they blazed a trail that my tongue soon followed. I could taste the saltiness of the sweat that slickened up her skin. I wasn't the only explorer though, and I felt Sandy's hands getting tangled in the hair on my chest, tickling me as they slowly moved down the center of my stomach, and teasing me by traipsing along the waistband of my jeans. She rolled over on her stomach, my fingers tumbling down her spine, following tiny rivulets of sweat, I heard a moan as I reached the small of her back; that moan grew louder as my hand traced the swell of her ass.

Turning her head, she murmured "kiss me John!" and my lips met hers again, a lazy, lingering kiss, lips brushing softly, just the tips of our tongues twisting together.

Difficult as it was to cover up that marvelous ass, I rolled her over on her back once again, and kissed my way up to her ear. "Sandy, baby, you're so fucking hot, take my hand and show me how you touch yourself while you're watching Alicia and me."

Smirking again, this time with a hungry look, Sandy reached out and clasped my hand as she kissed me once again...oh god...her tongue snaking into my mouth, reaching right into the center of my soul.

She placed our hands right at her breast, fingers circling the thin cotton of the tank top. Craving more touch, she removed her top. I whispered "Oh babe, your breasts are so beautiful." Accustomed to neither the cool air in the room, nor the gentle caress of my fingers, her nipples stood out; she guided my fingers to them, showing me the light touch she most likes, the loving pinch and soft tug, each hand cupping a breast.

But then I pinched harder, twisting the firm little bullets; a loud moan slipped from her lips. "Such a dirty girl, letting me fondle you like this while your s****r is less than five feet away."

My lips grazed her neck, teeth dragging lightly as my head moved lower. I bit down and then suck in, leaving a mark; she'll remember this night in more ways than one. Her hands grabbed mine once again and softly pushed them down her abdomen; I felt her ribs glide bumpily by. My mouth reached her breast at the same time our hands hovered over her mound, the heat pouring off. She pressed my fingers into her crease, not only heat but wetness seeping through her panties, coating my fingertips with the essence of her lust. But I wanted more, I wanted flesh, not some dew-soaked cloth, and I reached under her panties. Damn, she was so slick; pulling off her panties completely, she was lying naked next to me, a sexy creature sent down from heaven. My tongue circled her nipple with the same motion that my thumb made around her clit. Sandy's fingers were spreading her lips open for me, the slick folds glistening in the light of the moon. My fingers started to dance, slipping and sliding as they glide around, her slick syrup so moist upon her flesh. My teeth bit softly down on a thickened nipple, tugging gently, stretching out her breast, and hearing her moan, I clenched down even harder.

Her mind was starting to explode from all the different sensations, she grew wetter and wetter with each breath. I could see her heart pounding beneath her breast, and I felt her hips begin to move as she writhed underneath the touch of my fingers. Moaning, groaning, whimpering my name and that of god, her fingers pulled and stretched alongside of mine as my thumb remained relentless in its strumming.

I needed to kiss her again, our teeth crashing into each other in our haste. No gentleness at all anymore, only raw passion, lust indeed. This little slut wanted to see what I'd give her, well she was about to find out. We devoured each other, like wild a****ls in a feeding frenzy. Her tongue assaulted me, plunging into my mouth just as my fingers dove into the tightness of her silky pussy.

She bit down hard and gasped, thrusting her ass up off the bed, aching to take my fingers deeper into that hot, wet velvet glove. Her body trembled, quivered and quaked as her hips hurried in their motion. My mouth dragged down her body once again, intent on joining my fingers in the dance. Her back arched fully, my fingers deep inside her hot, wet cunt. I heard moans grow louder when she realized that part of the heat she's feeling is my breath, my mouth hovering over her mound. She grunted as she lifted her ass even further off the bed, pushing her pussy against my mouth. "Oh god, mmmmm." It's all I heard, followed by a constant moan as my tongue flicked against her clit. Faster and faster, like the strumming of a flamenco guitarist. Honey seeped from her slit, trickling down the crack of her ass. My finger followed the trail and I pushed against her pucker.

My teeth nipped down on her clit, stretching it as I licked, and my finger wormed its way inside her ass. Her entire body was clenching and straining, pussy soaked, skin covered in sweat. I could feel the tension tightening like a string.

And then, all was quiet, for just a moment, followed by a wail rushing out as her body sagged to the bed, my chin feeling a flood from her pussy. Her hands reached down and pushed my face off her, dragging me up with a strength I'd never be able to resist.

Kissing me again and again, licking the moisture from my lips, my chin, her tongue a sponge for all she's soaked me with. She laughed, her body shaking, "fuck yeah....oh fuck yeah, it's your turn now John, I'm about to blow your world." She pushed me, both hands on my chest; I stumbled backwards, landing on Alicia's bed. Leaping like an uncaged tigress, Sandy landed at my feet, her hands quickly grasping my jeans and tugging them open.

My hard cock stretched my underwear, a large damp spot marking the front. I lifted up for a moment and then she got everything down around my ankles and my cock in her hand. I could only feel her soft skin for an instant, and then my head dropped back when the velvet heat of her mouth surrounded me. Fuck. Fuck. I thought her lips were soft when we kissed, but it was nothing compared to the feeling as they encircled my shaft.

Nothing slow either, no trepidation, no maybe here...she was hungry. For me. Her head began to bob, her hand cupping my balls. I leaned back a bit, putting my hands out against the mattress to support myself, but one landed on Alicia's thigh. I looked over, she was still snoring, my hand resting on her thigh, only inches away from her pussy. And her s****r continued to devour me. Sandy looked at me, noticing where my gaze was. Biting sharply, she managed to get my attention. Her finger wagged at me, wanting me to look at her, to watch the pleasure she's giving. Pleasure like I've never felt before. Her head bobbed faster and faster, my cock reaching deeper inside her mouth....fuck, I swear I felt her throat constricting around the head of my cock. She was such a noisy, dirty girl; she was drooling, almost gagging, but not slowing at all. Her eyes locked on mine, I swear I saw laughter in them. She slowed briefly, both hands reaching out for mine, grabbing them, putting them on her head, eyes opening wider, inviting me.

Fuck me.

My fingers curled, her hair tangled in between them, as I tugged hard. Nary a complaint, in fact, I think she bobbed even faster. It's like her mouth was fucking me, all I could do was hold on. But then my hips started to move, and my grip tightened on her head.

Oh. Fuck. Yeah.

Thrusting. Deeper and deeper, the bed began to bounce. If I turned my head I'd have seen Alicia's tits jiggling, I'd have seen her thighs opening wider, I'd have seen a damp spot on her panties, proof of a dirty dream even in her d***ken state. But I didn't turn my head, I couldn't turn my head.

There's no way I could look anywhere but upon the face of the fallen angel on her knees in front of me. Her lips were being crushed with each thrust and I knew she'd be hoarse tomorrow from my cock punishing her throat. But I didn't care about that, I needed only to feed her. Oh fuck I needed to cum.

My eyes squeezed shut as I tugged on her head once more and then I felt my balls burst, shooting jet after jet of hot seed deep into her belly.

I collapsed back onto the bed, my hands finally releasing Sandy's hair, falling right onto Alicia's panty-clad pussy. She didn't budge. Sandy, though, was breathing hard, catching her breath as she wiped my cock on her breasts, smearing the still seeping cum along her nipples. She looked at me with those beautiful, heavily lidded eyes, eyes showing contentment, sated finally, perhaps only momentarily, but filled too with the knowledge that she just gave me something no one had before.

She crawled up onto my body, kissing me as she went, til finally our lips met, and I tasted myself on the mouth of another for the first time ever. Mmmm, such a drink I'd never want to give up. We kissed softly, exploring again, like lovers learning anew, stopping only when Alicia started mumbling. I left quickly and quietly, like a thief, which I was, having stolen the heart of someone I could never really have.

I didn't see Sandy again. Not the next day, when she left for home, nor afterwards, when she went to Europe. Shortly after New Year's, Alicia discovered she was pregnant. Life sure changes. I dropped out of college to support my new f****y which continued to grow, and that short chapter of sin and lust was put behind me and forgotten until today. But man oh man, the rush of memories now was certainly stirring up a lot.


"Dad! Dad!" I was startled back to the present, my daughter calling out to me. I wondered just how long had I been daydreaming. Shit. There was no way I could stand up now. I looked around, trying to see where my wife was. Luckily she wasn't anywhere nearby, but I did see Sabrina standing by the camera, a funny look on her face. She started to walk over to me.

"Hey Santa, maybe I want to make a wish as well." Her voice was quiet, and determined. She climbed onto my lap, I was trying to hold her up, so she wouldn't notice my arousal. But just like her aunt, she wiggled her way down until my cock was nestled in the crack of her ass. Oh fuck me. She had to notice; I was expecting her face to turn red and then she'd get upset and run inside the house. But the only thing she said was "thank you, daddy, you always seem to know what to do to make me feel better. Thanks for putting up with my moods." And with that, she hopped off my lap and went to laugh with Sandy.

My mind was tumbling, and my cock was not getting any softer. After a few more minutes joking with the neighbors, I was finally able to stand up and return to the house passing my wife with a fresh pitcher of drinks headed back to the party. I quickly changed out of the Santa suit and went back to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner. I kept a close eye on the partygoers on the deck; well, to be honest, most of the time I was watching Sandy. Unfortunately she was talking to Sabrina, so I got an eyeful of her as well. My wife had quickly knocked back another drink, and had settled back down in her lounger. Sandy and Sabrina were off to the side of the deck, whispering and giggling like schoolgirls. Sandy turned around to look back at the house, then went back to Sabrina, whispered in her ear and picked up her bag. She turned around again, and walked back up towards the house, looking intently to see if I were watching.

I pretended to be busy, rinsing off more fruit in the sink, as she entered the kitchen. One look at me though, and she knew I had been watching. She came over to me, closer than she'd been all day, giving me a long look at her still damp body under that sexy coverup. I could see her nipples poking out, and I think I could see the dark ring around them. The wet bikini was almost translucent.

She said something about needing to know how many people were here, she was going to take out more drinks. She moved right in front of me, up against the counter, her hands on each side of her, looking out and pretending to count our guests. Her ass moved back, brushing against the front of my shorts. I looked down and could see her slowly grinding it, I could see right through the crocheted mesh, and I could feel her soft ass too.

My hands dropped to her hips, I started pushing up on her, my cock was lined up with the crack of her ass. Mmmm, so soft and supple, and her voice continued to count, never faltering once. I leaned my head close to her ear, so close I could smell her hair, and whispered "Such a naughty s****r-in-law, teasing me like this, with all these people about."

She just laughed again, "Well your wife is just about passed out, and my husband has not looked at me once. It's good to have someone's attention."

She started to say something else, but her voice stopped when she felt my fingers crawl under the coverup, and over her fiery mound. She was soaked, a warm, slick, syrup seeping through her bikini. I could feel the slight bulge of her folds, and pressing my finger more rewarded me with the discovery of her tiny treasure. A moan slipped out as my thumb bounced off her clit. "Oh my god!" she said, but pushed me away, breathing hard. She grabbed up the tray with drinks, and quickly walked back to the pool. I noticed her ass was still swaying.

I stayed in the kitchen, trying to will my cock down, while I relived those past moments in my head. Maybe I was just dreaming, maybe none of that had happened. But I looked down at my shorts and saw a wet spot in the front where she had ground her damp bikini against me.

I glanced out the window, Sandy was making her way back up the path to the house. I couldn't tell what kind of look was on her face.

She came back into the kitchen, sidled up next to me and looked into my eyes. "That felt wonderful, John, but I'm not sure we should tease any further." Although she said this with sincerity, as she was speaking, her hand had drifted to the front of my shorts, her tiny fingers rubbing against my still very erect cock. "You're right, Sandy, no more teasing." I replied, my voice husky with hunger.

My hands reached out, moving her up to the counter once again. "Go ahead and keep watch," I whispered, "make sure we won't be interrupted." I reached over to the side, where a dish of butter stood, waiting to be spread on the garlic bread. I had a better use for it though, and I gathered a bit into my hands, rubbing it all over my fingers.

I placed my hand up under Sandy, I could feel that seductive heat again. This time my fingers slipped under her bikini, and the soft butter mixed with her honey to form a slick spread. My fingers rubbed and probed, I could reach her hot little pussy from behind. She spread her legs more, and my thumb pressed against her tight little rosebud.

Another shocked gasp escaped from her mouth, followed by a moan, and her hips moving back, forcing her ass onto my thumb. So fucking tight. And hot. My thumb imprisoned in a carnal cell. The butter was so slick, and her ass so inviting, I pushed in and out, thumbing her pretty ass over and over again.

"Oh no," she cried, "no." But she continued to move, not once pulling away.

I was so fucking hard, I needed this, badly. With a quick glance out the window making sure no one was approaching, I pulled down my shorts and let my cock slap against Sandy's ass. I reached for the butter with my free hand, coating my fingers once again. Then moving to my cock, sliding them all over my shaft, oh it felt so fucking good, but I knew it couldn't compare to what I was about to experience.

I removed my thumb from her pucker, butter still smeared all around, and placed the head of my prick right there, pushing slowly and oh fuck, so tight, so hot....Jesus Christ I was in her ass. Still pushing, hearing a low moan from Sandy, and even though she wasn't moving, she was letting me take what she'd been teasing me with all week. I looked down, watching my cock disappear inside her, watching her hands reach behind her, spreading her cheeks as I pushed in deeper. I was all the way in, my hands on her hips, holding her tight as I pulled out and then plunged back in.

Her hands moved back to the counter, giving her leverage to push back against my thrusts. Her ass was so fucking tight, my cock must have been splitting her, but all I heard from her was "more, more, give me fucking more you bastard!" And I did. I knew I didn't have long, I don't think I could have lasted long anyway as good as she felt. I grunted, drooling onto her back as I pounded away at her ass.


I felt it building in my balls, and then like a train rushing through a tunnel, I was cumming, harder and quicker than I've ever cum before, filling her ass with spurt after hot spurt of my seed.

"Oh fuck, so fucking good" my dirty girl must have been excited. Then came sounds I'd never heard before, sounds from deep inside her. Her knuckles were white as her hands pressed against the counter, and she pushed back her ass onto my cock. Finally I heard "Oh God" and then her body shook as a hot flood poured from her box, mixing with my seed and trickled down her thighs.

Her head rested against the counter for a moment, my cock still thick, and still deep inside her. "Christ, John, that was good. We should have done that years ago." Her words broke up the cloud that was in my head. I realized where we were, I pulled out of her sexy ass and pulled my shorts up. She straightened out her bikini bottoms, picked up a dishtowel and wiped off her thighs. She gave me a quick kiss and walked out the door.

I turned back to the platter of food, shaking my head, trying to make sense of all that had happened. Picking up the dishtowel she had used, I put it to my face and inhaled. Mmmmm. Smelled like lust, and passion, the mixture of us both, and though completely spent, I started getting hard again. I heard the door open again and turned around, expecting that Sandy had forgotten something.

It was Sabrina.

I wondered what she had seen, and why she had that look on her face once again.

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2 years ago
What a great story...lucky guy