It had been an exciting day at work. Lucy, Eric, Phil,
Harriet and Lamont had all signed big contracts, which
meant the company would have to expand its work f***e to
meet the rising demand. It looked like the economy was
finally improving. This had been one of the best Fridays
the company had had since the economic downturn a couple
or three years ago.

Their boss, Bill, said that he'd treat them all to
dinner and drinks after work to celebrate. Lucy, Phil
and Harriet all called their spouses to give them the
good news and to let them know they'd be home late.
Harriet came back to say that in the excitement, she'd
forgotten that she and her f****y had to go to her in-
laws that evening. Bill took her aside, gave her $100 on
the sly, and told her to have fun with her f****y.

Bill took the rest of them to a nice restaurant and
ordered two bottles of champagne with dinner. When a
small orchestra came in and began playing, he asked Lucy
to dance. When their dance finished, he urged Lamont to
dance with her. Bill made sure everyone had something
light to drink while they watched Lucy dance with
whoever was next. Everyone stayed relatively sober as
they had to drive home later. Lucy was on the dance
floor most of the evening. The men were all gentlemen
and barely touched the edges of propriety as they held
Lucy in their arms.

Everyone was telling jokes, including Lucy, and having a
good time. When the restaurant started emptying around
10:00 that evening, Lucy suggested they go to her place
for more drinks and dancing. Why not? Everyone was
having fun. Lucy loved dancing although her husband
didn't, and she wanted to dance some more. The men
agreed. After all, they liked holding a beautiful woman
in their arms and, while they were uneasy about letting
their hands wander in a public restaurant, maybe they
could finally get to feel up the beautiful Lucy.

Even Bill, or maybe especially Bill, wanted to feel up
Lucy. Bill was the oldest one in the group this evening,
and was old enough to be Lucy's father. In fact, he was
Lucy's father, although no one in the company knew that
except him and Lucy.

Everyone followed Lucy to her split-level house on a cul
de sac. After everyone was in the house, she said, "Try
not to wake my husband and k**s."

Lucy and Tom's house was on three levels, but was only
two stories high. The garage, kitchen, dining room,
living room and a restroom were on the lowest level. At
an intermediate level were two room that Tom and Lucy
used for their personal space. Four bedrooms were off
the hall at the top level. The house was on a hill, and
the hall was at such an angle that light from the ground
floor didn't shine directly into it. The house was also
well insulated for sound, so that people talking in
normal voices in the living room could not be heard in
the back bedrooms. Still, Lucy didn't want to take the
chance of waking her k**s or her husband.

Lucy got glasses from the kitchen and bottles from the
liquor cabinet, and served everyone drinks. After she
put on soft jazz, she grabbed Lamont and began dancing
with him. When Lamont's hands began wandering, Lucy put
his hands back and wagged a finger at him. She next
danced with Phil. When Phil's hands started wandering,
she stepped back and wagged a finger at him before
stepping back into his arms. On his turn, Eric pulled
Lucy close so that she could feel his erection against
her belly. When his hands dropped to her butt, she
pulled them away, stepped back, wagged a finger at him,
but stepped back into his arms, letting him pull her
close again.

Lucy was relieved when it was Bill's turn. She could
feel herself starting to get wet from all the attention,
and she thought dancing with Bill would be a sort of
timeout. She was wrong. Bill pulled her close enough for
her to feel his erection. When Lucy whispered "Dad?" in
Bill's ear, Bill moved his right hand down to hold
Lucy's butt, and his left hand up to feel her right
boob. Lucy was so shocked at her father's actions that
she didn't move his hands, step away, or wag a finger at

Everyone was watching Bill fondle Lucy and all the guys
wanted their turn.

They got it. They each danced in turn with Lucy, only
this time Lucy didn't stop them when they felt her up.
Phil was the first to move Lucy's hair so that he could
kiss her lightly on her neck. She just gasped and felt
herself get wetter. Eric tried raising her skirt, but
she stepped away before returning to his arms. She felt
positively squishy between her legs now. Just knowing
that all four men wanted to feel her, fondle her, and
fuck her was making her so wet that her juices had
soaked her pantyhose and were halfway down her thighs by
the time it was Bill's turn again.

When Bill moved his hand into her cleavage and under her
bra, Lucy shuddered and took a stop back. Only she
couldn't go very far because Eric was behind her. Lucy
felt the tap open in her pussy, and knew she was going
to get well-fucked tonight.

Eric unzipped the back of Lucy's dress, which Lucy let
fall to the floor. Bill got his hand into Lucy's panties
while Phil pulled down her pantyhose. While Bill
fingered her clit, Eric undid Lucy's bra and let it
fall. Lamont and Phil began suckling her breasts while
Eric fondled them from behind. Bill pulled down her
panties and made her step out of her shoes, pantyhose,
and panties. Bill looked up and said, "God, I thought
you were a natural blonde!"

The guys all stepped around to look.

"She is!"

"Her tits are so big and firm!

"She's got great legs and baby-making hips!"

"She's fucking beautiful!"

"And look at her butt! I'd love to eat dinner off of

Lamont drew his hand up from her knee and said, "Wow!
She's soaked halfway down her thighs! This woman needs a

Lucy asked, "Why am I the only one naked?"

The men quickly undressed. Bill asked, "Who's first?"

Lucy looked at them all, and said, "Lamont! He's the
biggest! He'll also be my first black man!"

Lucy grabbed Lamont's cock and pulled him with her as
she lay down on the floor. She put his cock to the
opening of her cunt and said, "Just push it in me! I'm
already warmed up!"

And she was. She was so wet and horny that one thrust
was all it took for Lamont to bury his cock in his
beautiful blonde co-worker. Lucy had her first orgasm of
the night when she felt Lamont's cock kissing her cervix
at the same time his balls bounced against her butt. She
screamed into his mouth as she came in an effort to keep
from waking her f****y upstairs. When she pulled her
lips away, Lamont asked, "Can I come inside you?"

"I don't care," Lucy replied before pulling Lamont's
mouth to hers again as she was having an orgasm every
time his cock hit bottom.

Phil said, "Look at her! She's fucking him as much as
he's fucking her!"

Eric said, "I can't wait to try her! I've never been
with a woman so enthusiastic! This'll be great!"

Lucy was wrong when she thought she didn't care if
Lamont came inside her. When she felt him squirting deep
in her womb, she wrapped her legs around him to pull him
deeper, screamed into his mouth, and passed out.

When she came to, Phil and Eric were suckling her
breasts while Bill was moving juices from her gaping
pussy to her asshole. Lamont was sitting on the floor,
still semi-hard.

Phil said, "We flipped a coin, and I'm next," before
turning Lucy over onto her hands and knees. As Phil
started fucking Lucy, Eric and Lamont put their faces
below her breasts so that they could suck and chew on
her nipples. Bill continued moving fluids from her pussy
to her asshole. Lucy put her mouth against someone's
side, she wasn't sure whose, as her orgasms started
again. She again had a huge orgasm while Phil came
inside her, but she didn't pass out this time.

Eric had Lucy climb over him so that she was on top
riding his dick. Lucy flopped down on Eric's chest, not
because she didn't want her boobs worked on, but because
she was too tired to hold herself upright anymore. All
her energy went into rubbing her hips against Eric's
trying to get him deeper and to rub her clit as hard as
she could. It was working. She kept her mouth glued to
Eric's as she came continuously. She stopped moving and
had a big orgasm when she felt Eric coming inside her.

She lay there, exhausted, Eric still semi-hard inside
her, when she felt Bill putting something slippery into
her asshole. She looked back and asked, "What?"

"Cooking oil," said Bill.

"I've never..." began Lucy.

"You will soon," said Bill, as he rubbed oil over his

Lucy was too tired to try to stop him. Besides, she'd
often wondered what a cock in her ass would feel like.
She might as well let her dad take her anal cherry.

Lucy was tight in her ass. "Loosen up, Lucy," said her
dad. "You want to lose your last cherry, don't you? Push
out like you're taking a dump."

Lucy tried that, and found that she was looser. As Bill
slowly f***ed his cock into her ass, Lucy started
wiggling her hips, and she felt Eric starting to get
hard inside of her again. "Oh, God!" she said just
before kissing Eric as her orgasms started again. Bill
was all the way in, and pulling out. "Put it back!" she

"I'm just gonna fuck you, Lucy! I'll be back," said

"Ahhh!" Lucy said when Bill started fucking his cock
back up her ass, and then "<blurb>" when Phil stuck his
dick in her mouth. That didn't work well, though. She
passed out again when she felt Eric coming in her pussy
at the same time that Bill was coming in her ass. When
Bill woke her and try to get her to clean his cock, she
said, "Wash that first!"

Throughout the next couple of hours, Lucy found that she
could handle two dicks at a time, but when the guys
filled all three holes, all her attention was on her
pussy and ass, and she ignored the cock in her mouth.
She was OK with a cock in her mouth and a cock in her
pussy, or with a cock in her mouth and a cock in her
ass, but not all three at the same time.

After Bill, she didn't make the guys wash their cocks
after they'd been in her ass, but went ahead and licked
them clean. She really, really (I mean really!) loved
having a cock in her pussy and another in her ass at the
same time. All four men got at least each hole at least
once, but they loved DP'ing Lucy best. She loved it
best, too.

Eventually, the guys were fucked out. They had to go
home. Lucy stayed naked, sperm and her own juices
leaking from her pussy and ass, while the men got
dressed. It was the wee hours of the morning, so Lucy
took a chance and kissed each of them in the doorway for
all to see, her naked, the men dressed. She kissed her
hand and waved it at them from the doorway as they drove

She closed the front door, turned around, and gave a
small shriek when she saw her husband Tom standing there
naked with a small video camera in his hand. "I wanna
fuck you, too!" Tom said.

"How much did you see?"

"All of it. I was in my office when I heard you come in.
I started the camera when I realized you were going to
get fucked. God! That was so exciting!" Tom said.

"So you're not going to divorce me?" Lucy asked.

"Hell no! I want you to be my slut, too! You're so
beautiful, I've always felt a little guilty keeping you
to myself!"

"I thought you wanted a good wife and mother!"

"I do, but I also want a beautiful slut! Now get over
here an lie on the floor so that I can record us
fucking!" Tom said as he positioned the camera on a

"You recorded us?" Lucy asked as she lay down.

"Yup. It's got the four hour battery and the really huge
chip. I got it all, and there's enough left to get us,
too!" Tom said.

"You recorded me fucking my father?" Lucy asked.

"Yup. It was so hot, I came without touching myself!"
Tom replied. "Now spread 'em! I'm gonna fuck you now,
you beautiful, gorgeous slut of mine!"

Tom had no trouble going balls-deep into Lucy's pussy.
He pulled out and also had no trouble going balls-deep
into Lucy's ass. He kept alternating holes while putting
hickies on Lucy's neck and upper breasts. "You're so
beautiful, and I love you so much! I've always loved the
way you fuck back! It was so exciting watching you fuck
your co-workers! And your father!! Oh, God, what a slut
I married! Fucking your own father!"

Lucy was having orgasms again. Tom loved her. He wasn't
going to divorce her. He liked her being a slut. He
really liked her fucking her own father! Oh, she was
coming hard, now.

Having already come twice while watching his wife fuck
her father and her co-workers, Tom had staying power
this morning. He had to think of things to increase his
excitement, or he wasn't sure he'd be able to come.

"I think you're going to be the company slut, now, Lucy!
You're probably going to be fucking them and all the
other guys at work every day! Your father for sure! Your
father's probably going to want you to become a whore to
increase sales! Just think, Lucy! You'll be fucking
strangers for money! You'll be fucking them to get them
to sign a contract with you! You can bring them home, if
you let me know ahead of time so I can get the k**s out!

"Oh man! I want to record you with strangers! Maybe we
can take you out, find strange men, and have you fuck
them in a parking lot! What a whore you'll be! I wanna
watch and record it! And you know what else? What if you
go off the pill? What if you take the chance on getting
pregnant! You can fuck your father, you can fuck blacks,
you can fuck Mexicans! Tell them you're fertile, and
I'll bet they have big comes! If you're a whore, we'll
be able to afford it! Oh! Oh! Ah!"

Tom was finally coming. He started in Lucy's ass, but
pulled out finish what weak squirts he had left in her

"Who know? I'm gonna be fucking you every day, too, so I
might even be the father!"

Tom's excitement was too much for Lucy. She passed out
again from her last orgasm. Tom carried her up the
stairs to their bed, and they fell asl**p in each
other's arms, sticky and leaking all over the bed.

They were saner in the morning and didn't actually
follow through on Tom's suggestions. Still, Lucy stopped
wearing pantyhose, wearing stockings and garters or
thigh-highs instead, and did become her dad's sex toy at
work. For special company events, Lucy would invite some
of her co-workers home for another orgy, letting Tom
know so that he could record them.

Lucy felt three k**s was enough, and didn't go off the
pill, much to Tom's disappointment.

The End

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