My wife of 30 years and I were driving back south following attendance of my s****rs 25th wedding anniversary. We were streaking down I-55 in southeastern Missouri. This is very very flat land and a most boring drive for over a hundred miles. Our conversation turned to the anniversary celebration.

"Honey," my wife Sherrie inquired. "Did you get that private time with Annette (my s****r) that we talked about on the way up last week?" She grinned and punched me lightly on the right shoulder. I had to smile back at her as I reached over to touch her soft left cheek then pull on her left ear lobe.

"Yep shore did," I emphasized my best country western accent. "I guess it was so discreet that even you didn't notice when we were both gone from the c***dren and other relatives for the hour we had together. Ya know, she really needed me badly this time to. We got together three times. I knew she knew of at least two of those times for she had set it up for us with the other guests to be occupied on the deck. You may have noticed how weakly her husband seemed to be. He's put on a hundred pounds, seems like, and breathes heavy even at rest. s*s says he hasn't paid her any attention in over a year. He doesn't even give her a hand in bed. She is so frustrated again. At least now, she has been satisfied completely and I do mean completely. Your permission and suggestion for me to help her was a wonderful gift for her. Of course, I enjoyed it also."

Sherrie's hand slipped into my lap as we drove. She found my assistant laying sl**ping between my thighs. Her massage brought tingles of delight and images of a romp at the motel tonight.

"I'm glad I could help her by loaning you to her again after all these years. Do you think your little man has recovered enough for us to play tonight?" I felt her squeeze my balls gently.

"I'm sure with some of your help, my little guy will be hard at work in no time at all satisfying you and me." I reached over and pressed my hand into her pussy area. She pressed her hand on top of mine and wiggled around a little in her right front seat of our new Jaguar.

"To bad we have another four hours of driving before we get to the motel." I ventured with another couple of pressurized pats to her muff.

She smiled demurely, looking over at me and whispered. "I have something to tell you to. Right now I want a nap." With that she lowered the seat back and relaxed. I was basically alone in the car as she cuddled with her light blanket.. As the miles tumbled by, my thoughts turned back 15 years ago when my s****r first became my sexual partner. I remembered with wonderful sweetness the way Sherrie and I had made our decision. I could recall the exact words even now, some 15 years later. My cock responded, pressing my pants into an uncomfortable bulge. My memory went back easily to the time that my wife and I were living in Tampa, Florida.

I had been assigned to the MacDill Airf***e Base as a general physician. By that time I had eight years active duty behind me, a loving wife and three c***dren ages 8, 6 and 4. We lived in officers base housing. I had just won my silver oak leaves as a lt. Colonel. The accommodations were very comfortable. Three c***dren and the silver oak leafs qualified us for a four bedroom stand alone house. My wife Sherrie was a stay at home (not employed) mom. She was active in the officers wives club and several local charities, when she had time.

I worked at the military doctors pace, which translated into supervising several physician assistants, trying to appear busy and following military protocol. Cook book medicine was dull and giving the generals wives priority irritating. The base was top heavy in "brass", it being the headquarters for the Joint Strike Command. I was used to seeing Army, Navy and Marine Corp brass plus the Air f***e officer staff. At the time I was 37 years old, great physical shape and a sharp military dresser. The top brass wives were frequently coming on to me and I had to learn how to fend them off without making them mad or embarrassed. This was kind of fun. My wife knew of their flirting and not to subtle attempts at seduction. We shared everything on a nightly basis. Our cuddly times after some wild locked bedroom door sex gave ample opportunity to share our daily lives totally.

Sherrie was not without opportunity also. The wives club had several little cliques of women who were into the lifestyle of swapping husbands. She was invited but we never participated. We both had exactly what we wanted and needed at home, and we had plenty of each other all the time. Neither of us went to work or through the day sexually frustrated or in need.

My younger s****r, Annette, was not nearly as fortunate as I in the bedroom scene. Her husband was a true redneck. Annette found out only to late that marriage was to him only the legal way to satisfy himself. He never thought of my s****r's needs. s*s confided to us that she had to go to the bathroom after he was through fucking her to masturbate to climax. Her sex life was unsatisfying. He never really made love to her. Slam bang and not even the thank you mam was his style in bed. He bragged to his buddies about how hot my s*s was. He even offered her to them without her consent. This brought about their first separation.

Annette, that's my 'little' s****r, called my wife on night about midnight. Annette was crying. She was at a motel with her three c***dren, having walked out on her husband when two of his drinking buddies showed up with her husband with promises of sex with her. The scene got ugly and almost physical. She had been hit once before but had learned to defend herself. He was not going to hit her again and walk away with his testicles attached. That had been a promise she intended to keep.

The next day our f****y piled into our 12 passenger van and drove up to rescue her. We took her three grade school and two p*****n c***dren to her s****r-in-laws home for safe keeping. Then we drove back to Tampa with my s****r and my f****y. s*s got one bedroom while our k**s doubled up. Our k**s loved her and she loved our k**s. s*s stayed with us six weeks total as she tried to put her life and marriage back together. It finally worked and she returned to him. Things were never good between them. They made a good show of f****y but he left a year or so later for a 'job' in St. Louis but the suspicion was he was off with a gay guy. That was never proved but suspicions were strong. She took him back as nothing could ever be proved that he had done anything except take a good paying job and had to live somewhere near his work.

Anyway, s*s stayed with us. Sherrie and Annette became fast friends. They talked about everything. One evening after supper, when the k**s had gone next door to play, Annette, Sherrie and I were left with dirty dishes, desert, coffee and talk after supper.

Annette began, "John, Sherrie and I have been talking of many things. I am so jealous of your happy marriage. When I married Dick, I was so hoping that we would have what you all have. In particular, I now know how loving a couple you are. Along with that, Sherrie has shared how you two make your marriage bed one of total sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Dick and I have never had any of that."

She continued telling me of her (Sherrie had heard this before) total lack of sexual satisfaction and unmet needs. They had never had sex except in the missionary position. Neither had touched the other genitals with their lips. Dick was rough in sex, using my s****rs body to masturbate into. She began to cry lightly, closing her face with her hands. Finally, she excused herself from the table and ran , weeping, up to her bedroom.

Sherrie followed her and I heard her consoling my s****r. I was amazed and taken back. My heart went out to my s****r but I could not think of anything I could do to help. Perhaps I could talk to her husband, Dick but we were not even friends, just f****y by marriage. I thanked heaven they didn't live close to us. I couldn't have taken a steady diet of her revelations.

In a few minutes, Sherrie came downstairs and sat at the supper table across from me again. She started the conversation.

"John, do you know that Annette has never experienced a real orgasm with Dick in her. He always unloads his wad first and quick. He never engages in petting and foreplay. He shoots off, roles over and goes promptly to sl**p. They don't even have a cuddly time after he shoots off and satisfies himself. It's just awful what she has put up with this all these years. Her just being here as shown her a lot about a loving marriage. We should find a way to show her the intimate side of our marriage and love affair. I have some ideas but we need to talk about them. Is now a good time for you?"

Now you have to know that I have had more than b*****r / s****r interest in my s****rs body. When I was about 16 and she was 13, and beginning to really bud out, I made several awkward and feeble attempts to get into her panties. I always chickened out to soon. I was so afraid she would scream and I would get caught by my parents. I didn't want to **** here either. As a result, with her first little hint of not being willing I always quit. If only I had known that girls always do that even when they are interested. I had listened in on some of her telephone conversations with her girl friends and knew she was interested in sex. Her best girlfriend was interested in me. Annette and her friends had talked of getting us together but nothing ever happened. I was so backward back then. I must have missed a jillion opportunities. Anyway, back to our conversation with Sherrie.

I replied "Sherrie, now is as good a time as ever. It's always best to talk about something when you are thinking about it. To many politicians talk about stuff they don't know about so let's talk. First though, you have to know two things. One is I will never do anything to put our marriage at risk. I never have and never will. Second, since teenage, I have had lustful ideas about my s****rs body. I have put those ideas away in cold storage since I met you. You are the only woman I want not."

"So did I get off on the wrong track with this? What exactly were you thinking about. Would we voyeur or bedroom activities for her? Would we just talk about it? Do you propose a threesome? Do you propose I just I would have sex with her? I'm willing to listen to whatever you are thinking about."

Sherrie smiled, reached over and caressed my arm. She always did that when she wanted something. I grinned and reached over to caress her arm in return. That was my signal that what ever she wanted she was likely to get. "I'm almost afraid to say what I'm about t say, John." she whispered. Her tone had become so intense yet quiet. I haven't said anything to Annette about this. You and I always talk about important things before we decide so this is one of those very important things for us to talk out." She continued.

"Here is what I am thinking. If Annette is okay with this, and she must be totally okay with this to, then we might do it. I want you to show her what loving, caring sex is. I want you to make romantic love to her. I don't want you to tell her you want to divorce me and marry her. That is an absolute no! no! But you would seduce her, with my full permission. I would want to be neither involved, nor watch nor even want to hear about the details later. She deserves to know what truly sensuous romantic loving sex is. Maybe she could learn how to seduce her husband so her married life would be vastly improved. What do you think?"

"Sherrie, I don't want to appear to eager but I agree with your idea. Do you think that her watching us first is a good idea?"

"You certainly were really quick to agree." she prodded me and grinned, reaching over to hold my hand. "but I don't think her watching us would be helpful to her. She needs the experience, not just a visual image."

"How do we proceed from here, Sherrie," I questioned her in a very sincere tone. My heart was already frisking right alone.

"Let me talk to Annette first. She has to be very willing to." she replied as she got up and walked briskly up the stairs and disappeared into the bedroom where Annette was.

In a few minutes, they both appeared, holding hands as they dismounted the stairs. I stood up to greet them then seated each at the table.

Sherrie began speaking in a calm but assured voice. "We have arrived at an historic occasion," she announced in a faked formal tone and a smile on her face. "Unfortunately we don't have a glass of Champaign to celebrate."

Looking back and forth between Annette and me, judging our responses, she continued. "It is my intention, with the full agreement of my faithful loving husband, that I share you with Annette the warmth and passion of what a romantic sensual sexual encounter is. I know you each love each other as b*****r and s****r. We have all agreed that what transpires will be kept in strictest confidence forever. We have agreed that this is to be free of future guilt on everyone's part. Additionally, we are agreed that no marriage bonds are to be uprooted or broken. Annette still is and will be married to Dick. John, you and I will always be committed to each other in marriage. I have no desire to watch or know the details of what you do. I already know what will transpire. So far as I am concerned whatever you decide to do, that is consensual between you, is okay with me. All I need to know is when and where you do it so I and the k**s can be out of your hair." With that she leaned back in her chair, took a long slow breath, indicating she had had her say.

We all just sat quietly, digesting the situation.

Annette blushed a little and smiled demurely at me and said, "John, I have never told you, or anyone this before, but when I was growing up, I wondered what it would be like to have sex with you. When you made those teenage passes at me, I always said no but in my mind I wanted you so bad. I never felt guilty for having those thoughts even though I knew the world would collapse around me if we ever got caught. Now, we have that opportunity where no one will be hurt, perhaps I will be helped and perhaps Dick will be helped also. I would do nothing to hurt Sherrie or you or your marriage. Perhaps we should think about this for a few days. You and Sherrie talk some more to be sure that what we propose won't hurt her or your marriage."

In my mind I wanted to take her up to our bedroom right then and complete what I had dreamed and masturbated over so many years ago. I never got to speak for the c***dren broke into the front door like an ocean breaker, insuring that our discussion was over for the time being.

After the k**s were tucked away for the night Sherrie and I took the opportunity to pillow talk. My left arm was under her neck and my right hand played gently on her tummy. Her left hand touched my cheek as our lips met. Our tongues played for a moment but neither of us felt like going farther than cuddling.

I began, " You know how much I love you. You know that I will always be faithful to you. I will do nothing, ever to corrupt our marriage. Thinking about and fantasizing about me with Annette is one thing, even sharing it with her but to actually put this into action in the real is a whole 'nother thing. I'm really concerned about how we will feel the next day. What if Annette and I want to do it more than once. Actually we will need more than one time to learn about sex. You know, it took us several years together before we began to do some of the things we now enjoy with each others body.

I would love to teach her and to enjoy her charms at the same time but I worry that you will want to have another man just as I have will have had another woman. That is totally unacceptable to me and a potential marriage breaker. Yet it only seems fair for you to have another sexual partner somewhere along the line.

This proposition to share me with Annette is fraught with real potentially serious problems. It's not to late to call it all off." I rubbed her hips sensually.

"John, I have been thinking the same things. Nevertheless I do believe we will be okay afterwards. If it takes several sessions with her then I am okay with that. She is clean and you are clean so there is no chance of an STD. You have had a vasectomy so she can't get pregnant. The only things I ask of you is for you not to do it in this, our marital bed and that the c***dren must never know either. Perhaps the best way is for you to take her on a date and end up in a motel room. You could call me if you were to decide not to come home for the night. I'm really okay with you two together."

"Let's see how it goes" I whispered. "I'm still nervous about it."

We drifted off to sl**p, me spooning her from the rear as sl**p overtook us.

The next day took Sherrie and the k**s went to MacDonald's for a hamburger lunch. Sherrie told me, "this is the time to make our plans with Annette."

I took Annette's hand and led her to the couch. We sat close together. Our hips mashed together as my left arm went around her shoulders. I began the conversation.

"Annette, I hope you and Sherrie have had ample opportunity to talk about this. Now is the time Sherrie has given us to make our plans without her or the k**s overhearing us." I looked into her glistening bright brown eyes. She had put on makeup and looked very appealing.

"John, Sherrie and I have had several short and long talks over the past several days. I do believe she is comfortable with this. I am more than ready, in fact anxious to get on with it. I have wanted you for so many years. Its hard to believe we can do this in such an open and caring fashion." She leaned over, pulled my head down (I didn't object at all) and kissed me. Her lips were soft and warm, The wrinkles of her lips were different from Sherrie's.

We held the kiss for a delicious moment. My tongue parted her lips and outlined her lips. She took a deep breath, held my face with both hands and swabbed my tonsils with her tongue. Automatically, my hands went to her breast to feel her firmness yet soft to as my hand massaged her breast. Her left hand went to my crotch to squeeze my growing hardness. My breath grew shorter as I eased over to face her, pulling her to me as we fell onto he ouch facing each other. I rubbed my bulge on her pubes and gripped her buttocks digging my finger tips into her spreading cheeks. Her hands ran up and down my back and sides as we kissed and engaged in a full body massage. I was soon going to get out of control. I nibbled her neck and sucked her ear lobe.

She whispered. "We don't need to plan for later. I want to have now. Afterward we can plan for he second and third lessons. Please take me now, John."

"The k**s will be back soon, to soon for us to do it now, Annette." I complained. "I am supposed to make this romantic and sensual and highly Erotic. Here we are, both of us horny and ready to go but with practically no foreplay. No candles. No perfume or chanpaign. Just a rug and a horny couple." She kissed me again hard, saying. "No they won't be back to soon. Sherrie and I talked this morning and she is taking the k**s to the park. I will call her when she can come home. Let's just do it. I have waited to long and I'm so horny I might grow horns on my pussy if we wait much longer." She insisted. I certainly would not disagree as I had wanted her since puberty.

I stood up and started to disrobe. As I slipped my shirt off she was reaching over her shoulders to take off her bra and blouse. I ripped of my trousers, kicking them to the side. My erection was huge and hard. Her breasts we at least C cup and hung sensually. Her pubic bush was mashed down from the f***e of her panties that now lay on the floor by her feet. We embraced, standing up, my cock pressing to her rounded belly. Her breasts pressed on my chest and her nipples felt like rocks. We kissed with intensity. Our tongues did not touch.

I pulled her down onto the rug. She came willingly, laying on her back and spreading her legs with bent knees. I looked at her beautiful auburn bush. She was leaking fluid as was I. I knelt between her knees, taking my cock in my hands, I pointed my tip at her pussy lips and bent forward. My hand at her right side, my other hand making sure my tip touched her wet entrance. Before I could get my right hand beside her breasts to steady myself, she thrust up, impaling my cock into her hot wet pussy. I lost balance and fell onto her, my cock jammed fully into her and our pubes hitting almost painfully. We both laughed at our mutual teenage like eagerness.

I began to thrust hard and deep, riding her high so that my shaft rubbed her clit. Moving my hips in circles, my hands now on her breasts and my fingers and thumbs twirling her nipples I sucked her neck.

She was gasping already. Tossing her head back and forth she was moaning in a most provocative way. I felt my cum building pressure rapidly. I sensed she was near her first climax with a penis imbedded in her vagina. I told her I was also close. Her legs straightened out. She was humping me and rolling back and forth, gasping she could not answer as her first orgasm washed over her. Her vaginal spasms were intense. She humped me hard as I shot my load into her. She gasped again and again. I thought maybe she couldn't breathe so I pushed up off her tummy, leaving only my pubes resting on hers with my softening cock withdrawing a little. Finally she took a huge breath and looked at me. My cum was draining from her pussy as she rubbed it over her pubic hairs.

"That was awesome, John. That was magnificent. Oh My Gosh, I never had anything like that before." She pulled my head down to her lips and kissed me once again. She didn't know how to French kiss so we just mashed lips together. I finally pulled back and thanked her for a very good "fuck". She smiled. I smiled. We got up and collected our clothes. She stuffed several Kleenex between her legs after wiping my cumm off her legs. I wiped up the cum drippings off the rug and sprayed deodorant on the stain and around the room.

"Annette, you take a shower first. Then I will and you can call Sherrie to come home any time" She practically ran to the shower, throwing her clothes into her room.

There were several more times we had together with much more time for foreplay, candles, an evening meal together with just the two or three of us. We did it in every position but always either in her bedroom or in a hotel room I had rented for that overnight purpose. I showed her the happiness of cuddling before and after. I showed her how to spoon and how to give head. I ate her out several times to show her how to get Dick to please her. She was gone all to soon.

We were now approaching Memphis and the traffic picked up quite a lot. Sherrie awakened after her hour nap. Sherrie was refreshed. I was not at all tired. My daytime dream of remembering my first times with my s****r were still clear and highly erotic. My underwear was more than moist. Sherrie reached over to give my still hard cock a loving squeeze.

"What's with your hard on, John?" she inquired.

"I was remembering my first times with Annette, Sherrie." I replied nonchalantly.

"Does that mean you can't or aren't going to remember this last time? She inquired. I grinned at her.

"Does that mean you don't want to hear about it or just not hear the juicy sexy detail?" I inquired. "You finally wanted the details from when Annette visited us 15 years ago. Let's get off I-55 before we talk to much more okay? And, incidentally, I want to know what you have to tell me. You mentioned that before you went off for your nap. I know of a good catfish restaurant here in Memphis. Let's eat, buy a bottle of wine, find a motel, take a swim then we can talk at poolside with our wine." She agreed.

After a good catfish supper and with our overnight bags in the motel, we swam for a while, basked in the late evening warmth typical of Memphis in late summer and listened to the thunderstorm in the distance. As the night approached I moved our lounge chairs closer together parallel. My hand found hers. I tickled her crotch through her wet bathing suit. She always wore a conservative bathing suit. I didn't care because she always looked great to me regardless of what she wore.

"Okay, Sweetie," I began, "its your turn to tell me now." I rubbed her pussy crease as I spoke to her.

"Well I knew exactly where for you were when I couldn't find you. I wasn't going to interfere either because I knew Annette needed you. What you didn't know was that I was horny and thinking of you two together just made me even more so. I had been watching Annette's oldest son, he is 23 now and a college graduate already. He's not engaged and he and I had been flirting lightly for the last three days. When I knew you were going to be indisposed for a while and not looking for me, I took opportunity to invite our nephew to our motel.

He knew exactly what I meant when I told him that I was horny and needed a young stud to do something about it. Well, anyway, he is very well hung and I enjoyed the time with him. He came almost immediately and apologized but I told him I needed him more. He agreed.

We waited about 5 minutes and he was ready again so we fucked missionary and I came twice. Then he took me doggy style but when he said he was going to cum again I told him not to. I got him on the bed on his back and fucked him with me on top until we both came together. His huge cock really filled me. Then we came back over to his Annette and Dick's house. You and Annette came down shortly after we arrived back and both of you were glowing so I knew you had been with her.

Later she told me that you had truly satisfied her again. I was happy for the both of you , and of course for myself. Now I hope you aren't to unhappy but I'm not up to anything tonight. I have to let my little pussy rest and recover."

I was not to disappointed as I might not have been able to do much either.

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