s****r'S WEDDING

It runs in the f****y, I guess. My s****r was a slut,
and I've been told that my mom was also a slut. She
left the f****y when I was six, she wasn't a good mom
either. Supposedly she's was on streets bending over
for d**gs, and went missing one day. Anyway, I'm the
type of girl you'd pick up in a bar, have sex that
night, and forget about her the next day. Like a
prostitute, but cheap as fuck, since I only cost a few

I've kept my body in shape since I started developing.
I have a long blonde hair that reaches mid-back, 35C-
20-39 body. In layman's term - I have a normal sized
breast, a very thin waist and very nice ass. As most
other attractive girls probably did, I took advantage
of myself for goodies. High school for example, I got
under teachers for grades, I flashed boys for d**gs,
and had sex with the neighbors for rides.

Almost every night I had threesome with my dad and
s****r, and often we'd bring our boyfriends or
neighbors for a better time. When I was in college, I
dedicated myself to all the boys at parties. I couldn't
even recognize the boys who fucked me at least ten
times. But thankfully, the wonderful condom and birth
control pills kept me STD and pregnancy free.

I remember when my s****r and I spotted each other
having sex with a boy at a party. Actually, she was
having sex with three boys, and I just happened to be
in the same room with my boyfriend. We were both
shocked, and didn't talk to each other until that
weekend. We stared at each other, and started cracking
up. Then it lead onto kisses, tongues, eating each
other out and finally ideas on how to seduce our dad.
We were sure that he had good sex from his clients and
secretary, but we wanted to give us to him. We wanted
to give him what was already his, but were forbidden to

I was f******n, and my s****r sixteen back then. He
finally gave in after weeks of us walking around the
house naked, and grabbed my butt and stuck his big cock
up my little pussy. Then he apologized for hours and
hours, until I got on my knees and told him it was
okay, then gave him the best blowjob I possibly could.
I swear that from that day on, he was a true happy man.
We slept together every night on his bed, and every
night would be another good night blessed by sex.

Then my s****r moved onto college, and I was the only
one to serve dad. Some nights he seemed depressed and
was really rough on me. He would tie me up, then call a
few of his friends to enjoy me. It started with his
best friends, then his most valued clients, normal
clients, employees, and down to gaining clients by
offering me to them. He woke up from that trance when I
told him how bad of a father he was. He cried and
apologized to me.

Anyway, what I really want to talk about is the wedding
of my s****r. I was s*******n and she was nineteen. She
met some sweet talker from Los Angeles, and they
decided that marriage was a good decision. The day was
tough beginning from the morning. Dad placed his cock
on my lips while I was in the bed. As an instinct, I
opened my mouth to let it in and sucked him.

Not long after, he pulled it away. Normally he relaxed
while I suck him off, so I opened my eyes to see what
was happening. He dragged himself lower and placed his
cock on my asshole and slowly pushed it in. He grabbed
my tits from behind and humped me slowly. It felt so
good sliding in and out, but then my saliva quickly
rubbed away and the dry friction started to hurt me.

"Daddy, it hurts!" I screeched at him.

"Just hold on." He said, pushing his cock in farther.


"Just a minute!" He shouted, and I kept my mouth shut.
"Ohh fuck." He sighed, and I could feel cum pumping
into my asshole. Even when he was done, he left it in
there and played with my tits.

"Daddy, Sydney gets married today, remember?"

"I knew I fucking forgot something!" He yelled out
loud, and quickly got himself up. "When is it?"

"It's in two hours." I told him.

We ran into the shower together, but we didn't waste
any time cleaning ourselves up. Then I ran into my
room, which was basically being used as a closet for a
few years now since I slept with my dad, and took out a
pink silky dress. I particularly liked this dress
because of it's skirt, which was barely enough to cover
my thighs, but very formal. It was loose enough to
attract attention when there was wind, and tight enough
to show the curve of my butt.

"Hurry it up Linda!"

"I'm ready, I'm ready!" I talked to myself as I ran
down the stairs. He was already in his suit waiting in
the car.

"How long do we have?" I asked, adjusting my top.

"Approximately... one and half hour. But since we have
to talk to the guests and stuff, I'll leave it to an

"The church is about forty five minutes away." I sighed
in relief.

"Well, let's go then." He started the engine.

We listened to the radio on the way, and laughed at
some corny jokes. When it was red light, he placed his
hand between my skirt and played with me through the
thong, even though it didn't cover much. We were so
shocked when the car next to us honked their horn. I
decided to show them a show by bending my seat back,
and pulling my panties to my ankle, then placing my
ankles on the window.

"That'll be enough, Linda." My dad stated using his "I
am serious" tone, and I brought my leg down and put my
panties back where it was.

"Good job girl, you just attracted a cop." He blamed
me, pulling over. I looked back and saw a police car
with its sirens on.

"Don't say anything, let daddy handle it."

The policeman walked to the driver's window.

"May I see your drivers license and registration

"Yes, yes... here.." Dad stuttered. I guess he wasn't
expecting a hulky 6 ft guy with arms thick as his face.

"Hi officer, we're really in a hurry here. You see, my
s****r is getting married today-"

"Linda, be quiet." Dad was being an asshole again.

"Well, in that case.. I guess I can take up on some
negotiations." The policeman said nodding, "After all,
only thing you did was flash the whole highway with
your uh..."

"Daddy." I added.

"With your daddy, next to you. Anyway, if you would
come out and walk with me to my car, I'm sure we can
arrange something that can get you away."

Dad undid his seat belt.

"Your daughter, I was talking to your daughter." The
officer smirked.

"Oh, alright." He mumbled under his breath.

"Let your little Linda handle it." I whispered into
dad's ears.

I walked out of the car and walked to the police car.
The officer walked towards the car also. I could see
people looking at us while driving by.

"Get in." The officer said, opening the rear door for

"Thanks." I said sarcastically.

I bent over slightly to get in, and I felt a hand on my
butt. He got in right after me. I unzipped his pants,
and bent over on my side to get it in my mouth. He
groaned as I licked the head. I thought it was already
hard, but it was getting bigger by each lick, and it
was already eleven inches! I felt a hand behind me, and
it made me do an unthinkable. He pushed his whole cock
into my mouth, down my throat. I could feel his public
hair on my nose and hair.

I patted the seat to tell him that I was choking, but
he didn't care. Tears started forming in my eyes. He
slowly pulled my head up, and started fucking my face.
He grabbed my tits with the other hand that was free
and fondled with it. After a few more minutes of this
hell, he pulled his cock out and well, "poured" his cum
all over me. He was nice enough to give me a few wet
wipes though.

"Be careful on the road." The officer said to my dad,
as I got back into the car. He then walked back to his
police vehicle and got back on the road. Dad started
driving again, taking glances time to time.

"What daddy, never saw your daughter drenched in
sperm?" I asked with a pissy tone. Some of the sperm
got in my hair and it was starting to stick together.

"No, no..." He mumbled, sounded even a bit surprised.

"Aww dad, I'm sorry for sounding like that" I

"No, it's alright." He muttered.

I undid my seat belt, and moved my hand to his crotch
and started rubbing it. Then I unzipped his pants.

"Just so you won't be a baby." I said to dad, and bent
over under his arm, then took the cock in.

"You're the best daughter anyone can have." He said
laughing, patting my head. It seemed to distract him
quite a bit, so I licked it lightly as he drove, and
gave him the best part when he stopped at a red light.

We arrived at church just in time. Guests started to
come in. Dad and I walked to who seemed like the
groom's father and mother.

"Hello, my name is Linda. I'm the bride's s****r." I
introduced myself.

"My name is Frank, the groom's father. You must be the
bride's father, I assume?" He pointed at my dad.

I was amazed that they haven't met before. I walked
away from them to greet my s****r's friends and my
dad's friends. Some of my friends who knew Sydney came
also. Some of the people from the groom's side came to
me and introduced themselves, such his the uncle,
groom's friends and the groom's father's friends.

"You and your s****r look so much alike, such dazzling
beauties." The groom's uncle told me.

"Would you like a blowjob?" I whispered into his ears,
and watched his eyes widen in excitement. I slid next
to him, and squeezed his cock through the suit.
Watching his priceless emotion, I rubbed my thumb on
what felt like the head of the cock, then held I his
hand and lead him to the bathroom.

"Why don't you lean against the wall?" I asked him, and
knelt before him. He took his belt and pushed his pants
down enough to reveal his cock. It wasn't necessarily
huge, but it was obviously beyond average. I cupped his
balls and started licking them, then base to the tip, I
licked and kissed it clean.

"Ca.. can you show me ahh your breasts?" He said with a
difficulty. I winked at him still with the tip of the
cock in my mouth. I lowered my shoulder straps, then
let them fall down to reveal my breast. Bra ruined the
basic "cleavage showoff" of this dress, so I didn't
wear it to begin with. He yelped in excitement as he
saw my breasts. I took three-four inches in my mouth
and breathed a sigh through my nose, leaving him
shivering. I sucked the cock like a lollipop, licking
the tip yet still a gentle grip around the bottom of
the cock.

He burst in my mouth, and although I've swallowed as
much as I could, more than the half spilled and dripped
out of my mouth. I smiled at him, and he grinned back.
As I was about to stand up, a person came in. I didn't
know who it was, but the uncle seemed to know him.

"Who is that?" I asked, cleaning his cock with my

"A friend of Jim." He answered. The door opened again,
and there were at least six people.

"Heard there was a party going on here!" Somebody said,
and I was being grabbed. One of them unzipped and
brought their cock to my lips, and somebody grabbed my

"This chick is hot!" The one I started sucking

"Definitely!" Some other guy said from behind, and I
felt a cock crawling into my pussy.

More and more people came in, and they left as soon as
my service for them finished. I couldn't spot the
groom's uncle anywhere. As soon as the first guy left,
I shouted "Don't ruin my dress!". As I said, I noticed
a few friends of mine entering, but they dodged my eye.

"Come on Linda, hurry it up." A familiar voice said in
front of me. I looked up, and saw my cousin grinning
down at me. I've had sex with this guy before, I
remembered. We went on a 7-day cruise on a f****y
reunion, and I remember having sex with a few of my
f****y members. Sydney and I did a lot of kinky stuff
on there. I'll tell you about it in another time.

Anyway, I quickly stuffed the cock in my throat and
massaged bottom of his cock with my tongue. Just like
the other guys, he came in my mouth quickly after I
started servicing him. After maybe twenty minutes,
there were only several more guys left. All my holes
were penetrated and had sperm flowing out. My face was
covered in cum. I was already full from swallowing so
much, and the amount of the sperm flowing out of my
asshole tickled me.

"Sorry guys, I'm the bride's s****r. Gotta go." I
apologized to them, and walked to the mirror to start
cleaning myself up. They awed in disappointment and
started to leave one by one. I was damn tired! I cursed
the people who cummed on my dress and hair instead of
in my mouth, or in any of my holes.

Right then, something amazing happened. As I was trying
to get sperm out of my hair and wiping the sperm away
with paper towel, the minister entered. I guess the
amount of sperm on the floor kind of startled and
scared him.

"No wonder there were so many going into this
bathroom." He said, unzipping his pants.

"Sorry, I'm done for right now, just trying to clean
up." I replied.

"If you need to clean up, I have a better way."

"How?" I asked curiously.

He walked next to me and grabbed my ass, and the other
hand on my tits. He pinched my nipple as his hand on my
ass traced its way to my cleaned pussy.

"You sure you're done for the day?" He asked, pinching
my nipple. I was tired beyond limit, and this was just
annoying me.

"Yeah, I'm sure. What better way do you have?"

He let go of my body, then grabbed my neck. He kicked
open a section, and pushed my head into the toilet. I
felt my skirt being lifted up, and a cock entering my
pussy. He flushed down the toilet a few times as he
pumped in and out of my pussy. My hair was starting to
catch onto the wave and slowly pulled into the toilet.

He pushed his cock all the way into my little hole,
stretching it with its width. It was not over-the-
average length, but very thick. The pleasure came from
stretching my pussy instead of how deep it touched.

He held tight on my hip with his right hand, but still
pushed my head toward the toilet. As time passed, I
couldn't hold my breath anymore. It had to be at least
two minutes with my head inside the toilet. Images came
to my mind. I could see my mother laying naked in a
dark warehouse. Her hands were tied to her back and her
legs cuffed together. Men came in wearing suits. They
whipped her with their belt and started abusing her.
They soon stripped of their cloths and fucked her
brutally. And then they left, leaving a couple hundred
dollar bills on her cum covered body. A big tall guy
came in and took the money, then left her some food.

I felt being lifted up. I felt like I was relieving
myself from this world and going to heaven. Then I felt
another painful push into my pussy, stretching it as
far as possible. I woke up to find myself bent over the
sink. The minister was still fucking me. But right
after that thought, he cummed in my pussy. I could feel
it overloading and dripping down between my thighs. I
sighed in relief that it was over.

"Clean this."

I got on my knees and wrapped the cock with my hands. I
couldn't get my hands around it. I licked the head
where cum was still dripping out slowly while I pumped
his cock with both my hands. After about a minute, he
slapped my face to the floor, and left.

I cleaned myself quick and joined my dad. He sat in the
front row, waiting for me.

"Aren't you drenched." He commented, sliding his left
hand between my thigh, rubbing the soft skin. I looked
at the minister as he engaged the couple as wife and

There was a party that night at my house. Not a normal
party, it stopped being normal as soon as I was spotted
giving blowjob to the groom's uncle. The guests from
the groom's side figured that s****rs were the same,
and wanted her to pleasure them. She resisted, but then
they tied her up.

In fact, they had been fucking her in the small
bathroom two by two, but as soon as the groom fell
asl**p, she was dragged to the backyard. She was
screaming and crying but the cock in her mouth muffled
her. As soon as some of the neighbors noticed what was
going on, they joined the crowd. Fifteen, or maybe
twenty men were taking their turns r****g her. I could
see some other women were being tied up also, being
prepared to join the unwilling orgy.

"You're fine here."

I turned around to find the groom, completely awake
looking at the scene next to me.

"Aren't you gonna go help her?" I asked as I got on my
knees. I unzipped his pants, and I could see his cock
bulging, and occasionally flexing behind the boxers. He
walked to the bed and sat down, and I stood up to take
my cloths off, and kneeled between his spread legs. I
pulled his boxers down and placed the cock in my hands.
Gasping at the size, I examined the cock. It was at
least twelve inch in length, and almost thick as a
baseball. I imagined my s****r pleasuring this monster
every night as I took it into my mouth.

Two months later, my s****r divorced him. She was
tested pregnant positive, and father unknown. My father
sent her to the rehab to restore her crazed mind that
came from the extreme abuse. And as for me, I still
enjoyed nights with my father, and occasionally, with
my b*****r-in-law.


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1 year ago
Wild and kinky,,,hope there's more like this
1 year ago
Very wild story; nice