His wife had died 2 years ago and he had not had
another woman since. Between his business as an
architect and caring for his 12-year-old daughter
Melissa on his own, he had had little time. As a very
fit and healthy man of 43, he was tired of
masturbation. In final desperation he made a phone call
to one of the adult services. That afternoon he went to
an address in the next suburb which was a very nice
house well screened by a tall hedge and nice gardens.

An attractive mature woman in her early fifties who
called herself "Kerry" answered the door and let him
in. He waited in the front lounge room and 4 young
women came in one by one, introduced themselves and
left. Kerry returned and asked him which one he

He replied that though all the girls were very nice he
was looking for something 'very special'. Kerry came
and sat next to him and put her hand on his thigh. She
must have been an extremely attractive young woman and
was still very attractive now and in the right
circumstances he would fuck her. He felt he could trust
her and she was very intuitive.

"So, it is something very special you want, mmmm. Could
it be that you want someone who is very young and
appears innocent and virginal?" he responded in the
affirmative and was surprised at her intuition. She
said that they had someone very special who was here
for the first time today, but that she was going to be
very expensive, very expensive indeed. He was intrigued
immediately. "How old is she?" he asked.

Kerry did not answer him directly. "Well, how bad do
you want it and how young do you want her?" she asked
him. His cock began to stir as he had vision of a young
schoolgirl perhaps! Kerry saw the rising tent in his
trousers and placed her hands on it. She leaned close
and he smelt her expensive perfume (God she was so very
sexy and she would be his choice if he was after an
older woman, which he was sometimes, but not at

"Very young, very young indeed," was Kerry's response.
"Shall I get her in?" The throb of his cock answered
her question for him. Kerry smiled and left the room.
His cock was at full erection. It had been so long
since his cock had slid into a warm wet tunnel.

A few minutes later there was a soft knock at the door
and Kerry put her head around the door. He could not
see who was behind her. "Okay, here she is, but she is
veiled so that you cannot see her face, you will see
why. Her name is Mandy."

Kerry disappeared, there was a slight rustle and in
walked the subject of his intrigue, 'Mandy' (whoever
she may be). He almost fell off the chair he was
sitting on. This girl was dressed in the school uniform
of the same local junior school as his daughter Melissa
attends. Judging by her height and appearance she must
be only 11 or 12, but like his own daughter, this
little girl already had firm little cones protruding
from her chest, about a B-cup he thought.

She was fully veiled so he could not see her face or
her hair. My God he thought to himself, I could go to
jail for this. But, his cock was straining against his
underpants and his unsatisfied needs of the past 2
years were in rampant control. Little Mandy had pulled
her school tunic up to mid thigh level and she did a
little twirl around. Her dress rose up and he caught a
fleeting glimpse of her cute little light blue panties.
His cock throbbed of its own accord and it was all he
could do not to grab her then and there and ravish her
on the carpet. Mandy curtsied and left the room. Kerry

"Well," she said, "what do you think"? The massive tent
in his pants seemed to answer for him, but he was
trying to be careful about this. He stated his concerns
about her age and the criminal implications.

Kerry sat beside him and once again placed her soft
hand on his trouser covered cock. "But you liked what
you saw and you want her badly, isn't that right?" she
said. He could not deny that.

"Well, I have a very good feeling about you and I know
you will be gentle with her. I have interviewed her at
length and she is a very intelligent little girl. She
began puberty at the age of 10 and she is no longer a
virgin in the true sense of the word, courtesy of
experimenting with a dildo some months ago. She said
she wants to do this only once to get some money
desperately to buy a special gift for someone she loves
dearly. You have come into this house today on her
first day and I know this is your first time in a
brothel. I had determined to only show her to someone
whom I thought would be right for her and I think that
person is you, so it is a nice coincidence for both of
you I think."

Although Kerry's comments did not overcome the c***d-
sex issue, they were enough to drown out his conscience
when combined with the raging lust in his loins. "Just
how old is she and how much is this going to cost?" he

"Do you really need to know her age?" Kerry replied.

"Yes," he said. "Please tell me, I'm here now and I
know she is well under 16, so it doesn't matter does

"Well, this is going to cost you $2,000 so give me your
credit card details and follow me to your bedroom, then
I will tell you her age," said Kerry. He would have
gladly paid twice that sum, so he followed Kerry to a
very tastefully furnished bedroom at the rear of the
house facing the large garden.

"Get undressed, have a shower and I will return in a
few minutes," said Kerry.

He was sitting on the large king sized bed wearing a
loose fitting cotton robe when Kerry returned. She gave
his credit card receipt and said, "Now lets look at
you, I have to check you on Mandy's behalf, I cannot
put my girls at risk." She had him stand up and she
undid the robe to reveal him. He was in erect
expectation showing his magnificent thick 7-inch cock.

"Very nice," she said. "Bigger than normal but not too
large, those huge 8 inch plus cocks just hurt women,
and we don't want this little woman hurt do we."

He said nothing. Kerry went down on her knees and took
his throbbing cock gently in her hands as she inspected
it closely for signs of infection. Already he was
oozing large clear drops of pre-cum. Kerry cradled his
huge ball sack in one hand, gently grabbed the shaft of
his cock and took him into her soft full mouth. She
found his cock so pretty that could not resist a little
something for herself.

He welcomed this bonus gift and looked down as Kerry
spent a few minutes gently sucking, kissing and
slobbering her saliva all over his cock and balls. For
a woman of 56 she was an amazing cocksucker and knew
just how to stimulate without blowing him. Reluctantly
she stood up and smiled, "I just had to have a little
extra for myself, you didn't mind did you?"

He just smiled and just nodded his head. She about to
leave when she turned around and came back to face him.
She was certainly an attractive woman he thought, at
age 56 her figure was a firm size 12 and her bosom was
an awesome EE spilling out of her low cut dress and
lace bra with just the edge of one of her aerolas
visible on one bulging breast.

"Here," she said. "I had better test you sucking
technique," and with that she whipped out one of her
massive EE tits and offered it to him. It was crowned
with the biggest nipple he had ever seen. It was pink,
surrounded by a puffy raise aerola at least 3 inches
wide. The nipple was over half an inch thick and
proudly 1 inch erect crying out for his attention.

He willingly suckled on this mature woman even though
his cock needed to slide into the 'little woman' who
was waiting outside the bedroom door. His suckling was
rewarded with a few sucks by a thick stream of milk. He
stopped and looked up at Kerry in surprise.

"Yes, I'm lactating darling, it is a side effect of
some medication that I am on to relieve my menopause
symptoms. It is nice don't you think? I let all my
girls suckle me for hours every day, they love it. My
EE tits produce about 4 litres of milk every day so
they need to be emptied regularly."

He returned to her tit and took about a cup of milk out
it. It was so sweet and erotic that her whipped out her
other tit and sucked a cup of milk out it too. But by
now his cock was almost painful with its hardness.
Kerry put her huge jugs back into her bra and walked
out the door. "Oh," she said, "her age, she turns 12 in
3 months time!" She gave him a smile and blew a kiss on
her exit.

My God he thought she is the same age as my daughter, I
cannot do this. He decided he would just look at and
fondle the girl and maybe have her jack him off. There
was no way he was going to fuck an 11 year old.

Mandy did not enter immediately. He heard Kerry and her
whispering the other side of the almost fully closed
door. Then he heard a rustling of cloth, which was
quickly followed by the sounds of sucking and slurping.
Little Mandy was having a quick feed on Kerry's milk

The truth was that Kerry thought little 'Mandy' looked
so cute in her school uniform that she could not resist
having this young girl suckle her briefly. "That's
enough dear," Kerry said to Mandy after a few minutes.
"You can have some more after you have looked after
this nice man." With that she gently prised Mandy of
her still spurting teat and pushed her into the

The room had subdued light as the wooden shutters were
half closed. He stood up and let is robe fall off his
shoulders to the floor. Little Mandy still had her veil
over her face, but her shoes were off. She looked so
very cute and so very young standing before him in her
short white school socks and lightweight summer-time
primary school tunic.

He did not try to remove her veil, as he wanted her to
be comfortable and move at her own pace. The top of her
head was about level with the top of his chest. She did
not even reach his chin. Her little hands reached out
and grasped his throbbing manhood.

They remained standing beside the bed as this little
girl gently fondled his throbbing pre-cum oozing cock,
ran her little fingers through his thick thatch of
pubic hair and cupped and fondled his huge and now hard
ball sack. Then she stopped and unbuttoned her blouse.
She did not have on a bra and her twin B-cup breasts
came into view. Her aerolas and nipples were still
"puffies" and looked like pointed ice cream cones
topping her soft firm breasts. He reached down and
fondled them She sighed and her nipples went into hard
erection within a minute.

He fell to his knees and gently suckled on this little
girl's tits for about 5 minutes. She then pushed him
away and unfastened her skirt, letting it fall to the
floor around her feet. She stood there, just covered in
her panties and the veil. She had one of those very
prominent protruding vulvas, (as if she had a thick wad
of something shoved inside her panties).

It looked just delectable. Her panties had worked their
way into her large puffy slit and a dark wet satin
covering the area of her slit showed that her cunt
juices had been oozing in sexual excitement. She was
still veiled. He reached up, put his fingers under the
elastic waist of her panties and pulled them down and
off. He gasped aloud at the glorious sight.

Although only 11, her pussy was covered in one of the
thickest bushes he had ever seen, a perfect triangle of
fur hiding the entrance slot to her warm wet tunnel of
paradise. He moved her over to the edge of the bed, sat
her on it and had her lie back, her gorgeous firm arse
on the edge and her legs spread.

He knelt on the floor between her beautiful flawless
firm thighs, her little girl (little woman) thighs. He
then slid his fingers into that thick soft auburn
coloured thatch and cleared a path to her slit.

What a beautiful sight he thought. Her labia were
swollen in sexual arousal and her slit glistened from
the generous amount of cunt juice oozing out. He
proceeded to kiss, to lick, to suck, to smell and to
taste the nectar of this beautiful 11-year-old girl.
The only sounds to come from her were gasps, moans and

After a few minutes of feasting on her slit he looked
up and was amazed at what he saw. He clit had swollen
and expanded to look like a little cock. It was must
have been 2 inches long and over an inch thick. He
sucked it into his mouth and suckled on it like the
nipple of a tit. She was now gasping and sighing and
her little soft thighs closed around his head in a
powerful clinch as she let out a small cry and came.

His mouth was flooded with her generous gushes of cunt
juice, a thick gush flowing as each orgasmic throb of
pleasure pulsed in her pussy. As an experienced and
sensitive lover he stopped sucking on her cunt after
her orgasm had gone and just kept his mouth close to
open pulsing slit, blowing soft warm air against it
until her sensitive period had passed.

By now his cock was as hard as a rock and the pre-cum
was covering the whole head and half the shaft of his
cock. He gently commenced to kiss, lick, suck and taste
this beautiful furry young cunt once again.

Little Mandy responded immediately. She was keen to
have her second orgasm as that was always more powerful
than her first. But by now his cock was in control and
it just had to plough into a wet cunt, this little
girls cunt that tasted so wonderful.

He stood up and lifted her into the centre of the bed.
He crawled between her thighs, which she had spread
wide for him, knowing just what he was going to do. She
wanted him to do it to her. A man's cock was about to
enter her.

He was now poised above her, his throbbing cock with
it's fat helmet head gently brushing against her slit.
He slid his cock up and down her deep wet cunt cleft
for a few minutes. Each of them bathed in the
individual waves of pleasure, which flowed from cock
shaft and cunt lips.

By now he was beyond restraint. He just had to slide
his cock into this 11-year-old girl, despite her tender
years. But he wanted to see her face. Keeping his
weight off her by supporting himself on one arm, he
reached up to her veil. She made no attempt to stop

He removed the veil. "Oh my God!" he gasped aloud, "Oh
Melissa, baby, my daughter, it's you!!"

Yes, it was his own 11 year old daughter Melissa
('Mandy') that he had been fondling, tasting, sucking
and touching. It was his own 11-year-old daughter's wet
aroused cunt lips and clit that his hard 7-inch cock
was now sliding up against, covering her sex with his
thickly oozing pre-cum.

"Oh baby, oh baby, why, why have you come to this place
to do this?"

"Because I love you daddy and I wanted to buy you a
special present. I have been so frustrated daddy. I've
been masturbating for 3 years now. I need a cock so bad
daddy. I saw this ad on the internet for young girls
for special services.

"When I met Kerry she was so shocked at my age that she
did not want to allow me to do this. I convinced her to
let me do it just once. She knows I can take a cock
daddy. I brought mommy's old 6-inch dildo with me when
I first met her. She insisted on us being lovers so she
could test me out and I let her slide that big dildo
into me. That proved to her that I could take a man's

"So when you turned up here today daddy I was so happy
when Kerry told me that there was a nice man here who
she thought might be the one for me. It was totally up
to me daddy. Kerry said I could choose whoever I liked.
Oh it's so wicked daddy. I did not tell Kerry you were
my father, I just said you were nice and that I would
let you fuck me."

While Melissa had been talking she had been thrusting
her cunt lips up against his hard cock and her father
had been responding with his own urgent thrusts. "No
more talking daddy. Just fuck me. Fuck me hard daddy.
Shove that cock into me now daddy."

With that Melissa lifted her pelvis high to meet his
next thrust. Her father's hard cock slid all the way
into her, his big balls resting firmly against her
arse. He thought his cock had gone to heaven. His shaft
and his cock head were now covered in the warm wet
sheath of his 11-year-old daughter's love tunnel, her
cunt. Her cunt was pulsing and oozing her juices all
over his manhood.

"Come on daddy, fuck it into me hard, fuck your big
daddy cock into me, root me daddy, root me."

He let out a cry of primal longing and joy and
commenced pounding his thick 7 inch sperm shaft in and
out of his p*****n daughter, his 'little woman' lover.
She just spread her legs wider and let her father pound
his massive i****tuous cock into her. She was looking
up at him with eyes wide open and watching in awe and
lust as her daddy's face showed a combination of primal
lust and love.

She had her soft little hands cradling his powerful
buttocks, feeling them harden and tense as he drove
each powerful thrust of his cock into her receptive
cunt. He was like a wild a****l, a stallion, and she
was his mare letting him cover her in preparation for
the spilling of his valuable seed.

His intensity increased and she felt the extra power
surging through his loins, buttocks, cock and torso.
She instinctively that he was about to spill his seed.
"Cum daddy, cum daddy, spurt it into me, fill me up
with daddy spunk!" Her own orgasm was imminent.

"Ooohhhh, gonna cum baby, gonna cum. Daddy's gonna
blow!!" Little did he know but Melissa was of course
very fertile and she was not on the pill. She had a
plan, she did not want to lose her daddy, she wanted
her daddy to be her 'daddy husband' and stay with her
forever. If he gave her a baby then he would have to
stay with her.

"Yes daddy, fill me up with sperm daddy, fill me up
with sperm and I will make us a baby."

"You want that little darling? You really want to have
daddy's baby?"

"Oh yes daddy, give me your sperm so I can make us a
baby. I want us to have lots of babies. Do it, do it,
spurt into me daddy, sperm me, sperm me."

He then blew. A huge thick spurt of thick creamy spunk
shot out of the eye of his cock and saturated his 11-
year-old daughter's love tunnel. Another 8 or 9 thick
spurts, the product of his huge balls followed this and
an over sized seminal vesicle, which allowed him store
a huge amount of spunk.

"There baby, there it is, there is our baby."

Melissa's orgasm came and her cunt exploded into pulses
of ecstatic pleasure, which surged through her young
loins and all over her body. Her young cunt gave forth
an enormous quantity of girl cum saturating the bed
under them and coating both her and her father's loins
with her cum juice.

"Oh, I can feel it daddy, I can feel your sperm
shooting into me and making our baby. It feels so

For the next 2 minutes his cock continued to ooze
spunk, a thick slow stream of fertile i****tuous creamy
fluid. Melissa was indeed impregnated in that first
lusty i****tuous coupling...


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Very hot and sweet.
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Hot story, more please xx
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Great story