My name is Robert. My wife Sherry and I have been married for 20 years. We are both 41 and met while in college. We have 2 c***dren, both girls aged 16 and 12.

Sherry is a great wife. Our home life is great and we have never had marital problems. I have never fooled around on her. Why would I, she is a very wonderful wife, mother and lover.

I am an insurance adjuster for a major company. In September 1998, a tropical storm hit the Gulf Coast of my home state and I was sent down as part of the disaster response team. Normal procedure is to settle as many claims as possible as fast as possible. As a result we normally work from 8am to sunset. We rotate on a 16 day on, 2 day off, schedule and stay until we have either settled with all our policyholders or turned the claim over to a higher power for review.

I arrived in the area on the 18th of September and worked the 16 day rotation. Normally I would have flown home for the time off, but the girls had a school trip on that weekend and Sherry was a chaperone. Sherry insisted I call her 61 year old widowed mother, Dot, who lived in a town about 2 hours inland from my assignment and spend the weekend relaxing at her house. I spoke with Dot on Wednesday night and told her I would arrive around 6 PM on Friday. She said she would have a home cooked meal ready.

Dot and I had always had a good Mother-in-Law/Son-in-Law relationship. When Sherry and I were first married, I felt she disliked and resented me for moving her only c***d away from home to the big city. As time went by this went away. I can honestly say that I never had a sexual interest in the woman. Dot is a pretty woman, black hair with wisps of gray, great complexion, 5'5" tall and about 165 pounds. She has full breasts, a well defined waist line, well rounded hips and buttocks and very nice legs. She dresses conservatively, though not matronly.

On Friday night I was treated to one of the best meals I've ever eaten. Dot and I talked for hours about f****y, old times and the recent storm damage to the area. At about 10:30 Dot insisted I turn in and get a good nights sl**p. I fell asl**p as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I awoke at 9am on Saturday. I felt rested and refreshed. I took a shower and went down for coffee. Dot was reading the paper at the kitchen table. She jumped right up and got me coffee and started breakfast. After breakfast we talked about the k**s and all matters pertaining to f****y and jobs. About 1pm I picked up the paper and went into the den. As I read the sports page I noticed the dog track about 150 miles away was open for the fall season. Knowing that Dot loved the dog races I went back into the kitchen and asked if she would like to go to the track. She got excited and remarked she had not been to the track since Sherry's dad died 5 years ago. Because it was night racing with an 8pm post time I told her to go pack some clothes and we'd make a night of it with dinner at the jockey club, the races and then stay over in a hotel.

While I was on the phone with the hotel Dot came back into the kitchen. When she heard me requesting 2 rooms she interrupted me and said to just get a room with 2 double beds. She didn't mind being in the same room and there was no need to waste the money. I changed the room request and never thought twice about it We were on the road by 3:30. On the 2 1/2 hour trip we talked constantly about f****y and friends. When we arrived at the hotel, I checked in and we went up to the room. The room we were given had a king size bed, not 2 doubles. I picked up the phone and called the front desk requesting a different room. I was told that because of the storm, there were so many families staying at the hotel all the doubles were full and this would be the only room available. There were also no roll-away beds available.

Dot told me not to worry I was like a son and she had no problem sl**ping in the same bed with me. She then laughed and said when I saw her with no makeup I would probably want to sl**p in the car. Dot said she wanted to take a bath and change. I went down to the lobby to get a racing form and give her a little privacy.

We went to the track, had an excellent dinner and won about $200.00 between us. We had a great time. We got back to the hotel at about midnight. Dot turned the TV on and I took a shower. I put on my boxers and a tee shirt. I always slept in my shorts and no top but, I was concerned about being modest in front of my mother-in-law. When I came out of the bathroom Dot was watching TV and waiting to change into her night clothes. Dot went to change and I got in the bed. I turned the light by my side of the bed off and laid back watching TV. In about 10 minutes, Dot came out of the bathroom wearing a blue silk nightshirt which struck her at mid-calf. The best way I can describe it is that it looked like a baseball jersey with no sleeves. It buttoned down the front and was cut up the sides to just about the knees. It was not reveling or sexy in any way. She asked if I minded if she left the light on in the bathroom and the door cracked open so she could see if she needed to get up in the middle of the night.

I asked Dot if she wanted to watch TV and she said no she was going to sl**p but it wouldn't bother her if I wanted to. I said no and turned it off. Dot got into bed, said good night and I turned off the light. To be honest with you I never gave a second thought to being in bed with my mother-in -law. I went right to sl**p.

Sometime during the night I woke up. I was laying on back and Dot had her leg on the top of me with her lower thigh resting on my cock which was hard as a rock. Her arm was across my chest and her left breast was resting on my right biceps and her right breast on my chest. I lay there for a minute without moving. I could feel her pussy pressed tightly against my hip. I've got to tell you that I could not help being turned on. I laid there for a few minutes more in a very uncomfortable state, then just rolled over on my side thinking if I disturbed her she would turn over away from me. Instead she followed me and put her leg right over my right hip and her arm over my chest. She was holding me so tight I could feel both breasts pressed into my back and her soft, soft pussy jammed up against my thigh. I laid there for what seemed like a eternity. Dot never moved. It was apparent from her slow rhythmic breathing she was in a deep sl**p. I tried moving again to see if I could get her to change positions. I rolled over completely, facing her.

That did it, she rolled over on her back, but snuggled up and pressed her hip right up against me. All of the sudden she raised her legs and began to struggle with the covers pushing them down with her feet to partially uncover herself. After kicking off the cover, she lay on her back with her right leg bent at the knee and her legs slightly apart. I looked down and saw part of her right breast was exposed because two of the buttons on her shirt had come undone. Her shirt had ridden up to her waist and fully exposed her white panties. The mound of her pussy appeared massive under the tight fabric.

I couldn't help myself. I had been gone from home for over 2 weeks. I my cock was throbbing. I rolled over and placed my leg over hers and my knee right on her soft pussy. She opened her legs further. My cock was pressed tight against her thigh. I began to move my leg ever so slowly in a way that f***ed my knee to rub her pussy ever so lightly. I placed my hand over her exposed right breast and cupped it ever so slightly, I began to lightly circle her nipple with my index finger and it began to harden. I was more excited than I had been in years, like a k** the first time.

After about a minute she let out a small moan. I could have jumped out of my skin. I lay still for a few minutes and started to remove move my leg. When I raised my leg Dot turned on her side facing me and put her arm over me. She pulled me close and put her leg over me again. I was right up against her and my left arm was over her with my hand resting on her butt. I stroked her butt softly, then gripped it slightly and pulled her closer to me. My cock was pressed up against her pussy. I pulled back slightly reached down pulled my cock through the opening in my boxers. I pushed it down very slowly to come in contact with the softest spot on her pussy. I lay very still for a minute and then began to move my hips ever so slightly.

Dot began to return my movements and her breathing became heavier. I softly rubbed her panty covered butt for a few minutes and then slipped my hand inside the panties and felt the smooth skin of her buttocks. Dot began breathing harder and moving slightly. I moved my hand from her butt to her inner thigh and felt the warmth radiating from her soft smooth skin. I slowly moved my hand up to the softness of her pussy. I slowly touched and caressed the outer panty covered lips. She slipped her other arm under and behind me and pulled me closer and held me tight. I moved my hand up and into the top of her panties sliding my hand down and began fingering her wet pussy. She began moving her hips in time with me. My cock was throbbing, I couldn't help myself, I reached down and moved her panties aside. She was so wet my cock instantly entered her. I laid there for just a few moments afraid if I moved I would come. In a brief moment of sanity I wondered if she was sl**ping or pretending. Surely she couldn't sl**p through this. She began to move ever so slightly. I slowly and gently rolled on top of her. She offered no resistance, and rolled unto her back. I fully penetrated her and began very slow rhythmic movements.

She slowly raised both legs into the air and started to move her hips in time with me. The pace of our movements became quicker, we were both making love to each other. She came at least 3 times in the span of about 5 minutes of slow, soothing and very fulfilling sex. When I came, it was like nothing I had ever experienced. I do not know if it was the anticipation, fear, extended forbidden foreplay or just exceptionally good pussy. We both got very still. We laid there in each others arms, neither knowing or sure that the other was awake because not a word had been said. I lay there for what seemed like an eternity holding her. My cock still between her legs. I finally drifted off to sl**p.

I awoke the next morning to an empty bed. Dot was in the bathroom. In about 5 minutes Dot appeared by my bed with a cup of coffee. She shook me and said it was 11am and we better get moving because check out time was noon. I sat up on the side of the bed and Dot told me to go ahead and take a shower. She said she had placed clean clothes in there for me and she would pack up and be ready to go when I was finished. I went to the bathroom, showered, shaved and got dressed. I was more nervous than I'd ever been in my life when I came out of the bathroom. I could see my life going down the tubes because I did something really stupid. Dot was busy packing up and she looked up at me and smiled. She said she had the best nights sl**p she'd had in years last night. She was in a very cheerful and happy mood.

On the drive back to her home we talked about the fun we had at the race track and the quality of the meal. It was as if she had no knowledge of what happened. But, she must surely know. I had dried sperm on my boxers. I came in her, she had to know something happened. Perhaps I had a wet dream.

When we arrived at her house she made coffee and served me a cup. She excused herself saying she was going to unpack and put her clothes away. She went down the hallway and into her bedroom. I saw her come back up the hall with a laundry basket, open the laundry room door go in and return to her room empty handed. I got up went down the hall and into the laundry room. On the top of the clothes she placed in the hamper was the pair of panties she wore last night. I picked them up and looked at them. They were full of my dried cum. It was not a wet dream.

I left shortly after that to return to work the next morning. Nothing was ever mentioned about last night.

When I called Sherry on Sunday night she said she had just gotten off the phone with her mother. She said Dot sounded better than she had since her father died. Dot informed her she had a lovely time with me at the track and that she had gotten to know me better this weekend than she had in the 20 years we had been married.

Early on the morning of December 23, 1998 I closed the back doors on the Suburban after loading the suit cases and dreaded the trip to my mother-in-laws house for the holidays. Nervous does not even begin to describe my condition. How in the hell do I spend 3 days in the same house with my wife and her mother after what I've done. Sherry didn't have a clue and Dot had not mentioned the incident or even acted any different toward me in the weekly telephone conversations my f****y and I had with her. I guess guilt is a better way to express what I had felt for the last 3 months.

It was a very long 5 hour drive. I was abnormally quite during the trip to the point that Sherry asked twice what was wrong. I told her I wasn't feeling very good, kind of like I was catching a cold.

When we arrived at Dot's home, she came running out of the house and down the driveway to greet us. She hugged and kissed each of us. She acted no differently than she ever had. As the day progressed, I became more at ease. During dinner, Sherry asked her mom if she wanted to do a little early morning last minute shopping with her and the girls. Dot declined saying she had been in the stores almost every day since Thanksgiving and would rather just relax before the big doings Christmas Eve.

I watched television until about 9pm and decided to turn in. Dot gave me some cold medication she said would help me rest. I could not believe how normal she was acting. I went to bed very relieved and feeling like I'd dodged a bullet.

Sherry woke me at 8am the next morning and told me she and the girls were leaving and would be back by noon. She said Dot was up and waiting to cook me some breakfast. I got up showered and shaved and wasted as much time as I could in the bathroom. I did not look forward to being alone with my mother-in law.

When I entered the kitchen Dot was sitting at the bar reading the paper. I smelled her perfume the moment I entered the room.

"Feeling any better this morning," Dot asked in a cheerful voice.

"Yea," I answered, "just needed a little extra sl**p I guess. I poured a cup of coffee and walked around the bar and sat on the stool at the end of the bar.

"Bacon or Sausage with your eggs?," Dot asked as she slid off the stool.

"Bacon," I said as she came by me. Dot stopped suddenly and kissed me lightly on the cheek. "Merry Christmas, I love you" she said and continued around the bar.

Dot started preparing my breakfast. All the while we make small talk. She put me at ease right away. In the last 24 hours it became clear to me that Dot had no intention of discussing the incident in September or acting any differently toward me. I must admit I felt greatly relieved.

While I ate Dot began cleaning up the kitchen and then settled into washing dishes. I noticed she had her make up on and had done her hair. She was wearing a heavy pink terry cloth robe. We continued talking as she finished up my breakfast dishes. She poured a cup of coffee and joined me at the bar. As she sat down on the barstool she knocked the coffee cup over and it spilled all over the bar, the front of her housecoat and onto the floor. She jumped up just as I stood and reached across the bar for a dishtowel. I quickly mopped the coffee off the bar just as Dot returned with more towels. I took the towels from her, moved the bar stools and got down on my hands and knees to clean the coffee off the floor.

When I completed wiping the floor I got up on one knee just as Dot removed the housecoat. I think Dot's removal of the housecoat was natural reaction to having spilled the coffee. I don't think she gave a thought to or realized I was in the room at that moment and gave no thought to what she was wearing underneath. She was standing two feet from me, facing away from me and I was at eye level with her butt. She was wearing a short sheer pale yellow night gown and no panties. The contour of her full well rounded buttocks as seen through the thin fabric captured my full attention and I felt my cock respond with a slight twitch and become semi hard instantly.

Dot turned facing me, to look down at the floor and my eyes met and were glued to the dark black triangular patch of pubic hair clearly visible through the sheer fabric and less than a foot from my face. I looked up at her and she was looking straight into my eyes. I looked back down and reached around her with both arms placed my hands on her buttocks and pulled her too me. I buried my face in her stomach and hugged her tightly. She placed her arms around my head and returned the hug.

My heart raced as I pulled away slightly and kissed the mound of pubic hair through the nightgown. She let out a slow throaty moan as she ground her pussy into my face. I began to rise slowly running my hands up her back pulling the gown up as I went. When I stood fully, I pulled the gown over her head and kissed her lips first softly, then harder more passionately. Our tongues met and it was obvious she was becoming weak in the knees. We moved together to the floor and she lay on her back.

I slowly kissed her neck and shoulders making my way to her breasts. I cupped one in each hand and kissed and caressed the nipples until they became swollen and extremely hard. Dot was moaning and slowly arching her back as if she was trying to get closer to me. I continued kissing down her stomach to the dark mound of her pussy and the softest silkiest pubic hair I'd ever felt. She opened her legs wider and lifted her knees. I began to kiss her inner thighs and inserted my middle finger into her wet pussy. Dot came at once with almost convulsion like spasms. She moaned and made guttural sounds but almost in a muted manner as though she was trying to control the sounds.

I was about to explode. With my left hand, I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants in what seemed like one motion. As I started to push my pants down, Dot suddenly rose slightly and attempted in almost a panicked manner to help me remove them. Our eyes met momentarily and then our lips locked in a hard excited kiss. It was almost as if my cock was a heat seeking missile because it found its mark on its own. As it entered Dot she bent her knees and raised her legs as high possible and came a second time in a flurry of heavy gasps and convulsive movements. She relaxed momentarily almost going limp then began slowly moving her hips in time with mine while at the same time rocking her bent legs to get the maximum out of each stroke.

Because we were on a wooden floor there was no give when I reached the end of each thrust of my hips I ground her ass into the floor. I felt the warm glow start deep in my loins, I knew I was coming. I began to fuck her harder and faster. Suddenly Dot whispered in my ear, "come with me Robert, come with me Robert." I came with what seemed like an eternity all the while Dot thrusting against me and rocking her legs back and forth like a wild woman. I continued to move slowly for a few moments after we came. I really didn't want it to end. She was so soft and warm.

We lay together on the floor for a few minutes. I could feel her warm breath on my neck. I raised my head and looked into her eyes. She smiled a weak little smile.

"Robert," she said, "we must never be alone again. I have thought about you constantly since September and its just not right. We must be adult about this, it's something that happened and though we both enjoyed it very much, we're playing with fire. We are going to loose everything we hold dear if we continue. We will never speak about this again."

With that she got to her feet, without allowing me to say a word, gathered her clothes and went to her bedroom. I pulled my pants up and went to the hall bath to freshen up.

I didn't see Dot until Sherry and the girls returned from shopping. She came out of her bedroom and acted as if nothing had happened. We had a very nice holiday.

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so hot.
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I love this story!
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Great story ....Very hot...
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great story!! It has to continue though!!