In 1979, the beginning of summer, I graduated from
middle school and the only person to show up to the
ceremony was my mother, Gwen. Actually, besides my
grandma, Laura, Mom is about all the f****y I have. I
was an only c***d and my dad, bless his soul, died of a
ruptured abdominal vessel when I was in the forth
grade. Mom has always treated me as the man of the
house, allowing me to have a say in household decisions
and so on. Anyway, when I received my certificate I
could hear Mom yelling, whistling, and cheering for me
from the center of the auditorium.

After the ceremony she took me to dinner at a really
nice restaurant and she even let me drink some wine. On
the way home Mom talked about how proud she was of me
that I was going to high school and have never given
her any trouble. She told me I was a real man who did a
good job taking care of her when she needed. All the
compliments made me feel really good about myself not
to mention the wine we shared made me a little warm and

When we got home mom told me to take my suit off and
put it away. She told me she was going to take a shower
and suggested I do the same. She said we could watch a
movie together afterward. While I was getting ready for
my shower I heard Mom turn on the bath water in her
bathroom. I put a towel around my waist and went to the
main bathroom for my shower. I set the water
temperature to my liking, got in the shower, and
started to wash my hair. A couple of minutes later I
heard the shower door open slowly.

Fully aware of my nudity, I wanted to cover myself but
suddenly got shampoo in my eyes. "Mom?!" I said

"It's okay baby, it's me, don't worry," she replied.

"What are you doing in here?" I tried desperately to
wash the shampoo from my burning eyes. Suddenly I felt
my mom put her hands on my shoulders.

"Shhhhh, it's okay, let me help you," Mom gently washed
the shampoo from my face until I was able to see again,
my mom was completely nude.

I had never seen a woman naked. Not in a movie, not in
a photo, and definitely not in person. Mom was 36 years
old, 5'-6" and at the time she was about 145 lbs. with
36-D tits. She wore her hair short and wavy with a
reddish tint to it. Her tits were big, with natural,
motherly sag. Her nipples stood out nearly and inch,
looking about the size of my fingertips with beautiful
milk chocolate areolas surrounding them. Her pubic hair
was short and black. It was wavy with the appearance of
black smoke floating from between her legs.

Seeing my mom in the nude completely took me by
surprise. I just stared in silence with the warm shower
sprinkling over my back. I can't remember a time when I
was more afraid and began to tremble. Mom took my face
in her hand, told me it was okay, and kissed me in the

She explained that since I had been such a responsible
and good son she thought I deserved her complete
attention. She said since my dad had died she did not
want to bring another man in our lives to replace him.
"You have made it obvious that you're the only worthy
replacement for your father. Therefore, if you want to
be the real man of the house the job is yours."

I nodded my head and she smiled and kissed me again.
Mom stared at me with this smile on her face for a
while until I made eye contact with her. "Are you okay
with this?" she asked.

I sheepishly said yes and she planted this long, deep,
passionate kiss on me. I wasn't quite sure if I should
return the kiss but I didn't know what else to do. As
we kissed Mom took hold of my dick, which, by the way,
was harder than a Bronx ghetto. She slowly messaged my
penis to full mass. With her other hand, she guided my
hands to her breasts.

God, she felt so good with her heavy tits and hard
brown nipples. She let me suckle on her tits while she
stroked my dick firmly. I noticed my dick pulsated and
my asshole pucker before I shot this funny, thick,
white cream all over my mother's hand, arm, and belly.
For a second I thought I would loose consciousness and
held on to Mom's shoulders. Mom instructed me to wash
up and finish my shower. Meanwhile, she washed my back
and ass before washing herself and getting out of the

When I got out of the shower I went to my bedroom,
dried myself, and got dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.
My head was full of questions and thoughts of my mother
naked. I headed downstairs to the living room and saw
my mother sitting on the sofa. She had put on a pair of
sweat pants and a college sweat shirt. I still wasn't
sure of what was going on. Mom told me she rented an
action flick and wanted me to sit next to her so I did.
As we watched the movie, Mom sat with her hand on my
lap. I tried to watch the movie but my mind was
preoccupied. Mom took notice that I wasn't paying
attention to the movie and asked if I was all right.

Before I could answer she said, "Baby, I know this is
sudden and I'm sorry if I upset you. But I haven't been
with another man since your dad died and did not think
you would want me to either. What I do know is that I
love you and since your dad died you have been
everything I wanted in a man. Your dad was a good man
but still he had his faults. Nevertheless, I miss him
very much. I'm trying to get our lives back on track
and you've been terrific. All I want is for both of us
to be happy." I sat there for a second absorbing her
words and wanted nothing but to make her happy.

I knew she had been lonely and all we had was each
other. My mom's mom, Grandma Laura lived in Southern
California, several hundred miles from us. Her and Mom
spoke about once or twice a month but it wasn't good
enough for Mom. I told my mother that I loved her and
would do anything and everything to make her happy. I
also told her that I liked the fact that it was just
the two of us and that I did not want another man
replacing Dad.

"Good," then, she said. "Now that that is settled, do
you want to be my man and my lover or do you want to
remain my son and leave it at that?"

Considering what happened in the shower, I answered, "I
want to be your man!"

"Great! Then do you want to finish watching the movie
or are you ready for bed?"

"I'm ready for bed if you are," I replied. (With a
little excitement).

Mom tuned off the TV and took me by the hand. She led
me upstairs to her bedroom and told me to sit on the
bed. After I was seated she went over the ground rules
with me. "Rule one. What we do is between you and I and
can never be discussed with anyone else. Rule two. You
can leave your room as it is but you will now share my
room with me. And for rule number three, we may
pleasure each other as often as we like. Do you have
any questions or rules of your own?" At that time, all
I knew is that I wanted to get started with the
pleasure part.

Mom took her clothes off slowly as I eagerly watched.
My dick was starting to get hard again while more and
more of her beautiful brown skin was being exposed to
me. After she was completely nude she walked towards me
and said, "Now, I know you know what breasts are and
you probably know what a vagina is. But, I'm going to
show you the sensitive parts of a woman. Both, my
nipples and my clit are very sensitive when you touch
them gently."

I sat there quietly like the schoolboy that I was and
absorbed the lesson. She then told me the remove my
clothes which I did in a hurry. I sat down at the foot
of the bed again and Mom got on her knees in front of
me. She briefly explained what a blowjob was just
before she slipped the head of my swollen cock into her
warm mouth.

"Oh my god! Mom that feels good."

She sucked and slurped, drooled and licked all over my
fat dick. With one hand she cupped my balls and
massaged them gently. While the other hand grabbed my
dick firmly and stroked it up and down.

My head was spinning. I was unable to sit up any longer
and lay back on the bed. Mom then used both hands and
ran them up my belly, over my chest and pinched my
nipples. I was in heaven. Just when I thought I was
going to cum, Mom stopped and asked if that felt good.
"Yes mommy, that was wonderful."

She climbed onto the bed and lay on her back. She said,
"Now, I will show you how to do me." With that, she
spread her legs wide and pulled her pussy lips apart
with her fingers.

Now I must admit, seeing mom lying on the bed, legs
spread, and holding her pussy open for me to see looked
a little gross. But I was turned on nonetheless. She
instructed me to lower my head between her legs. "Now
gently lick the lips and my clit which is right here,
pointing to her clitoris. You can stick your tongue
inside me and lick me on the inside too."

I did all that I was told to do. It tasted funny at
first but I like it. I also like the way my mother
moaned when I did it. She told me that making a woman
feel that good was one of the best things a man could
do. "Make sure you always listen to the sounds the
woman makes, it will give you an idea of how well
you're doing."

I mastered my technique in seconds and had my mother
bucking and moaning on the bed. Her cunny honey, as she
calls it, was all over my nose, cheeks, mouth, and
chin. Her pussy was oozing this honey of hers onto the
bed. She rolled over onto her belly as I continued to
devour her pussy, never letting up. I was enjoying this
so much I wanted to see how far I could go. I suddenly
licked the mass of skin between her pussy and her
asshole and shoved two fingers into her soaking cunt
and the same time and she suddenly exploded.

"Oh ssssshhhiiiiiit!! Baby I'm cumming!! Oh, oh, that
feels so fucking good!"

It was almost like she peed in my face but it was a
thicker clear fluid that tasted like her "cunny honey".
I wasn't sure if I did something wrong or not but I
wasn't going to stop and find out. I kept on licking
and sucking the same spot while working my right index
and middle fingers in and out of her pussy. Soon she
was dragging herself away from me, begging me to stop.

Mom rolled over and looked at me with her pussy juice
all over my face. She was panting like a wild gorilla
or something then fell out laughing. I kind of cracked
a smile and asked what was so funny. She crawled over
to me and kissed me on the mouth, sliding her tongue
against mine, and liking the wetness from my face.

"I have never had anyone do that so well, she said.
You're a pro at this." She grabbed me by the face,
smiled at me and asked, "Are you sure you've never done
this before?"

I just smiled as she leaned back into her pillow and
pulled me on top of her like I was her favorite
blanket. She asked me to just lie there on top of her
for a minute while she tried to catch her breath.

After about ten minutes, maybe less, Mom looked down at
my dick and saw it was still hard. She said, "I guess
that's not going away until you've had some
satisfaction." She smiled and told me to roll over onto
my back because she was going finally going to give me
my graduation gift.

As I got comfortable on the bed, Mom through her left
leg over my hips and straddled me. She reached down
between her thighs and grabbed my dick, which was about
six or seven inches at the time. She pressed my dick
against my belly and began to slide her pussy up and
down the shaft of my throbbing member. I could feel the
soft bristles of her pubic hair brushing against me.

I lay there silently staring at my new wonderful lover
as she rubbed herself against me. Her tits heaved back
and forth, her eyes full of love and lust. I started to
grab her tits and give them a good squeeze but suddenly
found myself reaching for her hips. They were full and
firm, sloping downward to form two mocha colored
thighs, which were my pathways to heaven. I pulled on
her hips, feeling her wet cunt lips slid over the head
of my cock. My dick jerked slightly upward and Mom
slowly slid back, allowing my manhood to penetrate her
sopping wet vagina, the same vagina that gave birth to
me 14 y!
ears ago.

My whole body stiffened, as did my mom's. She stared at
me with eyes that began to swell with tears. I got the
impression that she was starting to feel guilty about
this i*****l and immoral act we were committing.
Suddenly she began to ride my slowly. With each thrust
downward, she would accent with a grinding motion to
make sure I was deep enough to hit that special spot
within her. I moved my hands from her hips to her
beautiful brown knockers that once nourished me as an

As I started kneading them Mom leaned forward and with
a soft whisper she told me to suck on her nipples and a
tear ran down her cheek. I asked if she was OK and she
said yes. "I've never been better", said Mom. I
squeezed and sucked and licked and even nibbled on her
tits as we made love. Actually we fucked. We fucked for
God knows how long. Constantly changing position..
Doggie style, missionary position, me standing between
her legs while she sat on the bed or on the dresser, we
fucked in positions that I was not sure had titles.

I think about 45 minutes or so past when she found a
position that really satisfied her. She was lying on
her side with one leg in front of her. I was on my
knees, straddling her other leg with my dick seemingly
pushing into the crack of her ass. I was able to push
all the way into her and could feel the end of her
pussy. I felt like my entire dick was now being
satisfied. Mom's face was wet with sweat. I could no
longer tell if she had tears on her cheeks or not.

"Fuck me hard!" she said.

I sped up my pace.

"Not faster baby, HARDER," she growled.

I started drawing out long slow strokes and then
slamming my piston into her as hard as I could. Her
tits would bounce with each penile assault.

"Aaauurrgh! That's it, Goddammit, fuck me good and
hard," Mom yelled.

My bl**d must have been over the fire my balls were,
cuz they was both boiling carnal lust. I grabbed her
ass cheek and started rubbing that spot between her
pussy and asshole again with one hand while pinching
her left nipple with the other. The whole time I
battered her cunt as best I could. The combination was
too much for my mom and she had that look again like
she was about to cum.

My cock's crown swell inside my mom's pussy and I knew
I wasn't going to last much longer either. As I felt my
orgasm wash through my body, hot with lust, I clinched
my teeth and asked, "Is this dick what you wanted
Momma? Does it make your pussy feel good to have you
son fucking you?" I shot gobs of nut into my mom's

"Yes!!" she screamed. Tears were definitely visible on
her face again. "I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming! Oh
shit! Fuck meeeeeeeeee! Oooohhhh God this is so good
baby." She came as hard as I did. I could feel small
jet-like spurts hitting my balls and thigh as she came.
As our orgasms started to subside, I collapsed on the
bed behind her. My dick, while still hard, slipped out
of my momma's gooey slot. I was out of breath and need
to rest for a moment. We were both soaked with sweat
and panting.

When Mom caught her breath she turned over to face me
and told me that that was the best fuck of her entire
life. When she said that, I was so full of myself I
could have grown an Afro on my chest right there on the
spot. I climbed on top of her again. She tried to
protest and said she couldn't take any more but I held
her hands against the bed and fucked her for another
ten minutes or so before I came again.

I think Momma has created a monster because my young
dick gets hard every time the clock ticks and I take
her whether she's in the mood or not. I finally make a
rule of my own. When she comes home from work I want
her to wear some type of nightie or t-shirt only. No
pants, panties, or bra. I want instant access to her
pussy and I love the way her titties wobble under her


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1 year ago
Great story wish I had a mom like that
2 years ago
We should have all married our moms if this is any indication. Lots of great sucking and fucking and more tomorrow. That's why men don't want to grow up.
2 years ago
Nice one
2 years ago
Very hot...nothing like fucking your mother till she says enough and then you pin her down and fuck her again
2 years ago
awesome very hot indeed
2 years ago
Nice very hot I we have more plz