I was at my "other" job. It was slow, as it usually was on a Wednesday afternoon, but my tip jar was looking pretty encouraging. Surveying it with a practiced eye I reckoned there was probably just a little less than three hundred dollars in that oversized brandy snifter; three hundred dollars I had accumulated for doing nothing more than pouring shots, serving beers and barely wearing my teeny-tiny bustier that showed quite a bit of areola pink over its crest of black lacy cleavage. Actually, that's exactly why I liked working afternoons. Most of the dancers who worked the early shift weren't much to look at, so a lot of the customers were content to hang on the bar and nurse beers while watching me scoot around in my ridiculously short and tight skirt while my D cup boobs threatened to pop out of my C cup lingerie. Consequently, even on slow days, I made pretty good money bartending at Tiggle Jitz.

And that was pretty much all there was to what I considered my "other" job.

My main job was teaching classes at the spa most mornings and a couple of nights a week - step aerobics, jazzercise, hip-hop aerobics, and a couple of spin classes - but that didn't pay much. Most of my income came straight from my tip jar at TJs. Usually that didn't bother me but recent events between me and my daughter, Janie, had me worried. The reminder that I was earning most of my income by bouncing around barely clothed behind a bar at a strip club was not helping my moral freak-out.

Anyway, I was so lost in my uneasy thoughts I didn't even see my boss, Caesar, come lumbering up behind me. "Christ, Patty, how long are you going to clean that one fucking glass?" he boomed over the thump of 'My Humps' on the club's sound system.

When you are privately worrying you may have turned your daughter into an unrepentant whore, it doesn't take much to startle you. The shot glass popped from between my fingers and clattered across the bar.

"Go... sh darn it, Caesar! You scared me!"

Caesar laughed. "Careful Pat. Now I'll have to take that glass outta your pay."

"YOU made me drop it," I growled at him as I picked it up. "Besides it isn't even broken, you cheap jerk." I turned it this way and that in front of him, displaying its lack of flaws. He wasn't even looking at me. His eyes were sliding up and down along the contours of my ass and boobs, as usual.

"If you're bored back here I can schedule you some time on the stage."

"We've been over this, Ari. I don't peel any more."

"That's a goddamned fuckin' pity, Patty. You still got a smokin' bod, especially for a thirty five year old bitch."

"Thirty-four," I corrected him. "And the answer is still no. And also, don't call me a bitch."

He started to open his mouth to press his argument but I was saved by the approach of a customer, a balding cop named Evans who dropped by a couple of times a week or so. Ari retreated to allow me to the chance to milk the guy for more tips.

"Howdy Officer," I said, flashing my big brown eyes and a cute smile. I gave my curly, dirty blonde locks a sassy toss.

"Hello darlin'," he said to my boobs. "After the shift I've just had, you're a sight for sore eyes."

I arched my back slightly and gave my chest a subtle bounce as I waited for him to get to the point, "Hard day, huh? Did you have to shoot lots of bad guys?"

"Naw, nothing like that... just a lot of administrative bullshit. I woulda rather have been wasting scumbags instead of dealing with a fuckin' fagot cop."

I laughed, thinking he was just badmouthing one of his patrol mates, but he didn't join in. He just shook his head as I placed an open Coors Lite longneck in front of him.

"Seriously, beautiful, we got fagot cops now. Can you fucking believe it?" He took a long, sad pull on his beer.

"What? You mean like a meter maid?"

"No, real cops. We wanted to get rid of 'em but the lawyers told us we'd have every fucking fagot-liberal-hippy lawyer in the state up our asses if we did. So we decided to make them take an AIDS test; you know, so at least we know we ain't gonna catch nothing off the water fountain or whatever. But the lawyers didn't like that either... they say we can't single them out just 'cause they're gay. So we ALL had to get AIDS tests: every single person in the department, even the janitors. Cost you tax payers quite a bit of money too. Goddamn fagots"

"I bet it did," I said. I'd got tested pretty frequently myself - just in case - so I was well aware of how much those bl**d tests ran.

"The good news, however, is that I'm clean," he indicated his ample body with a flourish. "We all are; the whole department is disease free. Even the fag."

"Good for you Officer Evans," I raised my glass of water and he clinked against it with the base of his beer bottle. I took a sip and he chugged his bottle dry. "Another?" I asked.

Evans leaned in conspiratorially, spoke in a low tone, "Say... how about you and I celebrate, seeing as how I'm as clean as a virgin. Maybe a little bare-back, huh?"

I pretended to think it over but I knew I was going to turn him down. Ordinarily bare-back sex was a special treat - the feel of skin penetrating skin, the gush of semen filling me, the deliciously sick feeling on the way home as it slowly oozed from between my lips and down my thigh - but that evening I had too much on my mind. Besides only a week previously I'd had plenty of bare-back; over a dozen guys at once, actually; me AND Janie, my daughter. And now the man who'd tempted us both into that fevered orgy - Janie's "friend" Tom - was gone, leaving my little girl feeling devastated and abandoned. And she was at home now, all alone. Well, all alone except for the big double headed toy we'd "borrowed" from Tom's penthouse, now sitting in the bottom drawer of our china hutch, calling to us both, tempting us into yet another lapse of judgment and morals.

"I'm sorry, I have plans tonight," I said.

"Break them. I can get you off any tickets..." he pleaded pathetically before lapsing into a crooked smile. "And I bet I can get you off... period."

I smiled. "Sorry, I've plans with my daughter. Maybe some other time?"

Evans slouched into his stool and turned towards the stage. Bonnie - Lady Nympho, as she called herself - was dancing, her blurry lower abdomen tattoo calling attention to her caesarian scar rather than hiding it. Evans turned back to the bar and guzzled the rest of his beer.

"Oh well," he said. "Maybe I should go on home and see if the wife is interested."

"Yeah," I said. "It's f****y night tonight."


As I drove home I told myself I'd be strong. I'd comfort Janie, commiserate with her about the undependable nature of men, maybe take her out for some Chinese food and a movie. And that'd be it. I'd keep it strictly mother-daughter. Maybe I'd hold her if she wanted to cry, but I wouldn't let my hands explore her firm young flesh, I wouldn't let the smell of her silky, sable hair tempt me into kissing down her neck, I wouldn't let the gentle pressure of her breasts against mine provoke me into freeing them both from the confines of our blouses and bras so our nipples may more easily slide and prod against each other. And, most of all, we would not use Tom's double headed dildo tonight. Sure, we had lapsed almost every night since our double gangbang with Tom and all his friends... but tonight would be different.

I couldn't believe that when all this started I had thought I was being so darned clever. After generations of women in my f****y - all of us with big boobs and even bigger libidos - falling victim to early, unwed motherhood I thought I'd found the key to breaking that sad cycle by letting my Janie be as sexually active as she chose as long as she remained safe and protected. And it had worked! She reached her eighteenth birthday without an unwanted pregnancy, the first in I don't know how many generations of Graham girls. However, without an infant to hold her back, and with the full support of her stupid, stupid mother, her unrestrained sexual appetite had flowered into something close to nymphomania. And then, when she told me about Tom's proposed "party" with her and several of his male friends I let her convince me to go along! Why didn't I put my foot down? How could I have been so dumb?

Once again, I was wishing it had never happened: that I'd never agreed to e****t her to Tom's to "keep her safe"; that I hadn't let myself get willingly drawn into the action; that I hadn't let my lips find Janie's semen drenched pussy; that I never discovered the feeling of my daughter's body climaxing to my touch.

But even as I wished my memories were fictional, they tempted me as they drifted through my brain: the sight of my own c***d with nameless, horny men jockeying for position to thrust into her pussy, butt and mouth; her skin awash with sweat and sperm; her vulva inches from my face, a huge cock slowly being fed into her trembling body as I worked her clit with my tongue.

Stopped at a light, I shifted in the seat of my Toyota. I could feel the growing dampness of my own sex just as I could feel the shame swirling though my mind. I only wanted to be a good mother. I had become a monster.

It was dark when I got home. From the parking lot of our apartment I could see from the waxing and waning blue glow in the front window of our apartment that Janie was home and watching television. I sat in the car for ten minutes before going in.

I opened the front door slowly and quietly. Janie was sprawled on the couch in a pink tank top and a black pair of my short, stretchy, work-out shorts. She was watching one of those reality shows I hated as she absently twisted small braids into her long, lustrous, dark brown hair.

"Hey," she greeted me, not taking her eyes off the TV.

"Hi honey," I said, feeling awkward. I wanted to ask her how she was, if she was feeling blue, heartbroken, abandoned, used. But she seemed untroubled other than being a little bored by the horrible people on television complaining about each other.

"Oh..." she said. "Tom wanted me to tell you he said 'hi'."

"What!? You saw Tom?"

"Yeah, he dropped by on his way to the airport."

I'd thought he'd already left the country. I felt suddenly annoyed he didn't wait until later so he could have seen me too. Maybe the three of us... No. I had to stop thinking like that.

"Just Tom?" I asked, unable to help myself.

Janie threw me an exasperated look and rolled her dark eyes. "It's not all gangbangs with him, Mother. Sometimes he likes me for himself."

I felt suddenly irritable. I turned down a chance at no-strings-attached bare-back sex so I could comfort my daughter; meanwhile she had been screwing Tom back at our apartment. I pushed my mass of curly, dirty blonde hair out of my face to glower at her more expressively but she was totally wrapped up in her TV show again. Feeling pent up and over-horny, I turned and marched towards the dining room. Apparently I'd have to attend to my own needs.

I had my hand on the bottom drawer of the china hutch when Janie's voice called out from the other room: "Oh, Tom took his dildo back."

"What?" I asked, more disappointment in my voice that was seemly. I pulled the drawer open. The now familiar double-headed, yellowed plastic phallus was gone.

"He apologized for 'denying us our fun'," she said, mimicking Tom's Italian accent. "But he said it's a priceless artifact. He said Vikings carved that thing out of a big chunk of amber. Can you believe it? We've been using a thousand year old dildo to fuck each other..."

"Please Janie, watch your language."

"Oh... Sorry mom."

"Honestly, how many times must I remind you?"

I sat at the table and fumed. Sure, I had my own toy back in my nightstand but it was so much smaller. And using it was so... lonely. Darn it.

Janie's television show ended and she walked over to sit across from me. Her dark eyes were full of sympathy. "Sorry mom. But he knew we'd taken it. He said didn't want to get the police involved. The thing is, like, totally priceless."

"No. It's for the best. We shouldn't have been using it... not with each other, anyway," I said without enthusiasm. Fresh images of Janie and I, pussy to pussy on the couch as we rode that ancient dildo to orgasm after orgasm flooded through my mind's eye. I felt oddly depressed that those deliriously depraved evenings with my daughter were gone forever.

Well... it's not like that was the only double headed dildo in the world, you know," she said.

I looked at her. "Oh... Janie... No."

"Oh come on... Let's go shopping! Tom even gave me some money so we could buy ourselves a replacement. He wants us to 'stay in practice' until he gets back to The States."

I knew what to do. I knew I should tell her no, unequivocally NO. I knew I should forbid my eighteen year old daughter from seeing a rich, middle aged, Italian man who was obviously using her... correction, using us, as his personal sex toys. I knew I should demand she hand over the money so I could return it when Tom got back; return the money and then tell him to stay the heck away from my daughter. I knew I should tell her there was to be no more hanky-panky between us... that our sick little experiment was over. I knew all of that. I really did.

But the horniness - that bone deep, Graham-matriarch horniness - had its claws in me. I opened my mouth to say the right things, but my cursed instinctual sexual hunger spoke instead.

"OK," I said.


Janie said she knew where we could buy what we needed. I drove while she gave directions. It was a place just outside the city limits, next to the exit ramp from the interstate. It was an old cinder block building that used to be a Taco Bell but now was a poorly painted red with a small sign out front that read: "Videos, DVDs, Toys, Mags, Books: Adults Only." I saw several cars in the parking lot as I drove past.

"Hey, Mom, that was the place. Right there."

"I know. I'm just doing some reconnaissance, honey. Seems like there're an awful lot of people there for a Wednesday night."

"Well, some guys jerk off every night," she said with too much sarcasm for my taste.

"Hmm," I said, considering the plan as I slowed down to turn around. I pulled into a small park diagonally across the street that consisted of nothing more than two picnic tables and a public restroom. For some reason it was even more crowded than the porno shop. Cars were in nearly every parking space, several men milled about around one of the picnic tables, smoking cigarettes. A few of them were surprisingly good looking.

"I wonder what's going on here," I said.

"Really? Come on, Mom. A bunch of guys hanging out after dark at a public restroom? Put it together. Jeez."

"Janie, watch your attitude!" I rebuked her. But taking another look at the small crowd I finally caught her hint. "Oh... they're gays?"

"Gay men, yeah. They meet here and go fu... er, make love in the bathroom. I feel bad for the dude who has to come out here and clean all that up in the morning!" she said, laughing.

"Well, that's not right!" I said.

"What? Why?"

"My tax money is being spent to clean up after all those queers... when it isn't being spent on AIDS tests for queer cops! It isn't right."

"What the hell are you talking about, Mom?"

"Language, Jane, Please," I said before continuing. "I just resent it. It's a public area. Seems like the queers shouldn't be making me pay to clean up after them."

"Oh come on, mom. You just don't like gays. Don't try to wrap that up in some kind of tax crusade."

I guess she had a point, I don't like gays. But I had a point too. My tax dollars shouldn't be used to pick up crusty old condoms and re-disinfect the rest stop every morning, especially not after a bunch of fag sex. I took out my phone and started dialing nine-one-one.

"What are you doing?" asked Janie.

"Shhh!" I said to her. Then to the dispatch officer who answered I said, "I'm a concerned citizen. There are a bunch of gay men using the park bathroom at the interstate ramp for an orgy and I don't approve!" Then I hung up.

"Jesus Christ, Mom!"

"Janie! I won't have you blaspheme in my car!"

I pulled out of the park and drove back across the street to the porno store parking lot as Janie pouted in the seat next to me. She got out and slammed the door as soon as the car came to a stop. I had to trot to keep up with her as she stormed into the store.

The store was dingy, disorganized and smelled weird. The fluorescent lights bathed the room in ugly bluish light from within the yellowed acoustical tiles that (mostly) covered the ceiling. Several men perusing magazines and videos turned to look on us with surprise as Janie burst past the checkout with me following closely behind. Some ogled us shamelessly, others tried to bury themselves in the products they were inspecting, unwilling to let a couple of real women see them at their most pathetic. I spotted a couple of faces I recognized from the club but no one I knew well enough to get embarrassed about. But still, I checked the buttons on my corduroy blazer to be sure my skimpy bustier wasn't showing - no point in encouraging these perverts.

I had finally caught up with Janie as she stopped before a wall festooned with various sex toys. She turned to me with anger in her eyes. "Here we are, Mom. Let's pick out a dildo we can share... Mom."

"Janie... Please," I pleaded, not daring to look around to see if anyone heard her.

"Oh, we have nothing to be ashamed of, right? At least we aren't gay men, right... Mom?"

"This isn't the time for this!" I hissed.

"Well, I'm buying this," she announced as she reached out and grabbed a thick, pink, doubled-headed phallus. She stomped up to the check out counter while pulling a wad of cash from the cleavage of her low cut tank top.

I risked a look at the crowd of guys s**ttered around the store. Every eye was on us. Blushing vividly, I abandoned the display of sex toys and joined Janie by the counter. I saw the dildo she was buying was nearly ninety bucks but I didn't say anything. She was spending Tom's money, after all.

"You pretty girls wanna use a video booth? See a film?" asked the heavily tattooed man at the register. "I got a special one you can use."

Janie looked at me, arched an eyebrow and smiled impishly. I shook my head. I didn't like the way he'd said "special".

"Well, maybe some other time, huh?" he suggested with a leer. Janie smiled at him, I glowered.

As we left the store I asked, "How much money did Tom give you?"

"Enough," she said.

We got in the car. I started it up and pulled up to the road. I looked across at the park but it was empty. I was surprised the cops had been there and gone already. In my experience, our town didn't have a particularly motivated police department. Perhaps they jumped at the call because, like Officer Evans, they were still pissed off about the new homo cop. I'm sure they'd love a chance to lean on some queers.

"Look," I said. "The park's empty already."

"Hmf," grunted Janie.

I pulled out onto the road and across to the park. Janie didn't say anything but she looked at me quizzically as I parked the car.

"I bet they left a real mess in there. Come on, I want you to see what I'm talking about. I want you to see what your tax money gets spent on."

"You're taking me to a jizz soaked public toilet to teach me lesson about taxes?" she asked sarcastically.

"It's well past the time to get prissy with me, Jane Vivian Graham. Now come on, follow me."

I got out and approached the rest rooms. I ignored the women's and headed straight to the men's. The building was a simple concrete and cinder block structure with a high, flat, shallow-sloped roof. Translucent panels were mounted in the transoms under the high end of the roof and yellowish light shone from within. I heard Janie reluctantly get out of the car behind me. I paused at the door to let her catch up.

"I don't know, Mom... Is this safe?"

I turned and saw that Janie had the big double headed dildo in her hands. She was brandishing it like a club. "Put that back in the car!" I said.


I decided not to fight about it. I signaled her to follow me and pushed through the door.

Inside was a grimy, graffiti-covered, cinderblock room. It had the vaguely swollen look of a place that had been layered in untold coats of cheap paint: in this case a pale, yellowish gray. There were four white porcelain urinals and a row of three stalls. I spotted a couple of used condoms on the floor.

"See? Look at this place. Disgusting."

The lights went off. I jumped into the air. I might have screamed, just a little.

"There you go. Looks better now," said Janie with an invisible smirk evident in her voice.

"Janie! Stop behaving like a..." I stopped midsentence as I saw the rolling red and blue lights of a police car lighting up the clear transoms overhead. The flashing lights grew brighter as it quietly pulled into the parking lot outside. Its siren wasn't turned on.

"Holy fuck!" said Janie.


"Not now mother! What the fuck are we gonna do!"

"I will NOT have you swearing like a cheap hooker at every minor set back!"

"This isn't a minor setback! We're in a men's toilet and there are cops right outside, right now, Mom! What the f... What the HECK are we gonna do!"

I looked around the dim room. There weren't many options. "In there," I said, pointing to the middle stall.

We jumped in, closing and latching the door behind us. I told her to get up on the toilet seat so the cops couldn't see our feet. Janie, dressed in shorts and tennis shoes, balanced easily on the rim of the bowl with her back to the side of the stall. I was still wearing heels and a tight and tiny skirt. I had to pull off my shoes and hike my skirt up around my hips before I could join her. Finally we were facing each other, knee to knee, perched on the balls of our feet on the same filthy public toilet with our backs against the walls. We exchanged worried looks in the dark.

And we waited.

"What's taking so long?" whispered Janie.

"They're probably checking our license plate," I told her. I was so glad I'd registered it under my uncle Hal's name. You see, Hal lives in Kansas where they don't have a personal property tax. So at least we wouldn't be identified because of my car. My penny pinching was paying off in unexpected ways.

Finally, the front door opened slowly with a long low creak. The light flicked on.

"OK, Dorothy!" shouted the cop. "This ain't Kansas and it sure as hell ain't Oz, why don't you come on out before we get impatient."

"The call said there was a whole shitload of gay-boys here," said a different cop. "Where'd all your friends go, Dorothy?"

The first cop laughed. "I bet our butt-fucker rookie heard the call and tipped his friends off. Then our friend Dorothy got here after everyone else ran off and settled down to wait in the glory hole. Now he's stuck and he's gonna to have to take the heat for all the homos that got away. That sound about right to you Dorothy?"

Janie and I looked at each other and we simultaneously mouthed "glory hole?" We looked around the stall and saw the holes: one on each side, another in the stall door; all about three feet off the ground, three inches in diameter, rimmed in electrical tape. Above the one near Janie's right hand someone had scrawled "suck it fag" in black marker. We looked back at each other in surprise.

"He ain't answerin'," said one cop.

"Seems that we got ourselves a siege," said the other

"I guess I'll call in some support."

Janie and I traded another panicked look.

"This is car one-eight. We got unknown male resisting arrest out here at the exit ninety-three rest area. Requesting assistance."

Janie seemed to be annoyed by something. I didn't like the look in her eyes. I tried to stare a warning at her: don't do anything stupid. But, in her deepest voice, she called out, "But I haven't even done anything wrong!"

There was a long pause.

"Why do you sound like a woman trying to sound like a dude, Dorothy?" asked one of the cops.

I clamped one hand across Janie's mouth. I made a 'ssh' jesture with the other. "I am a woman," I answered.

I stepped off the toilet onto the tiled floor, taking time to put my heels down and step into them. When I heard the cops step closer I blocked the two side openings with my hands, the one in the door with by backside.

"Don't look!" I said.

"She must be fugly," suggested one of the cops.

"Or maybe she's a bored, slutty housewife, listening to the scanner... she hears the call and figures she'll come down here after we clear out the homos and set herself up to suck off the next wave. But her timing is all wrong. Now she's trapped... Is that about right sweetheart?"

"Bingo!" I said. I appreciated the excuse. I sure didn't have anything better.

"I'm not sure that I agree with you 100% on your police work there, Jeff," said the other cop, doing a passable Marge Gunderson impression. "What worries me is that Dorothy here is really just a tranny who'll say whatever it takes for a chance to suck some cop dick."

"I'm not a tranny," I said.

I still had my hand over Janie's mouth. Her eyes had gone from panic to "what the heck are you doing?" Although I doubt my Janie would have said "heck".

"Well how 'bout you prove it?"

"How can I do that?"

I felt something hard and blunt jab me in the ass cheek I was using to block the front glory hole. I jumped and a black police truncheon poked into our stall.

"Get some lady stink on that and we'll believe you."

I looked at Janie and shrugged. "OK," I said. I released Janie's mouth and pushed my panties down my legs. Her jaw dropped open in disbelief.

"Holy shit," said one of the cops. "She's gonna do it."

I kicked my panties aside and straddled the night stick. I took the tip in my hand and began rubbing my pussy up and down its length. It felt good, but then, I'd been so horny all day. I leaned forward and positioned the shaft with my fingertips. I sank back and let it enter me.

"Jesus fucking Christ! She's fucking the stick!"

Janie was looking at me with her eyes wide. She was licking her lips as she watched.

The truncheon was pulled out of my sex. But I didn't move from my position with my pussy lined up to the glory hole. I was hoping for more.

I heard a sniff. "Yup, she's the real deal. Ain't no dick chopping doctor who can reproduce that smell."

Fingers reached in and fumbled with my lips. I groaned in appreciation as they teased my vulva and tested my wetness. I moaned lividly. Janie no longer seemed frightened.

"Oh, you like that, don't you, you slut?"

"Mmmm," I said.

"OK, how do you like this?"

Fingers withdrew. Something firm and singular was prodding at my sex now. I pressed more eagerly against the stall door as the unseen cop's cock slowly impaled me.

I'd neglected to continue blocking the holes in the side of the stall with my hands -- having withdrawn them to finger my clit and reach into my jacket to tease my nipples through my too-small bustier. When the other cop moved around to stick his cock through the hole to my left there was nothing there to stop him.

"Here you go, slut. Another cock for you to play with," said the cop.

Understandably, I was a little distracted. I had been so horny, and that cock now pumping me through the restroom glory hole felt so good, that Janie noticed the second prick before I did. I went to reach for it but she was already off the toilet, crouching on the floor to slide the pink shaft into her mouth.

"Holy fuck, she's sucking me off!"


I watched my daughter fellate the unseen man's cock. She attacked it with a raw sexual urgency, pushing it far back into her mouth, running her tongue up along the sides to swirl it lovingly around the purpled head and pull back long, shimmering strands of clear pre-cum. Her face was enraptured as she worked him. It was obvious my daughter genuinely loved to suck cock and was quite good at it too. I felt oddly proud as I witnessed her technique.

"Oh fuck," said Janie's cop. "I'm gonna cum if she keeps this shit up."

There was a sudden pounding on the stall walls that made us both jump. My cop spoke up. "Come on slut, turn around so I can feel your mouth on my cock."

"Yeah, I wanna fuck her cunt," said the other cop.

Janie got up eagerly to turn around and bend over. I couldn't resist, I took that saliva slicked prick in my hand and helped guide it into her womanhood. My breath caught in my throat as I watched the firm head nudge her lips aside to disappear insider her quivering body. She mouthed "thank you" as she settled onto it. I dropped and turned around to take my cop's slimy cock in my hand. Without hesitation I began licking my own spunk off his shaft.

"Oh FUCK! That's feels sooo good."

With the sexual sounds of squelches and slurps mingling with our panting breaths in the echoing metal stall we didn't hear the next two cops arrive. However, they soon announced their arrival quite clearly.

"Holy shit, are you two really lettin' some random fagot suck you off?" called a voice from somewhere beyond our glory holes.

"Fuck you Lou, we got an honest to God cock-hungry slut in here."

"Yeah, sure you do."

"No, seriously, smell this."

There was a pause as the night stick I'd fed up my pussy was passed around for the smell test. Confirmation was signaled by enthusiastic hoots and hollers.

The thought of two more cocks lining up for a chance to plug me and my daughter's pussy and mouth made my urgent lust spark wildly within my loins. I began working the musky cock back and forth across my tongue with frantic energy; desperate to get him off quickly and take the next expectant dick before Janie and her eager young pussy finished off the whole room without me. Stringy flows of comingled spit and pre-cum dripped from my chin and hung on my tits as I pushed my groaning, twitching cop closer and closer to climax.

But I'd forgotten all about the third glory hole, so had Janie.

"Holy shit!" came a cop's voice, sounding oddly close. "There are two sluts in there!"

I let go of the cock in my mouth and turned around. Sure enough, there was a chestnut brown cop's eye peeking in at us, as full of surprise and wonder as k** discovering Santa's workshop was actually in the janitor's closet at school.

"They're hot too!" he added.

I raised my had to cover the hole but Janie's voice suddenly boomed out. "LISTEN FUCKERS! I don't care if you are fucking cops, if you look in that motherfucking hole one more time and we will empty a fucking can of pepper spray into your goddamned dicks!!! Am I fucking clear!?"

I looked on my sweet young daughter with horror. She gave me a small, embarrassed smile and shrugged. However, when I looked at the hole, the eye was gone.

"OK... OK," said mingled voices.

"Shit, I guess we'll just have to take your word that their hot," said one of the cops.

"I guess you will," said the chestnut eyed cop. Within seconds another cock joined us, poking through the third hole. "Will this make it up to you darlings?" he asked with a laugh in his voice.

"Oooh yeah!" said Janie as she lowered her face to the new prick. She took it into her mouth as the cop behind her kept up his steady thrusting into her pussy. She braced herself between the two stall walls as cocks commenced ramming her from front and back. I stood and pushed my ass back towards the front glory hole to take a cock in my pussy once again as I watched Janie shudder under her duel assault.

"Oh man, she's fucking me with her pussy again!" groaned the cop inside me.

"I got pussy too," said the cop behind Janie.

"I got a mouth," said the cop in front of Janie in a mock-disappointed voice that raised a laugh from the other cops. I giggled a bit at that too.

It wasn't long before I felt the cop nailing me through the hole in the door go rigid and begin squirting me full of his spunk. As he pumped the last of his load into me I watched Janie's body begin to twitch wildly as her skin bloomed a vivid pink. A deep throaty groan filled our small space as she came.

Over the sound of her noisy orgasm I could hear more cops arriving. The slimy baton was passed around and sniffed as the newly arrived cops initially refused to believe there were two willing women taking all dicks within the three glory holes. As the reality of the situation was discovered there were cheers and hoots and rude entreaties to their fellow cops to "hurry the fuck up already." Soon I lost reckoning of how many cops were in the room with us. I just knew that when Janie's two cops emptied their dicks in her mouth and vag there were two more ready to take their places.

I reached out and ran my hands up along Janie's sweat streaked body. She moaned and redoubled her efforts on the two cocks moving with her. But she had misunderstood my intent. I leaned forward and whispered into her ear. "Give mama a turn," I said.

She looked up with eyes dazed and unfocused. Around her mouth and dripping down her neck and boobs was a rind of glossy white slime. I pulled her forward, off her cocks, as I let the one in my pussy drop free. She obediently took her place on her knees and began sucking the cock now sopping wet from my cum-flooded hole. I looked on her with pride as I took my place between the two side holes. I let the man who had been at Janie's mouth take my pussy, I tasted Janie's pussy on the other as I took it into my mouth.

With my forehead and ass pressed against the opposing the steel walls of the stall, I took a procession of cocks. I was quickly lost in the storm of pleasure that swirled around and within me. Cocks entered me and pumped me, they filled my body with their seed until I could take no more and rivers of white slime were dripping from my orifices. I could hear more and more cops arrive but their words had long ago stopped making sense. I lived only for more: more cock, more cum, more orgasms as I let the pleasure control me. Eventually I felt Janie's hands on me, moving me into a new position as she spoke to me gently.

"Come on, Mom. I have an idea," she whispered to me as she held up the double-header we'd just purchased. She had it bent into "U" shape. I didn't even know it could do that.

Janie's idea was for us to squat on the title floor, back to back. As we sucked the cocks poking the opposing glory holes, she reached beneath us to push the now horseshoe shaped dildo into our bodies. We gyrated our sweat slickened asses against each other as she worked the double phallus in and out of our pussies. It was delightful but for the view. I would have much rather have watched my darling and talented daughter suck strangers' cocks than stare at a steel stall wall smeared with jism and inscribed with rude graffiti too close to even read.

"Oh my God," said someone from somewhere. "This bitch is deep throating me!"

I was surprised. I didn't know Janie could deep throat. I felt an odd twinge of jealousy. I tried to take the cock now slipping and sliding in my mouth back into my throat. But I choked. I wondered if Janie could teach me...

"No one's doing shit to me," complained a cop at the glory hole in the stall door. I'd forgotten about that one. I blindly reached out to take the expected dick in my hand but there was nothing there. Looking over, I saw a blue eye looking in.

"Holy shit, you guys gotta see this!"

"Then get outta the fucking way!"

I reached up to block the hole with my palm but my body was unsteady and shaky after so many orgasms and the floor was now slick with thick spatters of semen that had dripped from our bodies. I slipped, slamming into the door with my shoulder.

"What's going on in there?" said a male voice

"One of them fell over." laughed the blue eyed cop peeking in on us.

Janie turned to look down on me. "Are you OK?" she asked quietly.

"It's just kind of cramped in here," I responded as I pulled myself off the floor.

"Let's open the door," she said, her eyes lively with infectious excitement, her pupils dilated into blackness.

I was as sex mad as she by then. Reckless in my all consuming horniness, I reached up and opened the latch on the door. It swung in and revealed a dozen or so cops gathered around our little stall. Their faces were surprised and delighted.

"Now what?" I asked Janie in a panting voice.

She held up the double headed dildo and bent it straight. "Get on your back," she ordered.

The cops cheered.

Janie helped me pull off my jacket and push down my bustier so my boobs finally popped free. She pulled off her tank top. The tile floor was cold and slimy with filth as I lay back as she had asked. She was sitting on the toilet with our dildo at the ready. She took my legs in her hands pulled me to her, lifting my hips up off the floor. I balanced on my shoulders and braced my arms against the front corners of the stall as she intertwined her bare legs with mine and pierced my pussy with the dildo. As she settled onto the other end we began moving against each other, feeling the fat phallus pumping within us as we twisted to push our bodies clit to clit. We made urgent, contorted love to each other. Looking up at my daughter I saw a perfect goddess, all tight muscles wrapped soft flesh as she braced against the walls to ride me vigorously. Outside, the crowd of cops crowded the door and climbed up to balance on the stalls to gaze down upon our sweaty, writhing bodies.

I came almost immediately, but Janie kept pumping. There was a steady murmur of confused conversation from the chatty cops as they watched us with disbelieving eyes...

"I told you they were hot!" - "No shit, I think I recognize that blond one from somewhere." - "I think she works at T.J.s" - "You guys notice something odd about those two?" - "I've seen her bar tend sometimes... I don't think she dances." - "Yeah I noticed something, they're totally fucking hot!" - "You think the young one is a peeler?" - "They look a lot alike, don't they?" - "I've never seen the brunette before." - "They don't look that much alike... except they both got great tits!" - "I think I've seen the brown haired one around, I don't remember where." - "Look at their faces, they look like they could be s****rs." - "No way, y' think?" - "Maybe they're related some other way?"

Oh God, they had figured us out! I looked up at Janie to see the same concern shadowing her pretty face.

There was only one option -- the lesser of two evils - reluctant though I was to pursue it.

"Fuck me sissy!" I cried. "Fuck your big s****r's horny cunt!"

Her body tensed and trembled as my Janie came spectacularly under my torrent of obscenities. "YEEESSS!" she gulped. "God Yes! Take my hot lezzy fuck, s*s. Take it all!"

"Holy shit!" said the crowd of cops, speaking as one.

But still, that wasn't enough for my Janie. She leaned forward on the toilet and opened her mouth wide. A cop stepped forward, straddling my head as he stroked his dick to climax. His aim was good and the long streak of pale sperm shot right into Janie's mouth. Subsequent squirts however rained down on my chest, neck and face.

And so it went. Cops craned their necks and hung on the stall walls for a view as one cop after another stepped up to relieve their lust in my daughter's mouth. Most of it ended up dripping on me but I didn't mind. On the contrary, the warm spatter of man-seed and the reek of pheromones drove me into a long string of nearly continuous orgasms that left my body trembling and my throat raw from screaming.

Finally, it was over. Every cop had got a shot and many had gone twice. One of the stall walls was hanging askew from bearing the weight of two big cops who'd climbed atop for a better view. Jizz was everywhere. I let myself slide off our double-header and lay panting on the floor. My goddess-daughter Janie sank back on her toilet-throne and sat listlessly as long rivers of spunk dripped down her tits and stomach. The cops backed off, just as dazed as we.

"Hey, I have an idea," said a youngish cop. He was digging at his fly again. Janie and I looked up at him wearily. "Let's finish them off with a golden shower!"

"Jesus Christ, Matt. These ladies were kind enough to take us all on and you want to piss on them? What the fuck is wrong with you, boy?"

"Yeah, fuck Matt. Grow the fuck up."

Et cetera, et cetera, as the roomful of cops voted the idea down. I looked up at Janie with relief. She looked oddly disappointed.

Slowly, the police filtered away as Janie and I pulled ourselves up with much difficulty. One of them hung back. He approached us when we were alone.

"You ladies OK?"

We said we were in exhausted voices, thick from tongues marinated in congealing cum.

"We really appreciate you girls showing us such a good time... if you ever need a favor in this jurisdiction, please don't hesitate to call."

He handed Janie a card. She passed it to me. It said Lieutenant Carl Van Frieslan.

"If you girls are ever looking for some private work..."

"No," I said. "My little s****r is going back to Kansas. This was just a... a weird, one time thing."

"Well it is for her," said Janie. "I do porno back in Kansas."

"Umm... OK," said Officer Van Frieslan. "Tell you what...I'll keep my prowler parked across the parking lot entrance so no one disturbs you while you girls get yourselves together. Take as long as you want."

Left alone, we surveyed the scene. It was like a sperm bomb had gone off in the center stall. Streaks and splats of the stuff coated the walls and floor, the left wall hung bent and unsteady with the joins separated in two corners.

"Well Mom, between this mess and tying up the entire police department for a couple of hours I think you got your money's worth out of your taxes tonight."

"Well... maybe everything balances out in the end," I admitted.

"You know, that cop said we could take as long as we wanted..." she said, holding up the moistly glistening dildo and giving the tip a kiss.

I smiled at my Janie. "Come here," I said.

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great story
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WOW. Amazing story:)
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That was a totally AWESOME story, Thanks for posting it for us to read.