I sympathised with my daughter, Candy. Her father was way too
restrictive with her. She was fifteen, and boys were asking her
on dates. I understood John's point and shared his concerns as
well. Candy wasn't ready to make mature decisions about her
body, sex, and picking what boys were good and which ones were
not. Candy is a sweet k**. We named her right, but she has no
idea how sweet she looks to the opposite sex.

Candy still has a c***d's frame, but a woman's body has grown on
it. She has full size breasts, a tiny waist, and full hips; the
classic female hour glass, only scaled down. She stands four
foot ten inches, weighs eighty-eight pounds, and measures
thirty-two, sixteen, thirty-one. Those would be respectible
measurements on a full-sized woman like me, but on Candy, they
look positively voluptuous. With her full mane of auburn hair,
big green eyes, and pearly white smile, she has no idea how sexy
she looks.

She's not exactly an airhead, but she's no Rhode's scholar
either. Gullible, naive, easily led, easily influenced, and
overly-trusting do come to mind. She adores male attention and
sucks up compliments like an industrial shop vac. Candy doesn't
know how to play the game, and I can't bring myself to talk about
back seat ball games. I still haven't told her about the birds
and bees. The right guy, saying the right lines, could round the
bases and slide into home with his first time at bat.

She needs a big s****r, or a father who doesn't break out in
sweats around her. It's not the sweats so much, it's the
erection he gets that causes the sweats. Candy has noticed his
problem. She likes to snuggle up on his lap in her baby doll
nightie. She took her seat a little too quickly one night and
made John cry out. She lifted up, saying, "Oops, sorry Daddy."
John told her it was a condition he picked up in the Vietnam war.
She scooted off his boner and looked at the bulge in his pants,
saying, "Does it hurt?"

I almost spit out a mouthful of soda when she said that. You see
what I mean about being naive? I was as eager as Candy to hear
John's reply. I sat forward, trying to hold in my smile. John
gave me a harsh look, like, "I hope you're enjoying this, Pam."
Mine said, "Oh, I am, John, I am." He said, "No, Candy, it
doesn't hurt. It just gets stiff for no reason, and it can be
embarrassing at times."

Candy continued staring at the bulge tenting her father's PJ's,
not at all bashful about looking at her father's crotch. She
said, "I'll bet. Sometimes boys get those in class and everybody
laughs. I don't think they were in a war though. Does it hurt
when I sit on it?"

I almost lost my composure. John's face had sweat beads running.
He gave me another dirty look, then said, "No, just don't jump on

Candy lifted her ass, shifted back over his erection, and eased
herself down. She likes to recline on John, and since John was
already lying back in his lounger, her soft buns settled right
over his cock. To make matters worse, John had on thin cotton
boxer shorts, and Candy wore no panties. This was no surprise.
She never wore anything under her nightie, but this was a new
nightie. She picked it out, and her new nightie was short,
sheer, and loose.

His eyes rolled back as she settled again and let her legs fall
outside his. Poor John. Lying still for this had to be sheer
torture for him. He was embarrassed that I was watching. I was
looking into her beaver, but this didn't bother her. I shaved
her crotch for her itsy bitsy bikini. John couldn't see Candy's
shaved beaver from his position, but it sure looked pretty from
mine. What's more, his cock may have been exposed through the
fly, and may have been nestled between her ass cheeks or cunt
lips. I couldn't see that, but it was quite possible. She did
an awful lot of adjusting before settling.

She said, "Boy, it sure feels big. I can feel it throb, and I
can feel the heat. Are you sure it doesn't hurt? I can sit on
the floor and watch TV if you want."

"No, just don't move around too much. It doesn't hurt. Watch
the TV."

John cast me an apologetic, innocent look, but I wasn't looking
with accusing eyes. I didn't blame him one bit. Candy is, like
I said, too sweet to resist. I'm not gay, and I find myself
looking. Unlike John, I sometimes see her stark naked, and she
takes my breath away. I've seen her spread beaver when I trim
her pubic area for her swim suit. The civic pool is her favorite
hangout now that school is out for the summer.

The pool is within easy walking distance, through a good
neighborhood, so we let her walk. John had a fit when he saw the
suit she picked out and I bought. I wasn't too keen on buying
the obscene thing, but a string bikini was the only suit that we
could make fit.

Her tits won't fit in c***d suits, and adults suits are too long,
or the bottoms won't fit. I bought the bikini to satisfy Candy,
certain John would send it back. Surprisingly, he didn't.

She is damned-near naked in the bikini, and that probably explains
why John accepted the suit. In the summer, she lives in her swim
suit. The suit looks okay except when she parts her legs. The
crotch strap, connecting the front and back triangular patches,
is nothing more than string, the same string that connects the
top tittie patches. That string gets lost in her crack. She is
not the least bit bashful about this, but she hates pubic hair
showing. The thought that a loose pubic hair might poke out
under the thin crotch patch drives her crazy, so I keep her bush
trimmed for her. That's when I sweat.

The last time I gave her a trim, she wanted me to remove all the
hair from between her legs. I told her I'd shave her there, but
it would mean she'd have to have it shaved regularly or the
stubble would irritate her. I told her every other day at least.

That news didn't bother her, and it certainly didn't bother me.
I've seen hundreds of beavers in John's secret stash of girlie
magazines, but I never saw a pussy to rival Candy's. Hers is a
pussy of extraordinary perfection--a pink, puffy, pouch that
yawns open at the slightest parting of her legs.

Her Pussy always looks ready to receive a big cock. I've never
seen her snatch when it wasn't slick, glistening, and showing her
coral pink inner flesh. She has a well-defined clit that looks
like a bald rodent trying to push its way out from her two full
labia lips.

When I begin shaving, and move those parts with my fingers, that
clit actually gets an erection and sticks up at least an inch.
Her thin, shiny, inner lips form a funnel to her pussy hole, and
that hole looks so pure, so clean, you just want to put your
tongue in and swirl around. I've never envied men, but when I
gaze on Candy's cunt hole, I wish I had a stiff cock or a
ten-inch tongue.

John doesn't know I am shaving Candy's cunt. I've never shared
what I've seen with him. The only time he sees her sitting
immodestly--and sitting immodestly is the only way you'd see the
crotch string--is when she's sitting on him. Frankly, I am
embarrassed by my response to my daughter's vagina.

I lust after her body, and I have just recently come to grips
with that. I suffered great guilt over the wicked thoughts I
couldn't seem to stop. I quit fighting the thoughts months ago,
knowing I'd never do anything. My private fantasies were no
one's business but my own. I gave myself free license to
fantasize. Since doing that, I've had some doozies. When the
shaving began, last month, my fantasies went through the roof.

No, I didn't blame John for his wicked thoughts. I know he'd
never act on his either. Oh, he'd cop an innocent feel of tit,
maybe peek where he shouldn't. I've caught him sniffing her
panties and looking inside her nightie as she slept. I never
say anything about these things. I think they're innocent, and I
know John will never m***** his daughter. That worry never
crossed my mind.

He fantasizes about her, just as I do. I wish we were open
enough to share our fantasies. Our sex would be greatly enhanced
if we did. As it is, our sex life is almost non-existant. I'd
love to hear his fantasies while he's screwing me, and I know
he'd love mine. I could pretend I was Candy. We look alike. I
can imitate her speech and manners. In the dark, the act would
be easy. I'm just a little taller, that's all. I'm only five
two, just four inches bigger. I'd love playing Candy, seducing
my daddy.

As I watched the innocent way she laid over John, I couldn't help
but think, "Candy, if you only knew half of what I know, you could
fuck him anytime you wanted."

That was a new thought. Oddly, the idea of Candy seducing John
never crossed my mind before. The idea was a big stretch for the
imagination. My fantasies, to be effective as turn-ons, have to
be within the possible. Something absurd, just won't do it for
me. The notion sent delicious tingles through me, and I thought
more along those lines.

John would seccumb if Candy made all the moves on him. His dick
was nestled between her ass cheeks because she took the
initiative. He was putty in her hands. Between her ass cheeks
he was simply a mass of warm jelly. Yes, I'd like that. I
wouldn't even mind sharing John with my sexy daughter. There
were always threesomes. If she seduced John, she might seduce
me. The scenario was possible.

The problem was, Candy couldn't seduce a c***d m*****er. The art
was something I couldn't teach. Not that I was all that bashful,
but the best way to learn the art of seduction, was to experience
being seduced. I learned in the back seats of cars, and the
lessons took fast. After you've been talked into spreading your
legs for a hard cock by two or three boys, you kind of get the
idea. You see how they got you that way when you started off
with no intention of serving as some k**'s love toy.

When sperm is leaking from your fertile and unprotected pussy,
and you just know there's an egg in your womb receiving one sperm
cell, splitting, and growing. When you think you are royally
fucked, pregnant at sixteen by a jerk, you can't help but say to
yourself, "Why in the hell did I let him shoot his cum in my
twat. I begged him to shoot inside. God, what an idiot I am."
Then you figure out how he did it, and you learn how to guard
against seduction, and how to seduce. Candy could learn like
I did if John would just let her go out on dates.

That's when I made the decision to move from John's position to
support Candy's. I wanted her to start dating, and I didn't care
if she got pregnant. Actually, picturing Candy eight or nine
months pregnant, spreading her legs for a twat shave, was not a
bad picture. I would not mind having a baby around the house,
and she could leave the infant with us to raise if she decided
to. The idea grew stronger and stronger. I saw nothing but
positives coming from getting Candy together with virile young

There were a string of them asking her out; most were juniors and
seniors, veterans of the art. They were hard-bodied young studs
with stiff cocks, dying to fuck our Candy, dying to squirt their
sperm into her unprotected womb. All any one of them needed was
a few minutes alone with her.

I said, "John, I've been thinking. I dated at fifteen. Why not
let Candy go out on dates?"

John turned a surprised face on me. Tammy sat up fast, hurting
his cock. "Sorry, Dad. Really, Mom? Can I, Dad?"

"No, absolutely not. Pam, why did you bring this up in front of
Candy? If you had a change of heart, we need to discuss it in

"Why not discuss this with her here. She should be in on this
discussion. I think she has a right to date."

Candy said, "I do. All the other girls are dating. They call
me a baby."

"No! Pam, you're making me the bad guy, and I don't like it.
You know very well why I won't permit it. We discussed this.
You agreed. Why, all of a sudden, has anything changed?"

Candy turned from me to him and back, grinding her ass on John's
cock as we volleyed. She saw his grimace and said, "Oh, sorry,
Dad. That hurt your thing, huh?"

John looked to me and said, "See. My thing. You think she's
ready to go on a date with a boy who has a thing."

"Would you have preferred she said, cock?" Candy blushed. "She
knows what your thing is called, John. She was just talking

Candy said, "Mom's right, Dad. I know all the words they call
it. I just said thing because I can't say bad words."

He said, "You can say penis."

I said, "The point is, she didn't say thing because she didn't
know what it's called or what it's for. Candy, you do know what
a penis is for, don't you?"

Candy blushed and nodded. She said, "We studied that in school.
Everybody knows what they're for besides going to the bathroom."

"There, John. She's not a c***d anymore, and we can't f***e her
to remain one. She is sexually mature, and she has to learn how
to manage her sexually mature body. It is her body, after all."

"That's right, Daddy. It is my body."

"I know it's your body, and I know what these boys would like to
do with it. That's why you're not going on a date until you're
sixteen, and maybe not then. If I think you're mature enough at
sixteen, we'll see. You are not dating. This discussion is

The discussion closed for the moment, but when I got John in the
bedroom, I re-opened it. I pushed hard. I was as adamant as he
was. We ended the discussion with a compromise. She'd date, but
I had to chaperon. I wasn't crazy about the idea, but it was a
start, a foot in the door.

Candy was elated, and only slightly put out that I was going
along. Her first date was a cute k**, a junior who
played drums in the school band. As we drove to his house to
pick him up, I told Candy I didn't like playing the role of
chaperon, and I wanted her to pretend I wasn't there. I asked
her not to speak to me, to pretend I was invisible, a ghost.

When Barry got in and sat between us, I could see he was
uncomfortable with me being there. He didn't know where to put
his hands and sat stiffly, trying to keep his legs from touching
mine or Candy's. I patted his thigh and said, "Hey, relax. I
won't bite." He relaxed a bit.

I gave him the same speech I gave Candy, and he relaxed a bit
more. I could see he was still confused. He needed more
relaxing, so I let my hand rest on his thigh as I drove and
offered more of an explanation.

I said, "I fought hard for Candy to have the right to date. You
two should be alone so you can get better acquainted. I really
do wish you'd pretend I wasn't here. I know what goes on with
teen dates. I was a teenager myself once. I won't say a thing,
no matter what happens on this date." I squeezed his leg, trying
to pass emphasis on the what.

He looked to me as if to say, "Lady, your what and my what are
two totally different whats. I want what your daughter has
between her legs. I want to shove my cock so far up her twat, it
will come out her mouth. That's the what I want. I don't know
what what you're thinking of, but rub my leg a little higher.
That feels good."

I know, that's a lot to convey with a look, but that's what I
picked up. I slid my hand higher, squeezed harder, and said, "Do
whatever you would do if you were alone with Candy. I will
understand completely, and I will honor my pledge to you, that
nothing you two decide to do will ever be brought up by me." I
slid my hand higher, right to the top, squeezed firmly, and
repeated, "No matter what."

This time, his look said, "Lady, you're freaking me out. What
fucking planet are you from? Do you get your jollies watching
k**s fuck, or what?"

I didn't want Candy to see, so I opened my hand and used my
fingers to press unmistakably against his scrotum several times.
To him, my subtle signal was a clear as if I'd cupped his crotch
and squeezed. He put his arm around Candy and drew her close,
looking to me all the while. I smiled and said, "Just tell me
where you'd drive the car, and I'll drive it there, otherwise,
I'm not here."

"I'd drive out to the lake, down old Stempson Road. There's a
quiet spot I know there. It's a great place for teenagers to get

I set off for the lake in the early evening twilight. Though the
sun was down, we had plenty of light left. I could see the red
full moon cresting the horizon, and knew we'd be in for a treat
at the lake. I kept an eye on them all the way out. He turned
to Candy and said, "You're looking good, babe, damn good."

"Thanks. This dress is kinda old, but it's my favorite."

"I can see why. You look so much older, so lady-like."

"Really. It's not too short, is it?"

Barry toyed with the hem of her skirt, then glanced over to see
how I took that move. I'm not sure he caught my wink, but his
head turned back and his hand moved the skirt up her thighs by
several inches, saying, "Too short? This wouldn't be too short
for me, or this, or this, not even this. You have the sexiest
legs in school."

"Wow, Barry. Nobody wears them that short. Barry, don't. My

I expected this, and said, "There's no Moms in this car."

Barry said, "Relax, Candy. I just want to look at your beautiful

"Barry! You're showing my panties."

"So. You wear less in your bikini. I've seen you in it. You're
a knockout."

"Do you really like it. It's kind of daring, don't you think? I
get a lot of dirty looks from old ladies when I walk to and from
the pool."

Barry folded Candy's skirt into her lap and pulled her legs onto
his. This turned Candy so that her back was against the door.
Her legs rested on Barry's lap, and her high heels were touching
my thigh. Barry was working fast. He took me at my word, but
kept glancing over to confirm my silence as his hands roamed her

Each time he advanced toward her crotch, he'd check on me again.
We weren't halfway to his makeout spot, and he was going for
first base. His flattery was working. Candy ate up every word.
His hands were sliding up and down her inner thighs, almost, but
not quite, touching her panties. Candy watched his hands and
would glance to me when his fingers neared the apex of her legs.

Candy watched in silence until he did touch her panties. Her
hands came down with the skirt to gently block another pantie
strike, covering her panties with her skirt, saying, "Barry, I
don't think you should rub my legs that high up."

"But, they're so soft and lovely. I want to touch every square
micron of your gorgeous legs." Barry pushed the skirt back up to
her middle.

"We're not really alone. It's just pretend." She pulled the
skirt down.

I said, "There are only two people in this car."

Barry placed the skirt high in her lap, baring her skin above her
panties. Candy left the skirt up, but continued to block with
her hands. Barry said, "Come on, Candy. No one will ever know.
It's just you and me, alone. God, you are so beautiful, so soft,
so damned sexy. I wish you were naked."

"Barry! Forget it. I'm not taking all my clothes off just so
you can see me naked. Besides, if you've seen me in my bikini,
you've almost seen me naked."

"Yes, but the best parts were covered up."

"I thought my legs were my best part?"

"I just said they were the sexiest legs in our school. I know
you have better parts than that, much better."

"You do not. You're guessing, unless you're a peeping tom."

"I'm not guessing; I know. Why do you think we all fight to get
behind you when you go up the high dive?"

"Why do you?"

"Because we can look up and see your shaved cunt lips chewing on
that little string that passes between your legs, that's why.
Hell, Candy, everybody at the pool has seen your pussy.
Sometimes the string gets pushed to one side or the other after
you jump and it's all out in the open, clit and all. Half the
time, you climb out of the pool with that pussy patch up on your
belly button, and both tits hanging in the breeze. I've seen you
totally naked lots of times."

"No you haven't. Mom, he's lying."

"Yeah, then how come I know you shave your cunt?" She didn't
have an answer for that. "How come I know your nipples are as
big as silver dollars with tips like pencil erasers?" He had her
there, too. "Besides, I can tell what a girl has between her
legs by looking at the way she walks. I watch you walk a lot."

"You can't tell by watching a girl walk."

"I can. I'll bet you anything that if you get naked in front of
twenty guys, they'll all say your pussy is your finest feature."

"Barry! My mother is right here. I wish you'd stop talking like
that and using those nasty words. I'm not going to do anything
with my mom in the car, so forget it. Besides, if you've already
seen me naked, you know what everything looks like."

I said, "There's no mother in this car. And Barry is right. It
is your best feature."


"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I'm not here. Forget I
said anything."

Barry said, "Come on, Candy. Show me your pussy. Don't hide
your best part from me. That would be cruel. Come on. Lift
your ass up."

Barry had his hands on her panty waist band and pulled them down
to Candy's mound. Candy squeezed her legs together, halting
their progress, but Barry moved his right hand to the front and
pulled out to look at the top of her pussy. Cindy squirmed and
tried to pull up on the panties, saying, "Barry, don't. You're
embarrasing me. Don't look at me there."

"God, your shaved pussy is beautiful up close. I've never seen a
more beautiful pussy, ever."

Barry began working his hands around the rolled panty material,
pulling down as he went. Candy made it look like she was pulling
against him, but she lost steady ground. Without her lifting her
ass, he managed to work the panties down to her knees. I took
them from there, which surprised Barry and shocked Candy. Both
were staring at me after I worked the panties free of her feet.

I felt so stupid. I shouldn't have done that. They were both
staring at me. I said, "Well, they were obviously coming off.
If I weren't here, they'd probably have come off sooner. I was
just trying to compensate for being in the way. I told you, I've
been through this. I know what goes on between a boy and a girl
on a date, and I don't want to interfere with that process."

Candy said, "Great, but you don't have to help him. If you help
anyone, shouldn't it be me?"

We came to the end of the dirt road, which opened onto the lake.
There were no other cars. The full moon was up and shining
brightly through the windshield, illuminating us from our chest
to our knees.

Barry was pushing Candy's legs apart thanks to my having removed
the panties for him. Her right leg flopped onto the floor. He
took her left and placed it on the top of the seat behind him.
She presented him a full open beaver, and Barry was having a
ball, pulling, pinching, twisting, and fingering her cunt. I
said, "Honey, I wasn't thinking about helping anyone. I wasn't
thinking period, I guess."

"No k**ding. At least if I had my panties on my feet, he
couldn't get my legs apart like this. Thanks to you, he can do
whatever he wants. Are you going to help him get my dress off

I could tell she wanted to put the blame on me, and I was all too
willing to accept the blame if that made things easier for her.
I said, "I'm sorry, Candy. You're right; offering up your vagina
should have been your decision. I really will stay out of this
from now on. I swear. I'm not here."

Candy said to Barry, "I'm not getting naked, Barry. Don't even
try. Be satisfied with what my mom gave you."

Barry had two fingers fucking her cunt when he said, "Every girl
gets naked on a date, Candy. It's customary to show a guy what
you have to offer. If the guy likes what he sees, he shows what
he has. If they both like what they see, feel, touch, taste and
smell, they get it on. If they really hit it off, they go
steady, then get engaged, then get married. Isn't that right,
Mrs. Benning?"

"I am not here. I mean that."

"Come on, Candy. Get naked."

"Why? I've got nothing to offer...not here, anyway."

"Okay, so it's not an offer. Take off your clothes because I
really, really crave to see all of you again. Candy, I think you
have the sexiest body in the world. I dream about it. I think
about it every waking minute. It's all I ever think about. I've
had gallons of water drip in my face while looking up at your
cunt. Don't leave me hanging with half a dream. I deserve to
see it all up close."

"You're not going to stop, are you?"

"No, never. I can't stop. I've gone too far to stop. If I
can't stop with your mother right here beside me, when could I

"Baby Bambi" Part two of three

"See what you started, Mom."

"I know. I'm so sorry, but Barry's right. You can't leave him
hanging like this. Two wrongs don't make a right."

"Well, I guess I better take my clothes off then."

Barry said, "Sit up. I'll help."

Candy's dress slipped over her head, leaving her in her bra.
Barry removed the bra and even removed her high heels. "Damn,
this is one fine pussy. I like the shave. It's so smooth and
you can see everything."

"Don't you like my breasts?"

"Everybody agrees that your tits are the best in the state.
These are great titties."

Barry played with her tits, then went back to her cunt. He
fingered her hole. I'd been watching his bulge grow from the
time I pressed my fingers to his balls. Barry had an impressive
lump, but I was dying to see his naked cock. He went right for
the belt and had his turgid manhood out in full, pulsing, glory
before our eyes.

God damn that was a gorgous cock. He had at least eight inches
to offer, and that was slightly better than I was not getting. I
wanted that cock for myself, but I remembered why we were there.
He needed to seduce Candy without my help. I had interfered
enough as it was.

Barry removed all of his clothes, then sat between us, displaying
his cock proudly. When I didn't comment on it or reach out and
fondle it, Barry looked disappointed. I think he had hopes of a
mother/daughter bang. I did, too, but I caught myself in time.
Barry turned his attentions back to Candy, who was sitting up
with her legs folded under her, watching him stroke his cock.
Barry said, "Well, do you like my cock?"

"I guess. I've never seen one...a real one. I've seen baby
ones, but they don't count. It sure is big."

"Here, put your hand on it. No, wrap your fingers around it.
Yeah, like that. Now pump. Yeah, that's it."

"The skin slides."

"That makes fucking easier. See that stuff leaking out. That's
not piss, that's precum. Feel it. It's super slippery."

"You're right. It's like sewing machine oil."

"That will help lubricate your pussy when we fuck."

"You seem to think we're going to go all the way. I only agreed
to get naked."

Barry pulled her close and gave her a passionate kiss. Candy's
hand kept pumping his cock. She was melting in his mouth, but
her hand wasn't about to release that prize. Barry had one hand
working her pussy and another on her tits. Candy was a goner in
seconds and allowed herself to be moved so that he stood on the
floorboard hovering over her with her legs wide.

He moved her to the center of the seat, beside me. I'm sure he
did this for my benefit, because I only had to look down to see
the penetration. The trouble was, he blocked the moonlight. I
wasn't about to miss this, so I flipped on the interior light,
and there was that glorioius pussy, open to receive that
magnificent cock.

He pulled her ass to the edge of the seat and pressed her knees out flat.
Her left knee was actually pinned between my lap and the steering
wheel. He positioned her in perfect position for a fuck, all the
while, maintaining that kiss. He was good. She broke the kiss
when he took his cock and f***ed it down to aim at her hole.

She removed her hand from his cock and used both hands to push
against his hip bones. She struggled to get up, but I applied
slight upward pressure to keep her leg trapped under the wheel.
Barry used his free hand to press her right knee down. She was
pinned like a bug.

She said, "Barry, no!" Barry pushed forward. "Barry, don't.
I'm not ready for that." His cockhead pressed to her hole. "I
mean it, Barry. Don't push any more." The head squeezed in.
"Barry, just be satisfied with the head inside. I don't want to
go all the way." Barry kept pumping and the cock inched its way
in by fractions until he encountered her hymen.

"Ouch, that hurts. Barry, you're hurting me. Barry. Mom, make
him stop. Mom! Mother! Uggggh! Ow, ugh...oh, oh...oh...Oh
Barry." They were fucking, or do you need a real picture?

Barry screwed her like that until all signs of resistance were
gone, then placed her in a variety of positions, all designed to
show off to me. He sat beside me and had her mount him facing
forwards, then backwards. He screwed her doggie style while she
hung out my window. That was bizarre, watching my daughter
getting fucked right in my face. It was right in my face, too.
Her ass kept bumping my chin and his hip bone hit behind my ear.
That was my fault, though. I shouldn't have tried to look so

Barry had Candy roll to her back, hanging out the window so he
could offer me the front view. I had to help support her because
the window frame dug into her back. So there I was, literally
holding her up for the fucking. The view was worth it,
especially when he placed her right leg around my head. I could
have pursed my lips and they would have rode along on the
shaft of his dick as it sawed in and out of Candy's twat. That's
up close and personal, friends. I couldn't resist giving his
cock a lick or two-hundred. I licked his dick whenever I knew
Candy wasn't looking. The aroma and taste of fuck filled my

For the finale, Barry laid Candy's head in my lap and laid her
body out on the front seat, then began screwing my daughter in
earnest. I thought placing her head in my lap was a nice touch.
I stroked her face while he pounded her cunt. Occasionally,
she'd look up at me with those far away eyes. "Oh God, fuck me,
Barry. Fuck my pussy. Oh, Mommy, he's fucking me."

"I can see that; but on the other hand, I don't see a thing. I'm
not here."

"Oh yes you are, and you're watching a guy fuck me. He's fucking
me so good, Mommy. Can I say fuck when I'm getting fucked?"

"Yes, dear."

"Fuck me harder, Barry. Oh God! Mom...I was easy, wasn't I?"

"Well...yes, you were."

"I'm such a slut, aren't I?"

I knew it would come back to haunt me, but it was clear she
wanted to hear me say it. I said, "Any girl that spreads her
legs as quickly as you did and goes all the way on the first date
is a slut in my book."

"Yes, I am a slut. Fuck me, Barry. I'm a slut. Oh Yessssss!
Ohhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh JESUS!"

My first fuck wasn't nearly so good. I didn't even cum. Candy
came again shortly after this, and again when Barry pumped her
womb full of potent sperm. They dressed on the ride back. We
dropped Barry off. Before he got out, he asked Candy to go
steady. That k** knew a good thing when he saw it. He had a
foxy girl with a sexy mom that picks up and delivers.

I told him that John would not permit Candy to go steady. She
could go on chaperoned dates, but not with one guy only. He said
no such thing, but Candy needed to sample more seduction
techniques. She was ready to jump at his offer. As we left, she
said, "You're not going to tell Daddy what a slut I was, are

"Of course not. He'll never hear any of this. Besides, you're
not a slut, you just lost control."

"I was easy. You said so yourself."

"You were, but that's because you're new to this, and Barry was
very experienced. If you don't want to be easy, think about what
he did to make you cooperate. Next time, you'll be on guard."

"I know why I was easy this time."

"You do? Why?"

"Because you took my panties off for him."

"So it's my fault."

"I didn't mean that. I took it to mean that it was okay by you,
that you approved what he was doing to me."

"You read into it, then. I wasn't thinking along those lines.
The panties were coming off. I could see that. It just seemed
the thing to do. I took my panties off on my first date, too. I
figure just about every girl goes that far."

"I suppose they do. Did you go all the way like I did?"

"No. I stopped at panties. I think I went all the way on my
fourth or fifth date."

"God, I was easy."

"Yes, you were, but that doesn't make you a slut."

"You thought it did a while ago."

"I just said what you wanted to hear."

"You're pretty smart, Mom. I did want to hear you say it. I
don't know why. It's crazy, huh? I had a climax right after.
Did you notice?"

I burst out laughing, then calmed and said, "Yes, we both
noticed. You were as subtle as a monkey staked on an ant hill.
You came three times by my count."

"Right on. Three good ones. Mom...I like sex."

"So welcome to the human race."

"I'm glad Dad won't let me go steady. I almost said yes.
There's lots better guys than Barry. He'll blab all over, but
no one will believe him. They all know you went with us. I
kinda hope they do believe. Maybe they'll stop calling me baby.
I thought that bikini would stop it, but it made things worse.
You know what they call me, now? Baby Bambi."

"I like it. The name suits you."

"Bambi is a whore, Mom. She does it with every guy she sees, and
she even did it with a dog at a party. I saw the pictures. Do
you still think it suits me?"

She struck a nerve with me. Dogs litter my fantasies, even some
I've had with Candy. I have a mental image of a big black lab
mounting Candy as she walks to the pool in her bikini. That
ridiculous excuse for a bathing suit would not stop a determined
dog, and the picture always makes me cum. I said, "After
what I saw tonight, it still might suit you. Candy, did those
pictures actually show the dog's penis entering the girl's

"Yes, and from close-up. They focused on that, especially. The
dog came in her vagina, too. There was a great picture of his
penis slipping out and all this creamy stuff flowing out around
the tip. It sure was messy."

"God, I'd love to see those pictures."

"Gosh, Mom, I thought you'd be shocked. I hope you're not going
to start calling me Baby Bambi, too."

"I won't in public, but I think it's kind of cute. You don't
mind if I call you that in private, do you?"

"Well, not really. Just don't let Daddy hear you. Everybody in
town has heard stories about Bambi."

"Tell me more about the pictures."

"Oh, yeah. They did show his penis just before it went into her
her vagina. You could tell it was before, because her vagina
wasn't messy."

"You don't need to use nice words with me, Baby Bambi. I've
watched you fuck, remember."

"Boy, that's wierd hearing you calling me Baby Bambi. It's kind
of like when you called me a slut. It makes goose bumps on me.
I like it."

"All right, Baby Bambi, tell me about those pictures. I'll drive
around for a while. We're gettting home kind of early, anyway.
Hey, we could drive back out to the lake. It was beautiful
there, though I doubt you noticed."

"That would be weird going parking with my mother. That's where
everybody goes. The place was empty because it was still very
early. I doubt it will be empty now."

"Maybe not. We did pass two cars on the way out. Still, our
side windows are tinted, and who says a mother can't drive out to
the lake to talk with her daughter."

"Well, I suppose we could. Don't be surprised if the cops check
us out. They do that a lot. They get their jollies surprising
k**s while they're screwing. They don't do anything except shine
their lights all over them and make everybody get out of the car.
I know three girls that had to stand in their headlights totally
naked while the cops checked ID's'. If the girl is under
sixteen, they take her home to her folks wearing only a blanket.
They did that to Christa Stewart and Penny Fields. They made
Penny strip naked in front of a bunch of k**s. She was just
necking with a guy."

"I wish you'd told me about that when Barry suggested we go to
the lake. Can you imagine if they'd driven up when you were
hanging out the window, or shined a flashlight in while Barry was
fucking your pussy with your head in my lap? You're under
sixteen, you know, Baby Bambi."

"I can't belive how neat it is hearing you call me Baby Bambi and
using words like fuck and pussy."

"I'm glad; now answer my question."

"I thought it was too early to worry about cops. They won't
waste a trip out to the lake when there's a good chance no cars
will be there. Besides, I could see if any cars were coming, and
I had my Mom with me. They wouldn't take me from you and deliver
me to Dad."

"They might after they put me in jail, Baby Bambi."

"You don't have to worry about that. The lake is out of their
jurisdiction. They can't arrest anyone. I heard they caught a
man screwing a ten-year-old, his own daughter. They beat him up,
and took the girl home, but they couldn't arrest him. That's
what I heard, anyway. Yeah, let's do go out to the lake. I like
talking to you this way."

"I don't want to go out there, now."

"Mom, we're just going to be talking. It's not like we're going
to get naked and play with each other. Boy, wouldn't that be
something if they shined their lights in a car and saw a mother
and daughter doing what lezzies do."

"Just what do lezzies do, Baby Bambi?"

"You know. They lick each others pussies. Didn't you know

"I knew it, but I didn't think you did. Baby Bambi is a good
name for you. I'm sure Big Bambi licks pussies, doesn't she?"

"Yes, she does, and I've seen those pictures too. After seeing
those, I'd let her lick my pussy. Mom...did you ever let a
lezzie lick your pussy?"

"No, but I sure wish I had one right now."

"Do you mean it? Would you really let a girl do that?"

"In a heart beat; wouldn't you?"

"I did."

I almost swerved off the road. When I got steady, I looked to
her smiling face and said, "You did? Who, when, where, and how?
Details, Baby Bambi, I want details."

"Wow, this really turns you on, doesn't it?"

"After watching you get your cute little pussy fucked, and after
hearing about a dog fucking your namesake, and after all this
talk about licking pussy, my pussy would have to be dead and
buried not to respond. I'll go to the lake, now tell me."

"Do you think my pussy is cute?"

"Baby Bambi, don't change the subject. And, yes, I think your
pussy is cute. You have an adorable pussy. I love shaving it,
and I'd probably lick it in a heart beat. Now out with it!"

"Are you serious? You'd actually lick my pussy?"

"Baby Bambi, you're avoiding the topic."

"I want to know. Tell me the truth, then I'll tell you all you
want to hear. It's good, too, really juicy, and you know the
girl who did it. You even know her Mother, and her mother put
her up to it."

"Oh, Jesus! You better not be making this up. It's Judy and Pat
Shriver, isn't it?"

"No way, that dog. I wouldn't let her sniff my pussy."

"Karen and June Winslow?"

"Come on, Mom, the holy rollers? I can't believe you didn't guess
right off."

"Not Sarah and Gwen."


"Candy, no! Not my best friend. Not with Gwen, she's only six."

"So, she has a tongue, and so does Sarah, a nice long, warm,
silky-soft tongue."

"Are you serious? I swear, if you're making this up, I'll turn
this car around and tell your father what a slut you are."

Candy laughed, then said, "Go ahead, but it's true. I'll swear
on a bible. Don't you want to hear all about it? All you have
to do is tell me the truth, the honest truth, not just something
you think I want to hear."

"I swear, Baby Bambi, I'll lick your pussy for you anytime you
want it licked. I'll lick it right now with all that cum in it.
I'll lick it while you're taking a piss. I'll even lick it when
it's on the rag."

"Oh God! Not while I'm pissing, not while I'm having my period!
I don't belive you. You're just saying that to hear about Sarah
and Gwen. No way would you lick my pussy right now, not with all
this sperm oozing out of it. It's a gooey mess."

We were in the country, on the lake road. I swerved to the
shoulder and braked fast. I threw Candy back on the seat and
pried her legs apart, thankful that Barry took her panties as a
souveneer. Candy was giggling, straining to look between her
legs as my head pressed to her wet beaver and my tongue shot far
up her sloppy hole.

She cried out, "Oh, Mom! Oh, Mom! Oh, you shouldn't stick your
tongue up my pussy hole, not after a guy came in there. Oh,
shit! You're eating his cum, aren't you? Oh, God, Mom, that is
so gross!" Candy made a wider spread, heaving up her loins in
lewd offering, saying, "Here, is that better? Do you like
getting your tongue way inside? Shit, you suck my pussy better
that Sarah and Gwen put together. Yeah, clean up the mess so
Daddy won't see sperm in my pussy and find out what a bad job of
chaperoning you did."

Candy was grinding her cunt on my sucking mouth. She even humped
my nose after lifting her pelvis and capturing my nose in her
hole. I nose-fucked her while licking her asshole. I have never
been so turned on in my life. I couldn't get enough of my face
in her crotch, and she couldn't get enough of her crotch in my
face. She wiped her cunt all over my face, and I licked
everything that crossed my mouth.

I was on my knees and elbows with one hand in my panties,
frigging my cunt to beat the band. I tore the crotch out of my
panties. The ripping material alerted Candy to my frigging.
She said, "Are you finger-fucking your pussy, Mom?"

"Yes, Baby Bambi!"

"I wish I could see that."

"I looked up, saw no cars coming, then reversed myself over her
after pulling her down the seat. I resumed my cunt sucking and
frigged my cunt, right over her face. She pushed my dress up
over my ass and up to my tits. I didn't think a passing car
could see my naked ass, so I didn't worry. I was too gone,
anyway. Candy's fingers joined mine. I had fifteen digits in my
hot box. She said, "If Daddy checks my pussy, and finds out my
cherry is busted, I'm not taking all the blame. You were
supposed to chaperone me."

I lifted up to say, "He won't check, but if he does, tell him the

"He's checked before."

"What? Are you telling the truth?"

"Yes, he has checked me ten or twelve times since my birthday.
That's more than once a week."

My mind raced. "How does he check?"

"How do you think? By putting his thumb way up my pussy hole."

It was true. John is the only guy I ever knew who uses his thumb
more than his fingers. Shit, if he was doing that, I had nothing
to worry about. She said, "I'm telling him you pulled my panties
off, and I asked you to stop him, begged you to stop him, but you
wouldn't. You even held my legs apart so he could fuck me.
That's the truth."

I was surprised that the slight pressure I exerted on her leg was
even noticed, much less twisted to my holding her legs apart.
What the hell. I was feeling generous. I said, "That is the
truth, so tell him that if he checks."

"I hope he checks tonight. I like it when he checks. He checks
my pussy real good for a long time. He always makes me cum. Oh
God, you're gonna make me cum, too. Oh yes! Suck my clitty,
Mom! Suck it hard!"

Candy made me cum too. We came so hard, we didn't notice the
beam of light shining in through the corner of the windshield on
the driver's side. I did hear, "Bart, get a look at this."

I sprang off Candy. We both struggled to sitting positions,
yanking our clothes in place. A tap at my window froze my heart,
and the words, "Police! Step out of the vehicle, now!" That got
my heart pumping, and pumping good. I wanted to die. I looked
to Candy. She looked to me. "Get out now, or I'm busting the
fucking window."

I opened the door. My only consolation was that we were outside
the city limits. They had no right to be ordering me around, and
could not arrest me, but in our small town, pissing off the
police was not a good idea. I decided to be very friendly. They
were men, and we were female. I saw no other options other than
to use the famale parts of us to appeal to the male parts of
them. They led me and Candy to the rear of our car. One officer
left to turn on every light on the squad car, even the flashing
blue strobes.

The lights blinded us for a few seconds, but then we faced two
smiling police officers, eyeing us up and down. My face was
shining wet with Candy's cunt juices. The sergeant wiped a thumb
across my chin, sniffed it, and said, "So, a cunt lapper, huh?
You like them young." Turning to Candy, he said, "How old are
you, sweetheart?"

He examind her dry face as she said, "Fifteen, Sir."

"What's the matter, don't you like sucking pussy?" Candy
blushed, but remained silent. "You two look alike. You're not
related, are you?"

"She's my daughter. Look, she lost her cherry tonight. We were
talking about it. We were talking about dirty sex and how much
fun nasty things are. One thing led to another. She dared me to
lick her pussy. What can I say? The k** has a gorgeous pussy,
full of sperm, and I love sperm. I'm a woman who likes sex, the
dirtier the better. Look at her pussy and tell me you wouldn't
have done the same thing if you were her mother."

The other officer lifted Candy and set her on the trunk of my
car. He peeled back her skirt and drew her legs wide. "Holy,
shit, Pete. Look at the snatch on this k**."

Sergeant Pete looked and felt, fingering her hole. Both officers
tested her hole. I came up and opened her top to expose her
breasts, saying, "And look at these titties. How can anybody
resist a package like this? She's been long overdue for a
fucking. I'm sure you two know Bambi. They call her Baby

Bart said, "So you're the mother of Baby Bambi. We've heard of
Baby Bambi, too." He addressed Pete, saying, "This is the little
bitch I told you about who struts her shit down Pecan Street ten
times a day. My son calls her Baby Bambi. She likes showing her
cunt on the ladder at the pool."

"Yeah, I remember. Look, Lady Bambi, I don't suppose you'd mind
standing lookout while we take Baby Bambi in the back seat of the
squad car, would you?"

"No, please do. It'll just mean more sperm for me."

The two officers took turns screwing my daughter while I
watched the road and tapped the hood whenever a car approached.
One watched from the front seat while the other screwed. They
each came twice, and each sampled all three of her holes: mouth,
ass, and pussy. When they were done, they placed her back on my
trunk to watch me clean her. Candy thoroughly enjoyed my
cleaning, but they hurt her pretty badly when they screwed her
asshole. Her pussy was sore and raw as well. John wouldn't need
to stick a thumb up her twat. One look said, "This bitch has
been screwed in both holes by men with big dicks."

By the time they released us, the time was after eleven. I
had promised John to be back by eleven. We hurried home. Candy
was too busy trying to re-apply makeup and make herself
presentable to tell her Sarah and Gwen story. I was too shook to
appreciate it, and a pussy sucking story was the last thing I
wanted to hear. I sucked enough pussy to last me for some time.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed sucking Candy's pussy, even after
the officers finished with it. The trouble was, they couldn't
get enough of watching me lick my daughter. I must have licked
and sucked her cunt for over an hour, and my jaws ached. My
tongue felt swelled up, and I had a difficult time swallowing and

When we walked in, John met us just inside the doorway. "Where
the hell were you? You're forty-five minutes late."

"I know, John, but we took a drive out to the lake. The moon was
full. We lost track of time. There was no phone, so I rushed

"You took them to the lake? Are you nuts, Pam? You took those
k**s parking."

"Relax, John, I sat in the car with them the whole time. I never
took my eyes off them for a second. Barry behaved like a boy
should, and you'd be proud of our little girl. We spent most of
that time with two city police officers who were out checking on
k**s who had no chaperone. They gave Candy a tour of their sqaud
car, and they praised the job I did looking out for her the way I

Candy was about to lose it, so I figured I'd better stop
before she fell to the floor and burst out laughing. As it was,
she strained to hold her laughter in. John said, "What's with

"She's just giddy and tired. You run along to bed, Candy. Take
a shower first."

Candy ran to the bathroom, but her run looked awfully odd.
John's eyes followed her. She ran bowlegged and stiff, as though
she'd been gang banged in both holes. John said, "Why do I get
the feeling that this wasn't as innocent as you made it sound?"

"I don't know, John. What do you think happened? Do you think I
pulled her panties off for Barry? Do you think I stood watch
while the officers took turns screwing her in the squad car? Do
you think we're late because I was out there licking her pussy to
get the sperm out so she wouldn't get pregnant?"

"Shit, Pam, what would make you say such a thing? It just looks
like you two are sharing a secret, something funny. It also
looks like you picked up something out there--a rash or
something. Hold still."

John took me by the chin and looked close, turning my head from
side to side. He was close enough to smell pussy on my breath or
on my skin. I had nothing to wash with. I was busted, and I
knew it. He released my chin abruptly, then stormed off in
search of Candy. I went to the kitchen and poured myself a stiff
shot of straight bourbon. I downed that shot, and poured
another. I wished I hadn't been so cute, because now he knew
everything. He looked like a ghost when he entered the kitchen.


"Yes, me, me. Whatever she told you, I'm sure it's true."
I downed that shot, and filled the shot glass again.

"You watched them screw my daughter. You took her god damn
panties off for the k** and held her legs apart. Pam, what the
fuck got into you?"

"Nothing, and that's the god damn problem. Nothing's been
getting into me lately. I'm fucking horny, and ever since she
started wearing that damned bikini, I've had to shave her twat
every other day. Do you know what it's like to look between that
girls legs on a regular basis? Of course you do. You check her
hymen almost as regularly. You check the fuck out of it, mister
big thumb, Mister bury-my-dick-in-my-daughter's-ass-cheeks,
Mister Jack-off-in-bed-next-to-my-wife-who-is-horny-as-hell-from-
watching." I downed the shot, then slammed down the glass.

John plopped down in a nearby seat. I walked over, ruffled his
hair, and said, "I'm going to fuck myself. You can watch, or you
can do it for me. If you want, go fuck Baby Bambi. Yes, she
likes being called Baby Bambi. She aspires to greatness. She
got off to a good start. I saw to that. Don't use a rubber. I
want her baby."

John climbed in the bed at three in the morning. My head was
still buzzing. We faced each other on our sides. I looked past
him to check the clock, then said, "How was she?"

"I didn't use a rubber."

I smiled, reached for his wet cock, and gave it a gentle squeeze.
"This poor thing got quite a workout. I can usually get some
response. Her little cunt sucked it dry. She didn't leave me
one sperm cell."

"I fucked her four times, Pam."

"In three hours? Isn't that a personal record?"

"It might be. You're not angry?"

"Why should I be angry. I asked you to make me a baby; that's
how babies are made."

"Why didn't you ask me to make one in you?"

"What, and go through that shit again. No thanks. I just want a
baby; I don't want to have a baby. Don't look so smug. I don't
care who fathers the k**. I hope it's you, but why depend on one
when there are so many willing sperm doners out there."

"You want her to be Baby Bambi, don't you?"

"She is Baby Bambi. She's been Baby Bambi. We had nothing to do
with that; we just speeded things up. I want to get a dog, John,
a male black lab. An adult male lab."

"That's sick, you know that."

"I know, but Baby Bambi's mother wants one. What Baby Bambi's
mother wants, Baby Bambi's mother gets, or Baby Bambi's daddy
won't get no more Baby Bambi pussy."

"Is this dog for you or for Candy?"

"Me, but I'm willing to share."

"Fine, we'll get you a dog. You want something besides a dog and
a baby. What is it?"

"I want out of my vow of fidelity. I have no one in mind; I just
want the right."

"What about me?"

"You have Baby Bambi. Your vow holds with that one exception.
When she leaves the nest, we'll renegotiate."

"Fair enough." We rolled apart and went to sl**p.

"Baby Bambi" Part three of three

John had to work the next day, so I awoke in an empty bed. For a
moment, I thought I'd been dreaming, but the sourness in my jaw
told me otherwise. My pussy gradually awakened after I awoke.
Images from the night before flashed in my mind and tittilated my
sl**py twat. The guilt and remorse I should have felt did not
materialize. I looked to the clock--ten A.M.. Sarah would be
stopping by for coffee. Saturday mornings were reserved for us
to get together and catch up our lives. I needed a shower.

The shower never felt better, and my hand-held water wand set on
pulse never felt better on my cunt. All through that delightful
shower, I thought about Sarah and Candy, wishing I'd at least
gotten the gist of the story out of her. All I knew was that
Sarah got Candy to let Gwen lick her twat, and Sarah had licked
Candy's twat. I believed Candy, but I had a difficult time
picturing Sarah doing the things I tried to imagine. And her
little Gwen, sucking a pussy, was too much for my mind.

Sarah and I go back to grade school. We've been fast friends
ever since. She moved next door to us after she married. I was
in the delivery room when Gwen was born. I thought we had no
secrets, but then, I never told her about my sex problems with
John, or my fantasies about Candy. She doesn't know I want to
have sex with a dog, so I had no right to be pissed about her
secrets. Still, seducing my own daughter, her goddaughter,
seemed like a serious breach of trust.

As I thought about things, I realized Candy changed suddenly
right before her fifteenth birthday. She started dressing in
sexier clothes, using make-up, and all she wanted for her
birthday were sexy clothes: the bikini, the sexy nightie, mini
skirts, French-cut panties. The cock grinding, the shaves, all
happened about that time, as did her persistant whining about not
being able to date. Everything pointed suspiciously to Sarah.
If she seduced Candy about that time, that would explain the

Part of me was angry, but another part was glad that Sarah opened
the way to my sexual fulfillment. I was suffering, but too timid
to do anything about it. Candy opened me up, put ideas in my
head, got John horny again. Realizing that you can't unfuck
something, and after weighing the pros and cons, I decide to
simply go with the flow and bury my anger.

I do love Sarah. She's the dearest friend a person could have,
and she is very pretty. We are both petite women, but Sarah has
that pixie look that makes her cute. Mine is called full-bodied,
sexy, voluptuous cute. She even has a slight turned-up nose, and
she wears her dark hair short. Even now, at thirty-three, her
body is tight, firm, and wrinkle free. She has delicate
features, even delicate feet. She's my little China doll, and I
do love her so.

I would have tried a bi-sexual relationship with her if she'd
ever given the slightest hint of interest. We still share
clothes. We dress and undress in front of each other. I know
her body as well as my own. Hell, we practically grew up in the
same house. She was at my house more than I was. We massage
each other, did each others hair and nails. We wax each others
legs. Shit, we've plucked the wild hairs from each other's twats
so they don't stick out of our bathing suits. If either of us
had ever wanted a shaved twat, we would have thought nothing
about asking the other to do the honors. Damnit, why, if she
wanted to suck or be sucked, didn't she come to me? There's that
anger again.

A knock on the bathroom door interrupted my toweling. "Pam, you
in there?"

"Yes, Sarah. It's not locked. I'm just getting out of the
shower." The door opened. "Do my back, will you. Do it hard.
Get the circulation going for me."

I turned my back to her and Sarah started right in, warming my
skin, making my skin tingle. "What's the matter? Did you
tie one on last night?"

"Three straight shots of bourbon right before bed. Do my legs,
too. That feels so good."

Sarah did the backs, then turned me to face her. She was on her
knees. I planted my feet apart. My cunt was less than a foot
from her face as she wrapped my right leg and rubbed, going up
and down my leg. She said, "What was the occasion?"

Her towel-covered hand kept touching my cunt when she came up,
sending delicious waves of pleasure through me. Looking down on
her in that position, I could imagine her leaning in to press her
mouth to my sex. The thought would have never entered my mind
the day before, nor would I have given any thought to her not-so-
accidental contacts with my pussy. I was beginning to see her in
a new light. I said, "Candy lost her cherry."

Her face looked up. "What! Are you for real? How?"

"How do you think? A stiff dick ripped it apart."


"Some k** named Barry, a junior in her school."

"Did he **** her?"

"No, but he didn't ask her permission. He took her."

"Well, then, he ****d her."

"No, I was right there beside them, holding her legs apart. It
wasn't ****; it was f***ed intercourse. I know the difference.
Remember me? I hold the world's record."

It is true. I've never cheated on John, but I've been ****d
twenty-eight times in our sixteen-year-marriage, and that's not
counting repeat offenders. All told, counting my late teens, I
think there might be over fifty. My own father was the first
when I turned sixteen. Half came back and two show up at least
twice a year or more.

I don't call them ****s, because none were violent. All,
however, f***ed their way on me. I've been slapped, and getting
my clothes torn off is par for the course. I fight hard each
time, but I always end up humping back. I never reported the
first. After the fifth, I thought there was something about me
that drove them to it.

Sarah thought so too. She says I send a signal, a scent, like a
bitch in heat. It drives men crazy. They can't help themselves.

I believed her, but thought John must be immune to the scent I
gave off. John only knows of a few assaults, the ones I couldn't
hide, the ones that wrecked the bedroom or left bruises on me,
bite marks on my inner thighs, that sort of thing. If he knew
how many there were, he might not buy the scent theory. I keep
quiet and take many showers.

Sarah said, "Pam, is this a joke?"

"No, it's no joke. John decided he'd let her date if I
chaperoned. I didn't want the job, so I promised the k**s I'd be
a ghost. I swore I wouldn't interfere, or tell anyone what they
did. That little fucker held me to my word. All I could do
was sit there and watch while he screwed the shit out of her."

Sarah's rubbing was staying high, going from leg to leg, keeping
my cunt excited in the process. Her rubbing was not accidental.
Sarah was turned on, and she was trying to stimulate me as well.
She said, "This is too much, Pam. You set yourself up for that.
You said you held her legs apart. How does a ghost do that?"

"Actually, he pinned her left leg between my lap and the steering
wheel. He held the other one. That freed his hand to guide his
cock into her wide open pussy. There wasn't a damn thing she
could do about it but watch his dick sink deeper and deeper."

"Holy shit! And you watched?"

"How could I not? Anyway, the k** is a natural. She took to
screwing like a field mouse. She'll be impossible to stop now
that she knows how good it feels. I'm sure as hell not going to
try. I'm not putting her on the pill, either."

"For heaven's sake, why not?"

"Because, I'd like a baby."

"So, make one. Get off the pill. It's easy, or did you forget

"I don't want to have one; I just want one."

"That's pretty kinky, Pam. It's like you're breeding her."

"What's wrong with that? She's my k**. If you can find a way to
derive pleasure from your k**, I say go for it."

"Pam, I've never heard you talk like this. You said pleasure
like sexual pleasure. That doesn't sound like you at all."

"I'm falling in love with that towel, Sarah."

"Oh, sorry. I guess my mind isn't on my work."

"No, don't stop now. You started it. The least you can do is

"We have turned over a new leaf, haven't we? Here, is this

Sarah placed the towel over the edge of her hand and began sawing
the soft cotton through my cunt crack, applying the perfect
upward pressure on my clit. "Oh yes. Do that. Keep doing

"Do you want to stop talking until you get off?"

"No, lets talk. I want this to last, if you don't mind."

"It's fine by me. So, did you get off on this thing with Candy?"

"Yes. I shave her pussy every other day, Sarah. The little
bitch is driving me crazy. If you ever saw that spread, you'd
want it too. She could turn you into a cunt lapper, Sarah. I
stay horny. Watching that cunt take a big cock was the

"I'll bet. Are you saying her pussy turns you on?"

"That's what I'm saying. Sarah...I sucked her cunt last night."

"Oh Jesus!" Sarah threw down the towel, grabbed my ass, and
pulled her face into my snatch. She got a lip-lock on my clit
that sent electric shock waves coursing through my body. I
grabbed her head to steady myself and exploded in orgasm, humping
my cunt in her face. Sarah stayed with my wild gyrations, then
licked at my weeping cunt hole afterward. I placed one foot on
the toilet to give her better access to my hole, tilting up my
pelvis and spreading the lips with my fingers.

Sarah sucked me dry, licked my fingers, then looked up, saying,
"I've been wanting to do that for a long time."

"Yes, it would appear so. You're very good."

Sarah stood, drying her face, "Thanks. Now what?"

"Well, I'm not going to divorce my husband and marry you if
that's what you're thinking."

She laughed and said, "Shucks. No, I mean, is this a one time
thing, or are we expanding our relationship? I'm all for it if
you are."

"I'm game. Is this your way of asking for equal time?"

"No, you don't need to do me unless you want to. I'd be happy if
this was one-sided."

"It might be. I'm not really into eating pussy. Candy is the

"That's fine. If you couldn't tell, I love eating pussy."

"Let me introduce you to my daughter, then."

"We've met. You know, don't you?"

"Yes, and I'm pissed that you didn't confide in me."

"I'm sorry, Pam, but how do you tell your best friend that you're
sucking her daughter's cunt for her every chance you get?"

"I know. I'm not really pissed. I'm hurt. I thought we could
share anything."

"We can now. Relationships evolve that way. I'm sure there's
still things you can't share with John. Bill doesn't know I suck
pussy. Our relationship goes beyond our marriages. That's

"You're right. Sarah, I want to fuck a dog, and John is getting
me one. John's fucking Candy with my blessing, and I can fuck
around now. I want Candy to be the biggest whore in town.
There, that's everything."

"All right. I guess it's my turn. You might want to sit down."

"Wait, if this is going to be lengthy and juicy, lets go into the
bedroom. I'd like to get comfortable."

When we entered my bedroom, I shut and locked the door, then
climbed on the bed. I placed the pillows behind my back and sat
back with my legs wide. I asked Sarah to get undressed and stand
by the bed where I could watch her playing with herself while I
played with myself. When we were both in position, I said,
"Okay, out with it."

"I taught Gwen to suck pussy, and we suck each other."

"I knew that, but I love it. Oh yes! This is going to be great.

"I have fucked a dog, several."

"Oh, God, yes. I love it! You fucking bitch. More!"

"I've been fucking John for the past eight years, and I fuck guys
whenever I think I can get away with it."

I stopped suddenly and sat up. "What? You? John? That
bastard. So you've been keeping him satisfied. Fuck!" My head
hit the pillow. "Is there more?"

"I screwed your father, Pam."

I shook my head to clear the webs. Everything she said stunned
me. I didn't know where to start. Finally, I said, "Are you
still fucking John?"

"Well, yes. Last Thursday. I'm sorry. I can't help myself. If
John wants it, I can't refuse."

"Shit! He'll want it. When did you fuck my dad?"

"All through high school. Actually, it didn't stop there. We
fucked last year."

"Ranger. You were fucking Ranger, weren't you? You fucked my

"Yes, and you almost caught us."

"Damnit, I did catch you. All these years, I thought I dreamed
it. You fucked him in my closet when you spent the night. That
wasn't a dream."

"That is where we did it in the beginning, but I was talking
about a time in the garage. You walked right past us. We were
beside the refrigerator. You're dad did catch me, and that's
when he started screwing me. I was thirteen at the time."

"You told me you were a virgin until senior prom."

"I lied. Your mom caught me screwing Ranger lots of times, but
she never told on me. After the first time, she just told me to
be more careful. I was more careful, except when it was just her
and me in the house."

"My mother saw you screwing Ranger and just said be more careful.
That doesn't surprise me, the bitch!"

"She got off on it, but that shouldn't surprise you either. I'd
strip naked in front of her and we'd do it while she watched and
frigged herself off. She'd call me when the coast was clear. I
let her do everything. She stripped me, positioned me, guided
his cock, cleaned me afterwards, and played with my body for
hours. She taught me to eat pussy, and ate mine. She knew about
me and your dad. She watched us fuck. She liked watching us. I
could never have kept my secrets from you without their help."

"Sarah, you're blowing my mind. If this is a joke, it isn't

"It's no joke. I'm not laughing. I'm trying to come clean."

"You're a slut, Sarah. How could I know you for so long and not
know that?"

"I don't know, but you're right, I am a slut. I guess that ends
our friendship, huh?"

"Don't be stupid. I need a slut friend now more than ever."

"Oh, thank god! I thought it was over between us. I felt like
dying. I've dreaded this day for twenty years."

"Relax. Now we can elevate our relationship to higher levels.
There's no secrets at all between there?"

"I'm afraid there is. I saved the biggest for last."

"Oh, shit. What is it?"

"You're going to think I'm sick if I tell you."

"I think you're sick already. You are one sick puppy, Sarah, but
you're my sick puppy. I won't put you to sl**p; I promise. I
have a soft spot in my heart for sick puppies. Now, what is it?"

"Pam, I'm the reason you get ****d so much."

"WHAT! You? How? Why?"

"I don't know why. I hate myself for doing it, but as for the
how, that's easy. I just tell a guy you like being f***ed, that
you have a **** fantasy. I prove that I'm your best friend. I
show him all of the personal stuff I have of yours. My room is a
shrine to you; you know that. Once they believe that I'm not
setting them up, that I'm trying to help you realize your
fantasy, they are eager to help. I simply convince them to
remain in character before, during, and after. It works."

"Christ. You owe me three or four wardrobes of clothes, bitch."

"Let me pick them out, and I'll pay up."

"Screw you. I can imagine what you'd have me wear. Are you
going to keep doing this?"

"I can't stop. I've tried, believe me, I've tried."

"Well you haven't had trouble lately, when I could have used a
good f***ed fuck. If you're going to keep my husband satisfied,
you could have seen to it that I got some too. Why the dry spell?
It has been over a year since I've been screwed."

"I know. Three-hundred and ninety-two days without cock."

"You've kept track?"

"I cut you off."

My mind was numb. "But why?"

"I don't know why. I'm sick. I'm torturing you."

"No shit! But I want to know why. What are you getting out of

"Pleasure. I get to control your sex life. I wanted you good
and horny for when I got the courage to make my move on
you. I seduced Candy to break the ice and get you thinking about
pussy. I started working on her on day one. She wasn't easy.
She doesn't have a gay bone in her body, and talk about innocent.
You should have seen her face the first time I showed her
pictures of dogs screwing girls."

"Jesus, that was you with the pictures."

"Yes, she's seen everything from gays butt fucking, to orgy
flicks. And she's seen a flood of lezzie stuff. Hell, I even
trained Gwen just to break the ice with Candy. When you babysit
a k** that hounds you to suck on your clit, sooner or later,
you're going to give in. She gave in three months ago, and she
started letting me do it two months ago. Things moved rapidly
after that. I made her want to be Baby Bambi. I suppose you've
heard about Bambi?"

"Yes. What is your connection with Bambi?"

"I met her at a party. We talked. We ate each other. We're
still close. Candy met her at my place. That's where she saw
her first live fuck. She watched her daddy screwing the town
whore. He didn't know he was being watched."

"That bastard. So, now that I'm being a good girl, do I get my
prize? Can I have some cock, now?"

This hit a nerve with Sarah. She started finger fucking herself
unabashedly, and said, "Not yet. I'll decide when."

She was really into this control thing. She actually believed
she could decide who and when I screwed. I had a desire to play
along, but, like I said, the scenario has to be believable for me
to get off on it or buy into it. I couldn't resist saying,
"Don't you think I'm capable of getting my own cocks. I have a
license to screw now, no more marital vows, remember?"

"If you do, I'll get angry. I can have you hurt, hurt bad. It's
all in the instructions I give your r****t, and I know several
that will do exactly as I tell them. I can have your tits cut
with razors. I can have you whipped in your cunt. Have you ever
had a cigar put out on your nipples, or needles shoved into your
asshole? I don't want to hurt you, but I can. I'm sick, Pam.
Please don't make me hurt you."

The color drained from my face. I knew she would do it, too.
I've been hurt before, and I'm not into pain. Suddenly, I
realized, she did control my sex life. Suddenly, my clit began
to throb. She could see in my expression that I knew she was
right, and that knowledge drove her on. She was frigging herself
harder, staring hard at me with a victorious grin. I knew some
verbal sign of my surrender and acceptance would push her over
the edge. I didn't need to pretend. I surrendered and accepted.
I said, "You win, Sarah. I'll behave. Please don't hurt me.
I'll do whatever you want."

"Oh! Yesssss! You will! You know you will. You're mine, Pam.
Everything that's yours is mine. Ohhhh! Yessssss!"

She fell forward on the bed with her head on my belly. I laid my
hand on her cheek and softly stroked it. Slowly, her eyes turned
up. She smiled and said, "I love you, Pam. I'll be good to you,
but you better never cross me, or I'll be bad to you."

"I know, Sarah. I think I understand, now. Everything has led
up to this, hasn't it?"

"From the time we were k**s, I've dreamed of this day. I wanted
to own you and everything you own. It's all mine, now, even
Candy. She'll do whatever I say. I special ordered that bikini
you bought. I put her pussy on public display. Don't think for
one minute that she liked walking to and from the pool wearing
that thing. And going up that ladder with all those k**s under
her was shear torture for her, especially after I made her
request the shave.

"She's really shy about her body. I go to the pool every chance
I get to make sure she shows everything. When she climbs out of
the water after jumping off the high dive, she climbs out with
her tits and pussy exposed. Everyone gathers to watch her
slowly recover, starting with her tits."

"How can she get away with that at a public pool?"

"I had to fuck the parks administrator and the senior life guard
to get them to turn a blind eye on Candy's act. You've got to
see it for yourself, Pam. She blushes every time she has to
stand on the deck with her pussy and tits showing."

"I can imagine. How long does it take her to get straight, and
how many people are close by?"

"I'd say it takes a full three minutes to cover everything. She
has a procedure she must follow. The jump skews the material.
The top gets f***ed above her tits. The bottoms are worn loose,
so they rise up. First, she has to untie the bottoms and let
them fall to the ground. Next, she reaches back and unties the

Are you telling my daughter gets public?"

"Absolutely. Not a stitch on her, and with her pussy shaved
bald. She stands stark naked while she arranges the top.
She then puts the triangles on her tits, leanes back, and ties
the bow in back. Then, she bends with her feet apart and picks
up the bottoms. She steps in the leg loop, then adjusts the
material in place, making sure the crotch string runs outside her
cunt lips. That's when she's ready to climb the ladder and start
the process all over again."

"She does that all day?"

"She makes a series of three jumps, then breaks for an hour. She
may walk home, but she can't stay gone more than one hour. Each
day, she does maybe eight shows. I'd say eighty people, mostly
guys, are in the dive area, but another eighty watch from
poolside, catching glimpses between the gawkers. You'd be
surprised how few complaints there have been. None recently.
She's going to start getting fucked in the pool. Goggle sales
should skyrocket."

"Have you cleared that with the authorities?"

"Yes, everything is set. Would you like to watch?"

"Yes, I think I would, but won't that look suspicious? A mother
wouldn't sit still for that?"

"Her mother will. You're the mother of Baby Bambi. Half the
town already thinks you're sick for letting her go around like
that. Wait till they see you in the pool wearing goggles in your
bikini. Yes, I've got one for you, and it makes Candy's look
conservative. You can start shaving your twat. Your cunt is
going on display. And start doing breast exercises. I've
noticed the start of a sag developing. You'll be getting a tit
job soon, but work on them anyway. You're going to have double

"Really? Who's paying?"

"You are. The cost is three grand, but John has it set aside."

"You've covered every angle, haven't you?"

"No stone unturned. I learned the art when we were k**s. Your
mom, dad, and I were a team. He didn't want to **** you, in case
you carry any hard feelings. He had to do it, or I would have
cut him off. He only screwed you when I told him to."

"I never held a grudge about Dad. I could tell he was fighting
an internal struggle, but Mom's actions bothered me a lot. She
walked in on us so many times, and pretended nothing was
happening, I just knew she had to be in on it and probably put
him up to it. When I got pregnant the first time, and she
wouldn't hear of an abortion, then, after suffering the
humiliation of being pregnant in my sophomore year, staying in
school, and delivering the baby, she gives it up for adoption as
though it were a turd I passed. I've carried that grudge. I
suppose you put her up to that."

"Of course. She wanted to keep the k**. I wouldn't hear of it.
Three pregnancies in three years, and each carried to term, each
given away. That was my crowning achievment. That took some
doing, but she was hooked on my tongue and watching me fuck
Ranger. I had to cut her off for three months before she bagan
to cooperate. It was a struggle each time I upped the ante. Do
you remember the time she cleaned your room while you were
getting fucked on the bed?"

"Do I? I still fantasize that scene. I think that's the time I
got pregnant."

"Don't think that came easy for her. She went six months without
sex from me or your dad before she caved in. It killed her to
watch you getting screwed by your father against your will,
without protection, knowing you were between periods, knowing
you'd get pregnant. You can imagine what changing your sheets
while you were on them getting your cunt plowed did to her."

"Did to her? What about me? Can you imagine what that was like,
knowing he was going to cum in my pussy when I knew I was
fertile, after I told him I was ovulating, with Mom standing
right there? Can you imagine how involved she had to get to
accomplish a change of bedding? The American Nursing Federation
should award her a medal. I didn't think it was possible to
change sheets with a person in the bed, much less two people
screwing. She did it. We had a hard time looking each other in
the eye after that, I'll tell you."

"Yes, but it sure broke the ice, huh?"

"No shit! After that, she'd pull up a chair. Getting my pussy
wiped and washed after sex didn't seem so out of character.
Having to wear a pussy plug to hold Dad's sperm inside came as no
surprise. I never did adjust to having her minister to my cunt,
and I certainly didn't take to having my cunt shaved bald like
Candy did. I still feel that terrible itch when she'd let it go
for three or four days. Oh, and PE, the humiliation I suffered
in those showers--belly out to here with a shaved pussy."

"Oh, yes, that was exquisite. Girls can be so cruel, can't

"Fuck yes! Blabbing it all over school, stealing my panties,
taking pictures and spreading them all over school. Everyone
knew what I looked like naked."

"How about the time they held you spread eagled on the floor and
stuck a banana up your cunt, and you just about ready to drop
the first k**. That made a nice picture."

"I suppose you were behind that, too?"

"It was my camera, my film, and my banana. I picked the biggest
I could find, but it went right in, peel and all."

"And I never suspected you behind any of this. You were always
there for me, being a friend, my only friend."

"What are friends for?"

"Well, I'm glad this is all out. I still think you're the best
friend I ever had. I do love you, Sarah, in spite of your
sickness. Maybe because of it. You've controlled my sex life
from the very start. It's only natural you should continue. Is
there anything else I should know?"

"Let me think. No, nothing big. I screwed every guy you ever
dated, but that's no big deal? There weren't that many."

"You know, you've screwed everything around me but me. If I
touch it, you want to screw it."

Sarah laughed and said, "That's true. I'll bet a shrink could
put a name on that condition."

"Shrink hell, I already did. You're a slut."

"Yeah, but I'm sure there's a type of slut with a latin name."

"How about slutius gluttonus?"

"Yeah, that's me. It will be you, too, before I'm through. I
have big plans for you, Pam. You'll like some, and hate some,
but you'll endure as you always have. I hope you like tattoos
and body piercing. I'm into it. Not for me, you understand, but
you will look like a landscape painting with rings and gold
chains hanging from everthing delicate. I intend to tattoo you
from your neck to your toes, front, back, and everything between.
Especially between. Don't even think about trying to stop me.
I'll have your clit removed with a dull knife, and Candy will be
weilding the knife. I love you, Pam, but you're mine to do with
as I please. Accept it."

My heart stopped beating, but the idea of Candy cutting off my
clit got it going again. I think Candy would do it, and I think
John, my mother, and my father would hold me down. What could I
say? I bowed my head and said, "Please, don't hurt me, Sarah. I
love you. I'll be your canvas, and I'll wear anything you pierce
me with. My body belongs to you. My daughter belongs to you.
Everything I own belongs to you. It always has. My life is in
your hands."

"I know, Pam. I'm glad you know. One day, I'm going to take
that too. That day is a long way off, but I can't bear the
thought of you growing old. I will kill you myself, slowly,
carefully, over days, then I will skin you. You will suffer for
me, suffering pain you can't possibly imagine. Your agony will
be your final gift to me. Your painted and ornamented skin will
adorn my bedroom and complete my shrine."

I fainted.

The End
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1 year ago
Good story. A little weird towards the end, but everything else was very good. Thanks.