My mom and I had been alone for five years. I was 13
when she finally put my no good father out of the
house. In a way, she had help from the police and court

My father Anthony, was a high school science teacher
who had gotten one of his students, a 15-year-old girl,
pregnant. I had always known he was fooling around. But
there's no excuse for lack of knowledge when the school
district fires him one day and the next day police come
to your house in front of all your friends and drag
your father out in handcuffs on statutory **** charges.
It's a hell of a thing to see everyone in the
neighborhood standing out watching as your sorry ass
old man is hauled away.

Anyway, the next day mom took his stuff to his mother's
house. He eventually served five years in prison for
it. But he was out of our lives.

My mom, Judy, was a sexy lady. She was 5'8" and weighed
about 150 pounds. Really put together, with long curly,
black hair and cute.

For the years we were alone, she would walk through the
house in see-through negligees, bra and panties, or
short pants. Sometimes it was simply a night gown. I
did pretty much the same, walking through wearing
shorts with no shirt, and sometime just my drawers. It
didn't bother us. I would always try and see her pubic
triangle or glance at her tits. Occasionally, I would
wait until she was in the bathtub and say I had to pee.
That way I could see through the glass shower doors and
get a real good hard on and ease into my room to jack

Other times, I would open the door and catch her drying
off, bent over rubbing water from her legs or feet and
I'd catch a full glance at her pussy. It was heavenly,
sitting open with those pouty lips.

Every so often, I would rub her ass or tweak her tits,
and she'd giggle and tell me "Boy, you'd better quit,"
or something like "Aren't we feeling mannish?"

And there were times when I'd notice mom looking at my
dick, sticking out her tongue and making fun. I wanted
to fuck her so bad and I think she wanted me to. There
were times when I'd pretend to be asl**p and notice how
she'd walk into the room or stand in the doorway and
look at my body.

In trying to further the game along, hoping she'd get
weak enough to break down and make a pass at me, I had
taken to sl**ping with my underwear off. I'd purposely
leave my door cracked and let my dick be half hard.


One night it almost worked. But I fucked up. I didn't
get up and make a mutual move, expecting her to go all
the way.

Mom came to the door as I lay on my side. My dick was
standing straight and she stared a few minutes, then
walked over and touched it, rubbing it up and down then
leaving the room.

I didn't say anything, but I know now I should have
taken her into my arms, pulled off her panties and
fucked the hell out of her.

The next day she met this guy Frank, who seemed to take
over her mind. He came by and they sat in the front
room talking and giggling.

After they had dated for about two months and this
bastard started to spend the night over, locked in the
room with her.

She had started to drink wine, whiskey or beer
everyday, not a smart thing as she was also taking
prescription Valium every other day for migraine

It tore me apart to listen some nights at them going at
it. All of her "oohs," and "aahs" were running me nuts.
Not to mention, they'd smoke a joint and blow the smoke
out of the window, thinking I was too dumb to figure it

Frank knew I hated his guts. He had started my mother
to drinking, he was spending the night and he would
come in every other evening and count the beers to see
if I had d***k one. Then he'd make some smart ass
remark to set me off.

I overheard them talking as my room was next to hers,
that the next night Frank was going to fuck her ass and
he told what to get from the d**g store to clean out
her bowels before he came over.

She giggled and started to talk about how freaky he
was. She said she would have to drink some of Frank's
whiskey to carry through with it. He had a fifth of
bourbon in the pantry – in my damn pantry!

I planned to see that he never did.

I got five of mom's Valiums the next day when I arrived
from school. I put the pills into the half empty fifth
bottle and shook it up until they had been dissolved.

I now waited for them to start their nightly drinking.
I had a plan.

I had talked to Robert Lee many times before about
Frank. Robert used to tell everyone that he was fucking
his own mother and never had to worry about her going
crazy for some guy.

Robert said a woman in my mother's state of mind was
"dick crazy," because she had been deprived of sex for
so long.

She didn't really need Frank, Robert said. All she
needed was some dick on a regular basis. And that's
what Frank was providing.


It's 7:30 that evening and Frank arrived. My mom
greeted him at the door. She had cooked him a pot of
turnip greens and some pig tails. That fat bastard sat
down and ate, sipping that whiskey through his meal,
then drinking a beer.

"Young bl**d, ain't you got somewhere to go for a
while?" Frank asked me as I sat watching television.

"Fuck you, black motherfucker. You ain't my damn daddy.
Kiss my ass," I exploded, as mom came over rubbing my
head telling me to calm down.

I told her I was tired of Frank fucking with me. She
grabbed the whiskey bottle and poured herself a couple
shots over ice. Frank just turned up the bottle to
guzzle his.

I said I'd leave, I was going to my friend's house. Mom
begged me to not be angry. I got into my car and rode
about 40 minutes. I went back home and didn't hear
anything. It was about 8:30 p.m.

I opened the door to mom's room and there they were,
both knocked out. Mom had nothing on. She was laying
face down snoring like hell, her arms crossed beneath
her face.

A jar of Vaseline was lying on the floor. Her ass and
cheeks had been smeared with it.

Frank was naked, with his fat belly covering his small,
soft dick and his arms lay to either side of the chair.

I was so turned on.

I walked over and shook mom, calling to her, "Mom, wake

She never moved. I touched Frank, jabbing a finger into
his belly and he didn't move. He was snoring like hell.

My dick was about to bust my pants. I was staring at
the pussy I had wanted all these years. I had stolen
glances at it, dreamed about it and now she was in
front of me – totally subdued.

I flipped mom over and saw that sweet black bush
sitting there. I kissed her lips and rubbed her tits
and then bent over and licked her pussy.

After a few minutes, I picked her up, carried her to my
room and easily laid her onto my bed on her back.

I pulled off my clothes and put my head between her
legs again. I started to lick and suck on her already
wet pussy. She was fresh, but hot. I could smell the
soap she had bathed in, along with the Vaseline that
greased her asshole.

After eating her pussy for about 10 minutes, I eased my
dick into her pussy. The thin, dark lips seemed to suck
me into her. I was spasmodic. I quickly began pumping
for all I was worth and cummed in under five minutes.
But my dick never got soft. It wanted more. I turned
mom to the side and placed some pillows under her head
and began fucking her slowly from the back. It felt so
good that I would fuck, stop, eat her pussy and then
resume fucking her. After about 20 minutes or so, I
cummed again, but was still hard. Now I wanted to fuck
that asshole.

So I rolled mom over onto her stomach and inserted a
finger in her ass. I slowly finger fucked her ass for a
good 10 minutes. I tried to mount her, but I couldn't
get in because she was so tight and her limber body
made it difficult.

I placed two pillows beneath her pelvis and stomach.
Her ass was sitting straight in the air now.

I eased up on her. I eased in the tip of my dick. She
was well greased with Vaseline.

Still having problems with getting more in, I eased out
as a fart escaped.

I got the Vaseline and coated the head of my dick with
it. I got on top again and this time grabbed mom's hips
and I eased forward. I could only get my dick head into
this tight asshole. I was trying to get more inside of
her, but I couldn't for fear I'd hurt her. She was so

Then I began to roll around the head of my dick into a
couple inches of her ass. All the while I was fingering
her pussy.

In less than three minutes, I cummed watching my sperm
drip out of her rectum because I couldn't get in past
the head.

I pulled out and continued to fuck her pussy from the
back. It was the best fucking I'd ever had. I was
staring at my dick going in and out of mom's pussy. And
trust me, my dick was as hard as it had ever been after
cumming three times.

I could feel the next ejaculation coming on. I pulled
out of her to let it subside. Then I started to eat
that pussy again. It was so good and hot.

I got on top of mom again, this time, forcing her
tongue out of her mouth, it tangled with mine and our
combined juices giving me a boost. I was close to
cumming and could feel my dick hitting her IUD. I
started to pound her, my bed squeaking like hell as
sweat dripped from my face on to hers.

This time it took longer. I was about 35 minutes of
fucking her before I cummed this time. Mom's pussy laid
gaped open, a deep red colored hole that shined in the

I sat there between her legs, rubbing her pussy,
fingering her pussy and licking it for what seemed like
another 20 minutes. I was so happy.

Cum was running out of her ass and pussy and I
feverishly wiped as best I could to get as much cum as
I could from her holes.

Then Frank got choked in his snoring made a coughing
sound and fell from the chair to the floor. I freaked,
jumped from the bed and looked. He was on the floor
still snoring.

My dick was hard again and I returned to mom. This time
I buried my face in her pussy, licking even the cum I
had deposited into her, from that sweet pussy.

I mounted her pouting pussy again and watched myself
going in and out. I sat back and snapped Polaroids of
my dick in her. I was cumming again and I grabbed her
shoulders, slamming hard and trying to push my 10 inch
dick through her belly, as I licked her face and neck.

I moaned when I came and just rolled side to side in
her for a while. I got up, picked up mom and placed her
on her own bed. I now snapped more pictures of her
pussy, flipped her over and snapped pictures of her
asshole. To make sure everything was kosher, I wiped
cum from mom's pussy onto Frank's face and onto his

I closed the door, leaving her as I had found her and
went back to my room, changed the linen and sprayed air
freshener. Her scent was all in the air of my room.

I then exchanged the d**gged bottle of whiskey with a
fresh one, that is minus the amount they had consumed
so it looked like it was the same one.

It was getting late and I figured they'd come around
from the d**g induced state soon. So I left the house
and rode to my cousin's house for about an hour.

When I got home, Frank had left and mom looked like she
had just awakened.

"Hey there you," mom said. "Where have you been Aaron?"

"I've been at Johnny's house, just relaxing. I came
here first, but you and that fat boyfriend of yours
were in your room, so I left," I said.

Mom hadn't bathed yet. I asked her if she had a good
time. She said yes. Then she hugged me close and told
me she wished I would get along with Frank. I told her
no way. He was no good and I'd prove it.

Then a Freudian slip occurred as my emotions soared.
"You belong to me mom. You're my woman and I'm your
man. You don't need that big-gut, fat stinky bastard,"
I blurted out.

Mom's head snapped as she looked back and asked "What
did you just say Aaron?"

I froze as she stared at me.

"Mom, I just meant that I don't want you to have
somebody sorry like that. I mean you can do better," I
said. "I wished I could hand pick the guy for you. He'd
be special, you can bet."

"And when did I become your woman?" mom asked. "How can
I become your woman when you're my son! Boy you'd
better quit reading that stuff on the Internet. It's
affecting your brain."

She then came over, grabbed me and we hugged really
tight. Mom then backed up and said "I know you love me
honey. But I need love in more ways than one. And
that's what Frank provides me. I'll never stop loving
you because someone else comes into my life. Stop
thinking that way."

Then she kissed me on the forehead and I returned the
kiss, a quick peck on the lips.

Mom smiled and thumped my dick as she turned to walk

"Boy, that thing's going to get you in trouble if you
keep letting it tell you how to act and what to say,"
she giggled.

As she walked toward the bathroom, I could see what she
couldn't. As she switched her ass, cum had leaked from
her asshole onto the back of her robe, leaving a
brownish spot.

She quickly turned around to see me staring at her ass,
"Boy you need to get an older woman. You're in heat,"
mom joked, tipping the back of the robe up as if she
were teasing me.

It was close to 11 p.m. and I was ready for bed. I
tapped on the bathroom door, "goodnight mom. I'm going
to bed."

"Come here Aaron and give me a goodnight kiss, hon,"
mom said.

I walked through the bathroom door and mom was sitting
in the bath tub, the shower door open and her breast
hidden behind the smoky-colored glass.

"Come here boy," she said, extending her hand. "Baby
mama's going to always love you. You're the man of the
house and you'll always be my young man."

I leaned forward to kiss mom on the jaw, realizing my
earlier kiss to her lips now seemed inappropriate. She
turned to meet my lips with hers and grabbed my head.
She kissed me fully on the lips, no tongue, but just a
long smooch on the lips.

She had turned enough that I could see her breasts in
plain view and I could see the bush between her legs. I
instantly hardened and stared small talk after we broke
the embrace to continue my voyeuristic pleasure.

After a few minutes, she closed the door and told me to
sl**p well. I know she knew the effect she was having
on me. She glanced at my crotch then looked into my
eyes and joked, "I hope you can sl**p with what's going
on down there," thumping my dick again.

I went to bed with a huge hard-on. I wanted to stay
awake to see if she'd enter the room like on previous
nights and stare at it. But I was spent from the
earlier fucking and I dozed off immediately.


Next morning mom comes into my room to awake me,
wearing a lavender, silk house coat. I could see her
panties and I could see her titties gently bouncing.
She had fixed breakfast and was standing there combing
her hair looking in my mirror.

"This evening Aaron, be nice to Frank. He's coming by
to see me and I don't want problems with you talking
down to him. OK?"

I played it off saying "OK mom. I'll be cool with him
because of you only."

"Good guy, Aaron," mom said, leaning over, kissing me
on the lips as her gown split open revealing her lovely
tits as she quickly closed it giggling.

Doing something I'd never done before, I grabbed mom's
nipple and pinched it slightly.

"Boy, you'd better quit! I can't walk around in comfort
for having the mannish side of you come out," she
laughed and continued to fix her hair.

I arose and there was no question she saw the huge
bulge in my drawers. Mom tried to act as if she didn't.
But I could see her eyes in the mirror, staring, as I
rushed to put on my own oversized cotton robe.

I brushed my teeth, showered and started to eat. She
came in kissed me again on the lips and said to have a
good day. She was off to work at the office where she
was a grant writer.

As I watched her leave the driveway, I grabbed the
Polaroids I had taken of her.

I sat them in front of me as I sat on the toilet and
beat my meat. I watched the pictures and then cummed,
shooting a huge load onto one of them before quickly
wiping it clean.

I knew I had to have her in the right way. My mind
thought all the day at school about how to get her in
bed with me willingly. Why was I obsessed with fucking
my mom and being the only one in her life sexually, I
couldn't figure out. I was well-liked in school, had
plenty of girlfriends to fuck at any time and even was
boning my English teacher, the lovely blond headed 25-
year-old Mindy Lewis. She was a dream. Long blond hair,
natural blond all over, long shapely legs and gorgeous

Yet it seemed after my Freudian slip, mom was showing
me more and more compassion that wasn't the type you'd
show a son. And I had started to venture across the
line, taking long stares at her and pinching her butt,
or rubbing her boobs on the sly.


That evening after classes and since the football
season was over and my scholarship choice was announced
with the largest and best school and athletic program
in the state, I stopped by to see my grandparents, Al
and Delia. They lived about 10 minutes away and were
always there for us.

Mom's parents, her mother, a very lovely light
complexioned woman of about 55, who stood 5'3, weighed
about 120 pounds, really shapely, and granddad Al,
about 6'3 and weighing about 210, all muscles, were

They divided their time between their nine
grandc***dren and traveling around the world. They had
been at all my football games. I took after granddad,
standing 6'3 and weighing a solid 200 pounds. Come the
fall, I would be heading off to play football on an all
perks scholarship, considering I still maintained a
solid 3.8 GPA and was a member of the national honor

My grandparent's first concern was mom - their baby
daughter and her dealings with Frank. Granddad told me
we, the f****y, had to get her mind off Frank. Frank
sold dope on the side and he was shacking up with an
easy to screw young girl we all knew as "Tittie."

We called her Tittie because she would breast feed all
her five babies in the public when they were young to
keep the money she earned from selling the free baby
formula that she got from Welfare.

I knew Tittie well because I had fucked her some when I
was 15-years-old, of course wearing condoms. Tittie was
about 28 now, 10 years older than me. I went to her
house and we talked. She was incensed that Frank was
screwing my mom.

I knew Frank was to take mom to dinner Friday night at
a local place that had a nightclub next door.

Tittie and I concocted a plan where she and her friend,
would burglarize Frank's car and steal the dope, his
pistol and money. They would split the money with me
and then she planned on going into the nightclub to
catch him with mom and embarrass him.

It was easy for me to follow because the football
coaches were giving the team a party three doors down
for winning the State Championship, Regional
Championship and setting four record. We also had seven
players who had earned premium scholarships, me
included. I went solo because my girlfriend Lillie, was
out of town getting a tour of the college campus she
would attend three states away.

When I got home it was around 6:30 p.m. Mom had her
clothes laid out on the bed and was fixing her hair in
anticipation of the big date tonight. One problem – she
had forgotten how to slow drag it had been so long
since she'd been out with a man.

I told her I'd give her a refresher course. So she
finished her hair, went into the den and cut on the
stereo, playing some soft Earth, Wind and Fire.

"Come on Mr. Cold Feet. If I'm your woman, you don't
want to be embarrassed in front of the crowd do you?"
she asked.

I went over and told her to stand back and watch the
basic feet movements as I danced with an invisible
partner. I did so for about five minutes when she moved
into my arms and took her place. Her touch made me
instantly hard, so I backed off and we held hands,
keeping her at a distance. Her feet were clumsy and she
pulled back in, close to me, her body tight to mine as
she held her arms around my waist.

I could barely say anything. She felt the hard on, but
was now learning the dance.

"OK mom," I said, trying to break her bond on me.
"Looks like you've got the swing. You're ready to go

"One more dance, Aaron. I think I've got it, but I want
to be for sure," she said as "Lover's Holiday" came on.

We maintained the closeness and she now looked up into
my eyes, really dreamy like and kissed me on the jaw,
then laid her head into my chest, moving ever so slowly
and sensually.

"Show me everything Aaron, how you lay the woman back
and pull her up," she said.

So I really got into the dance then. Only problem is
when I laid her back her legs had to open to allow for
the move. And one of my legs had to be crotch close to
pull her back up.

My dick was touching her crotch dead center now. Mom
stared up at me in a sensual gaze that made me think I
could fuck her right now.

"Show me everything baby," she pleaded.

"OK mom. Don't get angry at me. But I'll show you
everything," I said as I restarted the song.

We danced closer and more as one this time.

As we completed the dance, I leaned forward and kissed
her on the mouth, sucking in her tongue to which she
pushed it further into my mouth before withdrawing it.

"Wow baby. So I'll have to kiss on the dance floor too?
Why did you do that" she asked.

"Mom, please forgive me, I said seeking a pardon."

"But you told me to show you everything."

We held hands, hugged and she walked in front of me to
the bathroom. I could sense she was probably
masturbating because of the quietness. After a few
minutes she emerged with a flushed look on her face.
She gave herself away because she didn't flush the
toilet. She only washed herself because after she left
the bathroom, I picked up the towel from the linen
hamper and smelled a distinct musk.

As mom finished dressing sitting in the mirror, I too
was dressing.

Frank pulled and blew the horn, mom jumped up anxiously
and came to give me a kiss on the jaw this time.

"I'll see you later baby. Do I look OK," she asked.

"Like a candy bar. Good enough to eat," I said as she

I got to the awards ceremony at 8 p.m. It went quickly
and the dance and dinner began at 9 p.m.

I walked out to knock down a beer and spotted Tittie,
her cousin Wanda and Frank all arguing at his car. This
was not supposed to happen until 10 p.m.

I walked the few doors down and asked Frank where my
mother was. He didn't say a thing as Tittie told him he
could either stay at the restaurant with mom or "black
motherfucker come get your shit out of my motherfucking
house tonight!"

I walked into the restaurant and mom grabbed me around
the neck and hugged me close. She told me Tittie had
ambushed them as they came into the club. No one had
touched her, which relieved me.

I told her we were leaving. She was afraid of the
women. I looked mom in the eyes and told her, "mom, I'm
6'3''. 200 pounds and routinely knock 350 pound linemen
on their asses. Do you think I would let anyone of them
harm you?"

She sighed with relief and we walked out, her clutching
my arm. Wanda was high on weed and started talking
crazy. I didn't have to worry because there were about
seven of my fellow football players standing around
ready for some shit to break out.

"You half-white bitch. You love taking somebody else's
black man bitch," Wanda screamed at my mother.

I lost it right then and slapped her across the face.
Wanda hit the ground, knocked out cold.

Frank and Tittie just stared. Frank couldn't even look
my mother in the face and say goodnight. He hung his
head as Tittie continued to chide him.

Tittie patted me on the back and apologized for her
cousin. She then told my mother, "Ma'am I apologize for
acting a fool up here. But it ain't pointed at you. You
didn't know about me because he never told you. Have a
good night ma'am and please forgive me for losing my
temper with this black motherfucker."

Mom giggled as Tittie hugged my neck and then hers. I
told my partners I was leaving to take my mom to dinner
and back home. They were cool with it.

We got into my car and mom started gushing tears about
the embarrassment she felt. I kept telling her it
wasn't her fault. Don't feel guilty. After a few
minutes, she perked up and told me she was hungry.

I took mom across town to a fine eatery. She had shrimp
and trout. I had a New York Strip steak and we shared a
bottle of wine.

She seemed so happy there with someone to talk to, to
eat with, to feel special, to hold hands with and chat.

Mom conceded that Frank was a mistake. I told her get
over it. Tonight was our night.

When we finished dinner I told mom we needed to hit the
dance floor as the band was now playing in the bar
section. We danced to fast music for a while, sat and
talked. Then when the slow music came on I told her
"this time belongs to me and the prettiest woman in the

Mom choked up as a tear rolled down her cheek. We got
up and danced and embraced tightly. I got hard
instantly, but only this time made no attempt to keep
it off her leg, or from touching her crotch.

As my hard member touched her crotch on the layback,
mom stared me in my eyes and then closed hers, laying
her head into my chest, rubbing it there.

It was time to go.

We left and as we drove home, I made the first move. I
told her how much I was moved to touch her, to see her,
to dream of her. She sat up, facing me and listening.
Mom told me "You know you were wrong today when you
kissed me like that."

We rode by a nice community park and pulled in. It was
about 11 p.m.

I parked and we made small talk of the incident between
Frank and Tittie as we got out of the car and sat on
the small wooden overpass called "Lover's Bridge."

"Boy, you came right in there and made sure mama was
alright Aaron. Thank you honey," mom said, as she
kissed me on the cheek.

"Mom, nothing, no one will bother you if it's within my
ability to prevent it. There's only one mom. And you're
the best ever created. Thank you for being mine," I
said as mom shed a few tears.

"No, no, no. Mom you've got to stop that crying because
it's not healthy," I told my mom.

Then as I wiped the tears from her eyes, she stared up
at me and we had a real kiss.

This was spontaneous. We both reacted with out hearts.

She held my neck, planting her tongue in my mouth, and
me clutching her waist as I sucked ever so gently on
that sweet, erotic tongue.

For the next few minutes we kissed, rubbed and touched
one another in the empty park, on the bridge beneath
the light.

We walked back to the car, holding hands and I opened
the door for her.

After pulling back onto the road, mom started saying
how what we had just done wasn't right, it was immoral
to commit i****t and most of all how demeaning and
i*****l it was.

"Mom, I understand that. I too hate that it's something
we can never tell anyone about. But I love you just
that much to be a part of you that only the two of us
will ever know about. If it were a perfect world mom,
I'd marry you. But since I can't, I can at least be
your lover in secret and you can be mine," I said.

Mom held my hand, rubbed my face and said "we'll think
about it baby. But you know it's something wrong with
thinking that way. It's not right. It's i****t. Not
only is it i*****l, but it's immoral."

"No mom. We'll do it," I said.

Ten minutes later, we're back at home.

I opened the door and mom walked in first. She went
straight to the china cabinet, to grab that bottle of
bourbon. I stood behind her and took it away.

She turned to me and before she could say a word, I
embraced her, sucking in her tongue, hearing her sigh
and then emit a moan.

I picked up mom and carried her to her bed. I laid her
down and I undressed as she looked, wondering what to
do. I showed her.

I pulled mom's dress over her head. There she stood
with a white slip on.

I laid her on the bed and pulled down her panties.

I said nothing, but went straight to eating her
slightly salty and musky pussy with the fluffy black

"Oooh baby," mom moaned. "Oooh, eeeh. Oooh."

I ate her pussy for what seemed like 15 minutes,
causing her to orgasm twice in my mouth.

As I rose, her eyes looked glassy, as if the licking
and sucking I had done were narcotics to her system.

I revealed her firm tits and started to suck them. She
started the moaning again, heaving her chest to get
them to me.

"Baby are you sure? Is this what you want?" she asked.

I said nothing.

I leaned mom back onto the bed and presented my 10 inch
dick to her vagina.

She looked and she started moaning, rubbing it as I
sought her pussy.

I leaned forward covering her mouth with mine, kissing
her and impaling her with my dick and she adjusted
beneath me to get it into her wet, sweet box.

After my first climax, I got up and cut off the light.
We fucked four more times that night, finishing the
last fuck at 2:30 a.m.

Then we went to sl**p. Since then we've fucked
regularly. She has had no other man except me.

Mom still looks wonderful. And I never thought a pussy
could be so cute and taste so good. It's great.

I married my high school sweetheart, went on to have a
successful career in the pro football league and I now
have 4 c***dren with my wife, who is a top notch
medical doctor.

Good thing is, we live on an estate. I have several
businesses and my mom lives on the estate, in a house
next door to mine. She still is lovely and is the best
pussy I'll ever get.

Funny thing is that my wife, who works at her own
clinic up to 12 hours a day, then tours around
sometimes conducting seminars and training sessions,
wouldn't want it any other way. She figures if my
mother's at the house and at the office overseeing my
affairs, then I'd never cheat on her. Strange isn't it?


86% (38/6)
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5 months ago
mums pussy is always the best pussy
2 years ago
Fab story has everything so hot
2 years ago
read it got to the end blow my load, thanks
2 years ago
Kind of a strange ending, but a really good incest story, my kind of a story!!
2 years ago
Good story. Glad I read it. Thanks for posting.
2 years ago