s*s PART 2

The drive across town was nightmarish. He tried to concentrate on driving but he kept hearing the sound his s****r made as she came replaying over and over in his head. He considered just pulling over to the side of the road and quickly relieving some of the pressure that was building but he knew to do that he would be risking getting arrested. By the time that Nate arrived at her door Claire was already a bit agitated.

“What took you so fucking long?” She whined.

“Traffic.” He said as he pushed past her.

They did not bother with pleasantries. Their relationship was purely a physical one. Neither of them wanted to deal with the emotional entanglements of a real relationship so it was the perfect arrangement. There was something different about the way he looked at her this time. There was a hunger that she had not seen in him before. His hand reached for the fuzzy black belt that held her robe closed. The loose knot that it was tied in came undone with a single tug leaving her robe to fall open and reveal her nearly naked body. His gaze moved slowly froNate took the stairs two at a time as he hurried toward his bedroom. The sick feeling he got in his stomach when Claire was telling him about the girl from the site was a thousand times worse. He stopped at the top of the stairs and stared at her door for several long seconds. He thought about busting in and telling her everything but he just could not bring himself to do it. To admit to her that he knew she had made a profile on the website would be to admit that he looked through all of her pictures. She would think he was a disgusting pervert and hate him. Even worse, there was a good possibility that she would tell their parents about what he was up to. The fact that he was perving her profile would trump the fact that she had posted the pictures or made the posts.

He sighed heavily and started to his room. As he got closer he could hear her giggling. He prayed that she was just chatting with one of her girlfriends on IM. He paused and considered knocking on her door and making up some stupid reason for his interruption but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He knew there was a good chance that he would break down and tell her everything. Instead, he walked to his room. His computer was still on and logged into the site. He clicked on her profile and then the link to her most recent posts.

His fist slammed against the desk as he saw the comments the others had left for her. The worst was the link to the preferred messenger that allowed larger groups to view webcams. She had promised to put on quite a show for all who wished to watch at 11. Nate glanced over at the clock and noticed that it was in less than 40 minutes. He had to give it one last try. He opened the private message box and began to type a quick message. Instead of sending it to his s****r, he sent it to Claire.

“Do me a favor. Warn this chick calling herself PunishmePlease about JR. I’ll owe you big time.”

He waited impatiently for a reply and after a few minutes he got one. She had agreed to do it but doubted it would do little good. Most of the girls there just ignored the warnings. Her next message only said “Told her. She says she will steer clear of him. Remember; bring the cherry scented lube next time.” Relief and satisfaction surged through him as he sat back and stared at the screen. For the moment, he felt a little better.

He decided to retreat to the shower to wash away the scent of sex and cannabis smoke. The room quickly filled with steam as he adjusted the knobs until the water was just right. He left his clothing lying on the bathroom floor where they landed when he removed them. He stepped inside the shower and closed his eyes while the hot water beat down on his skin. For those first few minutes he managed to push all thought from his mind. The bliss however did not last long. Soon they started to creep back in. He knew at any moment Kayla would be starting her broadcast. Dozens of people would be logging in to watch whatever she was willing to do for them on cam. There was a part of him that demanded he just get out of there. If he left the house he could postpone dealing with the inevitable. If he was not there he was sure he could calm himself even if only for a short time.

He again thought of her photos. His cock immediately began to twitch. Her willingness to perform for them meant he could see much more of her. He could watch her face contort in the sweet mixture of both pleasure and pain. He turned the water off and opened the shower door. Nate wrapped the thick ivory bath towel around his waist and stepped out. He walked to the sink and opened the medicine cabinet, careful not to let his own image catch his eye. After he used the stick of deodorant he returned it to its spot. This time he was not so lucky.

His palm touched the mirror and wiped a wide swipe through the fog that coated it. He glared unhappily at the man who stared back at him. He barely recognized himself anymore. It was true that he was no angel. He had done plenty of bad things in his life, but this was unspeakable. Normal people did not long to fuck their bl**d relatives. They did not lust after them as he lusted after his s****r. He told himself it was more than just lust though. He didn’t want to feel the way he did about her but it seemed there was nothing he could do to change it. It made no sense how something the world viewed as so wrong could feel so incredibly right to him. Several minutes passed before he could move. He gathered his clothes off the floor. The door swung open and he stepped out into the hall. It was hard for him but he managed to make it back into his room without so much as glancing at her door. It was a small victory but one he would happily accept. He slipped on a pair of baggy blue boxers and tossed his clothes in the hamper.

It was a struggle to keep his mind occupied but he knew he had to try. If he didn’t, he would end up giving in to the dark need to see his s****r’s broadcast. The video games he often played held no interest for him today and neither did chatting with his other friends online. His thoughts just kept turning back to his s****r. The thought of those creeps getting off while watching her infuriated him but there was nothing he could really do. He knew nothing short of busting in there and taking away her laptop would stop the show. For a second he entertained the thought of saying one of his friends alerted him to what she was doing and demanding she stop before he tells their parents but he knew that the thinly veiled lie would fall apart quickly. He resigned himself to the fact that the show would go on as planned.

He sighed heavily as he sat down in front of his computer. Just thinking about what he was going to do had his dick growing hard. He looked down at the way it tented out his boxers. There was no denying that he wanted her. Kayla was quite a beautiful young woman. Most of the guys in her life had pictured her naked and daydreamed about doing the same things he had fantasized about. The only difference was she wasn’t their little s****r. She was his. He knew he was sick but he didn’t care. As long as no one knew the truth, he would be ok.

He clicked on the link and was immediately redirected to the room where she had set up her video chat. There were already dozens of guys and a few of the females lurking in the shadows as they waited for her to begin. The laptop was positioned at the foot of her bed so that she would have plenty of room to stretch out once things got underway. There sat his not so innocent s****r wearing a little purple tank top and black panties. The way she smiled made it clear to him that despite what the others may have thought she was not that happy. Line after line flew by in chat as the viewers greeted her and begged for her to undress. He sat there and watched in silence as she responded with a few courteous hellos. It pained him to watch her do this but he knew this was what she thought she wanted.

It wasn’t long before she reached down and gripped the bottom of her shirt and slowly peeled it up over her head. She tossed it aside and let them see her perfect perky breasts. Nate no longer watched his s****r’s face. Instead, he stared at the twin mounds of creamy white flesh and longed to feel them against his palms. Kayla’s swollen nipples were noticeable through the thin cotton fabric but now they demanded even more attention. She caught one between her thumb and forefinger and gave it a soft squeeze.

In that moment his eyes went back to her face. He had to see her reaction to it. The slight change in expression spoke volumes about her level of arousal. He watched as she did it again, this time pinching both simultaneously. He envied her for being able to do so. He had tried to refrain from touching himself but she was making it hard to keep from it. She had been sure to leave the sound on so that they could hear the sounds she made. They encouraged her to keep pinching and tugging on her nipples which she did. The faint almost inaudible moans were soon replaced with louder ones.

He could see it in her eyes. She wanted more. The words flew up the chat screen so fast that he was amazed she had time to read any of it. Several of the men telling her to show them what a slut she was. It made him want to throttle them but he desired the same thing they did. He was desperate to see more. It did not take her long to give them all what they wanted. Her legs were parted just enough that he could see a glimpse of her panties between them. There, he noticed what many seemed to overlook, a small patch of fabric that was slightly discolored from her wetness.

Nate couldn’t hold back any longer. His cock was aching for attention already despite the fact that he had just gotten laid such a short time ago. It was a hard fought battle but the need was too strong. He stood up just long enough to slide his boxers off and let them fall to the floor at his feet. His thick cock jutted out obscenely as his eyes returned to the screen just in time to see his s****r’s right hand drift down over her flat stomach toward her panties.

At first she just slid them over the fabric as she began to rub her clit. Her eyes fluttered as she began to tease the tiny pink nub. The wet spot on the gusset of her panties was becoming larger as it pressed harder against her lips. Line after line of words pushed the previous ones off the screen as they urged her to remove the panties. She gave a slight smirk and shook her head no. Instead, she slipped her fingers under the waistband and began to touch her bare flesh. Her moans grew louder as she manipulated her clit.

Meanwhile Nate’s fingers had wrapped around his cock. He was determined to take it slowly so that he would not cum until she did for the last time. He could almost hear the sound of her voice without his speakers being on. He would have given anything to go in there and push her hand away so that he could peel those troublesome panties off and taste the sweet essence that flowed readily from between her lips.

Kayla’s body shivered as she grew closer to her first climax. Her fingers were moving faster beneath the panties that obscured the view of her perfect little slit. The moans grew louder as well and twice as frequent. It was torture to watch the beautiful girl in the throes of pleasure and not be able to assist her but no one looked away. More and more people joined the room to watch her but Nate barely noticed anything but her. Her chest was heaving as she grew closer and closer to orgasm. The viewers begged her to take off the panties so they could see every last second of it but it was no use. She was so close that she could not make herself stop.

The sound carried through to his room as she let out the loudest moan yet. Her body shuddered as more of the fabric of her panties darkened as more of her juices spilled out. Nate longed to be there lapping up every last drop as he held her in place. She would not have been given the time to recover. He wanted to leave spent and satisfied. He hated himself for how badly he wanted to touch his own s****r but the feeling was as powerful as his need to protect her. He continued to stroke his rigid cock as he watched her laying there panting.

When she finally pulled her fingers from her panties a wicked grin formed on her lips. She licked each one clean before she moved both hands down to her hips. She pushed the panties down slowly as she brought her legs together. The panties sailed across the room as she tossed them toward her clothes hamper. Before she settled back into position she leaned over and grasped small handle on the nightstand drawer to pull it open. Her hand reached quickly inside the drawer and emerged with a purple vibrator. Nate’s eyes widened as he saw the size of it. It appeared to be close to the same size as his girthy cock. He let out a soft groan as pre cum trickled from the tip of his engorged shaft. He began to stroke his cock a little faster as he watched her rubbing the tip of her toy up and down her slick lips.

She pressed the tiny silver button on the base and it hummed to life. Her body stiffened slightly as the vibrations began. She was so turned on by the fact that they were watching. Kayla’s fingers guided the toy inside her slowly, taking just an inch of two at first. Her left hand returned to her breast as she began to knead the fleshy mound. Her voice rose again as she fed more of the toy into her needy little pussy. It was almost too much for Nate to bear. He knew that he would cum soon if he continued to stroke his cock. It would be a battle of willpower until the end.

Her body began to writhe as she blocked out the words on the screen or the thoughts of anyone staring at her body. Her mind was focused only on the pleasure that her body was receiving from the vibrating lilac toy. Her hips started to rock as she worked it in deeper and a little faster. Her juices clung to its matte finish causing it to glisten. Her moans were so loud that he could hear each one of them. They were becoming more frequent with each passing moment making it very obvious that she was about to climax. He was so focused on the thought that she was performing just for him he swore he thought he heard her moan his name. It was enough to make him lose control.

His grip tightened ever so slightly as his fingers worked up and down his shaft to the same pace that she worked the toy in out of her tight little wet hole. He imagined how good it would feel to be burying his cock deep inside her. Just as he felt that familiar tingle in his balls he watched her shudder and cry out once again. The sight of his s****r in orgasmic bliss made him explode. Thick ropy spurts of seed splattered against his shirt as his eyes remained glued to his s****r as she bucked and moaned. One way or another, he would feel her writhing like that as her pussy clenched around his cock in the throes of passion. Of that he was certain.

m her face down to her ample breasts and finally to the lacy crimson thong that covered her freshly shaven mound.

He was surprised by how much alike her and Kayla’s bodies were. Claire let the robe slip from her shoulders and drop to the floor. The devilish grin that formed on his lips said he was more than ready to have his way with her. She smiled and turned to walk toward the bedroom but he reached out and gently grabbed her arm, leading her to the sofa. He did not stop to undress. Instead he just gently pushed her back onto the sofa. She laid back and licked her lips as he knelt down in front of her. His fingers slipped under the edges of her panties. Nate slowly peeled them down. She was already quite wet. His hands slid up her silken thighs and parted them widely for him.

When he looked at her, all he could see was his s****r’s naked body sprawled out before him. She gasped loudly as his tongue slipped between her thin pink lips. It had been quite some time since he had taken the time to go down on her like that. His nose nudged her clit as his tongue tried to probe further inside her. The sounds of her delight filled the room as he licked faster. As he continued to tongue Claire’s pussy he could not help but wonder what his s****r tasted like. He imagined it would be sweet and delicious. While he was busy romanticizing the taboo act of eating his younger s****r’s pussy the girl he was actually performing the act on was rapidly approaching her first of what she hoped would be many orgasms he would bring her too. His eagerness made it harder for her to control herself.

His tongue left her velvety fold and was idle for only a few seconds before his lips closed around her clit. His tongue went back to work immediately as two fingers quickly replaced it in her slick slit. The way she moaned, the way she moved and even the way she dug her nails deep into the sofa cushion were signals of how close she was but all of them were lost on him. He was too locked into his own i****tuous fantasy to pick up on them.

“Oh god oh god oh god don’t stop.” She cried. His fingers moved deeper still while his tongue flickered rapidly against her tender clit. Her chest heaved with each panting breath as she let the sensation wash over her. “FUCK NATE I’M CUMMING!” She shrieked.

The sound of her voice cut through the haze and he immediately snapped out of his delusion. His fingers slid out and his tongue returned. He pushed it between her lips and began to lap up every last drop of her honey. For several seconds after her intense climax her body trembled. He rose to his feet and began to strip out his clothing while she tried to find the strength in her legs to move them. He thought about just yanking them onto his shoulders and fucking her hard but the image of his s****r still lingered in the corners of his mind.

“Get on all fours” He said rather sternly “On the floor.”

It wasn’t the first time he had taken that tone with her. She knew that whenever he did she was in for some wonderfully rough sex. It was exactly what she had been craving. Claire gathered her strength and rolled off the sofa and positioned herself on her hands and knees. He reached over and grabbed one of the small orange throw pillows off the sofa and tossed it in front of her. She grinned as she reached for it. Her hips lifted higher as she laid her cheek against it. He knelt on the floor in between her splayed legs and inched forward until his painfully erect cock was rubbing against her.

The remainder of her juices that clung to her lips allowed him to enter her tight little pussy with ease. She let out a throaty moan as he slid balls deep in a single thrust. His fingertips dug into her hips as he held her in place. Everything hit him at once. The wave of anger his s****r’s response had inspired as well as the way he felt about the way those perverts wanted to use her culminated in a white hot rage that made all sense of gentleness fade into the background. He began to thrust almost viciously into his willing partner. She was the perfect surrogate to take it all out on because he knew she loved it rough. He rarely consented to give it to her that way though for fear of causing her injury or pain. None of that mattered now though. Someone had to pay and tonight it would be Claire.

He kept his jaw clenched as he grunted with every deep insertion. His movement was more a****l than man as he thrust into her. She shrieked with pleasure as he fucked her so roughly, but it was not her voice echoing in his ears. It was Kayla’s. The images of her naked body flashed in his mind further fueling his depraved lusts. In that moment he hated everyone. He hated his s****r for being so obstenant and refusing to listen when he just wanted to protect her. He hated Claire simply for not being Kayla, but most of all he hated himself. He hated himself for going there and agreeing to their arrangement and for allowing himself to experience all of the disturbing feelings he was harboring toward his s****r.

He drew his right hand back. There were already faint hints of fingertip sized bruises appearing on her flesh. He was letting his dark emotions drive him. His hand came crashing down very hard on her firm round cheek. Claire jumped. She had not expected him to slap her ass like that. She started to buck into him, enjoying the rougher treatment he was giving her. Her moans were turning to pleasured screams as he drove his cock into her with all his might. Again and again he raised his hand and brought it down f***efully on her cheeks until they were both covered with warm red handprints.

He could feel her juices trickling out of her and running down his balls with each push. The emotions were giving way to the feel of her tight love muscles clinging to his cock. He could feel it building inside him. Everything around him seemed to fall away and all that he could focus on was burying his cock deeper. He grabbed a hold of her hips once more and pulled her back into his final stroke. Her juices washed over him as she walls shuddered around him. Her tightness was milking every last drop from him. He held her in place until he had emptied his entire load inside of her. When he released his grip on her she collapsed to the floor with a thud.

Claire laughed as she rolled over onto her back with her head on the pillow. Her chest was heaving and her skin kissed with a thin sheen of sweat. Nate sat on the floor a few feet away from her with his back against the sofa.

“I don’t know which one of those little sluts you were checking out on the site earlier but damn. I need to send her a thank you note.” She chuckled.

“What makes you think I was checking out the sluts?” He inquired as he watched her stumble to her feet.

She vanished into the bedroom, returning with a joint and red plastic lighter in her hand. “Because that’s what you are usually doing when you are on. You know I don’t care if you are fucking all of em. “ She inhaled deeply as she lit the joint and sat down next to him. “Just be careful.” She held the smoke in as long as she could before exhaling it slowly. “You don’t want them after that JollyRogers guy gets a hold of them.” She held the joint out, offering it to him.

Nate shook his head. “What the fuck does that mean?”

“I forgot. You don’t get all the gossip.” A serious look came over her. “That girl who had the avatar of Kagome, you know the one I’m talking about.”

“I remember her.”

“Well got her to come over to his place. Instead of it just being the two of them like he promised there were several other guys there that he invited over. He got her really d***k and they all took turns. “

“She hasn’t been on in a while has she?” He asked.

“According to Carrie, she killed herself. You know he tried to do the same thing to me. I told him I had stopped at the porn shop on the way to pick up some lube and had to run out to the car to get it and took off before the fuckers knew what was going on.” She took another deep hit.

Nate was shocked. He just sat there with his mouth gaping open as the wheels began to turn. He knew that those perverts would do anything to get their hands on her. His bl**d was boiling but he did his best to keep it to buried deep enough that she would not notice. “Did you tell the mods what they were up to?”

“Yeah but they figured I was just being a bitch because he slammed a few of my posts. I try to warn the girls but they don’t listen.” He just shook his head and reached for his clothing. “Sure you don’t want any of this? I got it from Trev before he left for the lake.”

“Nah, I’m good.” He answered. “I need to get back. I got some things to take care of back at the house. I’ll give you a call.”

He was gone before she managed to get to her feet and walk to the door. Nate drove as fast as he could back to his house. He had to try one more time to get through to his s****r before she did something she would regret.

The next day Nate did everything he could to avoid seeing his s****r. He knew if he faced her there was a very real chance that he would betray himself and she would finally know his secret. He could only imagine how disgusted and upset she would be if she knew that he was one of those men who sat there hungrily watching her fuck herself with her favored toy. He was also determined to keep from logging on to the site. He knew if he did he would only end up on her profile once again. He knew that there would be dozens of messages from admirers who watched the show and that would only anger him. So instead he spent most of his day doing yard work. He was just putting the tools he had been working with away in the garage when he saw her exit the house.

He remained very quiet and still as he watched her cross the garage and climb into the maroon Camry. She was so preoccupied that she did not even notice him watching her from the shadows. She turned the car on and pulled slowly down the driveway before driving off. He was shocked to see her wearing that skimpy little black halter dress and the strappy black sandals with the impossibly high heels. He had only seen her wear it a couple of times and that was when she was still with that jerk she was dating. He felt that icy cold dread building inside of him as soon as he realized where she was most likely going. He was irate. Even after he had went through the trouble of having Claire reach out and warn Kayla it didn’t do any good.

“It’s her god damn decision and she’ll have to live with the consequences.” He told himself rather unconvincingly.

It was a struggle for him not to hope in his car and follow her but he knew if he did it would only make matters worse. He just couldn’t out himself like that no matter how badly he wanted to protect his younger s****r. He went back into the house and stopped at the fridge. He needed a drink and lucky for him there were several cold bottles of Yuengling in there. He cracked open one as he sat down at the kitchen table. He knew right then that he could not save her. She had to save herself. After polishing off almost the whole 6 pack he finally went upstairs. He took a quick shower to wash the layer of sweat and grim off, slipped on a pair of baggy grey shorts, and went to lie down on his bed while he gathered his thoughts. The hours of yard work had worn him out more than he realized.

It wasn’t long until sl**p was upon him. With sl**p came dreams that filled his head with disturbing images of his s****r being gang fucked by hundreds of men who quickly swarmed her and took whatever orifice was empty. She was moaning and gagging on cocks and covered with so much semen that her body shimmered with an opalescent glow. Her voice boomed in his head repeating the same things over and over. “You like to watch me don’t you, you fucking pervert. You wish it was you fucking me. You let them do this.” It was ripping him apart. Luckily for him the loud sound of a door slamming in the room next door pulled him from the personal hell.

Nate bolted upright in bed and frantically scanned the darkened room for where the noise could have come from. The only light that filtered into the room came from his computer screen. It took him a couple minutes to realize that it was his s****r’s bedroom door slamming that roused him from his sl**p. He glanced at the clock and realized he had been asl**p for nearly 4 hours. Still groggy from sl**p and alcohol he decided to climb out of his bed and see what was going on. He rationalized that checking on her wouldn’t be something so out of the ordinary that it would arouse her suspicions.

He reached for the doorknob and paused. There was a part of him that screamed for him to keep from going on this fool’s errand. There was still enough alcohol in his system to trip him up if he was put on the spot. He wasn’t a good liar under the best of circumstances. Still, curiosity surged through him. He had to know what happened. He sighed heavily and exited his room, heading directly for hers. His fist raised and froze inches from the door as he heard the sound of her crying. His heart sank. The only sane thing for him to do was retreat to his room and this time the voice won.

He was careful to be quiet as he returned and closed his bedroom door tight. His eyes moved to the illuminated computer screen. It was just as risky as going to her room but at least there he had the chance to try to hide behind the anonymity of his screen name. He quickly checked his inbox to find several things including a group message that had been sent out earlier that day from none other than JollyRoger inviting him and dozens of other guys to a private party that his s****r would be the prime attraction. His bl**d boiled. He decided that since no one else seemed to bother turning in the idiot to staff he would at least forward the mail onto them in hopes they would finally remove him. Just as he finished clearing out the rest of the spam in his box a new message appeared. This time it was one from Claire.

“Hey. Not sure if you are up but JR nearly struck again. That girl you asked me to warn just told me that he invited her over. Don’t forget you still owe me for that one.”

He stared at the message almost too afraid to type a response but he had to know more. “I know. We can hook up next Wednesday. Did she say what happened?” He typed as quickly as his d***ken fingers would let him.

He had just hit the send button when another box popped up. His entire world came to a screeching halt as he clicked it and saw that it originated from his s****r’s account. For a moment he had visions of the horror and bl**dshed that would ensue if she told him that they had touched her. The message opened and much to his surprise it was actually pleasant.

“Interesting way to prove you aren’t like the rest of them. Your friend just told me you were the one who put her up to warning me. I guess this is where I should thank you. I have no idea why you have taken such an interest in me that you would go through such trouble but I am glad that you did. You may have saved my life or at the very least my sanity. For that I owe the benefit of the doubt. If you feel like chatting hop on your messenger and I will add you.”

He sat there in stunned silence as he reread it. The message had gotten through to her. Just as he was signing in another message from Claire appeared.

“She drove by the house and saw that it was crawling with perverts. This one was smart enough to keep driving instead of thinking that it was an innocent little surprise party. Bet those guys were pissed.

The smile that broke on his lips could not have been broader. The second that it finished the sign in process he had a friend request appear on the screen. There was a moment of sheer panic as he started to think about the possibilities that this opened up for him. The most enticing was that he could have her to herself. The conversation was tense at first as she asked him a lot of questions and only gave him superficial answers to his. It did not matter. He was happier than he had been in a long time as she started to open up a little. It wasn’t typical of Kayla to do so. She was starting to trust him and that was a plus.

It occurred to him that the newly budding relationship would be the perfect way to help her get over the idiot and the relationship she was still obviously mourning. He would have tried to keep it a platonic and very innocent relationship if only he had not lusted so greatly after her. He quickly began to rationalize watching her perform dirty little acts for him if they were just viewed from the privacy of his laptop. If he didn’t touch her, he wasn’t a sick pervert. Deep down he knew that he would never be able to maintain it long. He wanted her too badly for that. He just had to keep it up until she healed and was ready to move on. He was doing fine until she asked him a rather simple, straightforward question that should have been easy for him to answer.

“So my name is Kayla, most people call me Kay. What’s yours?”

His fingers started to type before his brain could catch up. He quickly tapped the delete button until it erased “Nate”. He could have chosen any of a million names but being slightly d***k he wasn’t at his best.

“Alistair” He replied before he thought about it anymore.

The way that she paused made him nervous. He quickly rechecked what he had written to make sure he hadn’t said anything too obvious that would lead her to him. It was then that he realized just how uncommon the name was. He tried to remember the last time his mother had called him by his full name in hopes of finding a sense of calm in the knowledge that she could not possibly remember it was her b*****r’s middle name. The conversation began again a few moments later which relieved him greatly until she asked him if would like to see her on cam.

It was as if she was purposely mocking him by dangling such an irresistible offer in front of him. The temptation quickly proved to be too much for him. As badly as he wanted to keep from heading further down that path of the taboo his urge to see her was too great. It only took a minute or so for him to succumb to the need. His cock was already twitching in his shorts as he typed in those three little letters. She did not hesitate to turn her cam on for him. He was happy to see that she removed that sleazy dress and slipped into her pale blue tank. He imagined that she was also sporting the matching shorts that were covered with pictures of Eeyore.

Her eyes were still slightly red from crying but he was happy to see that she had stopped for the time being. Instinct dictated that he ask about why but he already knew the answer and was not about to blow it. Instead he let her guide the conversation. It wasn’t until she asked the inevitable question of why he chose her to protect. He wanted to confess everything to her right then and there. He wanted to profess his unb*****rly love and tell her how longed to hold her but he knew it wasn’t right.

“You have this innocence about you that reminds me of a girl that I have loved for a long time. I would give my life to protect her if it came to it. Seeing that you were hurting and vulnerable it just brought up that instinct in me, regardless if you thought it was just a ploy to secure you for my own selfish needs.”

He watched her face change as she read the words on the screen. Another apology was issued for not trusting him but none of that mattered anymore. She trusted him now and that was what counted. Kayla quickly caught him off guard by offering to make it up to him any way he saw fit. So many thoughts flooded his mind that he could barely type. It took every ounce of restraint that he possessed to tell her the half-truth that he had constructed to help him keep from hating himself. He thought she would flatly refuse him but much to his surprise she agreed to not do another show for everyone to see.

Nate wasn’t sure but he thought he saw his s****r blush as she read it. It was his turn to do so once she replied that she wanted to do one for his eyes only as a way to thank him for looking out for her. His cock was throbbing at the mere mention of her performing for him. He reluctantly agreed only if she allowed him to tell her what he wanted to see. The girl readily agreed with the stipulation that he send her a photo of himself.

For a moment he thought about it. He wanted to make her happy as well but he wasn’t sure how he could send her a picture without disclosing who he is. The thought suddenly occurred to him that he could easily take a body shot. His cock twitched as he set the timer on his cam to snap a series of shots. He repositioned himself making sure to get a good view of his rock hard member for her to see. Once he looked through them and selected the one he liked best he messaged back that he would send one so she could see what effect she had on him.

The moment that the file arrived her eyes widened and her mouth hung open. She stared at it in amazement. He was so nervous that it took him a few seconds to realize that she had slipped her hand out of site as she stared at it. He could not believe that his own s****r was so turned on by the naked photo he had sent her. He quickly decided that it was time for her to start the show.

It started out slow and simple as he told her to start by rubbing her breasts through the thin layer of material that covered them. Within seconds her nipples were already hard and visible through her shirt. After that he instructed her to remove her top and toss it aside. He stared intently as she did as she was told. The site of her bare breasts was having quite an effect on him. He would have given anything to be there to suck one of those think pink nipples into his mouth. “Pinch your nipples.” He typed as he breathlessly watched her. She trapped them both between thumbs and forefingers and gave them a swift pinch before he told her to do it again and tug on them as she did.

Kayla’s obstinate streak was gone as she obeyed his every word. She squirmed in her seat as he watched her tweaking her nipples. His fingers moved to his cock as he slowly began to stroke it. He could tell that she was getting aroused by the attention he told her to give to her body. He ordered her to stand and remove her bottoms as well. He stared at her firm young body as she rose to her feet and hooked her fingers in the waistband of her shorts. They slid down with ease and fluttered to the floor around her feet. It was a beautiful sight to behold as she stood there in just the little pink hipster panties that she wore.

“Move the computer closer to your bed so you can lie down while you do this.” He typed. “Leave the panties on and lie down with your legs spread so I can see them.”

He licked his lips as she angled her cam to pick up the precise angle he wanted. Her fingertips pressed against the taught fabric that covered her lips until she pushed it slightly between them. The fabric was quickly discolored from the wetness that it collected while pressed into her cleft. “Get them good and wet before you slide them off for me.”

Kayla did just that. The gusset was fully wet by the time she worked them off. “I want you to push the wettest section into your mouth until you can’t stuff anymore of the panties in. I don’t want you moaning too loudly and waking anyone up as you continue.” Watching his s****r eagerly perform each task gave him quite a rush unlike anything he had felt before. Even if it was wrong there was something that felt so right about it. “Remove your top and spread your legs widely for me. You are going to show me how you like to be fucked.” He typed.

He watched with joy as his younger s****r parted her shapely thighs and pulled out the same toy that she had used in her previous show. She smiled slyly as she brought the tip to her lips and let the tip of her tongue trace over it. She stared into the camera as she pushed an inch or two into her mouth to give her plastic lover some oral attention. It was hard to watch without wrapping his fingers around his cock and stroking it slowly. She fed more into her mouth and worked it in and out for a minute or two to get it nice and wet.

As she withdrew it from her mouth she placed the tip against her skin and traced down between her perfect breasts to her shaven mound. Her eyes remained focused on the screen as she turned the dial and turned the toy on. Her body stiffened as it touched her clit and the initial vibrations took effect. The change in her breathing was immediate as she pressed it harder to her pink nub. A soft moan escaped her parted lips as her hips soon began to buck lightly. The sensation was driving her wild. It was such a beautiful sight to behold.

Her moans grew more intense with each passing second. Her sweet honey was starting to leak from between her pink lips the longer that she held the toy pressed against her clit. Her chest heaved with each breath as she tried to hold out. She wanted to wait until the last possible second to cum for him in hopes that he was enjoying the show. Her body shuddered hard as her hips jerked. It was as if her body was trying to evade the deep vibrations but her hand simply would not allow it to. She rode out wave after wave of intense orgasm until she finally managed to pull the toy away.

Kayla took a moment to regroup and catch her breath before pushing the vibrating purple toy between her lips and deep into her folds. Her hand moved slowly as it plunged it in nearly all the way before withdrawing. The slow strokes made her begin to moan once again as her b*****r watched from the safety of his own room. He was stroking his cock slowly still as he tried to remain teetering on the brink. The way her body moved and the sound of her voice made it a much harder task than before. He knew this was all for him and not the masses of horny members of the site.

The speed of her plunges began to quicken slightly as she continued with hard, deep thrusts. He couldn’t quite make out what she had begun to murmur but soon he realized it was his name, or at least what he had told it was. The sight of his s****r in such ecstasy as she moaned his name was nearly too much for him. He was so close that he had to pull his hand away to keep from cumming. Her voice rose slightly as she continued to fuck herself for him. If he had only knows that she was imagining that it was his cock driving into her slick slit he would have lost control completely. Within a matter of minutes however she was caught in the throes of another climax. Her voice was so loud that he could have turned his speakers off and heard it clearly through the wall. His pace matched hers stroke for stroke as they both experienced an incredible orgasm.

He could see the pool of her juices collected on the sheets beneath her. His chest was dotted with his own seed in several places but he did not care. That was the most amazing experience he had in a long time. Neither of them stayed on long afterwards since the show had left them both quite spent. Before she logged off Kayla said that she would probably not be on for a couple days because she was going away for the weekend which he had already knew. What he was not expecting was the request to meet him when she returned. The idea of actually touching her was almost too much for him to bear. He managed to type the words “We will see what happens” before his thoughts got the best of him.

Nate picked up one of the many shirts strewn on the floor and wiped the semen from his chest and stomach before crawling back into bed. He knew that he would have to figure out a way to give her what she wanted without her finding out the disturbing truth. For now though, he was too tired to think any more and welcomed sl**p once again. This time his dreams were much different.

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