Have you ever had one of those days were you wish you could go back in time or change how you are. Well thats what happened to me about a week ago. well it all started when some of my friends called and told me that they were going to the club and wanted to see if I wanted to go. Now being 18 and able to drink now I though why not. They came and picked me up but there was someone extra in the vehicle. It was a good lookin girl with wavey blonde hair and green eyes nice big tits alittle more than a handfull. She had an ass that every guy would love to grab and pound the shit out of. So i got in and sat next to her and introduced myself and she told me her name was Elizabeth but to call her Liz. So the six of use head to the club when we arrived the dj was blastin some of the whistle song which in turn made Liz shake that ass for all she was worth. In turn made my mind race with some thoughts of what i would like to do to her. I headed to the bar and got shot of Jack and pounded it down. I looked out to see if i knew anyone else but saw Liz shakin her ass and looking at me with a sexy smile on her face. So i headed out to the floor to dance with her. Now i am 5'9" with a medium build short black hair brown eyes and a 8" cock. When i got up to her she spun around and started bucking her hips and rubbing her ass on my harding cock. As we continued to dance her hands would touch my bulge once in a while so in turn i wanted to see what i could get so i would get a touch of those beatiful tits once in a while. As the night went on we danced till one in the morning and then i could see one of my buddys walk up to us letting us know they were heading out so we all headed home they dropped me off and Liz said that she would stay here because she told her mom that she was staying at a friends. I did not care and said goodnight to the guys. And her and I headed inside.


I flopped down on my couch and turned on the tv she came into the room and flopped down next to me we started small talk. She said we should watch a movie so i went to the HBO and Cinemax channels to see what was on. when i reached Cinemax some softcore porn light the screen. I turned the channel and she asked why i did that. So i switched channels again and put it back on the porn. The screen was with some guy fucking this really hot blonde from behind while she was grabbing her d cup tits and biting her lip as i looked to Liz she was rubbing her pussy over her jeans and pinchin her left nipple though her shirt. i was really hard now and took action and asked her " want a hand" she replied in a easy voice " No.....I want that cock here" as she pointed at her pussy. she stood up and removed her top and unhooked her bra letting me see the best tits i have ever saw then she unbuttoned her jeans and let them slide down her tanned legs. I removed my shirt and tossed it to the floor and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and lifted my body up and took my pants off. then she bent down and said " I see some one is worked up lets see what is behind door number one" and slid my boxers off letting my hard cock flop back and smack my stomach. then she kneeled down and grab the base of my shaft and start to stroke it all i could do is let my head go back and enjoy the feeling of her warm wet mouth slid over my throbbing cock. i watched as she would take what she could and then go to the top and lick my head in a circle motion then she spit on my cock and licked it right to the base. i lifted her up and slid her thong off and set her on the couch i crawled between her legs and licked her nipples and kissed down to her wonderful pussy. I liked on each side of her pussy lips then slid my tongue between her slit i could hear her moan and was getting wetter. i slid two fingers into her pussy while still licking her. i could not take it anymore and picked her up and set her on the floor. spread her legs and postioned my cock at the opening of her pussy and started sliding in her warm pussy was wonderfull as it wrapped around my shaft. i slid all the way in and she knew what i was think " i am a virgin i only masturebate thats why " which worked for me now i could pound her hard with no bl**d. i picked up the pace and she was meeting my thrust with her hips. i was getting close and told me to wait. and got on all fours i repostioned myself and lined it my cock with her pussy again and rammed it into her she toke one be gasp and then pushed back i grabbed her hips and fucked her for with all the energy i had. it was not long before i was ready to cum all i got get out of my mouth was " I ammmmm....." when she said " i want that cum inside my wet pussy" and thats all it took. i started shooting load after load of warm cum into this wonderful pussy. i was spent from dancing and this i could barely hold myself up and then flopped down next to her she cuddled up and we just kissed deep our tongues wrestling in each others mouth. we passed out there and were wrapped in each other arms all night. the next morning i woke up and kissed her on the neck and she jumped up and started grabbing her cloths " shit i am going to be late for work, I had a good time last night what about you?" " I was great are u coming back?" " yeah after work then i am all yours" so i got dressed and brought her to work and head to my buddys house. we started talkin about last night and he told me her last name and something clicked. i asked who her dad was and he told me and we started putting one and one together and come to find out that she is my cousin.

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