I couldn't believe what I had just heard. 'Manda,' I said incredulously. 'You are such a slut.'

Amanda, wearing only the towel wrapped around her damp hair, just giggled.

'You actually fucked him? But...' I couldn't finish the sentence. It was hard enough to accept the fact that my roommate Amanda had fucked my Uncle Bill while I was at my company's annual awards dinner. It was a big shock that he'd fucked any woman as far as I was concerned. My Aunt Ruth had spent the last eight years telling anyone who'd listen that she'd divorced him because she'd 'caught the gay bastard in bed with another man.'

'But what?' Amanda said as she turned around to bend and towel her hair dry. 'Are you telling me you don't think he's a hottie or are you referring to your aunt's claim that he's gay?'

'Well, it's just that...' I stumbled. 'I don't know what to think'

'I'll tell you what to think, silly. He may be in his fifties, but he's buff, totally gorgeous, and he lasted longer than any man I've ever had.' Amanda grinned at me. 'And he eats pussy almost as well as you.'

I blushed. Amanda and I are both 25 and have been roommates, and occasionally lovers, since we were in college, starting one night when we had double-dated these two guys who got so d***k that we left them on the front step of their frat house and went back to our room frustrated. Both of us being pretty d***k ourselves, one thing led to another and soon we were in a 69 and soaking each other's faces with girl cum. She was my first and still my only lesbian lover, but Manda has been licking girls since she was 13. A group of her friends got each other off at slumber parties and sl**povers all through high school. She'd had her share of men, too, starting at about the same time. Me calling her a slut was nothing new, and I think she's rather proud of how she gets around.

Amanda and I had come down to Florida for my company's annual convention. I brought her along for the beach vacation and had talked my uncle into giving us a 'free hotel room' while we were down there. I used the money I would've spent on the hotel to cover her airfare. I had just returned from a company dinner and was getting ready for bed, changing into my usual t-shirt and panties. Amanda had been in the shower when I'd gotten back.

'OK' I shrugged. 'So... what happened? Did you just shake your big titties at him and wink?'

Manda just laughed. 'You just wish yours jiggled.' (Touche'. My own breasts are barely an A cup and I usually wear a padded bra just so my clothes fit without hanging off me.) 'But I've been watching him, Jen. He's an ass man if there ever was. At the restaurant today when you got up to go to the restroom he could barely talk to me while you were walking away. He was watching that gorgeous butt of yours and practically drooling. Anyway, when you left to go to the dinner, I decided to get some sun by Bill's pool. Can I help it if the only suit I brought is a thong?'

'Ah. The old 'put lotion on my back?' seduction? Amanda, you can be so obvious sometimes.'

'Basically, yeah,' she shrugged. 'But he tried to be a gentleman about it. I think he'd have managed if the suit wasn't a thong. Really.'

'Yeah, whatever,' I shrugged. Now that I was over the initial shock that she'd spent the evening fucking my uncle, I was eager to hear the story. 'So get on with your story.'

'I'd put lotion on my front and laid there a while – mostly just watching him as he did stuff in the yard – and then I did the best I could on my shoulders and the backs of my legs before I rolled over. After about 10 minutes he came over and asked if I needed anything – a drink, maybe – and I told him I needed some suntan lotion on my back cuz I couldn't reach it, so he started rubbing some lotion on my shoulders and just kept working his way down.'

'Straight to those buns,' I muttered.

'Actually, no. He skipped over that and did my legs first. He's got such nice, gentle hands. I was getting so relaxed while he rubbed the lotion on me that I was almost asl**p. And then – I thought this was really sweet – he actually asked if he should put lotion on my bottom. That's what he said. 'Do you want me to put lotion on your bottom?' I almost giggled. I hadn't heard anybody refer to it as my 'bottom' since I was about eight. But anyway, I just said, 'OK' and didn't think much about it. It's only suntan lotion, right? And besides, I was thinking he's good looking and all, but he's older than my dad, so he's probably just being nice.' She'd finished drying her hair and was pulling a sheer baby blue nightie over her head.

'And he's gay, besides,' I added.

'I never bought that story of your aunt's story. I figured out pretty early that your unk's as bi as can be. But there's nothing wrong with being bisexual is there, lover?' She winked at me and I had to smile.

'Not at all,' I had to agree. 'Too bad my aunt wasn't kinky like us, huh?'

'Her loss.'

'So then what happened?' I asked. I was actually getting wet hearing this tale of seduction – or maybe it was Manda's sweet-smelling body in the bed next to me in the bed.

'He was massaging the lotion onto my buns and it was feeling really nice. I mean real nice. My puss was getting wet and everything and I guess I just rolled my hips enough to send a signal or something. The next thing I know is his thumbs are under the thong and he's working one of them into my cunt and rubbing the other one around my asshole. God, I really started moaning then.'

'So you fucked him out by the pool??' I couldn't believe this. Uncle Bill's back yard and pool weren't exactly private. There was a tall fence around the yard, but all the houses were two-stories and none of the trees completely blocked the view.

'Don't be so silly. I'm not into letting the neighbors watch and you know it.' Amanda laughed. 'He leaned over me and whispered in my ear that maybe we should take this in the house if I wanted it to go any further. I told him to lead the way.'

'How far into the house did you make it?' I asked. 'Is this like that date you had a couple years ago that didn't get past the entryway?'

'God, Jen,' Manda growled with a look that was meant to kill. 'Chase was way too eager. If I'd kept him waiting much longer he'd have cum in his pants...not that he lasted much longer than that. At least the first time.'

'Sorry, babes. Keep on with the story, you're getting me hot.'

'So... we got back to his bedroom and he pulls me to him and we kiss. Wow! If I wasn't already creaming, that would've done it for me. And then he's stripping me.' She shot me another look. 'So what if it was only the bikini? This guy was unwrapping me like I was a damn birthday present or something. It's really hot when a guy seems like he's worshiping you like that.'

I had a sudden odd feeling of jealousy that my uncle had been so adoring with my roommate. My uncle, who always held me so sweet when I was little, who always kissed me so gently when he hugged me. My handsome uncle that I'd had such a crush on when I was in middle school. If he should have adored anyone it should have been me. Why couldn't he strip me like that? God. What's wrong with me? I was getting hot over my own uncle!

'Yeah it is,' said dreamily. 'Why don't their mamas teach them how to treat a girl?'

'Who knows?' Manda shrugged, 'but Bill sure knows how. He took his time to get me naked, then he pulled down the covers and led me to the bed. I stretched out on my back and just watched him undress. He pulled off his t-shirt first. Then he started dropping his swim trunks, but he had his back to me when they came off. He has a really nice ass, ya know?'

'I'll have to check later when he's not looking,' I joked.

'But when he turned around. Oh my god! He's huge! No way to put it mildly. Your uncle is hung, Jens.'

I could feel my nipples poking out. Manda could probably see them through my t-shirt. Hers were visibly sticking out under her nightie, too.

'I wanted him right then, Jen. I just spread my legs and offered myself to him right then and there.'

'So that's when he fucked you?'

'Nope. He crawled in between my legs, alright. I wrapped mine around him and tried to pull him to my kitty, but he just sucked on my nips at first. God was that good. Guys never know what to do for nips, do they?'

'But he sure knows how,' I put in sarcastically.

'You said it, girl,' Amanda said enthusiastically. 'So after he'd chewed and sucked on my buds til I was begging him to fuck me, he just slides down and starts licking me.'

'And you said he's as good as me?' I said, remembering the start of our conversation.

'Mmmm, yeah. The man definitely knows pussy. I came like four times while he was eating me, and just about the time I thought I couldn't take any more, he rolls me over and starts munching my ass.'

'So? You've been rimmed before.'

'Yeah, but this was more like he was feasting on me, ya know? He worked my backdoor with his tongue til I came again and I don't think he'd have stopped if I hadn't just yelled at him to stop teasing and get his cock in me.'

'No way!'

'Way...and I quote, 'Stop teasing me goddammit. Get that cock in me NOW.'

'So finally...?'

'Finally. He rolled me over on my back again and started feeding that dick into my cunt. I was really wet, but he's so damn big.

'Just how big is he?' I demanded.

'Remember Drew?' she said with a smile. Drew was a jock in college that had been with both of us at different times. He was hung, but he had the personality of a fish.

'God. Who can forget?'

'Bigger than Drew. Lots bigger.'

'So he gets it all the way in me and starts fucking me slow with long strokes. His cock's almost slipping out of me before he pushes it all the way back in again, and I'm like 'fuck me harder' cuz I like it that way, but he just tells me to be patient.'

'Be patient? What the fuck's that supposed to mean?'

'I'm getting there, babe.'

'I said, 'but I like it hard and fast' and he just smiled and kept stroking. All he said was, 'Concentrate on the feelings.' and so I tried to. I started concentrating on the way I could feel his dick slide in and out of me. I could feel the head bumping my G-spot every time he started slipping back inside me, I could feel his balls brushing my ass when he was deep in me. Best of all, I could feel him grind against my clit every time he bottomed out in me, and it all just kept building and building, and I was cumming mulitiples.'

'I love it when you do that,' I said. It's true, I do, but part of me wished it was me who'd been cumming multiples around my uncle's cock.

'Me too, and I was loving this. The whole time he was slow-fucking me he was kissing me and sucking my nips and running his hands all over me, and I was wrapping my legs around his ass and trying to pull him into me deeper and harder and faster, and then he started working a finger into my asshole.'

'He must like ass, huh?'

'D'ya think?' Manda said mockingly. 'It was just so hot that I exploded. Came so hard I squirted, and he said 'You want me back there?' and I just nodded, so he pulls out of me and gets some lube out of the table by the bed, and I roll over and get some pillows under my hips.'

'You know the drill, don't you?' I laughed. 'You're such a slut.'

'Shut up, Jens. I'm trying to tell you a story here, so go back to soaking your panties and let me tell it.'

She was right. My panties were soaked. They usually get soaked when Manda tells me stories about her conquests, but it's usually from hearing about how wet she got and how many times she cums. This time it was about my uncle's huge cock and what it could do for a girl. I felt strange. I seldom got jealous of Manda for fucking someone, but tonight I was. I was jealous that she had fucked this gorgeous man and I didn't.

'OK... so he starts fucking your ass?'

'After he lubes me up, yeah. And he was so gentle about the whole thing like I was some virgin.'

'Little does he know,' I chuckled.

'Maybe, but with a prong that size it's good to go slow. At first, anyway. So he's behind me, right? And he's working his dick into my asshole and stretching me big time, and he reaches down under me and starts fingering my slit and says, 'this will help you relax' and damn if I don't just open right up and take his whole dick all at once. Then he just held still for a bit. I was so stretched, but it didn't hurt. In fact, I was coming again with just his cock in my ass and his finger running along my slit, and then he started slow-fucking me again. My god, Jen. You wouldn't believe this man! He fucked me for-frickin'-ever and I was just cumming multiples the whole time!'

'Does this mean I'll have to start calling you Aunt Manda before long?' I couldn't help myself. I was real jealous now, and hearing her descriptions of the great fucking she'd gotten was not only getting me so hot I couldn't stand it, part of me wanted to lash out at her for stealing my uncle from me.

'Don't be silly, Jennifer,' Manda said in a serious voice. 'Let me tell you the whole story.'

'OK, but it sounds to me like you're ready to shack up with him.'

'Who wouldn't be?' She sighed. 'Anyway, he's slow-fucking my ass and rolling my clitty around with his fingers and I'm just about dying from the pleasure when he tells me he's ready to cum. 'Where would you like me to shoot?' he says, and you know me. I like to watch guys shoot their cum, so I say 'shoot it on my tits' and I roll over and he straddles me and starts stroking himself just like in the pornos and after about three strokes he lets loose this load like you've never seen before – not even in the pornos. He just covered me with shot after shot of cream, and then he honest to god bent down and started licking it all off me and kissing me to share it with me...

'God. That's kinky,' I moaned as my pussy twitched. Why are guys so afraid of their own cum? Maybe being bi, he'd acquired a tasted for it?

'...and then...'

'Then what?'

'Well, something really strange happened.'

'What?' I demanded. 'Tell me!'

'Well, he said something that really surprised me, that's all,' Manda said, not looking me in the eye.

'For christ sake, Manda. What happened?? What did he say that was so strange?'

'I don't know if I should be telling you this about your own uncle. Promise not to hate me forever?'

'Manda! Just frickin' tell me!'

'OK. He said, 'Oh god, yes. Drink it all, baby. Lick up my cum, Jen.'

I was silent. I was totally shocked. My uncle was calling my name while he licked his own cum my girlfriend's tits and fed it to her by the mouthful??

'I'm sorry,' Amanda said tenderly. She kissed my forehead and held me in her arms. 'I shouldn't have said anything. I didn't let on that I'd heard him and he didn't seem to act like he knew he'd even said it.'

'It's OK, Manda. It's just a bit of a shock is all.'

'Yeah, but don't tell me you aren't hot for him. I know those nipples too well for you to lie. You want that big dick in you, don't you?'

I tried to look outraged. 'I couldn't! He's my uncle!'

'Uh-huh,' she nodded, suddenly becoming serious. 'And let me tell you, Jens, he was fantastic. You should slip into his room and try him yourself.'

'But he's my uncle!' I stammered.

'Technically he's your mom's s****r's ex-husband, and they've been divorced for years, so he's not really related to you.'


'But nothing,' Amanda said flatly. She gets this tone of voice that says you may as well do it her way or face a big argument. 'He told me to sneak into his room after I've made sure you're asl**p tonight. You'd think after fucking me for nearly three hours that he'd be worn out. I sure as hell am. My cunt and ass are gonna be sore all day tomorrow.'


'Jens,' Manda said in that voice again. 'It's you he wants anyway. And you want him, I can tell. I can smell how hot you are for him. Just go!' She kissed me on the lips and then started pushing me off the bed.


She batted her eyes at me.

So that's how I find myself naked in the hall outside my uncle's bedroom, my pussy soaking wet and ready... I never can refuse Manda when she bats her big green eyes at me.

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this is getting soooo very HOT and erotic, Can't wait for the next installment!!!
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Insanely hot story