I arrived home from school early that day. No-one was at home. My s****r was out at sports practice and
I knew that my Mom would be home after work. I loved the freedom of having the house all to myself. I
could walk around naked and no-one would be the wiser. I decided to do just that and stripped off my
school clothes, dumping them in my room. I looked at my body in the mirror. Not bad. My torso was
tapered from swimming and my stomach was flat. my groin was white in comparison to the light tan on
the rest of my body. My penis hung down, the tip reaching just below my testicles. I kept the dark pubic
hair trimmed. I turned around and looked over my shoulder at my ass. It was rounded and small, not flat
like I had seen on some guys. Looking at myself in the mirror always made me horny and, still with my
back to the mirror, I bent over, looking between my legs into the mirror. This sight was always a turn-on
as my ass opened up and I could see my own asshole. I touched it lightly with one finger and the
tingling sensation made my penis stiffen, the foreskin drawing back slightly.

Somehow I knew that doing this would always lead to other things and I usually went overboard when I
became horny. I needed to piss and went to the bathroom where I did what I had to do. While I was
standing there, I saw the edge of a pair of panties sticking out of the dirty clothes basket. I pulled them
out and they turned out to be my Mom's panties. I sat on the toilet, legs apart, cock in hand - by now it
was fully erect. I looked inside the panties and saw the yellow stain in the crotch and light brown marks
at the back. I put the panties to my nose and breathed deeply. The musky smell drove me wild and I
began rubbing my cock slowly, but surely.

Something made me open my eyes and look up. There, outside the door, was my Mom, still clutching
her handbag and looking at me through the half-open door. I froze. What does one do in such a
situation. I pushed the door closed with one foot, but my Mom stopped it from closing. She pushed into
the bathroom.
"Hi." She said, taking her panties from me and putting them back in the basket. "It looks like you were
getting quite excited."
I was doubled over on the toilet now, trying to hide my erection. This was not the violent reaction I had
expected from my Mom.
"Yeah, I guess I was" I said awkwardly.
"Well those panties are stale. You need a fresh pair." And without further ado, she reached under her
skirt and slipped off her panties which she handed to me. I was stunned and hesitated before taking
"Finish up in here, darling. I'm going to cook the dinner." And she left the bathroom, closing the door
behind her.
I examined the panties that she had just given me. The crotch was still damp. She had probably been
watching me for longer than I first assumed. I breathed in the smell of her and touched my tongue to the
salty wetness of the fabric. I reached a shattering orgasm within minutes and discreetly placed the
panties in the dirty clothes basket with the others.

I dressed quickly in jogging shorts and T-shirt and went through to the kitchen, smelling the smell of
frying onions drifting from within. My Mom was at the stove still in her skirt and blouse, but she had
kicked off her shoes. She turned her head as I entered and smiled a Mom-type smile at me.
"Did you get what you were looking for ?" she asked
"Yes, thanks." I said, uncertain if this was the correct response. Her next question took me completely
by surprise.
"Do you want to taste the real thing ?"
This was an opportunity I could not pass up. "Sure." I said.
"Well come along then." she lifted her skirt slightly with one hand while still stirring the onions with the
other. I could not believe my luck. I was stiff already. I moved over to where she stood at the stove. My
Mom lifted one leg and put her foot up on the bench of the breakfast nook. I crawled in beneath her skirt
and was presented with a spectacular view of her vagina and ass cheeks above me. Her pussy had
probably been shaved clean some time ago and the hair had just begun to grow back again.

I knelt underneath her and touched her moist lips lightly with my finger. She sighed as I did so. I traced
the dark line from her all to her pussy and played with her clitoris for a few seconds.
"Don't be shy, darling. Taste me if you want to."
I began licking her pussy, letting my tongue explore the warm folds of soft skin. The scent of her
reminded me of the panties I had left in the basket in the bathroom and I almost came there and then. I
probed her piss hole and her vagina hole and as I did so, she bent her supporting knee, allowing her ass
cheeks to open up. I followed the natural contours and my tongue found her asshole which I also
probed, driven wild by the aromas which were concentrated by being trapped under her skirt. My Mom
was now rotating her hips and breathing fairly heavily. She put one hand under her skirt and lifted my
chin out of there. Without speaking, she unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was now
naked from the waist down. She held onto the stove and bent forward, spreading her legs apart.
"Put your dick in me, Johnny."
I dropped my shorts, releasing my raging hard-on. I began easing the head of my cock into her open
vagina, but she shook her head. Not that hole, the other one. She had taken some cooking oil from the
bottle and had smeared it around her asshole. I changed holes and felt the tightness as I pushed gently
in. The tip of my cock touched something inside which I presume was some shit waiting to come out,
but she didn't seem to be too worried by this and pushed herself up against me, working her pussy with
her spare hand. It didn't take me long before I exploded inside her and she also came with a lot of
gasping and noise.

I withdrew, bringing semen and brown stuff with me. My Mom turned and took my cock in her mouth,
licking it clean while cupping my ass cheeks in her hands. While she did this, she eased a finger
between my ass cheeks and into my asshole. I had never been so turned on before and came again,
shooting into my Mom's mouth, which she seemed to enjoy. She stood up and kissed me on the cheek.
"Thank you, darling. That was wonderful." She put her skirt back on and continued making the supper
as if this had been part of her daily routine. She didn't even burn the onions.

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