Tom came home from work to the sounds of a headboad creaking, and the rythmic moaning of his daughter, as she got fucked by the newest boyfriend of the week. Tom couldn't believe the whore his daughter had turned into, already 17 and fucking a new guy every day. He could only pray she used some type of protection, and since this had been going on for almost a year now, with no pregnancies (that he knew of) he assumed she was. He considered doing what he did every day, just leaving, and getting some drinks, coming home again in a few hours, when the new fucktoy was gone. Raising a girl on his own had been tough. Amanda's mother had died giving birth, just 2 years into their marriage. Tom was still too heartbroken to even consider looking for another women, and had been too depressed to even find release for his sexual needs. His only solace was masturbation in his room, remembering the backseat of his car, where they had first made love, the hotel in hawaii for the honeymoon, and the other various places they had made love. When Amanda had become a woman, and started developing sexually, Tom didn't know how to handle it, and the situation only got worse. Amanda had no idea that her father came home and heard her getting railed every day. She was in too much bliss to notice a car pull in, and then leave a few minutes later. Tom decided that today would be different however. He couldn't avoid his problems all his life, and he didn't want anything to happen to his daughter, the last thing he and his wife had shared.

Tom set his briefcase down, took off his shoes and jacket, and walked down the hall towards his daughters room. Her moaning was become louder, and the banging of the headboard faster. Whoever had his cock inside of her was about to blow it, and Tom barged in just in time to ruin the moment. The stud, who was a very muscular guy, with a crew cut and tatoos on his bulging muscles, went pale white with shock, and stopped in mid stroke. Tom could just see his prick shrivel up inside of her. She was lying on her back, hair a mess, fingers pinching her nipples, her long, slender legs atop his shoulders. Her back was bent, and her ass slightly in the air, letting the boy get a good amount of penetration into her sweet snatch. Tom stood there, and when she noticed her man had stopped thrusting, and was looking rather scared, she turned her head, and saw her father, looking supremely pissed.

She shrieked, and the boy pulled out of her (Tom noticed his dick was at least 6 inches and it was only half erect) and scrambled for his clothes. Tom said nothing, as the now beet red boy ran out of the room, trying to put his pants on while he ran. His daughter had grabbed her bedsheets, and pulled them over herself, trying to retain some sense of modesty.

"So how long have you known him for?" He asked

"I met him at the mall on the way home from school." was the reply.

"So you just let a stranger fuck you like that? It's that easy to get in your little panties?"

Being a smartass teenager that she was, even in this situation, she said "Well, I wasn't wearing any panties, so he didn't really have to get in them."

That was the final straw for Tom however. His slut of a daughter needed to be taught a lesson. He grabbed her sheets, and tore them off of her, exposing her naked body. This was the first time he had seen his daughter in anything less than fully clothed since she was around 8. The changes were readily noticeable. She had shoulder length brown hair, the same blue eyes as her mother, the same thin, sexy lips. Her breasts had the perkiness of a typical 17 year old, and looked perfect to cup in a hand. She had a very toned stomach, and her bush was a trim triangle, leading into her love box. He didn't get a very good look at it, because she darted her hands across her breasts and pussy, still covering them up. The brief look had startled Tom though, she was the spitting image of her mother, who was only 20 when she had died. Tom felt stirrings in his loins, but they were soon overwhelmed by his anger at the slut he had raised.

He sat on the edge of the bed, and grabbed her by the wrist. Yanking hard enough to make her yelp, he pulled her across his lap, with her feet still on the bed, and her head hanging down to the ground.

"Wait wait! What are you going to do!?" She was panicking now, squirming and kicking her legs. Tom held firm, not letting her escape.

"I'm going to teach you some lessons. I should have done this a long time ago. I ask a question. You tell me the truth, I ask another. You lie, or if I even think you are lying, you are going to get spanked. Comprende?"

"No! No! You can't spank me like this! I'm a grown woman! Please no!"

"Whatever, I'm your father, and I have to take drastic measures to change your attitude. Sorry if you don't like it."

With that, he raised his hand, and brought it down hard onto her bare ass cheek. She screamed in pain, and writhed in his lap.

"What was that for!? You didn't even ask a question!"

"That was for being a smart-ass about your panties. Now for some truth."

"How long have you been having sex in this house?"

"2 months" was the reply.

Immediately his hand came down, delivering five hard strokes to her tight ass. A large red handprint remained, as a tear quietly rolled down Amanda's face.

"Bullshit! I know you've been fucking longer than that! I've come home every day and heard it. I just left and came back later. So how about you tell the truth this time?"

"11 months! I started last New Years!" This was a truthful answer.

"So when did you lose your virginity?" The next question asked. Tom wanted to know how long she had been fucking around before she decided to do it in her room.

"That night!"

His hand came down once more. He slapped harder and harder, ten times, until she was openly sobbing, her tears falling softly to the floor.

"I swear!"

Ten more, on the other cheek this time.

"When I was f******n! With Jim, that k** down the street! I went skinny dipping and we had sex in his pool!"

Tom was startled by that, he had always seen Jim as a nice, responsible k**, not someone to take his daughter's virginity away.

"So how many people have you had sex with total!?" Tom was getting upset at how much of a whore she was.

"I don't know. I....I...I lost count." She was having trouble talking between her sobs.

"How do you lose count?"

"Because there were too many."

"And what does that make you?"

"I don't understand dad"

"What do you call a girl who fucks so many guys she can't keep track?"

"A whore."

"What else?"

"A slut."

"So say what you are."

"I'm a slut." She was sobbing more from embarrassment than pain now. "I'm a dirty whore."

"Are you done being a whore? Do you think you've learned a lesson?"

"No daddy. I can't. I tried. But I need a cock in me. I can't handle having a boyfriend, I just need random cock. All the time. It's an addiction, I've tried to quit, I can't. Please, don't hit me."

By now, her squirming, her sexy ass, everything had given Tom a boner, which was tenting his pants, and poking into Amanda's stomach. She was in too much pain and torment to notice it now, but he was sure she would eventually. He couldn't believe the thoughts he was having about his daughter. The problem was, every time he looked at her, he saw his wife, and all that emotion came rushing back into him, especially the sexual emotions. He had gone unsatisfied for 17 years, because of this bitch. He decided she would make up for it.

"Did you always use protection? That k** didn't have a condom on."

"Yes daddy. I've been on the pill for a year and half, and I usualy use a condom too. I've been safe."

"Well, at least you aren't that stupid." Tom was slightly relieved by that fact.

"Listen up. You want cock all the time, you got it. My cock. You are gonna fill all of my needs, and you are gonna love it. If you have enough energy after that to handle getting fucked by some stranger, you go right ahead. If I can't make you stop having sex, I can at least get some use out of you. You've been pretty useless to me up till now."

With this, he released her, and she hit the floor like a brick. She spun around, and was sitting on the floor, staring at her father, totally boggled by what he had just said.

"You want me to what!? I'm not fucking you! That's fucking gross!"

Tom released his pants, and they dropped to the floor. His erection popped out of his fly, and his 8 inches stared her in the face. Amanda closed her eyes, and tried to scoot away on the floor. Tom would have none of that, as he grabbed her by the head, and slammed her face into his groin. Her mouth and eyes were shut, but he was rubbing his cock all over her face. He then plugged her nose, and when she opened her mouth to gasp for air, shoved himself inside of her. Amanda looked up at him, tears streaming from her eyes, and he palmed her skull, and began to pump her face on and off his cock. "You like that!? Huh bitch!? You like sucking cock so much, how about your old mans!?" He was absolutely skull fucking the shit out of her, and she just sobbed and took it. Soon Tom bored of her mouth, and decided he wanted some of that sweet pussy. Still holding her by just the hair, he picked her up and threw her onto the bed. She landed on her stomach, and screamed in pain from her hair being pulled so badly. Tom didn't wait at all, just grabbed her ankles, spread her legs, and thrust himself inside of her. She was not very tight, but so warm and inviting. Grabbing her waist, he pulled her onto her knees, and again took hold of her hair. Fucking her doggy style, he thrust in and out like a b**st. She was crying , yet every once in a while a moan would be intermingled with the sobs. Tom could feel her walls milking his cock, and he knew she was a true slut, that getting fucked was all she needed, even if she said she didn't want it. This only enraged him further, and he pulled her hair even harder, driving himself further into her slit. After about 10 minutes of solid fucking, she was too close to an orgasm to cry any more. She was moaning constanly, and began to buck her hips to the rythm of his fucking.

"That's it bitch. You love my cock don't you. You fucking love it. You little whore."

"Oh yes daddy! Give me your cock! I love it! I fucking LOVE It! Fuck your little whore daughter! Fuck me! I'm such a slut!"

Hearing those word both turned Tom on, and enraged him further. "I got a surprise for you slut!" He quickly pulled out, and, cock coated in her pussy juices, slammed home into her asshole. He figured that since she was such a whore, she would have taken it in the ass by now, but he was wrong. He felt the tightness, and her pained scream as he ripped her open. The thrust cause his dick to spasm, as thick ropes of cum shot into her virgin asshole. He collapsed on her, cock still twitching inside of her.

"Dad, that fucking hurt!" She sobbed. "Nobody ever put anything in my ass before. I don't want to do that. Please don't do it anymore. I'll suck you off and fuck you silly, but don't fuck my ass again. I think it's bleeding!"

"Fat chance of that bitch. You don't let anybody in your asshole but me, got it!? And I'm gonna fuck it every day. Better get used to it. I'll lube up a little better next time though."

With that, he pulled out of her, and noticed that the trickle of semen running from her was tinted with red. So she was bleeding huh? He got a sick satisfaction from it. He wiped himself off on her bedsheets, gathered his clothes, and went to leave. As he reached the door, he turned, and she was still lying on the bed, a finger prodding her asshole, to investigate the damage.

"Go get cleaned up, you're cooking dinner tonight. Make me a steak, medium rare. I want you in your sexiest clothes, and you better be ready for your dinner - a nice thick tube steak to suck on. Have it ready in an hour."

With that, he closed her door, and went to his own room. His life just got a little better.

Amanda realized that her dad had finally left, so she stood up, and gingerly walked to the shower. He ass was burning, and her pussy ached for another good climax. She began fingering herself under the water, and thought how lucky she just got, to have a cock at her beck and call. She knew she was a cock addict, a total whore. Smiling to herself, she thought about the yummy dinner she was about to get.

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2 years ago
Some kids need to be taught a lesson. This dad is a good teacher.
2 years ago
Amanda is one lucky daughter,I must say.Lovely story.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Lucky dad, keep going.
2 years ago
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
yep good
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2 years ago
balls deep!!!!!