Tom Krets came home from work one night, tired as hell
and ready to go to sl**p, as usual. He quietly thanked
God, whatever God looked like, that they'd let him off
of work early that day. He opened the door, put down his
briefcase, got naked, and took a shower.

He didn't feel refreshed after his shower, just cleaner.
Even more tired from the heat of the shower water, he
went into bed and plopped down. As he sat there, he
wished his wife didn't have a night job. He missed
sl**ping with her. But ever since their son was old
enough to walk, she'd worked her night job so they could
make ends meet.

That had been 14 long years ago. Cullen Krets--Tom's
son--was now 15 years old. Tom secretly felt excited for
the day he'd leave, so Camille could quit her job and be
able to sl**p with him again.

Chapter Two: The Shocking Discovery

It was just as he was thinking about Camille when he
felt something sticky and wet under his hand. He turned
on the light and looked at it. He couldn't believe his
eyes, and prayed that it wasn't true. For it was quite
clearly semen that he had found on the sheets, and Tom
knew that he and his wife had not had sex for several
years now.

Of course, he had a 15 year old son, so he thought it
might be that his son was having sex. But then, Tom
looked at the dirty clothes by the bed and saw that his
wife's underwear had cum in it. It was then that he
knew. She had started to hide her clean underwear even
since she discovered Cullen stealing it to wear for
himself. Tom started to get angry then, for he knew what
this meant: his wife was having an affair.

Chapter Three: The Mystery

But with who? Who would Camille like enough to have an
affair with? Tom thought hard, but all he could come up
with was that their only male neighbor was an old man
who was so impotent that he needed three Viagra pills
just to get up in the morning.

A co-worker? No, couldn't be: all Camille's coworkers
were women, and that was something he knew for a fact.

After a tiresome hour of trying to think of who the
culprit might be, he suddenly remembered the DNA
identification lab on the other side of town that he
used to work for, and remembered they owed him a favor.
So he decided then to take a sample of the semen--and
the cum on the underwear, just to be sure--to that lab
to be tested. He wouldn't let this mystery go unsolved.

Chapter Four: Waiting

"Sir, these samples will be finished with testing in
about three weeks. DNA testing is a trying process, and
we've had a lot of work lately, with so many fathers
wanting to know who's the father of their c***dren. So
you just have to be patient."

"All right. But what if it take longer."

"If you don't hear back from us in 5 weeks, call us.
Here's our business card with the number on it."

"Thank you, this will be a big help for me."

"You're welcome, sir."

And so Tom went home to wait for the results. The day
after he took the samples in, Cullen came in the front
door after having been at the park--his favorite summer
hangout--and said "Hi Dad."


Cullen looked at Tom with a dull look and said, "Yes,

"If you're home and I get a phone call when I'm not
home, have them call me on my cell phone number please?"

"Okay. Why?"

"I found some er... interesting substances on the bed
the other day and took them to the lab across town to be

Cullen's eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped a little.
Then he recovered himself and said, "Oh. Okay." Then he
went into his room.

Cullen's behavior did not go unnoticed by Tom. It served
to reinf***e his theory about Cullen being the culprit
with one of his girlfriends, and using their bed--and
Camille's underwear--for their little sexual frisks. But
Tom swallowed his suspicions, and didn't worry about the
effects of his request for Cullen.

He'd told the lab when he would be home, and insisted
they only call him during those times. He sighed, for he
knew he was being unfair on Cullen. One had to have an
open mind in these things. It might not be him at all.
After all, Tom's initial feeling was his wife was having
an affair. Both couldn't be true, could they?


A week later, Tom had a rare day off from work, and he
used it to look around the house while his wife was
asl**p. He wanted to see if he could find clues to the
truth of the matter. It had been the only thing on his
mind since he discovered the semen in the sheets.

He started by looking through his wife's desk in the
den, where she did both work and hobbies, when she could
find the time for hobbies. He looked all over in there,
and didn't find anything suspicious. Well, except for
the coffee stain on one paper. Camille couldn't stand
coffee. But he and Cullen liked it. It was only
suspicious until he realized that, for he knew that
Cullen often put things like that in bad places. He
sighed and continued on.


Later, when his wife was about to wake up, Cullen came
in the front door and started heading toward the
hallway. When Cullen looked up and saw Tom, he suddenly
jumped as if he'd seen a real-life lion.

"What are you doing here?" asked Cullen.

"I told you before, I have the day off. God only knows
why. My boss has never been kind to me before."

"Oh. I must not have been listening. You know, I'm a
teenager, and we don't often listen."

Tom had on a face that spoke volumes and then said,
"Yes, I know. I was a teenager once."

Cullen looked at Tom, wide-eyed again. "That's a funny
picture. I didn't know teens could go bald." Then he
walked into the hall. Tom was just about to make a smart
comment back, but he saw Cullen going the wrong way down
the hall. He was going towards Camille's room. He
scratched his head and wondered about that. Then Camille
came out of her room and went into the kitchen to get
her breakfast.

"Hi, Honey." he said.

She smiled at him and replied, "Hi honey-buns."

Tom's eyes just about popped out of his head when he
heard that. He hadn't heard her use that name in ages,
and it wasn't even his! It was what they called Cullen
when he was young.

"This is just getting too weird." he muttered to


An hour later, he saw Camille going back to her room.
Normally he wouldn't think anything of it, but he wasn't
hearing the usual loud music from Cullen's room. He
thought maybe Cullen was up to no good.

"Well, if he is, Camille will stop him." he said to

And then, the music came on in Cullen's room, and it was
much louder than he remembered it. It was loud enough
that Tom thought it could cover the sound of someone
screaming. So he didn't bother to yell. He just covered
his ears and went into Cullen's room to turn it off.
Only... Cullen wasn't in his room.

After Tom got the music turned down, Cullen appeared in
the living room.

"What'd you turn the music down for?" asked Cullen.

"It was too loud. I couldn't even hear myself think.
Why'd you have it so loud anyway?"

"I-- Because I wanted to hear it in the bathroom."

"You had it loud enough that you could hear it in the
neighbor's bathroom."

"If it's too loud, then you're too old," Cullen said
matter-of-factly. "Mom likes the music."

That surprised him. But he said, "And your mother is ten
years younger than I am, so it makes sense that she
would like it. I'll admit, I'm an old coot."

"You're only 40."

"When you get my age, Cullen, you'll understand."

Cullen shrugged. "Okay. Whatever," and went back to the
hall. Tom didn't see which way he went that time,
though. But since the music went up again a little, he
assumed Cullen went to his own room.

Tom shook his head. He still didn't understand why
Cullen went the wrong way. Especially with both Camille
and he up. He finally figured that Cullen was being
daring, trying to find his mother's underwear.

Finally, Tom got bored with the TV and put his
headphones on to listen to his own music, an easy-
listening group. As he drifted to sl**p on the couch, he
thought about how weird life had gone on him since
finding the semen in the sheets. He hoped that it
wouldn't get any weirder.

Chapter Five: The Answer

He was in the shower when the phone rang. Cullen had
just gotten home, and Tom barely heard the phone over
the noise of Cullen's "music." He ran out, naked and
wet, and grabbed the phone just in time.

"Krets residence, this is Tom. May I ask who's calling?"

"Mr. Krets, we've got the results of those tests. Would
you like to hear them now?"

His eyes lit up and his stomach filled with butterflies.
"Yes, tell me now please."

"Well, we tested the uh... heh hem... the substance on
your wife's underwear, and it came up as a 100% match to
your wife's DNA."

"Oh God, I was right then? What about the semen?"

"Uh... yeah. Well, we had some difficulties figuring
that out, and even when we thought we cracked it, we're
not sure. It's kind of puzzling. The semen was a close
match to your own DNA, but also closely matched your
wife's DNA. And the semen was mixed in with the other
substance, indicating that the two substances mixed,
which we figure is from the act of sex. So uh... how
long did you say it was since you and your wife had

"It... it's been years. At least 13 or 14 years, if I
remember correctly."

The voice on the other side was silent for a half a
minute, then it said, "Then sir, may I ask you a


"Mr. Krets, do you have a son?"

Tom's jaw dropped, and he couldn't talk.

"Mr. Krets? Are you there?"

"Y-yes. I'm here."

"Do you have a son?"

"Yes. Yes I do."

"Do you have any other c***dren?"


"Then Mr. Krets, I think your wife and your son are--as
goes the current slang--doing the nasty together."

Tom dropped the phone and his head and began to weep. He
couldn't believe it! He picked up the phone and asked,
"Are you sure?"

"Yes, sir. I'm sure. You might want to find out for
yourself, though, if you want."

"Thank you. Thanks. I'll go see. You might have made a

The other voice said sadly, "Yes, we might have. Good
bye, sir."

"Bye," he said, and hung up the phone.

When he pulled himself together a little, he went into
Cullen's room to see if he was in there. Nothing. So he
checked the restroom. Ditto. Then he set his ear against
the door of the bedroom he and his wife shared. He did
not like what he heard. He heard Camille moaning with
pleasure and telling Cullen to "do it to (her) harder!"

Tom looked in the keyhole and was disgusted at what he
saw, for he saw his wife and his son in bed together,
naked and fucking. He saw Camille's breasts heave as she
was rocked by orgasms stronger than anything Tom had
ever been able to give her. Her cum was spraying all
over everywhere, on top of the plastic sheet that was
laid on top of the bed.

Then the ultimate blow to Tom's sense of ethics was
when, after they both came strongly, Cullen moved
positions and began to lap up the cum out of his
mother's cunt. He was giving her a thorough job, too. So
Tom finally couldn't stand it anymore, and he opened the
door and screamed, "You fucking i****tuous WHORE! c***d
RAPIST! How COULD you, Camille!?!?"

Camille and Cullen both jumped so quickly at Tom's
yelling that Cullen choked on his mom's cum and fell to
the floor, gagging and gasping. Camille pulled a top
sheet over herself and sat up, glaring at Tom.

"How dare you! You, who call yourself a husband! You
never seemed interested in sex after Cullen was born, no
matter how strongly I hinted that I wanted some! You
mistreated Cullen and expected him to grow up faster
than he could, and you've kept a tight leash on the both
of us! If you want to blame anyone for our affair, blame
yourself! Your controlling ways have kept me from any
kind of sexual pleasure, and masturbation was getting
boring. You kept Cullen from seeing any girls, and you
made me work nights! So you shouldn't be surprised that
in our desperation, we clung to each other.

"Cullen and I love each other, Tom, and I hate you!
Cullen was the only good thing that came out of this
marriage! I would've divorced you, but I was afraid your
manipulative ways would give you custody of Cullen, so I
held my tongue. What do you say about that, Mr. Ego?"

Tom, full to the brim with fury, grabbed a lamp off of
the nightstand and made to hit Camille with it. But just
in time, Cullen kicked him in the nuts as hard as he
could. Tom went down like a rock, but swung the lamp,
and hit Cullen in the back, bruising him. Cullen knocked
the lamp out of Tom's hand and away from his reach, and
then the two males--father and son--started punching,
hitting, kicking, and biting each other.

It was a long struggle, and might have lasted for hours,
but Camille grabbed the wooden bar in the closet that
held the clothes up, pulled it out, and cracked Tom on
the head so hard that he went limp immediately. bl**d
ran from the wound, and they checked to see if he was
alive. He was not.

Camille and Cullen held each other tight, and cried in
each others' shoulders for hours. They were finally rid
of the terror that had brought them into each others'
arms, and didn't know what to do next. They would just
have to wait.

Chapter Six: The Future

Luckily, they'd had enough evidence to prove that Tom's
death was self-defense. The pension from Tom's job, his
life insurance, his social security money, and what
Camille's job got them was enough to get him buried
properly and ensure them a comfortable life.

They only attended the funeral because it would look bad
to not go. When Camille went up to the casket, she snuck
in one of the pairs of underwear with cum on it into his
casket and then turned away. Cullen stole the quarters
over his eyes and replaced them with two Canadian
pennies he'd found once.

When they were home together the next day, they snuggled
up to each other and talked about how they thought the
future would go.

"Do you think it will get harder when Tom's money runs
out?" asked Camille.

"We'll always have each other, Mom. Even if we turn out
poor, I'd rather be a beggar and be free to love you in
our special way than to spend another minute with that

She sighed. "Yes, it would be better. But you know, now
that we're free of him, we could see other people if we
wanted to."

Cullen looked at her. "Do you want to see other people?"

"No, actually, I don't. Do you."

"Why should I want to see other people when I know that
I love you beyond words?"

"Good point. But you know, if you live with me for the
rest of your life, it could look weird."

"Screw what other people think! Our neighbors knew full
well what was going on in our house, the situation we
were in, and they did nothing. So I could care less what
they think."

"Well, that's a good attitude to have. But aren't you
worried about our relationship being found out? This
fucking stupid society says it's i*****l for mother and
c***d to have this kind of relationship."

"Society doesn't know shit. Why should it matter what
our relation is to each other, as long as we're both
consenting? And I know I'm not an adult yet. I don't
think that should matter either."

"But we could get in trouble. I'm not disagreeing with
you, I'm just concerned."

"We'll just have to keep it a secret, then. We should be
good at that. It was because of only one stupid mistake
that we got caught by Tom. Luckily, he didn't reveal his

He looked at his mother again, more closely this time.
"Mom, think about it. Society is obviously wrong. You
and Tom thought you loved each other at first, and come
to find out he was a controlling, abusive asshole. Any
society that lets him do that to us without so much as a
word to him about it, but freaks out when two people in
love happen to be mother and c***d, is totally fucking
stupid. So what if we get caught and they throw us in
jail? It won't stop us from loving each other, and it
just proves that they're heartless morons. Right?"

"Right, Cullen." She smiled and beamed suddenly, and
gave him a big hug. "Oh, I'm so proud to have such a
wonderful, nice boy for a son and a lover. I'm looking
forward to our future together."

"Me too, Mom. Me too."

And mother and son, the two lovers, fell asl**p in the
couch together, snuggled up close to each other. And the
Gods of Love rejoiced.

***the end***

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