My parents should be in bed," James said as he unlocked the front door to his f****y's home. Allison nodded hopefully, wiggling her eyebrows with a mischievous grin.

"It will be nice when we finally go away to college, a place of our own," she sighed hopefully. "Another year at the junior college and we'll be on our way."

"Yeah, but until then this isn't so bad, they never bother us," James said.

"That's true," Allison admitted, entering the house. "Is your mom still slipping you condoms?"

"Yes," James admitted embarrassed, closing the door behind him.

"I think it's cute," she said kissing him lightly on the cheek. "She's just protecting your future and mine too I guess."

Stepping around the banister they stood in front of the couch half covered in shadows. A street lamp just outside the house was partially blocked by the low hanging branches of a tree, causing portions of the room to be covered in darkness while others were very well lit.

James admired the way Allison looked in her dress, holding her out at arms length to gaze upon her slender body. Pulling her close, his nose was filled with the sweet scent of her perfume and shampoo as he kissed her neck lightly. Allison traced his arms with her fingertips as she leaned her head back with a contented smile. James stole glances down her top, the soft swell of her breasts barely tented the dress but they were breathtaking just the same. The soft skin that was exposed called out to him, begging to be kissed.

Sitting on the couch, James pulled Allison down alongside him and slid his fingers over her bosom gently. The soft moan that escaped her lips encouraged him and he began to squeeze more firmly. She pulled his face close and parted his lips with her tongue and kissed him urgently.

Allison crawled atop his lap facing him, knees on either side of his legs. Her slender dancer's body pressing him into the couch as they kissed noisily. James pulled the straps of the light dress down across her shoulders and pushed his face between her petite braless breasts.

Allison joked that she didn't have much more than mosquito bumps, but James didn't care. Her nipples were very sensitive and when she became aroused their hardened state turned him on like crazy. He lavished her breasts with the rough surface of his tongue, causing goose bumps to race across her chest. Her sigh was music to his ears as she held the back of his head, pulling him tight against her skin. James could feel the heat of her arousal on his leg. Her dress had ridden up and bunched around her waist, leaving her panty clad pussy dry humping the upper part of his thigh. Allison began to hunch against him steadily and soon her gasps filled the room as a small orgasm overtook her.

Allison pushed him away and stepped off the couch to stand before him after she had calmed a little. With an innocent smile she slipped the dress off her body and did a little pirouette in just her underwear. She knelt before him and laid her head in his lap, her fingers running up along his inner thighs. Pressing her lips against his covered erection she mouthed him through his clothing. James growled and pulled her head down as he pushed his groin upwards. Allison took his hands and moved them to his sides as she lifted her head up. James leaned down to kiss her offered lips as she unbuttoned his shorts.

In the quiet of the night the sound of his zipper being pulled down seemed as loud as an airplane taking off. For a brief moment he was worried that his parent's might discover them. James shook it off though as he felt Allison's hot breath against the turgid flesh of his manhood.

"Oh baby," James sighed. Once again he placed his hands on her head but he didn't exert any pressure. He just luxuriated in the feel of her soft hair as she teased him slowly by almost taking him in her mouth. His hips twitched as she brought her tongue closer and he watched as a small drop of saliva dripped from her mouth to his aching cock.

A sound from the kitchen caused them both to freeze; Allison had a near panicked look in her eyes. A moment later they could hear the sound of water running through pipes. For about thirty seconds they stayed motionless, James' cock began to deflate a little and then the water stopped.

"Ice maker," James breathed. Allison wasn't sure and gave him a questioning look. "The ice was dropped and then the tray refills with water. That's what we heard."

Satisfied with his explanation Allison extended her tongue out once again and licked the crown of his cock. James' member once again expanded to its rock hard state as he groaned in delight.

In the darkened kitchen, not twenty feet away, stood James' mother, Debbie. Her heart was pounding in her ears and her pulse raced as she feared discovery. The sudden noise from the automatic ice maker had rattled her nerves and she thought again about abandoning her voyeuristic escapade. She had pressed herself up against the wall and was trying to calm her breathing, listening for any sign that she had been discovered. After waiting a couple of minutes she figured that her son and his girlfriend had continued their activity, so she once again crept into the darkened doorway that led into the adjoining dining and living room.

From her vantage point she could see Allison on her knee's before her son, her head rising and falling in his lap as she obviously sucked her son's cock. Even with the distance between them she could hear the slurping noises the girl made, a sound that caused Debbie's pussy to gush. Leaning back against the counter Debbie slowly stroked her sopping pussy through the slit of her robe.

James shivered as Allison ran her tongue up the underside of his shaft, her hand cuffing the head of his cock in a slow steady rhythm. Allison's hot breath felt heavenly on his dick. She lowered her face and noisily sucked one of his balls into her mouth where she toyed it with her wet tongue. Slumping his head back, James lost himself in the feel of Allison's hot mouth as she slowly fucked him with her face.

Through a lust filled haze Debbie watched jealously as Allison sucked her son's dick. From across the room she couldn't be sure, but she guessed the coeds thighs were sticky with juice dripping from her cunt. Her fingers strummed in time with the movements of the young woman's head and Debbie had to bite her knuckle to suppress the moans that tried to escape. James' hips began to jerk and Debbie drew in a sharp breath of air as he held Allison's head steady as he began to pump his cock into her mouth on his own.

James could feel the inexorable tidal wave crashing through an inadequate dam. He pistoned his dick up into Allison's mouth, his hips flexing uncontrollably as he struggled to attain his peak. A small noise caused him to jerk to a stop suddenly, his eyes flying open. In the shadow filled room he had to take a moment to focus but there she was. His mother was standing in the shadows of the kitchen, one hand furiously rubbing between her spread thighs while the other was pressed against her biting teeth.

The sight of his mother masturbating was too much and he lunged upward filling Allison's mouth with his cock. Struggling she tried to pull back but James' grip was too strong and with the sight of his mother commanding his attention he did not hear her choking. With a guttural howl his cock pulsed and jerked, sending sticky hot streams into Allison's mouth and throat. Spluttering Allison tried to f***e the cum out of her mouth but as she started to clear room for air another spurt filled it and then another.

James heard the whimper from across the room as his mother jerked violently. Her orgasm coming only seconds after his. Her pussy gushed anew as the climax shook her body and threatened to make her collapse.

Allison finally pushed her mouth off James' penis struggling for air. Gasping and choking she wiped cum and spit from her mouth.

"What the hell was that?" Allison demanded loudly.

"Sorry, I'm so sorry," James said quickly in a hushed whisper. "I don't know what came over me."

"Well you damn near killed me," Allison said with a harsher tone than she truly felt.

"I'm sorry, I won't ever do that again," James promised. He pulled her up onto the couch and kissed her face tenderly. Taking a deep breath he kissed her mouth, tasting the remnants of his orgasm on her tongue and lips. Allison had complained to him before that he never liked to kiss her after she blew him and how it made her feel cheap.

"I think you missed some," Allison challenged after their kiss had ended. She indicated her chin which was still wet.

James leaned forward and kissed the last remnants away lightly. He wondered if his mother was still watching from somewhere in the darkness. Before he could look around Allison lay down on the couch and was guiding his face to her panty covered sex. He breathed heavily onto the lacy material that hid her treasures from sight. The flowery intricate underwear never failed to arouse him and he could feel life returning to his cock.

Allison ran her fingers through his hair as he pulled her underwear higher up her hips causing the material to pull tight against her pussy. James mouthed her protruding lips and inhaled deeply, becoming intoxicated on the smell of her arousal.

"Come on," Allison moaned impatiently. She lifted her hips and pulled her underwear down and then d****d a leg over his shoulder. Sliding her fingers down into her mound she opened her pussy with two fingers. "Now kiss it baby," Allison commanded, pulling James back into position.

Debbie heard the words from her hiding spot. Her stomach tied in nervous knots while shuddering sensations bubbled up from her own overheated pussy. Her fingers plunged in and out of her cunt while she silently willed Allison to talk more.

"Oh that's it baby," Allison moaned, "right there. That's the spot. Right there."

James had his face buried between her sweetly humid thighs. Juices dripped from deep inside onto his outstretched tongue as he lapped at her lips and explored her depths. He stroked her clit lightly with his lips as he slid a finger into her body and swirled it around. Allison's hips began to roll from side to side as she tried to direct his movements to where she most desired them.

Smiling in self satisfaction James lifted her hips up and positioned her so that her pelvis was lifted off the couch completely. He grabbed her ass cheeks and held them tight as he placed his tongue atop her clit and began to flutter it back and forth in a steady rhythm. Allison's breathing shifted to a series of heavy gasps as he quickly brought her closer to her peak.

Her fingers entwined through his hair and she began to pull harder as his tongue picked up speed across her sensitive nub. Just as she could feel herself reaching the top James had slipped a finger to her ass and pressed lightly against her virgin hole. The soft pressure was just enough to send her blasting into orbit as her orgasm ripped through her loins.

"Oh fuck!" Allison cried out clearly and then catching herself began to blubber incoherently as tremors wracked her body. James tried to keep his mouth in contact with her clit as she bucked against him wildly. Finally Allison slumped into the couch as he backed away from her hyper sensitive body.

Debbie bit her knuckle deeply as she rode her own orgasm to its conclusion in the darkness of the kitchen. She leaned heavily against the cool refrigerator door a long while as she regained her breath. Several times her body spasmed as she replayed the sight of Allison with her son's faced pressed up between her thighs. After regaining her composure Debbie returned to her hiding spot for one last look. Filled with pride, desire and shame she watched as the young lovers kissed softly in the shadow patched room. Sighing under her breath she slipped away to her own room.

James crawled into bed sometime later and drifted off to sl**p clinging to the image of his mother rubbing herself as she watched him and his girlfriend.

Debbie waited anxiously in the darkened kitchen the following Saturday night. As her son and his girl settled onto the couch for some alone time Debbie quietly loosened her robe and began to caress her breasts. Just as James reached for Allison a cell phone rang out.

"Hello?" Allison answered. "Oh okay, I'll be right there." She hung up the phone and looked sadly at James. "I'm sorry babe, I have to get home. Mom needs me."

James grunted good naturedly and then stood up to drive her home. As they headed out the door he paused peering into the darkness, wondering if his mother was in her hiding spot again.

Debbie's breath stopped and fear gripped her as if a huge spotlight had just shown down upon her. James made no indication that he had seen her before he stepped out into the night and closed the door behind him. She listened for his car to drive away and when it had Debbie quickly closed her robe and headed to her bedroom; her sexual frustration more painful than her son's.

She lay awake next to her snoring husband and listened intently for her son to return home. Almost an hour had passed before she heard the front door open and close softly and then the sound of James moving across the house to his room. Debbie got out of bed and crept to her bedroom door and peered out into the darkness.

Tip toeing quietly down the hall she made her way just to the edge of his door, moonlight streaming out from within. She held her breath as she heard his bed creak. Long moments passed in silence and then there was the distinct sound of the bed creaking steadily. Debbie listened with longing as her own body ached for release.

Closing her eyes she imagined her son gripping his cock and fisting it slowly while his eyes spied her in the darkness. In her imagination James toyed with his cock while looking into her eyes, daring her to step out of the shadows and do for him what she so desperately wanted to do. He hefted his testicles with one hand and rolled them between his fingers while he toyed with the head of his penis.

Unable to control herself Debbie slipped a hand into her panties and began to rub her clit furiously as she imagined what would happen if she dared walk into her son's room at that very moment. The creaking noises came faster and she fluttered her finger across her clit at the same frenzied pace. Much too quickly she felt the explosion and a small cry escaped her lips.

James felt his orgasm approaching and he concentrated on that feeling as he rubbed his cock faster. He imagined Allison on her hands and knees before him as he pounded her from behind. He was trying to hold off the completion, enjoying that painfully exquisite pleasure that is the precipice of climax. In his minds eye he could see Allison turning her head to urge him on but as the hair swung past it wasn't his girlfriends face he saw, it was his mother's.

His mouth hung open in a silent cry as cum erupted from the head of his penis and splashed over his stomach. As the orgasm swept through him he heard a noise that froze his hand. He thought he heard a cry before it was cut off. The remains of his orgasm pumped slowly from his penis and James milked it lazily as he caught his breath.

After cleaning himself up James got out of bed and went to his doorway, looking up and down the hall. About to turn around and dismiss it as paranoia James caught the scent of pussy.

James parked his car in the driveway and sat for a moment. A Saturday night with the guys was good once in a while. It wasn't the end of the world that Allison couldn't go out tonight, he thought, but it made two weeks since he had any proper relief and he was starting to feel the effects.

"Wonder how mom is holding up," he said aloud. He pictured his mother standing in the dark waiting for him and Allison to arrive so she could get off while watching them. Chuckling for a moment at the absurdity of it all James suddenly had an idea. Jumping from his car, he jogged quickly to the front door and let himself in. Trying not look directly at her hiding spot James settled on the couch in the best position for his mother to see him if she was spying. The light from the street lamp illuminated him clearly.

His cock was mostly hard already when he undid his pants slowly, for the first time encouraging the loud sound of the zipper as he pulled it down. If his mother had retreated to her room when she noticed Allison was missing he was hoping to entice her back with his masturbation. James recalled the previous Saturday night when his mother had listened outside his room when he had pleasured himself.

Pulling his dick out from his underwear he sat and stared at it for a minute. He wished it was bigger and thicker, but what guy didn't. Perhaps some were happy with their size, but he figured it was like most girls who wished their boobs were larger, perkier. He wondered if his mom was looking at it now. He didn't dare try to peek at her hiding spot; if he did he was certain he would scare her away. "If she's even there," he added silently.

With deliberately exaggerated motions James grabbed his cock and began to stroke it slowly. He rolled his head back against the couch and lifted his hips off the cushion to push in counter rhythm to his hand. The notion that his mother was watching him was really starting to arouse him and he began to fondle his testicles gently. Letting out soft moans he rocked his head from side to side as he luxuriated in the feel of his own touch, imagining that it was his mother's.

"Oh yes," James groaned, deliberately louder than he ever would have been had Allison been there. He knew his father was asl**p and he wanted to attract his mother's notice. "Oh yeah baby, just like that. Do it the way I like it," he continued as his pace increased. "Suck my cock, take it in your mouth and suck it deep. Show me how deep you can take it. I want you to swallow my cum."

James felt odd saying the words to himself in the dark, but he imagined that if his mother was desperate enough for sexual satisfaction to spy on him and his girlfriend his dirty talk couldn't hurt. He wondered what he could say that would tempt her enough to reveal herself to him. James wasn't a Don Juan, but he certainly knew what Allison enjoyed.

"If you suck my cock I'll eat your pussy until you scream," he said gravelly. "I'll lick your pussy until you cum all over my face." James licked his lips and tried to bring moisture back to his drying mouth. The idea of eating his own mother's pussy was really turning him on. "I'll pull your legs open and hold them wide as I make you cum with my tongue buried deep inside your snatch, mom."

Unable to control it any longer his hand was a blur on his cock as he rocketed to orgasm. Stifling the shout he grunted f***efully as he pumped the sticky load out all over his thighs and stomach. Sweat covered his body despite the air conditioning and he sat in the pale lamp light with his aching cock covered in his spent seed tightly gripped in his fist.

"Maybe next time, mom," James whispered hoarsely. Wednesday evening James stood in the kitchen eating a quick meal of reheated casserole and bread at the counter as his parents prepared to go out for the evening.

"Don't forget, you told Mrs. Johnson across the street you would help her with that mess in her driveway," Debbie said to her son. She stepped close to him and hugged him tightly.

"Aw mom, it's dark out already," James complained hugging his mother back. His hands gripped her soft hips. He desperately wanted to slide his hands down along her backside and get a handful of ass.

"You told her you would do it today and when you tell someone you will do something for them you had better keep your word," she scolded him lightly. Her eyes glittered mischievously as she felt his hands slide lower on her body. Turning away from her son she pretended to lose her balance and pressed her breasts into his forearm. "Oh sorry dear," she whispered throatily. Debbie had to repress a grin from spilling across her face as she saw his eyes devour her cleavage on display in the plunging neckline of her dress.

James ogled his mother's breasts openly. He could almost make out the nipple on her left tit as it was held tight by the black lace bra. He caught himself when he realized she had stopped talking and looked into her eyes. Unashamedly he let her read his hungry gaze.

"Remember your promise. If you say you will do something for someone you had better come through. I'm counting on you." Debbie said.

"Don't you mean Mrs. Johnson is counting on me?" James asked.

"Yes, yes of course," Debbie said, suddenly flustered.

James' father came into the kitchen and stood in the doorway a moment. Debbie pushed away from her son guiltily and busied herself with fixing her dress, turning to hide her face from her husband.

"You ready?" James' father, Russell, asked.

"Yes dear," Debbie replied meekly heading towards the door. "Goodnight son," she called out over her shoulder.

"See you guys later," James replied. Debbie sat silently in the car as her husband steered it up the street toward their home. The dinner party had been pleasant, mostly Russell's colleagues and their spouses in attendance. She tried to partake in the conversations but her mind kept wandering and more than once her husband had given her a sidelong glance that made her worry he suspected something.

As they pulled into the drive she watched as her son and Allison stepped out of the house. James waved to his parents as he followed his girlfriend to her car where he kissed her good night and then she drove off. Debbie waited for her son on the front step as her husband complained of a headache and headed off to bed.

"I see you got Mrs. Johnson's driveway cleaned up," Debbie said, shielding her eyes from the street lamp as she peered across the street. James stopped in front of her, his eyes level with hers now that she was elevated three inches.

"Yeah Allison stopped by and made it her job to see that I did it right," he said chuckling.

"I like that girl," Debbie admitted. "Knows what she wants and how to get it. Some women have a hard time asking for the things they need."

James considered her words in the silence that followed. They stood on the front step for a long while it seemed until Debbie leaned into him, placing a hand upon his chest and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"Good night dear," she said resignedly.

Debbie trudged up the stairs and entered her room. Russell was fast asl**p as the television flickered light around the room. She looked about and wondered again how her marriage had ended up where it was. Undoing her dress she pulled it off her body and laid it out on the bed. Kicking her shoes off in the closet she reached for a hangar to put the dress on when the tip of a nail from a home made shelf sliced the back side of her arm.

Jerking her arm back Debbie cried out in pain. When she looked at the wound a crimson line was forming where the nail had cut a shallow gash less than an inch long. As she gripped her arm tightly just above the cut she winced in pain and stepped out of the closet. Her eyes darted to the bed and she rolled her eyes in disgust as her unaware husband snored loudly.

"Story of my life," she muttered heading towards the kitchen and the first aid kit.

James' door was shut when she passed by and the rest of the house was dark as she crossed through the entryway into the f****y room. The moonlight was bright enough that she didn't bother turning on any lights in the kitchen as she reached for the medical kit in the cupboard. Within a minute she had applied the antibacterial cream and a larger than necessary bandage that wrapped around her upper wrist. Replacing the box she shut the cupboard and heard an unexpected voice.

"Oh god, yes mom, suck it, please. I need you to suck my cock," her son was saying. Her eyes cast about as her heart began to pound loudly in her chest. She whipped around expecting to see James behind her. When he wasn't anywhere immediately visible she calmed a little and then crept to peek into the living room.

"Suck it mom, you know if you do I'll eat your pussy. You know how much I want to eat your pussy? Do you?" James said as his hand stroked his naked cock, pants and underwear in a heap around his ankles.

Debbie felt her mouth go dry and her pussy drenched the French cut panties she was wearing. Reflexively she moved to pull her robe tighter around her body, still ashamed to show her son her body despite her barely hidden desires. Her fingers found bare flesh and with horror she looked down at herself and saw that she only wore the black push up bra and the brief underwear. In her haste to get to the kitchen she hadn't put anything on.

"I want to eat your pussy mom; you won't have to ask me at all. Just give me the chance and I'll eat it until you beg me to stop," James growled.

Paralyzing fear rooted Debbie to the floor. She wanted to cry out but even her voice was lost to her. Her eyes locked on her son's cock, his hand sliding up and down the length, and her tongue began to dart about her parched mouth in imitation of pleasing it.

James dared to open his eyes for a moment, praying that his mother would be watching him again. In the shadows he thought he could see her but it was difficult to tell. The first time he had seen her hiding her robe was the most visible part and now he thought he could make out a leg or something but he wasn't sure. Closing his eyes once again he decided to make one more try.

"Bring me your pussy," he said clearly. "Bring me your pussy so I can eat it. I want to lick your pussy. Come here mother."

Debbie stepped forward and then caught herself. He had sounded as if he knew she was there and she longed to obey his desire, to give in to her own need. Her eyes were locked on his face now as the pleasure of his masturbation was evident in his expression. Her fingers twitched involuntarily as she fought the urge to rush to him, unable to cross that final threshold that would reveal her shame.

James opened his eyes slowly and his breath caught in his chest. His hand stopped moving along his cock and he squeezed tightly to fight back against the orgasm that threatened to erupt unbidden. His mother was there and she had stepped into the light. He could see her breasts pushed together in the black bra, the swell of compressed flesh promising to spill out at any moment. Her stomach was bare as his gaze traveled down her body, his love and desire erasing any blemish that might have been there. Panties cut high on the hips dipped down between her legs protecting the part of her body he so desired to taste.

Debbie watched with detached horror as her son stood up and began to walk towards her. "He can't see me," she told herself, willing the fear to subside. In slow motion he appeared to get closer and closer. Each step he took she knew she should flee, hide her shameful desire, but her body would not be denied and it refused the screams in her head to run.

In a blink he was upon her, his hands had gripped her face and his tongue was pushing into her willing mouth. Wrapping an arm around her neck and holding her tight his other hand reached up and groped her breasts roughly. The wetness of his kiss returned moisture to her mouth and Debbie pulled back f***efully, finally able to gasp for breath.

She opened her mouth to speak but he kissed her again, his hands reaching behind her and grabbing her exposed buns and pulling her panty covered pussy hard against his naked erection. The heat of his cock so close to the center of her body made her melt and she felt the flood that threatened to soak her underwear flow into the folds of her sex.

"I need you, mom," James said simply, pressing his erection against her meaningfully. Debbie nodded numbly and succumbed to the pressure he exerted on her shoulders. She blinked and when she opened her eyes again his engorged penis was in front of her face.

"I've never..." she started, looking up at her son expectantly.

"But you've seen it done," James whispered guiding her mouth closer to his body.

Debbie reached up and grabbed his cock at the base, surprised at its rigidness and searing heat. She guided his flesh to her lips and suddenly felt her mouth flood with saliva as her dark desire was being fulfilled. She may have never sucked a dick before, but she could tell her son was on the verge of orgasm already.

Pre-cum oozed from the tip of his cock as she pressed it against her pursed lips, kissing it. The smell of his body filled her nostrils and Debbie felt herself ready to swoon.

The need to perform on a man with her mouth had overpowered her good sense; so much so that she had tried to sate it by spying on her son and his girlfriend. Her voyeurism had revealed another desire she never knew she had: a man going down on her. To feel a man's tongue on her pussy had quickly overtaken the dream of sucking a cock, but now she knew if she fulfilled one the other would come true as well. Finally her dark desire was coming to pass. All of her fantasies could never have prepared her for this moment, but Debbie was determined to see it through.

Taking him in her mouth slowly she descended upon his cock as far as she could go. As his dick passed over her tongue and approached the back of her mouth she felt the gagging reflex start to exert itself. Relaxing consciously, as she had read in her books, she f***ed herself to take him further and further down. At last she felt his pubic hairs tickle her nostrils.

James groaned in his pleasure as his mother took his cock into her wet mouth. He felt his orgasm approaching and his breath came in pants and gasps as he felt her take his dick deeper than Allison ever had. At last he could feel the back of her throat press against the head of his dick and then he lost control.

Debbie gasped as cum shot out of the end of her son's cock. Pulling her head back she quickly stroked the length of his dick, milking him into her starving mouth. His cum pooled on her tongue and she swirled it around, savoring its taste and texture. Removing his organ from her mouth she swallowed twice, taking it all into her stomach. She licked his cock clean as she always dreamed she would. Finally she leaned back and looked at her son who was staring down at her with such awe.

"Now you have to keep your promise," she whispered.

James pulled his mother to her feet and kissed her deeply. His tongue explored her mouth wantonly as he pulled her tight against him.

"I always do," he said. His hands roamed her body ravenously as he led her across the room. Feeling the cushions on the back of his leg he spun her around with a gasp and tossed her on the couch.

Debbie lay trembling before her son, his penis standing nearly straight up in the air, despite his recent orgasm, as he looked at her with uncontrolled desire. Never in her life had a man looked at her with such raw lust and she was helpless in his gaze. Her legs opened of their own accord and she pulled her panties to the side, exposing her sex to her son and inviting him to do as he pleased.

James felt his heart leap in his chest as his mother bared her pussy for him and he lunged to cover the exposed flesh with his mouth. His face was immediately covered in her natural lubrication and he became dizzy upon her scent. He did not use any of the techniques he might have employed with Allison in an attempt to bring her to orgasm. His mouth devoured the lips of her sex as he drove his tongue as far into her as he could go, trying to find the source of the ambrosia that came from her body.

Debbie cried out as her son, HER SON her mind screamed, ate her pussy like it was his last meal. His tongue penetrated her like a cock and the slurping sounds filled her ears like a rock concert. She pulled his hair and swiveled her hips, swiping her clit across the bridge of his nose. Another cry escaped her mouth and then she settled into a series of gasping sobs punctuated by excited squeals.

At last James became sated on her nectar and he focused his attention on her clit. His tongue teased the nub hidden beneath its hood and was slowly rewarded as it grew out of its confinement. He fluttered his tongue across it and he could feel his mother's excitement but still she would not cross that line.

"It's okay mom," he said after pulling his face away from her pussy. Juice from her sex dripped from his chin onto her stomach. "Cum for me. Cum on my tongue."

Once again he worked her clit over with the butterfly touches of his tongue. The rapid stimulation once again sent her catapulting over the precipice and she pulled his face tight against her thrashing hips as she gave in to her dark desire. Gasps tore the breath from her body and she felt herself losing control as the orgasm ripped through her loins. With supreme effort she sucked air into her lungs and then turned her head into the back cushion of the couch and expelled a muffled shriek.

James felt the flood wash over his face and he tried to drink the tide. When at last his mother released him from her grasp he was drenched with the evidence of her climax. He crawled up her body and held her tight in his embrace. Debbie trembled uncontrollably for untold minutes until at last she was too exhausted and she slipped into the inky blackness of sl**p.

He felt his mother relax, her breath still coming in ragged gasps but less so with each passing moment. James felt his erection begin to fade as he was filled with concern for his mom. He wasn't sure how long he sat there with his mother asl**p in his arms but after a time he became worried that his father might catch them.

"Mom," he whispered, shaking her shoulder. "Mom, you need to wake up and go to bed." James repeated his words several times before Debbie stirred. With blinking, unseeing eyes she looked upon him. "You need to go to bed now mom," he repeated.

Debbie nodded numbly and tried to stand. Her legs weak and wobbly, she stumbled and slumped back onto the couch. James stood up and lifted her to her feet once again and guided her down the hall supporting her weight. When they reached her bedroom door she pushed against his chest and stood on her own. In the darkness she could feel his concern and she nodded encouragingly and pointed James towards his own room.

James watched his mother enter her bedroom and shut the door quietly. He waited outside expectantly, hoping against hope that his father was still asl**p. After a time he heard the sound of water rushing through the pipes and he surmised that she must have used the toilet. Satisfied that his father had not woken up he returned to the living room and retrieved his discarded clothes before returning to his own bed.

Debbie used the toilet and then splashed her face with cold water. Perhaps if she had not been so thoroughly drained she might have felt guilt over what had happened with her son. Tomorrow, or the next day, there would be time to worry over such things she told herself. As she returned to her bed and climbed in Russell turned over and faced her with open eyes.

"Where have you been?" he asked calmly. Debbie raised her arm and showed him the bandage on her wrist. "You okay?"

"I'm all better now," she drawled sexily.

Russell gave her a confused look and rolled his eyes before laying his head upon the bed, asl**p once more. Friday afternoon James flipped through the channels unable to find anything interesting to watch. He looked out the front window surprised to hear the garage door opening so early in the day. His father pulled into the drive and a minute later he heard the side door open as Russell entered the house. James got off the couch and headed to the kitchen.

"Playing hooky, eh?" James said to his dad.

"Yeah," Russell said with a measured tone. "Just felt like I needed to be home early today." James gave him a curious look, not grasping his meaning. "Friend once told me that if your wife thinks you are cheating on her, then you are. Reality don't matter."

James gave his father a questioning look. "You saying..." he trailed off, unsure of where this conversation was heading.

"No," Russell replied as if it was ludicrous his wife would think he was unfaithful. "But I got to thinking, I wonder if that's true for men as well. I wonder how many men think their wives are cheating on them and then dismiss their doubts out of some machismo."

"So?" James prodded. When his father did not respond James continued, "You think mom is cheating on you?" He could feel his stomach begin to tie into knots.

"I don't know. Maybe she hasn't and she's thinking of it. I just don't know," Russell admitted.

James' mind scrambled. "Is everything okay in the bedroom?" he asked trying to sound casual.

Russell gave his son a disapproving look. "None of your business, mister."

"I was just asking," James declared defensively. "I went out on a date with this girl whose parents got a divorce because her mother found out that her dad liked to wear women's underwear."

"You think your mom is a cross dresser?" Russell said flatly, not amused with the direction the conversation was taking.

"I'm just saying sometimes people have things they are afraid to tell even their own wife, or husband as the case may be. Maybe get mom in the mood and talk about some of the things you haven't in a while," James explained. "What can it hurt?" he said when his father gave him a doubtful look.

Russell considered his son's words for a minute. Finally he smiled at his only c***d and ruffled his hair.

"How'd you get so smart?" he asked proudly.

"Oprah," James replied.

That night, as he lay in bed waiting for sl**p, James heard a sound he couldn't recall ever hearing: his mother giggling. He sighed, knowing that whatever spell that had come over his mother was being broken and that his brief interlude with her had come to an end. He had been torn with guilt after his conversation with his father. In all the excitement with his mother he had never considered the consequences. In a sad way he was glad it had come to an end. With a rueful smile he rolled over and went to sl**p.

A couple weeks later James and Allison watched a little television with Russell and Debbie before the elder couple headed off to bed.

"Come on darling," Russell said to his wife, "these love birds don't want us old folks around anymore." With a wink to his son Russell extended his hand to his wife and helped her up from the recliner.

Debbie stood and crossed the room as Allison and James both stood to adjourn to the living room. Turning around she hugged her son's girlfriend and bid her good night. Allison shot a surprised looked at James as Debbie moved to hug her son. James shrugged unknowingly and Allison only smiled confusedly, stepping around the corner out of sight.

"Thank you," Debbie whispered in her son's ear as she hugged him close. She pulled her face back and looked him in the eye for a moment. Leaning close she pressed her lips against her son's mouth for a lingering moment.

"Thank you," Debbie said simply and then turned to leave. As she reached the doorway she turned to look at him still standing where she had left him. "And thank Allison for me too."

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2 years ago
Mommy stories will always attract me. Better ones, keep me reading. Thanks for this one.
2 years ago
Very hot.
2 years ago
excellent story. a little long but weel told