UHhhhh, AHhhhh," Todd grunted and groaned as unbelievable
waves of pleasure/pain washed over his super distended cock
and hard contracted balls. Pain from being so incredibly
hard while trying to hold back a monster orgasm, pleasure from
the loving administrations of the warm mouth working on his cock.
"Oh god I'm going to cum, AHhhhhh, AHhhhhh," Todd was barely able
to talk as he strained to control himself. The fire in his groin
built to intense levels he had never before experienced. Suddenly
the dam broke and the teenager began to explode into the hot
warm mouth. Jet after jet of hot cum shot out of his cock as
pleasure and heat flushed his lean body from his groin outward.

The unbelievable part of it all was that the hungry mouth
that so eagerly accepted his cum was that of his very own
mother! "Oh jesus," Todd further exclaimed as his mother's
knowing hands massaged his balls and expertly milked his
inflamed penis of every single drop of cum. Todd's mother
was a beautiful woman. Somewhat petite with long blond hair and a
shape that Todd had admired for the last few years as sexual
maturity began to transform his young boys's body into that of a man.
Todd didn't know whether to cry, or shout for joy as his mother
looked up at him now while gently caressing his cock and balls.

It was only a few minutes ago that he had come up to the
hotel room to try and take care of a desperate need to jack
off. The need had been building the last few days while the f****y
was on vacation. Down on the beach of the luxury resort
there was no lack of beautiful bodies to stir the imagination.
Todd had been sitting on the edge of the bed, his trunks on the floor,
eyes closed, ready to really jack the shit out of his long hard cock.
The sound of his mother's voice right in front of him had frozen his fist
at the base of his cock.

"My, my, what do we have here." Jeanie's voice had sounded
more curious and amused than angry as she had looked
down at her shocked son. Todd had grabbed a hand full of
bedspread and flung it over himself, while desperately
wishing the whole situation would go away. Pressing the
covers against his raging hard on had seemed to have no
effect at all, in fact it got even harder. Well aware
of her son's discomfort Jeanie had leaned down and kissed
him sweetly on the cheek. Then to his amazement she had
kneeled down and with slow and deliberate motions removed
Todd's hands and the bed coverings from his body. Then while
holding the young man's hands to the side Jeanie had lowered her
beautiful face to within inches of his twitching cock. "Mom,
what..." Todds voice had croaked as he tried to talk.
Quickly Jeanie had shushed her son and with a loving gaze on
her face had proceeded to engulf his flaming hard-on with
her wet mouth. The incredible circumstances of it all
combined with a long simmering latent desire for such
intimate care from his mother had quickly overcome the
initial shock. Todd still bewildered had succumbed to his
mother's expert womanly touch.

Coming out of his shock Todd quickly covered himself as his
mother stood now and turned to the large mirror on the wall
to check her hair and appearance. What she saw pleased her.
Full well shaped breasts still firm and high, a slim waist
that flared gracefully into nicely toned hips and a round
firm ass. As his voice came back to him Todd stammered out
questions left and right along with demands for something to
help him make sense of what had just happened.

Jeanie quickly sat down next to her son and put her arms
around him. At first Todd struggled to get away from her
embrace, but the greater need for some motherly comfort
overcame the angry urge and he soon gave in. As Todd's head
lay on her shoulder, Jeanie began to explain this new world
to her young son.

It really didn't take much to convince the boy that
everything was all right. Jeanie had been raised in a close
loving sexual f****y. Her husband Sean had come to live with
them as an exchange student. The ways of her f****y and
Jeanie's great looks and personality had won the young man
over and converted him to their way of life; and so it was
in that same way Jeanie had begun to raise her own f****y.
This she explained to Todd.

As Todd and his mom began to relax in their moment together,
residual flames of their previous sex began to ignite new
desire in both of them. Todds face was only inches from his
mother's luxurious tits and as new desire and understanding
took hold, the boy lowered his mouth to the firm swell of them
above her bikinni top. Smiling, Jeanie without hesitation
reached to a clasp in the front of her top and released her
breasts for Todds inspection and attention. "Oh god mom
they're beautiful" Todd exclaimed as he reached his hand up
to fondled his mother. " Oooh, yes, that's it" Jeanie
whispered back as her son massaged her sensitive tits.

The nipples on Jeanie's breasts soon became hard and long.
The woman gasped with intense pleasure as Todd engulfed
first one nipple then the other with his mouth while
squeezing with his eager hands and massaging with his tongue.
Jeanie now removed her bikini bottom. With one hand rubbing
her clitoral area she removed the bedcovers from her son's
newly awakened penis and began to stroke him as he sucked
on her tits.

It wasn't long before generous amounts of clear pre-cum
began to ooze from the Todd's rampant cock. As she stroked
it firmly and expertly Jeanie admired it's well developed
length and diameter, silently thinking to herself "he
already has a man's cock."

With that thought in mind Jeanie laid back on the bed and
pulled Todd over onto her, his hot swollen cock like a bar
of iron between them. Todd eagerly positioned himself between
his mother's legs while she drew them up to give the boy full
access to her wet cunt. Though Todd had never fucked with a
woman before, instincts and lessons learned from some not so
well hid XXX videos served him well as his mother's hand
guided the large purple head of his cock to her pussy.

With a shudder and a groan the boy began to work his hot bar
of youthfull horny cock into his mother's well muscled
vagina. Soon he was buried to the hilt, his aching balls
tightly pulled in were also engaged with the outer lips of
his mothers cunt. Todd could only look into his mother's
lust filled face with wonder and love as his in and out
movements were helped along by the pelvic gyrations of her

Soon they were in a frenzy, the boy's cock was immense as
pending orgasm overloaded his system with the hormones of
youth. Working her cunt muscles with skill and abandon
Jeanie soon brought her son to the exquisite brink of orgasm
again. While the heat and fire of his orgasm took over Todd
could only lay there straining as his swollen cock buried to
the hilt in his mom's pussy began to jerk and spew great wads
of cum deep into her cervical opening. "Oh god mom I love you,"
Todd sobbed with joy as he continued to shoot into his mother.
Jeanie then raised him up and urged him to straddle her chest,
his beautiful young cock still spurting. With the same loving
care as before she drained the boy into her mouth and milked
all of his remaining semen with her hands and lips. Todd's
body trembled as his mother worked the last drops out of his
cock into her warm mouth while gently massaging his balls.
Her other hand squeezed the boy's buns caressing here and
there, probing and massaging as the fire in Todds groin slowly
died down.

Chapter #2

For Todd the next few days of vacation were just a
jumbled blur of events. Somehow things between him
and mom had settled down to some kind of normalcy,
more of Todd's doing than Jeanie's: she patiently
waited for her son to sort things out.

It had been almost a week now since the f****y had
returned from vacation. It was evening and
everyone was off doing something except Todd and
his mother.Youthful urges had been building
rapidly the last couple days and Todd had snuck
one of his favorite XXX videos upstairs to beat
off to in the privacy of his own room.

A mature blond with great looking tits and a tight
ass was giving head to a youthful guy on a modern
couch in a typical porn video setting. As she
worked on the guy's cock with her hand and lips
Todd could not shake the memory of his encounter
with mom on vacation: he couldn't shake it at all.
Because of that he found it hard to concentrate on
the video as the couple proceeded to work though
all kinds of positions. His eyes were eventually
drawn back into focus to the screen when the
camera panned the couple in a doggy style
position. The guy's great cock was really driving
the blond crazy as he worked it in and out of her
cunt. Then he slowed down and the camera zoomed in
to show him pulling his moist swollen rod all the
way out. The blond now called out in a lustful
drawl, "Fuck my ass baby, fuck it now!" As Todd
watched the guy work his cock into the blonde's
crinkled pink anus his balls began to ache more
than ever. It was then that Todd pulled on some
shorts and with a determined look on his face made
his way downstairs to the living room: downstairs
to mom!

Jeanie looked up from the couch as she heard her
son descend the elegant front stairway that exited
into the living room. She knew right away by the
look on Todd's face and the great tent like bulge
in his shorts what he was coming downstairs for.
Todd's bravado quickly diminished upon actually
seeing his mother and he paused at the landing.
"Come over here....come and sit down." Jeanie
patted the couch beside her and began to remove
her robe, revealing a shimmering light blue Teddy.
Todd made his way across the plush carpet: his
shorts were off by the time he reached the couch
and his mother. A great sigh escaped the young
man's lips as his mother touched him, guiding him
to the couch.

Jeanie quickly clicked off the TV and clicked on
some music with the remote. "Mom, I just couldn't
stand it anymore ," the boy explained as his
mother began a labor of love with her warm hands
and mouth on his desperately swollen cock. "Didn't
I explain it all to you before?" Genie questioned
between strokes and licks. "We're perfectly
safe.......relax." After a few minutes she paused
to further undress. Todd stroked his cock himself
while Jeanie removed the Teddy. The boy's eyes
feasted on the woman's perfect body.

Jeanie then straddled Todd and lowered herself
down on his stomach: face to face. Actually it was
more like tit to mouth as she sat high up on the
boy's lean torso. Todd took the only reasonably
course of action and began to suck on those
luscious melons. As her juices began to flow,
Jeanie inched down until the tip of Todd's cock
began to engage her now quickly warming cunt. They
both groaned as the boy's immensely stiff cock
began to slide into the silky warmth of his

Jeanie began to sweetly kiss Todd on his forehead
and around his ears as the youth worked on her
tits with his warm mouth. Todd groaned again as
his mom began to rock up and down on his cock.
Determined not to blow his wad right away, Todd
concentrated on his mother's hard nipples.
"Mmmm.....ahhhhhh," Jeanie cooed as Todd's long
hard cock and hungry mouth began to really take
effect. Todd soon felt the warm wet flow of his
mom's secretions on his cock and balls as she
moved now more urgently on him. Jeanie smiled and
began a rythmic chant as the first electric
signals of orgasm began to take control of her

It seemed like time was suspended while his mom
worked up and down on his stiff cock. Todd sucked
and nibbled methodicaly on Jeanie's firm excited
tits. Several minutes went by as the lovemakers
shared their bodies: caught in the throes of an
age old erotic dance.

Todd was now shaking in his attempts to control
his own orgasm: He looked up at his mothers
beautiful face. The serene expression and the
light sheen of perspiration on her high exotic
cheeks excited Todd further: throwing away
restraint he grasped his mom firmly by her ass.
Jeanine let her son raise her up nearly off form
his long, hard, slick penis. Todd then began to
drive his cock up into his mother with rapid
piston like strokes. "Ah,ah,ah,ah....," Todd heard
his mother's rapid cries of pleasure each time the
head of his cock plowed deeply into her and
through her sensitive cervix. The heated unison of
his body with his mom's overwhelmed the young man.
Todd closed his eyes and gave himself over to the
cosmic joining that sought to engulf him. The
known universe was at that moment defined by two
beautiful bodies as they ground and twisted
together in orgasmic nirvana: Todd was sure he had
died and gone to heaven.

Jeanie could only clutch her son's face against
her breasts as his cock released a deluge off hot
sperm into her womb. She trembled with pleasure as
she felt the jets of cum race up the hard ribbed
underside of his cock. The pumping had stopped now
as the mother ground her clit on the son's hard
straining pelvic mound. Spasm after spasm rocked
Jeanie's body causing her cunt to contract rapidly
on Todd's spurting member. This natural milking
drained the boy's cock into his mother's welcoming
wet cunt. Mother and son were racked with a string
of spasms even as the soothing enzymes of sexual
release began to curse through their bodies

Still shaking and trembling Todd opened his moist
eye's and looked up to see his mother smiling down
at him with a warm sated look on her face. There
were no words to speak as his mom kissed him
warmly and openly on the mouth.

After several moments Todd and his mother both
noticed that the boy's cock was still quite hard
as it rested in Jeanie's warm wet cunt. Todd moved
his fingers down to where he was joined to his mom
and felt the wetness there. Moving his fingers
around his hard cock where it entered into his
mother excited him. Todd began to trace his wet
fingers around. As he moved in larger circles his
fingers soon met the rubbery ring of his mother's
anus. Almost instantly the images from the video
Todd had watched earlier began to flash across his
mind. Todd began to experimentaly probe his
mother's anus with his wet fingers. The teenager's
cock now seemed to take on a new stiffness as his
mind began to work.

When Jeanine realized where the tentative probings
might be leading she began to move off from her
son. "Come upstairs," she said. "We'll need some
preparation for that." Todd followed his mom up to
the the master bedroom; his young cock still fully
at attention.

After a few minutes in the adjoining bathroom
Jeanie joined her son on the bed. Todd imediately
detected a sweet musky odor in the air. Jeanine
got on all fours and presented her ass to her son.
"Come on she said," as she reached behind her and
guided Todd's cock back into her cunt."Gently work
your thumb into my ass," she said while rocking
slowly back and forth on the boys cock. Todd's
eyes feasted on the beautiful firm smooth globes
of his mother's ass. Her pink anal ring was
slightly open and wet with a rose colored jell.
Todd began to push his thumb into the warm slick
opening. Jeanie concentrated on relaxing her
spincter to allow the thumb a smooth entrance.
Todd's cock began to stiffen and swell with a new
vigor as his senses of sight and touch touched off
a new testerone storm in his hard balls. Soon Todd
was working both thumbs into his mothers hot ass.
Jeanie moaned, her face and chest lay flat on the
bed as she gracedfully arched up her back to give
her son full access to her cunt and asshole. "Put
your cock in me now Jeanie implored, fuck your
mother in the ass." Todd placed the swollen head
of his cock firmly against Jeanie's well relaxed
anus and began to enter into his mothers hot wet
rectum. "Ughhhhhhh....," Todd groaned as the warm
slippery walls of his mother's ass began to close
and grasp onto his cock. Todd worked his cock in
little by little until is balls rested against his
mother vulva. Jeanie reached back and massaged
them as she encouraged her son to fuck her.
a****listic urgings tugged at Todd's senses as he
began to urgently drive his cock into his mother's
ass. Frantic thrustings soon gave way to deep
short grinding strokes as all inhibition dropped
away. Jeanine clutched at the bed sheets as her
son's massively swollen cock ground into her ass.
With one hand she massaged her clit in a frenzy as
a new orgasm began to rip through her body. With a
wild lustfull look on his face Todd began to
ejaculate in his mother's ass. As Jeanie's rectal
muscles grasped at the boys spouting cock, her ass
was flooded with hot cum. "Ahhhhgg, Ahhhg,
Ahhhhg" groaned the boy as his super sensitized
organ spewed it's hot creamy load into his
mother's body. "Oh baby give all you cum," cried
Jeanie. Todd shuddered and continued to moan as
the last of his cum flowed deep into his mother'

As quickly as they had come the two collapsed.
Mother and son finally fully spent rapidly dozed
off as the opiates of sexual union soothed their
bodies and minds. A glow of love and peace shone
on their faces as the two drifted off into a deep
restful sl**p.

Todd & Mom Chap. 3 (Along cums s*s)

Todd had woken the next morning warmly sandwiched
between his mother and father! Ironically both he
and his father had intense morning hard-ons.
Todd's cock was lodged snugly between his
mother's buttocks much to his delight. His
father's huge organ was firmly wedged between
Todd's ass cheeks much to his dismay. Todd had
moved around a little to extract himself and
found both his parents still asl**p, his relief
was apparent as he softly made his way to his own
room. Todd never saw his father's mischievous
smile on the heels of his departure.

A few days had gone by and it was Saturday
morning. Todd knew his mother was still in bed,
it was her one sl**p in day; his father and
b*****r were at the f****y business and his
s****r was holed up in her room as usual on
Saturday mornings. Todd thought of his mom's sexy
body between the silk sheets of the custom made
bed in the master bedroom. One thought naturally
led to another and the young man eagerly made his
way out of his bedroom down the hallway to mom!

Jeanie was semi awake as her son slipped under
the covers and snuggled up to her and smugly
planted his rigid digit right against her ass.
Jeanie groaned inwardly a little to herself and
thought, `I've created a monster.' Moving away a
little Todd's mother stretched, yawned and place
a sweet kiss on her son's cheek. Todd tried to
initiate a more serious kiss with his mother, but
she gently pushed the boy away. "Not first thing
in the morning my young stallion," Jeanie
exclaimed. "Oh mom, I need you so bad," the boy
exclaimed in return. Jeanie reached down and
encased the boys straining young cock in her warm
hand. "Well it certainly feels that way, but not
this morning," she teased. Todd was nearly beside
himself; so close but yet so far.
"Mom...........," the boy pleaded. Jeanie had
quietly been calculating in her mind; Todd was
somewhat bewildered when his mother said "you
know you have beautiful s****r." Well the events
of the recent past and talks with mom helped Todd
some in grasping the implied union, but it didn't
entirely stop him from stammering out some quick
questions, somewhat the result of his frustration
of not getting mom as much as his dismay that she
would suggest his s****r.

While Todd was still struggling with these
thoughts, Jeanie quickly got up and made her way
down the hall to her daughter's room. "I'll be
right back she said," as she made her way down
the hallway. Gently knocking on the door she
called out "Merri." Meredith was her daughter's
name but every one called her merri because she
was so bright, cheerful and playful. Upon opening
the door she found the girl lounging on her four
poster reading a book; the radio played some kind
of alternative music not too loudly in the
background. Sitting down gracefully next to Merri
on the bed; Jeanie began to gently stroke her
daughters small lithe back with her soft hand.
Meredith was a year older than Todd and almost a
miniature of her mother body wise. Her long
luxurious hair reflected the reddish brown mane
that crowned her father, but in a deeper more
auburn shade.

Still gently massaging her daughter, Jeanie
questioned; "remember what I told you about Todd
shortly after vacation?" As the woman moved her
strokes gently to the round compact curves of the
young woman's buttocks she moved her face down
close to the sweet pixie like face and said,
"he's in my bedroom with the stiffest cock you
ever saw. Merri looked up into her mother's
grinning face with a perky knowing look and began
to move off the bed with a wide toothy grin of
her own. Mother and daughter quickly danced down
the hallway smirking and quietly giggling as they
touched and caressed one another in a familiar

Todd was still in a mental predicament as he sat
on the edge of bed with one of those inadvertent
rock hard erections painfully straining his
penile tissues. `Sex with Merri'; Todd had to
admit he had sometimes fantasized a little about
his s****r. She was a knockout in a bathing suit,
but more often than not she bounced around the
place in those disgusting grunge clothes. Todd
was a preppy all the way. He could never
understand why anyone that good looking would put
such unflattering cloths on their body. Even
while the young man was musing on these things;
the steel rocket like hard-on still severely in
evidence; in walked his mother and Merri, but not
like Todd had ever seen her before! Naked but for
some emerald green silk panties, Merri struck a
frontal cock bursting pose just inside the
doorway. Perfect shaped small round breasts
pouted teasingly from their high perch on the
young girl's torso. Medium brown cone shaped
areola surrounded long hard nipples that pointed
un-ashamedly to the sky. A wonderfully slim waist
curved out deliciously to mold smoothly into a
pair of nicely toned thighs. Todd just sat there
on the bed with his mouth open, his cock harder
than ever, his mind in a daze.

Jeanie put her hand to her mouth to keep from
laughing out loud. "Well what do you think?"
Merri grilled her stunned b*****r with a devilish
lilt to her voice. "Do you want to fuck me or
not," she teased un-mercilessly. Todd's eye's
rapidly darted from his s****r's body to his
mother's amused face. Jeanie dropped her hand
from her face and tried to encourage the boy with
a warm smile. "Well... I gues...., I guess.....,
YES," Todd finally stammered out. Merri then
strode over to the bed. She caressed her
b*****r's cheek in passing and got down on the
bed in a more than suggestive doggy position and
said, "first you have to lick my cunt"
"Huh..........." Todd said: He looked at his
mother for help. The awesome sight of his
s****r's tight little ass and smooth shaved puss
was making his cock drool with pre-cum, but he
had never really considered putting his tongue
there on a woman before; as much as he had seen
it in the videos, it had never really dawned on
him that licking a girl's sex might be something
he might have to do some day.

Jeanie smiled one of those motherly smiles and
joined the two youngsters on the bed.
"A woman needs some help in getting excited" she
explained while reaching under the young girls
cunt and beginning a gentle massage of the warm
pubic mound that also was so nicely shaven.
"Thinking to herself, Jeanie knew this probably
wasn't required at the moment, especially with
Merri, but she continued to instruct." "Rub here
like this;" she moved Todd's hand to the moist
mound. "Gently at first and not directly on the
clitoris;" she helped the boy around the area and
familiarize him with the relative parts.

Todd jumped as a marked gasp escaped his s****rs
lips; "Ahhh....mmmm, keep it up"
Encouraged Todd let his mother work him through
the logistics of it all. Soon the boy was licking
his s****rs sweet young cunt with delight. As he
worked his tongue around and around Todd noticed
the now familiar sweet musky smell his mother had
exhumed when he fucked her beautiful ass. Backing
off somewhat he now noticed that Merri's small
pucker anus was also coated with the same clear
rose colored jell. As Todd reflected on this
observance and fell victim to the myriad of other
stimulating smells, sounds and sights that were
surrounding him, his cock began to hurt with the
incredible tightness the resulting arousal

Merri was now thoroughly excited; purring and
mewing with increased ardor she urged her b*****r
on: "Lick me faster...harder, harder.
Uhhnnn,Uhhhnn,Uhnnnn." Fully arouse by the sight
before her Jeanie joined in. Working her self
under Todd, she began to work her warm mouth on
his bobbing dong. Todd groaned loudly with the

It seemed like an eternity and at the same time
only a split second that they licked and sucked
and cried and moaned as flesh and nerve endings
were stimulated by the combined attack of all the

"Ahhhh, Anngh......Fuck me now, fuck me, fuck me,
fuck me;" Merri began to plead as a whirlpool of
orgiastic fingers began to swirl around her lower
parts. Jeanie let go of Todd and quickly guided
his burning tool to the reddish swollen lips of
the girls trembling cunt. Todd and Merri both
cried out loudly as the boy deliberately f***ed
his cock into his s****rs wet cunt. The heat and
tightness of Merri was fantastic as Todd began to
pump his heated member deeper and deeper into
her. Todd was not nearly fully into his s****r as
his large flared cockhead began to push
insistently into her shallow cervical doorway.
"Ahhh.., Oooohm.., Ahhnnn" Merri cried; "Push
harder, deeper, deeper." Todd nearly lost his wad
as his cock burst through the tight area of
Merri's cunt and entered into her uterus. Working
his cock back and forth through that deep warm
area of the young girls cunt began sending waves
of ecstasy through both Todd and his s****r.
Finally they got a rhythm going and the boy's
long cock was driving well past Meredith's cervix
as his god awful horny balls ground against her
outer lips. Soon things got out of hand for Merri
and she began to come undone. Todd couldn't
believe the wild way his s****r began to thrust
her self back on him in an attempt to work out
her pending monster orgasm. "Ahhnn, Ahhnn,
Ahhnn,Ahhnn..." she went on shouting like a
machine gun, as her b*****r hung on to her slim
waist and plowed his inflamed meat into her
dripping convulsing cunt. Watching and feeling
Merri's firm round ass bounce against his abdomen
was driving Todd crazy, faster and faster they
pumped, lost to the world, fast in the grips of a
nuclear orgasm about to happen.

Jeanie moved around alternating between daughter
and son, rubbing massaging, frenching, as she
helped them onto completion. Even as Merri
surrendered fully to her orgasm; Todd began his
own. His super heated prostrate began to engineer
a massive outpouring of cum. Merri cried out as
she felt the rapids jets of semen race up the
underside of her b*****r's hard cock. Todd rammed
himself fully into Merri and shot jet after jet
of hot sperm into her hot writhing body. With one
hand on her own pussy Jeanie soon brought herself
to orgasm while she watched her offspring enjoy
the fruits of their coupling. All three trembled
and shook as successive orgasms ripped through
their overheated bodies. The sound of their
surrender filled the room as they shouted and
cried and moaned in unison.

Merri groaned loudly as Todd sank back onto the
bed, his long wet cock vacating her quivering

After several minutes of breath catching and
luxuriating in the dense physical afterglow
of being fucked by her b*****r; Merri reached
over and grasped Todd's somewhat deflated organ.
As their mother watched she thought to herself,
"the boy actually is softening"; still Todd's
cock looked huge in his s****r's small delicate
hand. Merri moved over closer to further examine
the warm hunk of flesh in her hand. "It's
beautiful Toddy" she exclaimed while fondling it.
"I think it's almost as big as daddy's" she said
with a gleeful look on her face. "Todd
immediately questioned," you've had sex with dad?
"Of course " replied his impish s****r, "Haven't
YOU?" "NO" Todd shot back with a certain amount
of indignation and shock in his voice. Jeanie
unseen by Todd quickly motioned with her finger
to her lips as she locked eyes with Merri. Merri
took the clue and stroking Todd's cock firmly
said "I want to suck it!" Hormones took over and
Todd forgot about the exchange for the moment.
His young body was awakening again and the lusty
look on his s****r's face as she covered the head
of his cock fired his libido once again.

It wasn't long before Merri's warm insistent
mouth had Todd rock hard. Jeanie joined in
frenching her son and feeding him her full
beautiful tits. Todd sucked on her nipples and
swirled his tongue around on them with
exuberance. "Would you suck him from below,
mom?" Merri questioned. Jeanie willingly laid on
her back and urged Todd into a sixty-nine
position with her. Merri squeezed her small hard
breasts and pulled fiercely on her long nipples
as she watched mother and son begin to consume
one another.

Todd explored and massaged his mother's warm
parts with his hands and mouth as she in turn
began to take his cock deep into her loving
mouth. Merri watched and masturbated. Todd's face
lit up and he groaned deeply as his mother
surprised him by tilting her head way back,
relaxing her esophagus and deep throating the boy
all the way to his balls. If Todd wasn't hard
before, he was now. Merri came all over her small
hand as she watched her b*****r's long hard cock
disappear into her mother's beautiful face.
Jeanie's closed eye's and hollowed cheeks served
to make an impact on the observed scene.

Incensed with the sight of it all Merri moved her
mouth down to that site of oral union and began
to tongue Todd's hard member and her mother's
lips where they met. Working her small hot tongue
all around the base of Todd's cock and balls
caused him to groan with pleasure. Merri licked
up around his balls then took them one by one
into her hot mouth. "Oh god that feels wonderful"
Todd said as his s****r's mouth encased his
excited nuts. Abruptly Merri announced "I want to
get in the middle. The girl then somehow inserted
herself between mother and son. As Todd's moist
cock came free form his mother's mouth the girl
f***ed her pubic mound in it's place. Jeanie then
took hold of Todd's rampant tool and lined it up
with Merri's wet vagina. Todd eagerly pressed his
cock home. "Oooommph...."; Merri cried in ecstacy
as the large cock and warm mouth began to assault
her body. The fluid almost squirted out of the
young girls pussy as her b*****r worked his cock
in and out. Todd had never seen so much juice in
his young life! Jeanie sucked and slurped
diligently below as the two youngsters fucked.

"Oooooh....., I wish Timmy was here" cried Merri
as she rocked her hips back and forth against her
b*****r. "I need another cock" the girl
exclaimed. "In the night table," Jeanie managed
to say from underneath. Merri reached over and
opened the small drawer in the night table. Todd
watched with great interest as she reached into
the drawer and pulled out a large pink dildo
shaped just like a cock. Merri handed the tool
back to Todd and said "put it where your cock
is!" Todd hesitated, a little dumbfounded. "Put
it where your cock is and fuck me in the ASS!"
the girl shouted. Todd obediently pulled his cock
out of Merri's steaming cunt and began to work
the dildo in. Jeanie took the boy into her mouth
while he f***ed the huge instrument into his
s****r. Merri groaned loudly as her cunt was
filled and stretched to capacity. When the dildo
was fully inserted Jeanie took hold of it and
place the head of the boy's horny cock against
the small pink bud of Merri's anus. "Should't I
stretch it" Todd asked as he looked at his huge
swollen cock resting at his s****r's anal
doorway. "Just FUCK ME" cried the girl. Todd
obeyed. Spreading her small cheeks wide the young
man f***ed his large dripping cockhead against
the small jell coated anal ring. With a great
shove while pulling back on Merri's small waist,
Todd breach his s****r's tight ass. Merri's small
face contorted as she arched her back and laid
her head sideways on her mother's abdomen. The
bright pixie face now reflected pain and ecstasy,
mouth wide and eye's screwed shut. The sight of
his s****r like this spurred the boy on to began
a slow rhythmic pumping into her heated bowels.
Jeanie meanwhile worked the girl's protruding
hard clitoris insistently with her mouth and
tongue. With her hands Jeanie reached back and
massaged Todd's firm muscular buns while he
pumped into her daughter. Then she massaged his
hard balls as they began to pull tightly up
against the base of his cock.

Todd picked up the pace now as seductive tendrils
of heat began to tickle his groin. The sight of
his long cock disappearing into Merri's sweet ass
caused his adrenaline to flow like a river. Merri
was crying out and groaning loudly now as her
body was skewered and manipulate by the large
dildo, Todd's ramrod cock and her mother's hot
skillful mouth. Orgasm after orgasm rippled
through her body. Todd fucked his s****r's ass
furiously now as his own orgasm quickly
approached. "Ahhh, Ahhh, AHHHHHHHHHHH" Todd
screamed out as the boiling infernal in his cock
and balls boiled over. Merri pushed her ass back
wildly against her b*****r as he began to shoot
into her rectum. Jeanie said "yesss....fill her
ass sweetheart" as she watch the boy's cock jerk
and spasm from below. Todd held Merri's ass
tightly against himself while the involuntary
muscular spasms of his orgasm emptied his sperm
into his s****r's gripping ass.
Chapter #4

One morning Todd joined his mother for
breakfast by the pool. It was going to be
a hot day, little did Todd know, in more ways
than one. Todd couldn't quite keep his eyes off
the full swell of his mother's tits above the
top of her low cut lacy black bra. Jeanie of
course noticed and allowed her robe to open more
and more as she ate and talked with her son. A
warm wetness soon developed between the woman's
legs as she imagined what effect her gorgeous tits
were having on Todd. Needles to say the young man
soon had a boner that wouldn't quit, but Todd was
trying to be cool; thinking himself an old hand
at sex with after the last several days of intense
fucking with mom and s*s.

Jeanie was somewhat startled, yet amused and
aroused when Todd, out of the clear blue sky asked
"what's a prostate gland do mom?" Teasingly Jeanie
asked back "what do you think it does?" Todd a
little flustered to have the ball back in his own
court so quickly, began to spew out a little of
this and a little of that; things he'd picked up
and tried to deduce in the course of reading
magazines and erotica. Jeanie listened with an
understanding, yet sometimes amused look on her
face. "Well you've got some things right," she
said, "but not all of it" "Perhaps it's time for
some anatomy lessons" Jeanie said while gracefully
standing up. Stepping around the small patio table;
Jeanie sidled up to her son. After giving Todd a brief
hug and facial caress she took his hand and said "Come
on.... come with me upstairs." Todd followed, the
familiar tent like structure on the front of his
boxers in evidence.

In the large luxurious master bath Jeanie began
to introduce Todd to his prostate! First she
told him how to cleanse himself with an anal
douche, prepared the necessary paraphernalia
and left him to his own devices in the bathroom.
Even though he thought it somewhat interesting,
Todd found inserting something into his anus
pretty strange, in a warm sort of a way.
Unknowingly Todd managed to prod his prostate
with the long phallic like douche. This proved
to give the experience a much more pleasurable
quality. Things got strange again when the boy's
rectum was filled with the warm lubricious fluid
as he squeezed the large bulb on the douche.
Todd had never felt anything like it before; he
felt pleasantly full, yet somewhat nauseous, and
a little dizzy all at the same time. Mom had
said to hold it in as long as possible and so he
did, but not for long. Todd found the rush of
fluids from his body even more disconcerting
and was glad when it was over.

Jeanie grinned widely to herself even while she
greeted her somewhat wobbly son with a motherly
smile as he joined her in the master bedroom.
Todd wasn't sure if he'd enjoyed douche or not.
The boy's once super stiff cock was not quite
so stiff as he laid back on the bed to relax
for a moment.

Jeanie removed her robe and her bra. Her large
full perfectly shaped breasts swung sexily free
as they were released. Todd's interest was
almost immediately apparent as his eyes were
drawn to his mom's beautifully tanned breasts.
Jeanie teased the boy by cupping them with her
hands and pulling on her long firm nipples. She
knew Todd needed a little extra stimulation
right then; the sight of his mother fondling
herself in this way soon produce the natural
effect on Todd. Jeanie reached down and began
to stroke Todd's cock as it lengthened and
swelled to it's more than generous size. Todd
was soon making little noises as his mother
lovingly massaged his rapidly hardening cock.
The groaning got louder when Jeanie took her
son's beautiful member into her warm mouth.
" I love it when you suck my cock"
the boy said. Todd's mom then began to massage
his excited balls while working her skilled
lips up and down on his lengthening tool. Todd
was quickly getting into the zone as his groin
began to tingle in that old familiar way.

Jeanie worked on her son's long delicious cock
for a few more minutes, savoring it's meaty
taste and the pre-cum that steadily flowed from
it's swollen purple head. Todd was in heaven,
He couldn't wait to blow his hot wad in his
mother's beautiful mouth. But then Jeanie moved
off the boy and urged him to get into a
kneeling/squatting sort of a position. "Now
we're going to find out about that prostate of
yours" Jeanie said. Moving somewhat to the side
and rear of the boy; Jeanie began to stroke
Todd's long bobbing cock with one hand while
starting to massage and caress his firm boyish
ass with the other. Todd jumped a little when
his mother pressed her thumb against his anus.
"It's OK she cooed in his ear while kissing his
neck and stroking more firmly on his cock. Todd
was still well lubricated from the douche
episode and his mother's insistent thumb soon
slid into his hot wet rectum. "Uhhhhh..."
grunted the boy as Jeanie pushed further in and
placed her thumb on the boy's warm prostate
gland. She began to gently massage the gland
while continuing to stoke the boy's trembling
cock. Todd began to squirm and twitch as hot
searing jolts of pleasure in his prostate began
to consume his lower body. Soon Todd found
himself in a kind of out-of-body state. Jeanie
was massaging quite firmly now with both hands,
while continuing to work her hot mouth all over
the boy's body. "Do you feel it?" she asked
while continuing to massage the hard muscle
like prostate. "Look at your cock" she said
while pressing more firmly against the gland.
The fire building in Todd's prostate, balls and
cock approached the volcanic stage as he watched
in amazement while a steady stream of cum oozed
out of his cock. "Oh god mom, that feels
wonderful, oh god I gotta cum"; Todd was almost
whimpering as he struggled to contain the
unbelievable assault on his senses.

Both Todd and his mother were startled when
Todd's b*****r Tim suddenly stepped into view,
they both had been facing away from the door
and never saw the near twin as he watched and
observed for a few minutes before making his
presence known. "Jesus," Todd said, "don't you
ever knock." When the boy tried to extract
himself from his mother and get up off the bed,
Jeanie firmly held on to him and continued to
massage and stroke. "It's all right, it's ok,
you're safe" she said with her warm face
pressed against the boys face. "Todd it's your
b*****r, it's ok" his mother admonished with a
warm intensity. Todd's body was in such a state
of arousal he found it hard to further object.
Tim was grinning at him in b*****rly way while
stroking his own super hard-on. Todd quickly
remembered back a few years to when he and Tim
had begun to discover themselves. The boys had
enjoyed many a hot time looking at magazines
and jacking off. He remembered how fiercely
they use to pull on their cocks, often shooting
their boy cum on one another as they exploded
with youthful exuberance. Todd soon gave himself
over to the reunion. Tim moved onto the bed and
faced Todd in the same squatting position. Jeanie
willingly welcomed her other son by taking his
long hard member into her motherly mouth.

"Mmmmm..., mom that's great" Tim exclaimed,
"rub my prostate too" the older son begged.
Jeanie found Tim's anus well greased and ready,
much to her amusement. "I see you've been
sneaking around and watching for quite awhile"
she teased. Tim could only groan deeply as his
mother's other thumb found his prostate and
massaged it firmly. Before long the boys were
grinning at each other in a dazed kind of a way
as their mother worked her thumbs in their hot
asses and alternately sucked their twin cocks!
Suddenly Tim said "mom let me help you get Todd
off, I want to see him cum in your mouth.
Todd's interest was piqued as his b*****r moved
around behind him and replaced his mother's
thumb with his own. Jeanie then began to work
on Todd with both hands and her mouth. Tim
expertly rubbed his b*****r's prostate while
Jeanie stroked Todd's cock and massaged his
aching balls. Todd looked at his beautiful
mother through lust filled eyes, his head
rolling around somewhat as his body began to
prepare for the great flood of sperm that was
waiting to erupt. His mother's full tits looked
like beautiful pointed bombshells and her face
like that of a blond goddess as lust painted
it's special picture across the her features
also. Todd could only grunt and shake when his
b*****r suddenly pulled out his thumb and
replaced it with his own burning cock; the long
thick organ quickly slipped into the Todd's
quivering anus and filled his rectum like never
before. Todd welcomed the large cock with a
rocking squeezing motion, it felt so good, so
warm and filling. Tim began to grind his hot
rod deep in his b*****r's tight ass.

"Uhhhgggnn, Uhhhgggnn, Uhhhgggnn" grunted the
younger boy as his senses were overloaded. Tim
bucked madly in his b*****r's hot tight ass and
soon found himself about to cum also. "Ahhh,
Ahhh, Ahhh... I'm going to shoot" Todd cried as
the dam burst. Jeanie positioned her mouth for
the flood to come, her beautiful face tilted
back so the b*****rs could see; her full mouth
open wide to receive it's reward. "Uhhhnnn,
Uhhhnnn" Todd groaned as the first hot thick
jets of his sperm squirted squarely into his
mother's open mouth. Tim, seeing this fantastic
scene quickly pulled himself out of Todd's ass
and thrust his own now spouting cock in his
mother's face. Todd groaned loudly as he was
vacated and continue to shoot jet after jet of
cum into his mother's mouth. Jeanie grabbed
greedily at her older son's bobbing squirting
member as it got near. Cum was flying
everywhere while she tried to cover both
spouting organs with her mouth. Finally Jeanie
got the heads of both cocks together, her eyes
sparked and smiled as she began to milk both of
her dear sons into her warm mouth. The boys
shuddered and shook as their mother massaged
the last drops of fluid from their burning
prostates and diligently sucked them from their
cocks. Todd and Tim beamed and sighed, putting
their arms around one another and their mother
as she drained and cleaned their long cocks
with her mouth. When finally finished after
several long minutes of loving attention,
Jeanie gave each of the boys a passionate kiss
and shared the remains of their sperm with
them. The boy's then kissed each other, it
seemed natural in the warm afterglow. Finally
they all kissed together and slowly collapsed
onto the bed.

"Mom you're wonderful" said Tim as he snuggled
up to her. "We love you mom" said Todd as he
hugged her from the other side. Jeanie lay
peaceful and content between them as they all
rested, satisfied and happy, safe and warm. The
way a f****y ought to be.

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