It had been five days since the accident. It was a horrible car accident by any account. Beth's Father had barely survived and had been in a c*** for the past five days. Her mother was not hurt as bad but was in traction and would not be able to leave the hospital for two more weeks. Beth was at their home the night of the accident and was the only member of the house able to function at full capacity.

Beth's father had been slowly coming out of his c*** all day, and the doctors thought he would make a full recovery. He was still unable to remember anything due to the accident and the doctors had warned Beth that he might have suffered some brain trauma. They wouldn't know the full extent of his condition for another couple of weeks.

"Beth." Her mother was explaining. "I want you to take your father home and take good care of him. You have to be strong. The doctors told us that he would be foggy and might not recognize us at first."

"I know mom.' Beth replied. "I'm just so glad you're both alive that I can handle anything right now."

"You're a great girl Beth." Her mother told her. "I know your father is in good hands."

A special home care nurse had helped Beth get her father home and into his own bed. She warned Beth not to upset her father and to not correct any erroneous memories that came to light the first few days.

Beth's father awoke to sunlight streaming in through the bedroom window. He was very confused. He remembered being in the hospital, but wasn't sure why. He remembered that he was married but didn't know to whom. In fact he wasn't quite sure who he was! He sat up slowly and looked around the bedroom for clues.

There was a picture on the nightstand of a beautiful girl with long black hair. He examined the photo more closely. She had full lips and bright, blue eyes that seemed to stare into his soul. Her body was slim and athletic but she had incredibly large breasts hanging from her small frame. He started to become aroused and was happy that he had married such a beautiful woman. He had a memory flashback of a chubby girlfriend he had in high school. "I'm glad I didn't marry her." He said out loud.

What Beth's father didn't realize was that it was a picture of Beth! Beth's mother was very plump with short brown hair and thin lips. Though not entirely unattractive she was the polar opposite of Beth and tipped the scales at 200 pounds.

Beth's father actually felt pretty good for being in the hospital for the better part of the week but he knew that he would feel even better if he could relieve some his pent up sexual energy. His cock was hard as a rock and he needed some relief immediately. No sex for a week will do that to a man.

He got up and prowled down the hall peering in the various rooms as he went down the hall. He was by nature an impatient man and the growing bulge in his pajama bottoms was taking him to the very edge of sanity.

Beth had her headphones on and one of her mother's silver vibrators moving in and out of her pussy. She was so horny. It was probably a symptom of all the stress she had been under because of the accident her parents were in. She was unaware that her father was coming down the hall and thought that he would be sl**ping until the next morning. That's what the doctors had told her.

Beth's father peered into Beth's bedroom door and his cock grew to its full length at the sight before him. Beth was lying there completely naked, legs spread wide working a silver vibrator in and out of her pussy. He could hear the sloshing noise she was making as she worked herself towards orgasm. Hi massive floppy tits were jiggling from side to side as she fucked herself with the vibrator.

Beth started to pull at her nipples with her free hand as she pulled the vibrator all the way out and held it against her clit. She was moaning a little now wishing it was a real cock moving in and out of her.

Beth's father dropped his pajama bottoms to the floor and moved towards the bed and whom he thought was his very thoughtful wife using a different room to pleasure herself so that she didn't wake him. He was amazed at how young his wife was. "You are the man!" He thought to himself.

Beth's father saw his opportunity. As Beth pulled the vibrator out a second time to focus on her nipples again he mounted the bed and thrust his cock into her.

Beth screamed in shock and started to shake as an intense wave of pleasure overcame her. She looked up and saw her fathers smiling face as he started to fuck her hard.

"Baby, you don't know how much I need this." He told her. "I'm ready to explode. No man in history has needed his wife more than I need you right now. "

Beth realized that he thought that she was his wife! He didn't realize that he was fucking his own daughter.

Beth's father picked up the pace and was slamming his cock to the hilt with every thrust. Beth though horrified, started to orgasm. This was the best fuck of her life and she couldn't help herself. She moaned and wrapped her legs around his back bucking her hips up to meet his every thrust. Her father yelled that he was cumming and she could feel his cock spasm as he erupted deep within her.

He kept fucking her even after he came. He pulled out long enough to roll Beth over on her stomach and he mounted her from behind. Beth pulled herself up onto her hands and knees and started to push back to meet his ever increasing thrusts. He father reached around with both hands and grabbed two handfuls of the must luscious breasts he had ever seen or felt. It wasn't long before Beth came again.

Beth felt her father pull his cock out of her sopping pussy and aim it at her rectum. She started to protest but his cock slid all the way in. Neither of them moved for a moment and then her father started to fuck her slowly. Beth started to get used to it and even enjoy it as her father picked up the pace; within a few seconds he grunted and shot his seed deep into her.

Within minutes of his orgasm, Beth's father collapsed on top of her and fell into a deep sl**p. Beth rolled him off her and ran out of the room. "What have I done." She yelled. "What have we done?"

Her panicked thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the telephone ringing. Beth picked it up. "Hello?'

"Hi Beth!" Her mom said. "How is everything going with your father?"

"Uh. He seems to have a lot more energy than I thought he would have." Beth replied. "But he's sl**ping again right now." Beth could feel her father's sperm leaking down her leg. The thought was starting to turn her on again. "He doesn't remember who I am."

"Well don't upset him and just play along Ok?"

"You got it mom." Beth replied and hung up the phone.

Beth ran into her room and flopped down on her bed. She had always thought her dad was sexy but it was her dad. All girls have thoughts like that. "I've betrayed mom." She thought out loud. "What am I going to do now?"

The weekend's exhaustion finally overwhelmed Beth and she fell into a deep sl**p. She had many dreams that night. She had dreams of her f****y running along the beach and hiking in the mountains. She had a dream that she was a sl**ping princess who could not be awakened. Many knights and princes tried to wake her with special rituals or kisses on the lips but nothing could summon her from her death like slumber.

Somewhere deep in that dream she felt hands on her head and felt something hot sliding between her lips and over her tongue. She had trouble breathing at first as a massive object invaded her mouth. She felt it pull all the way out of her mouth, but as it pulled out she was left with an unbearable sadness and her lips chased it and sucked it back into the warmth of her mouth. In her dream this game went on for some time.

Beth started to waken from this strange dream only to realize that there was an actual cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Pre-cum had leaked out onto her tongue and the taste was driving her wild. She opened her eyes to see her father standing next to her bed looking down at her and thrusting his cock into her mouth. He was holding her head steady with his strong hands.

Beth didn't know how long her father had been face fucking her, but she felt his cock stiffen and a jet of sperm shoot into her mouth. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and he started to coat her face in sperm. After the last string of his cum landed across her face Beth opened her mouth and slid her lips down his shaft for one last suck.

"Argh!" Her father moaned. He was still very weak from the accident and started to fall back. Beth jumped out of the bed and steadied him. She walked him back to his own room and they both got into the queen size bed and fell asl**p in each other's arms.

Beth was totally in love with her father at this point and didn't have the heart to tell him that she wasn't really his wife. She didn't know what they were going to do. All she knew was that she was going to wake him up by impaling herself on his cock and fucking his brains out again. Maybe she could share him with her mom, she thought. Maybe her mom wouldn't be angry.

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