She is in the tree house. Her secret place. Not so secret really, since it can be seen easily. But she has been coming here since she was a small girl. Her daddy had built it for her when she was too small to climb the tree herself.

He had to carry her up to the door. How safe she had felt in his arms as he held her so she could reach the catch to open the door. And how safe she felt inside, knowing her daddy had built it. For her.

It was her secret place because nobody else had been inside since she made it her den. Not even her best friend Sylvie, although they had spent many an evening in each other's bedrooms talking about boys.

From about 17 years old, she had been spending nearly every evening in her secret place. Her mother was forever coming into her room without knocking. It wasn't as if she was a bad girl. In fact, her daddy always used to say she was a good little girl. "My precious little girl" he used to say. She was also his princess, angel, little diamond and lots of other nice names. Her daddy always knocked and waited for her to say to come in. But her mother never did. It was almost as if she was trying to catch her doing something.

And just after she became 18, she did. Or very nearly.

One evening, she had been sitting on her daddy's lap. This was something she had been doing since she was a little girl and she had seen no reason to stop. Her head was against his chest and he was stroking her hair, like hundreds of times before.

They were watching TV and the latest video by her favourite band was playing. The singer was so handsome.

She felt a little strange. Not unwell, just odd. "I feel a little funny, daddy. I think I'll go to bed early."

"Okay, honey" her daddy replied, kissing her nose. "I'll be up later to see if you are okay."

In bed she was suddenly aware her hand was between her thighs rubbing herself gently. It felt good but she never knew why. And since it felt good, she felt better and carried on. Sometimes she used two fingers, sometimes just one. Occasionally she would push a finger inside and she felt a little wetness.

She continued to rub and it felt even better than when she started. She almost never heard the gentle knock on the door and her daddy's voice. "It's me, baby. Can I come in?"

In her state of arousal she could barely speak but she manages a whispered "Yes daddy, it's okay."

He padded over to her bed and reached down towards her, holding the palm of his hand gently to her forehead. "Are you okay Princess?"

"Yes daddy, I think so."

"Are you sure? You seem a little flushed. Let me check your pulse."

He lifted her arm from beneath the bedding and held her wrist. With horror she saw the stickiness on her fingers in the light.

She pushed herself up and tried to change the angle of her arm, hoping he wouldn't see.

"I'm okay, daddy, really I am."

As she moved, the bedding slid a little and she realised she hadn't put her PJs on. Her little breasts had become exposed. She never knew if she was more embarrassed about him seeing her hand or her breasts. But he was focusing on his watch and didn't seem to notice.

She suddenly noticed her nipples had hardened. Her brain was trying to remember if that happened before her daddy came in.

Her thoughts were interrupted when he spoke again. "Well that's okay. But I think you should put your pajama jacket on. I wouldn't want my little girl catching a cold."

And with that he lifted her hand to his mouth, kissing her fingers.

All she could think was "My daddy saw my breasts. For the first time since I had any, my daddy just saw them."

She was sure her nipples hardened even more as she realised he was buttoning her jacket.

He picked up her teddy. "Here, baby, cuddle with Teddy to help keep you warm."

He kissed her goodnight.

For a minute she lay there. Thinking. He'd seen her breasts. He must have lifted her arms into the sleeves of her PJs. He will have seen her breasts move. Did he notice her nipples?

"And he kissed my a hundred times before...but this time they were wet. From my little pussy."

This excited her so much she held onto Teddy tightly, not realising his leg was between hers.

She soon found by pushing and pulling that Teddy's leg rubbed up and down her pussy. It was glorious.

She had what she later knew to be her first orgasm.

Just after, her mother had come straight into the room.

"What's this about you not feeling well? Have you been drinking?"

"No, mother, you know I haven't."

"And what's are too old for Teddy. I don't even know why you still keep him."

Her mother lifted the bear from her grasp and immediately noticed the state of the leg. She knew exactly what her daughter had been doing.

"You dirty girl. I know what you have been doing. I always knew I'd catch you one day. I'll teach you, you little slut!"

With that, she threw back the bedclothes and pushed her daughter onto her front. She began spanking her viciously. She was much too strong and held her in place as she delivered blow after blow.

Daddy had heard his little girl wailing and the slapping sounds and had rushed upstairs.

"What the hell are you doing?" He exclaimed.

"Look at this" his wife said holding out Teddy. "Your slut of a daughter has been masturbating. Rubbing her cunt against that stupid Teddy."

"And for this, you beat her?" He said, shocked. "What about you? Fucking the Gym instructor!"

His wife looked shocked.

"Yes, I've known about your affair all along. I thought you'd get over it, but I was wrong. I want you out of this house in the morning and don't you EVER lay a hand on my daughter again."

His wife stormed out and into their bedroom slamming the door.

Ho looked down at his daughter, sobbing into the pillows. He pulled her top down to cover her naked and pink bottom.

"It's okay angel. I'm not angry with you. Come to daddy."

He lifted her towards him, like when he used to hold her up to the tree house.

She threw her arms around him. "I'm so sorry daddy," she sobbed.

"It's okay baby. You have done nothing wrong. It's your mother who has done wrong, not you."

He held her, soothing her. Kissing her head. Trying to reassure her.

"Don't you worry, precious. We'll be okay. Everything will be okay, you'll see. Daddy loves you."

"I love you too daddy."

He told her he'd go and make up the spare room.

"No daddy. This bed is big enough for two. And I need you tonight."

He thought about it before speaking. "Okay...but you'd better get your full PJs on and I'll get mine."

"Yes daddy."

In bed, after lights out, he wrapped her tightly in his arms. They fell asl**p.

+ + + + +

It was Sylvie she'd spoken to about that night. Not all the details, just how she had gone to bed with those strange feelings. And what she had done.

It was Sylvie who told her about masturbation and orgasms. She was introduced to another use for the handle of her hairbrush.

When Sylvie had lost her virginity she told her all the details and of those occasions she'd had sex.

And now, Sylvie had excitedly reported on her latest lover with such enthusiasm.

"Oh he is much older than me. And he is so good" she had said. "It's like I lost my virginity all over again. You should try to give your cherry to an older man, you know. They are far more considerate."

And this was why she was in her tree house. She'd been thinking about what Sylvie had said.

She saw his car come around the corner and pull into the driveway. He got out and carried his briefcase into the house.

Ten minutes later she saw the movement through the window. She reached for her binoculars and looked through them, focusing on the motif on his light blue T Shirt.

She saw him sitting at his computer. As usual, after a couple of minutes his hand fumbled at his fly and he brought his penis into view.

The first time she had seen this, she couldn't quite make it out. Which was why, on all the occasions since, she had the binoculars with her.

She watched closely as he brought himself to full hardness. She marvelled at how the magnification made it seem like this erect penis was immediately in front of her face. Like she could reach out and touch it. Oh, how she wanted to touch it.

There had been one boy she had been interested in, but he seemed very immature. And ever since Sylvie told her about her older lover, she had lost interest. She was now watching this man regularly.

Sometimes he would use his left hand to stroke as he operated the mouse with his right. Occasionally, his right hand left the mouse and he would hold his penis stroking much faster. And then slow down but still use the same hand.

She had developed her own technique over the last few days too. She had already removed her panties and had been sitting on her large cushion. Her hand was between her legs, while the other held the binoculars. The window frame was at a good height to rest her arm.

She enjoyed her masturbatory sessions very much, but these had become particularly exciting. Sometimes she felt guilty at watching this man. But she couldn't resist it. She loved watching him wank. Especially when he ejaculated. She was fascinated at the different ways his semen came out. Sylvie had told her about this. How most of the boys she had been with had spurted and how her new lover did this sometimes when she wanked him, but that other times it was like he was overflowing. Sylvie didn't mind which it was. Whatever he produced and how, he had done it for her.

The girl in the tree house felt similarly. The man she was watching ejaculated for her. He didn't know he was being watched. But she still felt he was doing it for her. After all, nobody else was watching him were they?

And she always came at the same time or very soon after. It was like they were sharing a moment of sexual pleasure.

This was the man she wanted to make love to. He was the one she wanted to take her virginity. She wanted to touch his penis. To have it entering her pussy.

She imagined him ejaculating inside her. And just then the man she was watching came. She found it particularly exciting knowing he did it as she imagined him inside her and she had her own shuddering climax.

Five minutes later, having put on fresh panties in her room, for the first time she wondered what it was he looked at on his computer.

"I must find out" she thought as she came down the stairs and then approached the door to the room her daddy called his office. She knocked.

"Come in Chantal" she heard him say.

She entered. He was still sitting at his computer. She saw the motif on his light blue T Shirt. The one she bought for his Birthday.

"How's my little girl today? Come and give daddy a hug, princess."

She went over and eased herself onto his lap. "Hello daddy" she said placing her arms around him.

She rested her head on his chest. She felt like a little girl again as he held her and kissed her head.

She turned slightly and looked at the screen. "What were you doing on the computer daddy, something interesting?"

She noted he went a little red.

"No baby, just something for work."

Changing the subject quickly, he asked what was for tea.

"Your favourite" she replied as she kissed him.

Then she saw the piece of paper on his desk. There were three words listed. She knew immediately that these would be his passwords. He had written them down so he wouldn't forget them

"Silly daddy" thought Chantal.

She walked over to the window and looked out. She knew the tree house was the only place with a clear view into this room. Because of the screen placed there. He never knew she had positioned it to allow her to see him.

Maybe, now, she could find out what her daddy looked at. See what made him want to masturbate when she watched him.

+ + + + +

My mind was in turmoil, driving to work. I had a lot to think about.

This morning I was just using my computer to check something on the Internet before leaving and I noticed it had been used yesterday.

But I had not accessed the net since Saturday. I had not even used my computer.

There was only one explanation. It had to be Chantal.

But why? What was she looking for and why hadn't she used her own computer? How did she know my passwords?

Dammit! She must have found the note of them that I keep in my desk drawer. I really should have made more effort to remember them.

That note was kept between the pages of my favourite magazine. A magazine featuring photographs of young women with shaved pussies.

When I checked, I found the note in the magazine. But not in the page I left it.

My little girl had found this. Could it be worse?

It was. Having accessed sites from my favourites list she had obviously tried to cover her tracks by deleting the history, including sites I had visited the previous day. But one or two had been left, including

This is what worried me. A stroke-mag wasn't so bad. Embarrassing, perhaps, but not so unusual.

I didn't know what other sites she had seen, but she had obviously seen several.

Had she found the site of spanking stories? Or the one that bothered me the most...Little Angel?

This was another story site. Full of daddy/daughter tales.

Daddies and their little girls.....sometimes wishing, sometimes teasing, but often more.

I love these stories. They are just fantasy. But what would MY little girl think if she had seen this?

I knew there was a way of telling when a site was accessed but I hadn't worked it out.

Whenever I had a computer query, I often asked for Chantal's help...sometimes emailing her up in her bedroom.

Back would come her amused reply. "lolllllll silly daddy."

I sat down when I got to work. I told Rebecca, my secretary, to hold my calls. I needed time to think.

I looked at the photograph on the corner of my desk and picked it up. Chantal looked really sweet. She was a beautiful girl. I know all men think the world of their daughters, but my baby girl really is lovely.

When I needed her to help me on my computer, she used to come down from her room smiling.

"What have you done this time, silly?" she would ask.

She'd sit on my lap as she did what was needed. My hands would rest on her thighs as she would solve my problem. I thought nothing of this contact.

As much as I enjoyed the i****t stories I never thought of Chantal that way. Sure she was cute, but it was other fathers being seduced by their little girls, not me.

But then maybe things had changed last week.

My mind wandered back to that weekend. It had been very hot for a few days and I was taking a break from a little gardening. Chantal came home from the park where she had been playing softball. She looked quite hot. I suggested she go in for a shower.

"Hey daddy" she said. "You have your hose out, so why don't you spray water on me to cool me down?"

I had done this before, when she was much younger, so I thought why not?

I had the sprinkler attachment connected so I pointed the spray in her direction.

Soon her cotton shorts and top were soaking wet. Her T-Shirt clung to her, accentuating her lovely breasts and the cold water caused the obvious reaction as her nipples could be seen poking through the material.

"Now do my back daddy," she laughed as she turned away.

As I continued to spray the water over her I noticed her bottom. Her shorts were like a second skin and it was impossible to tell if she had panties on.

And that was when I became aware that my cock was hard. My sweet little girl was standing there in shorts and top, so wet and clingy, that she looked naked.

I had an erection from looking at my daughter!

I turned the hose off and Chantal turned to face me. My eyes were drawn to her little shorts and I saw the slightly dark area of her pubic hair.

"I think you'd better go inside and change out of those wet things," I said to her, trying not to make it obvious why.

"Yes daddy" she answered as she came over to me.

Reaching up, she put her hands on my shoulders and kissed me, not caring that her wet body was pressed against me.

"Thanks for cooling me off daddy. I'm sorry I got you wet," she giggled.

Momentarily confused, I looked down to see the wet area on my shirt where I felt her breasts against me just seconds earlier. I was still rock hard.

I'd had enough of the gardening and I needed to change. So I went into the house.

As I was climbing the stairs I heard little moans coming from the shower.

I smiled to myself. I knew Chantal had been masturbating for quite a while. I'd heard her before in her room. I even wondered if she did it in her tree house. She had been spending a fair bit of time up there lately.

Time was she used to great me when I got home from work. Now there is always that delay before she comes down to welcome me.

As I walked to my room I saw the door to the bathroom was open. I saw the glass screen of the shower and through this was Chantal's naked body. I stopped.

I couldn't make out anything but just knowing it was her and hearing her little whimpers as she brought herself to a climax was beautiful. And very sexy.

I suddenly became aware my cock was in my hand. I had no recollection of unzipping, but there I was, stroking my penis while my daughter was bringing herself to her orgasm.

I heard the shower turn off so I quietly stepped into my room.

I knew Chantal would be another 10 minutes in the bathroom, so I knew I had time.

I lay on my bed masturbating to the image I had just seen. Except in my imagination I saw her perfectly. Leaning against the wall, one hand on her pussy, the other directing the shower spray.

I saw her breasts gently moving as she fingered herself, a look of pure pleasure on her angelic face.

I came so hard. This was as good as anything I'd seen or read.

I left my room to go downstairs to get a shirt from the airer ready for after I showered. I was a little surprised to find Chantal had left the bathroom already.

As I descended the stairs, she called "Daddy...will you take me to the mall, I need to buy some things?"

"Sure precious" I replied.

"What is it you need? I'll buy it for you."

"Oooh thank you daddy. I need more panties."

When I saw the kind she was looking for I realised why it had been so difficult to tell if she was wearing any earlier.

"Which do you like daddy?" she asked showing me several pairs. I wasn't sure how to feel, being asked my opinion on something so intimate for my daughter. But I did know I felt tremendously excited.

"I'm not sure, honey. You choose."

"Oh please, daddy. Just choose one then. I'll pick the others."

I chose a pink thong.

She chose 2 more the same style in different colours and selected 3 more of another style.

+ + + + +

Dear Diary

Saturday 10th

My daddy was in the garden when I came home from the park. He helped me cool down by spraying water all over me. My nipples went all stiff as my shirt got soaking wet.

I think daddy had been having sexy thoughts. When I reached up to kiss him, I deliberately pressed against him. I wanted him to feel my nipples, but all I did was get him wet.

Anyway, I think he was hard down there. Oh, how I wish he had got hard because of me.

I had a lovely cum in the shower. I fantasised that when my daddy saw me in my shirt with my nipples sticking out, he unzipped and came to me. I imagined him pushing me onto my hands and knees before pulling my little shorts down. I would feel him against me as he took me from behind.

After my shower I was going back to my room and I noticed a movement through the gap in the door to daddy's bedroom. I looked in. I KNEW he had been thinking about sex!

He was lying there stroking his penis. God, I was so close to him.

I wanted to see him cum, like when I watch from my den. But I decided he may see or hear me if I waited too long. So I went to my room. I was so excited I played with myself again.

I got daddy to take me to the mall to buy some new panties. Poor daddy. He looked so embarrassed when I asked him which ones he liked:))) I do like to tease him sometimes.


Dear Diary

Sunday 18th

My daddy was out today. That gave me the chance to look at his computer. I know that this was naughty of me. Maybe my daddy will spank me if he found out. I can always dream...lollll

But I had to find out what he looked at. First I needed that piece of paper with his passwords on.

His drawer was locked, but I knew he kept the key in his pencil case. I smiled to myself as I opened his drawer. He writes his passwords down, so they can be read. And he locks his drawer, but leaves the key where it can be found. Silly daddy:)) But I do love you.

I couldn't see the paper but a magazine caught my eye. It was a men's magazine and all the models had their pubic hair removed. I wonder if my daddy would like me if I looked like these girls.

I found the paper I was looking for between the pages of the magazine.

In the favourites feature I found several that showed a date of last log on when I put a password in. One of them showed last log on for Friday. I had watched daddy on Friday. It was an erotic story site and all of them seemed to be about daddies and uncles with daughters and nieces.

I printed some off so I could read later.

Other sites showed pictures of women from behind and had names like Ass Paradise and Derriere Heaven.

It seems my daddy likes bottoms and bare pussies. But best of all he reads about daddy/daughter sex.

I should have paid more attention to the names. If I found out when daddy had looked at these things, then he would see that they had been accessed today. He probably wouldn't notice the last log on date and if he did, he'd probably think it was just computer error. But a whole bunch of sites listed in history as accessed today would look suspicious. Chances are daddy doesn't even know about this anyway. But to be safe, I deleted as much as I could.

I could probably distract him anyway, with the plan forming in my naughty little mind.


+ + + + +

I pulled up in the driveway...still unsure how I was going to tackle this. I looked up at the tree house and sighed. If only my little girl had stayed a little girl.

I always knew she'd grow up, but not so soon. She is still so sweet and innocent in my eyes.

I entered the hallway and there was my angel.

"Hello daddy" she said, almost bounding toward me and then standing on tippy toe to kiss me.

I was taken by surprise. She'd usually been in her tree house when I came home from work.

This allowed me some time in my study. Time when I could masturbate to the stories.

I'd been looking forward to the next instalment of a series about a girl called Michelle.

She and her daddy had been having sex for a while now, and he had been slowly, but sneakily, preparing her for when he introduced her to anal sex.

That would have to wait.

I was about to tell Chantal I needed to talk to her when she led me by the hand into the living room.

"Sit down, daddy, I have something to show you," she said, directing me to the sofa.

"That was very nice of you to buy them for me, so I wanted you to see them."

And she whipped off her wrap-around skirt to reveal one of the thongs we bought.

"Honey..." I began, but she cut me off.

"Yes you like them?" she asked sweetly.

I could barely stammer out a "Yes..." before she turned.

"And look at the you think I look sexy, daddy?"

With this, she turned around. She may as well have had nothing on at all. Her bottom looked completely naked.

Before I could react, she told me she was now going to show me some more and she took a few steps across the room.

It was then I noticed the screen from my study, which she must have brought in earlier.

She went behind it and called out "You can't see me, can you daddy?"

"No...I can't" I replied...and then my eyes were drawn sideways to the full-length mirror on the wall next to the door.

"Oh, baby..." I started...but then I caught sight of her reflection as she eased the miniscule item down over her hips. I gave a little gasp as the flimsy back piece that nestled between her buttocks came slowly away.

"What was that, daddy?"

"Nothing, baby" I replied feeling a little guilty as I watched her slipping something else up her legs, seeing her bottom wriggling delightfully.

"I chose these," she told me as she walked towards me.

I immediately thought of a postage stamp, they looked so small.

"Do you like them daddy?"

All I could do was stare at the area between my daughter's thighs.


"Oh...yes...very nice, Chantal...very small, but very, there is something we need to talk about..."

"In a minute, please daddy...I just want to show you the one you chose for me."

I watched the mirror again as she removed the little G-string. I was stunned as she stood up.

Was I imagining this? On Saturday I could clearly make out the dark area of her pubic hair. Now there was nothing to be seen.

I was aware she was holding up the pink thong, making sure she had it the right way. Had I not been staring so intently at her nakedness, I may have seen her eyes check the mirror to see if I was watching.

She walked over to me, standing very close this time. I marvelled at the way it stretched over her mound, fitting so snugly. I wondered if it would fit so well had she not shaved there.

"Touch it daddy, feel how silky the material is."

I reached out...but then stopped, my hand just hovering.

"Come on daddy...I don't mind," she said reaching out.

She guided my hand towards her until it touched her. She brushed my hand side to side, then up and down. She held my hand against her. I could feel her little pussy...her bare little cunt, as she pressed my fingers there.

I heard the letterbox click. The evening paper. The sound interrupted my trance and I removed my hand.

" feel...I look very nice baby. But we need to talk. Sit down Chantal."

I meant her to sit next to me. But she took up her place on my lap. I was aware she hadn't put her skirt back on and her bottom was bare.

"Yes, daddy...what is it?"

"Is there something you wanted to tell me angel?"

"No...daddy...I don't think so. What do you mean?"

I started to tell her how I was checking my computer this morning and I could tell it had been used yesterday. I was explaining I was not angry with her but that I wanted to know what she was doing.

"Oh daddy, I'm sorry...I...well I..."

And then she started to cry.

I held her and stroked her to reassure her that I wasn't angry. That I was stroking her bare thigh did not matter.

"It's okay, pet, daddy isn't angry with his little girl. Don't cry honey...just tell me what you were looking for."

"Well...I.....I wanted to learn a bit more about sex daddy."

I asked her why she couldn't use her own computer. She told me the parental controls prevented her finding anything useful. I'd forgotten they were in place. Hadn't thought to relax them now she was growing up.

But I felt there was more she wasn't saying.

"I'm sorry honey, I'd forgotten they were still there. But you could have reminded me....we could have talked about it. I'm sure I could help you learn more too baby. What sort of things did you want to know?"

"Well, daddy, I'd like to know's....things..."

"You mean penises? You want to know about them?"

This seemed to make it easier for her, the fact that I'd said the word.

"Yes daddy, their penises. I know how I feel...I know how vagina feels when I...when I..."

I helped her again.

"You mean when you masturbate. It's okay, honey. I do know you know."

I smiled, trying to reassure her.

"Yes daddy...I know what I feel...I'd like to know what men feel when they get excited. If their penises feel any different when they erection. What happens?"

She was growing in confidence.

"I think I can help you there, Chantal. I can talk to you about that."

"Id like it better if you showed me daddy."

She moved backwards so she sat astride me.

The impact of what she had just said was still sinking in when I realised she had undone my fly and had pulled my cock into view.

"Ooh daddy....your penis is quite hard. Is this what happens by talking about them? It's so smooth to touch."

I looked at her, but her eyes were staring intently downwards.

"Come on baby...we shouldn't be doing this..." I began.

But I wasn't doing anything. She was.

"Daddy..." she looked up at me smiling. "Did I make you excited, to get you all hard like this?"

I looked down at my cock, with my daughter's hand wrapped around it. My cock got even stiffer then.

If there was a point at which I should have called a halt, I think I missed it. I found myself thinking that she had seen me naked before. Granted many years ago. The only difference now was I had a hard on. She wanted to learn. It was okay wasn't it?

She was only examining it after all.

But already I was willing her to do more.

She must have read my thoughts.

"Would you show me how to masturbate you daddy? I felt it get bigger since I held it. Would you like me to play with your penis?"

I missed another chance to stop this then. Instead I said, "Chantal, want to use a different word to penis? Cock is a nice word to use. Penis is too clinical."

"Okay daddy" she replied. "Cock. Your cock. Daddy's stiff cock."

She rubbed her thumb over the tip, feeling my wetness.

"That's called pre-come baby. It's a sign that the man is excited and...."

She cut me off.

"I know you are excited, daddy. You got hard when I was showing you my new underwear. I saw you looking at me in the mirror. And I feel what a hard cock my daddy has now."

She slid off my lap and kneeled in front the sofa. "Lay down daddy" she said as she pulled my trousers off completely. I removed my shirt.

She fondled my balls feeling each of them individually before taking hold of me again.

She gave me slow strokes but then sped up. It was rapidly becoming too much for me.

I had seen my little girl in such sexy and intimate clothing. Now she was wanking me.

It was the quickest cum I'd had in a long time. My hips squirmed as spunk poured out of my cock.

Chantal continued her strokes and squealed as a spurt of liquid landed on my chest.

My cock began to soften as my breathing slowly got back to something approaching normal.

She held me but was no longer stroking.

"Daddy...that looked like a lot of sperm there. Was that...normal?"

"You can't actually see sperm honey," I explained. The liquid is actually Semen and contains sperm.

"I see, daddy" she replied.

"Could you get me a towel please, so I can wipe myself off."

"Yes, daddy. And I have something for you too."

I watched her as she left the room. She looked so good in that thong.

What did she say? She had something for me? She just gave me the most pleasure I'd had in a long time and she wants to give me something!

I wiped myself off as Chantal was kneeling, sitting back on her heels, holding a small parcel.

"This is for you, daddy" she said, as I was about to stand.

"I thought you should have something more modern so I bought them for you."

She gave me the package and kissed me. "I love you daddy."

"I love you too baby. What have you bought me then?"

I smiled when I unwrapped my special gift. The model on the box was good looking with a six-pack. And there was the usual impressive looking bulge. The message seemed to be "you too can look like this" as if their briefs had some special powers.

My daughter had bought me some briefs. I opened the box. They weren't quite thong style but they were certainly cut far higher than I was used to. They were incredibly soft and silky in my fingers.

"Try them daddy, please."

I stood up and stepped into them, easing them on. They seemed so delicate.

But when they were on they felt great. It was like my cock was being caressed by a thousand tiny fingers.

"You look good daddy. Really sexy."

"Thank you honey. They feel really nice."

"My pleasure, daddy. Will you teach me some more now please? I need to know how it feels to have somebody play with my pussy. Will you do that for me daddy?"

She had already removed her thong and was sitting on the sofa with her legs apart.

How could I say no? She had given me a wonderful orgasm. It was only fair I gave her some pleasure back. It was not like I was having sex with my daughter, was it.

"Do you like my pussy, daddy? I shaved it just for you. I think you like it that way. I saw your magazine."

"Yes, baby. You look good enough to eat. Would you like me to do that too?"

"Eat me daddy? What do you mean?"

"All in good time, angel. We have plenty of time."

I sat beside her and placed my hand on her thigh. She sucked her breath in.

"Okay Chantal? Are you sure you want this?"

"Yessss daddy, yesssssssssss. I really need your fingers in me. Play with me, daddy, please. Make me come."

I placed my hand over her little mound, feeling her heat. She pushed her hips up, meeting my hand as my middle finger found her slit. I rubbed gently, feeling her wetness and spreading it over her cunt. She was so tight as I slipped my finger into her. I curled my finger, moving it around and applying pressure to her G Spot. I slid in and out gently, allowing her to get used to the feel of something inside her. She was moaning and whimpering in pleasure.

Using her juices as lubricant my finger rubbed her exposed clitoris until I went back inside her for more. Then back to her magic button again. She shuddered and came.

"Ohhh....daddy......that is so good...I love you daddy......make me cum some more...please daddy."

"I have no intention of stopping yet, baby. I'm going to eat you. Rest your heels on the edge of the cushion. I want you to really open yourself for me.

I sat back to gaze upon her. My lovely daughter splayed open for me. Her face flushed with excitement, her chest heaving, legs apart, those sexy pink ankle socks and just above, her little cunt with her swollen lips like a ripe fruit.

My head moved in and I inhaled her scent. I placed my lips against her, kissing, chewing, and nibbling.

I licked her, moving upwards to her clit, which I licked with the tip of my tongue. It drove her wild. I gripped her hips to hold her steady as my mouth pressed against her once more.

"Oh my god,'s incredible.... what are you doing to me.... I think I am going to cum again."

Once again my tongue was in her, working her towards another climax.

I sat back again to look. Her face, so pink....eyes barely open...her pussy, glistening with her secretions. And then something new.

She'd shifted her position and I saw her tiny anal opening. Like an asterisk. Or a star.

I smiled as I thought of her email address. "Reach for the stars."

And now I could reach for a star. I would reach for her star as she came.

I slid a finger back into her, felt her tightening onto me.

"Oh yessssss.....oh god....yes, close..."

My tongue was on her clit again.....little moans from my darling daughter...getting louder.

I removed my finger, slid it downwards following a trail of her juices and found it. I pushed gently turning my finger like a screw, easing into her ass.

The intrusion acted as a trigger as Chantal came again.

"Oooh...ahhh....daddy...what did you just do....oh...god....unnnh...yesssssssss....cumming daddeee..."

She writhed and bucked as I held my finger in place, encouraging her.

"Yes, baby, come for me...come for your daddy, there's a good girl....cum princess...while my finger is there...can you feel my finger?"

"Oh....yesss are making me cum....oh I'm coming...I am coming for you daddy......."

She looked so beautiful and so helpless as she came.

We stayed on the sofa, cuddling.

"That was wonderful, daddy. I never came like that before."

I kissed her on her forehead.

"I have a confession...daddy...."

"A confession honey? What do you mean?"

She told me about how she could see into my study from the tree house.

"Yes, angel...and what can you...."

Realisation dawned. This is where she was when I came home from work. My time on the Internet.

"I'm sorry daddy....I know I shouldn't...but I wanted to...needed to watch you. I saw by accident the first time. But then I watched you with my binoculars."

I knew what she had been seeing...but I needed to hear her say it. She had to own up.

"What had you been watching baby?"

"I was watching you masturbate, daddy. I watched you play with your penis. I wanted to be with you daddy...I wanted to hold you as you came."

"I see, honey."

"And there is something else.....I...I wanted to know what you were looking at. On the computer. I needed to know what turned you on, daddy."

"Why baby?"

"I want you, daddy. I want you to make love to me. I want you to be the one who takes my virginity. Please teach me about sex, daddy.

I was thinking about what she said and then the interruption came.

" women really like it when a man puts his penis....his cock.... into their...their...bottoms?"

"Some do...especially when she trusts her man and when he has been patient and understanding with her."

"Like Michelle you mean?"

"Michelle?" I responded. "Who is Michelle?"

"You know...the girl in that story you have been reading. I think the man has been getting her ready for...anal sex."

So now I knew it. She had seen the stories I'd been reading. She knew that I enjoyed reading about girls having sex with their daddies. Knew that It turned me on...and it never bothered her.

Not just that...she wanted me to teach her

Again, she interrupted my thoughts by taking my hand. "Come on daddy. Let's go upstairs."

I stood up. She looked straight at my crotch and giggled. With the material caressing me and the thoughts of what Chantal had just said, my cock was really hard and bulging.

"Is that for me daddy? Did I make you hard again?"

I just grinned. It had been a while since I'd got so hard, so soon after cumming earlier.

I followed my daughter up the stairs, all the while looking at her ass. I wanted to just push her down and enter her from behind. Take her f***efully before we reached the landing.

But her first time should be beautiful.

I expected her to go into my room, so we could make love in the bigger bed. But she led me to her room. She saw my questioning look.

"I want you in my bed daddy. I want us to make love in my bed."

She removed her socks and top and turned to me. I looked at her as she stood there, naked. Beautiful. My Princess.

She reached out and slipped my shirt off. Crouching down in front of me, she touched her hand gently on my cock, running her fingers along its length, before hooking her fingers in and dragging downwards. I was now as naked as she was. I looked down, my cock standing proud and her face below.

She wrapped her fingers around it and she licked its tip. Then she placed her hand at the base of my cock and began to take me in her mouth. This was unbelievable.

I held her head gently and, slowly, slid into her. I eased back and marvelled as my cock slipped from her lips. It glistened in its wetness. Her head moved forward to capture me again and again...and then she released me.

Much more of this and I'd surely cum in her pretty mouth.

"Are you sure you want this, angel?

"Yes of course, daddy. I have wanted you for so long. Please make love to me."

I helped her up and then sat on her bed, lifting her onto my lap.

I kissed her breasts, sucking her nipples into my mouth. She held my head in a moment of blissful intimacy. A reversal of a son suckling his mother's breasts.

"It's time baby," I said as I laid her upon the bed.

Next to her was her teddy. It reminded me this was my daughter and not some fully-grown woman I was going to fuck.

"I don't want to hurt you Princess. You will let me know if it hurts, won't you Chantal?"

"Yes daddy, I promise."

"I'll go slow at first...let you get used to it. See how you feel once I'm inside you."

I opened her legs and moved in between and saw her eyes as they were drawn to where my cock stood hard and throbbing.

Gone was the confidence of earlier, to be replaced by apprehension.

"It's'll be okay baby."

I opened her up with a couple of fingers. I could feel she was a little tense but she was very wet and it would be fine once she relaxed again.

I positioned my cockhead against her cunt and pushed in a little, quickly easing back.

She gave a little moan as I pushed in further, again slipping back.

Soon my cock was all the way inside my sweet girl. I rested, allowing her to adjust to this new feeling.

"How does it feel want me to go on?"

"It feels wonderful, daddy. I love your cock inside me. Make love to me now daddy. Please."

"I love you Chantal" I whispered as I began easing in and out of her slowly, establishing a smooth rhythm.

She made a few whimpering sounds which quickly became pleasurable moans.

I moved a hand to her head, cupping her face. She turned her head like a cat nuzzling into its owner.

My movements quickened and she responded by lifting her hips, pushing against me.

"Oh yes daddy...this feels so good...your cock...fuck me...please..."

"You like it baby?"

"Oooh yes daddy...I want you to fuck me hard, fuck me daddy....fuck me hard and deep... please daddyyyy fuck meeeeee..."

I thrust into her tight little pussy...daddy's cock was in his little girl's cunt...

"Is this what you want baby? You like your daddy's cock fucking you?"

I leaned over and kissed her while I fucked my cock into her.

"Oohh goddd yessss I love when my daddy fucks me."

I'm pushing into her...she wraps her legs around me trying to get me further in...I'm almost's the excitement of daughter, telling me to fuck her harder....I'm going to come soon.

I'm holding her arms as I lay over her body, pushing my cock into he and she is completely caught up in the excitement.

"My pussy was made for your cock...ooh godd.....fuck mee harder daddyyyy pleeease harder, deeeeper...oh fuck I'm cuumminggg,,,my daddy is making me cum with his cock in my pussy..ooohhhhh yessssssss."

"I need you to come quickly angel...come for daddy...then you can have my cum in your hot little body...cum for daddy again."

"Oh dadyyyyyy yessssss nowwwwwww

I'm spunking inside her...she feels my uneven jerks as I little girl, having her daddy's cock spurting.

"Oh angel...feel me come..."

"Yesss...yess daddy cum, cum for your little girl...give it all to meee..."

My convulsions draw to a close as I finish giving her every last drop I have.

"Oh baby you have drained me...your little pussy has milked my cock of all its come."

"mmmmm yessssss I love it..."

I hug her and turn so we are side by side. We gaze at each other, with true daddy and daughter love in our eyes. I reach over and grab Teddy. You look at him and giggle as if remembering something.

Then we cuddle some more, until she falls asl**p in my arms.

+ + + + +

Dear Diary

Tuesday 20th

Last night I made love. At last I am no longer a virgin.

I made love with my daddy. He fucked me soooo good. I can't wait to do it again.

I want to do it in all sorts of ways. I took his cock in my mouth. I want to taste him, taste his semen as he cums in my mouth.

I want to be on top and fuck him while I am in control. I need him to take me from behind as he roughly fucks his cock into me.

I do love my daddy.

I can't wait to read more about Michelle.

I wonder if daddy would like to fuck his little girl in the ass. Fuck his hard cock into my tiny asshole.

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Loved it.
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amazing.. my coock is still jumping