I remember I was returning home from a party, it was pretty lame so I left
earlier then anticipated. I was moving silently through the house trying not
to awake my parents, cause I was out without their knowledge. On the way up to
my room I heard some arousing noises coming from my parents' room. The door was
closed so I put my ear on the door, it was obvious that my parents were having

Mother was moaning and screaming and it made my heart go wild. I was surprised
to catch them screwing, I have never even see them kiss before, I believed
they didn't even fuck, well, I was wrong.
I felt erection was coming into my pants, so I unzipped my pants and took it
out. I started pumping my dick trying to catch the rhythm dad fucked mom. I
kneeled on the floor and peeked through the keyhole.

Son of a bitch!, The bitch on the bed WAS my mother, but the guy who was
fucking her was not my dad, well unless he became nigger since I left tonight.
Oh my god!, that nigger had a cock the size of my leg, it looked like horse
was having an erection and my mother was riding that horse like crazy. I sure
couldn't believe that any pussy could take that horse cock but it went inside
my mothers cunt like it was made for it. I was obsessed by this obscene
action that I forgot that my mother is cheating on dad. But that thought left
my head when I saw that there is someone else in the room. I managed to see
someone's legs on the bed where that nigger pumped my mom. I couldn't see who
was that so I ran out of the house, climbed the drain pipe and entered my
parents bathroom through the window. I knew they never close that window so it
was easy.

The door of the bathroom were not closed so I peeked and almost got heart
attack. The man on the bed was my father, it looked like he was sl**ping, but
how in the hell could he be sl**ping when that nigger bastard was fucking mom
right next to him and she was screaming like somebody was killing her. I
thought maybe that nigger was a burglar and he knocked my dad unconsious
and decided to fuck my mother, but I discarded that idea cause it didn't look
like nigger was screwing my mom against her will.

Then idea struck me, dad must be d**gged, and then I realized everything.
Almost every night after dinner mom gave us tea to sl**p better, she must have
been d**gging us for ages, that bitch was screwing in the house for past three
years and we had no idea. Thank god I forgot to drink my cup tonight, I looked
around the bathroom cabinet and found a powerful sl**ping potion in the
cabinet and next to it were moms anti-impregnation pills, and oh my god! a box
of anal lube, the box was big, containing 25 tubes and it was all empty. I
held that box and thought what a slut mother was, but I don't understand it,
she even wasn't good looking, a mid forty house wife, she isn't fat but
everything on her was hung, her ass (a turbo big piece of meat) her boobs
(although she has large breasts, when they are in her bra, but now they were
slapping that nigger's face like balloons), everything and that nigger was young
and very well built.

My thoughts were interrupted by loud screams that came from bedroom, I peeked
and saw that nigger was preparing to enter moms butt. For Christ sake I could
now see the full size of his dick, it was black and huge, when I say huge I
mean it. The monster was almost reaching to his knee and when he took it and
tried to enter mothers rectum, I almost passed out.
After a while he managed to enter her asshole and I tell you it looked like
moms cheeks would split at any second but he continued fucking her ass like it
was her pussy. With each stroke he was deeper and deeper inside her rectum
until, after 10 minutes just his big black balls were the only thing that was
out of mom's rectum. I couldn't believe it, mom was gasping for air and I
thought his cock will come out through her mouth anytime.
The nigger was fucking her ass fast and hard, he would retract his piece from
her ass almost to his dickhead and then ram it all back in until his balls
slapped her cunt. No need to say mother was in nirvana, she was drooling on bed
and on dad who was sl**ping like a baby while that nigger was fucking the
brains out of mom. My erection was so hard I thought it will explode in my
hands, I took moms panties from the dirty laundry basket and ejaculated in
them too many times. Her panties were all covered with my cum so I threw them
back in the basket and took another one. This one were all dirty from the
juices from her pussy and her rectum, so I smelled her panties while I
masturbated. I peeked again to realize "Negro horse" was still screwing her
butt, I just lost it, the smell from her pussy on my nose and the sight of
that monstrosity buried in her butt made me cum. I was to late to catch my
jism with her panties so I shot my load on the bathroom door.

I heard that nigger moaning so I looked and saw him. He just pulled his piece
out of her rectum, OH MY GOD! her ass, the size of hole, it can't be. Jesus!
the size of her anus was awesome, it looked like she was impaled on a fire
hydrant, the huge hole between her cheeks, I had no idea human rectum could
stretch so much, she looked like she could deliver a baby through her anus.
The nigger was shooting his load instantly and mom didn't catch his cum with
her mouth so the nigger bastard shot his entire load onto my fathers head and
When my slut mother saw what that bastard did they started to laugh, while she
started to lick his cum from dad's face.

Nigger stood from the bed and started going toward me, I was in trouble, I
looked around and jumped into the dirty laundry basket. The basket was made
from wood and full of holes so I could see everything.
Nigger entered the bathroom and went to the toilet, he was preparing to take a
piss when mom entered and told him to stop. She told him she wanted him to piss
into her mouth. I couldn't believe that was my mom.

She kneeled and took his cock with both hands like a fire hose, he started
pissing and she tried to drink it all but he was like a horse so it started
going out of her mouth down her neck through her breasts to her cunt where it
dripped down to bathroom floor. Mom was now sucking his cock or rather trying
to suck it, only his dickhead managed to enter her mouth, piss was flying
everywhere. Nigger wanted to fuck her again so he bend her over the basket
(the one I was in) and started to fuck her, they were rocking my basket like
crazy, I thought I'd fall out. The view I had was amazing, I could see that
monstrosity enter my mothers cunt and her belly swelling from the size of his
piece. occasionally when he would retract his cock too much it would fall out
and it would hit me in the eyes if there wasn't the basket to stop him.

He fucked my mom for long and then he started to ejaculate but my mother
wanted the taste of his black cum in her mouth so she moved and his cock fell
out of her cunt causing him to shoot his cum into my face, on the basket but
it all went through. The sensation of hot cum covering my face was new to me,
and it felt good. I instinctively licked cum from my lips and to my surprise
it was really good it tasted like chestnut, I have never before tasted my
sperm and I just found what I was missing out, I licked it all from my face.
Mom was sucking his cock and playing with his big balls when nigger
interrupted her saying "I must leave now!", Mother was sad he couldn't stay
longer and fuck her some more. She turned and saw my cum on the bathroom door,
she turned towards nigger and said to him "You naughty boy, I have to clean up
after you", she kneeled and started licking my cum from the door. To see my
slut mother licking my seed made my bl**d boil, I felt my cock growing.

Nigger left and mom walked him out of the house, I guess. I quickly jumped out
of the basket and left to my room. I threw the tea from the cup and lied in
bed. I was thinking about mom, how the idea to d**g dad and me was a stroke of
Genius. I was in my thoughts when door opened. It was mom, she must have been
checking on me every time she d**gged us.
She came to me and to my surprise she pulled my pajama off. I was completely
naked before her, I felt my penis was moving up again I was so excited I
thought my heart will explode. Next I felt her mouth around my balls, she was
licking my balls and anus and then all of a sudden she put my entire genitals
inside her mouth. OHHHHH SHIT, I felt her tongue on my balls and her teeth on
my cock, I instantly lost control and started growing inside her mouth but
bitch just wouldn't let my cock out.
Soon I was in my full extent and still in her mouth, I heard her heavy
breathing, she obviously couldn't breathe cause my cock was deep inside her
throat. When she lost her air she let me out and at once started sucking me. I
had a difficult time trying to hide I was awake.
Who knows how many times did she do this to me, how many times she ****d me.
Who knows, maybe that nigger fucked her in my bed with me lying next to them,
maybe he shot his jism onto me. But the hell with that I wanted to fuck her

After a suck session she mounted me and started to fuck herself with my cock.
It was hard to believe but she was tight again, after that horse have fucked
her I thought her holes will never close.
She was riding me like a horse I couldn't believe how huge sexual appetite my
mother has. While she was fucking herself she was slapping her boobs against my
face and I liked it, they were so soft and warm, she even put her nipple
inside my mouth of course I couldn't licked it.
I don't know how long was she fucking me but I just couldn't take it anymore,
I shot my load into her womb and before she could react I was finished, she
quickly jumped off and started sucking my cock for an extra drop of my seed.
She cleaned me with her tongue and gave me a kiss on my piss hole and left, I
opened my eyes in disbelief what just happened.

The next night came soon and the orgy could begin. That nigger guy came again
but this time he had a friend with him. This guy was black also and he had a
cock that could break any record in size. I was in my room peeking, I was
shocked when I realized they were coming to my room to fuck.
That new guy, I heard mom calling him Sean, couldn't wait, he was grabbing my
mom for tits and ass. That nigger who fucked mom yesterday was Michael, and he
was undressing. Sean was sucking mothers pussy while she had his meat in her
mouth (as much as it could fit). Michael came to me and started slapping me
with his cock in the face, and I remember mom told him to shove his meat in my
The scent of his balls in my mouth is something I'll never forget. He fucked
me in the mouth with his cock while Sean was screwing mom right beside me.
That Michael character has had enough of my mom and he wanted something new.
He took of my pajama and sucked my cock, while he was swallowing my genitals
his fingers were inside my anus spreading it beyond it's boundaries. I
realized he intended to fuck my ass, he took some grease and put it in my
rectum and around it and then he greased his cock. When I felt his head on my
butthole I thought he'd split me like an apple, cause I know what my mothers
rectum looked like when he was finished.
That lube was really something cause I felt my asshole stretching so easy to
take that monster. My mother was taking it hard in her ass also cause her
nigger was bigger. I heard mom saying to Mike "Fuck his little ass, split him
open!" and then she was taken back to her own pain cause Sean was all the way
in her rectum and he wanted to go further in.
I felt Mike's cock in me, it was big as a house, I don't know how deep he was
but I felt him in my throat. He was on top of me shoving his meat in and I was
looking at my mom. The way Sean was fucking mom was something unseen, I was
looking at them and wandering how much can she take him. I was brought back to
myself cause Mike started pounding me like Sean did mom. The pain was
something, He fucked my ass so hard my ass has gone numb, I swear, once I felt
his balls on my ass, that means he was all the way in me. The next I remember
I felt something hot running through my bowels, the bastard came in me.

From now on mother was getting everything double, while they were screwing mom
I reached my ass and felt the HOLE Mike made in me. It was so big I could
shove my fist in, the cum was oozing out of my rectum on my bed.
They fucked mom couple of times and then they said they were exhausted, mom
could take a ton of cum in her but they wanted to leave. Mike told her he
wouldn't be able to come for few months, she was very disappointed.

Tomorrow I replaced mom's anti-baby pills with sl**ping pills. At night I went
to my parents room, they were both sl**ping like logs. I undressed mom and
fucked her.
I shot my seed into her womb three times that night and the next couple of
weeks every night was the same. I had a plan, to make her pregnant, of course,
to let that niggers pump her wouldn't be fun. A black baby would be suspicious
so I decided to give her a gift from my balls.

After a couple of weeks of every night intrusion sex she started to realize she
was pregnant. Dad was very confused cause he can't remember when they had sex
last time. Anyway her belly was growing and when she was in a 7th month Mike
came back, he was very excited by the fact she is pregnant, he fucked her that
night almost till dawn.

Sean was coming with Mike again and they were screwing mom until the day she
gave birth to a healthy white girl, my daughter.

Mom stopped seeing Mike and Sean and she spend all the time with her daughter.
One day I came from school and I caught mom breast feeding my daughter, I said
I'm sorry, she turned toward me and said "why are you sorry?" - I said "I saw
your breast", she just smiled and said, "It didn't bother you when you made me
this baby?".

I have sex with my mother almost every night, of course she is awake. My
father is dead, his heart failed during his sl**p. So now I've took my place
in the bed with mom. I've been a good boy and made two more daughters, but
that was all 8 years ago.
Today I have a real harem, 4 pussies to fuck, that's lot of cunt, even for me so
Mom suggested calling Michael to help us. He was more then willing to give his
cock to help us. So now twice a week we all have a big orgy in our house,
nobody is spared. My oldest daughter is a real slut like her mom, she is 9
years old and already Mike and I are fucking her little holes at the same
time, it's a real paradise in my house.

Mom just told me she is pregnant again and Mike was fucking her by himself,
cause I had my cum-hungry daughters to take care of. I only hope Mom will
bring us another daughter, only black, with pink clit.
Soon my daughters will be able to conceive and then Mike and I will have a big
fun making babies.

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