It had been love at first sight, or so it had seemed then. Sheela had met her future husband at a party hosted by one of the junior officers in the unit under her fathers’ command. As per their regimen, a party would be hosted at the drop of a hat, and under any pretext. Sheela herself was never keen, but had no option but to follow the established tradition. On that fateful day, she was introduced to Lieutenant Ravinder, who had recently joined the unit. That was in Ambala Cantonment. Lieutenant Ravinder was tall, fair & strikingly handsome. He was 26 and a bachelor. Sheela was 29, but looked a lot younger than her age. She was a stunner, and was well built and well stacked in all the right places. She stood 5’ 7” tall, fair and was very articulate. They had hit it off in their very first meeting, and soon they were seeing each other on a regular basis. It was a matter of time, and as expected by all those around them, he had proposed to her. He informed her father, that he was an only c***d and was a native of Bangalore, where his widowed father lived. His father was an industrialist and financially very well settled. He had informed Sheela, that his f****y was orthodox and after marriage she would have to stay with him, and in the event of a non f****y posting, she would have to stay at Bangalore. Sheela had agreed whole heartedly. Ravi had later informed her, that his father had been quite against the marriage in view of her age, but he had persuaded his father, who had reluctantly agreed. For the record, Ravi’s father Mr. V. R. Rao was always referred to by all concerned as SIR.

Sir was aged 51, tall and dark with a greying beard. He was broad shouldered and hirsute. He was a stern man and a strict disciplinarian and was more feared than respected by his employees. She had her first glimpse of him when he came to Ambala with Ravi to talk to her parents. He was candid and clear. He had not even glanced at her while finalizing the wedding arrangements with her parents. He had made his presence felt to her parents, while ensuring that the distance between him and her f****y was understood clearly. Sir, had left the next day for Delhi from where he was to take a flight to Bangalore.

A few months thereafter they were married. Ravi and Sheela were in bliss. It had been a wonderful marriage. Ravi’s annual leave of 45 days having been sanctioned, they prepared to go to Bangalore. They arrived in Bangalore to a great welcome. It was one party after another from his friends and relatives, as well from the business community of her father in law. Sheela did not even have the time to realize that fifteen days had transpired from the time she had arrived in Bangalore. On the sixteenth day the orders arrived. Lieutenant Ravinder received urgent orders that he had been posted to the front and that his leave in emergent circumstances had been cancelled and he was recalled with immediate effect. Lieutenant Ravinder needed to leave the very next morning. A pall of gloom set over the house.

Sir, looked at Ravi and said, “This is what I have always been afraid of!”

Lieutenant Ravinder : “It is all right Dad. I’ll be back soon. And Dad, for God’s sake, don't use that clout of yours to get me back.”

Sir nodded and told his son to be with his wife and calm her. With that he had turned and walked away. That night Ravi had held her in his arms lovingly and they had made passionate love. Ravi had left the next morning, leaving Sheela behind.

A month later, they received the message that Lieutenant Ravinder was missing in action. Sir, took the news in his stride as he strongly believed that his son would return. Sheela was however inconsolable. As time passed Sheela however accepted the inevitable and resigned herself to the fact that she was a widow. Sheela carried out her household duties in right earnest. Sir, sensing the need for her to start socializing asked her to look after a small part of his office administration, hoping to keep her busy. She had her own chauffer driven car and was given the liberty to keep her own timings. Sir, was too busy and there were many days when they did not even see each other.

But, Sheela had her own private dilemma. She was a young full bodied woman, who had her own physical needs. She would finger herself, and at times use a dildo. It was during her return from office, one day, that while filling petrol in the car, she had a good look at her driver. She had never bothered to look at him as such. But, now she saw his shoulders, his rough hands, admired his strong jaw line. She found herself thereafter stealing glances at his butt, his fingers, nose, ears, and the back of his neck. When he would hand over the car keys, she would as if unknowingly, touch him and experience the thrill. There were times when she would ask him to have tea and he would sit on the floor, while she sat on the couch. She would encourage him to stay and make him talk about his wife, her figure etc., She began to flirt with him when she knew there was nobody around. Sheela was determined to seduce the driver and was waiting for a chance. In the meanwhile her only solace continued to be her dildo and her fingers.

Whilst conversing with Rafiq, the driver, she asked him, what clothes his wife wore.

“She wears shalwar kameez memsaab.”

“Does she wear a bra?”

“No memsaab. We cannot afford it. She wears a cotton body wrap memsaab.”

“Here, take these for her. I hope they will fit her.”

“No memsaab. They are not big. She, my wife has little size. Not like memsaabs.”

Sheela giggled, but stopped when she heard her father in laws car drive up the portico. She asked the driver to leave, and who was more than ready to leave. He sped away as fast as he could. Sheela was quite flustered herself and was standing in anticipation when Sir walked in. He nodded at her, and requested her to have a cup of coffee made for him. Sheela rushed to the kitchen, while Sir sat himself on the couch. He saw the brassieres on the floor. He bent and picked them up, and without even looking at them, he put them in his pocket. Sheela came with the coffee and he took it.

“Sir, dinner to be served when?”

“I am going to my room to freshen up. Shall we say eight? It is seven thirty now, better make it an hour. 8.30 suits you?”

“Yes Sir.”

Sir left, and Sheela heaved a sigh of relief. All the staff left as usual by eight and Sheela had the food kept on the food warmer. She waited. It was 9.30 and Sir had not yet come. Mustering courage, she went up to his room. She knocked softly on the door and said “Sirr”

“Is that you Sheela?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Come in Sheela.”

She opened the door and walked in. He had the T.V. on and was watching the News. He motioned for her to sit next to him, while he continued to watch the News. She moved towards him, and noted that he was wearing a cotton vest and the lower part of his torso was wrapped in a towel, which extended till his knees. She could not help but observe that his feet were hairy and that the calf muscles were well etched. She was now unsure of herself, but went ahead and sat next to him. The News got over by the time she had sat and he switched off the T. V. He then punched the remote and the room was filled with Sheela’s and Rafiq the drivers voice.

“She wears shalwar kameez memsaab.”

“Does she wear a bra?”

“No memsaab. We cannot afford it. She wears a cotton body wrap memsaab.”

“Here, take these for her. I hope this will fit her.”

“No memsaab. They are not big. She, my wife has little size. Not like memsaabs.”]

Then the sound of her giggling. Sheela was thunderstruck. She looked at Sir to beg his forgiveness. But, to her horror, what she saw was, her bras in his hand.

“He did not take it in his hurry. Here you take it.”

She did not dare to look up at him. He f***ed her to look at him and shoved her bra in her face. He rose and went to the door. She saw him latch the door and he turned to face her. She watched in amazement as he removed his vest. She stared at his body. He was muscular and he had hair all over his chest and a little on his shoulders. Her husband was not half of what this man was. She continued to stare as he removed the towel revealing his meat.

“God Almighty!” she thought. “It must be at least 7 inches long.”

It was as if he had read her thoughts. “When aroused it grows Sheela.”

She continued to watch his huge dangling prick as it swayed, while he walked over to her. He was now standing nude directly in front of her face and his dick was inches away from her. She could smell the sex in the room and she herself was wet. She had shut her eyes hard. She felt his hands at the back of her head, when he unclasped the pin holding her hair in a bunch. Her hair cascaded over her back. He then apparently pulled her face to his groin and began grinding and rubbing his meat all over her face. After some time, he grasped her hair in one fist and pulled her head back. She was f***ed to look up at him. She saw that he was holding his dick in his fist and he intended to put it in her mouth, or so she had thought. But instead, he rapped his dick first on her forehead, then her eyes. He rubbed it against her cheeks and later her lips. Sheela was thoroughly aroused and in earnest wanted him to take her. The very thought of his dick beating about her face was the most erotic feeling she had ever experienced. She groaned and shuddered as a sense of thrill went through her body. She realized that she had an orgasm even before he had got down to fucking her.

He then grasped her shoulders and f***ed her to stand up compelling her face to rub against his naked skin from past his groin, his stomach and across his ribs. He brought her lips to his chest and f***ed her lips against his nipple. His hand was in her hair and his powerful fingers were pressing the back of her skull onto his chest.

“Suck Sheela, suck my nipple. Chew on it, lick me Sheela lick.”

She opened her lips and encircled his nipple and began to suck. She experienced great pleasure and was revelling in it when she heard him say, “I have let go of you for more than ten minutes, and you have been at both my nipples, and my body on your own.”

She realized that he was right. She was not under any f***e, and as a matter of fact she had both her palms rubbing against his hairy chest. They stood looking at each other. Her desire was obvious. He then made the first move. He crushed her to his body and her breasts were quashed against his massive chest. He had held her by her waist and crushed her in the embrace while lifting her to have her face in line with his. Her feet were dangling and she could feel his long and thick prick even through her sari rubbing against her thighs. He then crushed her lips with his. He sucked on her lower lip. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and passed his saliva into her mouth. He rolled his tongue and massaged her gums and licked her teeth. By that time he had reached the bed and he set her down, and with a little bite to her lower lip he let her go.

Sheela by then had come to a decision. She decided to let her inhibitions go and enjoy sex with this man. A man, not her father- in- law, a man who would make her beg for more.

Sheela looked him in the eyes and said, “Lets do it properly stud. Make love to me you son of a whore. Fuck me, but do it properly. Give me ten minutes and then come to my room. I’ll give you the fuck of your life mister, better than anything you have had till date. And keep Johnny ready. He has a lot to do tonight.”

She reached for his dick and said “Johnny, momma is waiting for you.”

She left and was amused that she had shocked him into silence. She thought to herself as she went to her bedroom, “Mr. father- in- law, you are going to have one long night of sex and by God, it will be entirely my pleasure.”

He entered her room after fifteen minutes. He was still nude and his dick which had begun to harden earlier when he was kissing her in his room, was limp again and dangling. He was definitely not prepared for the sight that confronted him. She was standing with her back to him in front of her dressing table. He noticed that she had changed into a see through white sari and had doused herself with water. The sari clung to her body and he could see that she was not wearing anything beneath the sari. He saw her well rounded buttocks and that the sari was lodged in the crevice between her buttocks. She returned his look from the mirror. She was leering at his image in the mirror facing her. She then turned around to face him, while in the same motion she threw her hair over her right shoulder revealing her front wrapped in a wet sari. He saw her tits and her nipples.

“34 [DD] – 20—30!” and she used her hands to touch her body to provoke him.

“I cannot remember when I have had sex last, Sheela. To hell with your seduction and fore play. I want you period!”

By the time he completed the sentence, he had reached her. He stripped her of her sari roughly and fast. Before she could gather her thoughts his hand was at her crotch and his finger inside her pussy. His other hand was all over her breasts, molding them like clay, kneading them like dough, squeezing them like lemons. His lips were sucking her nipples and trying to gobble her tits.

Ummmmm yes" she moaned as he feasted on her body and her tits in particular. Her nipples were hard and she was totally aroused. After about ten minutes of licking, and sucking her nipples and fondling her breasts, he held her by her ass and raised her. He backed her against the wall and lowered her onto his rod. He held her aloft with one hand and used the other to direct his rod into her now wet streaming pussy while he lowered her on his cock. As she felt her pussy being lowered down on his waiting cock she shivered while he thrust his entire rod into her cunt. He then fucked her standing for about ten minutes, while she held onto him. Her tits bounced with every thrust, whilst his hands were on her ass squeezing her buttocks every time she landed back on his piston. He reduced the pace of his thrusts and fucked her with long leisurely strokes. He could feel her pussy throb as he continued to raise her slowly up and down. She was on the very edge when he stopped and raised her high allowing his piston to come out of her cunt. She clung to him in desperation as she did not want him to stop. She begged him to continue to fuck her. In her frenzy she tried to get hold of his prick and shove it in her cunt, but he avoided her. He raised her and placed her on his left shoulder and carried her to the bed. He then laid her on the bed.

She lay back on the bed and looked up at him with hungry eyes. She saw his dick stood out from him now, curving at an angle as if it was nearly pointing to the ceiling. It was at least a good ten to eleven inches long and four inches thick. She lay there on her back and looked him in the eye. She saw plain lust and her excitement grew. She spread her arms beckoning him to her, and lifted and spread her legs, inviting his rod.

She said, “Come home Johnny. Mama’s cunt wants you deep and hard. God! Fuck me hard and rough, impregnate me. Please, I cannot wait, take me, take me, take me, take me, puhleeeez! take me!”

He knelt onto the bed and positioned his rod into place against her swollen and soaked pussy lips. With his first thrust about three inches of his cock was within her. He pulled himself out and thrust once more with more f***e and penetrated her a little bit more. With each thrust more and more of him entered her. She groaned with every thrust but was thrilled to be impaled by his fucking rod. He increased his speed and continued to pound her pussy rapidly and with each thrust his power increased. As his movement increased in speed, he raised her thighs and f***ed them to her shoulders. She found her breasts squashed by her own thighs. Jack-knifed as she was, his hammering increased, as did the ferocity. He was now a man possessed. His thrusts increased in power as he mercilessly pounded her pussy with his piston. His huge balls slapped against her ass, with every thrust. His powerful thrusts jerked her hard up the bed as well as the bed itself. As he continued to hammer her pussy, she thought that his dead wife must have experienced some great sex with this stud, as he would then have been much younger in age. Thinking about the word stud, she thought, that, maybe this is how a mare felt when a stallion drove his rod into her. She herself was now feeling that she was being fucked by a horse in the shape of a man.

She did not know how long he had been fucking her. But she was enjoying herself despite the mixed sensation of pleasure with pain. It might have been fifteen minutes or more of continuous pounding in her aching pussy, when she felt her entire body tingle and knew that she was on the verge of an orgasm. His rod was also now pulsating and she could feel it throb in her vagina. She grabbed his ass and tried to get his rod deeper into her cunt. He also knew he was about to cum and while grunting he said, “Cum with me Sheela, CUM at the same time. You wanted to get impregnated, CUM along with me and …..”

Her screams and his grunts were now the sound of sex. His final thrust drove her up the bed and they both came together. She had several orgasms whilst he shot load after load of his sperm into her. He bucked and jerked while she held on to him in an iron vise embrace.

He collapsed on her and in turn embraced her. They rolled over each other when they were ejaculating. During the rolling over, they slid from the bed to the carpeted floor, and continued to roll on the floor, both in a bear hug. They came to a halt with him on top of her. He kissed her once again snaking his tongue into her mouth. He removed himself from over her body to ease his weight off her body and she could see his huge cock slipping out of her love hole.

She whispered, “I love you! The stallion who impregnates me & who is also the father of my wimp husband, darling, who am I and what is the future of our relationship?”

“You are my daughter in law. Nothing can change that fact. In the eyes of the world you will still be my daughter in law. Oh! I forgot to mention that you are not a widow. Ravi is returning tomorrow evening. Hence dear Sheela you will pleasure father and son both. We will keep it all in the f****y. Your husband will get his b*****r or s****r from you and think that he is the father. I’ll take you as and when I want you.”

Squeezing both her breasts he rose and went to the bathroom. She watched his ass as she relived the entire evening and continued to lye where she was. She found that she had no regrets and was pleasantly surprised that she was the one who was supposed to give him the time of his life, but, as things turned out, it was he who had given her an everlasting fuck which she probably would never forget nor get over. She was however not very happy with the thought of Ravi being alive. She drifted off to a deep slumber. When he returned he saw her sl**ping with satisfaction written all over her face. He lifted her easily and laid her on the bed. He laid down himself next to her and slept.

Sheela woke up and stretched. It was about 2.00 A. M. She was satiated and felt a sense of elatedness. Her whole body felt tired and sore, but she also felt satisfied and fulfilled. She glanced at him lying next to her on the bed and as her eyes ran over his hairy body she remembered him fucking her and how she had initially sucked and licked his hairy chest and nipples. She couldn't help herself and she ran her fingers through his hairy chest feeling the hard muscles till she had one nipple in her fingers. She moved her other hand down to his cock and caressed it. She began to lick his chest lightly while she gently touched the tip of his organ. She cupped his balls and rubbed his foreskin. It quickly swelled again and she wrapped her fingers around it and started stroking his rod. She then continued her licking and moved to his groin. He stirred and opened his eyes. He saw that she intended to give him a blow job, so, he reached for her head and fisting her hair pulled her to his face.

“Some other time Sheela. Now you get fucked. Johnny wants momma.”

With that he kissed her on the lips. Their tongues darted in each other's mouths. He pulled her arms over her head and held them there with one hand. He kissed her as his manhood rubbed and jabbed against her abdomen. His kisses were so deep and ardent that she felt he was r****g her mouth with his tongue. She also realized that he was now into foreplay. She was thoroughly enjoying the caresses as his hot breath trailed across her neck. He bit the lobe of her ear, sucked on her lips, and fondled her breasts. His tongue traced a line from her lips, down her chin, her neck and finally stopping to trace circles around her areolas. Sheela instinctively arched her back to shove her breast in his mouth as much as possible. He suckled like a hungry new born on both her breasts.

With her breast still in his mouth and one hand holding her hands pinned above her head, he slid his rock hard penis into her pussy. With one deep thrust he was embedded in her vagina and she in turn tightened her vaginal muscles to firmly grip his cock in a vise.

“Johnny is home mom!”

"Hmmnhmnmnhmnmn" she moaned.

He fucked her with slow and deep thrusts bringing her once again to the edge of an orgasm. Sheela was a bitch in heat, and was desperately lifting her hips to match his thrusts. He removed his cock and left her flailing on her back with her legs wide open and in the air. She screamed and begged him to fuck her.

He turned her over onto her stomach and made her to get on her knees. She moved, positioning herself on her hands and knees, her big round ass in the air.

He kneeled behind her and positioned his cock at her pussy. She gave a small sigh of pleasure and pushed her hips back towards him. Lifting a hand from the bed, she reached back between her spread thighs and closed her fingers round his penis. He leaned forward and, took hold of her breasts and squeezed them in his hands. Then she went up slightly on her toes, and eased her hips back, her hand gently guiding his cock into the moist warmth of her hot love hole. And now it was his turn to gasp as he felt himself slide into her honey pot. His thigh muscles contracted while he readied for his thrust and heard her ecstatic gasp in anticipation as he plunged his cock into her waiting pussy, grabbing her hair again as he began to slam into her. He pulled her head back as far as it would go; wrapping her locks around is hand as he fucked her. She let out a squeal of pleasure and pain as his hand came down to smack her ass, her skin burning as he slapped her. Then he began to drive in and out of her, his other hand mercilessly squeezing her dangling tits. Sheela was making choking, gurgling sounds and thrusting her hips back towards him every time he withdrew, then, suddenly, her gasps increased in intensity and frequency, and her fingers flew to her clitoris, pushing and rubbing frantically.

"Ah! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! AhhhHHHHHHH!"

"Oh!, Oh! Oh!” She moaned, “you're going to make me cum again!"

She began to scream as another orgasm hit her f***efully.

He was about to cum and, he hammered into her with a powerful thrust - and stayed, his buttocks clamped rigidly together, his back straightening, pulling her up with him as he pumped his seed into her. She moaned loudly when she felt his hot sperm hit her inside. He turned her round until she was on her back. He put his cock on her tits and humped her till he stopped shuddering. She removed herself and cleaned up. He was sl**ping, and she thought, he sure needs the rest.

He woke and noted that it was five in the morning. He found he was hard and wanted another fuck.

“This woman is one hell of a lay!” he thought.

She had her back to him. His eyes having adjusted to the darkness, he saw how beautiful Sheela was in the fluorescent night lamp.

Slowly, he turned her round until she was on her back. Lying on his side with his right elbow cushioning his had, he used his left hand to caress her mound.

She gasped, slightly, as his finger found her sensitive clitoris, and to his surprise she was also wanting to be fucked , because her hand reached to take hold of his prick. It swelled and lengthened as her fingers closed round it, and he lowered his head to circle one of her nipples with his mouth.

She laughed softly as she cupped his balls.

“Johnny wants momma?" she whispered, softly.

His hand squeezed her other breast and his head nodded.

Her hand closed round his huge cock and squeezed it, hard.

“Do you want to fuck me again dad?”

He hesitated when he heard the words DAD.

She said, “Come off it Dad. You want me. Admit it. You knew Ravi is returning tomorrow, yet that did not stop you from fucking your son’s wife. Rafiq was a casualty, the straw that broke the camels back. You just needed to justify your desire to take me. Accept the fact that either way you would have found some reason to fuck me. And let me be honest too. Though I never did ever think of you as anything but my father in law, but the past few hours have made me your slut for life. I cannot imagine how I will be able to sl**p with Ravi. After having your meat in me, I am sure that I will not even feel his thin prick in me. We both need each other as man and woman. You will be my stud and I your whore. We can both achieve pleasure by making love the way we want. Ravi will have his wife and you your own mistress, who is willing to be a whore in your bed.”

“I think we agree. At least Johnny here has no problems. He knows he wants momma. That’s it Dad. Johnny wants momma will be our private code for fucking!”

With that she began to stroke his cock. She strained to pull his body across her, and she spread her legs apart. Her hand still gripped his cock.

“Come on Dad you've already fucked me," she said, "and you're going to fuck me again!”

And she pulled him onto her and she pushed his hard cock into her. She is right, he thought and completed their union, and slid his full length inside her again for the third time that night. Sheela’s hands came up round the back of his head and she pulled his mouth down on to hers. Her legs clamped round his waist and her ankles locked as she held him inside her while he fucked her as hard as he could. After about seven minutes of hard fucking, his back arched and he convulsed as he shot his load into her.

The next morning, it was as per any other usual day. She served him his breakfast, and wondered at his coolness. It was as if the last night had never happened. The maid servant called out to her and informed that her driver had reported for duty.

Sir said: “Send him in to take memsaab’s brief case.”

Sheela saw an old man walk in.

Sir said: “Where is Rafiq? Who are you?”

“Sahib, I am his substitute. Yesterday night in some altercation in his home, Rafiq has been severely injured. They say that in the fight, Rafiq’s manhood got cut. He has been hospitalized.”

“That is bad news. Anyway, Sheela instruct our cashier to inform the hospital that the company will pay all the bills. That is the least we can do, for our own employee.”

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