I come from a normal f****y. At least, I think we're pretty normal
anyway. I know some people might disagree, and that's okay. We're poorer
than most. Even poorer than most in the little pissant town in Georgia
where we live. But, we love each other, and we get along, and we look out
for each other, and I think that ought to count for a lot. That all really

doesn't have much to do with my story, but I felt like I had to say it up
front. Now, I'd like to tell you about our vacation this past summer and
what happened on it.
My f****y is so poor that I couldn't remember us ever going on vacation

in my entire life. Not a real one anyway. Neither could my s****r
Michelle. Well, near the end of my junior year in high school (that would
be the end of 'Chelle's sophomore year), Momma and Daddy told us that we
were going to go on a real vacation just as soon as school was out. They
had rented this discount cottage on the beach in Panama City, Florida, for

a whole week, and we were going to take off the day after school got out.
We had some vague memories of going to amusement parks - just for a day -
but that was the closest we had ever come to a vacation. Momma and Daddy
told us this would be their first, too, since they went down to Pensacola
for their honeymoon. My Dad, Matthew Potter, had found this ad in the
newspaper for a discount beach house down at PC, and it was way cheaper
than any price they had seen in years and years. So, they had scrimped and

saved, waiting until they knew they had enough money for sure before they
told us we were going.
Michelle and I nearly went crazy waiting for school to get out - even
more than usual - knowing that we were going off on this great adventure
of a vacation (so it seemed to us). Well, the day finally came, and we
packed up our stuff and piled in the car. The trip only took a few hours,

but we sure were disappointed when we got there.
Our "beach house" turned out to be a one-room cottage with a tiny
bathroom (not even with a tub - just a shower! - so nobody could even use
it for a bed). I mention using the tub, if we had had one, for a bed
because it turned out that the "spacious livingroom" in the ad was also
the kitchen and diningroom, too. And, when you pulled out the sofa to make

a bed, it was also the one and only bedroom. Now, I'll give them the fact
that it was a huge bed, nearly king-size, but it was still just one bed.
There was a small table and a few cheap wooden chairs, too, but we hardly
noticed since the rest of it was such a comedown from what we had
expected. Everybody was down and out, but my parents told us that we'd
just have to make the best of it. I suspected that had something to do
with my Daddy never wanting to admit that he was wrong about anything. I
was thinking that it was a damn good thing the sl**per sofa was so big
since we would all have to sl**p on it, and also thinking that it might be

more comfortable on the floor.
Momma (her name is Kimberly by the way) got all of us to quit moping
and get moving. We all changed into our swimsuits quickly (as quickly as
four people can when they have to share a bathroom that's so tiny it will
only fit one person changing clothes so even Momma and Michelle, and me
and Daddy, had to change separately). Daddy and I were wearing our usual
cut-off, baggy, bluejean swim trunks. That's what we called them anyway.
They were really just jeans that the knees had finally gotten so ragged on

that Momma wouldn't let us wear them to school anymore. My mother and
s****r, though, were dressed in proper swimsuits, and, boy, were they a
sight to see.
I have a hard time deciding if I should be proud when I go somewhere
with Momma and 'Chelle when they're in their swimsuits or to just be
embarrassed and intimidated. I mean, they look great, and I do feel proud
when I see every guy we go by stare at my Mom and my s****r. Well, all the

women stare at them, too, but not as openly. About half the women look
like they're thinking, "Get away from here, bitch, so my husband will stop

staring at you!" and the others look like they're thinking, "Hmmmm, you
know, if I was ever gonna do another woman, it would be one of them." I am

proud of how Momma and 'Chelle look, but, well, it feels sort of strange,
too. It's hard to always remember that they're my mother and s****r.
As always, Kimberly (she tells me to call her that - says it makes her
feel younger, but it always sounds weird to me when I do) was wearing a
one-piece, but it sure wasn't the modest kind. Hell, my Dad loves it when
Momma dresses like that. He helped her pick it out! Her suit is black, but

most of it is mesh, and it's completely see-through from the bottom of her

boobs to the very top of her pubes in front, and from her neck down to her

ass crack in back. In fact, Momma's got so much hair down there that you
can see some of it sticking through the mesh in the front after she moves
around some. And, of course, it's cut way low in front 'cause she always
likes her boobs to stand out and so does Daddy. I don't know, but
sometimes I think it's a way of showing off and getting back at people who

have more money than us and look down on us because of that. Daddy and
Momma know there isn't a guy at any of the motel pools we sneak into to
swim at or at the public pool where we usually go who doesn't stare at
Momma (and my s****r) and wish they had them instead of whoever they're
with. I guess Daddy figures that even if he doesn't have much money, he's
got Momma and my s****r.
I guess this would be a good place to finish telling you what my Momma
looks like. She's 33 years old, but could pass for mid-to-late 20's easy.
Having us two k**s hasn't done much to her shape at all so Daddy says. She

has bright green eyes and long (almost down to her butt crack in the
back), thick, bright red hair. She's about 5'9" and kind of thick through
her body, partly from the two c***dbirths, but, thanks to her constant
exercise and the plain old hard physical work she does (she works in a
warehouse, and NOT in the office!), there's not an ounce of flab in her
150 pounds. She has the shape of a Coke bottle with those large, heavy
tits that she and Daddy like to show off up top, and wide, curvy hips. By
the way, her tits have large pink nipples on them. How do I know? Well,
there's no way that four people can live together in a 14-foot-wide
trailer for years and years without catching at least a glimpse or two of
each other naked. Her titties barely sag at all. As my science teacher at
high school would probably put it, they "defy gravity". I've never seen
her naked from the waist down, so I can only guess that she's got a lot of

pussy hair from what I already told you about it sticking out of her
swimsuit. But, I CAN tell you that her legs are very muscular as is her
back and butt. Believe it or not, when she's not at work or cooking or
cleaning, she actually runs and lifts weights. I can't believe it
sometimes either. I can't keep up with her, and I'm in pretty good shape
My s****r, as she had been promised over and over by Momma, had on her
new bikini which Momma wouldn't let her buy until she turned 16 which she
just did last month. The bottom of my s****r's suit was cut pretty
conservatively (a lot more conservatively than she asked for, let me tell
you!), but the top was so tiny that a good portion of both her huge boobs
was visible. I don't see how she even walked much less swam in the thing
without them popping out all the time, but she did both. I guess that it's
just another one of those mysterious "female" things that I don't
understand. Anyway, both suits came from discount stores - which is where
we always had to shop - but that didn't stop all the guys from staring and
all the women from turning green with envy when we hit the beach at PC
that afternoon.
I think my 16-year-old s****r Michelle is gorgeous, but I'm prejudiced.
She's not what you would call classically beautiful, but 'Chelle has got a
face that men remember. Maybe it's because she's always smiling, and her
big brown eyes are always sparkling. She has long, shiny light brown hair
(the same hair and eye color as Daddy's) that she usually keeps in a
ponytail. Her body tends to favor Daddy's (he's 6'3" and kind of skinny)
more than Momma's except for two very important areas. 'Chelle has huge
tits! She's about 5'8" but weighs only about 120 pounds or even less, but
a lot of that body weight is concentrated in those big, beautiful jugs
that her bikini just barely covered up. They've got to be 36DD even with
her just turned 16. My Momma's tits barely droop; 'Chelle's don't droop at
all. She can make your eyes go crazy trying to keep up with their bouncing
when she walks toward you. Yes, I've seen her tits, too. She has tiny
little pink nipples that were hard as rock on the two or three occasions
that I've been blessed to see her topless. She's got a few freckles, too,
which I think are really cute, but that she hates. Her hips are narrow and
slender compared to her boobs, but still have the luscious curves of a
woman, and she has long, slender, shapely legs. Her body is tight and
firm, but not muscular like Momma's. As of last fall (which is the last
glimpse I'd had of my little s****r naked - damn it!), her pussy just
barely had hair on it. It was soft and brown and so thin that you could
see right through it. I didn't get to look but a few seconds, but
everything I saw looked damn good. She has a small, but very shapely ass,
too. Well, anyway, back to the story.
The beach nearest our "beachfront" cottage turned out to be a 20-minute
walk. We went and played around for a couple of hours in the surf and then
called it quits for the day. We were all so tired that we just grabbed
hamburgers on the way back (probably our only "meal" out the whole week).
We ate them quickly, bumping into each other around the tiny table back at
the cottage. Then, by working in shifts, everybody managed to get washed
up and ready for bed in about 45 minutes.
*****END PART 1 - "Three on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.

*****Part 2 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.
My Daddy, like always, was dressed in his big boxer shorts so he was
okay sitting around waiting for the rest of us to finish bathing and
dressing. I didn't know that I was going to be sl**ping in the same room
as everybody else so I just had my regular briefs to wear. Actually, I
often sl**p naked, but never in more than my shorts. They weren't jockey
shorts, but they were pretty tight - tight enough to show every line of my
anatomy. At least, that's how I felt, sitting there. It may have just been
my imagination and my nerves, but I was pretty sure that I caught a couple
of sideways glances from my parents. They both looked uncomfortable with
what I was wearing, and it made me feel even more uncomfortable that I
already did. And, damned if I wouldn't swear that I caught my Momma
staring straight at where my cock and balls were bulging in my shorts a
couple of times. It's probably a good thing that I was so nervous or her
looks might just have made me get a hard-on which would have been
disastrous at that point. It sure seemed to me like she was staring at my
cock since she looked away immediately every time that I looked up and
caught her. My only other choice sl**pwear would have been to wear a pair
of jeans to bed or my swim "trunks", but they were still hanging up drying
from our swim that day. I guess they knew that, too, so they didn't say
anything before 'Chelle came out of the bathroom.
Anyway, Michelle finally finished up and came out wearing one of
Momma's long nightshirts that came down to her knees. I could tell she
wasn't happy about the sudden change in her night-time attire, either. She
usually sl**ps in a little short teddy and sometimes even in the nude back
home (so she told me once), but that was out of the question here with all
four of us in the same room and the same bed.
Well, everybody crawled into bed with Kimberly and 'Chelle in the
middle and with Daddy on the other side of Momma and me on the outside of
Michelle. Another little "charm" of the place was that the air conditioner
didn't work. All we had was a ceiling fan so everybody lay down and kicked
the covers off the foot of the bed. It was hot and sticky, but at least
there was a little bit of breeze blowing in off the Gulf that cooled
things down some.
As tight and uncomfortable as it was, I was really surprised that I
drifted right off to sl**p. I must have been really worn out from the trip
and the swimming.
I woke up sometime later that night. I couldn't tell what had woke me
up, or if I had just done it on my own. I looked over at the kitchen table
at the alarm clock we had brought with us, and saw by it's glowing hands
that it was nearly one a.m. I figured that since I was awake anyway I
might as well go to the bathroom because I'd have to go at some point.
Well, just as I was starting to raise up in the bed to sit up and then
stand, I heard a funny little noise and stopped.
Then, I heard what sure sounded like a female grunt though it was so
low that I barely heard it. Then, there it was again, from the other side
of my s****r. It was unmistakable this time . I was still kind of groggy
and half-asl**p so I figured that Momma must be dreaming. I leaned up onto
one elbow and looked over Michelle at where Kimberly was. The light from
the street lights (one was right over the cottage) and neon signs outside
lit up Momma's face really well. It was all pinched and furrowed like she
was concentrating awfully hard on something. But, when I saw what was
going on, my mouth must have dropped open three inches in shock.
Momma was sl**ping on her side facing toward me. Her long nightshirt
was pulled up around her waist, and she had her top leg lifted a bit off
the bed. She had her butt pressed back against Daddy, and I saw why. Daddy
was stroking his cock in and out of Momma's pussy from behind! They were
fucking ("spoon" style as we call it down here) right there on the bed
beside me and 'Chelle!
I couldn't believe my eyes! Not more than three feet from me, I could
see my Momma's red-fur-covered pussy completely open to the air, and I
could see my Daddy's big thick dick sliding in and out of her! Well, I
could only see part of the middle since his cockhead was all the way
inside Momma, and the rest of it was behind her, out of sight. I mean,
hell, I had seen Momma topless a couple of times before like I said, and I
had seen Daddy naked, too, but not like this! Not actually together,
fucking each other! I looked back at her face for a second and saw that
she was biting her lip. I guess she was trying to make herself be quiet,
and she was using both her hands to rub her big titties through the top of
her nightshirt. My Daddy had reached one arm around and was rubbing on her
tits with his hand, too.
I don't know how long I watched, but I finally remembered to duck back
down. Luckily for me, Momma had her eyes closed the whole time so she
didn't catch me watching them fuck. I knew that I wasn't supposed to, but
I just had to watch my Momma get fucked some more. I peeked back up over
my s****r, moving more carefully this time, and watched them fuck for
another good five or 10 minutes. I finally saw Kimberly bite down on her
lower lip again, and her body began to jerk and wiggle silently. My Momma
was having an orgasm! I'm no sex expert, but I've been with enough girls
to know what an orgasm looks like when a woman has one. Not long after
that, I heard Daddy grunt for the first time which told me that he had
just started filling Momma's pussy with cum. Sure enough, in a few more
seconds, I started seeing globs of white stuff ooze out of Momma's pussy
onto her red cunt hair and saw that Daddy's dick was getting smaller and
I got so damn caught up in watching them fuck, that I leaned up farther
and farther without realizing it. I just had to watch my Momma have her
orgasm. It was so damn hot! But, dammit, I forgot to be careful. I stopped
staring at her pussy just long enough to look back up at her face and got
the shock of my life.
Momma's eyes were wide open and staring straight at me! I froze like a
deer caught in the headlights of a car. I couldn't move, hell, I couldn't
breathe. But, as shocked and scared as I was, it was only the beginning.
Momma winked at me! Then, she gave me this big, sweet smile and winked
again before she closed her eyes like she was going to go right back to
sl**p. I was still mesmerized. I kept watching, both to see if Momma would
look at me again (to see if I had imagined the whole thing), but she
didn't open them again right then. I did get to see my Daddy's limp cock,
with a thick coating of sperm and pussy juice easily visible on still-huge
head, slip out of Kimberly's cunt. Several dribbles and streaks of
pearl-white jism were clearly visible against her dark red cunt hair.
Finally, after Daddy had pulled all the way out of her, Momma opened her
eyes and smiled at me again. Then, she pulled her nightgown back down
below her ass, covering up that beautiful, sperm-filled snatch.
I lay back down, gasping for air. I didn't want to get up and go to the
bathroom right then for fear that Daddy would know that I was awake while
he was fucking Kimberly. So, I waited as long as I could with a painful,
burning need-to-pee hard-on in my shorts. Finally, I just couldn't wait
any longer, got up and relieved myself. Well, it gave me some relief from
how wound up what I just saw had made me, but I was still so dazed that I
stumbled back to bed without jerking off.
I lay back down on my left side, facing toward 'Chelle. As far as I
could tell, she was still sound asl**p and evidently had slept through the
whole thing. As you might guess, I tried to keep one eye cracked and to
listen out in case there was any more action to see on the other side of
the bed. But, both my parents seemed to be sl**ping peacefully. The bottom
of Momma's gown was still down around her knees. As I lay there
half-asl**p, I even began to wonder if I had imagined the whole thing,
especially my Momma winking and smiling at me while she was getting fucked
by Daddy. My mind was whirling, to say the least, but damned if I didn't
manage to doze off again anyway.
And, then I began having this absolutely wonderful dream. I dreamed
that I was waking up, but I sure had a very different, much better
sensation this time to wake up to. I could feel this warm, soft, smooth
swell of flesh rubbing against my lower belly, the front of my shorts, and
the tops of my thighs.
"Hmmmmm, what a nice dream," I thought to myself. I could feel my dick
getting hard from the friction, and then I reached out with my right hand
and, sure enough, I could feel a warm, soft globe of what could only be a
butt cheek with my hand. I vaguely remember being sort of surprised
because I guess that I had assumed that if I had a hot dream tonight,
after what I had seen, it would almost certainly be about my Momma. But,
this butt was way too soft to have been hers. Not that I had ever felt my
Momma's butt, but I knew how muscular she was, and I knew, even in my
dream, that her cheeks would have been much firmer than this one was.
I was kinda disappointed because I pretty much looked forward to the
times that my Momma made it into my dreams. (Oh, come on, you guys with
good-lookin' mothers know you do, too! Hell, probably a lot of you with
ugly mothers even dream about fucking them. My high school psych teacher
told us that it perfectly normal. Of course, he got fired not long after
that for teaching that and other "secular humanism" stuff that didn't sit
well with the locals. We all liked him, but we did think he was kinda
strange.) Anyway, then I remember thinking, "Oh well, this one is
starting out pretty good even without Momma's incredible body in it."
And then WHAM! I wasn't in a dream any more. I felt this small, soft
hand touch the front of my shorts and then, quick as a wink, this hand
slipped inside the fly and wrapped its fingers around my cock! Let me tell
you, my eyes popped open in a heartbeat. It's a wonder that I didn't make
some sort of noise as shocked as I was. I blinked my eyes a few times to
clear the sl**p out of them before I realized that I was still sl**ping on
my left side, facing my s****r. All I could see was the back of her head
'cause she was facing away from me, lieing on her left side, too, but she
had slid back until she was sl**ping within inches of me. I was wide awake
now, but that hand was still on my cock so I looked down and finally
snapped completely out of my grogginess when I saw what was going on.
My s****r had reached back behind her with her right arm, and then
slipped her right hand inside my shorts. She had her fingers wrapped
tightly around my aching, throbbing cock and was gently sliding her hand
up and down my shaft! And, I didn't even know if she was awake or not! If
I hadn't already been rock hard when I was asl**p, I sure as hell was now!
My mind went into the same kind of tailspin it had earlier when Momma had
winked at me. When I looked down, I also saw that another part of my
"dream" had been accurate. My s****r had managed to slide the back of her
nightshirt up so that her luscious ass was just as bare as could be. There
were no panties to be seen anywhere. I looked down at 'Chelle's ass and
literally drooled. I could help myself. s*s has a gorgeous ass. Even in
this dimly lit room, I was getting a better look at it than I had ever
gotten during the brief glimpses I had gotten of her bare bottom before.
*****END PART 2 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.

*****Part 3 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.
I didn't know what to do. I mean, I couldn't very well tell her to stop
and wake up my parents could I? 'Chelle kept right on stroking my cock
until I finally reached out and softly touched her on the shoulder. She
stopped stroking for just a second, but she didn't take her hand off my
cock. That was all, but it at least let me know that she was awake. I was
just thinking, "Okay, what next?", when I felt her hand tug at my cock,
and, "Boinnnggg!" just like one of those snake-in-can toys, my pecker
popped out into the open air!
'Chelle was lieing so close to me that the head of my eight-inch dick
(yes, I'm rather proud of the length and the width - that's why I
mentioned it, of course) bumped into her right ass cheek which got me even
more excited - and scared, too!
I guess that I had decided by then, though I hadn't really thought
about it, that if my s****r wanted to jerk me off in bed, and as long as
she was quiet and didn't wake Momma and Daddy, then I would sit still and
let her. And, then I'd get her off by herself sometime tomorrow and find
out what the hell was going on. But, well, my cock touching her ass cheek
seemed to open up a whole new set of possibilities (especially considering
what I had seen the folks do earlier) that I wasn't sure I was quite ready
for yet.
So, I reached up and touched her shoulder again, and, just like before,
'Chelle stopped stroking my cock for just a second, showing me that she
had felt my touch. And, just like before, she started right back stroking
my cock in a second or two, but this time with an added effect. She
started rubbing it back and forth, too, so that the head, which was
already drooling pre-cum, began to rub back and forth across the
wonderfully soft skin of her ass. It was almost more than I could take
without making some sort of noise, but I managed somehow, finding myself
biting down on my bottom lip just like I had seen Momma doing earlier.
Hell, before I could even get used to what she was doing, she moved me
again. My s****r tugged at my cock and guided it down between the cheeks
of her ass! God, it felt so damn good to have those soft globes of flesh
pressing at the head of my dick from each side while 'Chelle kept stroking
at the part of the shaft that wasn't between her cheeks. I was still
scared to death of getting caught, but this felt too damn good, and I
silently told myself that I'd stick my cock wherever my s****r wanted it.
I had a pretty clear picture in my mind by then about where I wanted to
stick it after seeing where Daddy had stuck his earlier.
But, damned if my horny little s****r didn't surprise me again. Instead
of shifting and sliding the head of my cock down to the opening of her
pussy (which is where I thought we were headed), she maneuvered my swollen
cockhead down and then angled it up until it bumped into what could only
be the tight, puckered opening to her ass! I couldn't really see anything,
but I knew that I felt a small hole, and there was no way it was wet
enough to be her pussy.
I was amazed that s*s wanted a cock as big as mine in her ass. I had
only buttfucked a girl once in my entire life, and she had hated it. In
fact, we had broken up not long after than. I told myself that 'Chelle
must just be rubbing my dick up and down her crack. "She can't really want
me to stick it in her asshole," I thought. So, instead of waiting to see
what she would do next, I reached down, took hold of my pecker with my
hand, wrapping it over her much smaller hand, and began sliding my cock
downward toward where I figured the opening to her pussy must be.
Boy, did I figure wrong! She took her hand out from under mine and
pinched the back of my hand so hard that I almost yelled out loud! I
jerked my hand away, and she grabbed my cock again and placed the head
firmly against her tight little asshole. I was slightly pissed about
getting pinched, but it's not like I could tell her right then. Besides,
the sensations traveling up my cock from her hand and having her butt
cheeks massage my cockhead as she flexed and relaxed her ass muscles were
way too pleasant to stay mad for long. So, I took a couple of deep
breaths, relaxed and let her make all the moves. Was I ever glad that I
Michelle held my cock in place with one hand, and then I felt her
gently slide her body closer to mine, making my cockhead press more firmly
against her backdoor. Now that I had decided to do whatever she wanted, I
tried to help by sliding toward her a bit, moving slowly so the bed
wouldn't shake too much and wake our folks. 'Chelle gave my cock a little
pat with her hand to let me know that what I was doing was good and then
continued flexing her ass against my cock.
I nearly grunted out loud again when my cock, with no warning at all,
popped into my s****r's sweet little asshole! I bit down hard on my lip,
tasting a small trickle of bl**d for the first time as I bit down too hard
in my surprise. My whole, swollen head, foreskin and all, and about three
inches of my shaft got sucked into 'Chelle's butt all at once! I had never
felt anything like it in my life. I had to concentrate hard not to cum
right then and there, especially a moment later when her butt muscles
flexed for the first time with me inside her, making her butthole suck at
my dick like some fancy whore's mouth. Her anus felt like a band of
burning fire wrapped around my cock, but it was such a pleasant burning.
When I had fucked my ex-girlfriend in the ass, I had shoved my cock in
way too fast and had hurt her, and her asshole had been so tight that I
came in about three strokes - not exactly great sex. But, this was
wonderful. I lay there on my side, thoroughly enjoying every wiggle and
contraction of 'Chelle's ass as she skillfully sucked at my cock with her
butt muscles. She eventually wiggled close enough that about five inches
of me were inside her and then took her right hand, now free from stroking
my pecker, and reached back to massage my balls. God, she was great!
We began a very careful, very slow rocking motion, barely moving out of
fear that we'd wake our folks. I guess, at most, only about an inch or two
of my dick was pumping in and out of her ass, but that was enough, believe
me! It felt fabulous. I felt kind of guilty about her letting me buttfuck
her and rubbing my balls and all, but I couldn't think of anything I could
do to her that might not be noticed if Momma or Daddy looked over at us. I
finally did figure out something, though. I reached down between 'Chelle's
legs and found her wet slit with my hand. Damn, she was drenched! Then, I
took my middle finger and slid it all the way inside her snatch. I stopped
in a second when the barest hint of a moan escaped her lips, and we both
went completely still until we were sure we hadn't woke up Momma or Daddy.
I felt her body relax in a minute, and she let out her breath slowly. I
took that as a sign to start up fingering her again.
So, there we went. Me and s*s wiggling my cock around inside her ass,
her rubbing my balls and me fingerfucking her pussy as hard as I could
without shaking the bed. As tense and excited as I was, it's a wonder that
I lasted as long as I did, but it still couldn't have been more than five
or 10 minutes.
I went ahead and bit down on my lip when I felt my body start to clench
up and my balls tighten up just before I came. Then, I let out a long
breath as I shot a huge glob of sperm up inside 'Chelle's ass and at the
same time managed to shove my middle finger all the way inside her cunt
and left it there.
s*s must have been as hot and excited as I was 'cause on only my third
spurt up inside her ass, I felt her body clench, with her asshole grabbing
at my squirting cock like a vise-grip and her pussy sucking hard on my
finger. Again, she gave out just a little gasp of air, but in the middle
of an orgasm, neither of us had enough control to stop dead still and make
sure the folks were still sl**ping.
Luckily, nothing happened, and I kept squirting jism into 'Chelle's
ass, and her pussy oozed juices all over my hand. Finally, after what had
to have been the longest orgasm of my young life, my balls gave out of
sperm, and Michelle's body began to relax and stop spasming as we slowly
came down.
I would have liked to hold her and snuggle for awhile (and fucked her
again, too, for damn sure!), but there was no way to do that under the
circumstances. In a minute or two, my dick got limp enough that it slipped
out of her cream-filled ass, and then I pulled my finger from inside her
cunt, bringing it up to my mouth to taste my s****r's juices for the very
first time. She had a delicious salty-musky flavor, and I tried to suck
every drop of her cunt juice off my hand.
Instead of snuggling, we settled for what we could manage. I reached
down and gave my s****r's soft ass a couple of gentle pats and a squeeze
to let her know how much I loved being inside it, and 'Chelle reached back
again and gently cupped my limp cock and my balls, before being thoughtful
enough to pop my dick back inside my briefs. She patted my thigh, then
reached up and pulled her nightshirt back down over those luscious ass
cheeks, and I must say that I was sorry to see them disappear.
I dozed off considerably happier about our vacation and our sl**ping
arrangements, thinking of how I could get 'Chelle off to herself tomorrow
so I could find out what was going on, and, yes, I was already thinking of
fucking my s****r again if she'd let me.
The next morning, everybody got up, just like at home, and Momma fixed
us breakfast while the three of us climbed groggily out of bed, washed our
hands and faces, and then slumped into the chairs around the tiny table.
Not one word was spoken about what had happened the night before, of
course. But, my heart got all fluttery when Michelle gave me a quick
little wink and a secretive, knowing smile when Momma and Daddy were both
occupied putting the food on the table.
As happy as that made me, giving me all sorts of ideas about what I
might get to do with my s****r that day, I was just as excited, even if
more unsettled, by something my Momma did after breakfast. Michelle was in
the bathroom, putting on her swimsuit, and Daddy had gone out to the car
at the same time, leaving me and Momma alone. She was leaning over the
table, clearing away the breakfast dishes. She was already dressed in her
swimsuit, and her leaning over made her big boobs bulge and swell against
the fabric of the suit. I was still in a bit of a daze from the night
before, and not at my sharpest, but even groggy, I noticed Momma's tits
damn near right in my face.
*****END PART 3 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.

*****Part 4 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.
And, I got caught staring straight down Momma's cleavage. She was
looking down at the table, and then, all of a sudden, she was looking
straight at me. I turned beet-red with embarrassment, but she didn't say a
word about it! In fact, she just winked and gave me the very same smile
that she had given me the night before when she caught me watching her and
Daddy fuck.
"Glad you like my suit, Son" is all she said before turning to put the
dishes in the sink. Jeez, glad I liked her suit! I was still getting over
that when 'Chelle came out of the bathroom, dressed in that amazing
bikini, grabbed me by the hand, and yelled out to Momma and Daddy that we
were going to head on down to the beach and for the "old" people to hurry
up and join us.
'Chelle and I got about halfway to the beach before I finally realized
that I was alone with my s****r and could ask her all about last night.
That's how shook up I was by Kimberly's behavior. I checked over my
shoulder, and our folks weren't even in sight behind us yet.
"s*s!" I said, stopping dead in the middle of the sidewalk. "What, uh,
I mean, shit! Er..." I was so shook up by what had happened last night and
this morning that I couldn't even get a sentence out of my mouth.
"What?" my s****r replied with a big, ear-to-ear grin lighting up her
face. "Are you trying to ask me why I wanted you to fuck me in the ass
last night?" she asked, evidently determined to get as much mileage out of
my discomfort and shyness as she could.
"Well, yeah!" I managed to answer, after she'd knocked the wind out of
me yet again.
"Well, keep walking, and I'll tell you," 'Chelle said, still smiling,
and then threaded her arm through mine as we started walking toward the
beach again. "We wouldn't want Mom and Dad to catch up, now would we? And
stop us before we had a chance to finish talking?" she added with a
giggle. "Or, heaven forbid, have them come around a corner and catch us
kissing!" As soon as she said that, she leaned up and over and planted a
good, solid smack right on my lips. Before I had time to decide whether or
not to kiss her back, her lips were gone, and we were just walking along,
arm-in-arm, chatting like a typical b*****r and s****r, except that I was
trying to catch my breath again.
"Big b*****r," she said, speaking gently now, "don't you think it got
me just as horny as it got you, watching Mom and Dad fuck last night?" My
mouth dropped open again when she blew away my theory that she had slept
through the whole thing or that the whole thing had been a wild dream I'd
had. As I worked my mouth, looking rather like a fish trying to breath
air, trying to say something, she continued.
"I just had to get fucked after watching that! Okay?!" she added. "God,
his cock sliding in and out of her pussy looked so damn hot! I nearly went
crazy watching them!"
"Yyyeah, I kkknow whwhwhat you mean," I finally managed to stutter out.
Something that I really hate about myself is that I stutter sometimes when
I get surprised by something or sometimes when I'm talking to a girl about
sex. As you can imagine, I stutter a lot around 'Chelle.
"Well, he can talk after all," my s****r cooed, teasing me again, but
she softened her words by reaching up and gently stroking my cheek. "I
felt you move so you could watch, but I couldn't even do that as close as
I was. By the time they finished, I was so damn horny, I'd have fucked
anything or anybody! No offense, Mikey." I didn't take any. I had enjoyed
fucking her too much to get angry about much of anything right now, and I
knew she only called me "Mikey" when she was feeling especially
affectionate toward me.
"Besides, you DID enjoy fucking your little s****r in the ass, didn't
you?" she asked with a wicked smile. "And, it's not like you thought I was
a virgin or something silly like that." Indeed, I did enjoy it, and no, I
didn't think she was a virgin, I answered silently. It hadn't been two
months ago that I had come home early one day from baseball practice, long
before Momma and Daddy got home from work, to find my little s****r on her
back on her bed with Josh Flanagan, a 19-year-old who had graduated from
our high school the year before, sprawled between her legs, pumping his
cock in and out of Michelle just as hard as he could go. I had backed out
of the room and said nothing. My s****r and I had an agreement that went
back nearly two years. When our folks were away, and either of us could
swing a fuck with a girlfriend or a boyfriend at the house, we wouldn't
rat on each other if we walked in on it like I had with 'Chelle. I'm sure
that she had caught me a couple of times with one of my girlfriends, too,
and had never told on me.
"But, dddidn't it hhhurt?" I finally managed to stutter out one of the
questions that I had been dying to ask ever since sticking my dick in
'Chelle's butthole.
"Nah, just a little bit to begin with," she said nonchalantly, "and
that was just because we had to do it so quietly without getting me ready
first. It mainly just felt wonderful! Couldn't you tell how much I loved
having your dick in me by how hard I came?" she punctuated her question by
leaning up and over and kissing me again, and I kissed her back this time;
my heart and mind racing with the possibilities that seemed to be opening
up right in front of me.
"Well, when, I mean, well, could we do it again?" I asked hesitantly,
after finally calming down enough for my stuttering to subside a bit.
"Sure we can, my sweet Mikey," Michelle answered quickly with a smile,
making my heart soar. "Hell, we'll do it again today if we can get away
from Mom and Dad, and find a nice, deserted spot out behind some of these
sand dunes."
"All right!" I answered emphatically, wanting to show her just how
enthusiastic I really was about this. 'Chelle giggled at how hyper I was
about fucking her, no doubt taking my enthusiasm as a compliment.
"I MIGHT even let you stick that big, thick cock of yours in my pussy
if you promise to be careful and pull it out before you cum," she added
with a twinkle in her eye, "or better yet, maybe you can sneak off and buy
us some condoms to use because little s****r ain't about to let Big
b*****r - or anydamnbody else - get her pregnant! Okay?"
I nodded mutely, happy to take my chances any way 'Chelle was willing
to give them. Besides, I knew she had always been really uptight about how
young Momma was when she got pregnant with me and had been f***ed to marry
Daddy. Michelle had told me several times that it wasn't going to happy to
her. I mean, Momma and Daddy got along fine, but Momma never got to finish
high school, and Daddy had had to go straight to work to support her and
the new baby (me) so he didn't have anything but a high school diploma.
That meant that neither of them ever landed a job that paid very much.
'Chelle wasn't going to get stuck like that, and I believed her.
We were just about down to the beach by then, and 'Chelle stopped
walking for a moment and looked all around, checking to see if Momma and
Daddy were in sight yet, and I guess to check and see if anyone was
watching us. Once she was satisfied that they weren't, she reached down
with the arm that she had kept interlocked with mine, and gave my cock and
balls a quick squeeze before continuing on down the steps toward the
beach, leaving me with my mouth hanging open in surprise again.
"Yep, you'll get to fuck me again, Big b*****r," she said, looking back
over her shoulder at me and grinning devilishly. She wiggled her ass
seductively as she went down the steps, knowing good and well that I'd
enjoy watching her slim, shapely ass. I finally got into motion and caught
up to her.
"I've been wanting to try that big dick of yours for years now," she
said when I caught up to her. I grinned to myself when I heard that. "I
just never quite got up the nerve to jump you while we were at home."
Well, that sure made two of us who had wanted to fuck for years, I
"But, don't be surprised if it's harder to do it tonight, though," she
said, still smiling, "but we'll work something out."
"What do you mean about tonight being harder?" I asked.
"Oh nothing really," my s****r answered matter-of-factly, "it's just
that Mom and Dad won't be sl**ping as soundly tonight as they were last
night. And, don't forget, I know that Momma saw you watching her and Daddy
fuck. She might just wanna change the sl**ping arrangements tonight for
all we know."
I was a little ashamed that she had seen Momma looking at me. I
wondered if she had also seen the wink and smile, but I was too chicken to
ask right then. I shrugged, willing to wait and see. Besides, I reasoned
silently as I ran and jumped in the water with Michelle after we had
dumped our beach towels, oil, and small cooler on the sand, even if we
didn't get to fuck any more while we were in PC, we would still have a
whole summer ahead of us when we'd be home alone together lots of days
when Momma and Daddy were at work. We both worked to help the f****y out,
but both of us just had part-time jobs so we still had lots of free time
in the summer. A lot of which I was determined to spend fucking my little
s****r now that I knew just how hot and sexy she was firsthand and now
that I knew she was more than willing. I know it may seem weird or kinky
or sick to some of you reading this, but fucking Michelle seemed like the
most natural thing in the world to me. I really, truly, didn't have many
second thoughts at all about doing it. I just wished that we had started a
lot sooner!
As it turned out, much to my disappointment and 'Chelle's, too, I'm
sure, we couldn't slip away from our folks the entire day. One of both of
them was with us constantly. I think that I was just getting paranoid,
worrying about someone finding out about what me and s*s did the night
before, but I swear that it was almost like they were determined to guard
us and not let us be alone. I'm sure it was just my imagination, though.
All we managed to do all day, on a couple of occasions when Momma or
Daddy had their head turned (whichever one was with us), was that 'Chelle
reached over and brushed her fingers against my cock through my swim
shorts. God, it made me crazy which I guess was the whole idea. And, once
when we were swimming in the surf and Momma and Daddy stayed on the beach,
s*s managed to swim close enough to actually reach down inside the front
of my shorts and fondle my dick for a few seconds, but we didn't dare stay
that close together for long. All I managed to do was reach out and
squeeze her ass while she was fondling my dick, and then we split up again
so we wouldn't arouse any suspicion - or any tell-tale erections!
*****END PART 4 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.

*****Part 5 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.
We went back to the cottage at the end of the day, fixed dinner and ate
it, and then went out for a big night on the town. With our budget, that
meant going bowling. We still had a great time, though, and even had I
hated bowling (which I didn't), I would still have gone just for the
opportunity to see my Momma and my s*s in shorts, bending over and lining
up shots each time before they bowled. It was truly a glorious spectacle
to behold. "A wonder of nature" my science teacher would call it. More
like two wonders of nature. We were too focused on whichever cute behind
was in front of us to worry about the score. Of course, I had to be sort
of subtle about staring at Momma's butt with Daddy sitting right next to
me, and he had to be subtle about staring at his daughter's ass, but I
think we both knew that the other person was admiring both sets of cheeks.
We finished up there about 9:00, stopped by a Zippy Mart to get some
cheap beer and headed back to the cottage. I was happy. Not only had the
evening been lots of fun with lots of nice scenery, I figured that between
the bowling tiring them out and the beer that Momma and Daddy would surely
drink before going to bed, my chances of sticking my cock into 'Chelle
again that night were considerably better now than she had estimated that
As it turned out, though, doggone it, 'Chelle had known what she was
talking about which made me wonder immediately if she had heard or seen
something that she hadn't told me about. Momma and Daddy did indeed have
a couple of beers while the four of us watched TV on the tiny little set
that came with the cottage (and would only pick up the local stations -
hell, even back in our pissant hometown we had cable!). When it came time
for bed, I saw Momma lean over and whisper something in 'Chelle's ear and,
sure enough, after we all were showered and dressed for sl**p, Michelle
went to the opposite side of the bed and slid over to the middle, and
Daddy climbed in on that side behind her. I knew for sure that I was out
of luck when Momma hopped into the bed and slid over beside 'Chelle,
leaving me with the single choice of sl**ping on the edge beside her.
My s****r's sweet little ass was surrounded by a wall of parents!
I got a little hyper for a minutes as the thought crossed my mind that
Momma and Daddy knew that I had fucked 'Chelle last night, but then I
calmed down when I realized that they would probably do something far more
drastic than just switch spots on the bed if they really thought I had
done that. I tried not to let my disappointment show on my face, but I'm
not sure I succeeded. Watching 'Chelle and Momma and all the other
skimpily-clad women on the beach all day, plus getting my cock rubbed by
s*s a couple of times and then watching their asses wiggle and bounce for
a couple of hours while we bowled had gotten me terribly horny. Even more
than usual. I gritted my teeth as I turned out the last of the lights and
climbed into bed beside Momma, resigning myself to going to the bathroom
sometime during the night and jacking off so I could get some relief.
As wired and horny as I was, I surprised myself by going right to
sl**p. I guess that I was more tired than I thought. I drifted off to
sl**p thinking, "Well, I'll wake up and have to pee sometime during the
night. I'll just jerk off then."
"Damn this is a good dream!" I thought groggily. "Now THIS is how my
dream about Momma was supposed to go last night!" A pair of wide, hard
butt cheeks was rubbing back and forth against my crotch. The two firm
globes of flesh were just as hard as a rock, but soft at the same time,
too. God, it felt great, and I got a boner in about two seconds flat as
the sweet cheeks rubbed slowly from my lower stomach across my balls and
down to my upper thighs and then back again. I vaguely worried about
making a mess if the dream became TOO good, but since I was dreaming that
didn't stop me from enjoying the sensation anyway.
"Ooomph!" my breath came out in a short but thankfully quiet gasp when
I felt a strong, slightly calloused hand grab my cock through my shorts
and give it a good, hard squeeze. My eyes flew open, and I stared at an
even more amazing sight than the one I had seen the night before.
Momma, I mean Kimberly, had turned sort of sideways in the bed so that
her head was over near where 'Chelle was sl**ping and her butt was pressed
right up against me. And that butt was just as bare as my s****r's had
been the night before! She had pulled up her nightgown just like she had
last night for Daddy. I blinked a couple of times to make sure that I
wasn't dreaming, but her bare butt was still there when I opened my eyes.
God, my Momma has an awesome ass! Her hips are wide and curvy and her
butt cheeks stick out, round and firm. She had turned sideways far enough
and had pulled her top leg up some toward her stomach so that I could even
see just the very bottom end of her pussy slit. Damn, who could miss those
thick, juicy lips even with the jungle of cunt hair she had growing on
them. Hell, I could even see her dark, puckered asshole winking at me from
between her cheeks. And, I could also see that I hadn't dreamed the hand
up either. Momma had reached back across her hip, exactly like 'Chelle had
the night before, grabbed my cock and was still busily squeezing it gently
but firmly through my shorts while I took all this in.
I knew that the chance of me getting killed by my Daddy were even
greater if he woke up and caught me fucking Kimberly, but I was way too
horny and her hand was way too persuasive to pass up a chance like this -
a chance that I had dreamed of since boyhood. I reached out my right hand
and touched her gently on the shoulder to let her know that I was awake.
She stopped playing with my cock for just a second and then gave it a
longer, harder squeeze to tell me that she understood.
Determined to help this time, I reached down and opened the fly on my
shorts, and Momma snaked her hand right in there and laid it on the flesh
of my pecker for the first time. Well, the first time since she had last
bathed me when I was a baby anyway. Damn, I nearly went through the roof!
But, there was no way I was going to cum now and not get to stick my
pecker into my Momma so I bit down hard on my lip and got myself a little
more under control.
Momma...Kimberly had a very different idea than 'Chelle about where she
wanted me to stick my cock, though. And, she was a lot more skilled at
putting it there, too!
Before I really knew what was going on or had time to do anything
myself, Momma took my rock hard cock and slid it down between those
gorgeous ass cheeks of hers. Just as I was thinking that she wanted some
buttfucking, too, she kept moving it downward, and, with a couple of
adjustments to my dick and her position on the bed, my cock slurped right
up inside my Momma's pussy!
I thought my dick had died and gone to heaven! She was wet and hot and
slurpy, but tight as hell. I'd never have believed she had birthed two
k**s judging by how tight her cunt still was. It felt glorious around my
cock, and her pussy muscles started sucking and grabbing at my dick almost
the moment it was inside her. We shifted a little bit more and then I
started fucking her as best I could without shaking the bed too much. I
managed to slide three or four inches in and out of my Momma's vagina on
each stroke but that was plenty enough.
She reached back with her hand and began tugging at my hip, trying to
help me stroke in and out of her, and we had a grand old time fucking for
several minutes. Momma's pussy was wet and slick, but it was damn near as
tight as s*s's ass had been, so I couldn't possibly last for long. I was
too hyper about having my dick inside my own Momma to last long, even if
she had been loose and wide.
When I could take no more of the delight of her pussy, I shoved my cock
up inside her as far as I could and just stayed there while the end of my
dick started spewing a virtual jet of sperm up inside her. Momma just
grabbed on to my hip and held me tighter so that not a drop of my jism
would miss her pussy. We lay like that for awhile until my cock stopped
squirting cum, and then for awhile longer after that until my pecker got
so soft that it slipped out of Kimberly's cunt.
Then, my Momma did the sexiest thing. She reached around with her right
hand and slid it up and down my limp cock several times. I didn't realize
exactly what she was doing until she took her hand, which had to be
covered with sperm and pussy juice, and brought it around to her mouth.
When I heard some very quiet sucking and licking sounds, I knew that she
was eating my cum. God, it was such a turn-on!
She reached back around and rubbed my cock and my hip to say goodnight,
and I reached down and gave her awesome ass a squeeze in return. Then, she
pulled her nightgown back down, and seemed to drift right off as if the
most normal thing in the world was to go to sl**p after having your son
fuck you. And, damned if I didn't drift right off, too. I guess that I was
too drained or happy or dazed to stay awake and worry.
We went through the same routine the next morning as the one before:
ate, washed, dressed and headed for the beach. Michelle and I managed to
get away early again so we could talk. I was about to explode from wanting
to tell her what had happened the night before. But, before I could even
start talking, even before we had gotten a safe distance from the cottage,
she launched into a story of her own.
"Goddamn, Mikey!" she burst out just as soon as we were around the
first corner from the cottage. "I felt the tip of what must be the biggest
cock that I've ever felt in my whole life last night!" Well, I knew whose
cock she had to be talking about, but I listened anyway. I got a kick out
of seeing her this excited, and her talking about Daddy's cock this way
was making me pretty excited, too.
"Two or three times last night, I rolled over against Daddy," she said
with her eyes sparkling, "and there was this huge, hell, log there in the
bed with me! I didn't dare turn and look, but I rolled up against Daddy
tight enough a couple of times to feel how long and thick and THROBBING it
was! I wanted so badly to grab my nightgown, yank it up and tell him to
plant that thing in me!" she finished all out of breath and flushed.
"Cool s*s, do it next time if you want to," I said with a grin, and she
grinned back, looking kind of puzzled. I guess she thought her news would
floor me like her news usually did. I waited as long as I could, wanting
to make her ask me why I was so smug and happy, but I just couldn't stand
waiting anymore.
"Well, if you hadn't been so busy bumping up against Daddy's cock last
night, you might have noticed that I fucked Momma! Right in the pussy!" I
crowed in triumph. Her mouth dropped wide open in shock, and I got to
enjoy one of the few occasions in all my life when I had actually
surprised my s****r.
"You didn't!" she cried, grinning and giggling.
"Oh yeah, I sure did!" I repeated, grinning even wider.
"Well damn!" she said, looking at the glow of my face and knowing that
it must be true. "How was it? Was she good?" were the next questions to
pop out of her mouth. We spent the rest of way to the beach with me giving
her every detail of fucking my Momma with her hanging on every word. I
could tell that the story was turning her on, and I got a kick out of
that, too.
*****END PART 5 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.

*****Part 6 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.
"Well, Mikey, good for you!" she said as we walked out onto the beach.
"I guess if I'm gonna have to share you with Momma then it's only fair
that I get some from Daddy, huh?" I nodded in total agreement. It sounded
like a great arrangement to me. So, we spent the rest of our time alone,
plotting and scheming and fantasizing about our parents and wondering what
the sl**ping arrangements would be that night.
Both of us got a shock later than morning - a very pleasant shock.
Momma and Daddy actually decided to go back to the cottage and told us we
could stay down by the beach if we wanted to. They even gave us money for
lunch. We were thrilled but tried not to look TOO thrilled so they
wouldn't think we were up to something, which, of course, we were. Both
our brains were already thinking all the things we could do alone. Judging
from how much they had been petting and patting and rubbing each other all
morning, I suspect our folks were going back to the cottage to do exactly
what me and 'Chelle wanted to do to each other.
I did catch one sort of funny glance from Momma before they left - at
least, I think that I did. Daddy was bending over, gathering up their
beach towels and the coolers and all when I glanced over at Momma and saw
her staring straight at my crotch. I got an instant boner so I had to turn
away so Daddy wouldn't see it when he stood up. And, I swear, before she
turned away and began to walk up the beach with Daddy, my Momma licked her
lips! I might have chalked it up to my wild and horny imagination again if
s*s hadn't gotten all over me about it just as soon as they got out of
"Goddamn, did you see the way Mom was staring at your cock?!" she asked
in amazement.
I just nodded and grunted, "Uh huh."
"And look what she did to you," she added, giggling as she looked down
and saw the tent that had suddenly sprung up in my shorts.
'Chelle started grabbing up our stuff and led me off down the beach,
evidently in hopes of doing something about my "tent". She went down the
beach away from our cottage and our parents. We chatted about what was
going on with our folks while we walked, which only got us hotter than we
already were. (As odd as it may sound, we didn't feel the need to discuss
what was going on with us, just what we were doing or wanted to do to our
parents.) Finally, the buildings and people started to thin out as we got
to an area where the beach was lot more narrow and not so pearly white,
and where the sand dunes came down almost to the water. We had just about
gotten away from civilization when I heard s*s say, "Aha," beside me and
then she stopped walking. I stopped walking, too, wondering what in the
world was up. I was sure hoping that we were about to head into the dunes
to fuck, but we weren't to the dunes yet so I was puzzled.
'Chelle unzipped her change purse, which she kept strapped around her
luscious flat belly, and handed me four quarters.
"Hurry up! I'll be waiting," she said, grinning at the look of
confusion on my face, and then it finally clicked in my head. I looked up
the dunes and saw a set of public restrooms.
"I'll be right back! Don't you go anywhere!" I said, grinning now as
well. I dropped all the stuff I was carrying and sprinted up the dunes. I
was back in under three minutes with two condoms safely in hand. We picked
up our stuff up, grinned and kissed each other, and then walked arm-in-arm
into the dunes.
We strolled up into the dunes as nonchalantly as we could even though
we were both dying to rip each other's clothes off and fuck right then. I
know that I sure wanted to rip 'Chelle's bikini off anyway. Even though
there weren't nearly as many people around down here, there were a few,
and we didn't want to seem TOO obvious. We walked back into the dunes for
30 or 40 yards, I guess, until we didn't see anyone for several minutes,
and until we could just barely hear the sound of the surf before we
Michelle picked a secluded spot in a depression between two pretty
steep dunes. It was about the cleanest spot around. There were beer cans
and what looked like used condoms everywhere - I guess people used these
dunes for fucking a lot - but this little area was pretty clean, and,
unless someone walked straight up on it, coming down the little valley
between the dunes or stood on top of one them and looked straight down,
you'd never have known we were there.
We barely controlled ourselves long enough to get a couple of towels
spread on the sand before we were at each other's clothing, and, since we
only had our swimsuits on, it was just a matter of seconds before we were
both buck naked, and we got to take our first really up-close and intense
looks at each other's bodies.
"Hee-hee," she giggled, reaching down to fondle my cock which was still
painfully hard, "what a pretty, fat cock my dear b*****r has." I had
reached out my hands, too, and was busy squeezing her big jugs with my
fingers and drinking in the rest of her body with my eyes. I've said it
before, and I'll say it again - my little s****r is gorgeous! Even the
best glimpses I had gotten of her previously or of her bare ass that night
in bed, hadn't prepared me for how beautiful she was. She damn near took
my breath away.
'Chelle has more offers for dates than she knows what to do with. Now,
seeing her naked, out in the open in the daylight and knowing how hot she
was in bed, I sure understood why. I ran my middle finger down the long,
light pink slit of her pussy and diddled at the soft, loose outer lips,
making her sigh happily. I explored further, taking all the time that I
hadn't had the first night when I finger-fucked her. My probing fingers
found a set of small but also relaxed inner lips, and then hit on the huge
nub between the top of her lips. She gasped quietly as I rolled the hard
button between my fingers, marveling that it was just has hard as my cock
was. My fingers continued probing into her warm, soft and very loose
pussy. Her cunt was so loose that it might make you think she was more of
a slut than she was. My s****r sure isn't a virgin - and hasn't been since
about age 13 - but she's not a slut either. She turns down a lot more guys
than she takes on, and, knowing how careful she is about not getting
pregnant and after her assfucking demonstration that first night, I'd have
bet that most guys who had fucked her had stuck their cocks into her tight
pink asshole instead of her pussy.
We spent the next hour or so just getting to know each other's bodies.
We'd lick and suck at each other for awhile and then we'd fuck for awhile
and then lick and suck for awhile. It was like my cock and her pussy and
all the rest of our body parts had been made for each other. Everything
fit so just right! Finally, we both got so hot that we had to stop playing
and just fuck, so she slipped a condom on my cock, and I plowed into her
soft pink pussy at 90 miles an hour. She was grunting and squealing like
an a****l in no time, and I knew that I had found the second perfect pussy
in the whole world for my cock.
I was just about to cut loose inside 'Chelle's twat when I saw a shadow
on the sand beside her body! Three shadows actually. I was so startled
that I cut loose right than second, shooting a huge glob of sperm deep
into my s****r before jerking my head around to see who had discovered us
even as I continued spasming insider her, and she clutched at my butt with
her legs.
What I saw was three black guys standing there on the dunes, looking
down at us. I was so shocked that I couldn't talk at all for the moment.
"Hey man, that looks like fun," said the tallest one with a big,
shit-eating grin on his face.
"Yeah, how much you have to pay for that white boy?" said the one
beside him. "I know you didn't get something that fine for free." All
three of them laughed at his joke, and I turned red in the face as I
desperately tried to keep my head, to think of something to do or say to
get us out of what looked like a dangerous situation, and to finish
cumming inside my s****r all at the same time. Well, the cumming took care
of itself, but the other two were beyond me at the moment.
They were all about my size or a bit smaller, and none of them looked
much older than us. They were college age, I guessed. I felt sure that I
could take any one of them, but all three at once? But, I was beginning to
think that I might have to try it to keep 'Chelle safe.
"Not a goddamn..." I started to reply angrily once I had regained my
voice, but 'Chelle suddenly gripped my butt with her legs and somehow made
her cunt muscles grab my limp cock and squeeze - hard! - which shut me up
in mid-sentence.
"Well, it depends on how much money you got, Sugar," my s****r said
with a perfectly lecherous smile which the three men quickly returned, and
the situation immediately seemed to lose some of its tension.
"Well, how do we know you worth anything?" the shortest one chimed in.
"You know I'm worth it, Baby, if you just watched him fuck me!" 'Chelle
answered boldly without blinking an eye.
"Uh huh, you know that's right!" said the tallest one. He motioned for
the other two, and the three of them put their heads together for a
moment, mumbling to each other too softly for me to hear. Of course, by
then I was trying to ask s*s what the hell she was up to, but she just
shushed me and wiggled her pussy on my cock again to shut me up.
"Okay Baby," said the tallest one after the three had broken up their
huddle, "We'll give you 50 bucks to do all three of us. How's that sound?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! And, I had even more trouble
believing that my s****r was seriously considering their offer.
"Hmmmm, well, that's not as much as I usually get," she muttered
thoughtfully, "but, well, hell, I'm feeling pretty good today and kinda
horny so I guess that'll do if..." Then, her voice trailed off, and she
looked thoughtful again.
"If what, girl?" the tall one muttered, obviously thinking there was
going to be more money involved.
"That's 50 bucks, plus each of you needs a condom 'cause I don't have
any spares with me," Michelle informed them matter-of-factly as if she'd
been doing this sort of thing for years. "And, he gets to stay and watch,"
she added, wiggling her hips to indicate that she meant me. My mouth
dropped open in shock again, and the black men protested, too.
"Why do the white boy get to stay?" the middle one asked as his two
companions muttered their agreement.
"'Cause he's already paid to do me twice, and I ain't about to give him
a refund! Okay?" she answered with a smile. They muttered some more but
finally nodded. "Now fellows, about those condoms?" The three huddled
again, searching feverishly through their wallets, and finally dug out one
that looked like it had been there for years.
*****END PART 6 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.

*****Part 7 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.
"Damn!" the tallest one muttered. "Come on, sweet white thang, it ain't
going to hurt you to do us this once," he pleaded, sounding downright
"Oh yeah, right!" answered 'Chelle sarcastically, "just once will get
me pregnant or give me some weird ass disease. No thanks! There's a public
restroom about 100 yards that way," she added, nodding her head in the
direction we had come from. "If you hurry, you can be back here and
fucking me in under 10 minutes." That set them off again, as they
hurriedly checked their pockets, wallets and beach bags for loose change.
After they had collected some quarters, they gave them to the shortest
one, and he sprinted off in the direction of the beach and the restrooms,
leaving his two friends behind. No doubt, they were to keep an eye on the
"merchandise". I had no idea what to do or say 'cause I sure didn't want
to argue with 'Chelle in front of them and maybe have them figure out she
was my s****r, and, besides, she didn't give me much of a chance to do or
say anything.
"Hey Baby," she said, and it took me a moment to realize that she meant
me. "You're gonna have to get off of me for awhile so I can do my new
friends," she added, wiggling her pussy against my limp cock and winking
at me with the eye that was away from the black men. Damn, I thought, she
actually means to go through with this!
"Uh, er, oookay," I sputtered, and slid backward, making my cock slurp
loudly out of 'Chelle's luscious pink pussy.
"Oh man, lookit that pussy!" said the tallest black man once I was out
of the way. I stood up, not exactly sure what to do, with the sperm-filled
condom still over the end of my cock. While I stood there confused,
Michelle did something to drive them - and me! - crazy.
"Hmmmm, well look at all that tasty sperm going to waste," she purred
lecherously, licking her lips. The next thing I knew, she had leaned up
into a sitting position, plucked the condom off my dick and slurped my
soft cock into her mouth, quickly devouring the globs of jism coating it
and sucking the residue from the cum hole, too.
"Oh, mmmm, God yes!" I grunted as my s****r sucked away at me with her
talented mouth. Our audience nearly went crazy, whistling, cat-calling and
generally cheering 'Chelle on. She got finished with cleaning me off and
took my dick out of her mouth for a second, turning her face toward them.
"Well, tell you what fellows, since you're having to wait so long, and
since you've been so sweet to let this fellow stay and watch," she said
with a big grin on her face, "I'll give you the same deal that I gave him.
You still gotta wear a condom to fuck me, but I'll let you cum on my face
or tits or in my mouth if you wanna." She paused there, and they broke
into big grins. "It'll only cost you another 10 bucks apiece, and that's
the best rate that I EVER give - even to my best customers!" About that
time, the other fellow got back, triumphantly waving a handful of condoms
over his head. His buddies quickly told him about the new offer. 'Chelle
patted me on the leg, gave me another wink and then gently pushed me away.

I grabbed one of our towels and went to sit down on the side of the dune.
My head was spinning. As if getting to fuck my own s****r's pussy and
having her suck my dick for the first time wasn't enough for me to deal
with, now I was evidently going to get to watch her suck and fuck three
black men we had never even met before! It was too much for me, so I just
sat and watched, dazed and amazed.
They finished talking, and I guess the middle guy had "won" or whatever
because he came up to 'Chelle first while the other two spread towels out
and plopped down on them to watch.
"Hey there, big fellow," 'Chelle said; sexiness oozing from her voice.
She reached out to rub the front of his thighs and then up a bit until she
was squeezing the giant bulge in his shorts with her hand. "Hmmmm, what
have we here, sweetie?" That said, she grasped the top of his trunks and
yanked them down around his ankles, and this huge, purple-black missile
sprang into the air like it was trying to launch itself! Goddamn, he was
huge! Hell, I'm not tiny myself, but his dick was longer than mine and a
lot thicker. I knew my s****r's pussy was fairly loose, but I didn't know
if it was THAT loose or not.
I kept staring in complete disbelief while 'Chelle leaned forward a bit
and slurped the head and about three inches of the giant black pecker into
her mouth! That fellow's eyes nearly crossed as my little s****r showed
him exactly what a proper cocksucking was. He was moaning and groaning,
and I had begun to think that s*s was just going to suck him off when she
stopped all of a sudden and pulled her mouth off his dick.
"Oops, I nearly forgot!" she said while she kept massaging his dangling
balls with one hand. "It is standard procedure to pay first. You
understand, of course?" She had timed it perfectly. I guess the guy she
was sucking was just starting to hope that he was going to get a free
blowjob if nothing else, and by then he was crazed enough that he was
willing to do anything to get 'Chelle to go back to sucking his cock.
"Give the girl the money, damn it!" he yelled over his shoulder.
"And, how many of you decided you wanted the extra special treatment?
Hmmmm?" 'Chelle cooed.
"We all do Baby!" answered the tallest of the three as he walked
forward and handed 'Chelle a wad of money.
"Oh goodie!" my s****r squealed as she took the money and started
counting. "I was hoping that I'd get to eat some more cum today!"
"There's only 74 dollars there, Sweet Thang," the tall fellow said,
sounding a bit ashamed. "I know it's supposed to be 80, but it's all we
"Word," chimed in the shortest, "you about to get every last dime we
got just to screw you, pretty little white girl."
"Hmmmm, well, you three have been so nice and soooo patient," 'Chelle
said after thinking a moment, "and this cock tastes SOOOO damn good." She
paused there to lean forward and suck on the black dick to punctuate her
words. "I guess 74 dollars will be good enough." With her last words, all
three of them broke into grins, and my mouth just dropped open wider than
it already was.
"You ready to fuck me good and hard, Honey?" 'Chelle cooed, and the
black guy nodded so energetically that his sun glasses nearly fell off.
"Well then, hand me a rubber, and I'll slide that baby on for you, and we
can get to it." He handed over one of the condoms they had just bought,
and 'Chelle expertly ripped open the wrapper with her teeth and then
smoothly slid the lubricated rubber tube over the massive black dick. It
just barely was large enough! Of course, she gave his cock another quick
kiss and suck before covering it.
With her "John" (I found out eventually that their names were Dan,
Ronnie and Henry, going from tallest to shortest.) now properly attired,
'Chelle flopped onto her back on the blanket and grinned up at Ronnie.
"Well, come on and fuck me, Lover!" she invited, and he didn't have to
be asked twice. I watched the muscular black man as he knelt down between
my s****r's legs and moved to stick his cock in her. They both grunted in
unison when the big, black dick slammed into her slimy pink snatch. Ronnie
buried a good five or six inches of his pecker into my little s****r on
the first stroke. I had to admit, as uneasy as I still was about this
whole thing, that the sight of the big ebony cock splitting and stretching
my s****r's light pink pussy looked very, VERY hot! Of course, this
produced a loud chorus of "Do it Ronnie!" and "Fuck that hole!" and the
like from his buddies. I didn't do any cheerleading myself. I was too
fascinated and turned on by what I was watching.
Well, it was quite a show. Michelle let Ronnie fuck her brains out. She
squealed and wiggled enough to let me know that she wasn't just acting.
She was having a ball! He came in her, after lasting a lot longer than I
had my first time inside my s****r, and lay still between her legs for a
moment, leaning over to suck at her huge jugs for awhile while he did.
Then, according to the deal and without having to be told, I might add,
Ronnie crawled out from between my s****r's legs and offered her his
juiced-coated cock. My little s****r never hesitated. She peeled off that
condom and downed his limp pecker in one gulp. He could only grunt and
moan as she licked and sucked him completely clean.
"Mmmmmm, that was so good, Baby!" she purred and gave his dick one
final kiss on its ebony head.
"Uh huh!" is all he managed to say in response, but he grinned from
ear-to-ear as he looked down at 'Chelle.
Henry, the shortest, was up next, and launched into fucking Michelle
like he was hitting a speed bag. I think he must have been nervous about
fucking out here in the open or something, because he didn't even let my
s****r suck on his seven-inch, chocolate-brown shaft for long. He pumped
her pussy at 90 miles an hour and came in less than a couple dozen
strokes. He did slow down long enough, though, to let her thoroughly suck
his dick afterwards, and he very gently ran his hands though s*s's soft
brown hair while she sucked him clean.
Dan, the tallest, was up next and when 'Chelle peeled his shorts down
she almost got hit in the face with a smut black cock even longer than
Ronnie's. It wasn't nearly as thick, though. He fucked her with long, sort
of slow strokes, but he still came in about the same amount of time Henry
had, and 'Chelle had what looked like a genuine orgasm right along with
him. I guess these guys had been with regular hookers before because they
looked real impressed when they saw that my s****r was actually getting
off on them fucking her. After she caught her breath a bit, she flipped
around, peeled off his condom and finished off her fourth cum snack of the
morning, smacking her lips and going on about how delicious it was.
After 'Chelle finished off Dan, they mumbled something about having to
get back to their hotel and then gathered up their stuff to leave.
"Hey fellas, if you happen to be down this way again, remember to look
for me," she called to them with a big grin as they were leaving. "I might
be out here fucking this little white boy again."
Her invitation was met with good-natured laughter and a chorus of
"Yeah, we'll sho be back!" and "Damn straight, pretty little white girl!"
"Just remember to have all 80 dollars next time if you want the same
treatment, Baby!" she added. They nodded and grinned and waved goodbye as
they disappeared over the dunes.
*****END PART 7 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.

*****Part 8 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.
"What in the world do you think you're doing, s*s?" I said, jumping
onto 'Chelle just as soon as they were out of sight, and getting up to
walk over to where she was sitting, spread-legged on her towel.
"Making us some money, stupid," she said, grinning, stopping me dead in
my tracks for the moment. She tried to hand me part of the money they had
given her. I was having none of that and pushed her hand away. "Oh, is my
poor, sweet b*****r upset 'cause little s****r fucked somebody else? Hmmm,
is Big b*****r jealous after only getting to fuck me twice?" she teased,
making me even madder. But, before I had time to think of something else
to say, s*s had gotten up onto her knees and whipped my half-hard pecker
into her mouth. As you might guess, the argument kind of ended there.
"I'll make it up to you, Sweetie," she purred. "Come on, you can fuck
my slimy hole without a condom on and then feed that delicious sperm of
yours to your little s****r just like they did. Okay?" It didn't take much
persuading to get me to take an offer like that. I rolled her onto her
back, and shoved my cock into her, not being gentle at all since I was
still a bit pissed off at her, and fucked her just as hard and fast as I
could. Hell, she loved it! And, when I was about to cum, I pulled out and
stuck my cock right in her face, yanking on it myself and letting her suck
on the head before finally spewing sperm all over her face and down her
throat. It was great!
We cuddled for awhile and then gathered up our stuff and returned to
the beach with me still uneasy about what 'Chelle had done, but she had at
least convinced me that it was safe enough provided that she insisted on
condoms and that I was there to protect her. And, she reminded me that our
f****y could use every single dime that she made while we were here.
"Hell, Mikey, it was 74 dollars for about an hour of work," she said,
and then giggled. "Besides, dammit, it was FUN!" That made me laugh, too,
and we were all smiles, walking arm-in-arm again, by the time we got back
to the beach.
That night at the cottage was quiet. The sl**ping arrangements were the
same as the second night, but I didn't yet have the nerve to initiate
anything with Momma. So, I just slept since she didn't wake me up this
time. I suspected that her and Daddy had fucked so much that day at the
cottage while we were fucking in the dunes that she was just satisfied for
a change.
'Chelle whispered to me the next morning when we had a moment alone
that Daddy slept on his left side so she didn't get bumped by his pecker
again, or pumped by it like she was hoping. I told her my theory about
them being fucked out from their day at home, and she agreed that might
have been it. But, it made both of us wonder if our parents were
regretting (well, Momma anyway since Daddy hadn't done anything yet) what
had happened, but we didn't get to finish talking about it. Momma came out
of the bathroom and Daddy came back from the car about that time.
"Honey, could you run to the little grocery down the street and pick us
up some things?" Momma asked Daddy when he came in, making my eyes light
up and my heart pound faster immediately. Not only did she ask Daddy to go
shop, she also asked 'Chelle to go with him to help carry stuff.
"Besides, you know we can never let your Daddy go in a grocery store by
himself," Kimberly added with a laugh and leaned over to kiss Daddy on the
cheek. We all grinned, including Daddy. His horrendous attempts at grocery
shopping were a f****y tradition. "And Mike here can stay and help me do
dishes. It's high time he started doing more housework in case he can't
find a woman to do it for him later on." We all laughed at that, too, and
Michelle and Daddy headed off for the store with the list Momma gave them
but not before s*s gave me a knowing little wink when the folks weren't
"Well, come on! We don't have much time!" Momma urged, giggling like a
schoolgirl, just as soon as they were out of sight. Quick as a wink, she
had knelt in front of me, pulled down my trunks and slurped my cock into
her mouth! Momma sucked me fast and hard and just long enough to get me
erect. Then, she plopped down on her back, right there on the floor beside
the kitchen sink, and pulled me down on top of her.
"Come fuck me now!" she commanded as she pulled the bottom of her
bathing suit to one side, exposing her lush, red-hair-covered mound. I
wanted to dive in and see what my Momma tasted like, but this didn't seem
to be the time or the place for a lot of foreplay, so I did what she told
me. I mounted her and shoved all eight inches of my dick into that hot,
wet and wonderfully tight pussy of hers! She grunted like a mare in heat,
and I grunted like a stallion mounting her. It was fast, hard and great!
We fucked like rabbits!
I came fast, but that was the idea. I squirted glob after glob of jism
inside my pretty Momma while she pumped her legs around my ass, trying to
draw my dick even deeper inside her. But, as much sperm as I planted in
her luscious vagina, it sucked up every single drop. When I pulled out a
few minutes later, I swear that I didn't see a single drop ooze out. She
pulled her suit back into place, leaned up and gave my cock a quick
going-over, slurping up the tiny bit of cum oozing from my cum hole and
licking it clean of her cunt juices, too.
Then, she kissed me on the lips, giving me a second-hand taste of her
pussy, before starting us to washing and drying dishes like crazy. We got
them done with about two minutes to spare before Daddy and 'Chelle came
back with the groceries.
After putting up the groceries, 'Chelle and I managed to get out of the
cottage first but without much of lead on the folks so we had to whisper
to talk about what we wanted to talk about.
"You fucked Momma again, didn't you?" she said with a laugh right off
the bat. I guess it must have showed on my face.
"Yep, and it was great!" I said, grinning widely. "Quick, but great."
"Damn, I wish I could watch you fuck her," she said suddenly,
surprising me a bit, but it was an idea that certainly turned me on.
"Well, I don't how we could arrange it, but, sure, it's okay with me,"
I hastily agreed. "And, well, uh, you know that I'd love to watch Daddy
fuck you, too," I admitted, and she giggled.
"Yeah, I'd love to get fucked by Daddy so you could watch!" she
whispered emphatically. "Speaking of that, while we were grocery shopping,
I innocently suggested to Daddy that I'd like to do something with just me
and him for a change." She gave me a big wink when she said "innocently".
"He looked at me kinda funny, but I was doing my Little Miss Innocent
look so he just smiled and said, `sure'" she added with a quiet giggle. I
told her that I'd help her out when she told me what she and Daddy were
supposed to go somewhere tonight alone. I figured it was only fair since I
had got to fuck Momma twice, and 'Chelle hadn't gotten into Daddy's pants
yet. Besides, it would leave me alone with my hot Momma again. My job was
to get Momma out of the cottage for awhile and make sure that she stayed
with me and not decide to tag along with 'Chelle and Daddy.
The day at the beach was pretty much wasted since our parents stayed
close all day. There was no chance to slip off into the dunes, but we both
figured that tonight would make up for it.
That night, according to our plan, Daddy left with 'Chelle to see the
local seaquarium. I had made a big show of not being interested in "seeing
a lot of silly fish."
"Well, it's just as well," Momma had chimed right in as they were
telling us about their plans. "I wanna take a walk along the beach in the
moonlight, but I don't want to go there in the dark by myself. Mike can
walk with me," she said with an absolutely straight face. So, I didn't
even have to come up with a plan to divert Momma - she had done it for me!
'Chelle and Daddy left not long after that. Momma winked at me and
licked her lips slowly the very second that they walked out the door. So
she wouldn't get the idea to throw down and fuck right then and there, I
grabbed up a couple of towels and her hand and pulled her toward the beach
with me. As you might guess, we didn't do much walking after we got to the
The moonlight on the dunes and the waves was beautiful, but I didn't
really look at it a lot. Most of my attention was centered on Momma's
boobs and ass and pussy. We went into the dunes, spread our towels out and
got right to fucking.
I got my first taste and detailed exploration of Momma's hairy cunt
that night. There was plenty of moonlight to see by. Her pussy was just as
delicious as 'Chelle's, but more salty and tangy. She got so wet while I
was eating her - a lot faster and a lot wetter than s*s, too. Momma's
outer pussy lips are so thick that you can easily see them through all
that red fur. I still couldn't get over how tight she was after having two
k**s and all the fucking she had done with Daddy and his big dick. It must
be all the exercising she does. Her clit is big and very, VERY sensitive,
I soon found out when I made her cum by just sucking it into my mouth
three or four times right after we got there.
God, we fucked until we couldn't fuck anymore! I figured that we must
have been gone at it for nearly two hours. I fucked Momma in the pussy and
in the ass, and she actually got me hard a third time with that amazing
mouth of hers, and I was slamming in and out of her cunt again when I
finally ran out of gas, but we didn't care. We lay around a while longer,
munching on each other and cuddling and caressing.
By the time we headed back, I had given Michelle a bit longer than we
had planned. I hoped that she had gotten everything done in that amount of
time and had remembered to check the clock so we wouldn't walk in on them
I knew that they had fucked when I walked through the door with Momma
and saw them. They were sitting on the couch watching TV. 'Chelle was
literally glowing and couldn't seem to get the grin off her face. Daddy
was sitting beside her with this sort of dazed smile on his face and a
glazed look in his eyes. Two sure signs of someone who had been with my
s*s. Yep, 'Chelle had fucked him all right. I didn't get to hear the juicy
details, though, until our walk to the beach the next morning.
That was the next morning, though, and we still had to get through that
night. Let me tell you, I was really nervous and excited, wondering what
would happen with the four of us in bed after me just fucking Momma and
Daddy just having fucked 'Chelle. But, I guess we were all so fucked out
and tired that nothing happened. We just slept as far as I know. Of
course, after a day like we had had, we needed some sl**p!
*****END PART 8 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.

*****Part 9 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.
"Okay, okay, tell me all about it!" I said with a grin as soon as we
were around a corner from the cottage the next morning. "I know you're
dying to tell me, and I'm dying to hear it." She giggled and leaned up to
kiss me on the lips before launching into her story about Daddy.
"Well we took off for the Seaquarium just like we were supposed to,"
'Chelle began her story. "I knew that I needed to get him to walk at least
part of the way there so you'd have time to get Momma out of the cottage.
Well, we got almost all the way there, and suddenly I began feeling ever
so tired," she added with a grin. "I just couldn't go on. I really wanted
to see the seaquarium with my Daddy, but I just felt too worn out. God,
Mikey, he fell for it hook, line and sinker! I bet he would have tried
carrying me back to the cottage on his back if I had asked him to." I
smiled, knowing just how persuasive and convincing s*s could be when she
wanted to.
"Well, we got back to the cottage with several pauses for me to rest
along the way...just to make it look good," she said. "He was such a dear
when we got back. He was all over me, offering ice water and cold cloths
for my head and aspirin, anything. But, I was the brave little trooper, of
course." 'Chelle paused a moment giggle at the memory of how Daddy acted.
"I said, `no, I'm just a little tired. There's no reason why you can't go
and have some fun yourself. Why don't you hop in the shower and get ready.
You might even be able to catch up with Momma and Mike if you hurry.'
Well, he didn't want to leave me alone, but I finally talked him into it.
I knew that if I could get him in the shower, naked, then my chances of
getting somewhere with him would be a lot better than just jumping him on
the couch when we were both still fully clothed."
"Anyway, he went to hop into the shower, and I waited until I head the
water running. I went over to the door. I listened until I heard him start
singing that silly song he always sings in the shower. I knew that he must
be naked and under the water when he started that up. So, I yanked off my
blouse, and pulled down my shorts and underwear just as fast as I could. I
grabbed the doorknob and turned it very, very slowly so it wouldn't squeak
or anything. It didn't, so I went ahead and pushed the door open, going
ever so slowly. I guess the door hinges are about the only thing about our
cottage that are first rate," she said with a laugh. "The hinges didn't
make any noise at all, but I doubt he could have heard it with the water
running full blast." As she continued, I was getting more and more
excited, and I could feel a bulge building up in my own shorts that made
walking just a bit awkward.
"I walked into the bathroom and closed the door quietly behind me. The
air was so steamed up that I could barely see. Of course, I knew where I
was going so it didn't really matter. I went over to the shower door,
grabbed it firmly, took a deep breath and yanked it open!" s*s gasped then
in the power of her remembering, and I was so into the story that I
gasped, too. "I hadn't planned what to say, so I said the first thing that
popped into my mind so it sounded kind of stupid. `Well, Daddy, it seems
sorta silly to me to waste all that water for two showers when there's
plenty of room in here for two people at once. Don't you agree, Daddy?' I
asked him, and gave him my brightest smile. Well, he was stunned to say
the least, and kept working his mouth to tell me something but no words
came out. Well, that was hesitation enough for me, Big b*****r! He wasn't
talking, but he sure as hell was communicating with that big, beautiful
dick of his. It was already two-thirds hard and was starting to point
straight at me."
"Before he could say `No', I had squatted down and started sucking on
it for all I was worth! He didn't tell me to stop after that either -
except a couple of times later when he wanted to change positions,
hee-hee," she giggled merrily, and I laughed right along with her. God,
she was making me so hot! "Well, let me tell you, Daddy's dick is just
plain delicious! I hate to break this to you, Big b*****r, but Daddy has
about an inch on you," she teased with a smile.
"Hell, I knew that already, s*s," I said, not in the least offended.
"Well, I like your cock just fine, too," she said and leaned up to kiss
me on the lips briefly. "In fact, I don't think there are two finer cocks
in all the world!" I grinned at the compliment, and she continued.
"Well, it's about nine inches long, and has this big, thick
uncircumsized head on it!" 'Chelle said breathlessly. "And a great big cum
hole and a huge flap of skin that rolls back. The shaft has these big,
bulging veins on it, and his balls are just as big as yours." I could have
done without all the detail about my Daddy's dick, but I knew she'd get
down to telling about the fucking soon enough. "God, most guys who are
that big, don't get all the way hard. I mean, they get hard enough to
fuck, sure, but not HARD! But, my sweet Daddy did. When I bent over in
that shower, and he shoved that thing in my pussy from behind, it felt
like someone sticking a steel rod into me! But, a steel rod that was warm
and throbbing and felt so damn good!"
"He fucked me like a crazy man there in the shower, in and out, in and
out, all nine inches in me! He sounded like he could barely breathe, he
was so excited so I knew he wouldn't last long that first time. I wasn't
anywhere near cumming yet, but I didn't care. I felt him gather himself,
and I knew he was so into fucking me that he wasn't thinking about me
getting pregnant or anything else for that matter except sticking his dick
me. Well, when I felt him gather himself, I pulled away from him and
turned around. God, I really hated feeling that cock slip out of my cunt,
but, well, one of us had to keep our head. He looked sort of surprised and
disappointed. At least he did until I knelt down and slurped that big,
delicious dick back into my mouth again. Then, everything was okay with
Daddy." 'Chelle paused to catch her breath and went on.
"I only had to suck on his dick a couple of times when I felt this damn
geyser of cum hit the back of my throat! I almost choked on the first
couple of spurts, but I kept swallowing and finally he slowed down enough
that I could keep up. Damn, Mikey, his sperm tastes just like yours!" I
was glad that she seemed so happy to have discovered that because I sure
wanted to feed her some of mine right about then. "I gulped and swallowed
until he finally finished, and then I looked up at him and smiled while I
was licking his dick, and he just gave me this big, happy grin. It was
great! Hell, Big b*****r, he didn't say a word about who he was fucking.
We just went at it! Fucking in the shower was just the start!"
"Then, we dried each other off, and I sucked him back up. It didn't
take long either. He was half-hard by the time we finished toweling off.
We were both so damn horny that we still didn't waste any time talking or
anything. The next thing I knew, Daddy had pushed me facedown across the
kitchen table and shoved that big dick all the way up inside my cunt
again. God, it felt perfect! He fucked me good and long and hard this
time. He was a lot more under control. And, I didn't have to tell him to
pull out that time. He was thinking clearly enough that he pulled his cock
out and let me eat his sperm again. Whew, Mikey! I'm all wet and slimy
right now just from telling you about it!" Well, I was rock hard by that
point, too, but there was nothing we could do about right then.
"Well, I didn't know exactly how long you could keep Momma gone, so we
didn't do a whole lot after that," she said, and then grinned, "but I did
have time to suck him off again! God, I ate my Daddy's cum three times in
one night!" We were down to the beach by then, and resolved to sneak off
and fuck each other silly the first chance we got. We were both hot and
horny from 'Chelle's story about her Daddy-fuck.
After we got to the beach, our folks arrived right after us. With both
of us about to explode to fuck each other, we had to spend the entire
morning hanging out and doing regular beach stuff because Momma and Daddy
were around. But, our hopes went sky high when, just before lunch time,
they told us that they were going to head back to the cottage for awhile,
and left us on our own again with enough money for lunch.
Of course, we headed straight for the dunes as soon as they were out of
It wasn't long before I was fucking my s****r vigorously in the ass
after giving her what she called a "proper" preparation. Than meant that
we lay together in a 69. She sucked my cock while I ate her pussy and
stretched her asshole with one and then two and finally three fingers!
God, her ass still felt nice and tight and GREAT when I stuck my dick in
it. And, judging from the grunting and moaning she was doing, along with
an occasional, "Fuck me Mikey! Fuck my ass hard!" I think she enjoyed this
time much better than the first time I stuck my cock in her ass that night
in bed.
I was just filling her sweet little ass with cum - no condom this time
folks! - when we heard a familiar voice call out, "Hey Baby, you like
having that thing stuck up your butt, too?" You guessed it. 'Chelle's
three "Johns" had come back for more of my little s****r, not that I
blamed them at all.
"Mmmmm, sure I like it, fellas," s*s answered without batting an eye.
"And, it only costs 10 dollars more than a regular fuck." I didn't tense
up as much this time because everybody seemed a lot friendlier, almost
like everyone was old friends. They chatted with my s****r while I
finished filling her ass with sperm and then pulled out. By then, they and
'Chelle had decided on prices and who was going to do what. I went over
and sat down on my towel again while they got down to business. It was so
damn fascinating (and hot!) to see my s****r go from a sweet (I think)
little 16-year-old to this worldly, experienced hooker in the blink of an
eye. It was like she had this whole different "horny whore" personality
inside her body.
Dan (the tallest one) was the only one who opted to pay the extra 10
bucks and fuck 'Chelle in the ass, and he went first, plunging all nine
inches of his smut black pecker into her ass on the first stroke, but my
little s****r just grunted happily because I had already done a good job
of greasing and stretching her butthole. She sounded like an a****l in
heat, loving every minute and every inch of it! He came in his condom with
his dick buried deep in her ass, but, at 'Chelle's urging, he pulled out,
and she quickly stripped off the rubber so she could slurp his cum-coated
Then came Henry with his seven-inch, chocolate brown missile. He left
'Chelle up on her hands and knees, but rammed his meaty cock into her soft
pink pussy from behind, fucking her as hard and as fast as he had the
first time, but he lasted much longer. 'Chelle didn't care. I think she
would have taken any cock in any hole from any angle right about then.
That's how horny she was.
*****END PART 9 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.

*****Part 10 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.
In fact, Henry was still hard at work with a sheen of sweat covering
his muscular body, ramming his cock in and out of my s****r's twat, when I
heard a sound that froze my bl**d! Another familiar voice was calling down
from the top of the dune, but it sure wasn't a black guy looking for a
whore to fuck this time.
"Well, well, what have we here?" my Momma said, scaring the bejesus out
of all five of us. If anything, Ronnie, Henry and Dan looked even more
scared than me and 'Chelle did. I started sputtering and stuttering out
explanations that didn't make any sense. "So, what is my daughter doing
here in the dunes with a big black dick stuck in her pussy? Hmmmm?" When
they heard Momma say that 'Chelle was her daughter, the three black guys
looked like they were going to faint. Of course, I probably looked just as
"Hey, hey lady, be cool," Ronnie sputtered, "we was just having a
little fun. We didn't know it was your daughter turning tricks out here."
"Yeah, my 16-YEAR-OLD daughter!" Momma blasted at him, cutting him off
before he could make any more excuses. They looked even sicker when they
heard that as visions of prison terms for statutory **** no doubt began
dancing through their heads. If we hadn't all been so damn scared of
Momma, we probably would have all burst out laughing, because poor Henry
picked that very moment to give up the ghost inside my s****r. He had
stopped stroking when Momma showed up, of course, but the tension was just
too much or else 'Chelle's cunt muscles picked a bad moment to grab at
him. Whatever, he began squirting a condom-full of jism into s*s's pussy,
and looked very, very sorry that he had. What Momma said next, though,
shocked me and 'Chelle even more than her appearance here had.
"Dammit, out turning tricks without giving me my cut again?" Momma said
sternly, pointing her finger at 'Chelle. I couldn't fucking believe my
ears. Was our Momma actually going to play along with this?!?
"I'm sorry Momma!" Michelle said, catching on fast like always, and
sounding very, very sincere which probably wasn't all that hard for her,
considering how scared we were. "I'll never, ever do it again!"
"You damn well better not!" Kimberly answered emphatically.
As I watched, partly horrified, partly amazed and completely
fascinated, Momma found out from Ronnie, Henry and Dan what they had been
charged and what they were supposed to get for their money.
"Well, at least she was charging you the right prices," Momma allowed;
her tone softening just a bit. By now, the three men were showing a
distinct interest in my Momma, too. Now that they were pretty sure that
she wasn't going to have them arrested, her luscious body in that skimpy
black bathing suit was looking pretty good to them. I couldn't believe
where things went from there.
By the time all the wheeling and dealing was done, I was watching
Ronnie ram his big eight-inch cock in and out of s*s's pussy, while my
Momma was sucking on my pecker, getting it hard for my next "trick" with
them. Luckily, I still had 30 dollars from the previous day so that I
could make a show of handing that over to her for my fuck and suck.
After a few seconds of having Momma's wonderful mouth on my dick, she
slipped my condom on my pecker and sprawled back on the towel beside
'Chelle and told me to climb on. Well, it was a really strange situation,
but not nearly strange enough to keep me from wanting to fuck my Momma.
So, I climbed on and stuck it in her just as hard and deep as it would go.
She squealed, sounding a lot like her daughter for a moment, as I fucked
her hard and fast. With Ronnie and me dutifully pounding away at their
pussies, Momma called out for Dan and Henry to come over. She had them
position their dicks right over hers and 'Chelle's mouths so that they
could suck cock and get them hard again while taking care of us with their
pussies. It was quite a little assembly line we had going.
It wasn't long before Ronnie and I came, filling our condoms with
sperm. As soon as we finished spasming, Momma got us out of the way, and
got Henry and Dan back between hers and her daughter's legs. After they
got to fucking again, Momma and 'Chelle did a great job of cleaning off
the two of us. s*s sucked me clean and Momma sucked Ronnie's purple-black
tool clear down into her throat. The three of them went on the whole time
(when they weren't gasping for air) about how Momma and 'Chelle were the
best at everything: they gave the best blowjobs; they had the best
pussies; they had the tightest, cutest asses, and on and on. They must
have been sincere because, by the time Momma and 'Chelle got finished with
them, their dicks were limp beyond even the power of my Momma's mouth to
get hard again, and they were out of money again.
"Hey Baby!" said Henry as they gathered up their stuff and started to
leave, "are you and this cute little girl (he nodded at 'Chelle) gonna be
back down this way again? I mean, you women are too hot to pass up. We'll
have some mo' money tomorrow, and we've got some friends who would just
love ta meet ya, Baby!" He didn't say how many friends, and Momma and
'Chelle didn't ask.
"Damn right!" Ronnie seconded him.
"Well, you never know, sport," Momma answered in a sexy purr, making my
mouth drop open in surprise for a second before I caught myself and
snapped it shut again. "You'll just have to come back down here and see,
but yeah, we might be here again." Momma paused for a second, thinking,
and then continued. "Tell you what, fellas, if you're staying around here,
I'd be happy to give you a holler on the phone the next time that me or
the girl will be available. How about that?" I could barely believe my
"Way cool Baby!" said Henry in his deep, deep voice. "We're stayin' at
the Holiday Motel and the number is 555-2332. Room 203. You got that?"
Momma nodded.
"Sure Sweetie, I got it!" Momma answered with a lecherous grin. "Now
you come on back if you wanna get this!" she added and then reached down
and slid her middle finger all the way up inside her slimy, well-fucked
pussy. That brought a chorus of "Oooo"s and "Ahhh"s from the fellows, and
made the tip of my dick vibrate with its first sign of life in awhile.
"Now, say, if we bring you all this new business, how about a little
discount for me and my friends here?" he asked after the three of them had
quieted down again. I don't blame him for trying to milk Momma's apparent
good humor for all it was worth, considering what the merchandise was!
"Well, you all were so tasty..." Momma said, reaching out a hand to
gently fondle Henry's balls through his shorts. "Tell you what. For every
new customer you bring us, me or my girl here will give one of you the,
mmmmm, service (they all grinned widely at the word service) of your
choice at half price. How's that sound? You bring at least three friends,
and you all get a half price fuck or suck or a trip up mine or the girl's
back door. You bring us at least six, and hell, all three of you get a
They quickly told Momma that they thought that is was a great deal and
headed off, deep in conversation with each other. I was bursting with fear
and questions for Momma. Despite her having played along while the guys
were there, I was pretty sure we were going to get killed once they left.

Just as soon as they were out of sight and earshot, Momma launched
right into a stern lecture (directed mainly at 'Chelle, thank goodness) on
how dangerous what we were doing could have been. She went on for a few
minutes, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. I was surprised
that she really didn't harp about Michelle getting paid, but just about
how dangerous it could have been.
"Now, young lady, to even partly make up for what you've done here -
selling yourself to those boys - you need to get that cute little ass of
yours over here and help me get Mike hard again so he can fuck me in the
ass! And I mean right now!" she nearly yelled at s*s. Well, it sure as
hell wasn't the sort of punishment we had expected, but we weren't about
to complain. Within seconds, I was in blowjob heaven as my Momma and my
little s****r took turns with one sucking my dick and the other one
nibbling and sucking at my balls. As tired as my cock was after what I had
just done and all the sex I had had the last few days, they still were
able to get me rock hard and ready to fuck in just a few minutes.
As soon as I was hard, Momma shoved 'Chelle out of the way and got onto
her hands and knees in front of me.
"Stuff that beautiful dick of yours in my ass, Son!" she demanded,
still all business. No problem, I thought, and shoved it right into her
with no problem at all. Momma's ass felt just a good as ever.
I guess 'Chelle thought she had gotten off the hook because she had
leaned back onto the towel a few feet away, and was very softly rubbing
her pussy mound. I suspect more because it was sore from all the fucking
she had gotten than from her trying to excite herself. I was into a good,
steady pace now, sliding all eight inches of my pecker in and out of
Momma's tight butt, and she was humping her ass back against me; our
bodies in perfect rhythm with each other. That's when she let 'Chelle know
that she wasn't quite off the hook yet.
"Come here girl!" Kimberly commanded, and 'Chelle came, not daring to
disobey that tone of voice. "Lie down right here in front of me and spread
those legs of yours!"
"Wwwwhat? Momma?" my s****r asked, sputtering in shock, and I must
admit, though I was shocked at the command, too, I did have to grin at
seeing Michelle so surprised for a change.
"You heard me, you little slut! Get that slimy pussy over here so I can
eat it!" Momma replied with a steely voice. "Don't try to tell me that
you've never had a woman eat you before. I know all about you and Alice
Givens!" 'Chelle gasped when she heard that, and I did, too. Alice Givens
was one of the hottest sophomores at our high school, and I had been hot
for her for as long as I could remember. And she had slept with my little
s****r! 'Chelle didn't say another word after that revelation and
obediently did exactly what Momma wanted.
It was the hottest thing that I had ever seen! Just over the twin,
tight cheeks of my Momma's ass, where my dick was pistoning in and out of
her tight asshole, I got to watch as she bent forward and rammed damn near
her whole face into my s****r's twat. Well, if 'Chelle had been hesitant
to begin with, she sure changed her mind in a hurry. She was squealing and
carrying on something crazy in a few seconds, and, before I knew it, she
was bucking up against Momma's face in a huge orgasm. It was the biggest
one I had seen s*s have. That awesome scene and the tightness of Momma's
butt were too much for me, too, and I came hard inside her just a few
seconds later. After I finished pumping my load of cum into Momma's ass,
the three of us slumped down together in exhaustion.
We sat around on the towels, catching our breath and touching and
licking and fondling gently. Then, Momma counted the money, making 'Chelle
and me kick in what we had made the day before, too. We were all shocked
to find 170 dollars from just that day and the 70 from the day before (me
and s*s had spent about four bucks).
*****END PART 10 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.

*****Part 11 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.
"Good Lord. 240 dollars," Momma said in a hushed voice. And not just
240 dollars either. It was 240 dollars for about two hours of work! It was
almost as much as my folks had paid for the cottage for the whole week.
You could almost see the wheels spinning in Momma's head as she counted
the money over and over again, no doubt thinking of all the things she
could use it for (goodness knows, there were plenty of bills to pay and
plenty of things that needed fixing back home). I was feeling pretty low,
and I was sure 'Chelle was, too. We had counted on spending that money -
at least part of it - on ourselves, but we dared not say something like
that to Momma. We were still too thankful that she hadn't killed us for
what we had done. She mumbled that we should go ahead and get dressed,
that Daddy would be expecting us back soon. We did and started walking
slowly back down to the beach.
When she finally spoke again, she didn't ask us what we wanted to do -
she told us, but it wasn't so harsh. I guess that getting fucked in the
ass and eating her daughter's pussy had cooled her anger off a good bit.
Her voice was much softer now when she spoke.
"Okay, let me let the two of you in on a little secret," she began,
getting our attention right away since I was still expecting some sort of
punishment for what we had done. This conversation, just like my life
lately, seemed to heading in a completely different and unexpected
"We didn't want to tell you, but your Daddy got his hours cut back at
work about a two months ago. Money has been really short, even more than
usual," she said and then paused to take a deep breath. "We were wondering
if we were even gonna be able to keep our trailer and land. I don't have
the money for next month's payment, not yet, anyway," Momma explained. "I
had a devil of a time getting him to come on vacation even though it was
already paid for and nonrefundable, and his vacation time is paid, too. He
was just so down in the dumps about our money situation. I'm just glad
that I talked him into it. I would have gone absolutely crazy if we had
spent another whole summer at home. I might have done something even
crazier than I did today," she added with a grin. We both smiled back at
her sort of hesitantly, still wondering when and if the axe was going to
fall on our necks.
"This money...THIS money!" she said almost reverently as she reached
down into her purse to feel for the huge wad of bills as if she still
didn't quite believe they were real. "This could save us, k**s. And, we're
gonna be here three more days and three more nights, so I guess what I'm
saying, believe it or not, is, well, if you two want to keep doing this -
and if you're VERY CAREFUL then, well, it's okay with me and well, I'm
gonna do it, too." She finished and looked back and forth at us almost as
if she were seeking our approval for what she had decided.
I was absolutely floored! And, I could tell by the look on 'Chelle's
face that she was, too. Our Momma...Kimberly she kept reminding me to call
her, was telling us it was okay that 'Chelle was selling herself here at
the beach and that she was going to start doing it too! Hell, she hadn't
even mentioned the fact that mother, daughter and son were sl**ping
together. We must have taken a good 10 or 15 steps with our mouths hanging
wide open. We looked so silly that Momma laughed at us, breaking the
tension a little.
"Oh come on, you know you wanna keep doing it 'Chelle!" she teased my
s****r. "Don't be so shocked that your Momma likes to fuck as much as you
do. Where did you think you got that from?" Her laughter relaxed us a bit
more, and I finally managed to close my mouth. "And, I'm pretty sure that
both of us wanna keep fucking your b*****r," she added, reaching out to
give my balls a quick squeeze.
"Besides, if we can work it out the way that I think we can, it'll give
you more chances to let your Daddy stick his big cock in you," Kimberly
said, giggling and sounding for all the world like she was our age.
'Chelle had probably never been surprised so many times in a single month
in her life as she had been in this one day, and she gasped out loud again
at hearing that her Momma knew all about her big secret. Momma reached out
and patted s*s on her ass playfully to reassure her.
"Oh come on, I'm not mad!" she said with a smile. "I'm just surprised
that it took him so long to fuck you. He's wanted to for years. Of course,
I guess it would be more truthful to say that I'm surprised that it took
you so long to seduce him. Am I right?" Michelle nodded, still shaken up
pretty badly over how easily Momma had seemed to read her mind. "And, I'm
pretty sure that I'm gonna want to taste my little girl's pussy again
sometime soon!" she added, and actually got my s****r to blush, an almost
unheard of happening.
"But, there's something we've got to be careful about," Momma
continued. "Daddy might be okay about fucking his daughter, and he might
even put up with knowing that Mike was fucking me (she patted my arm
affectionately as she said that), but he'd never, ever go for letting us
take money for fucking other guys like this. Never, ever! He'd be ashamed
that he wasn't making enough money to keep us from doing something like
this. He'd probably disown all three of us, or worse, so we have to be
really, really careful about how we do this thing while we're here."
We both nodded solemnly, and she went on to explain what she had in
mind. That was something else that I was always proud of. My Momma was
really smart. We were poor and lived in a trailer and all that, and most
people, rich people anyway, just assumed that we all must be stupid, too.
Well, my Daddy wasn't exactly a rocket scientist, but he had plenty of
common sense, just not enough education, but my Momma was just plain
smart. She had been an "A" student before she got pregnant with me and
dropped out, and she still read everything she could get her hands on when
she wasn't too tired from her job or housework. Even then, she made some
time every day to read. 'Chelle and I both made good grades in school,
too. 'Chelle had almost all "A"s just like Momma, I probably would have if
I had studied any at all, but I still never made below a "B".
"Here's what we're gonna do..." she explained, and our grins got bigger
and bigger, the more we heard. Michelle was especially happy with Momma's
plan, and I sure as hell liked it a lot, too.
We started that very afternoon. Momma and I made sure we gave 'Chelle
enough privacy so she could rub up against Daddy some after we got back to
the cottage, and we weren't at all surprised when we said we were going to
go back down to the beach that neither Michelle nor Daddy felt "up" to
going back today. No doubt a decision made after she had squeezed his cock
a couple of times when they were alone.
Well, Kimberly and I went down to the beach that afternoon. Momma
stopped on the way at a pay phone and called the guys' hotel. I don't know
who she talked to, but I got a hard-on just listening to her run through
the "menu" available in the dunes that afternoon. She hung up and grinned
at me, and we headed for the beach and our place in the dunes.
Sure enough, Momma had just barely had time to spread out her big beach
blanket and spread some oil on her legs (while I got the treat of rubbing
it into her stomach and tits!) when Henry's head popped up over the dunes.
I was shocked to see five guys who I had never laid eyes on before
following right behind him. I assumed that they were some of the fellows
that Henry and his buddies had told us about. I'm sure my mouth dropped
open again, but Momma just grinned as she sized up the young men who all
looked to be in their late teens or early 20's. There was a redhead, two
guys with brown hair and two more black guys of various shapes and sizes.
It did make me feel a little more at ease when I saw that the five of them
looked just as amazed as I felt as they stared down at my Momma in her
sexy black bathing suit. By the looks on their faces, some of them must
not have believed the wild stories that Henry, Dan and Ronnie had been
telling them. Until now, that is.
"Well boys, what can I do for you this afternoon?" Momma asked in her
best bedroom whisper.
"See, I told you turkeys she was hot!" Henry crowed. I guess that
seeing the "merchandise" with their own eyes (especially after Momma
popped one of her big jugs out of the top of her swimsuit and sucked the
nipple while winking at them) did all the convincing necessary. There was
no bickering at all about the prices that Momma quoted, or talk about
freebies or anything like that this time. In a matter of minutes, Momma
had their money safely in hand after which she handed it to me. She
explained to Henry that I had been such a good customer she had taken me
on as a temporary employee, and, besides, she told him, her daughter had
the hots for me which made it easier to get her to work. Well, that much
sure was true about me and Michelle. He bought it all, even grinning and
slapping me on the back after he came to sit down beside me to watch the
I guess they had decided what order they were going in before they got
there because they got right down to fucking. In a matter of seconds,
Momma had the tall redhead's cock in her mouth, sucking away at it, while
the others hooted and hollered at him, cheering him and Kimberly on. Henry
joined in, and I, after swallowing hard a couple of times, did, too. I
didn't want to look conspicuous, and besides, Momma looked so damn hot
sucking on that big dick. And, the redhead was big, no doubt about it. I'd
guess about eight inches and thick as could be. Maybe even thicker than
Ronnie was. Momma got him hard, which didn't take long at all, slipped a
condom on him and flopped onto her back. She slipped her jugs all the way
out of her swimsuit and pulled the bottom of it to one side, baring her
beautiful, hair pussy for him, but left her suit on. She had told me that
she was gonna do it that way in case we had to get dressed and get out of
here in a hurry.
"Come and get it big boy!" is all she said, but he was already between
her legs by then. He shoved that big cock inside Momma and began fucking
her in a frenzy. Momma didn't seem to care. I guess she was already so wet
at the thought of getting fucked by all these guys that she was ready for
anything at any speed. If it hurt having the big thing shoved inside her,
she didn't show it and then she began grunting in time to his strokes with
an occasional "Ooooo Baby!" or "Fuck me hard!" thrown in for good measure.
The redhead was so excited and was fucking her so hard that he couldn't
have stroked Momma's pussy more than a couple dozen times before he jerked
and shuddered and lay still between her legs. His buddies gave him hell
for cumming so fast, but Kimberly was really nice to him. (Momma IS nice,
but she was also probably thinking about return business, too.) She
reached up and cradled his face in her hands and then pulled his head down
to her breasts so he could suck her tits for awhile before making him get
up so the next one could take his place.
*****END PART 11 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.

*****Part 12 - "Four on a Bed" - fiction by D.A.P.
Things went pretty much as usual after he got finished (if you could
call anything about this "usual"!). One of the black guys, who had a funny
looking cock with a bit of a crook in it (it bent up when it got hard
after Momma sucked it a few times), stuck his cock in Momma's asshole and
fucked her hard and fast, too. He came even faster than his buddy had, so
they got after him, too, but at least he had the excuse of being inside
something as nice and tight as Kimberly's butthole. Of course, Momma's
twat is damn near as tight as her asshole if not nearly so wet and slick.
Then, one of the other white guys fucked Momma in the pussy again, but
pulled out and came in her mouth (he had already paid extra for that, of
course). And then, the other black guy pussy-fucked her, and she was down
to one.
When Momma peeled off the last white guys trunks she almost got hit in
the face with his mammoth dick. I mean gigantic! It was the biggest one I
had seen at PC yet. It was at least 10 inches long and wasn't even
completely hard yet! I almost shouted for them to stop because I knew that
he had paid to butt-fuck Momma. But, I kept my mouth shut, and Momma went
to sucking him like nothing was unusual, like she saw peckers this big
every single day. That damn big thing got even bigger. It was so fat and
long that it had a bit of a droop at the end even after Kimberly got it
completely hard. The guy must have been thinking the same thing as me
because he looked down at Momma and asked her if she was sure that she
could take him in the ass.
"Honey, I can take it if you can shove it in!" she said with a big grin
on her face after taking his dick out of her mouth, which got her another
chorus of cheers from the audience. I was still worried, but I figured
that Momma knew a lot better than me what she could or couldn't take
inside her. Well, let me tell you, I think every one of us was holding his
breath when that boy got his big dick up against Momma's pretty
reddish-tan asshole. He shoved and grunted, and Momma shoved and grunted
right back at him, and WHAM!, quicker than you could blink, that big thing
popped into her ass! Hell, the head and at least three or four inches
disappeared between my Momma's pretty cheeks all at once. From the sound
that both of them made, I think they both nearly passed out, but, in just
a few seconds, Momma was wiggling her butt against him and pretty soon he
was ramming damn near all 11 inches or so in and out of her ass.
There wasn't any hooting or hollering this time. We were all too damn
impressed with what we were watching. He lasted longer than I thought he
would, too, but not that long. Pretty soon, he was pumping his sperm into
his rubber stuck deep in Momma's ass, and the two of them collapsed in a
heap on the blanket for a minute or two with his dick still deep in her
butt. They finally got untangled, and, after she slurped the cum off his
cock, the five of them, along with Henry, started to leave.
"Hey Baby, aren't you forgetting something?" Momma asked with a grin
and reached out to grab Henry's hand as he walked past her.
"Oh, yeah, I was paying so damn much attention to you fucking these
guys that I damn near did!" he replied with a grin, and the others
laughed. I guess they had heard about the "bonus" that Henry was about to
get. They trooped on off toward the beach, while Momma pulled out Henry's
seven-inch chocolate lollipop and got to work sucking on it like she
hadn't eaten in days. Henry just leaned his head back and grinned.
"Tell you what, Honey..." Momma said, and then leaned over to slurp on
Henry's meat again before continuing, "I owe Mike here for helping me out,
and I'd dearly love to PAY you both off at the same time. Is that okay
with you?" Henry just grinned that much wider and nodded.
"Sure Baby! Anything you say is okay with me!" he answered. Momma
didn't both asking me. I guess she knew that I would fuck her any way I
could. I wasn't exactly sure what she had in mind. I mean, I had HEARD of
such things, but I sure as hell wouldn't have known how to go about
getting two dicks inside a woman at once. I guess that I was expecting
Momma...Kimberly to suck off one of us while the other one fucked her
pussy or asshole. But, that's not what she had in mind at all!
She called me over to stand beside Henry, and he grinned and slapped me
on the back again. Kimberly began taking turns, sucking us both until we
had raging hard-ons which didn't take much sucking at all. Nobody can give
a blowjob like my Momma. I think that I like fucking 'Chelle's pussy the
best, and she and Momma are about the same as far as buttfucking went, but
Momma had my s****r beat on cocksucking even as good as 'Chelle was at it.
Well, Momma knew exactly how to go about getting two cocks inside her
at once. She had me lay down on the blanket with my eight inches sticking
straight up in the air. She slid a condom on my cock, after stopping to
kiss and gently nibble at the head for a second or two, and then slid that
incredibly tight, wet, hairy pussy down all the way so that I could feel
her slimy lips rubbing against my pelvis. She had been fucking for over an
hour, but that pussy was still tight! She started pumping up and down on
my cock while she kept playing with Henry's dick. Then, she got him
"dressed" up and bent forward over me so that her big boobs were dangling
right in my face. Of course, I got to sucking, and Momma grinned down at
me. She got Henry all lined up behind her, and I finally began to see how
she was going to arrange us.
After some shifting and after I got my leg stepped on once (which Henry
quickly apologized for doing), the handsome black man got his cock up to
my Momma's back door. She stopped pumping me while he shoved his cock into
her ass, but that only took a few seconds. Her butthole was still
well-stretched from that huge cock she had taken earlier. Once we got the
rhythm worked out, Kimberly began making sort of a back and forth motion
instead of up and down, while I pumped my cock up into her, and Henry
shoved his in and out of her ass.
God, she went wild, wiggling and moaning and squealing like some sort
of a****l! I had never seen her this turned on before, though I guess it's
not surprising considering what we were doing to her. Henry came first and
then I did right behind him. Momma had already orgasmed twice and had
about recovered from them, so, when she felt us jerking and spasming, she
hopped right up, peeled off our condoms and had herself a double cum snack
from our dicks.
It only struck me later to be curious about how my Momma would know
just how to arrange two guys to fuck her in the ass and the pussy at the
same time. Damn curious! But, I haven't gotten up the nerve to ask if
she'd ever done that before - not yet, anyway.
"Tell your buddies that they've earned some credits for freebies, too,"
Momma said lecherously, with her lips still touching Henry's limp dick.
"Oh Baby! You better believe I'll tell them about this!" he answered,
"And, bring some more of your friends next time, too!" she added and
then leaned over to slurp on my cock for awhile while she played with
Henry's with her fingers. She gave our dicks a few more slurps and then
told Henry that she had to be getting back. She had other "clients"
waiting for her services. Before we parted company, Momma promised that
she or 'Chelle would call their hotel if either of them could make it back
down to the beach. Henry grinned at that news and waved as he disappeared
over the dunes. It was kind of funny how fast we had gotten on a
first-name basis and were treating each other like old friends even though
we had only known one another for a couple of days. It was odd, but kind
of pleasant, too.
We hung around long enough for Momma to finish giving me a quick but
wonderful blowjob, and then we got dressed, gathered up our stuff and
headed back to the cabin right on time. 'Chelle was supposed to be done
fucking Daddy and have everything all tidied up and proper by now so me
and Momma wouldn't "discover" that she and Daddy had been fucking. That
was the story she was using on him anyway.
Well, that's how it went for the next two days and two nights. Kimberly
would go bump and grind with Daddy until he was so horny he couldn't see
straight, and 'Chelle and I would head off to the beach while they fucked
up a storm at the cottage. And, the next time out, 'Chelle would rub all
over Daddy until she got him crazy, and then Momma and I would take off to
the beach and do the same routine. Daddy spent almost all of those last
two days and nights inside the cottage and happy as a clam about it!
We'd do the same routine each time. We'd stop on the way and give the guys
a call, and, like clockwork, about the time we'd get the blanket spread
out, here would come one or two or sometimes all three of them with
anywhere from three to six more of their buddies in tow behind them. Hell,
the last evening we were there, the three of them showed up with NINE
other guys! My horny little s****r never even batted an eye about it. She
lined 'em up, took their money and fucked them silly. When she was done
with the nine new guys, she took on me, Dan, Ronnie and Henry, fucking
each of us and then giving all 13 guys a blowjob to boot!
She could barely walk when we headed back to the cabin later, but she
was grinning from ear to ear, and we had a huge wad of money to give to
Momma later.
It was the only real vacation we had ever had, but I can't think of any
way we could have improved on it. And, I'd be willing to bet that it was
the best vacation Ronnie, Henry, Dan and their buddies ever had, too, even
if they did end up spending a LOT more money than they had planned.
Well, we cleared over a thousand dollars by the time we left to go
home. We could hardly believe our eyes when we counted it up. Momma and
'Chelle were going split it three ways even, but I told them that wasn't
fair since they did all the work - even if they did love every minute of
it! Momma left it up to us to decide, knowing we'd do the right thing, and
s*s and I voted to give Momma just over half the money since the f****y
needed it so badly, and we split the rest with 'Chelle taking a little
more than half of it. I was going to give her most of it, but she just
giggled and said that I'd have to make it up to her by fucking her the
rest of the summer. That was plenty fine with me since I had plans to fuck
her for the rest of our lives if I could!
We got back home and spent the rest of that summer exploring and
enjoying our f****y's new "closeness". Daddy seemed happier than he had in
years. No wonder, since he was fucking his wife and daughter now. And, no,
he never did find out about the money because we were really careful about
how much we spent at one time.
But, our bills got paid, and that held us over until Daddy found
another part-time job. And, s*s and I had the nicest clothes and pens and
pencils and stuff that we had ever owned when we went back to school that
Well, I'm getting ahead of myself now so I better finish this up.
Besides, I've got some math homework to do, and then I've got to get down
the hall to my s****r's room and make a payment or two on that money that
I got out of her fucking last summer. I guess we'll have to save the story
about how we fucked the summer away - and about how Daddy found out about
me and s*s, and about me and Momma, and finally about s*s and Momma! - for
another time. Oh, and I've got to tell you about getting to see the now
infamous Alice Givens up close and personal with 'Chelle. I'll tell you
about it another time. I promise.

94% (52/3)
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