When I woke up later that morning, I glanced at the clock and noticed that it
was already 10:30. I hope Mom hadn't arisen yet, that I might still cather
her and return last night's favor.

I pulled back the sheets and looked down. My cock was still red from last
night's playing, and I felt that I would be lucky to get just one-load off
this morning. But the thought of one load of my cum shooting into Mom's pussy
was sure hotter than anything Susan, or any of the other girls could arouse me
to in a month.

I rolled out of bed and slipped into a pair of sweats, no briefs, and a
t-shirt. As I left my room, I listened for any sounds of Mom's movement. I
slowly made my way down the hall, past the bathroom. I glanced in and noticed
a puddle on the floor. Mom hadn't taken a shower before I went to bed, so I
knew that she was up and about...but as I slipped past her room, I heard her
toss over in her bed.

I quietly openned the door and peeked in. Mom has the shades drawn, but the
light outlining the curtains revealed her sl**ping form. She had the blankets
pulled up to her neck, so all I could see was her beautiful face and mane of
hair spread out upon the pillow. The open bottle of pills on her bedstand
answered the question of why she was still in bed. Mom must have woken up
some time ago, taken a shower, and still not having had enough sl**p, took a
pill. That really helped my plan.

I backed out of the room and quietly shut the door. I entered the bathroom,
stripped and hopped into the shower. A long, hot, and steamy shower helped
clear the cobwebs from last night, and I continued planning for Mom. Turning
off the shower, I grabbed a towel, still wet from Mom and started drying
myself. It occured to me that Mom must have used the same towel, and in my
mind's eye, I saw her rubbing it all over her body, drying her breasts and her
bush. The thought of the same towel rubbing all over my body renewed my
arousal and made me hurry to dress and head to the kitchen.

The kitchen had been cleaned, I guess Mom had been busy when she awoke, and a
thought crept into my head....maybe she wanted to be asl**p for me....maybe
she wanted her baby to wake his Mom in a special way. My cock started to tent
my sweats slightly at the thought, althoug some soreness remained.

The rope was still coiled upon the table, and the note still next to the rope.
The chair had been replaced to the table, but that was fine, I wasn't
planning on using it, anyway. I took the four coils of rope and headed back
upstairs. I wasn't sure how much time I had before Mom woke up, but I didn't
want to wast any.

I slipped into Mom's room and quickly, yet quietly and gently tied her to the
bed. Her arms were easy. I tied one end of the rope the legs of the bed, and
the other ends to her wrists. She hardly moved or twitched. For her
legs...well, I wanted to tantalize myself with removing the covers
slowly...later, so I just untucked the foot of her bed. I was able to tie one
ankle easy enough, but I had difficulty getting her legs spread. She seemed
inent on keeping her knees together. I guess this was time to see how easily
she would wake.

I tied one end of the rope to the leg of the bed and looped the other around
her aknle. I grasped her leg and quickly pulled it to the side of the bed and
tied it quickly as I could. I heard Mom gasp as her legs spread, her tossed
her head a little, and her arms tugged at their bonds...but then she lapsed
back into sl**p.

Now I had to wait. I made sure she was completely covered...didn't want to
waste my thrill, the set off downstairs to make coffee. Somehow, knowing that
I had Mom tied, spread-eagle to her bed kept me stiff, and after a few
minutes, my cock was stiff again...most of the soreness gone.

I took a cup of coffe back upstairs and set it on Mom's bedside table. The
smell helped her drift out of sl**p, and I watched her eyes slowly open, blink
a few times, and rest on me. Her libs each tried their bonds, but she didn't
seem very surprised to find herself tied down. Her gaze drifted from my eyes
to my tenting sweats.

"Good morning, son. It looks like Mommy was bad last night....is baby going
to punnish Mommy?"

Just hearing her voice brought my cock to attention. I leaned over and kissed
her cheek, and moved up to her ear. Whispering quietly, I made sure my hot
breath tantalized her..."Oh, Mom...you were very naughty last night. You son
is going to have to take care of his mommy..."

Mom moaned as I let my words drift off and let my lips carress her neck. I
hadn't time to explore Mom's body last night, and now I was going to spend
ample time taking in her beauty.

I moved to the foot of the bed and grasped the coveres by her ankles. I
slowly started pulling down, exposing her shoulders. Her smooth skin was
highlighted by the purple straps of her lingerie, which started skinny, byt
widened as the moved down. Mom's arms broke out in goosebumps. "Mommy's
getting cold," she said.

"Don't worry Mommy, baby will get your more than hot."
It still was odd to refer to Mom as "Mommy" and to myself as "son," or even
worse, "bab," but hearing those words sure excited Mom...and deep down withing
myself, I was becomming excited by using them.

I pulled the covers lower, watching them slide up, the down her breasts.
Mom's nipples hardened as the cool air made more goosebumps all over her
breasts. Mom's breasts were half covered by the purple lingerie. From the
nipples over to the outer sides, a silky film of material clung to her, but
the insides and the valley between her breasts was exposed.

Mom's breasts were large and pillowy, pressed by gravity into fleshy mounds
that filled her lingeri and bulged out the sides. My mouth watered as I
anticipated taking them into my mouth, my hands kneading her soft flesh.
Mom's eyes followed mine to her breasts. "Baby likes Mommy's tits, doesn't
he....Mommy loves to hold them and squeeze them..."

My cock was rigid in my sweats. "And Son can't wait to suck and grab them," I
replied. "I'm going to grab my Mommy's tits and squeeze them. I''m going to
suck one nipple while pulling and twisting the other. Maybe if Mommy's good,
I'll let her suck one whil I suck the other."

Mom started to flush while I was talking, the red blush moving from her cheeks
to the top of her breasts. "Ooohh, Mommy likes it when her son talks like

I took a deep breath and lowered the blankets more. Mom's waist narrowed, the
purple lingerie following her curves, then widened out at her hips. There the
lingerie top eneded with a ruffle. I paused, wondering what Mom had on
underneath, then ripped away the rest of the covers with a hard yank. My eyes
widdened as I noticed she wore nothing underneath.

Mom's bush was trimmed neat, her brown hair curled, and below that were her
pink lips, spread slightly by her position. Mom's legs were long, ending with
pert feet with painted nails.

I stared at Mom, then lowered my sweats. My hard cock pointed at Mom's pussy,
as if trying to guide me there. Remembering last night, I had other plans.

"Ok, Mom. Here's the deal. If you come twice for me without your son's cock
in you, the thrid time will be while fucking your baby."

Mom smiled up to me, "Well, Son, your old Mom will have no problem there...we
women can cum much more often than you guys...but if that's how baby wants to
play. . . "

I started to reach over Mom to grab her breasts when I realized that last
night, my hands were tied and I never had the chance to explore Mom's body.
Now, with her tied and open to me, I could take my time. Besides, after what
occurred last night, I only had one good cum left in me. My hardness was
already throbbing in anticipation..and a little pain.

I pulled bach and grasped Mom's right leg at the knee. I gently wrapped my
hands around her leg and started to draw my hands lower...over her calf and to
her foot.

"Mmmm, Mommy's foot looks good enough to taste," I said.
"Oh yes, baby...suck Mommy's foot, lick her toes...Mommy loves that!"

With that encouragement, I lowered myself to Mom's foot. A picture from last
night entered my head, and I looked around the floor for a moment until I saw
what I was looking for. One of Mom's pumps was soon in my hand, then onto her
foot. I loved the feel of her skin against the material of her pump, and when
I went to kiss her foot, the smell of the show was great. I ran my tongue
over the top of her foot and between her toes, the pulled each toe into my
mouth, my hands pressing her foot...squeezing shoe and foot together. Mom was
moaning, "Oh baby...yeah, Mommy likes that....Mommy wants you feel your cum on
her foot...all over her shoes...she wants to feel your hot cum slither between
her toes...wiggle her toes in baby's cum..."

As I finished sucking I glanced up....the view was incredible. First was
Mom's pussy, then the valley between her breasts, then finally her face. I
grinned up to her. "Maybe another time, Mom. You son has other plans."
"I can't wait for our first foot night," Mom replied, "I have some tricks to
really knock your socks off...Mommy loves foot play."

I continued exploring Mom's legs. I pulled myself between her knees and
started massaging my way up. Mom's thighs were soft and warm. Her flesh
filled my hands as I pushed my face into her. Her hot skin filled my mouth as
I sucked her thigh...giving her a hicky...making my mark on Mom.

When I finished, I pulled myself to pussy level. There, right before my eyes,
was where I had emerged into the world....and there, last night, I licked,
sucked, and shot my cum. I slib my hands around Mom's thighs and grassped her

Mom's ass cheeks overflowed my hands. I squeezed and kneaded, pulling her
pussy up close. "Oh baby, not so hard...Mommy doesn't want bruises on her
ass....but later you can lick it...baby can kiss Mommy's cheeks...he can press
his face into her flesh....Mommy wants baby to play with her ass...," Mom
started raising her hips...moving her pussy closer to my fase. I could see
the grayish lips starting to flush pink. "Mommy likes her ass played
with...licked...sucked...Mommy can't wait for her son to make lover to her
ass....to slide his cock between her cheeks."

I pulled my face back a little...just to torture Mom a little. "One day soon,
Mom, your son is going to pour oil all over your ass and slide his cock back
and forth between your cheeks. I'm going to press Mom's ass around my cock
and rub until I cum...and when I'm about to cum, Mommy, I'm going to point
right into your asshole and fill you with my cum."

My pushed her hips up as I said that..her outer lips were pink and spreading.
I slid my hands around, and with my thumbs, I openned Mommy's pussy. Her lips
spread, shoing qlistening flesh behind..and her scent drifted up.
"Oh baby...suck my pussy....suchk Mommy's pussy...I wanna feel baby's tongue
in me...please..."
"Later, Mommy, baby still has some exploring to do."

Mom pulled against her bonds...seeking to free herself to ease her tension. I
smiled and lifted the ruffled edge of her lingerie and pressed my lips to her
tummy. I ran my tongue in circles around Mom's belly-button, the tunged it
like her pussy. I flicked my tongue in and out, around and around. I could
feel the heat of Mom's pussy on my chest as she trid grinding it into my.

My hands slid up further, moving over the material until ther wre cupping the
outsides of her breasts. My tongue slid between her breasts, tasting the skin
of the valley there. My hands started gently move around her breasts, feeling
the hot sking, tight and smooth, give way to a little pressure. Harder and
harder did I squeeze, until I was sitting up on Mom's waist, kneading her
breasts like bread dough, her nipples stiff in my palms.

"Oh Mom, your tits are great...I want to spend the rest of my life sucking
them...squeezing them..."

"Tasting them," Mom finished for me.

I smiled and pulled aside the lingerie over one and pushed up until the nipple
was close to Mom's lips. Her moush openned and her tongue quickly darted
out...circling her nipple. I bent over and added my tongue to hers. Soon our
tongues were dancing together around her nipple. I let the breast down, but
we kept tongueing each other...french kissing.

"Mommy, I never want to kiss you any other was agin."
"Sure, son...we never have to go back."

I kissed all over Mom's face and neck, but quickly worked my way back to to
her nipples. I pressed them together, rubbing Mom's nipples in little circles
against each other. Mom seemd to like it as she ground her pussy against my
hips. I pulled both nipples into my mouth and sucked them hard. As I sucked,
I roughly massaged her breasts...and sucked and squeezed and noticed an odd
taste in mouth.

I pulled back with an od look and Mom must have realized what happened. "It's
ok, Baby...when Mommy gets sucked really hard, she starts to milk, just like
when you sucked me as a baby. If baby suck Mommy often enough, she'll start
to milk again."

The thought made my cock twitch. "Oh Mom....baby wants to get all his milk
from Mommy."

Mom just closed her eyes and lay back. Gazing down, I had and idea. I bent
back to Mom's breasts and started to lick her cleveage, getting it all wet.
Then I slid up and put my cock between her breasts and starte thrusting.

"Oh yes baby, tit-fuck your mommy......cum on her face...."

I squeezed her breasts together around my cock held tight...it was better than
any pussy I ever felt, except for Mom's, that is. I squeezed and
thrusted...the tip of my cock poking Mom in the chin. Mom tilted her head
forward and opennerd her mouth. Mom's tongue darted out each time a thrust
brought me close, and soon I just jammed the ipt of my cock into Mom's mouth,
pressing the ample flesh of her breasts around my shaft.

Mom's cheeks puffed and collapsed and shed sucked me, her tongue circling the
head of my cock. I looked down and feasted my gaze on the face of my mother
sucking my cock. The woman who raised me, loved me, taught me, and loved me
was now going down on my cock.

"Oh Mom..you look so beautiful sucking your son's cock...I bet your love your
baby's cock...sucking it,,licking it...feeling my hot jet of cum shoot into my
Mothers mouth.."

I was getting so turned on that I didn't even stop to realize that I was
cumming...."Oh Mommy.....I'm going to...suck baby....Mommmy.."

I shot into Mom's mouth, presshing her breasts hard against my cock, using her
tits to milk all of my cum into my own mother's mouth. As for Mom, her throat
was working to swallow my cum, getting every last drop into her.

Finally, I could no longer take the sensations on my cock and pulled out.
"Mmmm," Mom said, "You taste as good now as you did as a baby. Mommy wants
more....mommy wants her son to cum in her mouth every day!"

"I will, Mom...don't worry. You'll get all of my cum...for years."

My mind was racing....Mom hadn't even cum yet, but I had. I needed some time
to get hard, if I could.

I moved a hand down Mom's tummy and to her bush. I started teasing and
pulling her hair, feeling the heat rising from below. I snaked a finger down
and pressed it against Mom's pussy lips. She was so wet that her pussy just
about sucked my finger in. Next thing I knew I two knuckles into Mom's pussy.
I started moving my finger around, feeling her flesh. "Oh baby...Mommy
likes that...oh she sure does."

I added another finger and started working them in and out, around and around.
Mom squirmed against my hand...breathing in hsort gasps. My titfucking her
and cumming in her mouth brought her to the edge, and it was short work giving
Mom her first cum.

My lips clamped Mom's nipple and my fingers moved faster. In and out, around
and around my hand went whily my mouth sucked Mom's nipple in and out,
scr****g my teeth against it.

"Oh god...Mommy's cumming...oh baby..faster...faster...mommy's....I'mm.....oh

Mom's hips started shaking, then soon the rest of her followed as her orgasm

"no...no more," she siad, drawing her pussy away from my hand. I pulled out
and just watch Mom's body flush and quiver.

"Oh baby...that was great. You really know how to make your Mother cum."

I just smiled. "Ready for more, Mom?" I asked, grinning.

Mom lay back and nodded.

I slid myself don Mom's body until my fase rested inches away from her pussy.
Her juices covered her lips, which were puffy. Her clit stood out, it's
fleshy hood pressed back. "Look's like Mommy's ready for her Son to lick her

"Yes, baby...suck Mommy's pussy....lick me...suck me...."

I decided to start slow...to give my more time to recover. I teased her outer
lips with my tongue, running the tip over and over, up and down. Mom groaned.
"Please, baby...it's not nice to tease Mommy..."

I ignored her and pressed my tongue a little deeper, spreading her lips with
my finger. Mom kept a running stream of talking, which was certainly helping
me recover. "Oh yes, lick Mommy...suck her cunt....eat out your mother....oh

I pressed my tongue deeper and deeper until my chin was pressed hard against
Mom's pussy. I worked it in and out, around and around. Mom tasted fantastic
I pressed my face harder and mom gasped. I realized that My nose was rubbing
her clit.

"Harder...suck Mommy more...mom wants to cum in her son's mouth!"

Mom's words were getting me harder and harder, although it was a painful
erection, it would do to service Mom.

I pulled my tongue out and rplaced it with my fingers and my lips homed in on
Mom's clit. I sucked her clit and surrounding flesh into my mouth and jabbed
at it with my tongue. Mom gasped and pressed her hips harder into my
face...her words trailing off.

I suck and licked her clit..running the tip of my tongue over it, the lapping
it, then pressing it. Mom reacted the best when I sucked it in and out
quickly, scr****g my teeth as it passed.

My fingers were just a busy...a third joined the first two, and soon a forth.
All my fingers were in Mom's pussy, streaching it.

Mom gasped loudly then started shaking. I pulled out my hand and moved my
face to Mom's pussy. I felt her hod juices ooze into my mouth as I licked and

"Fuck me, som! Fuck Mommy, oh baby, please."

I pulled myself up and slib my aching cock into Mom. Her hips jerked up and
down. "Faster...harder..."

I put my hands by Mom's head and held myself up with straight arms as my cock
thrust in and out. The faster I went, the less it hurt. Soon I was smacking
my hips into Moms as the two of us fucked like a****ls.

"Oh yes baby...cum in Mommy....mommy's gonna cum....cum...in...me....oh

I was grunting, but I had to slow down. Drops of sweat fell from my face onto
Mom. I kept thrusting, deep and hard, but I couldn't keep up a faster pace.
Mom's pussy was so wet that I couldn't get any friction. I was afraid I was
going to dissapoint Mom.

"I...I can't cum...Mommy...Baby is out of cum.."

All of a sudden I gasped...Mom's lips pressed against my nipple and she
started to suck on it. "Let Mommy make you cum...Mommy's gonna suck baby like
baby sucks Mommy," she whispered, then continued sucking.

My hips took on a life of their own. Soon I was back at speed, thrusting as
deep as I could with all my might. Then Mom's teeth closed on my nipple and I
lost controll..."Oh Mom...gonnna cum...fuck Mom...in you...cum"

My cum seemed to just dribble out, but it was enough for Mom. She quivered
and her pussy clamped onto my cock. We rode her waves of orgasm together,
finally collapsing together.

After a bit, I managed enough strength to unti her, and she cuddled into my

"Son," she whispered, "I'm never going to let this end...we are going to make
love everyday!"

As every good son should reply, "Yes, Mother....I'll do whatever you want."


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Very hot.
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very hot! excellent