We were horny young guys just past the cusp of puberty. It was summer
holidays and we were allowed to stay out far past the falling of darkness.
It was the late forties and k**s were safe in the streets, even in a
working class neighborhood like ours.
Women on our street all stayed home keeping house and raising their
broods while their husbands worked twelve-hour days to make a living. The
heat of July baked the houses during the day and kept the screened windows
wide open all night to attract the slightest breeze.
Throughout the hot months, the young wives wore shorts, modest halters
and colorful bandannas that kept the hair up off their necks. We were at
an age where we knew which halters held the nicest tits and which shorts
were snug enough to make us giddy. They were in the houses that we came
back to each night, prowling quietly out of sight near the lighted
windows. Occasionally, we would catch a glimpse of someone we admired
getting into the bath. Usually, it didn+t matter who we saw. The thrill
was in spying on someone naked, violating their privacy without them
knowing. After, we+d nearly bust a gut trying to suppress our laughter at
being so bold and outrageous.
By 10.30 the younger crowd was off the streets and the older guys hung
out beneath the street lights. They smoked and talked quietly while the
moths buzzed around the bare bulb. They were a lot tougher than us and we
treated them with great deference. Envious of their privileges, and
anxious to prove ourselves, we emulated everything about them.
One night, when the air was particularly muggy, I lay awake on top of
the oppressive blankets and listened to the sounds of the summer night.
From far down on the road I could hear the muted voices of Tom Dory and
his friends swapping lies and trading laughs as they did most every night.
I wanted badly to be old enough to join them but I knew they didn+t give
me the time of day. The window sill brought me a little closer to the
voices and I strained to hear what was being said. Since I wouldn+t be
welcome in the group, eavesdropping seemed to offer the next best thing.
The screen was loose and the urge to sneak up on them proved overwhelming.
Beneath my bare feet the dew soaked lawn felt foreign and exotic
licking between my toes. I crept to the corner of the house and peered
down onto the street below. The rendezvous was empty and the voices gone.
Then, from the back of our garage, there was a muffled sound like someone
stumbling followed by the hiss of hushing as others cautioned for silence.
Terrified, I crouched near the stoop where my mother stood to hang out the
Four shadowy figures made their way over to near where I was hidden.
Tom Dory was the only one I recognized. The others listened as he told
them where the window was. He had obviously been there before and I was
stunned to realize they were there to spy on my mother. Tom bragged about
how much he had seen of her, describing her body in graphic detail. He
knew her habits better than I did. When he began to tell them
how he+d watched her playing with herself I knew that I should rise and
defend her honor, but I didn+t. Instead, I listened to his description
and got hard.
The moment they disappeared around the corner of the house I popped out
from under the stoop and went around the other way. There was a shed near
her bedroom
window and a place where I could watch unseen. Tom and his friends were
already buried in the shadows near the window and had no idea I was even
What surprised me was that the blind was wide open just as Tom had said
it would be. The light on the bedside table filled the room with light. My
mother was propped up with pillows reading a book and sipping from a glass
of soda. She was wearing lipstick and I could see that her cheeks were
lightly rouged. That struck me as strange because she hadn+t been wearing
makeup when I had said goodnight.
As if on cue, she suddenly marked her page and put her book down. She
took a long pull at her soft drink and got up off the bed. In spite of the
heat, she had changed out of her shorts and was wearing a dress.
The buttons down the back were hard to reach and her breasts pressed
out against the material as she reached back to undo them. From where she
was standing at the bottom of the bed, it was less than ten feet to where
Tom and his friends were watching. She faced the window squarely.
The thin straps of the summer dress slipped down her arms letting the
bodice fall away . There was no bra to delay her tits from tumbling into
view. Not overly large, but well shaped, they were crowned with brownish
nipples that swelled out like plump acorns.
She gathered the skirt in her hands and inched it up until it was above
her waist. As if uncertain what to do next, she strolled back and forth in
front of the window affording an unobstructed view of her prancing ass
clad only in sexy underwear. The pale skin above her stockings made the
black silk panties seem even darker. Garters stretched out of the leg
holes and held the stockings up. Wisps of cunt hair poked out of the same
holes, in a preview of what was to come.
She sat down to take the dress off. Her legs angled off the end of the
bed and stretched toward the window. The edge of the mattress propped up
her behind. The panties stretched tight across her flat stomach and her
breasts jiggled like rounded scoops of jello. Her thighs rolled apart and
her panties molded tightly against her mound outlining every detail in
black silk. She was moist and the shiny fabric clung to every contour. She
ran her finger along the rift pushing the material inside until the lips
were clearly embossed in the underwear. Only then did she inch them down,
unveiling an unruly auburn thatch that grew copiously on the swell of her
mound. I had seen it before when she changed into a bathing suit in the
f****y car but that was only a glimpse. This time she was purposely
posed, happily displaying her treasure for all to see.
Around the opening, the hair was already drenched and lay flat. The
lips stood out prominently and glistened with her lubricant. The vulva
appeared slack and retreating, letting the inner lips pout like a blossom
ready to burst. Her fingers brushed along the petals urging them to part.
She found her clit floating in a sea of juice and moved it back and forth
with her fingertip. Her hips pulsed to the rhythm of her finger. I could
have sworn that she was looking right at Tom and his friends as she gazed
out the window. She even smiled as she repeatedly touched the tip of her
finger to her tongue, sensuously transferring the moisture to her clit.
From where they watched every fold of moist pink flesh was visible to
A noise from the street stopped her momentarily while she listened. It
was my father coming home. Quickly she stripped off the stockings and
garter belt and pushed them under the bed with the dress. She lay back on
the pillows and focused on her book.
As an afterthought, she got up and lowered the blind two thirds before
returning to the bed.
He seemed quite pleased to find her naked. She was affectionate and
cooperative when he touched her. They made love on top of the covers and
we watched and listened to
her writhe on his cock and pant like she couldn+t get her breath. She came
twice in rapid succession, throwing her cunt against him and begging him
to fuck her+.
When he laid his head on the pillow she straddled him facing his feet
and looking toward the window. Knees splayed wide, she nestled her pussy
onto his waiting mouth. She had a feline quality about her as she
contentedly rocked her genitals against his dancing tongue. There was a
look of ecstasy on her face and she smiled and winked knowingly at the
window. We couldn+t hear what he said but she smiled again and lowered her
head to attend his neglected prick.
It was like a gourmet feast the way she bathed it with her tongue,
nibbling hungrily at the head and slurping noisily along the stalk. His
balls looked like kiwi fruit in the palm of her graceful hand. She licked
them unhurriedly, wantonly grinding her pelvis in a prelude to yet another
orgasm. Her tongue criss crossed the plum shaped head of his cock making
it twitch in anticipation. With ovalled lips she captured it, hollowing
her cheeks and drawing hard, stroking the shaft with tantalizing fingers.
Each time her head dipped, she took more of him into her mouth until her
lips brushed his pubic hair on every downward plunge. I was amazed at how
much cock should could actually take in her mouth. His hands had left her
thighs and now framed the sides of her face. With powerful strokes he
arched up to meet the descending slide of her ravenous mouth. Every muscle
in his body tensed. A deep groan announced his climax. Her indented cheeks
puffed outwards and she dutifully swallowed his come.
He was exhausted, but she wasn+t ready to quit. She held his tortured
cock in her hands and watched it shrink like a demon conquered. Her ass
still moved over his face demanding to be licked. The tip of her tongue
plucked the last drop of semen from its tiny opening and spread it
sensuously on her smiling lips. She was coming again almost instantly.
A few nights later, my Dad caught Tommy Dory peeking in her window.
There was hell to pay and the whole street knew about it. Few could resist
a few snickering jokes about peeping Tom+. But, aside from Tommy+s
disgrace, the main message in the neighborhood was that my mother didn+t
pull her blinds.
Curfew came earlier for the rest of the summer, and even the older guys
didn+t congregate beneath the streetlight any more. Still, the loose
screen on my bedroom window got a workout almost every night. I prowled
the neighborhood shadows with my friends until the last light was
extinguished. Whereas before there had been only the occasional
titillating sight, now there were a few more blinds carelessly agape. We
found a favorite on a neighboring street and watched almost nightly as she
entertained men in her bedroom. Her husband was a cop and worked nights
walking a beat downtown.
Our house was the last one at the end the road, up on a bit of a hill
and backing on to a maple wood lot. Coming home from our nightly
excursions, we always approached by one of the many paths through the
trees. My mother+s blinds were always open and quite often there would be
someone there watching. One muggy night we were already there behind the
shed when two shadowy figures crept along the side of the house. They
nestled back against the bushes close to where we were hidden. In the dim
reflected light from the window we could clearly see that it was Ray and
Muriel, Tommy+s mother and dad. Inside the house, my mother was trying on
clothes. She wore no underwear and wriggling into the garments let her
move her tits and ass in a very provocative way. Ray and Muriel stood
nestled together like spoons with him wrapping her in his arms from
behind. She wore the shorts and halter that was de riguer for such sultry
nights and Ray wasted no time in baring her trembling tits. She was bigger
there than my mom and I heard her whisper that fact to
her husband. Ray+s hand was already in the front of her shorts and she had
to undo the button to keep it from popping. Her own hand had found the
stiff cylinder in Ray+s pants and they frigged each other while watching
my mother sway naked in front of her mirror. They were close enough to us
that we could smell Muriel+s musk as Ray pulled down her shorts. We were
enthralled to hear the lubricious click of his fingers as they slid in and
out of her.
The scene through the window had moved to the bed and my mother+s
fingers stroked sensuously between her legs. Muriel+s panties lay on the
grass and Ray had replaced his fingers with the real thing. Muriel talked
dirtier as she got more excited. She marveled at the thick hair on my
mother+s cunt and we grinned to hear her say the word so clearly. The
notion of sucking my mother+s pussy was whispered to her by Ray and she
almost swooned at the thought. On the bed my mother was coming again and
her belly convulsed with self adulating pleasure. It was too much for Ray
and Muriel and they came right along with her.
Behind the shed we held our breath and squeezed our pricks, terrified
that discovery, after what we had seen, would be calamitous. That night,
was enough to cause weak eyes, warts and hairy palms, if ever it was going
to happen. Our imaginations filled in the blanks and let us conjure
thoughts of Muriel+s mouth licking between my mother+s legs. We+d heard
her say she+d do it, wanted it, even craved it.
Each time we saw her in church dressed in Sunday best and ovalling her
lips to sing, we thought of her rounded ass pumping against Ray. The image
of her getting frigged and fucked, lusting for the taste of another
woman+s cunt, gave substance to our pubescent fantasies. My mother never
did learn to pull the blinds, but then I never thought she would. Her
greatest joy was being watched from the darkness and not knowing who was
hidden out there.

Part 2
My Dad was a street car driver and worked all different shifts. His
schedule was often upside down where he slept all day and worked all
night. The one he hated most was
6 p.m. to 2 am. It meant that he left for work about 4.30 and got back
home after 3.
He+d been tense about being away in the evening ever since he caught
Tommy Dory peeping at my mother through the bedroom window that night.
Truth be known, he had every reason to be concerned. The whole street
would see him leave the house with his lunch pail and know he was gone
then until the wee hours. It was almost a conspiratorial wink that would
pass through the neighborhood as he made his way down to the bus.
By the time the streetlights came on most of the real little k**s were
in bed. Dinner was long since cleared away and the adults relaxed on their
porches with a cold drink. The work days were hard and people would begin
to yawn almost as soon as the heavy robe of darkness settled in. Husbands
dozed while their wives packed the next day+s lunches and set the table
for the morning meal.
The routine hardly changed from house to house. Around nine-thirty,
lights clicked on in bathrooms and bedrooms as the wives prepared for bed.
Weary from the predictability of endless chores, the women looked forward
to the pampering embrace of a warm bath and a couple of hours without k**s
under foot. That was the time when we+d make our way through the darkened
yards watching for careless blinds and unsuspecting displays. Sometimes,
even when a window was dark, we+d crouch beneath the sill listening to
people we knew having sex. For days after we+d mimic the sounds of their
passion remembering every grunt and four-letter word like it was the
soundtrack from a favorite movie.
It was after one such night of breathless watching that I cut back
through the maple woodlot heading toward home. I was alone on the path
behind our house and paused to look across the grass toward the lighted
window. My mother+s bedroom appeared to be empty and there was no one in
the yard. From around the corner of the house I could see the feeble beam
of a flashlight and I could hear my mother calling softly for our dog.
There was no time to cross the lawn and slip in through the open screen so
I stepped further back into the bush where I was sure I wouldn+t be seen.
She was wearing her robe and slippers and holding the light out in front
of her to maximize its faint coverage.
I crouched down as she crossed the lawn and watched her stand near the
entrance to the woods. She called the dog+s name. From somewhere close by
I thought I heard a whine in response. She heard it too and stepped a
little ways along the path trying to pierce the inky blackness with her
frail light. Again the whine and she moved further in until I could no
longer make out her shape in the dark. The sound of her voice, never very
loud, disappeared in the hiss of the wind on the trees.
From nowhere, heavy footsteps suddenly pounded along the ribbon of
packed earth. Voices were momentarily raised in excitement, then hushed to
frantic whispers during what sounded like a fierce struggle. Just as
quickly, the noises receded deeper into the bush. Only the sound of feet
swishing through the grass and leaves gave away the direction they were
going. I followed, straining my eyes to catch a glimpse of anything that
moved in the moonless woods.
The paths were familiar friends that I criss crossed every day. Yet the
fear of being discovered by those I was following slowed my pace and kept
me at a safe distance. From the direction they took, I was sure they were
heading to an old pumphouse that belonged to the golf course. Nobody much
used it anymore except us k**s who took it over from time to time as a
They were already inside by the time I crept up to the window. My
mother was standing in the middle of the dirt floor with a flour sack over
her head. Light from a coal oil lantern sent a flickering wash over the
faces of the three men who surrounded her. One had his back to me and was
spreading a gray woolen blanket over the peeling paint of the old table.
Two other men that I didn+t know held onto my mother+s arms. When she
began to speak They all listened.
I know it+s you Tommy,+ she said in a clear voice. I know it+s you so
just let me go and I+ll say nothing about this.+
The third figure turned toward the light and I could see that it was
Ray Dory, Tommy+s dad.
He reached over and took the sack off my mother+s head. It+s not Tom
this time Evelyn. You caused enough shit for him over peaking in your
window. You might as well see that it+s not the boy that you+re dealing
with tonight.+
My mother appeared frightened as she looked at the three men. Her face
looked like wax in the orange glow of the lantern+s light. Her arms were
folded across her chest as if she was cold, but the night was warm and the
air muggy and close.
I see that you still don+t pull your blinds Mickey,+ Ray grinned using
the nickname my father always called her. You still like to put on a show
for the neighbors.+
She said nothing and pulled the robe tighter around herself.
Do you know what the boys call a woman who flaunts herself, Mickey?
... Cockteaser.+ he answered himself. If you+re gonna tease cocks and
make them hard, we think you should have to do your bit to put things
While he was talking, his hand found one of the ties on my mother+s
robe and he tugged it hard. She gripped the garment tighter to her body
and he shrugged amiably.
Have it your way Mick. One way or another it+s coming off and you+re
going to get the fucking of your life. But don+t worry. You+ll be back
home in bed before your old man+s home from work.+
The other two took a stronger grip on her arms, holding them out away
from her body while Ray undid the ties. The robe fell open and her legs,
bare to mid thigh, flashed into view below her nightie. She struggled
valiantly but they pulled the house coat from her arms and dropped it on
the table.
The brief nightdress hid little of the promise that it was supposed to
cover. It d****d revealingly between her breasts and clung like veneer to
her belly. Flimsy as it was, the sense of her near nudity was heightened
rather than hidden by the skimpy shift.
One of the men gathered a handful of the thin cloth at the small of her
back, pulling garment tight across her skin. The dark aureoles of her
nipples showed through clearly and the shadowy nest between her legs stood
out in full relief against the scanty covering.
Please don+t.+ she whimpered
Why? What are you hiding?+ Ray snickered, Have you got the curse?
His hand inched the hem of her nightie up a few inches until the patch
of auburn hair just peaked from beneath its edge.
I don+t see no rag,+ he announced with a facetious smile.
My mother tried to twist away as he continued to raise the nightdress
higher on her stomach. She tried to clamp her knees together when his hand
descended to her thighs.
Please don+t Ray,+ she pleaded.
Don+t what Mickey? Don+t look? Everybody knows you like the boys to look.+
Well why don+t you just show us yourself then?+
She looked frightened. Faced with a situation where she wasn+t in
control, panic tugged mercilessly at her composure. The three men seemed
to smell her fear and gain confidence from it. Ray Dory kept wheedling and
needling her, coaxing her to strip for them under the threat of them
ripping her nightie off anyway if she didn+t. She struggled determinedly
shaking her head and weeping her refusal until he stepped toward her and
reached out.
All right! All right!!+ she sobbed, shrinking back away from him. I
will. I will. Just let go of me first. You can look. I+ll let you look.
But you can+t touch me,+ she bargained desperately.
They let go of her hands and she backed further into the cabin until
the table was behind her and she could go no farther. Her hands were
trembling as she slipped the nightie off her shoulders. The bodice
stretched out as she pulled it down over her breasts and let it lodge on
her hips. Dark, pink nipples, as hard as plum pits, stood out from her
quivering breasts. Her hands cupped the fullness, holding them up as if
for inspection. She watched the men appreciatively eyeing her while she,
teasingly, rolled her ample breasts in her palms. She was well aware of
the appeal her tits held for them. For a moment, she felt
Get up on the table,+ Ray told her and she wriggled her ass onto the
edge. The nightie, balled up on her hips, caught as she slid back dragging
itself down onto her thighs. She laid back raising her legs to slide it
the rest of the way off. Naked, she now looked to the three men as if
she+d kept her part of the bargain.
Put your legs apart and show us what you+ve got,+ Ray instructed.
Reluctantly her thighs opened a few inches until Ray barked wide
apart! I want to see every cunt hair!+ She spread them then and watched
the flushed faces of the three men as they looked between her legs.
Squeeze your tits and play with your pussy,+ he snapped and my mother did
as he asked.
What would hubby say if he could see you now?+ Ray smirked. Open up
and show us the pink inside,+ he directed.
You knew Tom and his friends had been looking in your window most
nights, didn+t you?+ he asked. You were just teasing the young fellas
weren+t you Mickey?+
She didn+t offer an answer but they didn+t need one. One on each side
of the table they pinned her against the blanket. Ray grabbed her behind
the knees and dragged her down until her ass was at the table+s edge and
her legs thrashed wildly off the end. He stood between her open thighs and
undid his faded Levi+s while she begged and threatened him. Rather than
being intimidated, the three men seemed to enjoy her resistance.
This is for Tommy and all the shit your prick teasing caused for him.
We+re all going to fuck you in every place a cock will fit. Before this
night is through you+ll admit that you teased the boys and caused their
trouble. If you don+t you+ll be late for your hubby coming home and we+ll
make sure he knows we+ve all had you.+
He pushed into her, snickering amid her plaintive pleas for him to
stop. Her head began to swing from side to side while her lips mouthed
No! ... no!+. She was powerless to prevent what was happening.With his
two large hands holding her firmly by the hips she writhed like a pinned
butterfly. But not to escape. To grind her cunt against him.
There was no need to hold her arms any longer and the other men
squeezed her tits and teased her nipples while she squirmed in delight.
If there was any doubt about her enjoying what she was doing it
disappeared with the first gasp of her orgasm. Her hands clawed at Ray+s
hips pulling him deeper while she humped against him. For the first time I
heard her voice shrill with passion imploring Fuck me ... fuck me oh Ray
I+m coming... it+s soo good! sooo good!+
Ray was, himself, close and her wild behavior was enough to push him
over the top. He clasped her in tight and pounded his prick deep inside of
her. His large shoulders shook like he had the palsy and he grunted with
each spasm that roared from his balls. For a moment he stood slumped over
her while he regained his strength and then he moved to the side for the
next man to take his place.
My mother took the stranger+s prick in her hands and pumped it up and
down to get him ready. There were no pleas to stop this time and she
guided his stiff prick into her sweet spot. Ray stood beside her and
rubbed his wet dick against her cheek. Smell that Mickey?+ he grinned.
Like the smell of your cunt? His large hand turned her head towards him
and he pressed his member against her lips. Open up now, and taste your
cunt on me. You+ll have to lick it all off clean so Muriel can+t smell
She opened her lips and sucked him in . He stood with one foot on the
floor with his other knee thrown across her chest to straddle her face.
His cock had not fully recovered but it was hard enough to fill her mouth.
You+re a little cocksucker too, are you Mickey/+ he grinned as he watched
her pretty lips pull on his prick.
Between her legs the other man had found his pleasure. Her ass was
never still and he quickly neared his climax. She+d folded her legs up to
let him in deep and he felt the hard mouth of her cervix on every stroke.
Her hand had found its way between her legs and she rhythmically rubbed
her clitoris sending waves of sensation through her striving belly. She
was going to come again and both of her lovers could feel the explosive
tension building within her. Ray was on the verge himself as he watched
her pink tongue wriggling on his prick. He thought of how he and Muriel
had watched her masturbate. His wife had admitted that she+d like to be
pleasured by Mickey+s tongue and now he watched as it teased all around
the swollen head of his cock. Images of that probing tongue bringing
pleasure to his wife flashed through his thoughts triggering an eruption
from the base of his belly. He pressed deep reaching for the back of her
throat as exquisite pleasure milked his nuts. Muted by the flesh of his
cock filling her mouth, a high pitched wail announced my mother+s orgasm.
Her hips rose off the table offering the auburn treasure between her legs
like a sacrifice to the god of lust. Back arched and belly writhing, she
recorded her second powerful orgasm. The man between her legs bit down on
his lip and ejaculated deep inside of her.
Still recovering they rolled her onto her stomach and the third man
repositioned her at the table+s edge. Holding her by the hips he lifted
her belly off the table so that her buttocks were raised. She went rigid
as the realization of his intent became clear. Pressure from his cock
against the crinkled whorl of her bum made her panic but three pair of
hands held her firmly in place. She squealed as his frenum slipped in past
her sphincter. He pulled her to a kneeling position on the old table. She
wanted to straighten up but they held her head-down and buttocks raised
high while he slipped inexorably deeper into her anal passage. This was
clearly not her favorite form of sex and she whimpered pathetically as he
began to slide to and fro. His tempo increased as the tightness eased.
Breath hissed from her each time he slammed forward and she mewled her
dismay on every draw back. The other man was at her face now trying to get
his cock into her mouth but she was too preoccupied with what was
happening to her bum to accommodate him.
Her tormentors took extra pleasure from the fact that she didn+t like
it, mimicking her moans and sighs and taunting her with crude comments.
Did your stupid husband not know about your back door?+ Ray teased.
Maybe we could tell him how much you like it.
She made a mistake then by blurting out No. Please. Don+t tell anyone
about this.+ The deep concern in her voice gave them a clear insight to
her vulnerability. They realised she would do anything to ensure they
would say nothing.
Well you haven+t given us any reason not to let him find out, Mickey,+
Ray began. You know how men are. They talk about women they+ve fucked.
One tells another and pretty soon it gets back to the woman+s husband and
there+s hell to pay. His pride is at stake.+
You can+t tell anyone,+ she moaned as the pounding from behind
increased in tempo.
Ray had his hand between her legs trying to capture her clit between
his fingers. The man behind began to come.
You+ve got such a pretty ass Mick. Your old man doesn+t know what he+s
missing. What do you think he+d say if he could see you bare assed and
butt fucked.
You might have pups after this Mickey,+ Ray snickered.
Her knees were weak and she trembled when they finally let her down
from the table. She reached for her robe and nightie but they weren+t
ready to let her get dressed.
We+ll walk you home Mickey,+ Ray chuckled, We wouldn+t want anything
to happen to you on the way.+
I flattened myself among the tall weeds and watched as they passed.
They made her carry the lantern, letting its pale light illuminate her
nakedness as she walked through the bush ahead of them. She picked her way
carefully in her bare feet holding the lamp high in one hand while her
free hand stretched up on the other side for balance.
Near the edge of the woods she found one of her slippers and stooped to
pick it up, exposing the whole her shapely ass to the men behind her.
Need a little touch up Mickey?+ the tall one asked, running his hand up
between her legs. My mother flinched from his caress. He pulled her in
close and felt her again until Ray cautioned him to Save a little for the
next time.+
She pulled away without a word and the three men watched her bare ass
scurry across our lawn.
The bathroom door was closed when I slipped back into the house. From
the sound of water pounding heavily into the tub I knew she was freshening
up for my father+s return. I laid awake for a long time replaying what I
had seen. Flashes of guilt for not going to her aid battled waves of lust
that turned my cock to rock. My balls ached for release. Inevitably, I
could not stay my hand.
Even though I was fearful that they may have hurt her, the memory of
her orgasm overpowered any such concern. The frenetic movements of her
thrusting hips and the There were no sounds from the bathroom and I began
to get worried. Thoughts of her being distraught, even suicidal, over what
had taken place troubled me.
The cold wet dew on the grass shocked my bare feet as I lowered myself
to the lawn once more. The bathroom window was high and I had to stand on
a saw horse to look in. She wasn+t moving and her eyes were closed. Her
expression was trance like. The hot water she loved to bathe in gave her
skin a pink flush. Her creamy legs stretched out toward the taps where her
heels rested on the edges of the tub. Out of the water like glistening
peaks her pink-tipped breasts rose and fell in a measured rhythm. Hovering
just above the surface was the almost imperceptible roundness of her
belly. At its base, the mass of auburn curls lay limp against her mound,
saturated by the steamy bath. And just between the prominent lips, her
middle finger wobbled back and forth over the tiny seat of her pleasure.

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2 years ago
loved it great read, is there more?
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
realy very vary good,hope theres a follow up