There is a phenomenon that the locals here call overflow. It happens sometimes when it’s so cold that rivers and streams freeze nearly to the bottom. The flowing water then flows over the ice, creating a slushy and sometimes dangerous obstacle to what would normally be routine winter travel over the frozen surface.

Early last spring my mom decided to visit me in my element. At 23 I had been living and working in a remote and beautiful region in Alaska. In the summers I worked as a park ranger, helping tourists and sport fishers navigate and frolic in the pristine wilderness. In the winter, which is about six months I worked part-time plowing roads and delivering supplies to the hardy year round residents on my trusty snow machine (that’s a snowmobile to you non-Alaskans). That left me a lot of spare time to play music, read, study and hang out with my busty girlfriend Ginger, age 38. Mostly though I enjoyed hanging out with my girl. She was a beautiful blond and widely experienced and wild sexually. She worked a bartender at the local tavern. We had a great relationship and it didn’t faze her one bit that I would be taking some time to entertain my divorced but hip mom.

In fact mom and Ginger hit it off famously. We all spent countless hours hanging out in the bar chatting and playing games. We caught a few crabs in my crab pot and enjoyed several dinners together. We introduced mom to all the colorful locals and sampled their stories and food. All in all it was a great time, but after a few days mom seemed to have gotten bored.

At 42, mom was very active. She stayed in great shape and it showed. Since she and dad divorced, when I was 16, there had been no shortage of male suitors in her life. She never dated any of them for a lengthy period of time. Instead she led a very balanced life, dexterously juggling work, friends and f****y. From my vantage point I always considered her to be quite capable and having her shit together, though, I suspected at times that she was lonely.

So when Ginger suggested that I take mom on a daylong snow machine trip into the wilderness I felt that mom could handle it. In fact I knew she would enjoy the adventure of cruising this wild beautiful country on the back of my snow machine in subzero temperatures. As for me I was quite the capable outdoorsman and would be able to safely care for mom and show her a great time.

One morning with our food, water and survival gear packed we took off. Mom had borrowed some of Ginger’s outdoors gear and was snuggly bundled up behind me on my snow machine as we toured the many sites this land has to offer. Periodically, I stopped and make sure that mom was warm. She was in fact was having a great time.

“I can see why you like it here.” She said.

We had stopped on a small ridge overlooking a glacier to eat lunch.

“Not too many people understand my lifestyle mom, I’m glad you’re not disappointed.”

“Well you know without seeing it first hand, it was hard to understand what you like about being so far away.” She paused and looked at me. Her green eyes gleamed in the light reflecting off the ice.

“I’m glad you understand”.

“You know son I was a little leery of Ginger being older than you” She grinned, “But now that I’ve met her I really like her. She’s quite the looker too.”

“Mom she’s not that much younger than you. Besides I’ve always liked older women.”

“Somehow I knew that” She looked at me in that knowing way only a mom could, “I noticed how you used lurk around when my girlfriends would come over for a hot tub.”

I knew that my mom really meant nothing by it, but nonetheless I still felt like my hand was stuck in the cookie jar. She sensed my unease and giggled playfully. I knew mom well and she loved to joke around.

“I bet any older woman would be really lucky to have you lurking around and more” Mom could be so merciless in her teasing and she smelled bl**d. “I may just have to ask Ginger how lucky she is.”

I looked to the distance and saw a way out of this conversation. On the other hand, I became slightly concerned in another way altogether. There was an ominous group of clouds forming in the northeast.

“ I think we should head back.” I said in a less than serious tone, trying not to alarm her.

I explained to her that though the weather forecast called for clear skies, those clouds could spell a local squall or even a small-localized storm. Besides forecasts have a habit of being wrong. I also assured her there was really not much to be worried about.

So we hopped on our snow machine and headed back to civilization. About twenty-five miles out of town the storm hit us. It was a minor event as far as storms go. But it did blow enough snow around to cloud visibility and slow down our pace. Fortunately we were plenty warm.

We worked our way to the river. As we approached it I noticed the one possible hazard the frozen body of water had to offer: Overflow! So I maneuvered my machine to a nearby area, well known to me, near old man Johnson’s cabin. ‘Old Man Johnson’, as he affectionately known, was a local legend in these parts. At eighty he was still an active trapper and hunter. His cabin, which he only used in the summer to fish, was on the other side of the river.

There was an old dilapidated footbridge crossing the river. I figured mom could cross the bridge while I took the machine across the river and through the overflow. I hoped I could stay dry as I drove through the slush like a bat out of hell. I also knew that if things did go wrong we could shelter in the Johnson’s cabin, which was always well stocked with firewood and blankets. I made it across just fine but turned just in time to see mom slip off the bridge and fall a short ways into the overflow. She was soaked up to her chest but seemed Ok. I waded into the icy cold slush and helped her to the bank.

By then, the storm was really blowing hard and with our wet clothing the wind was chilling us through to our bones. The storm in my opinion remained benign as far as storms go but hypothermia was now our greatest threat since we were soaked. I guided mom into the cabin as we shivered uncontrollably. I instructed her to take her wet clothes off (if my clothes were any indication, that meant all of them), and get under some blankets. I told her that I needed to secure the snow machine and get our food and water. Then I’d start a fire in the wood stove so we can warm up and dry our clothes. I reassured her that we were safe and that this was really in the realm routine and had not reached the magnitude of an emergency.

When I returned mom was sitting on the floor and shivering. I yelled for her to get out her wet clothes and that she would be much warmer under a blanket. I went to work on the fire. There was plenty of wood in the cabin. I knew the stove worked well since I helped old man Johnson replace it last fall. I lit the fire with my matches that I always carried on me in a waterproof plastic bag. In no time the small cabin was getting nice and warm. Mom, however, was still on the floor shivering.

“Mom get out of your wet clothes you’ll feel much better.” I instructed her.

To set an example I took off my wet layers of clothes all the way down to my silk boxers, which by pure luck were still dry. I reached over to mom and helped her up. I helped her off with her outer layers then tried to help her with her long underwear.

“No!” She said sharply, as she shivered.

“Mom you have to get your wet clothes off. Please!”

I felt her thighs and her back and she was soaked. Her behavior was an enigma to me. Sometimes in the latter stages of hypothermia people could get very irrational. But mom was nowhere near being hypothermic. But if she stayed in wet clothes she could have easily become so.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I grabbed the top of her long underwear and yanked it over her head. Underneath mom was wearing a flimsy see-through bra that accentuated the cleavage of her ample bust. Her nipples were erect peeking through the shear fabric. I briefly wondered if her wearing sexy underwear was why she was so reluctant to shed the remainder of her clothes. I did not get much time to ponder that let alone get a better glimpse of her lovely tits. Mom suddenly struck me in the chest with her clenched fist. She followed that blow with several slaps across my chest.

Her blows were essentially harmless and they were intended to be harmless. They did irritate me nonetheless. So I grabbed her hands in mid-swing. She continued to struggle, which caused her to twist around with her back to me. I was still holding her arms but now she was pinned and her struggles subsided. Her verbal tirade did not.

“What have you gotten us into? I can’t believe you’d be so careless!”

“Look we’re perfectly safe and warm. You’d be warmer if you’d listen to me.”

I took this lull as an opportunity to try and get her long underwear bottoms off. As soon as I released her hand she tried to strike again. Instinctively, (or was it by the practice of a good many a spanking delivered to Ginger’s luscious bottom) I slapped mom’s ass once but rather firmly. My action, which then was not intended to be erotic, had the desired effect. With an audible exhale which sounded half between an ‘ahh’ and an ‘ouch’, mom stopped her struggles long enough for me to pull the remaining piece of long underwear off. I noticed mom was wearing a string bikini bottom that matched her bra.

“You bastard” She screamed, “How dare you?”

“Look I’m only trying to help. Now it would be better if you just get under the blanket and wait till our clothes dry.”

She continued to struggle. So all I could do was hold her wrists as she wiggled her backside in front of me. The occasional friction of her butt on my crotch and her tits on my forearms was starting to cause an unexpected stirring in my loins.

“Mom why are you so angry?”

“Damn it Jack we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and our clothes are trashed.” Her struggles eased only a bit.

“Mom we’re not stuck and our clothes are just wet. Besides if we we’re really overdue Ginger would know exactly where to find us. This is so unlike you. What’s gotten into you?”

I had let my guard down slightly and she was able to wiggle one hand free. She promptly tried to hit me in the chest again. As that last blow harmlessly glanced off my shoulder, I got distinct impression that this was sort of game mom was playing. Regardless I was growing tired of trying to figure it out.

“Now stop your struggling and stop hitting me”

Without thinking any of this through, I twisted mom’s arm behind her back and f***ed her to bend her upper body over. I proceeded to deliver a sound spanking across her bottom. She squealed and yelped as my blows rained down. Her free hand feebly attempted to block my slaps. Ginger really loved getting spankings, as I loved delivering them. I had plenty of practice giving a spanking to a passive or struggling partner.

I watched as my mom’s ass reddened and as she squirmed with each stinging blow. The thin white string of her bikini that was snuggled tightly between her ass cheeks made her look even more provocative. Her wiggling only added to the rising heat in my crotch and the fact that was my own mother’s ass I was spanking made it even hotter. I took this moment of dominance over mom to gaze over her near naked form more thoroughly. Her light brown hair was cascading over the side of her face and over her shoulders. I caught glimpses of her swaying breasts straining against her flimsy bra. Her waist was slender and her hips were shapely. Her ass firm and round was streaked with red marks from my palm.

Mom struggles slowly waned. Her yelps and screams quieted and became more like moans. I could not tell from the sounds of her ‘Ohs’ or her ‘Oh god’s’ that followed each remaining swat whether these were sounds of torment or pleasure.

She turned to me and gently said “Jack you can stop now. I won’t struggle any more.”

I let her up and reminded her, “Remember you promised.”

I ran my finger over her breast lightly glancing over her erect nipple and over the front of her panties. She gasped. It hit me then that these items belonged to Ginger. I had bought them for her for her birthday. How mom came to be wearing them was a mystery to me.

“These are still wet.” I said in stern voice.

Mom took the bra and panties off. I tried not to be too obvious but I could not help but look. Mom looked stunning. Her breasts were large and firm. Her bush was neatly trimmed.

The way these events had unfolded was still baffling me. My mind was swimming with images and possibilities. I needed some time to sort through it all. I always considered mom to be pretty and even attractive but I never seriously considered her sexually. I remembered many a friend making adolescent sexual comments about her as I grew up. To me she was just my mother. But there I was sporting an incredibly intense erection because I just spanked and undressed her.

I rearranged the wet clothing near the fire so they can dry. I was relieved that mom had finally cooperated by getting under the only blanket in the cabin. She sat quietly on the bed. Tears streaked her lovely face. I tried to conceal my raging hard on as I huddled under the blanket with mom.

Her tears felt warm on my chest. She hugged my shoulders and buried her face in my chest. She was seated beside me, her torso twisted. My erection was digging into her side. I tried to move but every time I shifted mom would shift too, the end result stayed the same. I figured if she didn’t mind then I shouldn’t either.

She finally broke the silence, “Look I’m sorry about how I’ve behaved.”

“Mom what happened is behind us. You’re now warm and safe. Can you at least explain what that was all about?”

“Jack I was embarrassed. I felt so bad about falling and about getting both of us wet and about you know… the frilly underwear.” Mom was still crying softly.

“I told you mom its Ok we’re both safe and warm. But as for the frilly stuff…aren’t they Ginger’s?”

“Oh jack they are. I’m so embarrassed.” She buried her face further in my chest.

She spoke softly in a resigned kind of way. “ Well, you see yesterday morning while you still slept. Ginger and I had a great heart to heart talk. The kind of talks friends have. I was curious about the age difference in your relationship. She was very honest and open.”

I touched her face felt the wetness of her tears. I struggled to find some distraction, any kind of distraction from my aching hard-on. She softly kissed my hand. That was not the distraction I was looking for. My cock twitched and dug further into mom’s side.

“Sorry.” I managed to mutter.

“You have nothing to apologize for in that department. Ginger was quite flattering in what she had to say about you.”


“Ginger was quite candid about your sex life. She exalted the virtues of having a younger lover. In a very real way she validated my own yearnings and fantasies of being with a younger man. She showed me her collection of lingerie and told me what a thrill it is for both of you when she wears them for you. She insisted I borrow the set I wore today after I tried them on and told her how nice they felt and how sexy I felt wearing them.”

“Mom, I know that as your son I shouldn’t be saying this but, you did look very hot wearing them.”

“Honestly Jack, you were not supposed to see them. At least I did not want you to a while ago. Ginger said you would like them on me.”

“Ginger said what?”
“She said that you’d agree that they looked good. I was just too embarrassed to show you. Oh Jack I’m sorry about the way I behaved.” I felt her shudder with tears and she buried her face in my chest.

“Mom its OK. You did look awesome and she was right. I hope I didn’t hurt you.” I stroked her face gently.
“Jack I deserved it for trying to be such a brat when all you were doing was making sure I was ok.”

Mom’s tongue gently licked the palm of my hand and she softly kissed my hand. She then looked up me with an expression that I can only describe as lust.

“Ginger told me how much you like to spank her ass and how much she enjoys it.” She nudged my cock with her elbow, “Is that what got you so excited?”

“Jeez mom…”I caught myself before I started to stammer, “ To be honest in part the spanking did get me excited. It was also how you looked, you know really sexy. Also because you’re you know … you’re my mom. It’s you know…”

“Its i****t!” She hissed, “The thought of i****t turns you on doesn’t it?”

“Well I never thought of you like that before but after all this, I’d be lying if I said otherwise.”

“Baby my ass is still tingling from that wonderful spanking you gave me. Please rub it for me.” She pleaded with me.

I reached for her and kneaded her lovely ass cheeks. They were still red and hot. She grabbed my raging member and stuck my index and middle fingers in her mouth and sucked on them.

“God mom you’re ass is so hot. I want you.”

“Baby I’ve always wanted a young stud just like you and now I’m actually going to have you. Please make love to me. Fuck me any way you want.”

She moved up and planted her lips on mine. Her tongue darted out and received mine into her waiting mouth. Her breath was warm and sweet. She moaned as I french- kissed her. She played with my swollen cock. At that moment all my cares and trepidations melted away. I lost all second guesses and worries about consequences. The woman in my arms looked and felt incredible. That she was my own mother made it even hotter.

I let my hands roam all over her body. Still locked in an electric kiss, I kneaded her tits, squeezed her ass cheeks and tickled her clitoris. She wiggled and squealed with delight. Her hand rubbed my chest while she stroked my shaft with her other hand.

“Baby is this ok for you?” She said and looked me in the eyes. She was straddling my lap her legs wound around my back. I did not respond verbally. Instead I wiggled my finger into her spread, wet pussy. She responded with a guttural moan.

“I want to lick your beautiful cock and taste your cum. Would you like mommy to suck you…Tell me how you like it please.”

I pulled lightly on her hair. You see I was never into giving intense pain but I always liked a little rough play. I took a chance and hoped mom would like it too. Besides I was sure Ginger must have told her, as it seemed she told her everything else. That surprised her but I could tell by the look on her face she was into it. I slapped her ass f***efully, causing her to yelp.

“Stand before me mother. Let me see you fully naked.” I commanded her. She hesitated, so I slapped her ass again.

Slowly she stood up before me. She covered her breasts and bush.

“ A little to late to be modest now isn’t it. Come on mom show me.” I kept my voice cool. I came to the realization that mom and Ginger did have quite the detailed talk that morning I slept. This was almost exactly like one of Ginger’s favorite games. Sometimes we even role-played that I was her boss or her nephew. I grabbed mom by the waist and sat her on my knee. I twisted her nipple between my fingers just hard enough for her to tense up. “Do as I say mother.”

Abruptly I pushed her back up to a standing position and watched. Slowly she dropped her arm that was covering her breast. The two lovely mounds hung freely. Both her nipples were erect. She then dropped the other hand revealing her smoothly shaved labia crowned by a neatly trimmed “V” shaped tuft of hair. She was curvy but firm and looked absolutely stunning.

“How do feel standing there naked in front of your son?”

“Jack, I feel ashamed and so naughty…and afraid…”

“Afraid, mom?”

She hesitated as choosing her words carefully. “Afraid I don’t look attractive enough for you.”

To me she looked awesome. I reached for her and spread her labia with my finger. She was sopping wet. “You did not mention wet. Are you excited mom?”

“Yes darling, more than you can imagine. Please son, take me any way you want. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Good now turn around and show me your ass.”

Slowly she turned. She stood there for a moment. I could see shoulders heave with each deep breath she took. Slowly bent downward and rested her hands on her knees. She offered me an exquisite view of her shapely ass and strong long legs.

“Is this how you want me dear?” She turned her head toward me. Her ass undulated inches from my face.

I massaged her cheeks and traced my hands down her lovely legs. “Mom you have nothing to fear. You look magnificent. Any man that has a pulse won’t be able to keep his hands off you. I feel so lucky to be able touch you and… taste you.” I plunged my face into her pussy, which was peeking at me from between her legs, at eye level.

“Oh god,” she squealed in surprise, “ Jack baby that feels… so good…eat me baby.”

I found her clit and flicked it furiously with my tongue. Slowly, her knees folded. My tongue stayed on her clit and the rest of me adjusted downward, as mom got on all fours and shuddered with her first orgasm.

“Do you still feel ashamed and naughty? Are you still afraid mom?” I teased as I stroked her face.

“I feel many things baby but not afraid.” Again, mom chose her words deliberately, “You make feel so wonderful and desired. I love those feelings and I appreciate you for giving them to me. I also feel naughty you know sinful and like a slut. Jack, THIS IS i****t! But I love those feelings too. You being my son has turned something wonderful into a gloriously wicked thing.”

I wasn’t expecting all that from her when I posed my question. But, I remember clearly having thought to myself that she pretty much summed it up. I got up and sat back on the bed.

“Ok you lovely, naughty slut get on your knees and suck your horny son’s cock.”

With a wicked grin mom crawled to me. She grabbed my balls. Her eyes looked into mine as she licked the underside of my throbbing cock. She swirled her tongue around its tip and the slowly she plopped it into her hungry mouth. I could feel her tongue massaging my shaft as her lips traveled its length.

She pulled me out and looked up at me. My cock was resting on her chin; I could feel her hot breath brushing its tip. “Do you like what mommy’s doing Jack?”

I moaned as she sucked me back into her mouth, “God mom that feels so good.” (Literally I was at a loss for words and that was the best I could come up with despite the magnitude of the situation).

“Come for me baby let me taste your cum.”

It seemed like I came forever. Mom swallowed most of it except for a few globs that trickled down her neck and breasts.

We cuddled under the blanket. I had stoked the fire. The storm was really blowing hard out there. We were cozy and warm. Mom’s body felt wonderful next to mine. Her hands made my body tingle.

“Ginger said you’d be great.”

I was intrigued by her choice of words. She didn’t say “you’re great”. Mom was not one to choose her words carelessly. It felt like there was more to her so-called talk with Ginger.

“So what all was said in your talk with Ginger.”

“ Jack I suppose I should tell you all that happened, and there is quite a bit. It started out by her asking me if I was ok with your relationship with her. You know, the difference in your age. I told her that initially, while I was back home, it really bothered me a lot. And then when I first met her it struck me how close she and I are in age. But I told her that as I saw you two together I realized how happy you seemed and that I truly became ok with it.”

Mom explained how the conversation moved to talking about how it made sense for a younger man and older woman to be together. Ginger proceeded to tell mom about all wonderful times we had sexually. She told her about the role-plays. How I played her nephew, her student or a r****t. She told mom how she liked to get her ass spanked while I called her slut or a whore. She told mom how hot it made me when I pinched and slapped her tits. She told mom how great it was to have someone my age, in a state of near perpetual hardness, someone less encumbered by the responsibilities of age, someone to fuck her silly and sore. She told my mom about the threesomes we had with other women, mostly lonely stray tourists. Hell, she even told mom how we both loved anal sex. Mom confided in Ginger that she’d always dreamed of being with a younger man, that it was one of her most potent fantasies. Mom confessed that she’d never had a younger man. Ginger showed mom her lingerie. She got mom to try some on, since they were almost the same size. Ginger then surprised mom by undressing. Ginger modeled for her the lingerie she had on at that time.

Mom’s voice was hypnotic as she told this tale. I saw it unfold before me as if on screen. Ginger got mom to touch her and feel the fabric of her underwear. Ginger did the same for mom except more boldly. Despite her self, mom was getting excited. Ginger showed mom her little menagerie of dildos and vibrators. Mom admitted that she left her one ‘trusty friend’ at home. Ginger told mom how sexy she looked and felt. Ginger suddenly kissed mom on the lips. Mom did not resist but allowed Ginger’s tongue in her mouth briefly before she gracefully pulled away. Mom did not move away from Ginger’s caresses.

Ginger explained that I’d be a sl**p for a while longer and that they would be able to hear me in the bathroom upstairs if I stirred. She suggested that since mom didn’t bring her trusty sex toy that she should choose one of hers. She asked mom to get on the bed with her. Mom began to say no and Ginger promised her tantalizing tales and fantasies of sex with young hard men.

They lay on the bed together, both naked, touching and kissing while they stroked themselves with their whirring vibrators. Ginger told her a story of an aunt who teased her nephew mercilessly by wearing scant clothing and by the occasional ‘innocent’ physical contact. She recounted how he finally could not take any more. One day when no one else was at home he f***ed himself on her. When she resisted he spanked her as he ripped her clothes off. He then fucked her hard and came as he pounded his young cock in her ass.

Mom described how she and Ginger came at the same time. Their mouths were locked in kiss that barely stifled their moans. Mom was terrified that I’d wake up.

Ginger asked mom if she’d ever had anal sex. Though always curious about it mom had never done it. Ginger brought out a thin black vibrator specifically designed for anal play. She gently put it in mom’s ass. She turned it on and slowly fucked her ass with it.

As mom came closer to her second orgasm Ginger asked her if she was jealous of her. Through her pants and moans mom lamented that she felt lonely and horny and wished she had someone have sex with regularly but she wasn’t jealous. ‘That’s not what I mean. I mean don’t you wish you could have Jack. Imagine your own son fucking you with his hard cock. Imagine him spanking you and fucking your ass, coming deep inside you.” There was no malice, but rather excitement in Ginger’s tone. My mom replied, “Jack is my son I could never... oh god...” Mom shuddered as she came; she never fully answered the question. “ I think you should fuck Jack while you’re here. I think it would be good for you. And I’m sure he’d love it too. Besides the idea is such a turn on for me. I sometimes fantasize that I’m his mother, guiding him on this wonderful sexual journey. I’m sure you’d be happy with how good he is.”

I slowly drifted back to the present as mom completed her confessionary tale. She stroked my penis, which had long since risen to attention. She explained that though she had found the idea very appealing she didn’t think she had the nerve to go through with it. Her fall had truly been unplanned event. She had fought her shameful urges. She had remained afraid and unsure until I first slapped her ass. At least that was her conscious intention.

“So the truth finally comes out mother. I thought Ginger had a hand in this.”

“Jack you understand that I could not bring myself to tell you that until now.” She sounded tentative as she snuggled up against me.

“ Oh I understand Mom. You should understand also that I am going to spank you again before I fuck you. That story you told made me so hot. Now get on all fours and stick you ass up.”

I proceeded to spank my mom’s ass. I gave her ten swats, which I made her count. She swayed and wiggled while she whimpered.

“Spank me baby. Spank mommy like she’s a naughty little girl.”

I shoved my cock into her drenched pussy. My balls slapped her spanked ass as I drilled my member into her hungry cunt.

“Fuck me hard you horny bastard, give it to mommy.”

“I love it when you talk like that you filthy whore. You like fucking your son don’t you? You naughty slut.” I slapped her red ass cheek hard.

“Oh god it feels good. Fuck mommy hard while she comes for you. Ah…ahhh. Oooh!”

I reached for my survival pouch, which by habit I always kept within reach. From it removed a tube of petroleum gel. I inserted a greased finger into her anus. Mom cried out as string of orgasms that seemed to never quit rocked her. I almost came myself but by some miracle I was able to hold off. As her passion eased I slowly withdrew from her. I began to grease my cock.

“Why would anyone carry petroleum gel in their gear?” Mom chided me.

“It’s great for starting fires,” I laughed and stuck my finger back in her ass, “maybe you need some more fire in here mom.”

“Yes baby, fuck me in the ass. Be the first to take me in the ass. It’s as if all my life I’ve saved this for you.”

Slowly I slid my cock into her lubricated hole. She moaned slightly with discomfort. Soon all resistance receded as I eased all the way inside her. She felt warm and tight. Slowly I began to fuck her. She responded to me be moving with the increasing pace of my rhythm.

“Mom this feels great. I’m glad that I’m the first. I love fucking you in all your holes.”

“Yes my horny motherfucker, fuck mommy’s ass. Yes, yesss. Slap my ass while I cum again…YESSSSS.”

We both came together. Out pleasure seemed to go and on.

“I loved how we’ve made love Jack, and how nasty and sexy you make me feel.”

“I loved every minute of this too mom, you slutty little wench.”

I checked on the weather, the sky was now clear and the northern lights danced overhead. I shared the view with my naked mom as we huddled by the window. I then put some more logs on the fire. I finally snuggled under the blanket with my delicious lovely mom. We kissed, cuddled laughed and made love. That night that we kissed, licked and touched every inch of each other’s bodies until sl**p overcame us.

We were both awakened some time in the bright morning by the sound of a snow machine approaching the cabin.

“Ginger!” We both exclaimed simultaneously.

The End
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Excellent story of lustful cravings...
2 years ago
Nice story. So did you have a threesome when ginger got there?