The alarm went off at 5:45 A.M. as usual. I got up and wabbled to the
kitchen for a cup of coffee. "I sure am glad they came up with the
automatic coffee makers", I thought to myself. I could tell that it was
going to be a warm morning, as I saw the sun shining in the kitchen window.
It was already getting warm.

Just then, I remembered that I was supposed to wake up Debbie for school.
She had one more week of school left in her junior year before her summer
vacation began. I walked down the hall toward her room. I knocked quietly,
not wanting to startle her. There was no response. I opened the door
slowly and walked in.

There she was, sprawled out on the bed with the sheet down toward her
knees. She lay there motionless, in her lacey white panties and a tee
shirt that barley covered her young breasts. As I walked closer, I could
see her dark patch of pubic hair showing through the delicate material. I
wanted to get a closer look. I walked closer and whispered her name. No
response. I slowly reached out and placed my hand on her crotch. Carefully,
I started to rub her mound. The braver I got, the more pressure I applied.
As I rubbed back and forth, I tried to position my hand so my fingers were
sliding softly between her tender thighs.

All of a sudden she moved, but didn't wake up. She positioned her arm over
her head and bent one knee out to the side. This gave me better access to
my target location. I looked up to make sure she was still sound asl**p.
Her eyes were closed, but I could tell she was in a "rapid eye movement"
state. Her breathing was slow. She was in a deep sl**p.

As I watched her face, I noticed that I could just see the lower roundness
of her breast. I carefully lifted up on the edge of her t-shirt and
revealed a nicly shaped breast with a perky pink nipple. I was getting
incredibly excited and more brave. I was rubbing her more firmly now, and
the lacey material mas starting to slip between her young pussy lips. I
continued rubbing, especially around her clit. I slowly moved my other hand
under her shirt and gently lifted the material up and over her breasts. I
now had a great view of both nipples. I gently squeezed her breast with the
palm of my hand. First one, and then the other. She stirred slightly, but
I could tell by her eyes that she was still sl**ping soundly. Her breathing
was a little deeper than it had been.

I was concentrating on those white panties. Her pussy lips were now well
defined in the thin material, and I could feel moistue starting to make
it's presence known. I carefully pulled the material off to the side,
revealing her pussy in full view. I gently worked my finger between the
pouting lips. Much to my surprise, she was very well lubricated. My finger
slipped in, up to the second knuckle. I moved it in and out, while rubbing
her tiny clit with the palm of my hand. I started to pick up the pace, when
I noticed her hips were starting to move with my rythym. I glanced up to
check. She was still sl**ping, with a slight smile on her face. I held my
hand still, applying a steady inward pressure. I watched my middle finger
slowly dissapear into her tight hole. It was now fully seated inside her. I
could feel her body pressing against my hand.

She started to stir, so I quickly removed my finger. She moved her leg and
her arms. I still had good access to her pussy, but one of her hands was
now holding her right breast lightly. Her breathing was now a little faster
than it had been. I held my finger up to my nose and then to my tounge.
What a treat. Sweet and sticky. Adding a little syliva, I reached down and
inserted it back into her waiting pussy. This time it quickly hit the
bottom knuckle. As it did, I definatly felt her hips surge firmly against
my hand. Not once but several times. As I looked up at her, she was
pinching the nipple that was previously in her hand. Her eyes were still
closed and she was still smiling. Her other hand was now resting on her
flat tummy, just below her belly button.

I started moving me finger in and out. As I pushed it in, I could see her
hand rise up with her tummy. My rythym was now quick and deliberate. I
could her the sound of her juices with each plunge. She was now making a
muted groaning sound. I slowed down but continued to finger her with
several quick jerks. On the third one, her hips came off the bed to meet my
hand with a full thrust. Then again. I glanced up at her face. Her eyes
were wide open and she was biting her bottom lip. She was still smiling. I
started to remove my finger, when she reached down and held my hand in
place. With my finger fully seated into her belly, she held it tightly in
place with a death grip. She sat up slightly, leaning on her other arm.
She bucked her hips hard, as the palm of my hand was rubbing her clit. Her
breathing was now hard and fast. With a couple swift jerks of the hips, she
collapsed back onto the bed, releasing my dreched hand. She continued to
watch me, panting heavily. I lifted my hand to my mouth and licked off her
juices. She smiled. I smiled back and turned to leave. "Thanks", she said.
"I really enjoyed that". I just smiled and closed the door.

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very HOT !!
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One hot imagination,, but very good