My daughter, Wendy, like many young girls, had grown accustomed
to wandering around the house in a nightie, or sometimes even
her underwear, and I'd grown accustomed to the sight of her.

I recognized that she had a lovely young body, and was very
buxom, but I didn't really think much beyond that; not much

After she finished high school she worked for a couple of years
as a waitress, then as a part-time clerk. She didn't move out
of the house, maybe because with the rest of the k**s gone, and
my wife gone for many years, there was so much room, and I
didn't crowd her.

I realized a little while back though, that I was seeing more
and more of her most evenings. She seemed to trot down the
staircase and past me in the living room wearing just a bra and
panties more often. And the bra and panties were often slinky,
sexy things rather than the simple stuff she'd once worn.

A couple of times I'd surprised her in just a towel on her way
to or from the bathroom, and twice passed her open door to look
in and see that she was naked, in the process of changing.

I can't say all this didn't have an affect on the way I thought
of her, at least sometimes. I'm human after all, and Wendy is a
lovely girl with big round breasts and a nice ass. I started
having fantasies about me and her, and started wondering how
much of it all was deliberate on her part. She was generally
very shy - to the point of stuttering around strangers, and
quite timid around men, so had little success romantically.

The next time I passed her open door - it had been closed when
I'd gone to the bathroom - I went in. Sure enough she was
naked, looking into her mirror, hands sliding through her long
brown hair. Those beautiful breasts were thrust out
appealingly, and she seemed not even to notice me in the mirror
as walked up behind her.

"You should close your door when you change." I said, fighting
to keep my voice neutral.

She gasped dramatically and whirled around, covering herself
with her arms and hands. "Daddy!" she squealed.

I folded my arms and looked down at her, and she blushed,
looking away. "You're a beautiful woman, Wendy," I said, "with
a beautiful body. You don't need to convince me of that."

"I - I don't know what you mean." she gasped.

I smiled and slid my hands in against her cheeks, raising her
head as I leaned in to kiss he on the cheek. At the last minute
she dropped her arms and turned her head so our lips met. I
started to pull back, startled, but her arms pulled me in and
her big breasts squeezed in against my chest.

I put my arms around her, holding her as she kissed back with
more and more passion; almost desperation. I felt myself
responding to, felt my loins start to throb as this lush young
female body rubbed against me.

"Wendy" I whispered.

She moaned and reached down to squeeze my now bulging erection.

"Please, Daddy?" she whimpered. "I want to know what it's
like. Please?"

My heart went out to her and I sighed, holding her tight,
stroking her back, then sliding my hands down her smooth, soft
skin to cup her ass.

She pulled back, grinning in delight, and arched her back as I
looked on approvingly.

"Do you think I'm hot and sexy, Daddy?"


She was breathing heavily, skin flushed, and she looked down at
herself, then up at me. "I've never had a man before." she

I stepped forward, cupping her breasts, squeezing them and
lifting them as she looked down with bright eyes, then let her
head fall back with a moan of delight.

I sucked and licked her big nipples as my excitement grew,
loving the softness of her skin. It had been years since I'd
fucked a woman, and I'd never fucked one as beautiful as Wendy.

She pulled back with a gasp, then turned and went to her bed.
I watched as she knelt on it, then fell forward onto her hands,
turning to look behind her. "Take me like this, Daddy. Make me
like a woman!"

I stripped quickly and moved behind her, running my hands over
her gorgeous ass, sliding them around and around, squeezing her
cheeks, then easing them up and down between them. She gasped
as I cupped her pussy and squeezed, and groaned as I slid my
thumb up into her pussy hole.

"Fuck me!", she chanted, "Fuck me!"

I squeezed my cock, fighting back words of denial as I felt
that hot little pussy calling to me. I didn't feel any cherry,
so I guessed she'd popped it herself one way or another, but she
was definitely tight enough to be a virgin as I drove myself
into her to the balls.

"OH, YES!", she cried, "OH, FUCK!"

She ground her ass against me, then started humping back before
I could move. She was so wild and excited I couldn't keep up
with her, and grabbed her hips to steady her as I tried to work
us into a rhythm.

She was rolling and bucking her hips back like a wanton whore,
squealing and gasping in delight at each deep thrust. I could
hardly believe this was my Wendy, but my cock didn't care. It
had no conscience and plenty of motivation.

Her slick insides sucked and massaged my cock as I thrust into
her, and in less than a minute she started bucking and jerking
like a wild horse, throwing her head back and thrashing it from
side to side. I realized she was coming, and held on tight,
riding her through it as she grunted in mindless pleasure.

I stayed hard as long as possible, and she was halfway up to
another come when the gusher blew inside her. I kept pumping as
I softened, then pulled out, flipped her over and dove between
her legs, lapping hungrily at her juicy little quim as she cried
out in pleasure.

Soon she was coming again, arching her back and writhing below
me on the bed. It was truly amazing, for such a desperately shy
girl she was wildly uninhibited in bed, crying out louder and
louder as I continued to lap at her buzzing little clitty.

Soon she was between my legs, as well, her hungry mouth sucking
and bobbing on my cock until I was hard again. I tried to push
her down on her back but again she insisted on doing it doggy
style, grunting like a sow in heat as I pounded my cock into her
from behind and her big breasts swung back and forth below her.

Well, she got me hard a third time, after I'd eaten her to
another couple of climaxes, and I rode her again, pouring
another load of jism into her. We fell asl**p there on my bed,
and I woke hours later to find her mouth sliding up and down on
my cock. As soon as she realized I was awake, she straddled me
and began to ride up and down, taking another gusher.

It was like she was trying to make up for years of chastity,
and it wasn't until the next evening I thought to ask about
birth control.

"What would I need with it?" she asked with a smile. "I was a

I gasped at her, and started to fret, but she just slid into my
lap, her bare ass sliding over my crotch as she hugged me. "So
what if I have your baby, Daddy?" she whispered. "I can't
think of anyone else I'd want to have one with."

Eventually, of course, she had three daughters and two sons by
me. We lived together as man and wife, and Wendy was delighted
with her new role as lover, then mother. She never saw a thing
wrong with what we were doing, and truth to tell, with the years
of happiness, I stopped thinking there was too.

I eventually deflowered two of those daughters on their
eighteenth birthdays, a kind of tradition with us that the whole
f****y grew to delight in. I let one of my sons, one of Wendy's
sons, deflower the third daughter. I had another daughter by
one of the girls; a daughter who is also my great-granddaughter,
and I can hardly wait until she grows up.

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Great story keep writing, i want to hear more about your daughter