After I graduated from college, I took off for a year to see the
world. I developed a certain amount of scorn for the small-town
morals of my home as I explored everything from the elegant obscenity
of Thailand's brothels to the wide-open, anything-goes atmosphere of
Holland's sex clubs. Never in all that time did I guess that I would
encounter the ultimate and universally most forbidden kink when I
returned home!

Mom looked years younger when she met me at the airport. She gave
me a lingering hug and I could have sworn I felt the nipples of her
incredible breasts digging into my chest. She looked years younger.
Her health club membership could explain the taut, trim lines of her
sexy new figure, but I was at loss to figure out how she'd smoothed
the lines out of her face. Dad didn't look bad, either, although he'd
allowed a little silver to lighten the dark brown of his thick hair.

It didn't take long for me to figure out that the folks had
experienced something like a prolonged second honeymoon while I was
gone. There was the constant spark of sex in the air, a tension that
affected me in a way I would be reluctant to confess. After all my
wild, world-spanning adventures, here I was back home, locking my
bedroom door so that I could play with my cock. I found it difficult
to sl**p at night and several times I experienced such a painful ache
in my balls that I jerked awake out of a deliciously dirty dream.

One night, I was dreaming about eating pussy when I awoke to my
empty room. it was impossible to just lie there and suffer, so I
decided to get up and fetch myself a drink.

When I crept quietly into the hall, however, I saw something that
made me hornier than ever.... the sight of my sexy, naked mother
riding my father's stiff cock! Either they didn't know or didn't care
that the door to their bedroom had popped open, because they kept
pounding away at their business without so much as a momentary glance
toward the hall where I stood.

I should have slipped back into my room, but I was held by my
lust. I slipped my hand quietly inside the waistband of my jockey
shorts to massage the growing hardness of my prick. I'd seen boobs of
every size, shape, and color, and yet none of them had aroused me in
quite the same way that the sight of my mother's big, jiggling tits
did as they bounced sensually up and down on her chest. I could see
from where I stood that Mom was already cumming, yet she was
continuing to grind her pelvis madly against my father's
deeply-pumping prick.

I squeezed my fist around the head of my dick, and I moaned aloud.
I didn't mean to make a sound, it just slipped out of me. My mother
couldn't stop bucking on top of my father, but she did raise her eyes
until she was looking out into the dark hallway. Then, in the light
of the bedroom lamp, she saw me, her own son, standing there in the
doorway rubbing an obvious erection inside his shorts.

"Don't stand in the shadows, son," she whispered. "Come in here
and help your father out."

What? I wanted to slap my hand against the side of my head to
clear it. I couldn't have heard what I just thought I did, could I?!!

"What are you waiting for?" Mom asked. Her voice was soft and
sweet. "Come in here and let Momma take care of that nasty big lump
in your pants."

Jesus! I thought I was still dreaming. I couldn't believe what my
gorgeous, naked mother was offering!

"It's alright, son. We know you've probably learned a lot about
sex in your travels that you want to try with somebody you love. Come
share them with us. Your father and I are much more open-minded than
you realize. We'll understand."

I found myself slipping into my parents' bed. My jockey shorts got
lost somewhere along the way, so I was as naked as the two of them.
My father grinned up at me from underneath my mother's squirming

"You plug her up the ass while I fuck her cunt, son" Dad grinned.
"Your mother really loves getting reamed in both holes at once."

I couldn't believe it! By the sounds of it, my own parents were
into group sex, and now they wanted me to join them. Well if that's
what they wanted, I'd certainly show them what I'd learnt about sex
in my travels.

Fortunately, I'd spent several weeks perfecting my anal technique
with a trio of Japanese whores in Osaka. Taking a deep breath, I
mentally called up all the knowledge I'd accumulated on the topic.
You don't want to give your own mother less than the best!

So, I didn't just ram my prick into my mother's puckered little
asshole and start plugging away, much as I might have wanted to.
Instead, I shaped my tongue into a soft, melting petal that I diddled
down into her crack to lick open Mom's tightest orifice. Slithering
the very tip of my tongue a couple of inches inside of her asshole, I
swished it around to make her sphincter open naturally. My mother
whimpered softly as she lifted her butt more f***efully against my

Then, and only then, did I spit on the head of my dick and begin
to f***e it deep into Mom's hot, tight little asshole. She made a
soft, sound as I fed her my shaft inch by careful inch. It wasn't the
first time that I'd shared a woman by fucking her butt while another
man fucked her pussy, but the sensuousness of the situation was made
infinitely more exciting by the fact that the man in this case was my
father and the woman was my own mother!

Mom turned her head and looked at me over her shoulder. A sexy
smile on her beautiful face.

"Uuuuh! Yeah! Hurry up and fuck mommy's ass, baby, but don't cum
yet. I want you to cum in my cunt as soon as your father has finished
with it."

"If I finish with it!", said Dad, ramming his cock up into my
mother's cunt with a meaningful thrust.

Mom laughed and kissed my father deeply, at the same time wiggling
her ass back and forth on my slippery, sliding cock.

"Ohhh, yesssssss!", she hissed. "Fuck me! Fuck me, with your two
wonderful prick. God, it's so much better being double-fucked by two
men you love!"

I'd never heard my mother talk like that before in my life. Then
again, I'd never butt-fucked her before either. Mom's dirty talk
spurred me on to send her over the edge. I reached around and grabbed
her jiggling boobs, squeezing the big round globes I had suckled on
as a baby, and would again no doubt, I thought with a grin. Mom's
tits were surprisingly firm. In fact, her whole body was firm, not an
ounce of fat on it anywhere. She must really be into this aerobics
shit she told me about in a big way.

I squeezed Mom's tits for a while and then grabbed her hips,
fucking my cock a little harder into the tight, buttery channel of
her anus. Mom's groans grew louder as I fucked her faster and her
movements became more erratic and jerky. I knew she was cumming, and
when I heard her scream it out. I felt Dad's cock jerk inside her
cunt through the thin membrane that separated out pricks. He was
cumming too!

It was a truly erotic feeling, fucking my mother's ass as she came
on my father's cock. The extra tightness of my prick up Mom's ass
must have pushed Dad over the edge, because despite his earlier
promise of holding out for a while, he was cumming already.

I slowed my strokes in Mom's ass and let her come down from her
orgasm slowly. She collapsed on top of my father and they kissed,
breathlessly. When Mom's inner contractions finally died down, I
pulled my cock from her well-fucked butt and lay down beside them.

Mom reached over and grabbed my slimy cock, jacking up and down on
the shaft to keep it hard. I leant over and pulled her face down to
mine. We kissed... like mother and son are never supposed to... hot,
open-mouthed and passionate. God, she was horny! My own mother was
jerking her fist on my cock and ramming her hot tongue right down my

Mom lifted her hips and let Dad's limp cock fall out of her
cum-filled cunt.

I pulled my lips off my mom's and looked at my father, kind of
asking his permission, I guess.

"Don't mind me," he grinned. "Looks like your mother's horny cunt
needs more cock that I can provide right now. Go ahead and fuck her,
son! I'll just watch for a while."

Without needing any further encouragement, I pushed Mom over onto
her back and pulled her sweaty legs apart. Her cunt was open and wet,
her matted pussy-hair drenched with their combined juices. I suddenly
had a real dirty thought. Even though my father had just dumped a
load of jizz inside her hot, dribbling hole, I had an overwhelming
urge to suck my mother's cunt! Mom must have seen the look of hunger
on my face as I stared at her pussy, 'cause she reached up and pulled
me down between her out-stretched thighs.

"Yesssss! Do it, baby!", she hissed. "Suck my pussy out! Suck
Momma's juicy wet cunt!"

I dipped my head between mom's lewdly splayed thighs and pressed
my mouth over the hairy hole my father had just finished fucking. She
moaned and bucked her gaping snatch up at my mouth as I began to lick
and suck my mother's glistening, scarlet cuntflesh.

"Uhhhhh, baby! Suck my clit!", Mom screeched. "Suck my fuckin'
clit and I'll come all over your face! Oooooh, you gorgeous,
wonderful boy! Suck Momma's clit, honey!"

I took her erect little lovebud deep between my lips and sucked,
nibbling lightly with my teeth as I'd learned to do so well. Mom
nearly hit the bedroom roof! Her hips bucked and her back arched,
forcing her pussy hard against my sucking lips and deeply delving

Dad was just lying there watching me suck his wife, stroking his
cock and grinning. His cock had regained some of it's previous glory
but was far from a state that would do Mom any good. My own cock on
the other hand was just about bursting with need. I had to fuck my
mother now or my balls would damn well explode! To her obvious
disappointment, I pulled my lips and tongue out of Mom's gooey cunt
and rolled her onto her belly.

"Get on your hands and knees, Mom!" I told her. "I'm gonna fuck
you doggy-style!"

"Ohhh, honey! How did you know? That's my favourite position!",
Mom giggled. My dad laughed.

"Any position is your mother's favourite position," he said, "as
long as she's got a cock stuffed up her cunt!"

I grinned back at Dad.

"I can believe that!", I replied, spreading my mom's legs wide.

In this position, with her ass poking up in the air and her face
pushed into the bedclothes, my mother's cunt was at just the right
height and angle for a fabulous fuck. I edged forward on my knees
behind her until the tip of my cock nudged her cuntlips. Then I
slowly pushed forwards, watching the puffy lips of her cunt envelop
my prick like a sucking mouth.

Mom groaned and so did I as my cock slid easily all the way inside
her. She surprisingly tight for her age. Even after accommodating
Dad's big fuck-pole, my mother's slippery cunthole gripped my prick
like a vice.

"Fuck me! Fuck my pussy, son!", she chanted. "Fuck your mommy's
hot, wet cunt!"

I started to move in her. Fucking slow and steady at first, but
Mom wasn't having any of that. She began thrusting her ass back to
meet my prick, begging me to fuck her harder. So I did. Throwing
caution to the wind, I began to pump my mother's clasping cunt as
hard and as fast as I could.

"Uhhhhh! Yeah! Fuck! Fuuuuccck!", Mom squealed."Fuck me like a
dog! Fuck me hard, you gorgeous son of a bitch!"

I smiled at the implications of her words. She was being fucked
like a bitch in heat... and I was her son.... so that did indeed make
me a "son of a bitch". Dad got the joke too, because he grinned at me
and urged me on, all the while jerking on his swelling cock with his

"Fuck her, son! Really ram it to her hard! Your mother needs a
young cock every so often to keep her satisfied."

I understood immediately. Mom and Dad had become swingers! Well, I
didn't mind at all. I was getting to fuck my gorgeous, sexy mother,
and that was all that mattered right then. I grabbed Mom's slim waist
and pulled her cunt onto my pounding prick, increasing the power and
speed of our forbidden coupling.

Mom's cunt sucked and pulled on my cock, making loud slurping
sounds as I fucked her hard and fast. Soon, I felt her tightly
clenching cunt-muscles contract and quiver. My mom was cumming
hard... cumming all over the pistoning shaft of my prick like I'd
never seen a woman cum before, and I had seen plenty. Her cunt was
squirming back onto my cock like crazy, and deliciously depraved
obscenities spilled from her pretty mouth as I fucked her expertly
through a very powerful and lengthy orgasm.

Mom slumped forward on the bed, but I held her ass up in the air
and kept on fucking steadily. I was close to orgasm myself, but I
knew it would be another minute or so before I would be ready to
squirt cum into my mother's womb. I pulled my hard, glistening cock
out of the slippery sheath of her cunt, and rolled Mom over onto her

"Oh, Nooo! Put it back! Fuck me some more!", she complained.

"Don't worry, Mom", I panted, grabbing her ankles. "I'm nowhere
near finished fucking you!"

Her eyes were glazed with lust as she watched me lift her legs
high and wide. Her cunthole gaped open, drooling like a juicy pink
mouth. I hunched forwards and re-buried my prick into that hot,
quivering mass of maternal cuntflesh and resumed fucking my mother
with a vengeance.

Dad's cock was at full erection by this time. Watching me fuck Mom
must have been a real turn-on for him, 'cause he scrambled over to
Mom's face and pushed his big boner into her open mouth. Mom sucked
Dad while I fucked her cunt. Soon, I felt my balls tighten and my
cock twitch. A massive wave of incredible pleasure swept over me and
centered in my balls, causing them to empty their hot, sticky load
into my mom's eagerly upthrust cunt.

Mom came again too, moaning and writhing beneath me, sucking on
Dad's cock like a goddamned vacuum-cleaner! Within seconds, Dad was
coming too, squirting another load right down Mom's ever-suckin'

The next morning, Dad had to go to work so Mom and I had the day
to ourselves. After serving me breakfast in bed, (pussy au natural)
Mom stuffed my cock into her juicy cunt and told me to get down to
some serious mother-fucking, or else. I cheerfully obliged. By the
time Dad got home, I was fucked out, but Mom was still so hot, she
almost ripped Dad's clothes off. I fell blissfully asl**p that night
listing to the sounds of my parents making hot passionate love on the
living room floor. What a day!

That was five years ago, and I'm married now, but in all that
time, I doubt whether my mom has gone without my cock for more than
twenty-four hours. Thankfully, my wife Sherry is just as much of a
swinger as the rest of the f****y. I found that out when she stumbled
upon me, Dad and Mom having a little private f****y celebration in
one of the bedrooms during the wedding reception.

I was fucking my mom and she was sucking Dad's cock. Sherry just
closed the door, lifted up her dress, pulled her panties aside and
asked my father to fuck her. Of course, Dad did exactly that. He
hoisted my new bride up onto a table, spread her legs, and fucked her
standing up. Sherry loved it!

Sherry and I often swap with Mom and Dad or just indulge in the
spontaneous sex that often happens when one of us visits the other
couple. All in all, it's a neat arrangement. In fact, I wouldn't have
my f****y life arranged any other way!

The End.
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mmm very hot ! should have been some dad son bonding too !
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hot. hot. hot
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that is one fucking hot story... wowwwww
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an 'ín-family' four-some, what could be better.
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sure as hell made me horny again
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great story
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Fun stuff ;-) Nothing beats a threesome with mom and dad!
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Keep going, I need more :)
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This needs another chapt. Loved it!
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what a teasing ending! i want to read more about the father-in-law the the bride.
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