"Wow, Larry. I can’t believe it. All the mothers at the girl’s camp meeting elected me to be the new den mother." I looked at my younger s****r with a slight disbelief. "Wait a minute Cherry. You aren’t all that much older than the girls. How are you going to be den mother to girls that all think you are a camper too?"

"Come on Larry. Lighten up a little. Just because you’re three years older than me doesn’t make you my Dad. Besides, in case you haven’t noticed it yet, I am every bit as much a woman as you are a man. I’m no longer the little girl you’ve been fucking the last eight years. Speaking of which, you haven’t done me today."

I watched in amusement as Cherry ran across the floor jumping up into my arms wrapping her slender legs around my waist as her lips dove into mine. Mom isn’t expected back for three or four hours, so I took Cherry to her room. I like fucking her in her bed a lot more than mine. Besides she gets so excited she wets the bed. No, she doesn’t pee. Its all pussy juice. s*s has the wettest pussy I’ve ever come across. Well, to be honest, the wettest pussy I’ve ever heard of. I haven’t been with many women. Just two to be precise.

Its hard to believe Cherry is so sweet now. I remember our first time. I was in the kitchen. We had just finished breakfast. I had to fix it as Mom was still too upset about the accident and probably wouldn’t come out of her room before noon. The accident was a head on collision between a car and a motorcycle. My Dad had been on the motorcycle. Now he’s gone.

Cherry and I were at the kitchen table wearing just a pair of underpants as usual. That was the way we had always done. She was a living doll with long chest length brown hair that accented her sweet smooth face. Her lips were red and moist looking. I loved those snappy green eyes that seemed to pierce right through me like arrows. The girl had curves in places she shouldn’t even have had places. Even though she was gorgeous, I didn’t look at her as anything other than pretty. I was getting up the dirty dishes when I saw Cherry crying. I knew the deal. She was having a hard time with the loss of Dad. I was having the same problem, but as the new man of the house, I wasn’t going to show it.

Feeling sorry for Cherry, I picked her up into my arms and sat in the chair holding her. I let her lay her head against my chest as she wrapped her arms around my torso sobbing her eyes out. I began to notice that little s*s was warm and cuddly. Holding her like that was quite a joy. I could feel that soft little butt of hers against my legs. My eyes slowly scanned her frail body.

It was funny I had never noticed she had legs before. They were beautifully tanned with vivacious curves in all the right places. The ends of those legs were nicely capped with the prettiest feet and the sexiest toes I have ever seen. Her bare chest was so smooth and soft against my own. Wow, she has really pretty nipples too. My dick got hard right off the bat. I was hoping Cherry wouldn’t notice. Well, luck of all luck, the way she was sitting in my lap, the damn thing was more or less spearing her in the back of her crack.

"What’s that Larry?" I was embarrassed that I had gotten a hard on looking at my baby s****r’s body. The best thing to do is try to shrug it off as nothing. "What’s what?" Cherry giggled at my dilemma. "Hey. Don’t pretend I’m stupid. That thing poking up from your pants. Some of the girls I know are constantly talking about them and that they sometimes get that way. From the stories they tell, I started wondering what it would be like to actually touch one. I never dreamed that it might be my b*****r’s. The girls say it means the guy is horny. Are you horny?"

This is absurd. My little s****r just asked me if I am horny. I doubt she even knows what horny is. Of course being a guy, I always was. "What the heck do you know about what horny is, s*s?" Cherry turned bl**d red. I knew right away that she didn’t know shit. She sat there in my arms unable to say anything. "That’s what I thought. Now forget about what you felt and let me hold you for awhile until you feel better."

"Larry. Don’t be mean. I’ve already felt it. We both know it got stiff. Let me see it. If you do, I’ll let you show me what horny means. I’m sure that what ever it is, I can help you with it." Hearing her say that made my dick all the harder. Still, she is my little s****r. I can’t let her see it. "No. Cherry. You can’t look at it. Mom wouldn’t like it if she found out." Cherry’s little hand reached down between my legs.

"It feels good in my hand. Come on Larry. Let me see it. I promise not to tell Mom. Please. Pretty please with sugar on it. If you let me see it, I’ll show you mine. I promise. You can look at it as long as you want. Deal?" It became obvious at that point she wasn’t going to let the subject go until I showed her.

I sat Cherry on her feet and got up out of the chair. I pulled my underpants off. My hard on jumped straight up as soon as it got loose. Cherry gasped. "Wow. That looks cool. Lets go in the den and sit on the couch so I can see it better. Cherry shed her underpants and ran toward the den. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. God she is so beautiful. Her pussy looks so inviting. I really like looking at it.

When my rear end hit the couch, Cherry got on her knees next to me. At first she just stared at my penis. Several minutes later, I felt her hand wrap gently around it. "Whoa! I said just look." Cherry kept her hand on me. She started stroking my pulsating cock. It felt so fucking good, I wasn’t about to make her take her hand off of it.

Several minutes passed. Cherry had picked up a rhythm as she slowly worked her hand up and down my shaft. My thoughts were that this is wonderful. Suddenly Cherry leaned down kissing the tip of my rod. She kissed tenderly before running her tongue into my pee hole. Her tongue wiggled around in the end of my penis for a long time. Cherry raised her head looking me in the eyes. Her look mesmerized me.

I had never realized just how much I loved looking into those big green eyes of hers. "Ooooo, Larry I never dreamed that it would taste like this." Cherry lowered her head again. This time her mouth opened and my rock hard shaft slid in between her moist lips. The sensation sent shivers all up and down my spine. Little s****r’s lips closed around my meat as she started sucking diligently. "Oh, God. I’m going crazy, Cherry. Don’t ever stop. That feels wonderful." I put my left hand between her sweet legs. As my finger entered her hole, I felt the warm moist juices of her pussy swallow it up.

I pulled my finger slowly in and out of her tiny hole. It felt fantastic. Cherry just sucked harder. I could feel my excitement building up. I looked down between my legs. Cherry ‘s head was bobbing up and down as my shaft disappeared and then reappeared again and again in her luscious mouth. I felt like my nuts were getting ready to explode. "Oh, shit Cherry. I am getting ready to shoot off. You better pull your head out of the way before you get it all in your mouth."

I felt the suction increase all around my dick. I couldn’t hold out any longer and erupted into my darling s****r’s sweet mouth. Cherry was swallowing for all she was worth as I squirted load after load into her eager mouth. Suddenly I looked up from the beautiful sight of Cherry’s smooth ass to focus on Mom standing directly in front of us.

"Excuse me!" My Mom took one more look at baby s*s’ head bobbing up and down on my peter. She shook her head, turned around and walked back to her room. I sat there in shock. Mom didn’t even stop us. Cherry kept on sucking. When I went soft, baby s*s took a couple of lingering sucks more and pulled back from my dick. She lay back on the couch spreading her legs in front of me. I continued to sit in shock.

"Come on Larry. Fair is fair. I promised you I’d let you see mine if you showed me yours. Here it is. Go ahead and look." I finally came to my senses. "Put your panties back on girl. What will Mom say?" Cherry giggled at that, but kept her legs spread wide apart. "How about, Excuse me! Go ahead and look. Obviously she isn’t coming back in here anytime soon." I hated to admit it, but Cherry was right. Mom ain’t coming back in to see this.

My eyes gradually drifted back between my s****r’s legs. I bent over her taking a good close look. My first breath of air proved to be my downfall. Is that what pussy smells like. God I love that smell. My mouth slid gently into her snatch. One lick and I was hooked. I nibbled at her delight. Sucking and licking in turn. Each tender caress of my tongue elicited sweet moans from Cherry.

Her hands found themselves on the back of my head as her legs d****d themselves over my shoulders down my back. Cherry started squealing in delight. Suddenly she dropped her legs and scooted out from under me. I was devastated. I thought she had decided she didn’t like it and wanted to stop. Instead she laid on her back. "Come here big boy. I want to do you again while you do me."

I straddled her body placing my mouth back in her tasty booty as she slurped my rod into her mouth. My God. I was falling in love with my s****r. I couldn’t get enough of that delectable pussy of hers. We came at the same time. Cherry was gulping like there would be no tomorrow, yet at the same time she had her hands on the back of my head trying to pull me into her pussy. She was so wet, I was practically drinking her pussy juice. We lay there holding each other in our respective mouths gasping for air. I don’t know about Cherry, but I was spent.

I heard Mom calling from her room. "Larry. Pull yourself away from whatever you are doing and come here. We need to talk. Cherry, you stay there. I’ll have a talk with you later." Well, I thought, "Here it comes. Mom has finally realized that she has to do something about what she just saw. I got off Cherry. She put her underpants back on. I couldn’t find mine and had to go in to see Mom like I was.

Mom was sitting on the edge of the bed. Her eyes followed my middle all the way into the room. "Please sit down, Larry. I know you think you are the man of the house now. In some ways you are. In the future you will be more so, but right now I am your Mother and I have responsibilities. Both to you and to your s****r. I was totally shocked at what I saw earlier. I didn’t know what to say or do. I have made a decision."

I interrupted her to try and sort of smooth it over. "I’m sorry Mom. Cherry wanted to see it and I guess we sort of got carri" Mom held up her hand. "Please be quiet until I ask you to speak." I shut my mouth quickly. "Larry. I can’t allow my daughter to get pregnant. Especially not by her b*****r. You didn’t shoot off in her did you?" There was a long silence. "Well, yeah. I did, but only in her mouth."

Mom shook her head again. "Larry do you know what a vasectomy is?" I quickly replied, "Sure, I looked it up on the internet. Its where a guy has his sperm tubes cut so he can’t have babies." Mom looked at me in surprise. I guess she hadn’t expected me to know.

"I noticed that Cherry was happier than she has been since before your Dad was killed. That being the case, I am not going to forbid the two of you to do your thing, providing of course I get the results I am expecting from my talk with Cherry. Namely that she wants to keep doing it with you. However, if you expect to continue to have sex with your s****r, you will have to submit yourself to a vasectomy. I will make sure the doctor does it in a way it can be reversed should you ever get married and decide to have c***dren with someone other than your s****r."

Lord have mercy. I didn’t want my shit cut on, but Cherry had a tasty pussy and I can only imagine what it will feel like to have it engulf my penis. As I was preparing to accept Mom’s offer, she held up her hand. "Don’t be so quick with your decision. There is more you have to agree to, to get your s****r. If you want to fuck Cherry, you’ll have to be the man of the house and fulfill my needs as well. Do you think you can do that?"

I choked on my tongue. I had an idea of what Mom might be alluding to, but felt it better if I f***ed her to spell it out rather than make a fool out of myself if I am wrong. "Do what Mamma?" Mom laughed for a few seconds. Then stood up removing her clothes. I stood up too. It was weird. Mom and I standing in her room facing one another completely nude. Mom laid on her back on the bed spreading her legs. "Why don’t you start with what ever it was you just finished doing with your s****r?"

What do I say now? I climbed in the bed in the same position I had with Cherry earlier. I slid my mouth into my Mom’s pussy and started licking. Mom got the idea quickly without me having to mention it. My dick slid deeply into her mouth as she sucked it in. Whoa. I had no idea Mom could do this. She sucks a lot better than Cherry, but then again, it was Cherry’s first time. Obviously Mom has had a lot of practice. Hopefully it had all been with Dad, but I ain’t asking. Frankly, because if it wasn’t, I didn’t want to know.

Just as my shit was building up to blow my wad, Mom pulled my face out of her pussy and stopped sucking me. "Wait a minute or two precious. Let yourself calm down some, then climb aboard and fuck the shit out of me. I want your first load in my pussy. Hose me down good sugar." I waited five minutes. If I had even touched it before that, I would have made a mess on the bed.

Holey shit. Mom’s pussy is so warm and wet. I can’t believe I am doing this. Bliss. I hope she wants to do this all the time. I worked it in and out slowly. Having no real idea what to do or exactly when, I decided to do different stuff and watch Mom’s reactions to see what she likes best. To my surprise, she let me do whatever I wanted to do without coaching me. I loved it.

Mom started squealing and bucking her body under me. Remembering what Cherry had done, I knew Mom was coming. I started gushing my excitement into her at the same time. Mom lay there holding me close in between her legs. After about ten minutes, she rolled out from under me. "Larry. Why don’t you go into the den and keep your s****r company while Momma cleans up." I headed for the den as Mom went to the bathroom.

Cherry was sitting on the couch watching TV. She was looking so good sporting her underwear. I sat next to her. We sat there quietly for five minutes. Suddenly she looked into my eyes. "Wow. You ought to teach me how to kiss." I didn’t have a whole lot of experience kissing, but I had kissed one of my friends while we had been camping out. It was kind of fun, even with a guy, but he had chickened out and wanted to stop after ten minutes.

Then there was the time cousin kissed me. It was only for a half hour, but God that girl could kiss. I had really enjoyed that, but she wouldn’t kiss me again after finding out how it felt to kiss a boy. I figured it might be a lot of fun to kiss Cherry. "Sure, if you want me to." I put my arms around her and our lips met. Cherry was a little awkward at first, but caught on very quickly. Soon we were swapping tongues. We kissed until Mom walked in.

Mom got me up early the next day. I was very leery about going to the doctor. When we walked into the office, the doctor came out to get me. That was kind of weird. Usually a nurse does that. A woman doctor to boot. I guess it isn’t so bad as she is about my Mom’s age. Pretty too. When I got in the exam room, the doctor gave me a quick exam to make sure I was healthy before she would do the procedure.

"Okay Larry you are quite healthy. Before I do the procedure, we need to talk. First, normally I would never do this procedure for anyone this young. It is simply not ethical. However I have been friends with your Mother for a long time. She has explained the situation to me, so we don’t need to discuss that. I agree with her that something needs to be done. The problem is that I need to be sure that you are all right with it before we start."

I started to tell her that I had agreed with my Mom to do it, but the doc stopped me. "Your job right now is to listen carefully so you can make the right decision. What we are concerned with is that your little s****r doesn’t have a baby. There are two things we can do. The first choice is the best for your s****r. However it is not the best route for you. I can remove both of your testicles completely. That way there is no way you can impregnate your s****r. However you would then either need hormone shots the rest of your life or you would change to a more feminine state. You would still be capable of getting erections and have the ability to ejaculate as well."

"Unfortunately without the hormone treatments you would soon lose the desire for sex and thus not get any erections. From what I am told, your s****r wouldn’t be very happy with that. The other choice is to cut the vas deferens so that your sperm has no route to exit your penis. Now here’s the snag. I have already informed your Mother that the only way I will do this is to remove the entire vas on both sides from the top to the bottom. This isn‘t the usual routine, but as Cherry is your s****r, I insist on clipping the whole thing rather than only an inch or so."

"That is the only way to assure that none of your sperm is able to escape to where we don’t want it to go. Should you agree to that, it is irreversible as the complete tube has been removed. The procedure is simple. First I have to assure there is no hair anywhere near your scrotum. Remove your pants and lay up on the table. Place your feet in the stirrups."

I did as I was told. The doc looked at my middle. She lifted up my nuts and felt all around them. My dick got hard and I turned red. "Relax Larry. It’ll get hard as soon as I sedate you anyway, so don’t let that worry you. You haven’t developed any hair around your butt hole, so we don’t have to shave that. Your scrotum is nice and smooth, so that’s okay too. I will still have to shave your pubic area and there is a lot of peach fuzz on your taint. That has to go too. Do you agree to the procedure?"

"Yes, Doc. I agree." The doc smiled. "Just lay back on the pillow and relax." The doc lathered me up pretty good and proceeded to shave me clean. I was upset about that as I figured that without any hair around it, my four and a half inch dick would look a lot smaller. It’ll probably all but disappear when its soft. Well, what the fuck. My hair will grow back soon enough.

"Here. Swallow this pill. It will relax you. Not to worry. It won’t put you out. It will only make you groggy. You are going to feel a slight pin prick and then a burning sensation as I inject the local into your scrotum. Don’t worry, it only burns a few seconds. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes to get started."

By the time the doc came back in, I had no idea where my dick was. I couldn’t feel a damn thing. To top it all off, that pill she gave me made me high as a kite. The doc said it would relax me. That was an understatement for sure. I could barely move

"Okay, Hon. I‘m going to make a three quarter inch incision in your sack. I‘ll make it right in the center. That way the scar will be less noticeable. It’ll bleed a little bit, but not too much. Now, you should feel some slight tugging as I cut the vas in the four places I need to get them out. That wasn’t so bad was it?" I managed to mumble that it was okay, or at least I thought I did.

"All that’s left to do is stitch you back together. Change this bandage once a day, when you awake in the mornings. I suggest you wear a tampon in your under pants for a week or so, as the cut will leak some for awhile. Come back in a week and I’ll remove the stitches. Three weeks from then, you need to come back to give me a semen sample and then we are all through. One more thing. No sex or lifting for at least two weeks. Don‘t misunderstand. When I said no sex, I mean the physical type. It is very important you gently masturbate frequently to clear out your remaining sperm." The doc led me out to my Mom and I went home.

Three weeks later I was standing in front of the doctor again. "Okay Sweetie. Come with me. She stopped near a curtain that was hanging from the ceiling. The doc pulled the curtain around so it was all enclosed except for one end. Take this cup in behind the curtain. Beat off into the cup. When you are finished, bring it out to me. Once I check it in the lab, you can go home."

I took the cup and went in behind the curtain. Suddenly the doc says, "I almost forgot, before you get it out," The doc walked in to the curtain handing me a playboy magazine. "use that to get yourself excited. Pick the one you like best. That will help you finish sooner." The doc left me with my cup.

I stood in horror. There were a few problems. First, due to my small stature the bottom of the curtain nearly reached my crotch. There was no way I could beat off with my zipper undone and my pants still up. I was embarrassed about the idea of having my pants around my ankles as I whacked myself off. I elected to take them off and lay them on the table.

I picked out this skinny blond and grabbed my thing. As I started stroking my meat, two other problems manifested themselves. I looked down to my right. There were the doc’s legs and feet. She was standing right next to the curtain waiting for me to get finished. Every time I got started good, my meat made slapping noises that I immediately knew would alert the doc to the fact that I was doing it.

Damn this is so embarrassing. I thought I’d never finish. It was such a relief when I finally started squirting my stuff into the cup. I laid the cup on the table. Then I wiped the end of my penis with the paper towels the doc had provided. I started to put my pants on, but the doc stopped me. "Hold up Hon. I recommend that you wait a few minutes before you dress. If you don’t, it will dribble into your pants and a wet spot might show through." Damn. I had no idea the noise carried that well. The Doc knew exactly what I was doing at any given time. I was hoping for all I was worth that she wasn’t video taping me. I was really worried that she was.

I did as the doc suggested. Sure enough in five minutes a big gob dribbled out of the end of my dick. I wiped that off and put on my pants. I came out giving the doc the cup. "You did just fine Sweetheart. I’ll be back in a minute." The doc was only gone for about three minutes. "Okay Sugar Britches. You are good to go. You didn’t have any sperm in your ejaculate." The doctor was pretty cool. I liked her a lot. I made her my regular doctor.

That was how I got started with my s****r and my Mom. The way it turned out, Cherry and I made a pact that we would never date anyone else. We were married as far as we were concerned. The only exception was my Mom. Her deal was we would all live in the house together. She signed the majority of Dad’s fortune over to us when Dad died to avoid it being taxed again at her death. She agreed not to bring any guys home and would never remarry, but she reserved the right to get a little bit as she put it from time to time when she found a guy she liked, but she stated clearly, I would always be her main squeeze. Back to the present.

I lay naked next to my s****r in her bed. I held her tenderly in my arms as my eyes slowly scanned her luscious body. God, she is so, so beautiful. My dick wants to jump right into her tantalizing snatch. I like to tease Cherry quite a bit before I let that happen. Our lips met as my fingers traced the contours of her side all the way from her neck to her knee and then slowly back again.

I let my lips slip away from hers to nibble carefully at her neck as I slowly made my way to her tender breasts. Cherry had only the slightest mounds on her chest with the prettiest perky nipples at the tip. Just enough to let you know she has some when she isn’t wearing a shirt. Otherwise she is flat as a board. I love that. I showed her so as soon as my lips settled in on her left nipple.

Cherry tenderly laid her hands along my face guiding me to her favorite spot on her nipple. I traced my tongue around her breast coming close to the nipple without touching it. Cherry screamed in bliss at each rotation. Soon my mouth meshed with the soft skin of her breast. I kissed slowly bringing my lips together at the tip. Her hard excited nipple sat straight up at me. I tickled it with my tongue.

When Cherry was breathing in a heavy rasping motion, I moved my lips gently southward. The way her belly button sits out, but juts in at the same time drives me insane. Its almost like sucking on her clit. My head lowered itself into that juicy smooth pussy between s*s’ tender tanned legs. She never did get any hair around it. I used to wonder why she didn’t, but now I just enjoy the fact it doesn’t have any hair on it. I love the smoothness all around her snatch. Mom’s is so rough and the hair gets between my teeth. I hate that.

Cherry moaned in delight as my tongue slowly teased its way through the lips of her snatch. She was getting wetter and wetter with each lick. I buried my lips into her hole. Every suck elicited loud whelps from deep within Cherry’s throat. I was in heaven. Cherry was literally filling my mouth with her juice. "Oh my God, Larry. I am getting ready to explode. Keep doing it. I want more." I slid up to her clitoris sucking it all the way between my lips. Cherry immediately went into spasms. She was pulling me into her so hard, I couldn’t move my head.

Cherry heaved her chest several more times before she relaxed her body and collapsed into the mattress. I trailed my fingers around her breasts for several minutes while she regained her breath. Cherry slid her head between my legs. I felt my throbbing member being sucked down her throat. I watched her work her magic. I glanced at my watch. It is getting time for Cherry’s first meeting with her girls. I didn’t want her to be late, yet I promised faithfully that I would do her everyday.

I got on my hands and knees in the bed pulling myself from Cherry’s hungry lips. I wanted to let her finish blowing me, but I knew it would be just as exciting doing it in her pussy. My dick almost jumped inside her. She squealed with glee. Cherry was already sopping wet, so I needn’t worry with the usual buildup. I started fucking the shit out of her. The harder I thrust, the louder she squealed.

Her legs came up around my waist clamping hard against my back. As her legs pulled up tight, I seemed to go all the deeper into my s****r’s special prize. Finally she began bucking like a bronco. I knew she was coming. This knowledge threw me over the edge as well. My rod started pumping load after load of jism into her eager portal. Finally we lay next to one another. Both of us spent. "God, I love you girl. Hey, you better get going or you’ll be late." Cherry reluctantly got up to get ready.

Later that night, I asked Cherry how her meeting went. She was so excited. "Oh, the girls are little darlings. They’re the cutest sweet babies I thought they’d be. Its not a big troop. There are only four girls. Hopefully there will be ten in a couple of years. I have set up our first camping trip for this weekend. We’ll be leaving Thursday evening and coming back Tuesday a little after giving the girls lunch.

Cherry was looking forward to taking the girls to camp. It was very important to her. She had always wanted to do something good for the community. Helping mold the young girls lives teaching them skills they could use through out life was like a dream to Cherry. The weekend finally arrived. Murphy’s law stepped in. Cherry came down with a nasty virus and couldn’t go.

"Larry. I feel awful. If I cancel the trip, the girls will be so disappointed. Take them for me." I shook my head. "No way. I can’t be with a bunch of thirteen year old girls in the woods for almost six days." Cherry wouldn’t take no for an answer. "They’re not thirteen. The camp group is especially created for girls that never matured physically. Granted, they all look young, but I assure you they are all twenty one or older. They are really sweet. And everyone of them are cute as buttons. Take them. Make them happy. Please. Pretty please with sugar on it?"

I couldn’t take her pleading any longer. "Okay s*s. I’ll take them. But what about the parents? What will they say about a guy taking their little girls camping?" Cherry laughed. "Chill out will you. Where do you think we live? New York City or something? This is the little town we’ve always lived in. They all know you. Everyone of them said the same thing when I asked earlier. They all know you’ll take good care of their little girls. So shut up and go already."

I knew when I’d lost an argument, but decided to tease her a little bit before I left. "Since you are sick and we couldn‘t have sex, What happens if I get super horny while I am out there with those cute buttons?" Cherry has always been a k**der. At least she has every since I could remember. "Then, I guess you’ll have to take their parents advice. You’ll just have to take really good care of their daughters. Do you think you can handle all four?" Cherry broke out laughing. "Yeah, very funny. You won’t be the one with semen dribbling out of your dick for almost a week."

Cherry chuckled at that quip. "Oh, Larry. Quit being a baby. If you get horny, just go to your room and whack off. I’ll even give you my permission to fantasize about the girls to do it. After all, they are very pretty. Oh, I almost forgot. Remember due to their situation, these girls tend to develop crushes on good looking older guys like you. Try not to bash their feelings too hard. Now go and have a good time."

I put my pack with my personal stuff in the van. It was the one the church had purchased to transport the girls when they went places. The van actually had enough seating to accommodate up to twenty girls fairly comfortably. There should be tons of room for the four I would have. I picked the girls up at the church. All the mothers were present to send their little darlings on their first camping trip. I loaded all their packs and we were on our way.

Typical of what I thought, with four little girls, I had to make a lot of bathroom stops along the way. It was only a three hour trip out to Camp Carlson, but we stopped nine times for the potty breaks. There had been a few minor disputes at first, but I quenched them easily and put their minds on other things by suggesting they sing. Soon a chorus of "One Hundred Bottles Of Beer On The Wall" broke out. To my satisfaction, they were all having a blast.

When we arrived at the camp, I realized it was just as nice as Cherry had said it would be. The girls would all be sl**ping in cabins, not tents. The cabins had two rooms. One with a double bed for the adult that was required to supervise the girls in that particular cabin. The other contained ten bunks. There were sixty troops here. All ranging in size from four to fifty girls. The place was huge. There was a hundred acre lake with the camp sprawling all around it.

All the cooking will be done on open fires outside. The only problem with the sl**ping arrangements is that it was set up for girls with women as supervision. When I leave out of my room to go outside, I have to go through the girls room as there is only one door. I got everyone settled in. I slowly surveyed what I would be dealing with. The Girl Camp Coordinator from the church had given me an agenda of things to do with the girls to make things easier on me. I don’t have to follow it specifically. It is just a guide line.

She had also given me a sheet of rules that must be followed to the tee. This was to ensure the girls safety and health. I looked at the agenda for something that the girls might enjoy with the intention of reading the rules when we got back. The first thing I saw on the list was a hike through the nature trail. Okay. I decided to do that.

I walked into the other room and learned quickly that I needed to start knocking first. There were four beautiful bodies in various stages of undress. Squeals abounded as they turned around facing away from me trying to cover themselves. I couldn’t help noticing that Debbie was the only one completely nude. I stood in shock unsure of what to do.

Little Debbie’s long blond hair cascaded around her firm little butt. The girl was three foot eight inches tall and skinny as a rail, but she looked sweet. She was one of those pretty type girls that you couldn’t help staring at, especially like she is now. Debbie had her hands between her legs even though I could only see her back and butt. "Mr. Dole. I’m trying to put on my camp clothes."

I apologized and went back to my room. I waited ten minutes and tapped at the door. "Is everyone decent" I heard a chorus of "Yes, You can come in now." I went back in. Debbie was wearing cut off jeans and a pull over t-shirt. Two of the girls, Barbara and Lana were wearing blue gym shorts and yellow tube tops. Sandra the Asian girl was in short green culottes with a red half shirt.

I announced my plans for the evening. "Okay girls we’ll start out with a nature hike and then we’ll do supper. Afterwards you can take a dip for an hour or two in the lake. Then we’ll get to know one another as we tell stories around the fire. Then at ten o’clock its lights out. By the way. I would feel more comfortable if you all called me Larry. There is no need for the Mr. Dole. Okay?" I heard a quick cadence of agreement. "Okay, Larry."

The girls seemed to have a blast looking at all the neat stuff on the trail. We went back to camp. I started a fire. The girls wanted to prepare the meal. I was surprised. It was great The girls sure can cook. "Okay go get dressed for your swim while I read the rules I was given." I went into my room and sat down reading.

"What the fuck. That’s got to be a misprint." I read the line again. "After all trips through the woods, take each girl into the supervisors room to protect their modesty. Have the girl remove her clothes and then carefully examine her body for ticks. Especially in and around the vagina. This is necessary to prevent Lyme’s disease." I can’t do this. I sat there in a daze. Then I remembered the Coordinators words. "Remember these rules have to be followed to protect the girls.

I tapped on the door again. "You can come in." resounded in unison. I was expecting the girls to be in their swim suits raring to go. Instead they were all sitting on their bunks in under wear and bras. "What’s going on here. I thought you girls wanted to go swimming?"

Sandra got off her bunk walking over to me. She took me by the hand. "We do, but you haven’t checked us for ticks yet. You have to before we can swim. Debbie’s first. We always go in order of age." I had planned on trying to slough this off by just looking at their ears, legs, and arms, but apparently the girls know the rules too. I took Debbie’s hand leading her into my room.

Almost before I got into the room she had disrobed. She looked at me with those baby blue eyes. "Go ahead and check me Larry." She plopped up on my bed on her belly. I had to ask. "What the heck are you doing?" I couldn’t help noticing her curvaceous hips surrounding a tiny well shaped ass. Her tan lines made it look like she was wearing a see through white bikini. I could see part of her hairless pussy jutting out from between her legs.

She turned her head to me with her slender pointy nose looking so cute. "I’m waiting to be checked. We always do it this way. First you check the back and then each side. After that, I roll over onto my back and you check the front. I like that part better. It feels good." I shook my head and did a double take. "What feels good that you like better?"

Debbie looked at me like I was a dunce. "The part where you check my wee wee. I love that." What the fuck have I gotten myself into. I leaned over looking at her back real close. Debbie almost shouted. "You have to touch me to get to all the places."

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2 years ago
Vasectomy? What the fuck ever happened to condoms
2 years ago
Great story can't wait to read more
2 years ago
Go for it, I can't wait to read what you did with them.