I had finished running my daily run and was bent over, relaxing a little. I sensed someone behind me and before I could look around, I heard a muffled voice.

"Don't move."

I froze still bent over, my hands on my knees. I heard whomever it was come closer then I felt a hand on my ass. I jumped at his touch, not expecting it. His hand ran up and down my ass, caressing my cheeks and running a finger up and down my sweat soaked crack. My shorts weren't very long and just came to the bottom on my cheeks so he had no trouble finding bare skin.

"Umm, you've got a nice ass. Ever been fucked?"

I didn't answer, letting him continue massaging my butt.

"Fuck, I love your ass. It's nice and firm."

My back was starting to get a little sore from the position he had me in. I knew I'd have to stand up soon or kneel down. His hand moved up my leg and under the bottom of my shorts, pulling them up over my cheeks as he reached with a finger and probed at my hole.

"You're hole feels great," he mumbled as he pushed a little harder against the entrance to my bowel. "I've got just the thing for you."

He laughed softly as he pushed a finger slightly into my ass, making me jump again. He them removed his hand from my ass and reached up, starting to pull my shorts down over my hips.

"Wait a minute. What the hell are you doing?" I asked, a slight tremor in my voice.

"Hey man, I'm going to fuck you," he said, pulling my shorts a little further over my hips.

I could feel the cool air hit my skin as he continued pulling my shorts down. I looked around and saw that we were out in the open and I wondered how it would look if someone came along with his guy's cock buried in my ass.

"Hey, don't you think this is a little public?" I asked.

He paused and I could tell he was looking around to see if anyone was around.

"Yeah, I think you're right. Stand up and pull your shorts up. See those trees over there? Walk towards them and don't try anything."

I looked up and saw a clump of trees about 100 yards off to my left.

"You mean those trees over there," I said, pointing towards the clump of trees.

"Yeah, over there. Let's go," he commanded.

I straightened up and started towards the trees. I could hear his footsteps behind me as we came close to the trees.

"What do we do when we get there?" I asked.

"Don't worry about it. I'll show you what to do," he said, giving me a little push from behind.

I stumbled a bit as I entered the trees. I walked straight ahead and soon found myself in the middle of them.

"This will do," he said. "Pull your shorts down and stand over against that tree, facing it."

I pulled my shorts down and kicked them off. Walking very slowly over to the tree he had indicated, I stood looking at it, naked from the waist down. I felt him come up behind me. His hands reached out and starting caressing my ass again. Then he moved closer and reached around me, under my shirt and pinched and rubbed my nipples. I felt them start to harden as was my cock but I didn't want him to see it so I moved closer to the tree and waited.

"Umm, I love your body. It's so hard and firm," he whispered into my ear. "I love hard bodies."

He pressed himself against me and I realized that he was naked. I could feel his hard cock between my legs, rubbing against the inside of my thighs. He took it in his hand and rubbed it along the underside of my balls.

"Close your legs around my cock," he commanded.

I did as he said and closed my legs, his cock caught between my legs, his head sticking out in front of me. It was then I realized he was huge. I was getting a little scared now because I thought about this monster fucking me. How was I going to stand the pain of his monster inside my ass?

"Umm, that feels so good."

I felt his hand on my ass again as he started running his fingers up and down my crack, spreading my cheeks apart and probing at my hole. Then he pressed against me again and whispered in my ear.

"Ok, lean forward and stick your ass out towards me."

I leaned towards the tree and stuck my ass out at him. I felt his hands all over my cheeks and between them, pushing and probing with his fingers, trying to get into my hole. Then I felt something wet. He spread my cheeks apart as far as he could and I felt his forehead against me then his tongue licking up and down my crack. I jumped a little at his touch but it also felt so different. I'd never had my ass licked before and I was kind of enjoying it.

I felt the tip of his tongue on my hole again and again and he spit, licked and sucked on me, trying to lubricate me. I couldn't help myself. I pushed back against his tongue. He suddenly stopped and I felt his head move away from my ass.

"Oh, he likes it huh? Bend over more and spread your legs."

I did as he said and he started eating my ass again. I stood there, my head down a little and I could see him between my spread legs. His cock was huge and from the vantage point I was in, I could see that is wasn't only long but thick and cut. The slit on his crown was wide open and I could see some liquid between its folds as he continued eating me.

He stood up and the next thing I knew, his head was pushing against my hole. I felt his hands wrap around my hips and pull me towards him. His head popped into me. I yelled out in pain.

"Shut up, slut," he hissed. "Take the pain."

I tried but my eyes were watering so much, I couldn't see anything and the pain running through my bowel was almost overwhelming. He pushed himself further into me, not stopping. Slowly, inch by inch, his cock filled my bowel. The pressure was tremendous but I bit my lip, as I didn't want to cry out again and let him know I was hurting. He was fully inside me now, his balls resting against my cheeks and he had me pinned against the tree in a position where I couldn't move.

He pulled out then pushed back into me, sending another wave of pain through me. When he thrust into me, he pulled me back against him by my hips then pushed me away from him when he withdrew. Now he started steadily fucking me with long, slow, full thrusts hitting the end of my canal every time he thrust into me. His cock started sliding easier in and out of me as the pain subsided. I couldn't help myself and groaned quietly, hoping he didn't hear me but he leaned forward and whispered in my ear again.

"You're loving this aren't you, slut? You love having a hard cock buried in your ass, don't you? Well, wait until I come and fill your ass with my hot come. You'll think that you've died and gone to heaven, it will feel so good."

He started pumping in and out of me again, this time thrusting harder and faster. I found that the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me was exciting and I started pushing back against him, every time he thrust into me.

"Oh fuck, you're tight," I heard him say in a hoarse voice.

He pounded me for a few more thrusts and then I felt his cock twitching inside me.

"I'm coming slut. Are you ready. I'm going to fill your ass with hot come and you'll love it."

His cock exploded inside me, sending a river of come deep up into my bowel, warming my ass and inner thighs as he held himself against my cheeks, emptying his balls into me. He grunted loudly when he came as I groaned, hoping that he wouldn't stop. Suddenly, he pulled out of me, his head popping out of my ass, bringing with it, some of his come. It started running down my legs and between my legs, coating the underside of my balls and dripping off them onto the ground.

I heard his zipper go up and I knew it was over. He had ****d me but I had enjoyed it. I heard his steps fading and I finally got the courage to look around. Not seeing anyone, I tried cleaning myself up and pulled my shorts back over my sore ass. I stumbled home and entered the back door, hoping that no one was in the kitchen. I went up the stairs and down the hall to the bathroom but as I passed my son's door, I heard him on the phone.

"You're k**ding. My father taking it in the ass?"

I stopped and listened, leaning against the wall.

"My father isn't gay. Are you sure it was him?"

There was a pause then a loud whoop.

"You fucked my father? When? Where?" Wait a minute, we shouldn't talk about this over the phone. Lets meet in the park and you can tell me all about it."

I heard him hang up and I scrambled into the bathroom, quickly closing the door. He was humming as he headed down the hall. I waited until I couldn't hear him anymore and opened the door, peering out to see if it was clear. Not seeing or hearing him, I quickly followed. I knew where he was going and I wanted to see who had fucked me so I ran around the block and caught up with him. He didn't see me and I followed him into the park, keeping my distance.

He stopped and turned around, looking to see if anyone was watching him as I ducked behind a small tree. He stood there for a few minutes then went on until he reached a bench near the bridge that spanned a small creek. He sat down and waited while I moved around so I could get a good view of the bench without him seeing me.

His friend, Bruce, sauntered down the path and sat down beside him.

"Fuck, man. Tell me all about it," I heard my son say.

"I saw your father resting after his run. He was bent over and his ass looked so good, I just had to have it," Bruce said, a big smile, on his face.

"How did you get him to so it?"

"I came up behind him and told him not to move. Then I started rubbing his ass and in his crack. God, he felt so good. His ass is so firm. I'm getting hard just thinking about it."

My son reached over and grabbed Bruce's cock through his pants.

"Go on, keep going."

"Well, we moved over to a clump of trees and I had him stand against one while I pulled his shorts down. Then I ran my hand and finger up and down his crack. Then I told him to bend over more and spread his legs. I couldn't believe that he did it but I squatted behind him and started eating his ass. Christ, I'm so hard. I've got to fuck something and real quick,"

My son unzipped Bruce's pants and pulled his cock out of them, rubbing up and down his huge penis from his balls to his crown while telling Bruce to continue.

"Well, then I stepped up and pushed my cock into his ass. He yelped a little at first then he started pushing back against me."

"Are you sure?" my son asked in an excited voice.

"What do you mean, am I sure? Of course I'm sure. He started to push back against me every time I thrust into him. He loved it, I tell you. He loved it and by the time I was ready to come, he was groaning and moaning, wanting me to fill his canal with hot come."

"I don't believe it. My Dad, taking it up his ass. Who would have ever thought," my son said as he continued rubbing Bruce's cock.

"Come on," Bruce said suddenly, standing up and pulling my son to his feet. "I've got to fuck something."

He took my son's hand and pulled him into the shadows under the bridge. I moved so I could see them clearly and watched as Bruce pulled my son's pants off him, bent him over and stuck his face in his crack. I could see his tongue running up and down his crack, probing at his hole. While I watched, I remembered what it had felt like to have my ass licked and sucked and I almost felt jealous that it was my son who was getting sucked and licked now and not me.

I watched, as my son bent over more, spreading his cheeks wide apart with his hands so Bruce to lick and suck his hole. Then Bruce quickly stood up and pulled his pants down, moved behind my son and between his legs, thrusting his hips forward, skewering my son on his huge pole. I heard my son grunt aloud then watched as Bruce thoroughly fucked his ass with long, fast strokes, his balls slapping against my son's cheeks every time he thrust into him.

I continued watching while my mind was spinning. I had a plan. I moved closer to the two fucking young men and stopped long enough to look around to make sure no one was around. Then I crept down until I was almost next to them. I came up behind Bruce who was concentrating on what he was doing. Neither of them heard me until I stood directly behind Bruce and watched his ass clench and unclench as he fucked my son's ass.

"Hold it you two," I said quietly, in almost a hiss. "Don't move."

Bruce froze, his cock fully buried in my son's ass. I moved closer but made sure my son couldn't see my face.

"So you two like to fuck huh? Well, how would you like to have a real man's cock deep in your ass?"

Neither of them said anything. I moved closer and leaned against Bruce's back, hissing in his ear, telling him not to move. I reached around and ran my hand over my son's ass then down between them, pulling Bruce's cock out a bit from his ass.

"Hmm, you've got quite the weapon there. Bet you enjoy fucking with it don't you?"

I ran my hand along his cock until I reached my son's hole then ran a finger around his hole. I felt my cock starting to rise so I moved back and leaned against Bruce again. I ran my hand up and down his ass, pulling his cheeks apart to probe his hole. He groaned slightly when I touched his hole but I told him to be quiet. I took a step back.

"You in front, get down on the ground on your hands and knees," I commanded, waiting for my son to get down on the ground. After he did, I poked Bruce with a finger.

"You get down behind him and bury your face in his ass. I want to hear you eating his ass."

Amazingly, Bruce did as he was told. I watched them for a few minutes then stepped back, pulling my shorts down over my hard cock. My son groaned as Bruce kept licking and sucking his ass. I could hear the smacks of his sucking and it was turning me on. I poked Bruce again.

"OK you. Stick your ass up in the air. I want to taste it."

I watched in amazement while Bruce kept sucking my son's ass and at the same time, raised his ass up, opening it up for me. I leaned down and spread his cheeks apart. His hole was there for the taking and that's exactly what I was going to do.

I got down and started licking up and down his crack. He moaned when he felt my tongue push against his hole. I kept running my tongue up and down him, sucking on his hole every time I came near it. He was groaning almost constantly now as I tried to get him as wet as I could. I continued until I felt he was wet enough then I stood up.

"Ok, mount him. Stick that weapon deep into his ass."

I watched Bruce get behind my son and thrust his hips forward, his huge cock burying itself in my son's flesh. When he was all the way in, I stopped him.

"Ok, you in front. Get down lower onto the ground but don't lose that cock in your ass."

My son lowered himself and Bruce followed him, his cock still inside the young ass in front of him.

"Ok, stick you ass up in and air. That's it. Higher."

Bruce pushed his ass high in the air and I moved between his legs, spreading his cheeks with my fingers, pushing two of them inside him. He groaned loudly.

I then pointed my cock at his hole and thrust my hips forward, entering him easily. He groaned as I pushed myself into him until I was fully inside him.

"Ok, fuck him, slowly."

Bruce started moving in and out of my son and as he did, his motion, made my cock slide in and out of his ass. He was so tight. I couldn't believe it. I could feel the walls of his canal as my cock slid up and down it, my head hitting the end of his canal every time he pulled out of my son. I started matching his thrusts and soon I was fucking him as he fucked my son. The three of us were groaning and moaning as we fucked and I had to tell them to be quiet.

I felt Bruce's ass tighten even more, then I heard my son groan loudly. Bruce froze in place and I knew he had come.

"Go ahead. Fill his ass with your come you fucker. Keep yourself in him," I said, puffing a little but not stopping.

I thrust harder into Bruce and he took it all. Suddenly, my cock exploded inside his ass, sending waves of hot come deep into his bowel. He groaned as I grunted and I held myself in place, emptying my balls of all their liquid.

"You've got a great ass," I said after a few minutes. "I'd fuck you whenever."

I slowly pulled out of Bruce and told them to stay where they were. As I pulled my shorts back on, I stumbled and when I did, I swore. Suddenly, I heard my son's muffled voice.

"Dad? Dad, is that you?"

I didn't answer, thinking of a way out of this.

"Dad, please answer me," I heard my son plead.

I still didn't answer but I knew I had been caught. Then I thought, of what the hell, so they know its me. What's the big deal?

"Yes, son, it's me," I finally said in a low voice.

I watched the two of them untangle and turn to look at me. Bruce still had a hard cock and my son was flushed from the beating his ass took. Bruce had a look of smugness yet a little fear on his face while my son was just gaping at me.

"Dad, why did you do that?" he asked.

"I wanted to find out who had ****d me this afternoon and do the same to him," I answered, moving further away from them.

"I'm sorry, Mr. C," Bruce said quietly. "I saw you this afternoon and you looked so good. I'm really sorry."

"Well, I think we're about even, don't you think. Anyway, instead of forcing me, you could have asked."

The two of them laughed and I started to also.

"I didn't know you liked cock," Bruce said, a grin on his face.

"I don't, I mean I didn't until this afternoon," I said, grinning back at him.

"You mean you've never had a cock up your ass before?" Bruce asked, looking directly at me.

"No, I never have. Now that I have, I must admit, I enjoyed it."

Bruce still had an erect cock. It was pointing at me and I was mesmerized by his size. To think that monster had been inside me this afternoon, I gulped quickly. Bruce noticed the look on my face and me staring at his cock. He reached up and ran his hand up and down his length, a grin on his face.

"You're thinking you'd like to feel it in your ass again, aren't you, Mr. C?" he said.

I mumbled something as he kept rubbing his cock. God, yes, I thought. I'd love to have that monster deep inside me again. I came to my senses with a start.

"We can't do it here. It's too public."

"I know where we can go," my son spoke up. "It's not far from here and it's very private."

The two of them quickly stood up and pulled their pants on.

"Come on Dad. It's not that far. We'll be there in a few minutes," my son said, leading the way out from under the bridge.

I followed them and we came to an old structure. I didn't recognize it but I followed the two into the shell of the building. Inside was a small room, equipped with mattresses and lights. As I looked around, Bruce and my son were getting undressed. When I looked at them, they both were completely naked and had hard cocks sticking straight out from their groins.

"Come on Dad. Take your clothes off and Bruce will fuck you. I want to watch," my son said.

I slowly pulled my shirt over my head as the two of them watched me. When I pulled my shorts down and off, my cock was also standing straight out in front of me. I heard a groan come from my son when he saw it.

"Geez, Mr. C., you've got quite the weapon there too," Bruce said, grinning.

I just grinned back and looked over at my son. He was quite large too and I wanted him to fuck me too.

"Ok boys, let's get down to it," I said as I headed for one of the mattresses.

I got on my knees in the middle of the mattress and Bruce and my son followed me, one on each side of me. I reached out and grabbed my son's cock and he groaned, moving closer to me. I felt Bruce's hands on my back and I reached around and grabbed his cock too. Here I was, between two young men, holding their hard cocks in my hand and wanting them to fuck me. What was I thinking? Well, the head I was using wasn't full of brains.

"Ok, whose going to fuck me first," I asked, looking from one to the other.

"I've already had the pleasure so why don't you let you son there, have the first go," Bruce said, moving away from my grip slightly.

I looked at my son and saw a man, not a son, sitting beside me, his hard cock in my hand. He leaned towards me and kissed me. It took me by surprise. He leaned in again and when our lips met, our mouths opened and our tongues starting snaking into each other's mouth, exploring and sucking on each other's tongue. This was a first too. I had never kissed a man before and this was exciting. I pulled him against me as our lips ground against one another. I felt Bruce's hands on my back, rubbing my shoulders and down my spine, sending a shiver through me.

Slowly, my son and I sank to the mattress, him on the top, our lips never parting. Then I felt my legs being pulled apart. The next thing I knew, my knees were up over my head and my son was pushing his hard cock into my ass. It hurt a little but nothing like this afternoon. I grunted when he entered me as he pushed his whole length into me. I felt Bruce's hands hold my legs up in the air as my son started pumping in and out of me. He wasn't as big as Bruce was but he still filled my canal with his girth.

He started slowly then speeded up until his balls made a hideous noisy slapping sound against my upturned thighs. I couldn't see his face because my knees blocked my view but I knew he was enjoying this. I quickly looked up at Bruce and indicated that I wanted him to come closer. When he did, he knew exactly what I wanted. He straddled my head and his cock slid into my mouth until I almost gagged. Another first. My first cock in my mouth. I sucked the best I could as my son pounded my ass.

Suddenly, I heard a small squeal then my ass got very warm as my son came inside me, sending come deep into me. I sucked harder on Bruce's cock and he groaned before pulling it out of my mouth.

"Oh no, Mr. C., let's not waste it. I want to come in your ass," Bruce said as he got up off me.

My son let me lower my legs as he pulled out of me and moved aside to make room for Bruce. Soon, I was full of Bruce's monster with him thrusting in and out of my greasy, wet ass with ease.

"Fuck Mr. C., you feel better than this afternoon. Your ass is so tight."

I suddenly saw my son above me, his cock hanging down between his legs. I reached up and pulled him down to me and opened my mouth. He thrust himself into me and I sucked on him, tasting him and me as Bruce thoroughly fucked my ass. It didn't take long for Bruce to come. I remembered he hadn't come inside my son earlier so I wasn't surprised when I felt his cock twitch and spurt hot come deep into me, mixing with my son's. He grunted, as I groaned when he came.

"Fuck Mr. C. That was great. I could fuck you forever," Bruce said after he had pulled out of me.

The come inside me started gushing out and I felt it running down my legs as I sucked my son's cock. I lowered my legs completely and took my son's cock out of my mouth, taking a deep breath.

After a few minutes, I was breathing normally again.

"Fuck that was great," I said, looking from one to the other. "I never thought I would like having a big cock deep inside my gut but I got to tell you, it did feel great."

Both of them were grinning. I stretched my legs and rolled over on my side facing them.

"How long have you been doing this son?" I asked, looking at him.

"Since high school. Bruce and I started in our senior year."

"Any you Bruce?"

"Since I was f******n. I fucked my mother regularly and one night, my dad caught us. He made me fuck him that night and almost every night after that."

We were quiet for a few minutes then Bruce turned to me.

"Mr. C., how much did you enjoy that?" he asked, moving closer to me, a funny look on his face.

"Very much why what did you have in mind?"

"Are you interested in meeting some of our friends? We have a small group who like to get together."

This was getting serious but I thought how bad could it be.

"Sure, when and where?"

"How about in about an hour," Bruce said.

I looked at the two of them and then just nodded.

"OK, you want to stay here and we'll be back real quick."

I watched the two of them disappear and wondered to myself, after they had left, what I was doing here. I looked around the old building. I got up and wandered around a little then I heard some voices. I froze and looked for some place to hide. Then I heard my son's voice and I relaxed.

Three other young men came in with Bruce and my son. We were quickly introduced and I found myself feeling a little inconspicuous in that I still had nothing on and the three new men were staring at my cock. Just seeing their eyes, checking me out made my cock start to twitch and rise. Upon seeing that I was getting a little excited, it didn't take long for all five of them to shed their clothes and move towards me.

"Bruce tells me you like a hard cock up your ass," the one introduced as JC said, moving closer to me and running his hands across my shoulders.

"Yeah, Bruce says your ass is nice and tight," the smaller one of the five said as he moved closer to me and took his place on the other side of me, running his hands up and down my back and over my cheeks. Bruce walked over and took a hold of my now hard cock and squatted in front of me, taking it in his mouth sucking on it noisily. I felt a hand reaching between my cheeks and a finger run along my crack. I groaned softly at the touch and the feeling of Bruce's hot mouth on my cock.

I looked over at the other two and they were watching the three of us. Just then, I felt the hands on my shoulders pushing me down onto the mattress. I sank down and found my self on my back, looking up at five very hard cocks above me. No one said anything but I found two of them, one for each hand. I pulled them down to me, and started rubbing up and down their lengths. They were both about average size and I pumped them as I watched JC move around behind my head. He knelt down with his knees on either side of my head and leaned forward, his cock inches from my lips.

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth just as JC lowered the head of his hard cock into my mouth. I sucked on it while still pumping the other two cocks. Soon, I heard moans and groans coming from the three of them.

"See, I told you he liked cock," I heard Bruce say. "I'll show you what else he likes."

I felt my legs going up in the air and a tongue pushing on my hole. Then, just as I felt JC move a little, just enough to take my mind off what Bruce was doing to my ass, I felt a hand grab my cock and start to pump it. Next thing I knew, a hot mouth engulfed me and started sucking and licking, concentrating on my head, circling it's tongue around my crown and under the lip. It split my slit open and licked the liquid from it then I felt the back of a throat as my head hit it.

Then I felt Bruce's tongue leave my hole and crack, the cool air hitting it. It didn't last long as Bruce pushed his hard cock into my ass in one full thrust. I grunted from the invasion and the pressure but it felt so good, I tried to push against him but I was pinned by the four others so I couldn't move. Bruce started fucking me with long, full strokes, filling my canal completely every time he thrust into me. I felt one of the cocks in my hand start to spurt come and it landed on my stomach and whoever was sucking my cock. The other came soon after, adding his juices to the mass on me.

JC was still fucking my mouth and it wasn't long before he came, sending a wave of hot, sticky liquid down my throat. I wasn't prepared for the amount and I gagged a little until he pulled his cock out of my mouth a little but emptied his balls into me.

Bruce was really fucking me now. His thrusts were shorter but faster and I could hear him grunting from the exertion. Some I felt him come inside my ass and hold himself against my cheeks until he was finished. He quickly pulled out and whoever was sucking my cock, took his place, plunging his weapon into me in one thrust. Bruce took over sucking my cock and JC pulled out of me. I turned to look at the cock still in my hand and pulled it to my mouth, engulfing it, licking and sucking on it as hard as I could while my ass took a good reaming from whoever was fucking me.

Each of them took a turn fucking me. I don't know how long I was on my back but my muscles ached from the pressure and I finally had to stop them and lower my legs. I groaned as come ran freely out of my sore ass while I rolled over onto my stomach to relieve some of the aching. Just as I started to relax, hands started caressing my cheeks and rubbed some of the come into them. I knew what they wanted but I wasn't sure if I was up to it.

"Wait a minute, fellas. My ass is pretty sore. Maybe some other time we can get together and you all can fuck me again," I said, half rolling over to look at them. But there was no stopping them.

"Ah come on Mr. C. We all want your ass again. Look around. Five healthy, hard cocks waiting to be buried in your ass hole. Our balls are full of hot come and they need to be emptied," one of them said.

"Not today," I answered but to no avail.

"What do you think fellas? Should we let him off the hook and wait for another day?"

"Shit, I'm ready now and with all that come oozing out of him, it should be real easy to get into him," one of them said as the hands started on my cheeks again.

Someone grabbed my hips and raised my ass in the air while someone else pinned my hands and arms to the mattress. Two other held onto my ankles as someone, I assumed Bruce from the size of the cock that entered me, mounted me, fucking me with long steady strokes. I was in a lot of pain now and I tried to move away but they had me pinned so I couldn't. Suddenly I heard a loud grunt and felt come spurting up into me again. I groaned softly, as the next one took his turn. All told, I was fucked ten times and after, I wanted more but knew I couldn't, my ass was just too sore.

They let me stand up which I had trouble doing, my legs shaky at best while they all started to get dressed. I looked around at the five of them and they had satisfying grins on their faces as they watched me, a tremendous amount of come running down the back of my legs, pooling behind me on the floor.

"See you next time, Mr. C." they called as they headed out the door. They left me, still completely naked and stunned but I managed to get my clothes on me and get home to sit in a warm bath. After about an hour of soothing warm water surrounding my butt, I felt strong enough to get out. I had just gotten dressed when my son came home.

"You were terrific," he said, a big smile on his face. "The guys couldn't stop talking about how your ass felt and how easy it was to fuck it, once all that come was inside you. They want to do it again, real soon."

"I bet they do and I'd like to but I need some time to get rid of the soreness and then, maybe we can talk about it."

"Ok, Dad. Let me know and I'll tell the guys," he said, heading off to his room, closing the door behind him.

I waited and then listened at his door while he was on the phone.

"Yeah, he wants to do it again but he'll let us know when. Fuck, wasn't that great?"

I walked away and wondered how the hell I had gotten into this. By the way, I still jog and I keep my eyes open for someone sneaking up behind me now, not that I wouldn't mind. I meet with the young men about twice a month and get thoroughly fucked by all five of them. I've even had the chance to fuck a couple of them too, but that's another story.

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another amazing story!! thanks
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Hottest story ever! More please :3
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Awesome story thanks for writing and sharing!
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