POV Sexual Interlude

I know you're watching me, I can feel your eyes on my back as I get ready for work. Bending down, I step into my black boy shorts with the pink lace trim and slowly start sliding them up my legs. I wiggle my hips slightly, pulling them over the soft curve of my ass. I know you love my ass in boy shorts, so when I hear the bed shift I know your cock is getting hard and you're adjusting yourself. I smirk, grabbing the matching bra out of the drawer. I slide the straps up my arms, reaching and gathering my straight hair and pulling it over my shoulder. I take two steps backwards, the back of my thigh hitting your knee.

I peek over my shoulder at you. "Clasp me?" I ask, as innocently as I can because I know you better than anyone else, I know you're beyond turned on. You do as I've asked, hooking my bra but your hand stills then flattens. I hear you take a large breath as your hand slides down my spine, then back up. I feel your fingers lightly teasing the skin of my shoulder, my spot, the one that you know makes me instantly wet.

When I shudder, you chuckle. I know I'm going to be late, but I can't be bothered to care. You flatten your hand again, moving it down my side and over my hip. I feel your thumb slide beneath the lace on the edge of the shorts, you're palming my ass. You squeeze it firmly and I bite my lip. You know how much I love when you squeeze my ass.

I hear the bed creak and feel the pressure of your hand on my ass change slightly, I can feel your breath before you lips press against my lower back. I feel the wetness as your tongue slides a trail outward towards my hip, and I feel the sting as your teeth nip lightly at the sensitive flesh.

Your other hand takes a spot on my opposite hip, this time you squeeze harder. The thumb on your right hand is still spread across my ass, the f***e of your squeezing pulls my ass apart. I hear you clearly even though you're mumbling when you say "so fucking sexy" under your breath. I hear the bed again as you lean back, sitting up. You pull me down, settling me on your lap with my back against your chest and your already hard cock pressed firmly against my ass. I feel it pressing against me through the thin fabrics we both wear.

Your mouth pushes against my neck, licking and sucking as your hips lift and you grind your cock into me. "Feel that, my dear?" You whisper as you continue your work on my neck. Your lips trail across my shoulder and I moan. Fuck. You always know which buttons to push, always know how to make my panties soak thoroughly.

You glide your hand across my lower stomach, back and forth. I know where you're going and I quickly find out I'm right when you're finger slips down the front of my panties. You don't immediately go there through, you still your hand. You love the anticipation as much as I do. I roll my hips, pushing against your cock. Your other hand that's resting on my hip, grips it and guides my movements. I turn my head and you look up from my shoulder, leaning forward and taking my bottom lip between your teeth.

I push my hand into my panties, laying it ontop of yours. I squeeze it softly before guiding it lower. I keep in time with you as your fingers spread me open, toying with the outer lips of my pussy. Your fingers slide easily over the already moist skin. As they come together, I moan. They slide through the wetness, one on each side of my clit. You push them together, trapping my clit between them. I moan, fuck you know exactly how to get to me.

You hardly have to move your fingers because my rocking hips are doing the work. I'm so wet, I know I'm going to have to put on new panties when we are finished. I feel the familiar build up in my stomach, I'm getting closer. I slow bit don't completely stop moving. If I don't I know I will cum, and I'm not ready yet. I'm not done with you.

I want you filling me, I want your cock deep in me. I feel the familiar urge starting, I know I'm getting closer. I think you know it too, I can feel your breathing pick up against my lips. You slide two fingers swiftly into my pussy, I almost lose it. My thighs tremble but I'm able to control it.

I grasp your wrist, pulling your hand out of my panties and I bring your soaked fingers to my lips which you're still toying with. I slide them between us and into my mouth. Tasting what you've done to me. I see your tongue dart out and sweep across your bottom lip, I know you want a taste too. I give you what you want, leaning in and kissing you. I hear you groan as my tongue tangles with yours. My pussy tastes good doesn't it?

I pull back and slide down between your legs, my back sliding over your still very hard cock. I turn on my knees, kneeling between your thighs. You're watching me as I place my hands on your knees and slide them up. I reach the top of your boxer briefs and pull it down, your cock springing out and standing at attention. I lick my lips, immediately craving a taste of the precum that's already moistening the tip.

Leaning forward I press my tongue flat against your cock, just under the head. I wrap my lips around the tip and suck, hearing your groan as I do. I keep my mouth at the tip, my hands still on your thighs as I bob my head. I press the tip of my tongue against the sensitive spot under your head with your cock still in my mouth, I feel it twitch.

Moving my hand up your thighs, I use one hand and grip the base of your cock, wrapping my fingers around it. I keep the other hand on your thigh, my nails digging in gently as I work my mouth lower on your stiff dick.

I move my fist every time I rise, covering your cock even when my mouth is teasing the tip. Your precum tastes amazing, I'm determined to get more. I moan when I feel your hand snake into my hair, wrapping up the soft strands between your fingers. You tug on it, before I feel your fist pushing me down. I oblige the silent request, moving my hand as I take your cock to the back of my throat. "Fuck" you hiss as I hold myself there, I can feel your cock twitching as I do. I slide my mouth up, making sure I keep a good suction on your amazing cock. I go down again, your cock spreading the back of my throat open. I don't stay as long this time before I come up and take you all the way in again. I know how much you love when I deep throat you.

I feel your hand tighten in my hair. Good, you're enjoying this. My free hand works it way up your thigh before spreading across your balls. I cup them, squeezing them as I continue taking your cock in and out of my mouth.

I palm your sack and slide two slender fingers around, pressing on the spot right behind them. Your cock spurts, one shot, straight to the back of my throat. That's all you give me. It intensifies the want I have to milk your cock, taking everything I can. I continue sucking your dick, the thick veins bumpy against my lips, all the while continuing to rub circles behind your balls.

I look up at you, your cock still in my mouth. You're watching me. "More" is all you say and I know what you're asking of me. I pull your cock our of my mouth and my fingers from behind your balls. I slip them into my mouth, moistening them.

Leaning forward I take your cock into my mouth, sucking it as I was before. My fingers slip around your balls, not wasting time. I know your getting close to filling my mouth and I want it to be a good cum. I slide my finger between your ass cheeks, pressing the tip of my finger against the rim of your ass. Your hips jerk and you grunt. I suppress a smile and start circling the tight hole. You're making more noise now, but you always do when I play with your ass. My kinky man.

I feel my pussy gush, this turns me on as much as it does you. I pick up the pace of my mouth, my finger still making circles around you. I suck you to the back of my throat and feel your hips press up at the same time your hand grips my hair tighter. You're so fucking close. The next time I take you into the back of my throat I moan, and so do you. You're holding me down. Pressing your hips up. I feel your cock ticking right before it erupts.

You're still holding me down, all I can do and all I want to do is swallow. I do. I swallow every spurt of cum that you release. None escape, but like you say I can always take it all. "Good girl" you say, still holding me tight.

Your grip loosens in my hair and I drag my lips up your shaft. Your cock falls from my lips and I smirk. You help me stand and pull me to you, kissing my neck. "Thanks" you murmur in my ear. I nod and turn, going to finish getting ready. I'm soaked, my panties need to be changed. I want to cum, but I won't. Ill enjoy the tingle I get from being turned on, and I know you'll take care of me tonight.

But that's a story for another time....
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1 year ago
I love your story baby
1 year ago
This is amazingly HOT! I came to this
1 year ago
Very hot,i almost came in my pants...
1 year ago
Beautifully written. I can't tell you how turned on I am right now
1 year ago
Nice story......hard isn't the word....!
1 year ago
great story, gorgeous woman deserves pleasuring as often as possible!!!!
1 year ago
Great story, descriptive and builds the tempo well, really good read. Thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
Awesome story wish it was me :) wish you could taste me and I could taste you :)
1 year ago
Bad ass. This is the second time reading it....still gets me hard.
1 year ago
Really enjoyed this, descriptive yet direct. Great to hear it from the female's POV too.
1 year ago
Why thank you Pirate pj
1 year ago
Wonderful story