Pain and pleasure

As i grab my chordless phone. I walk over to the computer and connect it too my tv. I turn on some bondage porn.
While I am talking to you on the phone I start walking up the stairs to one of my many rooms. To grab my toy box. I open it up and there are butt plugs (different sizes), vibrators, dildos, a bullet and a remote vibrator.
I start moving things around looking for the remote. I can't seem to find it. I just disreguard the fact that the remote is not there. Right now it doesn't matter.
All this time we are discussing each other on the phone. You are telling me what you want to do to me.
You are saying how you want to tie me up to the wooden kitchen table with ropes attaching my legs to the legs of the table.
Doggie style, on the table with my ass and pussy open and ready to be used, taken and spanked.
I keep begging you to come over so we can actually do it. You tell me no and hang up the phone. I start heading back to the livingroom. I am sitting there naked watching the porn. The guy is tying her up to the wooden horse.
Her legs are slightly bent and her arms are outstretched and facing downwards palms out.She is just laying there looking around, listening intently for her master to come.
Loud footsteps are heard coming towards her. A handsome
man with long dark hair, a goatee and blue eyes, tall and slender built comes with a ball gag and a nine-o-tails towards her. He has a nice big erection headed toward her lips. He demands her to open her mouth and take his whole
cock in her mouth. She opens her mouth wide. He demands she open it wider, keep it open and stick out her tongue and keep it there. He thrusts his cock into her mouth with full f***e until his balls are touching her lips. He
holds it there and she tries to pull away. He demands her to keep it there. she holds her head where he put it.
He grabs here hair and starts pulling her head away from his cock and then closer. vigorously he does this, a few
times. Then he pulls her head back to the table and puts the gag in her mouth. He then walks over to her
outstretched legs. He uses the whip in his hand and whips her pussy and clit lightly at first. Whipping her almost
teasingly until she starts moaning and tries to talk with the ball gag in her mouth. Trying to beg him to do it harder.
He slaps her ass and says"Parden me?" She says" Please Sir!" incoherently with the ball gag still in her mouth. He whips
her just a little bit harder. Her body starts to quiver and jump everytime the whip makes contact with her wet pussy.
she starts moaning louder.
I start grabbing my nipples and twisting them intently. I keep watching the porno. Loving the feeling of my clit tingling
and my pussy dripping fluids down the crack of my ass over my asshole, which is just begging to be used and filled.
Not ready to touch my clit or pussy yet. I flex my pussy muscles and moan softly at how good it feels when the material rubs against my clit.
I close my eyes for a moment and start visioning you in my mind. Your slender sexy body, 8 1/2 inch cock. Your sexy blue eyes and your face smiling at me. I get an instant smile on my face and my clit starts to tingle harder and my pussy gets wetter.

Suddenly I hear a scream. My vision is gone like a mist in the wind. I open my eyes and realize it was only the girl on tv.
She looks so tempting. I envy her with every fibre of my being. I want to lick her clit. I bet she tastes so sweet, just like
chocolate dripping off of a strawberry.. Licking my lips and pulling on my nipple as I twist it.
I want to be the one tied up there being whipped and teased, fucked and used. Have my senses heightened and screaming in exstacy
and pain. I grab the remote vibrator and start licking it intently. Sexually with my full pouting lips on it putting it all the
way down my throat gagging mmmm bringing it back out with my saliva dripping off of it. I lift one leg up on the couch and start
putting a finger in my ass. While the remote vibrator is still in my mouth. I start inserting the vibritor in my ass and leave it there, while I grab another vibrator and start rubbing my clit.
The girl on the screen is being untied and taken over to the bed. Where she is being tied spread eagle to the bed face down. So her ass and pussy are left totally exposed and she is left completely vulnerable. Her man brings another man in with him this time. Her Man puts his fully erect 8 inch cock infront of her face. Rubbing his balls on her lips. telling her to open her mouth and lick his cock. She starts licking his cock with her tongue dripping saliva on his cock. He quickly shoves his cock in her mouth making her gag on it . She looks up at him with love and adoration . He can give her what she wants , what she needs. He in return gets everything he demands. She is thinking everything in her life is perfect . When all of a sudden she feels a hand touching her ass and another hand pulling and tugging on her nipples. She feels someone whipping her ass and her body jerks with every smack. A finger is being inserted into her ass and she moans while she still has her Masters cock in her mouth. She cocks her ass up in the air as he is fingering her ass. Her Man walks around her and sticks his cock in her ass. She screams loudly from pain and exstacy. The other guy grabs a whip and whips her ass again.
Her Master says to her" Beg me to fuck your ass!!"
"Fuck my ass Sir ! Please Sir fuck my ass hard! Mmm yes Sir, Sir please fuck me deep and hard Sir."

He starts ramming his thick 8 inch cock in her ass. He suddenly stops and the other guy unties her. Putting her spread eagle again on the bed. Only she is tied face up this time. Her Man sticks his cock deep in her ass. The other guy puts his cock in her mouth. Her man slaps her clit and she moans again. She starts begging him to let her cum.
He says to her " Ok. Yes, you can cum, cum hard for me bitch!!"
She starts moaning loudly. The moans turn into screams as she cums and squirts all over her masters cock. So wet and hot and mmmm yes beautiful.

The whole time I am wondering what you are doing. Hoping maybe you would show up at my door. The phone starts ringing again. Someone has perfect timing. I have the phone on vibrate and let it ring. I put it in a bag and push it on my clit. Enjoying more vibrations . hoping the person calling doesn't give up. Mmmmm feels so good.
All of a sudden the door swings open and you are standing there looking upset, until you look at me and see where the phone is and a smile appears on your lips. You start walking towards me as your clothes drop off to the floor. All of a sudden I feel vibrating in my ass. I start smiling as I realize where the remote is. You start looking in the toybox and take out the handcuffs,clamps and the rope.
While I am lying back enjoying the vibrations in my ass and on my clit, you grab the rope as you tell me to lean forward. My breasts start protruding further from my body as you grab them and tie them with the rope. Tight enough to make me moan loudly with pain and pleasure.Next you put the cuffs on my wrists and cuff my wrists to my ankles. I start moaning softly as you put the clamps tightly on my nipples. Turning on the vibrations and stepping back watching me as I am tied and clamped, All of my elements exposed to whatever pleasures you may give to and receive from them.
I scream from pain and pleasure. You shove your cock deep in my ass as you as you grab my hips and push your hard cock into my ass. I moan with pleasure and scream in shock and pain as my muscles contract around your cock. You let out a moan as well.You take out your cock and shove it into my mouth and make me gag saliva dripping all over your balls and all over my chin. My eyes start watering too, As I gag on your cock I try to beg you to put it in farther until your balls are in my mouth as well.
You start pushing it in farther until I start gagging on your cock. your body starts shivering and you start moaning as you cum deep in my throat. You pull your cock out as you are still cuming and let the cum drip on my face. So hot and sweet.

100% (9/0)
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Awesome story!
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Great Story!!!!
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who is "you"?
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WOW that was amazing
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one word wow x
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OH damn WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW U R amazing ^_* U know !!!!!!!
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awesome story
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