Daddy Knows Best...

I was twelve when mom and dad split. Mom decided she needed freedom and left me with dad. I was an eary developer and at twelve years old I had firm C tits. I really hated wearing a bra so many days I did not. It seemed that dad really noticed me the days I was naked under my t-shirt or nightie. My dad was very handsome and all my girl friends had the hots for him. They kept dreaming what it would be like to go to bed with him and let him stick his cock into their holes. I laughed and enjoyed their chatter. But I kind of wondered what it would be like also. I heard my mom tell dad one morning that he had fucked her all night and her cunt was raging sore so dad said he would fuck her ass and let her cunt rest. When mom came down to breakfast she looked like she had been fucked all night. Her robe was half open and I saw her huge tits and swollen nipples. I knew then I got my big breasts from mom's side of the f****y. Mom had at least DDD and they were firm and perky. Dad then came down to breakfast looking like the cat that ate the canary but instead I am sure he had been eating pussy. The reason they split later was I heard my mom complain that dad always needed to fuck her. I watched thru the crack in their door one night as he sucked her huge tits and licked her pussy before he fucked her all night.

Now back to me and dad. I was in my room one night as dad came in wearing just his boxers. He started rubbing my shoulders and told me I was growing into the spitting image of my beautiful mom. He said he missed mom and wanted me to take her place. He then kissed my neck and pulled my shirt away and kissed my shoulders. He asked me if I liked that and I nodded I did. He kept kissing and licking my neck then slid a hand under my shirt and rubbed just under my tits. When he saw I didn't resist he then cupped my tits. As his hands cupped me his thumbs rubbed across my nipples. They instantly got hard and much bigger. He then rolled one nipple between his two fingers and by now my pussy was feeling quite hot. In a flash he removed my t-shirt and I sat there topless for him. He looked at my tits and kept rubbing and feeling them.

He then told me what big sexy tits I had for my young age. Then his mouth took a nipple in his mouth and as he sucked I felt my panties get wet. He would suck a nipple then kiss all over my tit and then go back to sucking trading back and forth between each tit till my nipples were huge. He then stuck his tongue out and licked across each hard nipple several times. He could not get enough of my big tits and he played with them a long time licking and sucking and kissing them.

I then felt his hand go inside my shorts and he put his hand on the outside of my panties and rubbed my pussy. I really liked the feel of his hand feeling me down my slit and clit. His mouth then latched on to a nipple and he sucked hard just as one of his fingers slid in the leg of my panty and felt my wet pussy. He slid a finger over my clit and down to my hole rubbing me hard as he sucked even harder. Then he spread my legs and his hand went inside my panties and now he got busy sucking tits and playing with my clit. I was getting wetter the more he touched me. Some how he soon had me naked and my legs spread wide as he worked my wet pussy over. He knew just what to do to get me really hot and worked up.

He then pushed me onto my back on the bed and before he laid by me he took off his boxers and I saw his hard cock bounce out. He laid next to me and pushed his cock against my leg and began to rub his cock on it as he sucked my tits and fingered my pussy. He had my clit between two fingers rubbing it as I began to really climax. I felt his cock get harder and harder as it rubbed my leg. Then his mouth left my tit and kissed down to my stomach. He kissed all over my stomach and then tongued my belly button. He must have heard me moan as he then kissed lower and soon was kissing my pussy and I loved it. He pulled my leg between his legs so he could so he could continue cock rubbing me as he licked and sucked my clit. Then he licked to my hole and all around it. By now I was quite wet and he licked my cum away as he then spread my pussy lips and licked me from my clit to my hole and finally I felt his tongue enter my hole. His cock was rotating fast against my legs as his tongue began to fuck my cunt deeper and deeper.

I then began to rub my leg against his hard cock as he tongued fucked my cunt. He would push his tongue in my hole deep then pull out and suck my clit then go back to my hole. He did this as I came over and over and he sucked my cum as fast as I pulsed against his face. He then came up to my tits and began sucking them as his hand went to my pussy and I felt a finger enter my cunt. He finger fucked me as I moaned loving every thrust. He then took my hand and put it on his big hard cock and told me to grip it and stroke it for him. I loved the feel of how smooth and hard he was. I rubbed his cock up and down like he showed me feeling it get even harder and bigger. I then knew that my dad had a very huge cock. I was stroking his cock as he finger fucked my cunt as he sucked my nipples. I could not think of anything that felt any better. I then felt his finger go deep as he could in my cunt as he sucked even harder on my nipple and then he screamed and I felt my hand get covered with his cum.

Dad took just a couple minutes to recover then we went at it again all evening and into the night. He fingered and tongued my cunt as I jerked his big cock. My dad could cum over and over and he never got tired of eating my pussy as I hand stroked his cock. He stayed hard for hours. After a few weeks he then taught me to suck his cock. I was not sure I could get that big membetr in my mouth but I did. He felt so smooth against my tongue and dad showed me how to suck him and take him deep as I breathed out my mouth to keep from gagging. I even got so I loved his cum and could swallow it easily. My favorite was when I layed on him and sucked his cock as he licked and tongued my cunt. We would do this for a long time cumming many times. Dad was a strong horny fucker. He could never get enough pussy. When he got home from work he would take me to bed and we would play all night. On the week ends we tongue fucked almost with out stopping. But dad had never put his cock in my hole.

Then on my thriteenth birthday dad told me he had a big surptise for me. It also seemed my tits were growing and I guessed it was from all the sucking and playing dad gave them. He was fast at removing my shirt and sucking them. One night he even rubbed the tip of his cock against my hard nipples till he covered them with cum. That felt so good to me that we did that a lot. I also learned to tit fuck him which was great with my large tits. But I really liked his cock rubbing my nipples which always responded to any attention he gave them. And he liked playing with my nipples a lot. So on my birthday we ate dinner naked and after he took me to the TV room and sat on the couch. He told me that he had a special present for me. His cock was hard and poking up into the air and he told me to come straddle his lap and put my pussy close to his cock. As I straddled him he began to finger fuck me getting me wet as he could. Then I felt his finger pull out and felt the tip of his cock next to my cunt hole. Dad then began to push me slowly down on his hard cock. He went in slow and I felt the head enter me. He rubbed my clit turning me on and pushed more cock in me. He did this till he then had his cock in me and I was sitting on his hard shaft. He then grabbed my hips and lifted his hips to plunge deep in me and began to bounce me up and down on his huge cock. It tool me no time to cum over and over as I loved that huge shaft fucking my cunt as hard as he could.

He then grabbed a nipple between his teeth and sucked as he fucked me. It did not take long for me to be screaming and twisting wanting more and more cock fucking. After a while dad filled my wet hole with cum. He then pulled me to him and hugged me telling me how good my cunt felt and that he had wanted to fuck me for a long time. He told me he needed to fuck a lot and he was going to teach me so many different positions that we would spend most of our time in bed so he could fuck me again and again. Dad really craved pussy or his cock craved pussy. That night I lost count how many times we fucked. I did find out what mom meant about being sore from fucking all night. Since my cunt was sore dad ate me many times as his tongue felt good in my abused hole. I also sucked his cock as my mouth was not sore. Then dad told me that he needed to teach me to get my ass fucked for when my cunt was sore. He explained that ass fucking felt really good against his cock. He then bent me over the arm of the chair and began to kiss my butt cheeks. Then he spread my ass apart and began to lick and kiss my hole. I already knew this was going to feel real good.

part 2 coumming soon...
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Awesome. Cant wait for the next one.
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Super horny right now!
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Super good, my cock is so hard...
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i definitely want to read part 2!
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Great, can't wait for part 2,,,,,and find out how a dutiful daughter plays and learns from her dad.
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Part 2 soon, please...
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Wanna read more........hurry plz. Lol
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fucking HOT !!!
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loved it
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waiting for the second part