The long night

Lea had been to the show with friends and decided to walk home as it was a nice night. Before she got very far it began to rain and a man stopped and asked her if she wanted a ride and get out of the rain. He looked very sweet so she agreed and got in his car. Just as she got in the doors locked and he grabbed her wrists and hand cuffed her to a hook in the roof of his car. He told her "I have been looking for a sweet girl and I bet you have nice titties and pussy. I am going to take you home for some fun with the boys." He then unbuttoned her shirt and took a knife and cut her bra off. He rubbed his hand over her tits and whispered "You have great tits. They are going to get lots of attention tonight." He then undid her pants and pulled them off her so she was now almost naked. He put his hand on her pussy and began to feel her up. His fingers massaged her clit and then he put a finger in her cunt. "Do you like that baby girl?" He then began to drive out of town and as he drove he played with her tits and cunt. He either twisted her nipples or finger fucked her.

His home was way out of town and during the long ride he took his wet finger from her cunt and put it in her mouth. Then he put the finger back in her cunt and rubbed her tits with her wetness. Even tho she was scared his fingering made her cum. Half way home he opened his pants and pulled his cock out. He was stiff and hard and a nice big size. He then began to stroke himself and as he got excited he pulled over to a side road and stopped the car. He finger fucked her cunt as he stroked his hard cock. He then filled his hand with cum and put the hand over her mouth and pushed the cum into her. "Do you like cum baby? There will be much more tonight. You are going to get lots of cock and cum." He then leaned over and sucked on a nipple and took a light bite.

He drove to his house fingering her all the way and then as he pulled into his drive he left his pants undone but came and got her out of the truck. He undid her form the roof but kept her handcuffed. He took her naked into the house and down to the basement which was set up as a bondage toy room. He then strapped her legs to a wood frame and uncuffed her hands and strapped them to the frame. Now she was spread eagle as he looked her over. He walked to the back of the frame and rubbed her ass. He squeezed it with both his hands and then spread her wide open and put a finger in her ass. As he finger fucked her ass he then put two fingers in her cunt and began to fuck both holes. He had his fingers deep in both holes as he fucked her.

His cock was now rock hard so he removed his fingers and put his cock between her legs. He rubbed her pussy with the hard member and then pushed it into her cunt. He was not prepared for how warm and tight she was and it made his cock throb. "Oh baby, you are going to be a better fuck tonight then I dreamed. A nice tight pussy and sexy ass and nice firm perky tits. You have a body meant to fuck and fuck you will get and a lot of it." He pushed his cock deep in her and fucked her hard before he filled her with his cum. He then left his cock in her as he began to suck each tit. He sucked each nipple deep in his mouth as he rolled his tongue over them. He took a few light nips on each tit, biting and licking and sucking her nice globes.

He then tipped the frame back till she was laying flat and he pushed her head down as he straddled her face. He rubbed his cock over her lips then told her to begin licking his cock and he would tell her when to suck him. She was afraid and did as he told her. She licked up and down each side of his cock and across the tip. He was leaking precum and she could taste him as she licked. He then told her to open her mouth and begin to suck. As she opened her mouth he slid his cock into her. Her head was bent back and he could slide it deep and down her throat. His cock was long and thick and he gagged her several times as he fucked her mouth. He would push his cock in deep and hold it there as she gagged but kept sucking. He played with her tits as he humped her mouth. She sucked him for a long time before he finally filled her with cum and he watched her swallow it for him.

She then heard the door open and two young boys walked into the room. They were his young sons and he walked to them and begn to undress them. After they were both naked he brought them to the girl. He told them "I have brought you a sexy gift. She is going teach you to fuck and suck tonight and it is going to be a long fun night." He then grabbed the first boys cock and began to stroke him to get him hard. He raised the frame a couple feet but still left her lying flat. The young boy had a nice cock and as it got hard it was about 8 inches. The dad put him between the girls legs and told him to look at her sweet pussy. He then told him to touch and rub her pussy and feel how smooth and soft she was. As the boy rubbed the pussy he felt his cock jerk several times and leak cum. The dad then pushed him to her cunt and told him to push his cock in her hole. As he fumbled and got his cock to her hole his dad then pushed on him and shoved him into her. The dad now said "Now fuck that hole hard. Move your cock in and out and push it in deep. She has a nice tight cunt and you are going to love fucking her tonight. You can fuck her as much as you and your b*****r want to till you are great studs. Make your daddy proud. Now fuck that cunt."

The dad watched as his son fucked the girl. He did not last long but came very fast and the dad told him to stay inside her and rub her tits till his cock got hard once again. He reached up and grabbed a tit with his hands and began to squeeze hard. He then found a nipple and played with it as he felt his cock come to life again. As his cock got hard he began to fuck her hole once more. His dad watched him and told him "fuck her harder. Ram that cock in her deep. Fuck her till you give her more cum." The dad then swatted the boys ass and yelled "harder. Fuck harder. Deeper." as he kept swatting his ass. The boy was starting to get used to fucking the girl and he was now banging her hard. The dad then reached down and grabbed his son's balls as the boy fucked and he squeezed them turning his son on more making him thrust in the cunt. The dad then put a finger in his son's ass and as the boy fucked the girl the dad finger fucked his ass. Soon the boy screamed and filled her cunt with a load of cum.

The dad took him around to her face and told him "Push that cock in her mouth. She sucks cock real good. Let her suck you while I get your b*****r to fucking her this time." The boy straddled her mouth and pushed his cock in as she sucked and his cock got hard real fast.

The dad then took the other boy and rubbed his cock till it was hard and brought him between the girls legs. He put the young hand on her pussy and let him feel how good she felt as his cock jerked as he stroked her. His dad then told him to push his cock in her wet hole. As he pushed into her mocking what his b*****r had done it felt so warm and tight to him. His dad told him "Now fuck that cunt hard. Ram that cock in her and pound that hole. The dad watched his son fuck the girl and he too came fast as the dad told him to stay inside her and play with her tits till he was hard and ready to fuck again. It did not take much tit playing till he was hard once more. He began banging her cunt harder and harder as his dad then grabbed his balls and squeezed then turning him on even more. The son was whipping his cock in and out of the girl just as the dad then put a finger in the son's ass and began to finger fuck him. After a short while the boy moaned and filled her with more cum.

The first son was getting his cock sucked deep in her mouth as the dad pushed him into her and held him there. "Now feel how good that feels. Keep that cock in her mouth deep as she sucks till you cum." It did not take much longer and he filled her mouth and throat with cum. The dad then pulled the other son's cock to the girls mouth and told him how to fuck her mouth and get his cock in deep till he could cum.

As the son got his cock sucked the dad told the first son. "Now it your turn to please your father. Get on your knees and suck dad's cock like dad showed you last night. The boy got down in front of his dad and took his semi hard cock into his mouth and began to suck his dad. The dad then grabbed his head and began to fuck his mouth shoving his cock all the way in the young mouth. "Yes, you are doing a good job for daddy. Now suck hard as I hold my cock deep in your mouth." As the boy sucked the dad would hold his head as he buried the cock in his mouth and throat. Then he filled his son with cum.

He then put both boys to the girls tits and told them "kiss the mounds and then suck on a nipple. Suck that nipple deep in your mouth and feel how hard it gets. Take a few light bites then suck some more. You can also put your fingers in her pussy and finger fuck her as you suck. She will come hard and fast as you finger her while sucking and chewing those nipples. He watched his boys play with the girl then he told them to stand up. He then brought the frame up and told the boys to get behind her. The dad then went to her and spread her ass cheeks. He pushed his cock in her ass and then told the first boy to put his cock in dad's ass. As the son pushed his cock in deep he told the other boy to shove his cock in his b*****rs ass. When they were ass deep he told them "Now fuck hard. Ass fucking is so good with either a guy or gal. The ass is so tight it grips the cock. Now fuck like horny maniacs." Then all three were ass fucking hard and fast. They fucked quite a while before spirting more cum.

By now the girl had all there holes fucked and she was getting sore. All three of them had good sized cocks and the dad was quite hung. The dad told the boys "Take turns licking her pussy before we all fuck her again. Tonight we are going to fuck her and each other all night. When this slut leaves you will be able to fuck and eat pussy and suck cock better than any one. I am also going to fuck you boys in the ass and mouth all night too. Now one of you start with her cunt and the other suck my cock."

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