Mothers milk

I was visiting my friend Jen when her ten year old son came in and lifted her shirt and began to nurse on her big full tit. I was surprised and told Jen that he was a little old to nurse. She told me that she liked the sucking and would let him nurse as long as he wanted, prob till he goes away to college. She nursed him mornings and just before bed and then anytime he wanted. By him continuing to nurse her tits stayed full of milk. She said she would pump them when he was away so he could nurse at his college breaks. I wondered if he would do anything besides nurse at that age. As he had her shirt up I could see her tits were huge. I was getting turned on watching the son suck her. She then changed him to the other tit and the nipple he just left was red and swollen. Jen watched me looking at her tits and then pulled her top completely off. She then began to unzip her jeans and slide them down as her son clung to her tit. She was sitting in her panties and she then pulled them aside and showed me her shaved pussy.

Her son got his fill of milk and got up and left to go play outside. Jen then slid her panties off and started playing with her pussy. She told me to come over and sit by her. As I sat down she pulled my mouth to her tit to suck. Her milk was warm and sweet and I nursed for quite a while as Jen played with her pussy. She then pulled my shirt off and removed my bra. I have nice D tits but nothing compared to the size of Jen's. She was now at least a DDD and full of milk. As I sucked her tit she placed my hand between her legs and pushed it tight to her pussy. She spread her legs and began moving my hand feeling the moist bald pussy. She then began to fondle my tits and tweak my nipples. I knew Jen was a lesbian but I did not know it could feel so good.

She then pulled my pants and panties off and began to rub my crotch. Her fingers played with my clit making it swell and get huge. She then put a finger in my hole and began to fuck me. It took no time for me to cum. She pushed me back on the couch and put one leg over the back and my other on the floor spreading me wider than I had ever been spread. She smiled at me and kissed my tits then kissed down to my bald pussy and began to lick me. Her tongue was so soft and erotic I came fast for her. When she sucked on my clit I went wild wanting more and more. Her tongue then moved to my cunt hole and I felt her lick all around it and suck on it before she pushed her tongue in and tongue fucked me as I screamed with joy. Her face was coated with cum.

Then Jen pushed my legs up to my shoulders and her finger then found my asshole. She ran a finger around my pucker and then began to kiss it. When she licked and sucked my ass it was the best feeling. She then put a finger in my ass and fucked me as she put a finger in my cunt. As I moaned and screamed she then replaced the finger in my ass with her tongue. It was the best feeling I had ever had. She ate my ass and pussy for a long time and then came up to kiss me as I could smell my pussy juice covering her face. Her lips covered mine and her tongue went in my mouth. I then put my tongue in her mouth and she sucked my tongue making my pussy tingle. She must have know my pussy was on fire because as she kissed me she also finger fucked me.

She then sat me up and pushed my head to her tit and I sucked more milk from her leaking tits. She layed back and pushed my face to her pussy and I could smell the sweet aroma of sex. She took her fingers and spread her pussy lips and I then began to lick her pink bud. I loved the feel and taste of her clit and began sucking it as I heard Jen moan. As I sucked her clit I put a finger in her fuck hole and began to fuck her. Her hips were moving as I slid my finger in and out of her hole. I then kissed down her her hole and pulled my finger out and licked her cum and then shoved my tongue into her. She grabbed my head and held me tight to her cunt as I tongued and sucked her. By the time I came up to kiss her my face was wet with cum. I shoved my tongue in her mouth as she sucked on it.

My hands were rubbing her tits as they dripped with milk. Everytime she came the milk ran faster from her big milk jugs. I then slid my hand back to her cunt and finger fucked her with two fingers this time. I slid my wet fingers down to her ass and finger fucked her ass as she moaned and twisted her body. I ass fucked her as I sucked on her tongue or she sucked my tongue before we would kiss and exchange tongues.

I then pulled her over my lap with her ass in the air as I rubbed her as cheeks. I spread her wide pushing one leg to the floor as I again ran a finger around her asshole. She brought her hands back and spread her ass cheeks for me and I then began to put my finger in her hole and fuck her. I then added another finger and soon a third. It was amazing to watch my fingers go into her ass I fingered her. I then was fucking her with all four fingers and she was humping my leg with her cunt. The more I fucked her the more milk she produced and she was dripping on the floor. I then sat her up and squeezed her tits and sprayed my tits with her milk. It was almost like milking a cow's tits as she was so huge and so full of milk. When I had my tits covered with her milk I pushed her face to them as she licked the milk off. I did this several more times liking the milking and the feel of the warm milk. She licked me clean every time I covered my tits.

I then pushed her back and began to nurse her once more. I filled my mouth with her milk and then transferred it to her mouth. I did this many times letting her drink her own milk. Her tits were still so full of milk. Her son would be into nurse again and she would have plenty for him. I got up and dressed and got ready to go but told her I would be back tomorrow for more fun. She smiled and told me she would be ready. Her son would be in school and we would have all day.
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hot story, nice change with 2 women
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sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy
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damn hot story
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very hot story thanks