The Mother, part 2

Jo was laying naked with his mom in bed when he asked her how it felt to know the men were paying to fuck her hot cunt. She answered "It felt so sexy. It made the sex much better and made me cum hard to know they were paying for a piece of ass. That black cock was amazing. Just like how much I liked seeing your big thick cock and you fucking me. I loved the i****t sex. You really liked my tits didn't you? When are we going to the hotel again?" Jo told her "I couldn't believe how good it felt to fuck my mom and suck her big tits. You have such perky jugs. Now stick one in my mouth and fuck me and then I will tell you about our next hotel stay."

Jo sucked each big tit before he sank his cock in the mom's cunt. He fucked her deep and hard as she begged wanting it harder. When he filled her cunt with his cum he then pushed her head to his cock and she began licking and sucking him as he grabbed her by the hair and pushed his cock down her throat. He filled her mouth and throat with cum then turned her onto her hands and knees. He then said to her as he rubbed her ass "Are you a naughty mommy? Would you need a spanking before you get your ass fucked?" She repled "Yes, I am very naughty so spank my ass and turn me on then fuck me hard with your thick cock." He then began to spank her ass hard with his hand. He watched as he left his handprints across her ass. He noticed the harder he spanked her the wetter her pussy became. "Does getting your ass spanked make you super horny? Do you want more before I drive my cock into your asshole?" She answered "Please spank me till I cum. Set my ass on fire." Jo spanked his mom for several minutes as her ass got redder and redder. He noticed her pussy was now very wet and she was moaning and loving the ass whipping.

He then got behind her doggie style and rammed his cock all the way in her ass as rough as he could. She moaned and told him "That feels so good. I am so turned on with my ass on fire. I want to see your handprints all over my ass." Jo smiled and fucked his mom as hard and deep as he could. He was pounding her ass with his thick cock as she begged for more. He reached under her and grabbed her tits and said to her "Do you like your titties pinched and pulled too? Want me to twist those big hard nipples? Does the pain turn you on and make you cum harder?" She then begged "Yes, I love the pain. It makes my cunt tingle and cum hard." As Jo's cock ****d her ass he then began to slap her huge tits and then pinch and twist her nipples. He could hear her moan and push her ass against his cock. He fucked her hard as he tortured her tits and she was loving the abuse.

When he had filled her ass with cum he pushed her onto her back and looked at her tits. They were red and looked sore from the pinching and twisting he gave them. He then kissed all over each tit then licked the sore nippless and sucked them. Even lying on her back the tits were firm and perky and huge. She had a great set of jugs. Her ass was so sexy and she let him fuck it as much as he wanted.

Then he told her "Are you ready for another trip to the hotel and charge the men again for a piece of your ass or cunt? I won't have to d**g you this time. You make a beautiful whore. The men loved fucking you and want to come back again but I also have many that will come for a first time. In two weeks the navy ship will be in and those horny sailors are looking for a piece of sure ass and cunt. We can make a lot of money every week end." She answered "you set it up how ever you want to. I can fuck all you want. Just be there so no one hurts me more than fucking me."

They checked in the hotel the next Friday at noon. The first man was scheduled to arrive at two. Jo had bought a douche kit and he would douche his mom's cunt between each man. He had kept one hour free so he could fuck his mom too. He had brought a paddle and a belt to whip her ass and turn her on. He stripped his mom naked and told her to get on her knees and suck his cock. As she sucked him he pushed his cock down her throat and fucked her. After he filled her mouth with cum he told her to suck his balls then lick his asshole and as she licked his ass she tongued him.

Then the men began showing up and fucking the mom. They were amazed how sexy she was and how she loved to fuck. Most of them ate her pussy then fucked her. A few fucked her ass. The next guy came and got naked and he was hung like a horse. He was long and thick and soon was rock hard as he saw the naked sexy mom. He put her hand on his cock and she could not even begin to get her fingers around the thick rod. As she stroked the big cock he fingered her pussy and got her really wet then he put his cock to the opening in her cunt. He pushed in slow and soon had the head inside her. It took him a while but he soon got a lot of cock in her and began to fuck her stretched hole. Stretching her cunt really turned her on and as the big cock fucked her she moaned and begged for more. When he filled her with cum he kept fucking her as the cum ran out of her hole. His cock never did go soft and as he fucked it got harder and he fucked her deeper. After filling her with more cum he pulled his monster horse cock out of her. Her cunt and his cock were dripping with cum.

Jo douched her cunt and ass between each man. She fucked men all day then they took a break and Jo put her on her hands and knees and again asked if she was a dirty nasty mom and needed to be punished. She said "Yes" and he got the paddle and the belt out and began to first use the paddle as the welts showed up on her smooth white ass. As he paddled her he saw how wet her pussy got. After over thirty whacks he then got the belt. He doubled it and began to really whip her ass. Her ass was now red with many bruises and she was soaking wet as he beat her ass. When he quit spanking her ass was full of bruises and welts. He then stood her up and spread her legs and said "Is your pussy hot? Did you like the spanking?" She told him "yes it made her cum several times." He then took the belt and smacked her pussy three times. Then he put her hands behind her back and spanked her huge tits. He saw the belt leave welts across each tit as the mom came for him. He then took his hand and slapped her tits hard then pulled on the nipples.

Next he grabbed her hair and pulled her into the bathroom and told her to stand in the tub. He put his cock in her hand and told her "As I piss, spray your body anywhere you want to feel my warm piss." Then he began to piss and she sprayed her pussy and her tits. Just before he was done he told her to get on her knees and open her mouth and he then pissed in her mouth. He said "There how was that? Do you like my piss? Now shower off and get out there on the bed and earn more money."

Men came and fucked her in many ways till into the night. Then Jo told her to shower and get into bed. It was now his turn to fuck her all night long.
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