The Need

It had been a long day for her as she cleaned house all day and just got out of the shower. Her husband would be home soon and he liked her in nothing but a robe and naked under it. He had a starving appetite for sex and he always wanted her as soon as he got home. He would remove her robe and fuck her right there inside the door. Then he would fuck her at least four more times before bedtime. He liked her home waiting for his big hard cock when he walked in the door. He had convinced her to quit her job once they got married. He usually had his cock in her or his fingers. He loved to suck her tits and then go down and suck her clit and lick her cunt and then tongue fuck her.

She heard his car pull into the driveway and soon he was opening the door. He grabbed her and pulled her robe off and let it fall to the floor. It was what he did every night. He kissed her as he fondled her nice firm tits. Then he went down and sucked each nipple till they were swollen from his mouth. He then stripped his clothes off and when he was naked he put her hand on his cock and told her "See what I have for you? Look at my big hard cock that you make so hard. I am going to put it in all yours holes tonight. I am so horny for your ass and cunt." He put three fingers in her cunt and finger fucked her till she covered them with cum.

He then pushed her to the sofa and bent her over the arm and spread her legs. He rubbed her ass and moaned to her "You have the sexiest ass. I have been thinking of it all day long. I just want to fuck you baby." He then put two fingers in her ass and fucked her before he began to shove his cock in her. She was used his cock in her ass as he ass fucked her every day. He loved anal sex. He shoved his cock all the way in and reached under her and grabbed her tits as he fucked her ass without stopping. He squeezed her tits and pulled on her nipples as he fucked her ass hard. Just before he filled her with cum her told her "You feel so good today. I love fucking your tight ass. I wish I had two cocks to fuck your ass and cunt at the same time. You are such a hot piece of ass and cunt for me." He then moaned loudly and filled her with cum.

He pulled his cock out and kissed her ass and told her to turn over so he could see her pussy. He licked every inch of her pussy and sucked on her clit and as she began to cum for him his tongue went to her hole and he licked her cum then pushed his tongue in her and fucked her as she came many times. He then pulled her to his cock and began to push it in her mouth as he said "Suck that big hard cock. Show me how much you love being my cock sucker. Wrap those lips around it and rub it with your tongue and suck hard like the cock lover you are." He then grabbed her by her hair and and began to fuck her mouth as she sucked him hard. It took him longer to cum this time and she sucked his cock and played with his balls for a long time. She had every inch of his cock in her mouth as he filled her with cum.

He then pulled her to him and looked in her face as his finger rubbed her lips and he softly told her "You suck cock better than any one. I love your mouth covering my hard cock. I crave your big tits and your ass and cunt. No wonder I fuck you non stop all the time. Now reach down and spread your pussy lips so I can eat your pussy till you scream then I will fuck that cunt again and again." As she spread her pussy lips he pushed her on her back and put his mouth over her clit and sucked feeling it get hard. He kept sucking as she came many times and was moaning and then screaming in pleasure. He loved making her cum over and over for him. He loved the taste of her cum. His tongue then went deep into her cunt as he sucked her cum as she multi spasmed. He felt his cock get hard and jerk so he then pushed it into her hole. He went deep in her and began to fuck her hard. He loved how good her cunt felt against his hard cock. His fingers played with her clit as he fucked her deep and rough. He lasted a long time till he filled her hole with cum.

They then decided to have dinner and as she stood at the stove he fingered her ass and then her cunt. Sometimes he had fingers in her ass and her cunt fucking her as she prepared dinner for them. They ate dinner and he then bent her over the table and fucked her again. He led her into the TV room and as he sat on the couch he pulled her onto his lap and she straddled him as his cock slid into her and they watched a movie with his cock in her cunt as his hand played with her tits and clit. He then pulled her tits to his mouth and told her "Look at those big tits you have for me. I love to suck those nipples. Now rub my face with your tits and hard nipples. Pull my face tight against those big jugs. Arch your back and tit fuck my face."

That night in bed she sucked his cock twice as she finger fucked his ass. He fucked her cunt three times and ate her pussy between each time. As they cuddled up to go to sl**p he told her "You are the sexiest piece of ass. I love fucking you so much. And you are the best cocksucker. I love that you can take every inch of my monster cock. You do know how to please my desires. I love to fuck you over and over. Now lets sl**p awhile so I can fuck you before I go to work."
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