Husband 2

After I had been married awhile I realized my husband had a very kinky side and soon began to get me into his world. He began photographing me naked in very revealing poses. He also filmed our sex. He found a site to post our videos and loved the other men watching us and commenting. He then started requesting the men to tell him what they liked to see him do to his young bride. They liked to see him spread my legs and show my pussy as he played with me pinching my clit and fingering my cunt hole. They got turned on watching him suck my clit and tongue fuck my cunt. When he shoved his cock down my throat and fucked me they commented how big his cock was and how much it gagged and choked me.

He loved to bend me over and spank my ass till it was beet red then finger fuck my asshole. He soon could stretch me to take all four of his fingers in my ass. Then he would fuck my ass as hard as he could. When he started forcing his thick cock in my ass the pain was horrible and he would fuck my ass for a long time letting his big hard balls bang against my pussy. We usually stayed online all day and most of the night. He had great stamina and a kinky mind. He loved to put on a strap on and fuck my ass and cunt at the same time. He loved to fuck me doggy style and let my huge tits swing and he would reach down and slap them as he pounded my cunt or ass.

He got bored spanking my ass and soon began to spank my tits and cunt. He would tie my hands behind my back and spread my legs wide and spank my tits till I was red and sore. He would pinch my nipples and my clit just for fun. He then got into biting me on my tits and pussy lips and my ass cheeks. He loved to see his teeth marks on my skin.

One day he tied me to the bed with my hands spread and my legs spread so my cunt was wide open. Then he brought a man into the room and I then got my tattoos that day. He tattooed both tits and both pussy lips. He put a butterfly on one tit and a heart above the other. Then he put an ivy vine circling my nipple on that tit. On the pussy lips he had the man tattoo hearts on one side and "fuck me" on the other side. When the man left he then brought in a man to pierce me.

He pierced both nipples and my pussy lips. Each pussy lip had two hoops thru them just like each nipple. When we were alone he attached a chain to the hoops thru my nipples and then down to the pussy lips. He now could pull the chains on the pussy lips and spread me wide open for all to see my clit and hole. He would put a chain around the top of my legs and hook the pussy chains to it and spread me. Then he would lick and eat my pussy before he finger fucked me. He loved pulling the chains attached to my nipples and stretching my nipples or pulling on the chains with his teeth. The piercings and tattoos were a big hit on the site. They wanted him to tattoo my ass.

One day after he had fucked my cunt and ass several times he bent me over and bench and tied me and put a gag ball in my mouth. He then brought out his belt and spanked my ass till it was raw. He then shoved a golf ball in my cunt and six marbles in my ass. He put a plug in my ass and then fucked my cunt filling me with cum. He then pulled the plug from my ass and began pumping water into it. When he had my ass full, he then put the plug back in and did the same to my cunt. Then he let the water ooze out of both holes and the golf ball and the marbles. That day he fucked my holes with everything he could find such as candles, carrots, cucumbers, bananas, screwdriver handles, wrenches, handle of a bat, a wine bottle, a beer bottle and more. He removed my gag ball and shoved his cock in my mouth and began to fuck me. He would ram his cock balls deep into my throat and hold me tight to him and tell me to suck him hard. I sucked him for almost and hour before he finally filled me with cum.

He met a man online that had a ten and a half inch cock and wanted to fuck me as so my husband could watch. So he brought the guy in as he had me tied and when I saw the mans cock I was shocked. He was hung like a horse. He was huge and thick. The man sucked on my tits and chewed the pirecings and then did the same with my cunt as he finger fucked me with his big hands. He then pushed his monster cock into my cunt as my naked husband sat and watched and jerked his own cock. This guy was huge and I felt like he was ripping me apart before he got his cock into me. Then my husband told him to fuck me hard as he watched. This huge cock fucked me for almost an hour before he came inside me. By now my husband had jerked his cock till he sprayed his cum in the air. The man told my husband he wanted to come back and fuck me again. And he did several times as my husband watched and jerked his cock.

part 3 soon......

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1 year ago
that is insane u are such a good slut
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
Mmmmmm getting well used
1 year ago
mmm...very lucky man!
1 year ago
very nice cant wait for part 3