Sweet innocent virgin college girl. Part 1.

(This story is 100% completely made up, [and long] so this never happened. EVER.)

I was 19 years old, my name is Angela, and I'm a virgin. Yes, that's right, i made it through high school, still a virgin. My breasts are a few sizes larger than the average for my age, so yeah, I get hit on a lot. But no one ever makes a move. I'm bisexual, so I've had my fair share of boyfriends, and girlfriends, but never had my first kiss yet. I never watched Porn, never even looked at my self naked, the only time I was ever naked, is when I showered. I never touched myself, never even thought of men in that kind of way. So basically, I was a sweet innocent girl, with no knowledge of sex, or dirty things. I never even knew what they were called. I already applied for a college, and I was waiting for the mail, a phone call, an email- something. So here I was, at my job, I worked at a restaurant as a waitress. It was a ghetto restaurant, so of course, the uniform was slutty, and showed a lot of skin. I mean a Lot of skin, but I didn't care at the time, cause I didn't know what it meat. I was just very friendly, took care of my customers, and I always got weird stare from them. I didn't think of it, but thought they think I'm good at my job, or I look good. I mean, I've always thought I looked good. So that day, around 6 o'clock, my day-time shift was over, and I was signing out. I walked out to my car, a black and blue 2010 Chevy Camaro. My dad was a big fan of muscle cars, so I eventually got into them too. I was on the highway, halfway home, when my phone rang. It was my mom, I didn't live with her, but my mail went to her. I haven't gotten around to changing the address for the mail, since I was so busy with work and applying for college. I answered, "Hello?" "Yeah, hi," My mom said, "A letter for you, came in today." "Yeah?" I asked, already knowing the answer, but wanted to be sure. "It was from the college." A smile brightened across my face, "Really?! Did you open it?" "No." She said, "I sent it in the mail, to your house. You can open it when you get home, but call me and tell me what it said." I nodded, even though I knew she couldn't see me, "Okay, talk to you when I get home. Love you." "Love you too," "Bye," And with that I hung up. I put my Android Galaxy S2 touch screen phone in my purse, and concentrated on driving. I got home, and sure enough, I had mail. I took my mail, and unlocked my door and walked in. I set my stiff down, and took my coat. I put my car keys in my purse, and sat down on my couch and turned on my 42" flat screen T.V. and called my mom. "Yes, honey?" "I'm about to open the letter." "Okay, I'm sorry I can't be there, but just... imagine me there with you." I blinked twice, and I opened the letter. I pulled out the note, and set the scraps down, and looked at the letter, I read it for a whole 2 minutes, with the last line, "... Without further ado, we accept your application, and welcome you to our University." I screamed, and my mom congratulated me, and everything like that.
-Fast forward 1st day of collage-

I opened the door to my room, since I was bisexual, they put me in a room with a lesbian girl, which I thought was a bad idea. I walked in, and set my stuff down on my bed. My parents carried in some boxes. "Hi," My roommate was on the computer, she stood up. "My name is Felicia, yours?" She extended her hand, I shook her hand, "Angela." Her hand was very moisturized, and soft. I liked the feeling of her hand, I felt a tingling sensation in my lower region. I shivered, and thought, "What is this weird feeling?" My parents set the boxes down, and we said our goodbyes. After they left, I unpacked everything. It was already dark, when I finished, my roommate helped. "The University said, my new roommate would be bisexual. Are you?" I nodded, "Yup," Her mouth fell open, "With your huge breasts? I thought you would be pulling in all the boys. You a virgin?" "Virgin?" I asked, "Yeah, are you a virgin?" "Yes... You?" She shook her head, "Goodness no." "Do you even know what a man looks like naked? Or feels like?" I shook my head, "She opened her dresser drawer, and pulled out a magazine, with a girl, with her legs spread open, and with her two fingers, was spreading something pink. "What is that?" I pointed to the thing between her legs, "Girl, are you k**ding me? You have one too. Its called a Vagina." I looked down at my sweat pants, "I do?" "Yup, and me too, all girls do, watch. she set down her magazine, and started to take off her shirt. She had a sleek white bra, on. Her breast size, was probably average, if not smaller. She then unstrapped her bra, and it fell away, her breast stayed were they were, they were nice and firm. They bounced when she moved, which made the tingling between my legs grow stronger. She then, unbuckled, her jeans, and slipped them off. She stepped out of them, and kicked them off to the side. Her sleek black panties, went next. She laid on her bed, and spread her legs, showing her Vagina. It was glistening, like it was wet, I knelt and got closer. "Why does it look wet?" Felicia giggled, that happens when a girl gets turned on. And you watching me, is turning my on." "What does that mean?" I asked, "Horny, which means, you want to have sex." My eyes widened. I lowered my face to it, and sniffed, "It smells good," I then got a wild idea, I stuck my tongue out, and licked it. She shivered, "Tastes good." Felicia just said, "Do it again, I mean eat me out. Its when you lick a girl down there, during sex." I looked her in the eyes, "Does that mean we are having sex?" She just smiled, "and tomorrow, we can go to my boyfriends house down the road, and I'll show you a REALLY good time." "Now eat me out, I wanna feel good." I did as she said, and licked, and licked, and slobbered, and licked. The whole while, I stared her directly in her eyes. After the third time, of a gush of water spilling out of her Vagina, she said, "Enough, my turn to eat you out." My eyes widened, "I-i don't know.... If i'm ready." "You'll love it, trust me." I nodded, and stood. I took off my shirt, and and unstrapped my bra, and it fell, My breast size, were 24D's, and Felicia, just gasped at them, "They're huge!" She exclaimed, She sprang up, and started to feel my tits, and pleasure exploded all over my body. I took off, my pants and panties, as she licked my nipples, I then shivered, and pleasure ran all the way up my body, till it reached my head, and stopped, I was gasping. "Wh- what was that incredible feeling?!" I asked, craving the feeling again, She looked down at my vagina, "holy shit, it looks REALLY tight, and small. Girl you got a gift here. And if you came just by me licking your nipples.... Your going to love it, when I eat you out." I nodded, and laid on her bed, and spread my legs. Felicia fell to her knees, and touched my vagina, and I felt the sensation again. "Damn girl, you came by me just touching it."
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