anal training

i had booked a lady for some webcam fun about two years ago.

the time had came for the booking to happen so i set up my webcam on my computer got naked and signed into my messanger.

she was already online so we started chatting and asking me what i like to see,i said lets see how far we can go, i was getting very horny and my cock was gettin erect , so she asked me to turn on my cam so i did and she put hers on aswell!

by this time i was fully erect and very horny, when i looked at her cam she was even more sexy than her pictures great big tits and one sexy as hell ass!
i was asked to wank my cock slowly oh it felt like i was gonna explode at any second but she kept getting me to stop when i felt like i was gonna cum this happened a few times, then she said i want you to grope your balls and spank your ass i was getting so horny it felt so exciting!
then she asked me to put some lube on asshole i was so worked up i didnt even think twice about it even though i had never done anything anal before,
so i rubbed it around and in my ass oh that felt good havin my finger in there.
i said if i fuck my ass then u have to aswell to which she agreed.
i was asked to put one finger in then two fingers then three damn i couldnt believe how worked up it make me feel,but i could feel my fingers wouldnt be enough,she asked me if i had a dildo but nope i didnt, or anyhting that i could stick up there, i seen a bag of carrots on the table snd asked would this do oh yes was the reply! so i got a carrot lubed it up and started teasing my hole, i had my legs in the air then i stuck it right in deep.
i was pushing it in and out for a about a minute when i heard over cam was wank your cock aswell, so i was watching this lady with a dildo up her ass and pussy and she was warching me fuck my ass and wanking and within about minute i started moaning i was gonna cum and i was gonna cum hard.
i started to shoot my cum all over my body and i was shuttering damn i had never felt this before! i new i needed more alot more!
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2 years ago
Lol. Good recounting