I was now 25, and had a very good job and was earning handsomely. My Mom and Dad kept pressuring me to get married for the last two years and for some reason or another it just didn't happen. My mom got us a new maid from our village, her name was Shalini. She was very fair and beautiful and looked a lot like my mother and s****r. She told us that she was abandoned by her mother after delivery and was brought up by her grandparents… Shalini was very shy and scared. She used to wake up in the middle of the night and spend time up sitting and crying silently. One day, I got up in the middle of my sl**p to go to the bathroom and saw her crying…. I asked her what was wrong ? She said that if she goes back to her village, she also will be abandoned by her folks and will have to suffer.

I had a chat with her and told her that as long as she does good work, there is no risk in her future with our f****y. I explained to her common mistakes and how to be sincere and caring in her job! She brightened and thanked me profusely and went to sl**p. After that, whenever she was done with cleaning up, washing etc. she would immediately come to me to ask “How did I do ? I will smile and reassure her, point out where to improve etc. all very calmly, so that she learn it. Over a period of time, she got very comfortable with me, I also reciprocated that. Occasionally, I would pat her on the back or butt mockingly and she would mockingly dodge me and run away! I began to develop a liking for this girl, with my mom also appreciating how constantly she learn and improved by leaps and bounds…

2 years passed she gained a lot of height, her breasts became much bigger, butt more rounder with mother nature being very kind to her… She was also a very fair and beautiful girl, She caught my attention and affection a lot. Now whenever, I appreciated her for something, I would let my hand linger a lot more on her shoulder back or butt, occasionally rubbing it while patting. She didn't show any reaction, purely because of her innocence. My Mom and s****r used to give her old clothes, one day when she wore a long skirt, tight blouse, I commented that only long skirt, tight blouse looks good on you, she smiled. I was surprised to see her to change into a long skirt, tight blouse that afternoon itself. She brightened on seeing a smile on my face. Being poor, she didn't have any money to buy a bra and used to wear a loose shimmy beneath her top, with her nipples poking out as well. I was in heaven… upon seeing those protruding buttons…

She was the first girl who triggered such emotions after a very long time, I had kept away from sex and women after my torrid initiation into sex with s****r. she is still in my memories very strongly. I was thinking that it was due to my mixed emotions for her I was imagining those…My attraction and lust for her grew. One day, while fixing a fan, a screwdriver slipped and sliced my fingers leading to bleeding… I immediately, got down and was looking for a bandage in the kitchen drawer. She heard the noise and came to ask what I want. She was shocked to see the bl**d. Immediately put my finger in her mouth, sucked it vigorously and bandaged it up. She did the same to another finger, while she was bandaging it, I kept the hand down, leading to her bending down and I saw her breasts in full through the top opening of her blouse. Boy, were they magnificent! Words cant describe. Milky white globes, with full tennis ball shape and almost pitch black areolas which were large and a bud of a nipple on that. I was staring at them with my mouth open. With her finishing up the job, she looked up and found out what was staring at. With shock got up and covered her chest with her hands and ran away… She went near the doorway turned and gave me a smile and then went away…

I was thrilled at the smile and the positive reaction I got from her. A month later, the Durga Puja festival was coming and my mom wanted to buy clothes for all. We all went to a big bazaar, we also took Shalini with us. She was dressed in a long skirt, tight blouse that fitted very tight and was highlighting her globes well. I took my two wheeler as the car was full with driver my parents and s****r & Shalini. In the street, my mom went with my s****r to a posh shop for purchasing and after an hour into it, was still not done selecting anything. Worse, my s****r started bitching about waste of time realizing the situation my DAD took my s****r to the western wear section to buy something and asked me take her to a nearby shop to buy something for her. He gave me Rs. 1000 and said to manage something reasonable within that for her. I took her to a shop opposite and asked her what she wanted. She said that she wanted a saree set! I asked her is it your first, she nodded with lot of shyness and her cheeks became red. I told her not to be shy and asked the sales man to show us in the Rs. 1000 range… He showed a lot of sarees, she was confused in decision. I loved a saree that had her skin's light tan color with decorative border in black. In my imagination, she would look as if she were wearing a transparent saree with just border on her body. I told her it would look great on you. She shyly looked at the price which was Rs. 1300 and said it is too expensive.

The sales girl at that point said “Come on Madam, your husband likes this on you so much, you should get it”. Upon hearing this, She had a huge smile, lowered her eyes to the ground and her entire face became flushed, with her cheeks totally red. The salesgirl then asked me “Sir, are you getting this for your wife ? Shall I bill it ?”, I answered it with a firm “Yes”. She seemed happy, shocked and shy and didn't say a word. The same shop provided stitching for the blouse for free and I took her there the tailor took all the measurements and said that it will be ready for pick-up two days later. I told her not to tell that it was more than Rs. 1000 to everyone. She quietly nodded her head and was visibly happy.

I took her to the shop in which my parents were and left her there. I quickly got back to the shop where Shalini and i bought the saree and bought a plain blouse cloth of the same saree color, the sales girl remembered me. I told her that I wanted to surprise my wife and asked for her help in choosing a bra. She took me to the section brought some matching bra and pants sets saying that from now I should remember the size for the future and I paid for them all. I took the blouse piece to the tailor and asked him to stitch a plain blouse on the new piece I bought, but change the saree’s piece to a sleeve less one with deep openings in the front and back. He smiled and said that he would deliver them both on the same day. I thanked him and left, I hid the bra sets in my bike's box. Shalini’s bra was 34D size, confirming my feeling that she had really large breasts…Two days later, I got the stitched blouses back, gave the plain one to her. I was observing her very closely, her butt, breasts cleavage all got intimate attention me, she also sometimes would notice me ogling just smile and continue…

One day, I went to the bathroom, found out that she had taken bath earlier, her clothes were hanging in the hook. I found a pants that was old and worn out with even a small hole right in the pussy area. I took it to my nose put it on my face wrapped it and smelt it. The musky aroma, of urine mixed with some other stuff was really powerful. I wrapped it around my penis and shagged to pump a furious load of semen into it. I spread it all over the pussy area in her pants and left it. After this whenever I found her clothes, I would deposit my sperm into her pants and leave it. One day, I found just her pant and deposited another load. After this everyday I will find her pant for me, shortly after I finished her path her would come and take it to wash. One day she showed the pants to me, said “naughty” and smiled and went away. I was dead sure, that she liked me and was excited about bedding her. One day, after she had her clothes out to take a bath, my mom called her urgently to do some cleaning up in the morning so she left. I went into the bathroom to take a shower and noticed her clothes. I immediately got the bra pants sets I had bought for her and took out a sexy lace set and left it on the hooks instead of her old pants. I finished my shower and when I came out she was waiting and she went into take a bath…I went into my room, after few minutes dressed up and came up for breakfast…

When I asked for more rice, Shalini told my mom that she would serve and she came to me and put two cups of rice on my plate. I looked up and there she was brimming with happiness and a huge smile was on her face. I asked her why so happy, she just lifted the t-shirt she was wearing on her long skirt and showed me the lacy bra. It looked magnificent. She quickly covered up and left. Turned back to give me a smile and then went away.

Few days later, the Durga Puja started that day everyone except me was wearing new clothes and my f****y was getting ready to go to the temple. As there would be a huge rush mom,dad & s****r went early asking me to join them as soon as I am done. I was alone in the house with Shalini. She came in dressed in her new saree she looked stunning. I complemented her on how beautiful she looked. She became shy and said it is your choice. I told her she would look better in something else and gave her the sleeveless blouse I had gotten stitched. I also gave her the 3 other bra pants sets I had gotten. When did you get them was the question from her, I reminded her “You know the sales girl wanted me to get the saree for my wife…”.

She went into her room and came back dressed in the sleeveless blouse. She looked really sexy and beautiful, instantly giving me a hard on. I went close to her grabbed her hands and held on to them. I bent down slowly, she closed her eyes. I planted a kiss on her lips, her body shuddered at this. I grabbed her waist, pulled her into me, with her breasts smashing into my chest. I kissed her madly all over her face, neck, eyes nose mouth. I nibbled her her ear lobes and this made her go crazy. I then slowly bent down and planted a kiss on her cleavage. She shrugged and suddenly realized what was happening. She withdrew and said “stop this”. I immediately stopped, told her I really liked her and will not f***e anything. I said, I am deeply sorry for what happened and left for the temple. I was distracted at the temple, not knowing what she would do when we got back home…. We got back home. Shalini was her usual self she had changed into the ordinary blouse, but still wearing the bra and (hopefully the pants) I got for her. In the evening, my f****y went out to greet some of the neighbors, I was watching a Durga Puja special move on television.

When we were alone, I said her I am very sorry for what happened. It will never happen again. I said it because, she wrapped her saree covering her top half completely. She smiled said “I understand, you are a good man. But I want it”, saying she unzipped the buttons of blouse, beneath it she was in her sleeveless blouse, all for me. She had a mischievous smile on her face. I got up kissed her crazy. She moved her back was on my front when we were standing up. I slowly moved my hand grabbed her breasts and massaged them. Her breathing became quicker, and her eyes were like they were in a trance. The girl was experiencing it for the first time….. It was obvious… I was massaging her breasts like crazy, kissing and nibbling her earlobes heightening the experience for her. Suddenly we heard the noise of someone coming into the house, she ran into her room. It was my f****y. A minute later she came back dressed in her household attire. My mom chided her as to why changed so early. Shalini just looked at me and gave me a smile, acknowledging “our secret”.

I had no idea that the same night would be the second most defining night in my life, She was so young, lithe and beautiful, the chance of taking her virginity thrilled me completely…. I was up watching TV late and saw her coming out for the bathroom, giving me a smile. She whispered into my ears, I have left a gift for you in the bathroom. Later when I went to the bathroom, I found the bra/pants set she was wearing on the hook! I was thrilled smelt her pants. Took it into my bedroom and put it on my face and dozed off.

Late that night, I felt someone on the bed next to me hugging me, I felt the warmth and softness of the body.When I woke up startled, I was shocked to find her in my bed. She immediately put her lips on mine gave me a soft kiss and asked me to be quiet! I was still in shock! she got on top of me I realized that she wasn't wearing anything beneath her nightie. When her nightly went up, her pussy was felt on my tummy, it was very warm and seemed like some fire was burning between her thighs… I slowly lifted the nightie off of her body. There she was in her full naked glory her body all mine for the taking. I slowly put her on the bed next to mine. Slowly moved my face close to her nipples and blew warm air out of my body on them. Immediately, they became erect and stuck out like cork. I latched onto one of the nipples with my mouth while just tweaking the other with my fingers. Her body shuddered violently and she crushed my face into her breast whispering, this feels so good”. I put my hand down and cupped her pussy. TO my surprise, I found it to be sopping wet, with secretions coming out thick. I just opened her pussy lips and rubbed the top of her pussy. I felt something like a button and when I touched it she went nuts…

I just rubbed it, her body pulsed, as it got an electric shock. To stifle her screams of pleasure, she buried her face into my chest and bit my shoulder. When I stopped, she begged me to continue…. I slowly opened up her pussy lips and inserted one of fingers into it. It was an indescribable feeling of wetness, warmth and velvet. She was thrashing wildly and her body shuddered. I realized that the girl was having her first orgasm and held her tightly just kissing her gently on her lips till her body became calm & normal…I then slowly opened her pussy lips and was tickling it she slowly built up a tempo and asked me do you know what to do further ? I like it so much. I told her about my erect penis, took of my shorts and showed her that. She gasped at how large it had become and asked will it become normal ? I told her if I put it in her pussy it will become small again. She wondered as to whether it will go inside, will not hurt etc. I just kissed her. Slowly tickled her pussy button, in no time she was wet. I asked her to relax, positioned the penis and slowly began inserting. I ran into her hymen and briefly stopped, I told her that it will hurt momentarily does she want to go through with it. I told her if I break it, she becomes a woman from a girl. She just bit her lip and closed her eyes, I took time just kept in kissing her whispering her to relax finally after a minute she was totally relaxed, I in one swift motion pushed it in to her pussy in one stroke.

I could feel the hymen splitting and the monetary tightness around my penis bulb before all of it got in. I felt lot of wetness now and realized that she was bleeding as well. I pushed in and out deeply and each time used the entire length of the penis to achieve longer strokes. She went over the edge and was on the verge or orgasm. I briefly stopped, she said “It feels so good. This desire is uncontrollable, please fuck me”. I continued pumping when I also was on the edge, I said “I am about to spill into your pussy, don't worry about getting pregnant, I will give you some pills”.
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