The Encounter

The car pulled up and parked in the close, he quickly text " I'm hear" then got out of the car. The sound of the car door closing did not concern him, his destination was not in the sight of any prying eyes from here. Walking briskly he left the close, walked down the lane then turned in to the close of his destination, walking quietly to attract no attention.

As her phone sounded her heart beat faster, reading the message she peeped discretely through the curtains. As a man approached she moved to the door opening it slightly, soon very soon they would be together....Then before she new it he had slipped unseen in to her house.

As the door closed she put her arms around him and kissed him passionately, he hungrily pulled her firmly against his body. Her hand slipped down tentatively to his groin and she gently squeezed feeling his cock, which responded to her touch. This is what she had been longing for. As she felt it harden and grow, she could contain her self no longer, the pics were good, but now she needed to touch, play with it and enjoy it. She slid down the zipper and softly slipped her hand inside his trousers, working aside his pants until she grasped the warm, hard throbbing cock she craved.

As they kissed passionately his hand slipped down to her firm, shapely buttocks, her pushed her close to him squeezing and rubbing them, he felt the outline of her panties, through the thin material of her dress. He slid his hand down her leg until slowly he could ruckle up her dress, then the pleasure of feeling her soft firm buttocks through the flimsy fabric of her pants. She responded by squeezing his cock and kissing him more frantically, He gently slipped one hand round and gently traced the out line of her pussy with his fingers. She pushed herself on to his fingers and he felt her warmth, he pushed the flimsy material aside and slid his fingers along her pussy, which was wet and yielded willingly to his probing fingers.

With a last firm probing kiss she pulled away, grasped his hand and pulled him towards the stairs. Once up stairs she unbuckled his trousers and frantically pulled them and his pants to his ankles, she slipped to her knees and hungrily gazed at the hard erect cock, and the precum that glistened at its top. With one hand she cupped his balls whilst the other firmly but gently grasped his shaft as she worked it up and down making it even harder, tentatively she flicked her tongue over the head of his penis, tasting him, feeling it pulse in pleasurable response to her touch....

His hands caressed her head and lovely thick red hair while he gasped with pleasure at her touch. Then he gently pulled her up, kissed her and started to unbutton the front of her dress, Sliding a hand in he felt her small firmbreasts and hard nipples through her flimsy bra, she groaned with pleasure as he rolled his fingers round her nipple. Then he gently slipped his hand inside, cupping out a breast so he could kiss it flicking his tongue across her erect nipple.

She responded by pulling at his jumper and shirt, once removed she kissed his chest, then yielded for a moment as her dress was lifted off her then, he fumbled with her bra clip before it fell away revealing her shapely breasts. He slipped down kissing both and flicking his tongue over her nipples before kissing gently down her stomach until he reached her little panties. slowly him slid them off her revealing her natural/shaved?? pussy. He gently steered her down on to the bed then kneeling slid his tongue along her pussy, her aroused pussy yielded easily to the gentle pressure and his tongue slid deeper feeling her warmth and wetness, her juices tasting sweet. gently his tongue stroked up to her clit which was hard and she groaned as he flicked and sucked at her, her groin pushing up to him as his mouth pushed against it.

She lay there enjoying the gentle playfulness of his tongue and the feel of his breath against her pussy, then remembering what she really wanted was a nice hard pulsating cock deep inside her she sat up and pulled him up. Gave his cock a last stroke and kiss then grabbing one of the condoms he'd placed on the bed side table she ripped of the foil then carefully sensuously rolled it over the pulsing purple head and down the shaft. "please fuck me" she said gazing in to his eyes taking his hands she lay back pulling him on to her.

Gazing in to her wide clear eyes he softly kissed her, she sighed with anticipation as he gently slid the head of his penis up and down her pussy lips, then let out a soft gasp as finally he slowly penetrated her. Knowing she had waited a long long time for this moment he took his time gradually sliding deep within her hungry wet pussy, filling her, she groaned as she felt the full length of his cock, felt its hardness, a hardness just for her, just for her pleasure, a hardness created by his desire for her. As he started to gently rhythmically thrust slowly in and out of her they kissed passionately, eyes wide open soaking in the pleasure they were giving each other. He kept up this long slow rhythm filling her up then almost withdrawing every now and again thrusting harder and hearing a gasp of pleasure. As her arousal grew stronger he felt her wetness and felt her tight pussy gripping his penis, she pushed up at him and in response he thrust faster and harder, as her climax approached she whispered softly " fuck me, fuck me," before arching her back throwing back her head and groaning in ecstasy. He thrust harder responding to the pressure of her thrusts against him slowing down to a gentle stroking as her orgasm passed and she relaxed.

They kissed and caressed each other, his cock deep inside her for a minute, then she pushed him on to his back and straddled him, lowering her self on to his cock, it had been a long time but she knew now she wanted more. She started to ride him, choosing her pace, she was in control, she lent forward her long red hair falling across his face and chest, she started to kiss his chest, then play with his nipples with her tongue and mouth, making him groan and thrust upwards in to her. with one hand he stroked her back running his fingers up and down her spine, while the other grasped, rubbed and drew his nails across her tight buttock, then moved round to hold and stroke her shapely breast. As her arousal grew again she sat up straighter grinding harder and faster against his cock. His hands now grasped both breasts, squeezing them firmly, he lifted his head up so he could flick her nipples with his tongue alternately, squeezing the other between his fingers, as he did this her grinding and thrusting quickened, her breathing shortened as she slid her pussy up and down his hard cock, he could feel her wet juices trickling on to his balls as finally she lent back gasping arching her back and writhing against his cock.

The sounds of her ecstasy, the groans of her pleasure, the flushed joy on her face, had pushed him to the edge, he rolled her over on to her hands and knees, then entered her from behind, her warm pussy was soaked with her juices, but still tight gripped his cock, bidding it to fuck her once more. She groaned again with pleasure, responding as he fucked her harder and faster, Holding her slim waist in both hands he felt her pushing her self on to him even as he pulled her to meet his frantic thrusts, She moaned 'yes, yes' in encouragement, feeling his arousal, knowing soon he would cum, but she wanted more, and the thought that he wa s about to explode deep inside her finally brought her to the edge, one last hard deep thrust and she came moaning, her tensing writhing pussy finally proving to much, he tensed thrust deeper holding then thrusting again as he came in jets of ecstasy.

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