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Tonight she was meeting a man and his son. It was going to be a wild 3some. She loved young guys as they had stay-hard cocks. She had fucked the dad several times before and he had a nice long thick cock and took the love pill to keep him hard for a long time. She hoped the son was hung like his daddy or if she was lucky even larger. It would be a great night with two big thick cocks fucking her non-stop.

She showered and got ready for the meeting. She douched her cunt and ass. She then shoved three peppermint tablets into her cunt and one more in her ass. The men loved to tongue and lick her spicy holes. Her pussy was shaved bald and she rubbed a coconut oil over it. Then she rubbed the oil on her ass cheeks and on her tits. She admired her tits in the mirror. She was a DD and still perky. She loved to tit fuck her men. She slipped a ring around each nipple and hung and chain with a jewel on it. She would not wear a bra just the nipple jewels. She then slipped on a tight skimpy knit top. Her nipples almost poked thru the thin material and she loved that. She pulled on a short mini skirt and no panties. She thought about how it would feel as the guys fingered and licked her bald pussy.

She grabbed her purse and headed to the hotel to meet the two guys. She loved a father and son 3some. At the hotel she went to the room and knocked on the door. The dad opened it wearing just tight briefs. When she saw the son he also was just in very tight briefs. She wasted no time and kissed the father as she put her hand in his briefs and grabbed his cock feeling it get hard. As she stroked his cock he put his hand under her skirt and played with her pussy. He found her clit and rubbed it between two fingers. As he fingered her pussy she pulled down his briefs and he stepped out of them.

He then pushed her to the bed and shoved her on her back and spread her legs. She grabbed the son by his hand and pulled him to her and pulled down his briefs and smiled at the huge cock not yet fully hard. Like father like son. The dad kept fingering her cunt as she pulled the son closer and began to suck on his erect cock to see how hard and huge it could get. He was a mouthful and as she sucked his cock she rubbed his balls and then got to his ass. She had his cock down her throat sucking him hard as her finger found his ass hole and she pushed it in him and finger fucked him as she sucked the cock harder.

Dad now had three fingers in her cunt and was fucking her hard as she sucked and finger fucked the son's ass. Then she felt the dad's mouth take over her clit as his fingers went deep in her hole. The harder he sucked her clit the harder she sucked and fingered the son. Then the dad put his tonguer in her cunt and two fingers in her ass. With the tongue fuck and finger fucking her ass she wasted no time coating his tongue with her cum. Just then the son filled her mouth with a huge load of warm cum which she swallowed and licked every drop off the cock.

Then the dad traded places with the son and rammed his big cock in her mouth as the son played with her cunt and ass. She licked dad's cock amd balls and then took his cock deep and sucked real hard. She heard him gasp as she was giving him a great blow job clear down her throat. She also shoved two fingers in his ass and ass fucked him as she sucked harder and harder. The son sucked on her clit as he finger fucked her wet cunt. He spread her wide open so he could watch her pussy as he finger fucked her. He had three fingers all the way in her fucking hard and feeling her cum against him. Then he traded the fingers for his tongue and shoved the tongue completely in her cunt. He moved his fingers to her ass and fucked her with three deep and rough.

As she coated the boys tongue with cum dad filled her mouth with a huge load as she swallowed every drop. Now the son was pushing his cock into her fuck hole and was humping her hard and deep. She loved the size of the big cock going in and out of her wet hole. Dad then started sucking on her nipples as he pulled the jewelry off with his teeth. He sucked one as he played with the other. Her big nipples were rock hard as he sucked on them. The son's big cock was fucking her hard as the dad sucked and licked on her tits. It took a long time as the son fucked her till he finally came in her cunt.

The dad then turned her over to her stomach and spread her ass cheeks. He and the son took turn finger fucking her ass and licking the cheeks. Then dad put two fingers in her ass and son added his two fingers and they both finger fucked her as they sucked her ass cheeks. Dad added a third finger and they continued to finger her till the son add his third finger. They were stretching her ass wide. Then the dad told the son to put his cock in her ass and fuck her as they pulled her on to her knees. The dad held her ass spread wide as the son pushed his big hard cock into her. It did not take him long till he had his huge cock all the way in her ass and was fucking her hard and deep.

Dad then began to finger fuck her cunt using three fingers. Now she was cumming faster and faster as the cum ran out her hole. The dad slid under her and pulled her cunt down over his cock and now she had a cock in both holes as the two guys were fucking her hard. These two men had huge thick cocks and she was filled with the size of them and cumming fast and steady. The son reached under her and grabbed her tits and began ramming his cock in her ass as he fondled her tits. As the son rammed her ass it pushed her cunt down deep on the dad's thick shaft. She was filled with the monster cocks. The two men fucked her for close to an hour without stopping and getting deeper and rougher as the fucking went on. The son would pull his cock almost out then ram it back in all the way which shoved her deep onto the dad's thick cock. When the men finally filled her holes with cum it ran out her holes and onto the bed.

Dad then turned her over on her back and told her to lick each cock clean. She took turns licking and cleaning each cock and also the balls. The men also had huge balls and she took turns sucking each one in her mouth. Then the dad and son got on their knees and told her to lick their asses. She started with the dad and spread his ass cheeks and ran her tongue thru his crack and to his hole. She tongued him for a bit then did the same to the son. Then she put two fingers in each hole and finger fucked them as she sucked on the ass cheeks giving each man a couple hickeys. Then she kept fingering one as she tongue fucked the other going back and forth between them.

Then she shoved the men onto their sides and pushed them face to face to each other. She had a surprise for them as she rubbed their cocks then she rubbed the tip of dad's cock to the tip of the sons. They looked shocked but stayed in place because the soft tips felt good rubbing on each other. She played with the cocks rubbing them over each other and then back tip to tip. Soon the cocks began to drip cum and she used the cum to rub their cocks together. She was using the cocks of each one to feel the other up. It was very erotic and once they got over the shock seemed to like it. The cocks were dripping wet with the precum. She rubbed the dad's cock over the son's belly then rubbed the son's cock over the dad's belly leaving a streak of cum. Then she placed the cocks between each others legs and pushed the legs tight together as they did a humping movement. She let them hump for a bit then separated them and rubbed the tips together once again.

The men were laying together chest to chest and belly to belly as she rubbed their cocks against each other. They were getting more and more aroused as they touched cocks. Cum was flowing from the tips of them and she rubbed their shafts with it. Then she took the cocks and began to rub them together faster and it did not take long for them to cum all over each other. She took the dad's cum and rub the son's cock with it and did the same to the dad. As she had them covered with each others cum she pushed them on their backs and spread their legs. She ran her hands down their crack and played with their balls then got to their asses. She turned dad on his stomach and spread his ass cheeks and put in three fingers as she jerked the son's cock and got it rock hard. Then she rolled the son on top of the dad and shoved his cock in the dad's ass. She pushed on his ass cheeks till she had him in deep then strapped on her man sized cock and got on top of the son and rammed his ass. Now all three were humping and moaning and the men tho not gay really loved this freaky sex with Molly. As they fucked she reached under and grabbed a set of balls and squeezed them. Then she buried her strap on in the son's ass. They ass fucked for quite a while and the two men were so turned on they both came once again.

When they were all laying on the bed side by side they told Molly she was a great fucking treat for them. They were amazed how many times they came and how hard their cocks got each time. They agreed they loved the cocks in their ass and she told them next time the son would get dad's cock and dad would get her strap on. They kissed Molly and sucked on her tits before she had to leave. They set up a meeting in two days with her at this same hotel. She told them she had more surprises for them and would bring more toys. She thought to herself she would tie them and fuck them and see how good they were at sucking cock as they were great pussy eaters.
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